Helping Out at the Bar
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Her husband ask her to take a part time job helping out at a bar

Tina had been married to Dave for 21 years and was content in her life with him. Dave was very much in love with her and his whole life revolved around her. His wife was always in the mood for sex and Dave was beginning to worry that she was not being taken care of sexually, often enough. This was not a problem that Tina was aware of but Dave could see it in her face as she would lie next to him after sex licking and sucking his cock long after he was soft.

Dave decided to take a step towards correcting this problem one evening while watching Tina clean their juices from his cock. "You have to be the best cock sucker in the whole world." Dave told her while smiling and running his hand through her hair. "I would really like it if you would take a job somewhere around men and seduce one every now and then."

Her eyes caught his as she digested what was just said and she pulled her mouth from his cock with a "plop". "What do you mean?" She replied grinning. Stroking her hair he replies quietly, "I would like you to be able to have sex anytime you want and I just can't keep up anymore. You would, though have to tell me all about it." They both laugh and she gives his cock one last suck before scooting up to his face and saying, "Where would I work and what would I do?"

They lie awake for hours talking about the different jobs she can do and apply for but everything always seems to come back to sex. She is just good at and loves sex.

In the morning, Tina is up as always when Dave finds her in the living room reading the paper. She reads off several jobs before looking to Dave and saying, "How about a waitress in a bar?" They discuss this and decide that in a small bar it might be fun.

That afternoon Dave and Tina drive around town looking at small bars, trying to find what they have pictured in their discussion. Suddenly Dave sees a bar secluded back off the road and turns around to go back. From the parking lot it is obvious they are in a pretty bad part of town but Tina's insistence makes Dave park and they go inside. The bar is small with 2 pool tables, 4 booths, 10 tables and 11 stools at the bar. They make their way to the bar as their eyes adjust and sit in the middle of the bar.

Dave orders 2 drinks as Tina looks around the room smiling at a couple of patrons playing pool. The bartender is a large black man and he extends his hand to Dave saying in a deep forceful voice, "Hi my names Tony." Tina reaches out suddenly with a smile, causing Tony's hand to reach away from Dave and take hers. She holds his hand smiling and says, "I'm Tina and this is my husband Dave." "Nice to meet you two. What brings you in to a place like this today?" It's obvious to everyone that Tony is very aware that Tina is still holding his hand. Tina lets his hand slowly slip free and Dave shakes his hand in a manly way.

In an almost flirting manner Tina giggles while asking, "Would a waitress help your business out at all?" Tony leans against the back of the bar and starts to think that they are from a job service or something as he responds a little coldly, "We don't make that kind of money around here and these guys don't mind getting their own drinks." Dave jumps in and responds cheerfully, "We're not a labor company. Tina just wants to work for you in your bar." Tony smiles and chuckles lightly saying, "I thought you had conned me into a sales pitch. Why would you want to work in a bar like this?" "I just want to work in a small bar for a nice boss if he thinks that I could help his business." Tina replied while staring at him in her sexy way.

"Let me think about it for a few minutes," was Tony's only reply. Dave stands telling Tony, "We'll be shooting pool while you think about it." As they walk to the back Tina shakes her ass a little harder then normal, knowing that Tony will be watching.

A few people trickle in and all eyes seem to focus on Tina in her tight slacks. Tina leans into Dave and whispers, "All these men are black and they are staring at me like I'm naked." Dave takes his shot and answers calmly, "You are a gorgeous middle aged white woman, wearing tight clothes, which you fill out nicely. I am surprised they haven't come over and ask you to dance yet."

They finish their game and sit back down at the bar. Looking at Tina, Tony stares at her cleavage as Dave looks to see what he is looking at. Tina has unbuttoned her top button letting Tony have a small peak into what's hidden underneath. Dave breaks the moment saying to Tony, "Well what do you think? Do you think, her as a waitress, now and then would make you anymore money?" Slowly looking away from her chest Tony replies, "We can work something out. Working here you'll work for tips only and a little extra if business picks up." Dave begins to negotiate while Tina turns her back to the bar and looks at the men in the room. The lust filled expressions excite Tina in a way she has not experienced before.

Feeling emboldened now, Tina excuses herself to use the restroom and walks the long way around the room in a very sexy fashion. Even Dave is compelled to watch as every head turns.

While Tina is gone the men agree that Tina will;

1) Work for tips
2) Get free drinks
3) Get to keep the money men use to buy her drinks
4) Get a bonus for extra sales the bar collects
5) Dress sexy and flirt with the patrons

With the money issues out of the way the two men begin to talk a little more casually. As the conversation comes around to Tina, Dave Tells Tony, "Tina likes to be caught off guard. She always expects what's going to happen so every now and then I try and catch her off guard." Tony is smiling now as Dave continues. "Tomorrow ask her to give you her bra and hang it out so everybody knows that you have it. This will get you two off on the right foot. Don't be shy about telling her how you want her to dress also. She is quite the exhibitionist." Tony's mind races as he cannot figure how his life has changed so suddenly.

Once in the bathroom Tina discovers that there is only one bathroom with no lock on the door. The bathroom is very dirty with graffiti all over the walls. There are 2 stalls and 2 urinals in what is the dirtiest room Tina has ever seen.

Tina just straightens her hair in the mirror, unbuttons another button on her top and walks back into the room full of men. Stopping just outside the bathroom, she looks to the bar where the men are still talking and then to the pool tables where a young man plays by himself. Tina smiles to the young man and walks towards him, asking, "Would you like to play with me?" The young man has neural overload as she takes his game and reracks the balls. With the young man still silent Tina takes his cue and breaks. Smiling at him she hands him his cue and says, "Give it your best shot." Nervously the young man misses his shot so badly that Tina is not quite sure what he was shooting at.

Laughing playfully, Tina takes his stick gently while telling him, "Your mind is not on the game." Tina bends over in front of him, giving him a nice view of her ass before moving to make her shots. Her eyes catch his looking down her top as she hands him the cue, causing her to smile seductively. Tina knows at this point that this man is totally in her power as his shot does not hit any ball on the table.

The game is finished before the young man can compose himself enough to even tell her his name. Tina thanks him while lightly touching his arm and the man mumbles something.

Walking back to the bar Tina wonders if her pants are wet enough to show through. Tony extends his hand to Tina and she holds it while he tells her, "You can start tomorrow if you like. Dave here drives a hard bargain but you look like you're worth it." "Dave didn't sell me to you, did he? He can be quite the salesman," was Tina's quick response. Tony had to pause and wonder while Tina spoke up again asking, "What time would you like me?" Now smiling, Tony replies, "Be her around 4 and dress sexy." Grinning, Tina lets Tony's hand go and her and Dave head towards the door.

They are no sooner in the car when Tina begins digging around in Dave's pants to pull out his cock. Sitting there enjoying this blow job, Dave can hardly believe that this idea of his has worked out so well.

The next day Tina begins picking her outfit around 2 and is all excited about her new job. Dave watches and tells her, "I think you should look a little sluttier." Tina grabs a pair of tight short, shorts and puts them on before turning to Dave for his approval. Nodding his head, she knows he likes it and she grabs a lace bra and thin pink blouse much to his pleasure. Looking at herself in the mirror, she cannot help but like what she sees. Her black hair laying about her shoulders on the pink blouse, her breast straining lightly against her buttons and her long legs showing out of her shorts all help to excite her deeply.

Showing up early Tina walks in cheerfully at 3:45 and catches Tony changing light bulbs. Tony stops and stares saying, "Wow, you look really great. Turn around for me." Climbing down from the ladder while she smiles and turns slowly, he continues, "The bras a bit much. Take it off and hang it over the bar. We'll just use it for decoration." Tina tries not to seem flustered but heads to the bathroom and removes her bra. Looking at herself in the mirror, her nipples are visible in this tight blouse and they stiffen at the sight.

Gathering up her courage, Tina opens the door and walks to Tony. Tony whistles his approval which helps put Tina at ease. She begins cleaning tables while Tony finishes and pours them both a drink. Sitting at the bar next to Tony she feels small and finishes her drink quickly. When she asks for another Tony looks to her and says, "Are you sure? I wouldn't want you drunk on your first day." Tina smiled her sexy smile staring at Tony and replied, "Are you sure I look sexy enough?" Tony laughed loudly as he answered, "You'd look sexy in anything. I want you to look slutty." Tina giggled while taking her drink from Tony and said, "Dave told me the same thing today. What is it that makes you men like slutty women?"

From Tony's view point behind the bar he could see Tina's breasts fairly well and was staring. His response was a little more serious as he replied, "I not only like my women slutty but maybe a little trashy and even easy." Tina watched him stare at her chest making sure not to block his view and unbuttoned her top button which made the top button now the one between her boobs.

Tony's expression did not change and Tina spoke in a sultry voice, "It must be your lucky day. I'm slutty, trashy and easy." This causes them both to laugh and Tina stands and turns to clean the tables.

That night the patrons got to see Tina for the first time and it was obvious that they all approved. Tina made sure to flirt with all of the men while serving them drinks and even played a few rounds of pool. Most of the men were a little reserved but as the night wore on a few become very forward about what they would like to do to Tina.

Tina was excited when she arrived home and woke Dave by sucking him hard and then mounting him. At one point while bouncing wildly she whispered, "Fuck me with that big black cock."

Afterwards, Dave with a big smile on his face asked Tina, "I had no idea that you were so into black men." Tina smiled while cuddling up to Dave, kissing his ear and saying, "I have many fantasies, maybe you just don't know them all." This set Dave's mind reeling with ways to help guide her fantasy.

The next day Dave made a point to help Tina pick a few different outfits to carry with her everyday to the bar. Then he told Tina that she should let Tony pick the outfit she will wear. This excited Tina and she could not wait to get to work.

When Tony arrived at the bar, Dave was waiting in his car outside and the two went in together. Tony was turning lights on while Dave was making conversation. When Tony came back to the bar and sat down Dave says, "Tina sure was excited when she got home this morning. What do you think of her so far?" "I think she is doing great," was Tony's reply. Dave laughed and said, "No, I mean truthfully she's hot isn't she?" "God, I'll say. She is really gorgeous," Tony replied. Dave agreed and added, "She is having a lot of fun. I just wanted to stop and tell you to make sure that you play along. If she asks you something be careful to tell her exactly what you want." Tony agreed and Dave left before Tina came in the door.

In her cute little white spandex shorts, Tina was quite the site. She carried a small duffle bag and walked right up to the bar cheerfully announcing, "Hi Tony. I'm here." Tony smiled and asked, "What's in the bag?" "I couldn't decide on a top and was wondering if you wouldn't mind picking out one that you like?" Smiling Tony says, "Try one on that lets me see those tits." Tina cheerfully opened the bag and took a top and headed for the bathroom.

Inside she was careful not to touch anything as she changed tops. Looking at herself in the mirror, the tank top was so short that the bottom of her boobs barely showed. When she raised her arms over her head her entire boob was visible. Whispering to herself, "I hope he likes this."

It was obvious in Tony's face that seeing all that bare skin and the bottoms of her boobs really met his approval. Tina turned for him anyway and Tony told her, "You don't have a bra to hang on the bar today but your panties will do." Smiling at Tony, Tina stepped closer to the bar and removed her shorts and panties just out of Tony's view. Reaching up to hang the panties, Tina showed her boobs to Tony before putting her shorts back on. Staring at Tina, Tony could only say, "Girl you're going to kill me."

Tony had placed a tip jar behind the bar for Tina and the patrons would occasionally request money be dropped in it, but most guys would buy Tina drinks and that money would end up in the jar. Several of the patrons were from the night before and she felt a little more comfortable with them. Tina was busing tables and unloading the glasses into the sink behind the bar when she saw Tony admiring her boobs and with out looking at him she says, "You really like my boobs but what about my butt?" Tony makes a noticeable gesture to see her bottom while saying, "You have the finest ass I have ever seen." Then Tina replies, "Well, maybe you could stare at my ass now and then also. I really would like it if you would slap it now and then, just to let me know you like it."

The tub is now empty as Tina turns to leave, bending slightly away from Tony her but faces him letting him grab it with both hands. When he lets go Tina turns her head to him and says, "I like that too." As she walks from behind the bar, one of the guys at the bar high fives Tony and then the rest follow suit.

Tina is feeling playful as she takes her drink to a table full of men and puts her arm around a man and ask, "Do you guys need anything?" The guys are all staring at her chest and she looks down to see that half of her nipple is exposed. Then she feels a hand on the back of her leg beginning to slide upwards until it is caressing her ass. Tina stands there letting this man fondle her giving her what seemed like a small orgasm before touching his face and turning to leave. A few steps from the table she turned to see them all watching her walk and she smiled to them.

At home Dave is woken the same way and Tina rides him harder then ever. Before Dave cums he as Tina, "What are you fantasizing about right now?" Lost in her own lust Tina mutters, "The men in the bar are fucking me."

Tony is at the bar when Dave arrives the next day and greats him casually. Dave looks serious at Tony and says, "You're killing me. Whatever you're doing for Tina is driving her crazy. When she gets home, she is fucking me silly and then using her toys to bring herself off over and aver again. I am starting to think she's going to kill me." Tony laughs at Dave saying, "What a way to go." Tony pours Dave a drink while Dave says, "Why don't you see what she will do with your dick. I know she wants to see it. It's definitely ok with me but you will have to surprise her with it." Setting his drink down Tony looks right at Dave and says, "You want me to fuck your wife?" "Yes I do," was his blunt reply, and he continued, "I can tell she does also."

Dave tells Tony his plan to see what will happen and Tony can hardly disapprove. That afternoon Tina struts through the door in a black mini skirt and walks right up to the bar saying, "Hi Tony. What do you think?" She backs up from the bar and lifts her tee-shirt up showing off her new skirt. The skirt barely covers and Tony says, "I like it." Tina opens her bag and asks, "Would you like to see me in a tube top today?" Tony shakes his head yes and Tina smiles heading to the bathroom.

Tina arranges the tube top in the mirror so that it covers. It is a little smaller then she remembers but yellow seems to show off her stuff just fine. Back at the bar, she spins for Tony and he speaks his approval saying, "Damn, you look fantastic in that. Come around the bar and let me have good look at you." Tina turns to come around the bar with a huge smile on her face and stops dead when behind the bar she notices Tony has no pants on. Tony sits the glass down that he is cleaning and reaches for his cock saying, "You do look fine." He begins to slowly stroke himself at her while saying, "I still will get your panties for the bar, won't I?"

Tina is paralyzed, staring at his hard cock and does not respond for a while then says, "That's the biggest cock I have ever seen." This causes Tony to smile confidently and he tells Tina, "I need your panties for the bar." Slowly and without looking away, Tina raises her skirt slightly and removes her thong. Stepping forward, Tony is still stroking himself slowly as he watches Tina. Tina reaches out and takes the cock from his hands and inspects it. In a trance she drops to her knees slowly and looks at his balls saying, "Your balls are huge." Tony's hand finds her hair and pulls her face into his crotch. His dick is smashed against her face as her tongue comes out to lick his balls. He pulls her face back from his cock letting it fall to where it is pointing straight at her face. Tina strains against his hold as she tries to bring this cock into her mouth. Letting go her, her mouth finds his cock and she begins making love to it with her mouth and throat.

Time stands still until Tina hears the bars door open. Tony's hand immediately finds the back of her head and he forces her head back down onto his dick. "I was looking for Tina, have you seen her?" It was Dave's voice! Tina feels as though she will pass out. Then Tony responds, "She on her knees sucking my cock. Come back after while." Dave then replies, "She does love sucking on a cock. I'll stop back when she's done eating." Tina hears the door close and Tony releases her head and backs up to sit on his stool behind the bar. Tina needs no instruction and walks to him and bends to finish her task. With Tina loving his cock as he had never had before it was not long before Tina was receiving her rewards as Tony began humping against her face and unloading the largest load of sperm that Tina had ever tried to swallow. Expertly she tried make his orgasm special and let him begin to soften in her mouth before letting it fall free.

Tony stood and wiped his cock off on Tina's skirt before saying, "If anybody ask make sure you tell them that you sucked me off." Tina could taste this big black man on her breath as she tried to regain her composer when the first customer walked in the door. Pulling up his pants Tony watched as she went about taking the customers order as though nothing had happened.

Later as the bar was busier, Tina brought a load of dishes to the sink and Tony's hand found her ass while the customers at the bar looked on in approval. Tina stood still as his hand lifted her skirt and caressed her ass lewdly for all to see. When he was finished she walked around the bar and took a stool next to an old black man who was still taken with the scene that had just happened. Tony spoke up and said, "That's the only white ass I've ever had my hand on." The guys at the bar all join in with how the would gladly love a chance. Tina smiles at their gestures but lets them flirt with her. "Have you ever sucked on a black mans cock before?" The old man next to her asks. Tina almost breaks out laughing as she turns her stool towards him and says bluntly, "I saw my first black cock today and I will say that yes I sucked it and swallowed all his cum.

The old man is suddenly stunned and does not know what to say. When he looks down he sees that Tina's skirt has ridden up and is exposing her pussy hair to him. Tina looks down and says, "I'm sorry I did not mean to fluster you at your age." "My cock works just fine," was the reply from the old man as his hand landed on her knee. Their eyes were locked when Tina stood and kissed his check hugging him. Her hand dropped to his lap feeling his hard cock and she whispered, "I'll keep this in mind."

At quitting time Tina brought the last of the glasses to the bar and let Tony grope her one last time. Sitting at the bar she put her tips away and turned to face the room with legs spread and slowly got off the bar stool allowing the whole room to see her pussy which caused quite the applause.

That night at home she fucked her husband with a new type of lust. One that she had never felt before, knowing that this was only her first week.

Dedicated to a drop dead gorgeous woman whom which I can only dream of having as my own.

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