Things Change
Part 1: Kelly

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Romantic Sex Story: Part 1: Kelly - A tale of a young married couple who want children, but have no luck with conception. Then his sister moves in - her paramour had run out, leaving her with a baby, unwed and destitute, but that wasn't the hardest problem they had to answer.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Hermaphrodite   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Petting   Lactation   Pregnancy   Voyeurism  


The statuesque blonde moved quickly, bending and picking up toys and games from around the room, her motions those of practised ease. If there had been a witness, he would have noticed an almost electric tension about her as if she was under some sort of stress, yet her face was set in pleasant lines. That unseen witness would have realised that this was a woman who was familiar with her job and pleasant in her dealings with people. If the witness had been male, he would more that likely have noticed many other things as well; after all, she was extremely pleasant to the eye.

Curvaceous, yet trim, her hair was neat even at the end of her day and she wore off the rack clothes in a way that gave them a tailored look, yet the striking thing about her was the natural beauty of her face. Bright blue eyes swept the room, then finally a smile touched her lips as she gave a short sigh. Thank goodness it was five o'clock and Kelly's shift at the daycare was finished. She loved children, but eight hours of looking after a group of eleven poorly disciplined kids belonging to other people was enough to tire anyone. Why people didn't show their children a little discipline was beyond her. Now if she had a baby...

Her smile instantly changed to a light frown, but she stopped herself before going any further, forcing herself to think of something else. She knew better than to think about her own lack of children. If she started thinking about that too hard, she'd start crying and if she started crying now, she'd never be able to drive home.

Suddenly she thought that she understood why she was so touchy and she glanced at a calendar to confirm it. Yes, she was ovulating, she was due either today or tomorrow and every time she ovulated, her body became almost desperate for sex. She had to go home and do the laundry, make dinner, anything to keep busy, but later tonight she'd convince Steven to have sex and try to give her a baby. At this time of the month being around children made her feel even worse if she couldn't touch and cuddle them, but her group of children were gone for the day. The best thing to do was to slip out of the daycare building as quickly as possible and to get away from any sign of children. She had to do that, right now!

She only paused long enough to wish Claire, the owner of the daycare, 'Goodnight' in a perfunctory manner. Then she was out the door on the run, leaving her boss staring after her with a somewhat beseeching look on her face as if she didn't want Kelly to leave so soon.

Traffic was light for once and Kelly was home in minutes. When she opened the door, she automatically bent to scoop up the mail. She closed the door and as she walked down the hall, she sorted it into junk mail, bills and... Oh goody, there was a letter addressed to Steven and herself. Using a fingernail, she slit it open and... Ohmigod. It was a wedding invitation.

Kelly looked at the letter a second time and sighed heavily. Nothing had gone quite right today and this capped the lot. Now her cousin was marrying her husband's brother. She knew she should be enthused about the invitation to her cousin's wedding, but she wasn't. Instead she felt suddenly empty and disappointed with her life. She tossed the invitation and its envelope down on the hall table, resolutely marching into the kitchen to prepare dinner for Steven and herself.

They'd have to go to the wedding, after all it was a family thing. Actually it would be a dual family thing, both Steven's family and her own. Not only would she have to sit with her family at the wedding and then afterward at the reception, but she'd have to be around Steven's family as well. Once more she'd have to smile and act enthusiastic about all the children who ran screaming around the reception hall. There would be four of her sister's kids, several of her brother's kids, hordes of kids from Steven's family and who knew how many of her various cousins' kids. But, none of those kids would be hers, none would be a child she could cuddle and care for every day.

"Seven years!" She growled as she dragged a pot out of the lower cupboard and slammed it down on the front burner of the stove.

"Seven whole years and more than ninety times I've been disappointed. Just like clockwork, I've had my period every damn twenty-eight days since we were married, come rain or come shine." She growled as she opened the fridge and dug out the vegetables needed for the meal she planned.

"Seven years and we've tried everything, but still no change." She moaned as she began to peel the vegetables.

Her hands worked automatically as her mind wandered down the long hallway of seven years' disappointment. She and Steven had tried all the supposed failsafe methods of getting pregnant. They'd tried the methods her Granny had suggested, the 'natural' methods, even as far as making love in a haystack on a moonlight night, at least they'd used a blanket for that. They'd tried the scientific methods, making sure their timing was right and her temperature was right. They'd seen doctors and been tested, then they'd been assured that everything was medically right with both of them.

One doctor had even convinced Steven to give up on wearing briefs and changing to boxers. He'd explained that perhaps the cooler boxers would reduce any possibility of Steven's testicles becoming over heated because that would reduce sperm production. Now Steven wore boxers, shorts and trousers that were looser in the crotch, but even that didn't help.

Nothing had helped. Her periods still came around every twenty-eight days, as regular as clockwork.

She sighed again as she sat down at the kitchen table and waited for Steven to come home, keeping an eye on things as dinner cooked. She felt morose and despondent, but knew that she was too stubborn to give up. She wanted a baby. Actually she'd decided that she needed a baby and someway, somehow, she resolved to have one. A quiet tear trickled down her cheek.

Over dinner that evening, they spoke quietly, discussing the upcoming wedding and what they should get for a gift. It was only after they'd discussed the wedding that Kelly brought up her deep desire for children once more, hoping that this time when they saw the families, she could announce that she was pregnant. Once more Steven convinced her that he wanted kids just as badly as she did and once more he was optimistic. After all, the wedding invitation had come out early because the families were spread so far across the country, they had almost four months to try for better results.

Later, Kelly had a bath and Steven came to join her afterward to towel her dry. His hands worshipped her through the softness of the towels, loving her with each touch and each stroke of the soft terrycloth. By the time he scooped her into his arms and carried her to bed, she was putty in his hands. Steven made love to her slowly and gently as she returned his love through two orgasms. Then came his time, his need built and he stroked harder, faster. His body drove toward its final goal, yet she felt her body rise to meet his until she felt him ejaculate deep inside her. Once more she had an orgasm, this time an instant after his, yet it didn't stop right away. He held himself inside her even as his erection shrank, meanwhile her body clasped and massaged his slowly diminishing flesh. She sighed as he stroked and played with her afterward. Then she snuggled against him, thankful that he wasn't one of those men who rolled away and fell asleep after sex.

She fell asleep that night, relishing the feeling of being loved by a man that she adored and loved in return, but...

If only they could have children, life would be perfect.

Fourteen days later, her period dropped in to say hello, right on time. That night she cried herself to sleep in Steven's arms.

The next morning Kelly's life began to change and grow more complicated. It started not long after she got to work at the daycare center and found Claire crying in her office.

"What's wrong?" She asked as she leaned over to touch her hand to Claire's shoulder.

"The city has passed a new law with standards we can't possibly meet." Claire whimpered. "They say we have too many children for the area we use. I can't possibly expand the area, so I'll have to cut back on the number of children. But, if I have to cut back on the number of children we care for, that means I'm going to have to cut back staff."

Kelly felt herself go numb. Not only was she the last staff member that Claire had hired, but she was the only one who wasn't supporting her family on her earnings. Logically, she was the first person to be let go. In a move that said wonderful things about her character, she volunteered to leave when the time for cutbacks came, yet it was one of the hardest things she had ever done. Despite the fact that she was going to lose her income, the worst shock for Kelly was the fact that she wasn't going to be able to be around the children at the daycare center.

In order to meet the city's deadlines, Claire would have to start cutting back immediately and she warned Kelly that her job might only last until the end of the week. Somehow Kelly managed to make it through the day. Not only did she have to face the fact that she was going to lose her job, but she had to deal with a group of temperamental children who realised that something was wrong, even though no one had told them anything. Then as well she had to deal with the discomfort arising from her period. When she arrived home that night, she simply collapsed, ordering pizza for dinner instead of cooking anything herself.

Steven beat the pizza delivery to the door, but only by moments, then as they sat down to eat, the telephone rang. When Kelly answered it, she only talked for a few seconds before she handed it to Steven. It was his sister, Geraldine, and Gerry wanted to ask Steven something.

Kelly sighed deeply as she put her slice of pizza down, even her appetite was gone now. It wasn't that she didn't like Gerry. She actually did. The problem was that Kelly didn't understand her.

When Kelly and Steven had first started dating in their final year of high school, Gerry had been a twelve-year-old nuisance, acting extremely jealous of Kelly, wanting to be around Steven whenever Kelly was around. After their marriage, Gerry barely seemed to tolerate her. Then about three years after Kelly and Steven were married, Gerry had announced to her whole family that she was moving out with her female lover. She'd moved away somewhere with her lover and often hadn't contacted the family for months at a time. However almost a year ago, she'd phoned Steven one night to say that she had a new lover and that they were going to have a baby.

Suddenly Kelly was taken unawares and surprised out of her reverie by Steven's hand on her arm. She looked at him wide eyed.

"Sorry to surprise you, Sweetheart, but Gerry has a problem and is asking for our help." He said quietly as he held his palm against the mouthpiece of the phone. "Her lover split, leaving her with almost nothing, She has no job, no money, her rent is due in two weeks and she has a two-month-oldbaby to care for. Mom has no place for her in that tiny condo of hers and Dennis is just getting married. She has no one else to turn to. She knows she's often been a bitch to you, but do you think we could... ?"

Kelly moved her other hand and covered his, then smiled at him as if he'd just given her a brand-new Mercedes.

"Tell her that's the best news I've heard all day and she can definitely stay here, just as long as I get to help her care for her baby."

"Even after caring for those spoiled kids in the daycare center all day?" Steven's eyebrows lifted in surprise.

"Honey, I haven't had a chance to tell you yet, but I just found out today that I'll be out of a job by Friday. The daycare center has been forced to cut back and I'm low woman on the totem pole. Besides, they know that I work there just for the love of it, after all with your job, we don't really need the money."

"Oh, is that why you were so down in the dumps? Then Gerry and her baby can stay?"

"Unh huh. Gerry and the baby being here would be the best thing I could ask for right now." Kelly grinned, nodding enthusiastically, but not realising how prophetic her words were.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and Kelly was fidgeting, but she had a variety of reasons to fidget. First, from the way she felt, as well as from the calendar, she knew that she was ovulating again. On top of that Steven was away, he'd had to make one of his rare trips out of town and she hadn't had any sex to stave off her feelings of sexual frustration since late Sunday night. That was complicated by the fact that she was waiting for a phone call from Gerry, who was supposed to arrive with her baby sometime today.

In hopes of calming herself, she had a quick shower, and pulled on a robe; then she'd just put on the kettle to make herself a cup of tea when the door bell rang. She literally ran to the door and threw it open in anticipation. There, on her doorstep, was a tall dark haired woman carrying a tiny child and surrounded by several suitcases and a stroller.

The next few moments were chaotic. There were hugs and tears, greetings and apologies, then grunts and laughter as luggage was moved into the house to be stored in a bedroom, a bedroom that now included a new crib for the tiny two-month-old infant. The teakettle had almost boiled dry before the two women and the babe were able to return to the kitchen, but finally they were able to sit down with a cup of tea to relax.

"You know, you shouldn't really have bought all those things for Jen and me."

"Oh come on." Kelly laughed. "You can't have a baby in the house without having some baby furniture and a few toys. Besides, I love kids and plan on spoiling your daughter rotten."

"Oh Kelly, you're such a sweetheart." There were tears in Gerry's eyes. "I am so sorry I treated you so badly when I was a kid."

"Forget it, that's past." Kelly waved a hand and smiled as the little baby squirmed in her sister-in-law's arms. "Jennifer seems restless."

"Well! She's finally waking up. It's about time. I'm ready to burst." Gerry laughed softly, reaching up to unbutton her top.

In seconds she'd opened the loose shirt she wore, exposing a cleavage as large as Kelly's own. Her breasts weren't encumbered by a bra and she hefted her right breast as if to check its fullness, teasing her nipple for a few seconds. Then she lifted her infant to her chest, bringing the child toward an erect nipple that was now dribbling a few drops of milk.

"Oh, I need this." Gerry sighed and relaxed into the chair as the baby's mouth began suckling her nipple. "Jen slept so long and I was so full of milk that just the bra I was wearing was rubbing my nipples and making me seep. I had to take it off."

Kelly watched in fascination. For several moments, neither of them spoke as Gerry's eyes took on a satisfied gaze that seemed to focus hundreds of feet past Kelly. Kelly felt her own nipples swell as she watched the baby nuzzle her mother's breast and she couldn't help the soft sigh that slipped from her throat.

"Does that feel as good as it looks?" She whispered.

"Oh, you have no idea." Gerry sighed, then her eyes popped open wide and she stared at Kelly. "Oh shit, I just realized. You really don't know what it feels like, do you?"

Kelly slowly shook her head, her face openly expressing her personal anguish for a few seconds before she tried to mask it with a tremulous smile.

"Oh shit! I'll bet you want a baby yourself and you've been having problems, haven't you?"

Gerry was greeted by a tiny nod and another sigh. "We've been trying for years, but nothing seems to work."

"I suppose both you and Steven have been tested?"

"Oh yeah, several times and several ways." Kelly sighed. "Basically we've been told that the reason we aren't able to conceive a child is a mystery because both of us are fertile as hell."

"That must make it frustrating."

"That's putting it mildly." Kelly laughed sardonically. "Now you know why I plan on spoiling you and Jen while you're here."

"Well then, why don't you and I share Jen as much as we can." Gerry smiled, then glanced down at her nursing babe.

"Oh, that would be wonderful." Kelly sighed.

"No problem, we can do that. Can't we, Squirt?" She grinned as she shifted the baby to suckle the other breast."Enough on just one, greedy guts, I don't want to be too lopsided."

Her eyes took on that far away stare again for a few moments. Finally she focussed on Kelly and her face broke into a smile as she saw Kelly's fascination with the nursing babe.

"You look like the kid staring in a candy store window after he's lost his allowance." She chuckled softly.

"That's almost what I feel like." Kelly managed a smile, then hesitated. "Umm, I've heard stories... Do you really feel it... you know, down there, when the baby nurses?"

"Oh yeah, big time." Gerry sighed. "I love it."

"Wow." Kelly sighed herself. "With Steven away, I'm so darn frustrated I could use something like that."

"Hey, that's an idea. Jen's full and just mouthing me for the pleasure of it now, why don't we make your day. I could let you feel what it's like, but let's move to the bedroom so you can lay down and be completely comfy the first time, shall we?"

"Really?" Kelly's eyes lit up. "You'd do that?"

When Gerry nodded, Kelly almost leaped to her feet, then led the way down the hallway, barely breaking her gaze away from the suckling child to see where she was going.

"Take off your robe and lie back on the bed, that way you can let her nurse on your breasts for a while in complete comfort." Gerry whispered. "You can relax and let Jen and me ease some of those frustrations."

When Kelly's robe dropped to the floor and she leaned back, Gerry pulled the babe from her dripping nipple and handed it to Kelly. She wasted no time moving the child to her own breast and a swollen nipple.

"Ohh... Ohh! Ohhh!" Kelly moaned, and she felt her legs fall apart as the beginnings of an orgasm stirred deep inside her.

"You have very lovely breasts, perfect for nursing." Gerry whispered as she pulled off her own shirt. "In fact your whole body is beautiful."

Kelly opened her eyes. "What are you doing?"

"I'm sure Steven told you that I like women." Gerry whispered as she spread her hand across Kelly's other breast, not wanting to disturb the suckling child. "You're so beautiful. I want to make love with you while we share my baby."

Kelly looked thoughtful. She'd never had a lesbian affair. She had never even been touched by a woman, but right now she was so needy, so frustrated. The tiny tingles she felt inside her from the nursing baby nuzzling her breast teased her, made her want more. She bit her lip in uncertainty, her blues eyes staring deep into the brown eyes of the woman who was now slipping her jeans down her legs.

"I'm offering a trade." Gerry went on. "My baby at your breast as I make love to your body. I promise to please you. You said you were frustrated because Steven is away. I can give you some relief from your frustration."

"Steven warned me about you." Kelly whispered. "He said you'd seduce me, but..."

Gerry watched a moment longer as Kelly rejoiced in the feelings generated by the tiny suckling mouth, then she saw Kelly smile and her head nod just slightly. With that permission, her mouth descended on Kelly's other breast.

"Oh, Kelly, your breasts are so beautiful." Gerry moaned as she kissed, then sucked and nibbled at Kelly's breast.

The contrast between the baby's gentle teasing of her nipple on one side and the fully grown woman's demanding need on the other was mind blowing, Kelly's back arched in a mild orgasm, making Gerry chuckle softly.

"Oh, Lover. I'll bet that felt nice, didn't it?" She whispered as she lifted her head and brushed Kelly's lips with a tender kiss. "Would you like to taste my breasts? Jen never drains them. Would you like to do it for me? Otherwise I'll just have to express it and throw it away."

"Oh yes. Please!" Kelly heard her voice plead as she felt herself salivate at the thought.

Gerry moved further onto the bed, lowering her breast slowly to Kelly's greedy mouth and sighed as she felt the loving suction. Then came the gentle caress of Kelly's free hand on the inside of her thigh. She jerked, then almost abruptly she grasped it, moving it to her other breast.

Kelly hardly noticed, she was luxuriating in the feel of Jen's mouth on her nipple and the taste of Gerry's sweet milk as she suckled it from the soft warm source. She wasn't paying attention to Gerry's hand until she felt fingers gently teasing her sex, then she moaned softly. Since she didn't complain, Gerry didn't stop. As her finger tips danced on Kelly's clit, Kelly suddenly arched her back, lifting her pelvis clear of the bed and moaning loudly.

"Oh, that sounded like a nice one." Gerry sighed. "Should I see if we can find another one, just as good?"

"Oh yes! Please!" Kelly murmured, then greedily found Gerry's breast and nipple again.

Gerry found several more climaxes for Kelly, finally easing off when she thought her sister-in-law was nearing temporary exhaustion. Rescuing her now sleeping daughter from Kelly's gentle grasp, she took Jen into her new bedroom and carefully put her in the new crib. After watching the baby as she slept for several moments, Gerry sighed deeply.

Kelly deserved to know the facts even though Gerry was certain that the truth could forever change their relationship and perhaps their lives. It was time to go lie down by Kelly's side and wait for her to awaken.

Kelly awakened from her short nap to find Gerry lying quietly on her stomach next to her. Gerry's soft brown eyes were staring into hers and a small smile graced Gerry's face.

"Hey." Kelly murmured softly. "Fancy meeting you here."

That brought a chuckle from Gerry, who's face sobered almost instantly.

"Kelly, I have to tell you a story." She said gravely. "When I'm done I don't know if you're still going to like me much."

"Is it that terrible that you think I'll be offended." Kelly smiled.

"It might be. I'm not sure how broad minded you are."

"Now what could you have done that's so terrible?" She reached out and stroked her hand slowly along the tanned skin of her sister-in-law's back.

"Well, why don't I tell you the story and let you be the judge?" Gerry sighed.

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