Chance Encounter
Chapter 1: The Reunion

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Reunion - What happens when the girl that got away turns up years later as the new girl working just down the hall?

Ever had one of those days when you're on a roll, but your project just kept growing? I'd had an epiphany in the shower this morning: a simple search and compare program that should help with troubleshooting other programs. Sure the shower might not be the best place to think about things, but when your rent includes the cost of utilities there's really no harm in taking long showers, aside from your fingers looking like prunes. Plus, while the shower feels like hours usually it takes less than 15 minutes, the hot water is relaxing, I am able to let my mind drift, and usually solve or at least get a good start on most problems I identify.

At my job, work comes in waves and this is definitely the off season so I have plenty of free time to test out new ideas. I was still thinking about the program idea when I arrived at work this morning, it sounded so ridiculously simple that I naively thought it would only take a couple hours to code. Worst case scenario maybe the whole morning.

Yeah, that was ten-hours, four loops, six subroutines, and three Nalgenes ago. A few years back I'd sworn off coffee after noticing it caused my hands to shake. However, I liked taking breaks and having something to drink nearby so I keep a 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle on my desk. While water isn't exactly a diuretic like the caffeine in coffee, which actually makes you pee more, I still had to take several extended piss breaks due to the sheer volume consumed. Then again if the whole point was to try and give my over-worked brain a break, then maybe the Nalgene was doing its job perfectly.

Rubbing my eyes in frustration I leaned back in my chair and tried to stretch some of the kinks out of my back. Resting my elbows on the arm rests I began rocking in my chair starring at the code on the screen, occasionally leaning forward to page down. After years of coding I have little trouble reading its case-sensitive, semicolon delimited text. However, deep down I know that at its core understanding PERL is no different than any other logic based computer language: you just have to think like an engineer, pretending to think like a computer, while writing a language to be spoken by idiots.

That's it, my brain is fried and I'm officially cranky. Checking my watch I notice it's after seven, which means the convenience store in the basement is closed for the night. Damn. Well, at least the vending machines are still on and open for business.

Grumbling I stood up, stretched the remaining kinds out of my back, grabbed my badge, opened my door and began searching for something to munch on. In the hall I'm faced with a dilemma: To my left is the shortest path to the elevator and sugar induced bliss; to my right is the bathroom and instant release for the throbbing pressure in my bladder that wasn't all that noticeable until I stood up and had been slowly building ever since.

Heading to the right I began making my way down the hall. You know you're at the right job when you realize that at 7 PM on a Friday night you have the entire building almost completely to yourself and no one is asking, or really wanting, you to stay late. Sure, I could just head home, but right now I'm so close I can practically taste it and if I left there's no way I would sleep well all weekend because I'd be thinking about all the things I could have tried if I'd just stayed another 15 minutes. Plus, it's not like I had any significant other to come home to, no pets, practically no commitments at all and that's how I liked it.

Nearing the end of the hall I paused in front of the last office. Subconsciously, I realized that while no one was inside, last week it was completely empty, but the lights haven't automatically turned off yet, and the user is still logged on to their computer. Consciously my eyes are riveted to the painting of a jazz pianist's outline in flamboyant (think neon) colors hanging on the wall. The company is good about hanging personal artwork for you so the fact that the person has an actual painting hanging on their wall isn't unusual.

What is unusual is that I've seen a painting that looked identical hanging in Helen's apartment; a woman I'd very much like to see again. It was several years ago but we'd both worked as research assistants and used to meet up for lunch. On her last day of work before heading off to get a PhD in Economics she invited me over for dinner. It was a night I won't soon forget, and desperately wished to repeat, but unfortunately never had another opportunity. We still touch base every now and then but lately our lives drifted in different directions. However, one thing is crystal clear: the last time I saw that painting it was hanging above her desk, its vibrant colors flashing in the candle light.

Finally, one additional fact caught my attention: the picture was hung crooked. Now, when maintenance hangs picture for you, knowing most economists are anal retentive, they use a tool to make sure it hangs perfectly level and then stand back and double check just to be sure.

With a mental shrug, and caving in to the urgent demands from my bladder, I headed around the corner and into the bathroom. For perhaps the millionth time I pondered the excess of having a marble bathroom. True the marble prevented most forms of graffiti (people were quick to learn that pencil showed up remarkably well but your bathroom musings were apt to get edited and twisted later on) and was probably much more durable, but the initial costs must have been enormous. I took comfort from the fact that any company willing to invest that kind of money in its bathrooms probably would be around for a while. Either that or it was going to go under pretty soon and I might as well enjoy it while I could.

With a minute or so to kill and no pencil handy I decided to let my mind wonder. Not surprisingly my thoughts drifted to Helen. It has been about a month since I last heard from her but that wasn't too unusual especially as this was probably the end of her semester, which is the busiest time of the year. Still, I decided that if I didn't hear from her by the end of the week I would give her a call.

Finishing, I washed up before heading for the door. Phase one of my mission accomplished; it was time to begin my search for a candy bar. With this objective firmly in mind, and the fact that it was after 7 on a Friday night, I wasn't really paying attention as I opened the door and heading out into the hall.

And that when it hit me, literally. I'd just stepped into the hall when I caught the hint of movement to my left just before I slammed into something. Note, I'm usually much more nimble but I obviously wasn't expecting anything to be there and when you're over 6'5" coordination is rather iffy even on a good day. Toss in a full day of computer programming and you're just a train wreck waiting to happen. The good news though is that my body has learned to instinctively react to these momentary lapses in balance and so even after careening off at least two walls I was able to right myself without crashing completely to the floor.

Unfortunately the other person wasn't quite so lucky and was currently sprawled out on their side in the middle of the hall. Taking a few seconds to recover I noticed some very important details: the other person was a she, she was wearing a skirt, said skirt had crept up remarkably high up during her fall, and she had a set of the most gorgeous, naturally tanned, legs I had ever seen.

Under the guise of trying to recover from my own impact I couldn't help checking her out. As my eyes slowly made their way up her body I noticed that her blouse had crept up slightly as well and that her nicely curved hips transitioned to a smooth stomach and an adorable inny belly button.

It wasn't until my eyes finally made their way up to her head and her shoulder length brown hair, so dark that in most lights it looked black, and a face that reflected the most beautiful characteristics of her Chinese heritage that I got the biggest shock of all. While she was currently sprawled out facing away from me, I'd recognize that profile anywhere.

It was Helen! Crap! My mind was instantly in turmoil. Questions like 'Where the hell did she come from?' battled it with sarcastic thoughts like 'Talk about one smashing reunion.' In the end I decided that leaning against the wall looking stunned probably wasn't the best reaction.

Crouching down by her side I gently nudged her shoulder and asked, "Helen, are you okay?"

With a groan she rolled onto her back. I took this, and the fact that she was breathing, to be a good sign. However, the act of rolling over somehow caused her skirt to creep up even farther to the point where it must be just millimeters from her panties. I have always admired the shape and curves of a woman's body, especially well toned legs, and Helen had one of the best pairs around.

Noticing more of a response I tore my attention away from the view and watched as her eyes fluttered open.

"Wha... ?" she asked weakly, her deep brown eyes still looking a bit dazed.

"Shhhh, it's okay," I soothed as her eyes slowly came into focus.

"Charles, is that you?" she asked while craning her neck towards me with a shocked look on her face.

Meekly, I nodded. Then, because I couldn't hold it back any longer I blurted out, "Looks like you've fallen for me all over again."

With a groan she once again shut her eyes and let her head drop back to the floor. She mumbled something along the way and I could have sworn she said, "We weren't supposed to meet like this."

Then, with more heat, she said, "Man, my ass hurts," while massaging her hip.

Somehow, I realized that 'want me to kiss it and make it better' just might not be the best response and, sensing now was the time for an apology I offered, "Hey sorry for running you over. Is there anything I can do to help?"

As her eyes twitched open I caught a hint of the mischievous twinkle I remembered all too well as she replied, "I can think of a few things," before taking a deep breath and finishing with, "but give me a minute to recover."

A few moments of awkward conversation later my stomach finally let its intentions be known through a noisy growl. As Helen laughed and I blushed the tension was broken.

Still feeling embarrassed by the whole encounter I asked, "Want to go get a snack?"

Still lying flat on the floor, Helen replied, "Actually, that sounds really nice." Holding out her hand she asked, "Can you help me up?"

Standing I grasped her hand and gently pulled her up. Seemingly unsteady, she leaned against me and I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her just to be sure she didn't fall.

With her head resting against my chest she whispered, "I've missed you so much Charles," and then without further ado, reached up, grabbed my head, and kissed me soundly on the lips.

It was so totally unexpected that I opened my lips in surprise. Helen took this as an invitation and almost instantly I felt her tongue invading. As the passion heated up I had to resist the temptation to let my hands wander and instead enjoyed the sensation of her body pressing against mine.

Meanwhile, my already over-worked brain was now completely and hopelessly fried. Here was the girl of my dreams, the most amazing woman I'd ever known, and not only was she back in my life but she just gave me one of the hottest kisses I'd ever had. As she pulled away, my head still spinning and gasping for breath, all I could mutter was, "Wow..."

"So," she continued as if nothing had happened, "How about that snack?"

While I may never understand women, I tried not to let that bother me. Instead I turned us so we were heading towards the elevators. I was having trouble wrapping my mind around just how fast things had been going, but there was still a lot catching up to do.

"So, what have you been up to?" I asked.

"Oh, the usual: Writing my dissertation, classes..."

"You're still taking classes?"

"Teaching them actually and if you tease me about it my students will hate you next semester," Helen replied with a smile.

The conversation continued as we walked down the hall, each of us getting the latest gossip. At some point in the conversation Helen had slipped an arm around my waist and casually hooked her finger through a belt loop as I guided us down the hall. Needless to say I wasn't complaining, quite the contrary I was very much enjoying the occasional bump of her hip against mine and the feel of her arm around me. With a jolt I realized that we'd been standing in front of the elevators talking and from the way my feet hurt we'd probably been standing for a while.

Reaching my arm out I casually draped it across her shoulders.

"It's great to see you again Helen," I whispered while leaning down to kiss the top of her head. Reaching forward I push the down button.

When the elevator chimed its arrival Helen let her arm drop and we both walked in and leaned against a side for the trip down to the basement.

Out of the blue she remarked, "So, you still have a tongue-ring."

"Of course, I've had it for years." I replied, slightly confused. "You mean you didn't notice it last time?"

Blushing she replied, "Of course I noticed it last time. How could I ever forget; those were the strongest cums I've ever had!"

I nearly choked. I'm sure my eyes bugged out, and if I hadn't been leaning against the wall I would have fallen over. If, she was trying to shock me, it had worked in spades. Totally off guard, I just kept asking myself, 'Where had the sweet, innocent, and most shockingly, timid Helen I used to know gone?' Wow!

Blushing, I guess she realized that she might have over done it.

"Well, um, I guess I just assumed that with your promotion you'd have to take it out or something."

"Yeah, I guess it might have been a bit of a shock to people around here, but over the last few years I'm sure most of my coworkers have noticed it and no one has said anything. Besides, it's not like it affects the quality of my work."

"I wasn't trying to make you uncomfortable, I'm actually really glad you still have it."

Feeling a little off balance, the elevator announced we had arrived and we both got off. However, while I went to the right Helen turned off to the left down the concourse towards the other building which housed the cafeteria on its top floor.

Clearing my throat to get her attention I call out, "Um Helen, we're never going to get something to munch on if you keep heading that way."

Turning, "Oh, is there something you'd like to munch on?" she replied while pointedly checking me out.

"Hhhmm, yes but I really do need to get a snack."

"You mean you'd rather eat a candy bar?"

"Come on, you know how cranky I get when I haven't eaten in a while. Besides, the vending machines are just down the hall."

"Are you sure? I didn't know there were any vending machines down this way."

"You don't think the directors would stand for being forced to walk all the way under the street to the other building just to get a late night cup of coffee do you?"

"Probably not, but that's why they have assistants like you, right?"

"Touché," I replied while laughing.

"So Charles, are there any other surprises people have been hiding from me?"

"Oh, I'm sure there must be a few things people forgot to mention. At least one comes to mind," I teased while pointedly looking at her.

"Hey, I wanted it to be a surprise," she huffed. "Besides, it's not like I expected you to run me over!" she continued, sticking her tongue out at me.

"Well, it's not my fault you were practically standing in the doorway to the men's bathroom. What were you doing there anyway?"

"I could tell you but, why ruin the surprise?" she replied while looking rather coy.

All too quickly I steered her to the left through a non-descript corridor which lead to a small room with two vending machines, three soda machines, a hot drinks machine, and a microwave.

Letting out a low whistle Helen was obviously impressed. After admiring the impressive variety of snacks and drinks available Helen looked over her shoulder at me and asked, "So, what would you recommend?"

"Well, they've got just about everything. I've always been a fan of Mounds myself." I mused while pointed checking out her profile.

"Or, you could get a Twix bar."

"Nah, Twix are for kids," She deadpanned.

"Wow, that was quite possibly the worse candy bar joke I've ever head. That's it. I'm revoking your punning privileges for the rest of the night."

"What, you're going to pun-ish..."

"Don't even finishing that," I silenced her with a glare, and then just had to smile as I got the distinct feeling she had been quoting me.

"I'm think this is a Sprite and Snickers night," I said hoping to lead by example as I walked over to the appropriate machines.

"Come on," I urged her.

Surprisingly Helen walked over to the soda machine, got a 7 Up, and said she was ready to go.

"What, no candy bar?" I asked

"Nah, I think I'll have a snack up in my office later tonight."

"Dude, you're totally missing out." I lamented while heading for the door.

Once we got back to the main hallway I balanced the candy bar on top of my soda in one hand and casually wrapped the other across Helen's shoulders. I have to admit walking with an arm around Helen seemed rather surreal. I know things were going blazingly fast, but actually having Helen next to me somehow made it feel like she'd never left. It was amazing how fast we could slip back into the old routine: both pretending we had to work late then miraculously running into each other, getting a snack, and then talking for hours. Although, usually we didn't literally run into each other. Also, something tells me that talking isn't exactly what Helen has planed for the evening. Speaking of plans, she never did tell me what she was doing standing there. However, I'd learned long ago not to push her on these things, I'm sure she'll tell me eventually.

My musings were interrupter by our arrival at the elevator.

"You seem rather quiet all of the sudden," she stated while leaning to push the up arrow.

"I know. It just seems a bit overwhelming after three years of the occasional phone call and e-mail to suddenly find you here."

"Overwhelmingly good?"

"Oh, very good" I replied while giving her shoulder a squeeze.

The elevator arrived and I pushed the button for the top floor as we got on.

"I know you hate to stop in the middle of a project, so is there anything you'd like to finish up?" she asked on the way up.

Looking slightly abashed, I replied, "Yeah, actually really would like to finish up the program I was working on. I'm this close to done," I explained while holding my pointer finger and thumb about a millimeter apart.

"Sounds good; I'd hate for you to be distracted later tonight," she replied, that mischievous twinkle yet again in her eye.

"Meet me in my office when you're done?"

"Sure, it shouldn't take too long. My guess is I'll stop by in about 10-15 minutes." I replied just as the elevator got to our floor.

After we got off Helen put her hand on my arm to get my attention.

"Oh, Charles," she stated while wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me yet another scorching kiss. "Do hurry."

With that she turned and headed down the hall towards her office so that I could only stare dumbly at the sway of her hips as she walked away from me. Man, this is going to be some night I thought to myself as I turned to walk down the opposite hall towards my office.

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