Night's Kiss
Chapter 1: Darkness

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Vampires, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Darkness - Bruce was a normal guy. Now he's been changed into a vampire by a beautiful woman he just met. This is a story about how he learns about himself, and of all the fun he'll have in the process.

Bruce knew he should be disturbed by the complete lack of any light or indeed any sensation, but he found it soothing.

"I wonder why my neck doesn't hurt. That girl I met last night was into some rough stuff," he thought.

Bruce tried to understand why he even let the girl bite him. He didn't mind rough sex, actually he thoroughly enjoyed it, but he enjoyed on being on the giving end.

His eyes open. Light that burns and blinds his eyes is the only thing that he can make out in the room.

"Wake up my love," a mysterious and lilting female voice rings in his ears. Her words but a whisper yet he hears them as loudly as if she had screamed them.

The melodious voice continues to speak and his ears begin to adjust enough to hear the words at a conversational volume and not at a scream. "You have slept long enough. It is time for you to awaken so that you may feed and grow strong."

The voice continues to whisper encouragement and gradually his senses return to a livable level. Little by little, Bruce opens his eyes to a squint; his slowly returning vision finally allows him to make out the woman who has been softly talking. As he opens his eyes further, he can see her pale skin, and when combined with her short red hair she was a stunning sight. His eyes notice every detail of her. Brilliant green eyes, a light spattering of freckles on her cheeks, a small scar on the side of her neck, and finally, her fangs.

Ah, it was the woman he met at that club last night. They had gone back to her place for some hedonistic fun. The night had gone wonderfully, and images of her bound and on her knees before him flash before his eyes.

Hold on. He remembers that she didn't have fangs when she'd asked him up to her apartment last night, and she didn't have fangs when she'd given him a mind numbing blowjob so where the hell had they come from? Bruce's face radiated confusion, and the woman giggled when she noticed his expression.

"What the hell happened?" he demanded in a croaking voice. "Why'd I pass out, and why am I so thirsty?"

"Well... ummmm... the thing is..." she said.

"Spit it out or do I need to whip it out of you?" Bruce was in no mood to listen to her stalling and his voice showed it.

"Oh, yes please" Her eyes lit up with glee at the idea. "But I'll explain and you can just do that for fun" She gave him a knowing wink. "Would you like some coffee first?"

Bruce licks his dry lips, "Yeah, that would be nice, but I better be getting some answers too."

The beautiful woman leads Bruce from the bed to another room where she offers him a comfortable recliner to sit in. As he sinks into the comfortable chair she hurries into the kitchen and soon returns with a cup of hot coffee.

"Here you are Sir. Would you like anything else?"

Bruce sips from the cup. He looks up at her and asks, "This will be fine, but now I want some explanations. Starting with why I'm still so damned thirsty even after I've had some coffee."

"Well Sir, I found in you qualities that I need and I took it upon myself to change you so that we could be together. I bit you and changed you so you'd be like me."

She continues to speak but Bruce sat up and grabs her hair hard. He yanks her to her knees and demands "You can explain all that later. Right now the important fact is that you bit me. You bit ME, and if there's one thing I can't stand it's a good submissive girl suddenly switching on me."

"I'm sorry Sir. It was the only way to change you. A bite is the only way to make a new vampire. I know that may be hard to believe, but it's true. You now drink blood, are incredibly strong, invulnerable to most things that would have killed you when you were human, and your senses are now so sensitive you could hear a man's heartbeat from a block away or read a book from across the room."

"That's why your thirst hasn't gone away. You may feed on me if you wish. Just bite down right here," she taps a point on her throat along the jugular vein.

He bends down to her exposed throat and bites deep into her throat. She gasps, and he would have as well except his mouth was occupied. Blood flows into his mouth and down his throat. A feeling that was a dozen times more stimulating than an adrenaline rush sweeps through his body, and an equally powerful orgasm starts in her.

He reluctantly pulls away, and is amazed by the sight of her neck already almost completely healed after only a few seconds. "Wow"

"Thank you Sir. I'll never bite you again unless you say to. Although I think that might be pretty likely with how your nervous system has been rewired."

Bruce sank back down and let out a sigh. "Now that that's taken care of, what was it you were saying?"

"Well Sir, as I said you'll have to drink blood, you're very strong, your body can now absorb damage that could kill a normal man, and your senses are extremely sensitive. As you've just seen biting another vampire leads to some very, very intense sensations. Humans that are bitten don't have the same reaction, but a bite still induces a pleasant sensation and the wound will heal before they lose more than a drop or two of blood."

"Most vampire stories you've heard are exaggerations or just plain wrong. Crosses won't do anything, and neither will running water. As a rule we have avoided crosses and all holy things out of respect since before man learned how to write. No living vampire can remember why, but that is how it has always been. A stake through the heart will kill you, but anything that goes through your heart will do the same. Garlic doesn't hurt us, which is very good cause I'd hate to give up Italian food for eternity. I'm not sure where that rumor started, but too much garlic will surely make most vamps avoid a meal. Trying to eat a meal with too much garlic isn't any more pleasant for us than for a human. Sunlight doesn't set us on fire, but as you noticed when you awoke the intensity of light can be very painful for our eyes. A simple pair of sunglasses and you'll be able to walk down the street at noon with only a little discomfort."

He interrupted, "All this sounds pretty good, but why did you bite me? Why did you choose me to make so powerful? And for that matter why can I still drink coffee when I'm a vampire?"

"Well vampires would stick out like sore thumbs if we mingled with humanity and never ate or drank. Blood nourishes us, but we can still eat and drink normal food. As for the rest, I needed someone who could finally give me what I need. I've been alone for over three hundred years. Every vampire I have known for the past two millennia have been afraid of my power and could only serve me and not allow me to serve them. They could never give me what I truly need, a Master. Normally a new vampire is completely submissive to the one that changed them as well as any others who they consider to be capable of destroying them. For centuries I served him and gained in power under his guidance, but then he was killed and I was left alone. Since then I have had few encounters with dominant humans, but until now I had never come across one who could give me what I need throughout all of my un-life."

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