Military Wives 2: June's Turn
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The military wives are back and at it again and this time it's June's turn.

June Rivers had returned from her church retreat and was getting back into her normal routine. It was a beautiful Monday morning and she had begun to clean the house had seen her husband off to work and her son off to school. Everything was going great. Even John, her husband of 18 years, had stopped bothering her about sex. She was sure that her would be after her to "put out" after she had been gone for the weekend, but he hadn't. God she hated the marital "dancing" they did when he was horny. He just didn't understand her feelings and the teaching of the church. Sex was for procreation not for recreation, it was that simple. Oh she knew John had needs and she tried to accommodate occasionally, him but the truth be told, she just didn't like the sex act itself. It was... well... so dirty!

June quickly discarded her thoughts and began making a pitcher of sun-tea for her afternoon meeting with the church elders. She was looking forward to the meeting because she was going to present some new ideas about the re-beautification of the church office. She had some...

Ring, ring. Ring, ring.

June walked over to the kitchen phone, Hello?

Hello, is this Mrs. Rivers?

Yes it is. Can I help you?

I hope so. This is Mrs. Kennedy, Beverly Kennedy the high school Vice Principal.

Yes Mrs. Kennedy, what can I do for you?

Well Mrs. Rivers, its about your son Jim, and...

Is there anything wrong? Is he hurt? Is...

No, no Mrs. Rivers. Jim is just fine, don't you worry. It is just that there has been a situation and I would like to discuss it with you. Can you come to my office around, Oh 4:30 this afternoon?

Well, ah, I have an appointment, but if it's important, sure. I'll see you at 4:30.

June hung up the phone and sat down at the kitchen table. What was going on with Jim she wondered? He was a good boy and a good student and he hadn't said anything about any problems at school, so... her mind wandered off and she decided that she had better get her meeting with the church elders changed. She was sure that she could delay the meeting until the following day - no problem.

After lunch June was working in the study on her presentation when she looked at her watch. "Oh, it's 2:30 already, she thought. I had better get ready for the meeting." She stopped what she was doing and walked into her bedroom and opened the closet. She looked through her clothes trying to decide what she should wear. She almost decided on the gray suit but then thought that it might be too formal. She reached back in and pulled out a very nice white blouse and chose a pale blue skirt to go with it. She laid the clothes on the bed and walked over to the dresser where she pulled a nice white bra and matching panties and set them beside the rest of her clothes. June stripped off her "housework" sweats and tossed them into the dirty laundry. Then she removed her panties and bra and went into the bathroom and took a hot shower. After ten minutes of soothing hot water she stepped out and dried off. When she looked up from drying her feet she saw herself in the mirror. Not too bad she thought.

June stood 5-7 and weighed 127 pounds. She was proud of her weight because her mothers' side of the family tended to be a bit overweight and she had worked had to stay at 127. She looked at her breasts, not in a sexual way, but clinically. She firmly checked each of her breasts, looking for any signs of a lump. You couldn't be too careful.

June slipped on her panties and started to put on a pair of pantyhose but then decided it was too hot to wear hose, so she just put on her bra, slipped the blouse over her shoulders, buttoned it up then stepped into her skirt. She walked over to the mirror to check herself. She thought her clothes were proper for a stay at home mom, that her hair looked nice and that she was presentable. She checked her watch and walked out of the house and drove down to her son's high school.

June arrived in the schools' front office about five minutes ahead of her appointment with Mrs. Kennedy. She gave the receptionist her name and told her that she had a four-thirty appointment. The receptionist asked her to take a seat and that Mrs. Kennedy would be right with her. In just a few minutes a woman appeared at the Vice Principal doorway, walked over to her and said,

Hi, you must be Mrs. Rivers. I'm Beverly Kennedy. Come on in my office.

June got up, shook Beverly's hand and went into her office. It was a nice spacious office with what appeared to be a large leather couch and an overstuffed side chair. She chose the chair that was beside Mrs. Kennedy's desk and sat down.

Uh, Mrs. Kennedy, what is this all about, June asked?

Well Mrs. Rivers, ah, do you mind if I call you June? And please call me Beverly.

No, June is fine, thank you Beverly.

At that moment the receptionist poked her head in the door and told Beverly that she was leaving for the day. "Mrs. Kennedy, I'm gone for the day. The reception area is closed and I locked the outer door. Anything else you need me to do before I leave?"

No, thanks Alice. Uh, just shut my door would you? See you tomorrow.

Alice closed the door and Beverly Kennedy looked across her desk at June Rivers. June, she said, I know that you were out of town last weekend so this may come as a surprise to you, but your son has gotten himself into a little bit of hot water.

June was watching Beverly's facial expressions but couldn't get a clue as to what was gong on.

Why, what did he do?

Well. Here, let me show you something.

Beverly walked around the desk with a manila folder in her hand. Inside she had some selected photographs she had printed from the DVD movie taken at Carolyn Williams' house on Saturday night. She had carefully selected only those photo's showing June's son and Carolyn. She walked up to June and sat on the side arm of the chair and pulled the first photo out of the folder. It showed June's son Jim with his head buried in Carolyn's snatch. You couldn't tell it was Carolyn, but you sure could tell it was Jim.

Ah, here June. Have a look at this. She handed her the photo.

June stared at the photo. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes were wide with disbelief.

"Where did you get this," June asked? What is going on here?

Beverly smiled at June. "Well June, this is a photo of your son taken last Saturday night. He was obviously engaging in some, uh, extra-curricular activities. Beverly decided this was the time to develop the "big" lie." This and some other photos were circulating around the school until a teacher brought them to my attention. I have several shots of Jim, would you like to see more?"

God No! I'll have his butt for this. Beverly, you can leave it to me to take care of my son.

Well that's the problem June, I can't.

What do you me, you can't?

As I see it June, Jim has committed an infraction of the Naval Base Regulations, and with my husband being the Base Operations Officer; I'll need to report this infraction to NIS, the Naval Investigative Service.

Oh God, you can't do that. Jim's life will be ruined. He won't be able to get into college, nothing. We'll be asked to leave the base. Where will we live? You just have to do something to help me. Please, Mrs. Kennedy!

Beverly put her arm around June's shoulder and thought to herself, well, I think I have her now and it only took one picture. "I can try and help you June, but it will be very difficult to hide the facts in this case. After all, several male students and at least one teacher saw these pictures and then there is the sexual act itself."

"What do you mean?" June was lost. "The sexual act itself? I mean he is 18 and I'm sure as a teenager, well you know. I mean, all teenagers have raging hormones. Did he "do it" with some girl who is under age? What is the problem here?"

June, your son engaged in the sexual act with a married woman, an officers' wife. Here on the base. Do you realize the implications of that? If this gets out we could have a ruined marriage as well as a couple of careers going down the drain. With the information I have if I don't tell my husband and the NIS I could loose my job. What would you have me do?

Oh God June thought. What am I going to do? "Mrs. Kennedy. I'll do anything you ask if you can keep this quiet. Anything! Please you have to help me."

Beverly walked back around her desk and sat back in her chair. "Anything? Anything Mrs. Rivers?

Oh yes, I'll do what ever it takes to do to protect Jim.

OK, good. Come to me June. Come over here and stand in front of me.

What? Stand in front of you? Why?

Look you dumb shit; you said you would do anything, now get your ass over her and stand in front of me.

June was shocked at the vice-principal's vocabulary and her change in demeanor. What did she want? June pushed herself out of the chair and walked to the side of Beverly's desk and stood in front of her.

That's good June. Now, turn around and let me have a look at you.

June made a full circle until she again faced the administrator. "Now what?"

Well, for starters, tell me about yourself June. How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What is your bra size? What do you like to do in the bedroom when you and your husband fuck?

If June was shocked when she saw the picture of her son eating pussy, it was nothing to what she felt now. "Look Beverly, those are personal questions and really none of your business. Besides, what has this got to do with my son?"

It has everything to do with your son! If you want me to bury this matter and I am going to put my butt on the line, then I am going to get what I want out of the deal. DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND! Now stop sniveling and answer the fucking questions.

June looked at the older woman. A tear started to run down her cheek, but she stood straight, looked straight ahead and said, "I am 5-7 and I weigh 127 pounds. I wear a 36C bra and I don't do much "fucking" in the bedroom. The Bible say's that sex is for procreation not recreation, and frankly, I don't really like sex."

OK, well that's a start. Now let me see your legs. Pull up your skirt.

You must be joking? Pull up my skirt? What the hell do you want Mrs. Kennedy?

June, you want your son off the hook and if you want me to cover this up for you. That said, you'd need to do exactly what I say, without question. You'll do it when I say to do it. If that isn't what you want to do then just get your ass out of my office and I'll take care of reporting what has happened at school today. Both to my husband and to the NIS.

June was defeated and she knew it. She couldn't let her son down not if she could prevent it. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it up to her waist. She could see Beverly's head drop and her eyes focus on the panties and the "privates" they hid.

Turn around and let me look at that ass of yours.

June turned around again keeping her skirt up but lowering her eyes to the floor.

God Damn it woman, don't you look down, look at me!

June's head snapped up and she looked into Beverly's eyes.

Good, that's good. Now drop the skirt and unbutton your blouse. June's hands fumbled with her buttons, but she finally got them all undone and she looked to Beverly for directions. "OK, now take it off." June removed the blouse and lay it on the chair. "OK, now ditch the bra." June reached around behind her and unsnapped her bra, took it off and placed it on her blouse. She was now naked from the waist up, standing in front of this woman, who was looking at her with... interest? No one but her husband and her physician had ever seen her naked and now this high school administrator had her willingly taking off her clothing and standing in her office nude... Oh God, she thought, please help me get through this.

June! Wake up. I'm talking to you.

What? Oh, sorry.

Beverly got out of her chair and walked up to June. She reached out and cupped June's breasts. She heard her gasp but she ignored it. She felt the weight of her breasts, let them drop and then ran her finger around the areola and nipples. June had very nice looking breasts a nice size and with no real sag to them. Her areolas were silver dollar sized and her nipples looked like pencil erasers. Beverly leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Again, she heard June gasp, but she didn't care, she was having too much fun.

June just stood there like so idiot. She didn't know what to do. She was standing in a high school vice principal's office, half-nude with the vice-principal sucking on her breast. What was she supposed to do? June just continued to stand there, confused by the events, while Beverly sucked on her breast. She could feel the sexual tension in the air. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on anything but what was happening to her at that moment. She didn't want to become aroused. God no, that would be even worse than sex with a man. Her Church certainly didn't condone "those" types of relationships and, in fact, had several teachings against homosexuality, especially with all of the recent headlines on gay marriages. So she just stood there, trying to think about other things. But June's body was betraying her. She could feel the dampness creeping between her legs. She could feel the tingling in the pit of her stomach. John, her husband John had never paid enough attention to her breasts. He was always just a quick suck or two then he dove between her legs and he wasn't very good at that either. No one knew, but her breasts had always been very sensitive, ever since her teen years.

Beverly could sense that she was exciting June and she reached around behind he and felt for the button on her skirt. Once she found it, she unsnapped the button, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Without ever stopping her ministrations on June's breast, she reached down with her free hand and started rubbing on June's pussy. She could feel the dampness through June's panties and she put a finger under the elastic and let that finger "do the walkin" right inside June's cunt. And was it ever wet.

June, my dear, you're really enjoying this aren't you?

No, No I am not!

Well seems like your pussy doesn't agree with you, it's so wet I thought maybe you had urinated in your panties.

June turned bright red with embarrassment.

Beverly removed her finger from June's pussy and looked her in the eyes and licked her finger. Ummm, tastes good, want a taste?

June looked shocked; "No I DO NOT want a taste.

OK, that's all right with me. June, she said, go over to the couch and lay down. And please remove your panties. I'll be right with you.

June walked over to the couch. She hooked her fingers in her panties and pushed them down and off. While she was bent over Beverly had a perfect shot of her pussy lips and rosebud asshole. June sat down and waited. Beverly walked behind her desk and started to remove her clothes. She took off her jacked, blouse and bra and then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She sat down in the chair and removed her pantyhose. The last item to go was her red thong panties, but she thought she would let June have the honors there. She got up and walked across the floor and stood in front June.

OK Ms. Goodie two-shoes. Time for some training. Down on your knees she said pointing to the floor. June slipped off the couch and onto her knees. No, get my panties off, Oh and by the way, you can't use your hands.

June looked up at her. But how do I... Oh I see.

June had never even seen anything as sexy as Beverly's panties. She thought they must have been made of pure silk and surly have cost a fortune. She reached around behind Beverly and used her butt cheeks for leverage, then leaned in and grabbed the front of her panties with her mouth. Once she had a good grip on the she pulled her head down and down towards the floor and Beverly's panties followed. Finally June's head was lying on the floor with Beverly's panties in her mouth. She felt Beverly lift up her feet and slide out of the panties. When June looked up she saw Beverly's pussy. It was the first time in her life that she had ever seen another woman's pussy, and this one was up close and personal.

Beverly laughed out loud at the expression on June's face. "Come on girl, it's just a pussy." Beverly moved over and sat down on the couch and stretched out her legs. "June, honey, get over her and get that beautiful face between my legs." June crawled over to Beverly and looked expectantly at her. "Well girl, have you ever tasted a pussy?" June shook her head no and averted Beverly's eyes. "Well honey, you're gonna learn to right now. So get your face in my pussy and start eatin at the "Y."

Mrs. Kennedy. Beverly. Please don't make me do this, please.

Bullshit! Start eatin or I'm gonna make those phone calls. Now get to it.

June pushed her head forward and stuck out her tongue. She tentatively licked at Beverly's labia. She could smell a sexual order emanating from the older woman's pussy. She stuck her tongue straight out and started to lick around on the labia when she heard Beverly's voice.

GodDamn June, it isn't that hard to do. Get your tongue into my fuck hole, fish around and find my clit, then suck it and tongue fuck my cunt. Jesus woman, you've got a pussy, you know where all the parts are located, now get to it.

June plunged in. She found Beverly's clit and flicked it with her tongue. She could feel the older woman responding and she licked her even harder. She wasn't sure what was coming over her, but she could feel herself getting excited. She could feel the excitement deep in her stomach. Her nipples were getting hard and she could feel her pussy leaking. She stuck her tongue out and started using it like a penis, fucking Beverly's pussy faster and faster, then for some reason unknown to her she reached up and put two of her fingers into Beverly's pussy. She moved her mouth so it was on Beverly's clit and then started hand fucking her pussy as fast as she could.

Ahhhhh, God...

Beverly could feel her orgasm coming to the surface. That's it honey, fuck me with your hand, fuck me with your face. Don't stop, please don't stop. I'm cummmingg.

June kept on fucking Beverly's pussy but looked up to watch this woman, the Vice-Principal, She wanted to watch her cum. When Beverly came June watched the pleasure on the older woman's face. Then she sat down and looked at herself. She had cum on her face and hands and it made her so horny! She took her fingers, the ones' that had been deep into Beverly's pussy, put them to her nose and smelled them, then sucked the cum juices off her fingers and into her mouth.

Beverly, who was almost down from her "cum high" reached over and watched this naked mother of one of her students licking cum from her fingers. She smiled and got off the couch and sat down beside June. OK girl that was really great. I can't believe you haven't done that before, you did it like a real pro. Now it's my turn to make you cum like you made me, so just lay there and enjoy the ride. She got on her hands and knees and crawled up to June's face and began a sensuous kiss. June felt an initial revulsion to the kiss, but that passed quickly and soon she started kissing her back. Their tongues entwined and the two women began exploring each other's bodies with their hands. Beverly got a finger in Junes' pussy and began rubbing her clit. She could hear June moaning and felt her squirming on the floor. Beverly gently pushed June away and turned to lie down next to her, facing her feet. She grabbed June by the torso and pulled her on her side and then took one of her legs and moved it so she could have easy access to her pussy. Beverly pulled June in even closer and the movement spread June's pussy even more. She made her tongue into a circle and slid it into Junes' hot hole. She could taste her juices and feel her shudder and she moved her tongue back and forth and in and out. June was starting to have small spasms and Beverly knew that she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

Beverly! Oh God that feels so fucking good. Please keep going. Please. Don't ever stop. God, I am going to cummmmm.

Beverly felt June cum and held on to her tightly. She knew she had this woman hooked on sex and she liked the power she held. She got out from between June's leg and sat up looking at this mother and wife, laying naked on the office floor with cum running down her leg.

June honey? That was a great cum. Did you like it?

Oh Beverly, that is the first time in my life that I have ever cum. John has never been able to make me cum. That felt so good, so good.

Well honey, now that you know what it feels like, we are going to have to get together a little more often. You know, to discuss Jim's grades.

I would love that, honest I would.

The two women stood up and dressed. Beverly let June out of the locked administrative suite and June headed home with a smile on her face and a throb in her pussy. Beverly went back to her off and sat down at her desk. Well, she thought, that went extremely well. Now, how can I get her and her son together?

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