The Artist, Her Master and Muse
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Follow Caroline and Noah through their adventures in New Jersey and beyond. As they share a love for each other and a love of D/s. Join them in their journey.

It was a long day, Caroline Pomerantz, has just finished a really successful three-day craft show and in preparation everything else was falling down. "I knew it, knew that as soon as I got home I would have to deal with it all." She thought as she drove, she contemplated her to do list, wishing that she could write down her thoughts as she drove.

Pick the kids up, cuddle them, take care them, hang out with them, maybe even make dinner for a change, (but oh no, that would mean food shopping!) start gathering the laundry which was everywhere, bag it up and get it to the laundromat. Then tomorrow I can clean, go food shopping unload what's left from the car. Then take a good long soak in the tub and call Noah and hear his lovely voice purring to me.

She drives to her ex's house to pick up the kids. No one at home. Only a note taped to the door saying,

Dear Mom,

You worked hard you have the night off.

We love you,

Hannah and John

She got back in the car and drive to her place. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, no kids, how nice of my ex. How considerate. Hmmmmmmm, something's up, he's only rarely considerate or nice. She wonders what it is? "Now I should deal with the disaster area that is my home."

She walks in to find everything neat and clean, everything in its place, how odd. She starts taking off her clothes ready to hit the tub, too tired to form the questions in my mind. She walks into the bathroom to start running the bath and just as she's ready to get in the lights go out. Its pitch black in here, she turns around thinking about feeling her way to the door to go find the circuit breaker when she feels a hand clamp down over my mouth, she starts to struggle and then hears his voice. "My pet, you will do as I say, follow every instruction to the letter. Is that clear?" "Yes Master" Caroline breathes, so grateful that he is here next to her.

He tells her to get into the tub, right now.

Then he turns the lights back on, dimly and slides into the tub next to her. He lights the candles and turns on the music, Caroline has no idea what it is, but she likes the way it makes her feel. "Its like I'm floating," she tells him.

She lays her head on Noah's shoulder and begins running her fingers over this beloved chest, playing with his nipples. So grateful to have her Noah close. Caroline turns her head and starts kissing him, running her tongue over his lips, sucking them, her fingers move over his collarbone, up his neck, into his hair. She rolls over and sits in his lap, her pussy on his cock as she continues kissing him. Kissing his eyelids, your forehead, his fingers in my hair holding my head tight. "Noah, this is the best surprise! Thank you so much for being here." She sighs as she plasters herself against his body kissing him harder. Their tongues dancing together, flowing just like they would on a dance floor.

He tells her to stop talking, that he is in charge and that there is no talking. She thinks ok, smiles as sweetly as you know how and go back to kissing him. Running her fingers down his neck, in just the way that he likes, slowly kissing along his jaw, sucking on his earlobe, working her way back over his forehead to the other ear, back to his mouth, kissing him harder, fingers trailing up and down his neck, over his shoulders to his nipples as she begins to pinch and squeeze them. Then she slides down. He laughs, his throaty indulgent laugh and asks "who's in control here?" She looks up but says nothing as she takes his nipple in her mouth and begins to suck it, biting down on it lightly with her teeth. Wanting him to have tangible evidence of her gratitude and appreciation. Her hands moving lower, over her belly. Playing inside his navel, as she sits back on his thighs, looking into his eyes. Those beautiful gray eyes, filled with understanding, appreciation, love and lust. He pulls her close, and tells her that its time to relax, that she's had a hard few days, taking care of the kids and working the show. Hannah had come down and helped her sell one day, they'd had a great time. But it was a lot of hard work and taking down the tent today had been really hard, but not packing up my leftover stock, she was coming home with lots and lots of empty boxes (her very favorite thing to say). Noah had offered to come help, but Caroline was feeling brave and oh so independent and had wanted to prove that she could handle everything herself. Now as she sits soaking in the tub, so grateful for his presence and his care, he took care of everything else. "This is fabulous!" she sighs.

As the water in the tub cools Noah tells her that its time to get out. So, they get out and he dries her with warm fluffy towels and leads her to the bedroom. There's a fire burning in the fireplace, candles on the mantle and Graham Nash singing Guenevere. He lays her down on the bed and massages her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet with her favorite massage oil. She's so tired that she just drops off to sleep, knowing that she'll catch him first thing in the morning. Calm, sated, her sleep is deep and dreamless.

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