The Oreo Syndrome
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Deb is a sexy African-American woman and Tom is a white guy. But they are hot for each other and then Deb's best friend, Kiesha, begs for some of the sexual action, too. The threesome is totally hot.

Tom had met Deb several months earlier and he and her had become sexually intimate almost immediately. They both turned each other on so much and their fuck sessions were the best. Deb was such a hot sexy woman, and she made Tom wild with desire. Then, Deb's friend, Kiesha, found out about Tom and Deb, and she read one of his erotic stories and she found herself getting so horny and aroused that she made Deb tell her about this man she was making love with. Keisha was a very sexy and very sensual woman too and she found herself getting so horny that she begged Deb to let her join Tom and her the next time they got together to have some hot sex. Deb finally agreed and told Keisha to meet her that night at her place and Tom would be over at 7:00.

Deb had everything set up for their hot little "oreo" evening. "Oreo"?? Yeah, two sexy black babes with one lucky white hottie in between them. The sexiest kind of Oreo session anyone could ever imagine. Deb could hardly contain herself that entire day as she realized that she and Kiesha would have the chance to get it on with her sexy lover, Tom. Tom was a white man and Deb thought he was one of the sexiest and most virile men she'd ever had sex with. She'd fucked several black men too, but Tom was as hot or hotter than the black guys she'd had stick their cocks inside her. Deb had told Kiesha how hot and sexy Tom was and they both got so excited about the possibility that Kiesha finally convinced Deb to share Tom with her.

Deb thought back to the many times she and Tom had made love alone in her bed, in his bed at his place, in the backseat of her car, and wherever else the urge to get a big hard white cock inside her sexy chocolate pussy took them over. That was where the two of them had gotten it on more times than either of them could remember now. Deb loved fucking and sucking with her white lover, Tom, better than any man she'd ever been with. He was well hung, very energetic, and he had a nice big white dick that filled her pussy and fucked her so good every time the two of them got together for some hot lusty sex. Now she was actually going to share Tom with her girlfriend, Kiesha. Deb couldn't believe she was actually going to be sharing her favorite white hottie with her best friend.

Deb felt herself getting really turned on by just imagining not only what it was going to be like having Tom along with Kiesah but also what it was going to be like having Tom's cock in her pussy, fucking her so good while her girlfriend was there naked and with her watching. Then, Deb had already decided that she would consent to Tom and Kiesha playing around too and she was hot for that to happen for real. Thinking about it was one thing; now she wanted it to be a lusty reality.

Kiesha arrived first and Deb showed her where the family room was and told her to make herself comfortable, although she wasn't sure everything would happen in there. Deb almost knew the three of them would quickly make their way to her bedroom. She figured a sexy threesome would do much better on her queen-sized bed than there on the couch in her family room.

Kiesha was looking out, and even though she and Kiesha weren't really sexually attracted to each other, just seeing Kiesha's sexy body, her pretty face, her nice big tits, and knowing that she had an attractive body underneath her clothes made Deb's pussy start getting wet and her nipples harden. She and Kiesha had gotten massages before and they'd been in hot tubs together and both of them knew what the other girl's body looked like nearly naked. Deb told herself that Tom was going to be pleased that he was such a lucky guy to have two sexy chocolate babes hot for him at the same time.

"Kiesha, you're going to love meeting Tom and whatever we end up doing tonight," Deb said as she looked around to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. "I started to have us both greet him at the door in nothing but sexy babydoll nighties, but I thought we might have to pick him up off the doorstep if we overwhelmed him with our dual sexiness like that," Deb laughed. She remembered one night when she had met Tom at her door with nothing on but a see-through nightgown and she recalled how she'd never been so hotly fucked in her life. Tom had taken her in his arms, begun foreplay right there at the door, and he had her totally naked when he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

Kiesha was actually a married mother with a little boy, but her husband wasn't coming anywhere close to meeting her sexual needs and when Deb had shared with her how hot and sexy a lover Tom was, eventually she hinted around until Deb offered to let her come over and join her and Tom one night. Tonight was that night.

"Deb, tell me again how good Tom is in bed with you," Kiesha said, wanting to relish Deb's sexy descriptions again before the hottie showed up.

"He's the hottest lover I've ever been in bed with, girlfriend," Deb reassured her. "He does me every way but loose, and I've never had any man turn me on, get me off or fuck me as well as Tom does, honey."

"Kiesha, you might want to come out of that bra you're wearing before Tom gets here. He's one awesome lover and undoing your bra and getting it off won't slow him down, but why not be as sexy as you can with no bra on underneath your top and why slow this hot sexy white guy down at all," Deb said. She remembered to get her own bra off before Kiesha had arrived and she knew that her nice big sexy breasts and her very large dark nipples showed up hotly underneath the T-shirt she had on. Kiesha didn't need any persuading. She quickly removed her bra as well and Deb really felt her pussy growing hard as she admired the nice size and shapeliness of Kiesha's sexy chocolate tits.

Tom arrived and he came in, looking as sexy and as hot as ever, Deb thought. She introduced him to Kiesha and Tom moved over beside Kiesha to welcome her to their little group get-together, and Deb felt a pang of jealous as she saw Tom reach up and cover Kiesha's right breast through her blouse. Tom's cock was already nearly hard when he'd knocked on Deb's front door, now it was totally hard and thick. He knew Deb loved his big hard white cock and he felt like Kiesha would, too.

"Let's get started, girls," Tom said as he released Kiesha and turned to bring Deb into his embrace. "Deb, what have I done right to not only get the chance to be with you tonight but also to get the chance to share this sexy mommy girlfriend of yours. You know how hot mommies make me, Deb," Tom said. He'd fuck any woman, but he found married women who were mothers especially sexy. Deb was all the babe he'd needed, but since her girlfriend Kiesha wanted to "try him on", Tom was more than willing. He'd let Kiesha get a feel of his big cock up her chocolate pussy, too.

Tom got his clothes off while his cock stayed totally hard as he watched both Deb and Kiesha slipping out of their clothes, too. He laughed when he saw to himself that neither of the young women had a bra on and he knew Deb had mentioned that to Kiesha. Both Kiesha and Deb had very sexy bodies and they both had nice large breasts, sexy dark nipples and fine asses. Tom knew this was going to be hot. He grabbed both Deb and Kiesha by the hand and he turned, leading them off down the hall to Deb's bedroom where she'd pretty well known he'd want their playtime to happen.

Tom's big white hardon was jutting hotly from his groin, and both Deb and Kiesha got Tom on the side of the big bed, and they started stroking and kissing his cock, Deb taking the lead and getting Tom's dick in her mouth and she was sucking him while his hands were playing with her naked exposed tits. He didn't know exactly what Deb had in mind for him and Kiesha but he figured she would let Kiesha play too or she wouldn't have invited her. Tom reached down under Kiesha's chest and he cupped her naked breasts, playing with them and feeling her hard nipples just like he was Deb's.

Deb and Kiesha had been sucking Tom's swollen cock for a few minutes, and then he motioned for them to let him get up and he got both Deb and Kiesha flat on their backs in the middle of Deb's big bed. Then, he got up on his knees at their feet and told them what was going to happen: "Girls, I'm going to eat both of you before I fuck you, so you two ladies just lie back and enjoy, OK?"

Tom immediately dove in between Deb's sexy spread thighs and he moaned as he flicked his tongue out, tasting the hot musky sweetness of Deb's aroused pussy. "Ohhhhhhhh, baby, you're so hot, Deb," Tom said as he resumed eating her and licking her pussy. Deb knew what was coming and she quickly responded, feeling herself orgasming within minutes after mouth touched her pussy. Then, Tom leaned back onto his heels, looked over at Kiesha and said, "Are you ready for yours now, Kiesha?" and without waiting, he moved in between her splayed thighs, buried his face in Kiesha's hot pussy and he began eating her out like she'd never had it done before.

Kiesha was caught up in how hot and lusty Tom was with her. She'd been with black guys and with her husband but none of them ever gave her oral sex like Tom was doing. "Ooooooooooooh, yeah, oh yeah, eat me, Tom," Kiesha moaned and then she was bucking her pussy into his mouth as she started cumming and giving him her plentiful juices.

Then, once he'd brought them both off orally, Tom leaned back, stroked his cock and then he moved back over between Deb's thighs and he moved on top of her, smoothly mounting her and they quickly began to share the kind of hot sexy lusty fucks they'd been enjoying for many months."Yes, yes, yes, Tom, show Kiesha how you do me, girl," Deb moaned and within only minutes, Tom had fucked Kiesha until she was cumming hotly underneath him. He kept thrusting in and out and then he stopped, leaned over and kissed both of Deb's naked full breasts and then he looked her in the eyes and said, "Deb, do you want me to do Kiesha now?" Deb nodded "yes", and that was all Tom needed.

He pulled his cock out of Deb's pussy, leaving his cock coated with her juices, and then he moved over between Kiesha's shapely thighs and he leaned down again, kissing her pink pussy lips and running his tongue up and down over the slit of her pussy. He was more than ready to fuck Deb's girlfriend and give her the hot thick cock fuck she'd been wanting for many months.

Tom leaned up, took his cock and rubbed the big hard head inside Kiesha's wet pussy lips and then he pushed forward, watching between their bodies as Kiesha's got her first feel ever of a white guy's cock sliding inside her pussy. "How does it feel, Kiesha?" Deb asked, knowing her girlfriend was already loving everything she was experiencing.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes, Deb, yes, thank you for letting Tom share his big cock with me, girlfriend," and Kiesha spread her thighs further apart as she let Tom fully mount her and then begin to thrust his big thick cock deeply in and out of her pussy. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," Kiesha moaned, and Tom settled into a very hot rhythm of powerfully driving his cock in and out of Kiesha's still very snug pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkk," Kiesha moaned. She was so hot and so turned on that already Tom had brought her to another orgasm. She was cumming and then he moaned that he was going to shoot too. "Can I cum inside you, Kiesha?" tom asked as she knew his orgasm was about to explode.

"Yes, baby, keep that big dick in me and shoot me full of your hot jism," Kiesha said. Tom kept his cock drilling into Kiesha's tight wet pussy and then he buried it inside her, feeling his balls starting to pump a big cumload deep in her. Deb was right there beside them as Tom was cumming and while his big cock poured his cum into her girlfriend, Deb took Tom's hands and cupped both her large breasts in them. Tom's cock was shooting but she knew he'd be ready for another quick fuck with her teasing and literally titillating him this way. She was right.

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