Family Reunion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Pregnancy,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two different Point of views, LaTasia and Jaylen. Two different writers. Drama and trouble throughout story but hopes to come to a good ending.

LaTasia Marie Jones

Just getting out my shower I turned up the stereo just as the next song started to play.

"Now that you're here
I got something to say
I think that you should know
You're doing the most
So don't worry bout the situation (situation)
Let you gooooo"

I let the music sing through my eardrums, bringing back all sorts of memories. I closed my eyes and let myself flow into the music, slowly moving my hips from side to side. I sighed to myself. "Damn its times like these that I wish I had a man."

I heard a knock softly at my door. I turned to see who the person was just as they were coming in. I smiled.

"Jerin!" I ran over to him, jumping in his arms.

"Hey babygirl. I missed you."

"I missed you too." I said with a big smile on my face and sniffing in a scent of his cologne.

Jerin was only a year younger then I in age but it's not that you could tell. He was my honey and that's all that mattered, even if we aren't together now.

I guess I could blame that all on me. After all I was the one who slept with his cousin when we were supposed to been making plans for our future. You can say I fucked that up big time 'cause I had gotten pregnant by him too. Now I'm not ashamed of my son or saying he's a mistake, the only mistake was sleeping with his daddy. He's going on three now, he think he's oh so grown... damn just like his daddy.

I pulled back from the tight hug Jerin had on me. Lord knows I hate having to let him go.

"So how's Kalina." I said as nice as I could, but she was with the man that I was supposed to have been with. I sighed. Who the fuck I thought I was? As long as she doing right by him I shouldn't care.

"She good. She ain't want me to leave tho, but I wasn't about to put her before my family."

"You bet not have, but that's cool. Tell her I said 'hey'." I forcefully smiled then looked at the ground.

"So when are you going to meet up with your family?" I asked looking back up at him and trying to change the subject.

"I was supposed to have been there, but I wanted to see you first."

"Awww how sweet." I said pinching his cheeks before he swatted my hands away.

"You wanna come?"

If he only how many ways I wanted to come, but I knew what he was talking about. Somehow that lustful look of mines had given away what I was thinking.

"Yeah I want to..." He cut me off by those nice full juicy lips of his. Was I gonna stop him? Hell Naw!

His hands roamed over my body as I was backed up into my dresser. As the temperature rises his kisses somehow stay gentle and full of passion. That's something I loved about when we made love, but this... this is just a fuck, something we both need. We had made a pact that if one of us ever needed to release stress we would go to each other. Well I'm not the one stressin', so I take it that something's going on with him. That quickly left my mind once I felt his lips upon my ear then his tongue licking over it then down to my neck... He was hittin all my spots at once and baby oh I was enjoying it.

His thrusts started getting deeper and the pace was starting to pick up. The heavy breathing coming from his mouth flew through my eardrums causing my muscles to contract around him. I closed my eyes and cried out in agonizing pleasure. The heartbeat within me thickened, touching places that have never been touched. His eyes wondered my facial expressions in the dark. Deeper and deeper he got then he asked, "Do you want me to stop?" I shook my head and said in a soft tone, "Go deeper..." Taking it all in at once he continued to explore what I've hidden from him for all these years. I shut my eyes tight letting a couple tears roll down the sides of my face and releasing my lip from the tight hold of my teeth where a couple drops of blood leaked into my mouth upon my tongue. Allowing my fingertips to eliminate themselves from his upper back, my hands went to the lower portion of his back and forced his thrusts to become more pungent. My body quivering from head to toe, I was covered with our lust. It was then that I fell into a deep slumber.

When I finally opened my eyes he was gone, his clothes, his keys, and his phone that laid across the room. I sighed. Maybe it was a dream that got a little out of hand... it didn't matter. I turned to my other side just to fell asleep again.

I felt a gentle touch caressing the side of my face, my eyes slowly opened. Jerin's chest was softly pressed against my face. I looked up and saw him felling asleep. The song had just changed as he started to rub my back. I moved my body upwards so I could be face to face with him. He lightly kissed my lips.

" I thought you left"

"I did. Baby you was knocked out. I was gonna wake you up, but you looked so precious." He said adding that one of a kind smile of his.

I smiled back as if it were a reflex then I remembered. "Jerin what's been up with you? I mean it's been what... almost two years. So why'd you come here? What's stressin you?"

He removed his arm from around me. "My gal pregnant, but it ain't mine. She got pregnant before me and her got back together and basically she haven't been giving me none, so I came to you."

What The Fuck?! So he say'n he was use'n me cause his gal wasn't give'n him none?! Hell No! If it was something else then okay, but no not this. I snatched the cover off of me and walked over to my closet pulling out my already set outfit. My eyes connected with his and quickly left with a roll of them. I made it to my bathroom and started up my shower. Letting out a deep breath, I began to wash my face. I couldn't believe this. How could he use me in that way? I should've known it wasn't anything real... like he left her and wanted me back. I guess he's moved on and I guess I should too. I will today that's for sure. I can't stand and wait on him when I know he's not coming back. I took my shower and put on my baby oil then my smell good coco butter lotion. I put on my outfit [but the shirt is blue] I had picked out for the day right before I did my hair in two pigtails and put on little makeup. I walked out and went straight to my closet. I didn't see Jerin in there anymore so I figured he left. I grabbed my heels (the ones in the picture) and put them on along with my dangling earrings and diamond bracelet... that Jerin brought for me on our first year anniversary. I put on the rest of my jewelry then walked out to the kitchen.

"Ahh... shit Jerin! I thought you was gone."

"Naw I got hungry."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh." I watched his eyes wonder over all the pictures sitting on the stool bar of the kitchen.

"Tell me about him." He said referring to the picture of me and my son when he was one.

A smile appeared upon my face. "He's two years old going on there in December. E's a Jr."

"Anthony... ?"

"Anthony Nathaniel well you know the last name Junior. I don't know why I let him add on the Jr. part cause they don't even have the same middle name, but whatever. He has the most prettiest eye."

"How is that?"

"It runs in my family, if you a boy and you light skinned then you get pretty eyes and his are the prettiest so far in my family."

He continued to ask me questions about Anthony and I continued to answer them.

"Come on let's go."

Where we going?"

"Baby just come on." He said slightly pushing me out the house.

"Wait let me get my purse and keys."

I hated how he always made me forget why I was upset or mad at him in the first place, but I the same time that's what I liked most about him.

Jaylen Ta'Shara Harrell

I blankly stared at the computer screen waiting for something to catch my attention. I sighed and began to turn off the computer. I got up and decided to go ahead and take my shower. I walked to my dresser and pulled out a white tang-top and the matching baby blue boy shorts with the word "Sweets" airbrushed in white and silver on the back of them to go with it. I had just pulled out everything I needed before I was going to head to the bathroom when I heard a loud repetitive knock at the door.

I rolled my eyes slightly as I recognized the voice behind the door. "Man hurry the fuck up and open the door. Damn... I know you hear me... Open the door!" I unlocked and opened the door to see the girl that was unfortunately my roommate.

"Ugh, finally. Took yo slow ass long enough." Was her ungrateful reply once I had let her inside our two roomed dorm, which was more like a small apartment. I silently huffed while closing and relocking the door.

I turned around and started to head back to my room ignoring my roomie's, Candice, steady bitching. "Oh so now you ain't gonna say nothin..." I looked back at her like she had lost her damn mind, which I think she had talkin to me like that. She was standing there with her hands on her hips muggin me. "I mean usually yo smart ass has something to say..."

I could feel the anger creep into my voice as I replied back to her. "Look Candice I'm really not in the mood for your shit right now so you needa calm all that down."

Candice looked at me and smirked. "Yea whateva hoe."

"Hoe? Bytch don't get slapped." I almost yelled while I took a few steps toward her.

"Please. I wish you would."

"Be careful what you wish for." I was about to go slap the bitch too if it hadn't been for someone knocking at the door yet again. I looked at the door then back at Candice and shook my head while walking back into my room. I already knew it was somebody for Candice dumbass, probably one of the many niggas she had coming over here at all hours of the night. Just the thought of her made me mad as fuck.

I was in my room gathering my things as I heard Candice out front talkin to some nigga that was at the door. I heard him whisperin. "So you gone let me hit that. I mean it's been what... a couple weeks now since we last fuc... made love." He said trying to hide his slip up. I guess her slow ass didn't notice it because not to long after that I heard a loud ass giggle. "Shhh... damn girl... don't you have a roomie? You gone wake her up." "Shit I'on care if that bitch sleep. Come on I need some. I missed my baby lil' Asia." I figured she was talking bout what that foo was packin which more then likely wasn't much. Their voices started to slightly fayed out as they headed into Candice's room.

Damn I really didn't like that female besides the fact that the bitch pisses me off she's also slow as hell actually both of them are I mean are the both that blind that they can't see that the other person is playing them? But whatever I'm not even gonna let that stress me out. I got my stuff and went into the bathroom, making sure I locked the door behind me. I didn't want a repeat of the last time I had accidentally left it unlocked while one of her little booty-calls was over here and that's an experience I do NOT want to re-live. I started up the shower, over the loud moans I heard coming from Candice's room, and removed my layers of clothing. I shook my head and proceeded to get into my steaming hot shower. I felt myself relaxing as I felt the hot beads of water trickle down my 5'6 frame, while I was in there I decided to go ahead and wash my hair which took me a good 30-40mins. to an hour to do since it was so thick.

I finally turned off the water, releasing myself from the relaxing hold the water had over me. I dried off and wrapped my hair before lotioning up with some Victoria Secret Strawberry and Champagne, once my body was properly moisturized I then clothed myself with my previously chosen night wear. I grabbed my stuff and left out of the bathroom, only to be stopped by Asia. I sighed with aggravation and tried to walk past him but he moved in front of me once again.

"Can you please move?" I said while looking him over. I had to admit he wasn't as bad lookin like those other dude's Candice brought home. In actuality he was pretty do able, standing 6'0, with a basketball build, dark complexion, cornrows, and dark brown eyes; he just wasn't my type.

"I could but what kinda fun would that be... besides I been wantin to talk to you." He started to take a few steps closer to me so that he was now all in my face.

"Well to bad cuz I don't wanna talk to you." I tried to push past him.

"Aw come on ma don't be like that I just wanted to talk." A smirk crept up to his lips as he said this.

I sighed inwardly. "What do you wanna talk to me about Asia?"

He licked his lips and moved his head closer to mine. "Bout us babygirl."

The fuck is wrong wit this foo. I can't believe this nigga actually said that shit to me. Then let's not forget how he walked in on me when I was taking my shower that one time.

"The hell you mean about us? There is no "us" and I'm sure as hell I'm not yo baby or your girl so don't call me either one." I said while finally pushing past him.

"Ight ma you can gone head and leave now but I'ma get at you later thas a promise. I'm not passin up a chance to hit that again."

"Mmmm hmmm ok we'll see." I said as I walked into the safety of my room and closed and locked the door. Dumb ass niggas these days and I seriously wanna know how the fuk his parents named him Asia. I mean what the hell kind name is that for a boy?

I put my things away and turned the lights out. I was about to get in between the inviting sheets of my queen sized bed when I noticed that the light on my cell was blinking, indicating that I had a missed call. I picked it up and flipped it open to see who it was. I smiled and bit my lower lip as I recognized the name "That STD Nigga" plastered on the screen of my cell. I immediately pressed the talk button to call him back. The phone rang twice before someone finally picked up.

"Yea?" A sexy deep voice asked into the phone.

"Why you answer ya phone like that?"

"Cuz I can nigga."

"Do I look like I'ma dude to you?"

"Well ya know yo..." he was saying before I cut him off.

"Shut up!"

"Well it's not my fault. I mean you did ask." I could tell he was smiling.

"Uh huh ok. But yea you called me?"

"Yea. What you doin?"

"I was about to go to sleep... but uh yea that might take me awhile." I ended as I heard Candice and Asia goin at it again. I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Why you say it like that?" I could tell that he was smiling again.

"Because Candice and that dude Asia over here bein loud as hell."

"Hold on Asia that dude that walked in on you in the bathroom and tried to..."

"Yea... him" I said cutting him off again. The thought of that night still brought a shiver of fear down my spine.

"I'on want you over there wit him there." I heard the hostility in his voice as this was said which brought a small smile to my face.

"I'll be ok... besides I have to wake up early to take my final then I'm driven to Dallas for my family reunion."

"Well I can drive you to your class. Jay I really don't want you over there with him."

"Fine then were else am I supposed to go?" I questioned him.

"That's easy... you can just come over here wit me."

"I'on know bout that cuz last time I came over there..."

"That shit was funny ass hell" he said cutting me off before he laughed like there was no tomorrow.

"Man shut up that wasn't funny... that's why I don't like yo ass now."

"Psh please Jay stop lyin you know you want my Super Thick Dick."

"Speakin of that I need to take that shit out my phone."

"Yea ok. So you driven over here or you want me to come get you?"

"Who said that I was even goin over there?"

"Jay stop playin I just told you I don't want you over there with him." I could tell he was starting to get mad again.

"Ok ok... I guess I'll drive over there since I got my last final in the morning."

"Ight then, get ya stuff packed and if yo ass ain't over here in 20mins. then I'm comin over there." I smiled slightly.

"Ok well let me get my stuff together and I'll be over there in 20."

"Ight see ya in a few babygirl." I started smiling harder after he said that.

"Bye Donny" I softly replied back into the phone before closing it.

I got up out of bed and grabbed my duffle bag that I used when I spend the night at someone else's house out of the closet. I put all of my essentials into their designated compartment then went into my closet to decide what to wear tomorrow. Once done I put that into my bag and decided to just leave as I am since it was just about summer time and it would be almost as hot as it had been earlier today. This was nothing new in fact it was one of the things that I learned to love while growing up here in Houston a.k.a. H-Town.

I left out of my room and I was for once glad that Asia and Candice were still "busy" with each other because I really didn't want another run in with that wanna be playa Asia. I got on the elevator and pressed the lobby button, we really weren't supposed to use them, but I really didn't care I just wanted to get the hell out of here. I walked out and got into my midnight blue escalade . I started my car up and headed out.

It took me all of 10 to 15mins. to get to Dontae's two bedroom condo, I parked in the garage next to his precious pitch black Tahoe. I walked up four flights of stairs before I was on his floor, I proceeded to walk down the hallway until I reached door 469. I knocked on the door about three or four times before it was opened to reveal one of the sexiest nigga's I knew. He seemed to tower over me with his full 6'4 frame and thick muscular body, he was close to almost being on of those high yellow niggas but he wasn't that light, he had a tapered fade and some light almost hazel eyes. In other words he could only be described as a P.T. or Pretty Thug since he had thug appeal to go with his good looks.

"Donny moveeeeee." I slightly whined as Dontae stood in front of the doorway.

"Hell naw. What I tell you bout callin me that?" he inquired as he raised is left brow.

"Pwweeezzzzzz??" I pleaded as I gave him my sad pleading look to go with it.

"Naw that's not gonna work this time Jay." He said stubbornly while crossing his arms. I pouted a little while crossing my arms.

"Fine das why I'm not gonna tell you what happened when I came out the bathroom and Asia stopped me." His face suddenly became all seriousness.

"Hold on that nigga actually tried something again. See now I'ma have to go whoop his ass." He was about to walk out the door and would have made it if I hadn't stopped him.

"Naw Donny just leave it alone. Its over and done with so just leave it." I started to gently but firmly tug on his upper arm as I pulled him into the darkly lit living room.

"Man Jay why you always tryna protect that nigga? What do you actually like him?" he turned around to look me in my eyes after he said that. The way he was looking at me made me think that he was searching for something.

I was slightly pissed. Fuck that I was pissed. How the fuck is he gonna ask me that after what Asia almost did to me? I released him before picking up my duffle back that had once been sitting on the plush carpet of the living room floor, and walking into my designated room I had when ever I stayed there.

I felt hot tears of fury and pain travel down the length of my cheeks and down my face. I hurriedly climbed into the king sized bed and tried to get comfortable among the sheets and covers of the bed. The minute I was comfortable I heard the door being opened, I tried to hide the fact that I'd been crying by brushing the wet tear streaks from my face, it didn't really help much since more came to replace them. I felt the covers being pulled back and replaced as another body entered the bed with me; strong arms wrapped themselves around me and held me close, giving me the feeling of love and security. I felt a pair of full lips kiss me in between my shoulder and neck causing me to shiver involuntarily from the sensation. Then he started to speak whispering the whole time.

"Baby I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean that, I was just mad that you won't let me take care of him for you. I hate what that nigga tried to do to you and I don't want him to think that he can just do it again without dealing with the consequences, which is me beatin his ass." I smiled slightly after he said that. I listen patiently for him to continue, which he did once he kissed me again in the same spot as before causing me to shiver once again.

"I hate how he hurt you like that. I hate that I had to just sit back and watch you cry your heart out and not allow him to feel the pain he out you through. An I promised myself that I would never make you cry like that I here I went and did it anyway." I turned around to face him once he said that. He sighed and looked away from me once he realized how much I had been crying.

"I fucked up huh?" he asked before once again looking into my brown eyes.

"You know even though you said your sorry it still hurts that you would actually think something like that. I mean you of all people should know that I wouldn't do anything like that Tae." I whispered back to him. He stroked my cheek and wiped away some of my lingering tears before replying back to me.

"I know bay I was just mad I guess. I mean I care about you Jay and it kills me to think about what that pussy ass niggah tried to do to you." I smiled a little at hearing what he had called Asia. "Well at least I can still make you smile." My smile grew even though I was half way trying to stop it.

"Man Donny why you do that?" I slightly pouted playfully.

"Do what?" he questioned back while a smile slowly spread its way across his masculine face.

"You know." I stated before trying to hide my smile from him by burying my face into his bare chest. Damn he smelled good.

"Jay..." He lifted my chin up so that I was now facing him as his eyes caught mine. I felt like I was lost inside his eyes and I recognized something in them that I had seen a few times before. Dontae broke the steady gaze between us by glancing down at my lips which he then covered with his own. I was a little shocked that he had kissed me but what surprised me even more was that I couldn't seem to pull myself away from him. I knew the reason even though I tried to deny it. I had feelings for Dontae.

Dontae pulled away and looked into my eyes once again. "Jay... I..." Surprising myself I cut him off with another kiss this one deeper then the one before. He hands gradually started to roam my body as our kisses became more intense. He flipped me over so that he was in between my legs and proceeded to nip, lick, suck, and kiss my neck leaving passion marks here and there. I rubbed his upper back and wrapped my legs around his built torso as moans escaped from between my lips. His hands had made their way under my shirt and had gone to work on my now erect nipples; he lifted my shirt up over my head and continued his past actions further down my body. When he reached my belly button he stopped and looked up at me as if seeking my permission, I nodded and bit my lower lip and arched up as he slid off my shorts and tossed them to the floor. He came back up toward me so that he was hovering over me; I leaned up to him and kissed him deeply as I tried to remove his boxer which was the only piece of clothing that he had on. I was struggling a little which I guess he though was funny because he started to smile.

"Here let me get that." He then took off his boxers and tossed them somewhere near my shorts that were lying on the floor.

When he got back into bed I somehow flipped him over so that I was sitting on top of "him". I rolled my hips and grinded into him he moaned in pleasure and placed his hands securely on my hips and pushed me up and then pulled me back down so that I was sliding down the length of him. I gasped and shivered at the feeling of his thickness inside me; I closed my eyes and softly moaned as I tried to accustom myself to the feeling of him. He steadily rubbed up and down my thighs causing me to become even wetter then I already was. Once I had got my bearings I started to slowly rock back and forth on him it wasn't long before I found myself moving up and down his fullness, while he tightly gripped my hips and started to push me up and forcefully pull me back down on top of him. I started to reflex ably contract my vaginal muscles around him, tightening myself while at the same time pulling him further inside me.

"Aw shit Jay..." I heard Dontae say before switching it up so that I was under him and he was up on his knees thrusting inside of me. He was holding my thighs up as I arched up to met his every thrust. I felt the pressure start to build up inside of me as I leaned up and braced myself with my hands behind me pressing myself farther up to allow him to penetrate deeper inside of me. A small cry of pleasure escaped my lips as his thrusts became quicker and harder. I gripped the sheets under me as I felt myself about to come, and if it was possibly Dontae's thrusts seemed to get deeper and deeper, I swear I felt that shit up in my stomach. I sure that's what did it because not five minutes after that I felt myself coming; it felt like a wave moving over my entire body as I stiffened up as it washed over me. Not to long after that I felt Dontae tense up and release a low moan before he collapsed next to me; we both layed there trying to catch our breaths as our chests heaved up and down. Once we had cooled down and were breathing at a steady pace I felt Dontae's arms encircle my waist and as he pulled me close to him before I drifted off into a deep sleep.

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