K, the First Time We Met
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - For 5 years I had talked and chatted with her on the internet and phone. She had seen me through so much pain, and she shared with me so much pleasure. We had agreed to never meet, afraid that the differences in our lives could not be overcome. But as time went by, I had to know her, had to see her, had to hold her just once.

I sat in the hotel room contemplating what could be a wasted weekend. Not only wasted, but could be disasterous to a relationship that had been 5 years in the making. As I looked out over the runways of the airport, my mind drifted to when I first met 'K' online. I met her in a gameroom, where she came in and took over everything except the actual running of the tournament, that she left to me, but all in the room knew I was subordinate to her. She demanded attention with her sensuous nic and two pointed retorts. The more she interrupted my tourney, the more I wanted her. We began to chat after that and then the relationship took a strange turn. The chat went from flirtatious and sexual to dreams and thoughts to family and lives. I found that I wanted her opinion on things current in my life and respected her views. Through the years of sharing and caring, we had always agreed that we would never meet, both of us afraid of the outcome. Living a world apart, she in the seasonal north-west corner and me in the not so seasonal south-east. Both of us content with our lives, we were afraid that meeting might add the want of the other. She was strong... I am not. My decision made earlier in the week when she had told me she nothing planned for the weekend but being a slug, I had made my reservations.

K was a teacher, and for the life of me, I could only think and wish that I had been so lucky as to have a teacher like her in elementary school. In her early forties, she was petite and firm. Long brunette locks hung to the middle of her back, trim legs and features, at 5' 3" and weighing about 110 lbs, she oused sensuallity. I had often laughed at her when she would describe what she wore to teach first graders. She loved wearing her "Victoria Secrets" secrets, lacy sheer bras, garter belts, hose, and heels, and sheer near nothing panties if any at all. But she hid it all under long dresses and bulky sweaters. I knew and had seen what was under that drape through pictures that I had. And as much as I wanted her, I would be satisfied but just to meet her and hug her close just once.

I had flown in on Thursday, just in time to rent a car and position myself across the street from her house. I saw her when she got home and knew then that meeting her face to face was going to be the high point of my, too soon to be, fifty years. On my way back to the hotel, I called her on my cell phone, and we chatted back and forth about mostly nothing, I asked her again about her weekend and she again confirmed that she intended to do nothing but relax and catch up on some things around the house. And with that, we said our usual goodbyes and we would talk some later. Later that night I had called her and we had teased one another, we had played this game many times before, teasing and playing, leaving each other wanting, and then the next night carrying the game to its finish, leaving us both tired and wasted... and refreshed.

The next morning I went about my shopping that I planned, a trip to the mall and I found the "V. S." store. The young sales clerk was particularly helpful and the fact that she was good looking wasn't bad either. Several times during my visit, she brushed against me to get by me. A little too often to make it all an accident, I told her that I liked her sales routine and would surely return to the store for future purchases. She blushed a little and told me that she hoped I did, but that I should bring the lady I was buying for back into the store and she would be glad to help her fit the items I wanted to purchase for her. I left with my purchases and went back to the hotel to get them wrapped and delivered before K got home. Having planned ahead, I had printed a shipping label care of the post office web site, I soon had the package ready and labeled and headed to K's house to place it on the front porch in front of the door. The box contained several items, a very sheer black lace corset with garters attached, its bodice portion just lift cups that raised the breasts and pushed them together slightly, leaving the nipples exposed, sheer smoke colored silk hose that had a dark black seam up the back, and a pair of modest black pumps with 3" very tapered heels. Returning to the car, I again phoned her home number and left the following message.

" My sweet beautiful lady, I hope you have found and opened the package that was delivered today. I have to say that the thought of you in these would be the height of my imagination. But as I have always said, the best thing you could ever do for me would be a big hug and seeing your smile. I hope these things bring you pleasure when you wear them. I also have to say that I have broken our "rule" and that I am here in town at the airport hotel. I know that we said we would never meet but I had to do this, I have to feel your arms around me just once. I also know that there are other feelings that may be between us but none of those are as important as just a hug from you. And I do not want you to do something that you are scared of so I have 3 options for you to ponder. #1. Pick up the phone and call me to thank me and I will be on the first plane home, never to think of this again. #2. Come to my room dressed casual, in tennis shoes or loafers, and we will meet and have dinner and talk and do all the things a new couple might do when meeting the first time. or #3. Come to my room wearing these shoes, and from the time you enter to the time you leave, I will use my body and my mind to bring you the most pleasure you have ever had in your life. YOUR choice!"

Again, I sat and watched her arrive home, watched her pick up the package and head inside through the door, waited a few minutes and then left for the hotel. I knew her routine, knew that she would put every thing down, turn on her computer, run to the bathroom and then get out of her work clothes, check her messages as she opened the package I "sent" her. I kept trying to imagine her face when she heard what I had to say, I kept staring at the phone, scared that it was going to ring any second. And because of the silence, wishing that it would ring just so that the pounding in my head would go away. To say that I was nervous is a great understatement. I kept checking the time, wiping the sweat from my forehead, checking the clock... I paced the room. I had about decided to go down for a drink and dinner when there was a almost inaudiable tap at the door. Almost running to the door to open it, I forced myself to slow down and calm my nerves some.

I peered through the peep hole and there she was, hair up in a bun on her head, glasses instead of her contacts, a beautiful silk scarf about her neck and what appeared to be a long London Fog overcoat. She was looking down at the floor, looking like she was about to run when I opened the door and said " Hello my beautiful lady, please come in" and extending my hand, took hers and led her in the door. I held her hand as I closed the door and as she kept walking towards the room. I had noticed the pumps she had on as she walked in and in one motion had turned her to me and pressed her to the wall, lifting her face, I kissed her. My hands on her waist, my lips crushed to hers, I kissed her hard, not letting up. The first reaction she had was to put her hands up to my chest as if to push me away, but I wouldn't have it, my tongue racked her teeth, I nibbled at her lips and my mouth moved to her neck and under her ears. Nipping and kissing her neck, I felt her arms go around my neck and pull me to her. Holding her there against the wall, my hands began to move, coming up to her head I held her as I kissed her again, my tongue again seeking hers, my hands finding and removing the clip that held her hair letting it fall and pulling it around to the front. Twining my fingers in the dark brown tresses, spreading it and feeling it caress my face, I grab bed a handful and pulled her head back, surprising her and as her eyes popped open, a look of fear and excitement in them, I removed her glasses very gently. Slowly placing my mouth back on hers, my hands moved down, unbuttoning the overcoat and getting the surprise that told me she wanted me as much as I did her. My hands fell upon the silk lace that I had bought for her and nothing else. Unbuttoning the coat the rest of the way and pushing it off of her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, I heard her moan as my hands and fingers played across her chest, each hand palming a tit, rolling the nipples across my palms, feeling them rise and harden. The corset held them up and thumb and fingers rolled the nipples back and forth making K groan when I pressured them slightly. Forcing her mouth to mine and grinding her hips into me, I thought she was going to suck my tongue out of my mouth. My hands pressed her waist back the wall, holding her firm, I broke the kiss and ran my tongue down her neck and across to her left nipple, taking it in my mouth I suckled and bit and chewed at it. Sucking her tit up and rolling the nipple around with my tongue, my hands moving down across her stomach tracing down the garters to the tops of her stockings, caressing the warm bare skin above the tops, and reaching behind to grope her ass, weighting a cheek in each hand and pulling her forward to grind my hard dick into her mons.

Rising up to kiss her once again, holding her to the wall, my hands came around front, spreading her legs, caressing her lower lips and separating them. Feeling her juices flow to my fingers. Slick and wet and hot as I roll her clit back and forth, I can feel her knees shaking. Again I break the kiss and stand back to look at her, a mask of lust and need to her face as she looks up into my eyes, my palms cover her tits and her hands cover mine, holding them there and rolling them across her breasts. I push her to the wall and shove my knee between hers holding her legs apart and move it to make her spread her feet. All the while feeling her tits swell at my touch, her eyes closed, her pelvis rotating trying to find contact. My lips trace a line across and down her chest and stomach on my way to my knees. Down across the corset, my lips again touch skin and the brief rectangle of pubic hair, my tongue finds the vee and delves deep, the frangrance of her so intoxicating that my head reels. I have dreamed of this, and her, for years and now it is really happening. My tongue slides across the lips, bare and smooth as the silk that covers her legs, opening her to my taste, wetting my tongue with sensations even my imagination could bring forth. I dance my tongue around her clit and lave at her lips, sucking them in and chewing at them, pulling them out and open. My left hand leaves her tit and falls to bring her leg over my shoulder, opening her up to my oral attack. I can see her dampness running down the inside of her thighes as I keep trying lap it all up. My sucking and lapping is taking its toll as I feel her grab my head and pull my mouth to her cunt, grinding my face there, my nose is bouncing on her clit, rubbing it back and forth, my hand has found its mark, cupping her sex and fingers rising to enter her. I crook my fingers as I go in deeper and feel the puffy raised area of her "g" spot, rubbing across it and running them around and around the quarter size area. Her hips rotating me encourages me to suck a little harder at her clit, pulling it hard into my lips and flicking the end of it at a very rapid rate. My 2 fingers fucking into her, pumping and rolling inside her, spreading to run over the outside of her g spot and then turning and letting my nuckles bump across the top and the way out. The tightness of her is amazing as her muscles flex and grab at my fingers. And then I feel and hear her begin the journey, her hands reattach to the back of my head, her knees squat as she pulls my face up and shoves her ass down on my tongue, her body begins to shake and I can feel her cunt muscles grabbing at my fingers. It feels as if she is trying to pull me into her, when the damn breaks and she gushes her orgasm out at me. I heard some of her but her hands are over my ears pulling my face in and I am lapping and swallowing as fast as I can, trying not to let any of the precious juice escape me. Her orgasm has her babbling, raking her nails up back, her knees turning to jelly she is literally supported by face and tongue, then I feel her whole body relax and the shudders as my tongue continues its work.

I am so hard as I stand, it hurts. Holding her to the wall now simply to support her I really get a first good look, and she is beautiful. As I turn her towards the bed and try to support her, she stumbles towards the window grabbing the window sill for support. Her ass is facing me and the sight enrages my want. In a fluid motion, I open pants and let them drop and step behind her, placing my hands on her hips. I see her look back at me and moan as she pushes herself back to me and lays her head on her arms on the sill. She spreads her feet wide and I move my hands up to her shoulders, I feel her reach under with one hand and grab my dick, guiding it to her opening. She rubs the head up and down her slit, mixing my leaking with her wetness, and then placing the head at her entrance, she encircles my sack with her thumb and finger and pulls me forward, just about the same instance I pull her back at the shoulders. I enter her in one shove and groan at the intensity of her warmth and tightness. She is rolling my sack in her palm, sometimes making me winch at the grip she has and I move my hands to her chest to play and maul at her tits. Using them to grip and pull her back on me, squeezing and milking them as I drag myself in and out of her. Every time I enter her, I feel her gasp and something wrap itself around the head of my dick, only to realize that I am entering her womb, her cervix grabbing me. My nuts are enflamed, swollen to point I think they are about to burst when cries out " Cummm with meeee" "Nowwwwwwww!!!" and I feel her pussy spasm around me, fluttering and grabbing me, I feel her open up inside and all of a sudden her cum juices force their way out and splash and drip off my nut nutsack. My nuts are drawn up and then let go, I feel the burning trace of my come as I let spurt after spurt deep inside her. I pull her back up to my chest and move her forward until her tits are pressed against the glass of the window. Her lrgs pressed together, my rapid push pull rubs directly on her g spot and tightness makes her clit pull down and rub the length of me as I push in. Her grunts and hip movements tell me she is again there, and as she cums she screams my name and reaches back to grab my hips and hold me deep.

The sweat pouring off me, I reach around and scoop her up. Arm behind her back and behind her legs, my walk is hobbled from my pants around my ankle as we finally make it to the kingsize bed. Laying her on the bed, I reach down and remove the pants and climb up to join her. Kissing and sucking my way up, when I am finally kissing her again, we look into each others eyes and she says, in her typical fashion, " Hi, my name is K, and if you aren't Wally, I am in biggggggg trouble." and with that she closed her eyes and slept awhile, snuggled into my chest I then realized what a beautiful woman I was holding and that my fantasies could no way match the reality. I closed my eyes and joined her in a nap...

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