Subdued, Screwed and Tatooed
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Size, Body Modification, Needles,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kylie runs out of gas in a not so good part of town. The car stopping in front of "Body Art" one of a few tattoo shops located in the college town. Seeing the owner in the shop, she asks for his help, but get much more than she asks for.

Kylie cursed outloud as the car began to spit and sputter. She knew she was out of gas, she had tried to make the little bit of money she had left last until the end of the month. Two days... only two days until she got her next trust fund check... DAMN! These past few days she had tried another route to the apartment from school, it saved time and mileage but it went right through the middle of the seedier part of town, and now she was going to have to walk to get some gas. Normally she would have called her roommate, Jemma, but her cell phone had been turned off until the bill was paid. She didn't count on a ride or anyone passing that she would trust for a ride, and besides, there was so little traffic here at this time of the night. She steered the car to the curb in front of several small shops. At least there was some light here. Reaching for her purse, she thought that maybe she wouldn't have to walk the six blocks to the gas station, that maybe she could find a payphone and make a call. She knew that Jemma would be waiting for her to get home, she had told her that she had something she wanted to discuss with her.

Corey was standing in his shop watching the girl in the car that had pulled to the curb. With the lights out in the front part, he couldn't be seen standing there and he had watched the car pull to the curb and turn its lights off and the girl driving beating on the steering wheel and dash in a mad fit of frustration. If she was lucky and smart, she would stay in the car and call someone for help, but from the looks of things,... she was neither. Hmmmmm... maybe his luck was changing, maybe he would be the lucky one tonight. He reached behind himself and turned on the lights in the front of his tattoo and piercing shop and made like he was looking for something as he watched the girl get out of her car, evidently planning on walking to whereever.

Kylie saw the lights come on in the shop and saw someone behind the counter. She ran to the front door and knocked, hoping that the man would maybe have some gasoline or at least let her use the phone to call. Though it wasn't cold or even cool, Kylie was standing there shaking as the man walked to the door.

Corey opened the door a crack, " Can I help you?"

" Well, I hope you can. I was on my way home from classes and I seem to have run out of gas. Would you maybe have some in a can, or could I please use your phone to try and call someone?"

Corey assessed the girl in front of him, maybe about 5' 2", blonde hair set in big curls that bounced around her face, and very petite. She couldn't have weighed 100 pounds soaking wet. But what struck him so much was that this little girl was built like a "brick shithouse", as the saying goes. She was dressed in a elastic type top that had very small straps over the shoulder, he thought that they were more for looks that use because that pair of tits did everything to hold that shirt in place. No bra lines were visible, but she didn't need one, those mams were perfect and defied gravity. Round and full, and he noticed how the nipples were standing and the aureolas swole from the breast. The top ended about 2" before the cut-off jeans started, and they had been cut high enough that the pockets hung out from beneath. The skin that was exposed was tanned and smooth as silk. Corey thought she would make the perfect canvas for his art.

" Yes, well, there may be some gas in the garage in the back, and I only have a cell phone and it's upstairs in my apartment. Come on in so I can lock this door and I will go look."

Kylie was a bit nervous, but the alternative was outside alone, so she stepped in and watched Corey lock and deadbolt the door. " I'll be a couple of minutes, look around if you like." he said.

Corey stepped through the door at the back of the shop that led to his apartment upstairs and his work rooms in the back. He wasn't looking for gasoline or his cell phone, but watching the screen he had on the camera in the front shop. Kylie was looking at some of the tat sheets and body jewelry he had there and then he saw her open the album of shots of some of his work. The front part of the album had pictures of most of the tattoo work and some piercings, like ears, noses, tongues and the sort. The back portion was labeled "Adult" and were fairly grafic, they showed nipple and genitalia piercings of both sexes, including his own, and tattoos that were around and on the pubic area of men and women. He watched her flip through a couple of the front pages and then go right to the back of the album. He saw her visibly shake at the first picture, it was of him, his bent "C" bar through the head of his dick and the straight bar at the base. 9" of dick and 4 oz. of stainless steel left an impression on most of the women he had. Kylie looked around her before taking her hand and running it up and down the picture and then turned the page. The next few shot were of breast, labia, and clit shots, both tats and piercings. The last page was the one that got to her, it showed shots of the actual work, pulling the nipple up and running the needle through. He saw her run her hands to her own breast and massage them hard, moaning out loud and when her hands came away, her nipples were really standing out. "She's getting off!" he thought to himself, " I've got to have some of that, one way or another" Corey looked around to find his bottle of 'Razz-ma-taz', a little mixture of relaxant that a chemist friend of his made for him. A couple of drops in a beverage calmed some of the antsy bitches that would try to back out at the last minute. By the time they realized it, they were painted or pierced.

Corey walked back through the curtain and saw her close the book, "See anything you like?" " ohhh... no! I don't think I could do any of that, I don't like needles at all." Kylie answered.

"Its not that bad, just close your eyes and before you know it, it's done." he replied, "... and I didn't have any gas in the back, but heres the phone."

Kylie took the phone and dialed her apartment, hoping that Jemma was there to answer. "It's busy! Must be lining up her date for the night, do you mind if I try again in a few minutes?"

"No, not at all. Kinda' nice having someone to talk to besides myself, how about a Coke or a beer or something?"

"Thank you, a coke would be nice, I hate putting you out or holding you up from doing anything."

"No problem, nothing planned for the evening but some TV. Be right back with the Coke. By the way, my name is Corey... Corey Eaves." extending his hand out to hers.

"Pleased to meet you, I am Kylie Harris, and thanks for your help" shaking his hand.

The pleasure is going to be mine, little girl, he thought to himself as he went to the back to fix her drink. 2 drops had worked fine before, he was going to use 4 tonight to make sure. As he came back up front, he caught her admiring the piercing jewelry, more ideas working in his head, he handed her the Coke and took a swallow of the beer he was drinking. Kylie hadn't eaten all day and the Coke tasted wonderful going down. Damn!... she hated being broke like this.

Some small talk for a minute or two, and Corey suggested she try her number again. "Still busy... my roomy gets on it and talks for hours sometimes."

"OK... well, just keep trying til' you get someone, or if you haven't reached them in the next little while, I will take you to get some gas. I just have to finish a couple of things first." and he again disappeared to the back, leaving Kylie to explore. Kylie felt her mind begin to wander, she spied the old chair set in the corner, fashioned in such a way that the armrest could be moved out, the back laid down to reclining, and there were leg supports. It was built rather higher than a normal chair, she assumed it was made so the too-ist could work unhindered. She sat in the chair and imagined Corey working his art on her, a tribal chain on her ankle marking her, and as her eyes closed, she imagined the cock she had seen in the book wavering before her. She saw herself naked, waiting on the contact, feeling something pulling her nipple up, teasing it, tasting it. She felt herself growing wetter by the second. She had never felt this way before, never had these thoughts, she was not new to the feelings, but the things surrounding them made her wonder. The thought of that pierced cock ran through her mind again, nudging her labia, feeling the ball rub across her clit, she moaned and suddenly jerked herself up. " oh my god... what am I thinking about? " she thought to herself, sitting up and blinking her eyes to try and focus, she felt great she thought, so relaxed, but "WHY?" She heard voices toward the rear of the shop and got up to look for Corey, she needed to get some gas and get home, she was about to pull the curtain back when he jerked it open and startled her to the point of falling backwards on her butt. " I... I... I heard voices and was trying to find you. " she stammered out. "Just a friend that stopped by. Are you ready?" reaching down to give her a hand. " Yes... yes I am ready." standing on shakey legs " I don't know whats happening to me, I feel so light headed all of a sudden." She heard Corey snicker and tell her to just relax, his arm going around her to support her, but his hand was taking the liberty of reaching up and cupping her right tit, squeezing and massaging it, making her moan as he rolled the nipple through her thin top.

Corey had watched the girl from the back while making his preparations. And when Aaron had come in, he knew that this would be a night to remember. Aaron owned and ran the cafe on the corner, his mornings and lunch traffic were great but when the district indusry shut down in the evenings, so did his business. 6' 3", 280 pounds of pure muscle and brute strentgh, and black as the night. He would stop in the evening that Corey did not make it in to the cafe, just to check on his friend and make sure all was okay, and occasionally he got to watch some of the action. But tonight, he would get to do more than watch, Corey thought, tonight he would let Aaron help him take this young girl down the path of submission, help him train her to be a slave to his passion... and to hers!

Corey scooped the girl up and carried her to his newer version of the chair in front, making sure to tease her nipple a little more, watching it swell and stand tall. He sat her down and marveled at how her nipple stood like a piece of chalk, it had to be standing 3/4 of an inch tall, and swollen hard. Drawing his middle finger back with his thumb, he thumped it hard, driving a moan from the girl and a lurch in his dick. He hadn't had anything this sweet in weeks, and if his plan worked, he would not have to worry about pussy for years. He went quickly to work, Aaron would be back in a few minutes and the fun would begin but the drug only lasted an hour or two and her being out would not last but a short time. That was the great thing about 'Razz-ma-taz', it relaxed the inhibitions and body, but she would feel everything that this night had in store for her, all of it. The pain and the pleasure, and before the night would end, the pain would bring pure exstasy, and her pleasure would rely on her service to him.

Leaning the girl forward, he pulled her top up and off. He found his own self moaning as he took in the tit flesh now unhindered. He fumbled with the button on the shorts and began pulling them down over her hips, drawing the narrow string of her thong with them. As he removed the shorts, he took the sandals with them, discarding it all on the floor in the room. Taking in this sleeping beauty before him, he leaned the back down to a recline, and raised the leg and armrests in place. He had special straps designed so that he could secure his customers limbs and body when the tattoo needle might startle them and make them jerk. Placing one high on the arm and around the wrist, and just above the knee and ankle, he felt sure she would not be able to escape. He left the waist belt off, thinking if he had to use it, it was hanging there on the chair. The last one was the belt that secured the head, it would prevent her from raising up, or looking away, he wanted her to watch everything he did. Her legs fully extended in front of her, he rotated the handle and spread them as wide as the chair allowed, then moving her arms out to her side, now it time to wake the sleeping beauty.

Corey pulled all the tools of his trade in close to the chair and then began running his hands over the girl. Reaching up he grabbed both tits and began to knead them hard. Rolling the flesh in his hands and making the girl moan and move in her bindings. Groans came from Kylie as he rolled them nipples painfully between his thumb and finger. Pulling them hard and away from her body, the girls eyes twitched open, and she began to struggle against her bonds. " NNNNNNooooo... please stop, it hurts... you're hurting me!" Kylie said through dazed lips. " oh, little slut, you haven't begun to feel hurt yet, we are staring off slow tonight." And with that Corey attached an alligator clip to the base of the one nipple. Biting and gnawing on the other until it was raw flesh, he was amazed that the nipple grew out to about an inch long. Pulling it up, he attached the other clip, giving this one a squeeze on the outside to make sure the teeth dug in and drew blood. Her screams and pleading made Corey get out the ball gag he had not wanted to use, and stuff it in her mouth and secure it behind her head. When Aaron got there they could remove it, he was sure that he had something to gag her with of his own.

The pain in her breasts was intense, the bastard had pulled her nipples like he had wanted to tear them off her body and then attached the clips with the sharp teeth to the base of each one. They throbbed with pain and all she could do was cry. Great sobbing bursts, and muffled screams when he pulled a couple of times on the clamps. What really scared her though was the wires that ran from each one to the underside of the table, and the tray of instruments that lay next to the chair, the only one of which she recognized were the forcheps.

"ahhhh... my little Kylie slut is awake. I have big plans for you." Corey told her, "As soon as I am finished prepping you, I will remove the gag, but there are a couple of things I want to make clear first. Tonight... and every night for the rest of your life, you are going to be used. There will be pain, and the sooner you learn to accept it, the sooner your pleasure will come. From this point forward, you will address me as Master, and be assured that if you don't or if you displease me or disobey me, you will be punished. Do you understand this?"

Kylie attempted to nod her head but found that she could not move it, a pleading look his way, and he told her to blink her eyes if she understood. She blinked.

"Now, you have noticed the clips on your nipples. " giving them a sharp tug, bringing new cries and tears, "The wires are attached to a box under the table here and there is also a wire attached to this", he held up what looked like a silver vibrator about four inches long and then bent and ran his tongue from her navel to the top of her slit, taking his fingers and spreading her labs, and teased the hood over her clit. This brought a moan from the girl despite the pain she was feeling in her breast, and she felt the cold stainless steel nudge at her opening. " oh my god, this can't be" she thought. She was wet, and getting wetter, how could this abuse and the thought of the rape she knew was coming, excite her? Her nipples had gotten so hard, and her clit had throbbed when he raked his fingers and tongue across it, and now she was almost leaking she was so wet as the man fucked her with the short rod. Pushing and probing her, he gave a final shove with his fingers and it popped in side her, the only indication of it being the wire that ran down to the box on the floor.

The rougher he treated her, the more excited she got. He had noticed how quick she had succumbed to his tongueing, how wet she gotten, how sweet she smelled and tasted even better. This was great knowledge, for a good Master knew how to reward, but rewards were few and had to worked very hard for. Corey stood and removed his shirt, showing a thick muscular chest covered in art. She noticed the tattoo over his heart, a beautiful woman on her knees with her hands shackled above her head, and a great ugly beast in front of her holding her chin with one hand and the back of her head with the other, driving what appeared to be a very large cock into her mouth. She thought of a couple of weeks ago, when she had gone out with one of the jocks from the college. Back at his room, she had intended on sucking him until he was ready to cum and then using her hand to finish him off, but as she was getting ready to stop sucking he had grabbed her by the ears and began to fuck her mouth. She had fought him, but he was just too strong and when his cock had hit the back of her throat causing her to gag, she had swallowed to fight the gag reflex and had taken his dick straight into her throat. She quickly learned to swallow each time he pulled her head back and forward until finally he had held her down, she felt his cock swell and begin to pulse as he had emptied his nut cream into her throat. With each spurt feeling his balls lurch and the head swell, she had came violently, the orgasm racking her body as he released her head. A sound bringing her back to the present, she gasped as she saw Corey finish removing his pants and straighten up, for there was the dick she had seen in the album out front, only in real life it seemed much more intimidating. " You like what you see, slut? Well you better 'cause you are going to getting this for awhile to come. You better learn to love it and many more when I tell you to. But before you get any of this, I need to finish showing you some of my tools." And with that Corey began to show her and tell her what each item on the tray was for and how he was going to use them on her to make her his own bitch, and mark her for the world to know it. " And now, before I take the gag off, I need to show you one more thing. You noticed the wires on your tits and now in your cunt, they are attached to a box under the table and a foot pedal and anytime you make a sound or displease me in anyway, I step on the pedal and..." a tremendous electric shock ran through her, blinding her with pain and contracting the muscles in her body, " the shock is quite painful. It was designed so, enough power and voltage to burn, but not enough to kill... I don't think! Hopefully for your sake, you will not try me and test that theory. Oh, and the shock continues until I let up on the pedal." And with that said, Corey stepped on the pedal again and held it 2 or 3 seconds.

As her eyes were beginning to focus again, Corey was removing her gag. The shock had caused her to wedge the ball in her teeth when she had bitten down on it, and spasms and cramps wracked her jaws. Swallowing to get some moisture in her mouth, she pleaded with him, " Please... pl... please don't hurt me anymore." "oh, my little slut, I am going to hurt you more, and you are going to learn to love the pain, more than you do now. You are going to learn to serve me and please me and whom ever else I tell you to please and serve. You are MINE now, I own you and am your Master. Your life will be to please me and if you don't, I will punish you. Do you understand?"

Kylie looked at him dumbstruck, with tears in her eyes, but did not answer. Corey hit the pedal, " Do you understand?" " yes... yes, I understand" she screamed, " yes... what? Who are you talking to, bitch?" and hit the pedal, " Y... Y... YYYYes... Master!" she added. Corey smiled to himself... first lesson learned.

"Now, before we get started, you need to know what your part of this is going to be. Your part will be to suffer in silence everything that is done to you. Anything more than a whimper or moan will result in your being punished. And if I have to replace the gag, I will... but you should understand that if I replace the gag, you will be punished twice for the same thing. Do you understand, slut?"

Kylie did not hesitate in answering, "Yes, master, I understand, but..." and was cut off with her question by the blinding shock that ran through her.

"You answer... you do not question!" and as he was saying this his hand moved to her crotch, his fingers began a rough digging at the top of her slit, fingering over the hood of her clit. He had noticed how the hood had impeded the rise of her clit, he had pulled it back earlier as he was tongueing her but now he would take care of the problem. He watched her hips rotate to the stimulation, and leaned in to look, pulling the lips to her cunt wide open and taking his finger and rolling the hood up and back, her little bud popped up and began to swell. At first he had thought of just clipping the hood so the bud could rise at will, but as sensitive as her clit was, he thought of a way that he could keep her stimulated all the time, and keep her in need. He planned to pierce her clit and use a 'Y' bar. Every woman he had put it on claimed that it stimulated them, especially when walking. In the shape of a 'Y' with balls on the end, he would put it in inverted where the straight end would hold the hood back, and the 'V' end would keep her lips parted and the clit uncovered. He watched as her hips rose and undulated to his fingering, and leaning in, he licked and wrapped his tongue around the little man in the boat bringing a loud groan from his slave. He reached to the tray of instruments and got what he needed, never letting his lips and tongue leave her pussy. Wrapping his lips around her clit, he sucked it hard and teased the end with lashings of his tongue. She was so wet, so excited, and she was very close to cumming. Only a little more, she thought, just another second or two. And then he ran two fingers inside her and drew them back and forth across her 'g' spot and that was all she could stand. "AAAAAAArrrrrrrrr... gggggghhhhhhhhhh... uuhhhhhh... uuhhhhhh... hmmmmmmmm " the orgasm hit her like an truck, body stiff and extended, but before she could recover her senses, Corey reached and grasped her clit between his fingers and brought the needle he had gotten from the tray over her bud and pushed down, not allowing it time to retract under its hood. The pain and the resulting scream were anticipated, Corey had quickly placed a cork on the end of the needle so that she wouldn't stab her own self and the needle would not be dislodged. "ohhh... god... ohhhh... god take it... out it hurts... it hurts." And again, Corey hit the foot pedal, holding it for an extra second or two. The resiulting shock throwing her jaws tight, she bit her tongue and tasted blood. The pain remained and the tears flowed. oh god, how she wished she was home, how she wished she had never bought the outfit that emptied her account, how she wished the pain would stop or that she would wake up and find this was just a bad nightmare.

" Now... now, my little slut, that went very clean, very little blood for such a deep piercing and its going to keep your clit right out there were you can feel it with every step you take. Now we are going to remove the needle and slide your jewelry in. Not a sound bitch, or your may find my foot on the pedal for awhile next time." Corey inserted the titanium "Y" as he retracted the needle, and when it was through, he placed the ball on the end and crimped it in place. He smiled at his handy work, it was doing just what he wanted it to do, maybe better since he had done it while she was excited and he had more flesh to hold the piercing. Kylie moaned as he released her, the burning in her clit was so painful, but she realized that she remained wet and aroused.

Corey smiled at the thought that when Aaron got here, they would continue, and then he would fuck her. The many thoughts that ran through his mind of what he wanted to do to her tonight and in the future. He knew his poker party in a couple of days was going to have a new twist to it, but for now, he was consumed with thoughts of fucking this little slut senseless and deepening his hold on her body and soul.

Meanwhile, across town, Jemma studied the caller ID and wondered who this was calling. She hated answering the calls for sales and polls, but she couldn't imagine who might be calling her from Body Art. It was one of those little tattoo shops in the industry district, she had seen it several times while traveling through there during the day, but who might it be calling at this time of the night. And where the hell was Kylie, she thought, she should have been here hours ago. She had told her she wanted to talk to her tonight, actually she wanted to seduce her tonight. How many nights she had laid in bed thinking of the little minx, bringing her own self to orgasm after orgasm dreaming of how she would make love to her little roommate. How she would suckle and fondle the little bitch, and how she would hold her head and mouth to her sex and never want to her up. " Jeeeeeeezzzzzz... uussss... " she thought, she had to stop this or she would have her hands in her pants soon. She cleared her head and tried the number but only got a voice mail box. Not leaving a message, she thought she might try it again later or tomorrow. Now, Kylie had her worried, so she grabbed her keys and decided to ride over to the university to see if maybe she could find her.

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