Amy on Loan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After sharing with his best friend all his life, my husband wanted me to be next.

I won't try to hide the fact that I enjoy masturbation. I am especially prone to touching myself when I am alone either watching TV or on the computer. I enjoy reading erotic stories on the net and sometimes I will log on to some of my husband's adult video sites even though I find them to be mostly staged and a little crass for me. At times I come fast, but at other special times I may prolong it for hours before reaching orgasm. I make sure my husband is never around when I do it, often after he goes to bed at night.

About a year ago I was on the computer real early in the morning, thoroughly involved in a story. I had been playing with myself lightly for at least half an hour and was to the point that I couldn't have turned back if there had been a fire in the house. Just as my legs stiffened and I threw my head back to begin a silent, massive orgasm, my head turned at the angle that I was looking into a small decorative mirror on the wall just to my right.

You can imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I saw Craig standing there behind me with his cock in his hand. He was standing back in the shadows of our hallway, thinking he was hidden as he watched me please myself.

I was so deep into orgasm that even as taken aback as I was I couldn't stop. After a few seconds the shock subsided and I found the whole thing to be a little erotic, continuing on in an unusually animated orgasm. All the while, I was glancing up into the reflection at my seemingly appreciative audience. As soon as I finished, however, he disappeared.

He "woke up" a little later when I went to bed. Unlike him at that time of night, he went down on me for five minutes or so and was licking what had to be a gushing crevice. Then he lifted my legs over his shoulders and pounded me very hard, exploding in no time. It was the fastest orgasm he had come to in years!

I think all marriages lose some of their sexual appeal after a couple of years and we were no different. But then I knew that I had a new pulse on what really turned him on. At first it was always the wee hours of the morning. Then all at once in the early evening after our son was in bed he seemed to leave the house a lot, claiming to go over to a friends house, a late night auto store, all kinds of things.

I had quickly grown accustomed to him hiding there in the hallway when he knew I was "staying up" and it had become a little game that we both enjoyed but kept hidden from each other. But I couldn't quite figure out the little trips at night that drew him away from the house. During those periods of absence, I routinely sat in a big chair in front of the TV, bringing pleasure to myself in various states of dress or undress.

One night after he had left on one of his little "missions", I realized the mini blinds to the back windows of our living room were open. I had personally closed them an hour earlier. Obviously, he had opened them before he had left. Was he was watching me through the blinds?

Our living room faces the back of our house, which is protected by a privacy fence. There are two walls that are loaded with windows and at night you can look in from the outside without being in danger of being detected from the street. I started noticing that on the evenings he left the mini blinds on at least one window of each wall were being opened just a little. I would close them earlier in the evening then would find them slightly opened by the time he had left.

I became tentative at first and a bit uncomfortable knowing I was being watched from the window. For some reason the fact that he was watching through the window seemed to be different than if he was in the house, almost as if he were a predator. There were even a couple of times that I failed to reach orgasm, which was unusual for me.

But as a couple of weeks went by I not only got accustomed to the situation but warmed up to the idea, often removing my panties and making sure that what I wore would easily ride up over my crotch so that he could actually witness all the action. If I wore shorts, I made sure that they were the type that was very loose around the legs, allowing me to pull them aside during the process. I quit wearing jeans at night.

Shortly into this I was working outside one day and found a small pair of binoculars hidden in a plastic bag outside in our storage shed. I realized then how much in detail he was watching my fingers and my reaction to them. I really enjoyed his interaction and the sex that followed; so, I tried to be as casual as possible yet spread my legs wide to give him the greatest view. I always kept it natural, never once putting on a "show" or doing anything artificial. My orgasms were my orgasms and that was that.

This went on for about three months, not every night but at least three times a week. After that, even though I was still deep into it, I started to see little signs of his interest starting to wane. He still watched me, but the sex after the fact started to slow down noticeably. I kept it up for him (and me) but I was a little disappointed.

Then all of a sudden it all picked back up again, maybe even more than before. I couldn't help but wonder what caused the revitalization. Much to my surprise, I think I found the answer.

Craig has a long time boyhood friend that lives on the next block. They have remained close throughout the years, much to my approval. I enjoyed his company as much as my husband, and at times we would tease Adam a little by light fondling in front of him. Mostly it was Craig rubbing my breast or slipping his hand up my skirt or shorts when he knew that, even though we were supposedly out of sight, we were being watched. Adam was attractive and has never married and I will not try to deny that the little bit of teasing caused a physical attraction between the two of us that we both knew would never be fulfilled.

I started noticing his attention to me had become much more intent. It went from casually admiring and getting little "oops" tit and leg touches from me to openly and unabashed mentally undressing me, even in front of Craig. I'm not sure if I felt appreciative or concerned about this new attention.

Soon after that, I was cleaning in the back yard one afternoon. Since I had discovered the binoculars out there I had become much more attentive when I was out. Over on the most remote and (at night) what would be the darkest side of the house I found a cigar butte lying on a windowsill. I knew that on very special occasion Adam would smoke a very expensive cigar.

The other thing that came to my attention was the fact that every night that Craig stayed home he was going to bed at an unusually early time. And on each of those nights, those mini blinds were still being moved to a slightly open position.

It took me a while, but when it did the possibility hit me right between the eyes!! Was my husband allowing his best friend to watch me? I couldn't get it off my mind and was very angry it. The thought of it made me sweat and go into a little trembling session. I couldn't stand the mystery any more and certainly didn't want to ask. If it was so, how was I to know they were doing it?

It took me a few days, but I devised what was a very crude and questionable trap.

In order for anyone except Craig to come into the back yard, they would have to enter the fence gate coming from our driveway into the back yard. I went out there in early evening each night and unlatched the gate. Even though the latch was very high and out of his reach, everybody knew this was a real no-no because of our son. I made sure he was in for the night before I did it. Then I would check it first thing in the morning while Craig was in the shower.

A definite pattern developed. On the nights Craig "went out" the gate stayed unlocked. That's because he could simply leave in his car, park it down the street, then walk back into our back yard through the open garage. There was no need for him to go through the gate.

Without fail, on the nights he stayed home, the next morning I would find the gate carefully locked back in place and, occasionally, a butte carelessly left behind. Very obviously, my husband had cut Adam in on the action and they were switching out on the nights they were watching me. On some nights they were disappointed, I'm sure.

Evidently they were uncomfortable with the idea of watching me at the same time. I highly suspect it is because they both masturbate along with me and that would be spoiled if they were there together.

So, it continued. I know I should have stopped the whole thing but I can't deny eventually being aroused by the exposure. I wasn't as hurt as I thought I might be by Craig's actions and our sex life was dynamite! The teasing in front of Adam escalated, once to the point that one night Craig had me facing the window and slowly slipped his hand down the front of my shorts. He rubbed me for a long while, sending my hips in a small rotation as he brought me to an orgasm. He thought he was pulling a fast one, but I knew we were being watched through the open blinds. I didn't bother to object.

Not long after we were all into this, I woke up one morning in of those "orgasmic" dreams. You know, one where you feel like you are coming and coming and can't seem to shake out of it. Normally, it happens just as you are getting ready to wake up and almost always it's a false alarm that leaves you wet and writhing.

Well, I had one that Sunday morning. Through my drowsy and sleepy stupor I felt like I was having one slow, soft orgasm after another. When I finally broke through it all and came out of my sleepy stupor, I was surprised and pleased to find Craig's head down between my legs. I don't know how long he had been down there, but I was slowly moving against his face and feeling on the very edge. He teased and then sucked a long, slow climax out of me. It wasn't explosive like some I have, just slow and super nice. I stayed hot and tingling all day.

Later that day we had Adam over for a cookout. We have a three-year-old son who was at one of our cousins for a birthday party about an hour away. We had left him there over night and I was to pick him up in mid afternoon.

That afternoon, Adam's little tendency to touch me in an intimate way not only continued but became more and more familiar. His liberties went from just rubbing my neck in an extremely sensual way with wonderful hands to pulling me close for very short moments as he gently cupped my ass.

As always, I gently pushed his hands away, but I can't deny the intense tingle it left me. Even his light, friendly kisses were soft and sensual and left me wanting. Anyway, he was a cross between a burden I would have a hard time getting rid of and an absolute dream that sent me reeling.

After we had put everything up, we ended up in front of the TV watching some of the Olympics. Craig took the big chair before I got there so I sort of lay down on the couch. It wasn't a surprise to any degree that Adam sat down on the other end and put my feet in his lap. I was wearing a red short-cropped tank top with no bra and a pair of loose fitting black shorts. Any thoughts of what he could see or not see quickly went by the wayside when he started rubbing my feet with that slow, soft yet strong touch.

As I closed my eyes to enjoy it I reminded Craig that I had to leave in a few minutes to pick up the baby. He threw me a big, soft pillow we keep on the couch and said he'd get me up. I covered my head with the pillow and that's the last thing that I distinctly remembered, either in the room or on the TV. Those slow hands put me right out.

I don't know exactly how much later it was when I started drifting into one of those dreams again. It was almost like I was really coming, then drifting back into a languid sexual tease, only to come again. Not loud earth shattering orgasms, just slow little surrenders accompanied by my slowly writhing hips and soft, low moans.

Being in that state, I have no idea of time lapse. Did I dream it all or what? But as I started slowly coming out of it I realized that it wasn't all a dream. There was the very distinct sensation of a mouth on my left breast and fingers under my panties slowly caressing my clit, occasionally slipping inside me. My head still under the pillow, I lay there moaning very quietly and moved my ass slowly in response to Craig's touch, which was unusually slow and fantastic.

As I became aware of the moisture that had already dripped down into my ass, I knew that this hadn't just started. He had been at it a while. Finally, after a minute or two, I softly pressed the pillow down out of my face to see what he was up to.

And I was staring straight down at the top of Adam's head as he slowly sucked my nipple. I look back now and wonder how I kept from jumping! Instead, I released the pillow so that it covered my face from any eye contact with him and my eyes went wide open. I absolutely froze in place. My next thought was to turn around and see if Craig was sitting there watching but the fear or whatever it was at the moment just kept me frozen.

After a few more seconds, which seemed like minutes, I realized I was not really frozen, but instead my hips were still moving gently in response to his touch. I was filled with fear, questions, and absolute excitement. Just as I would start to stop it, a small moan would escape from me.

This didn't go on for hours, but more like just a few minutes. It was enough time for him to fully enjoy my rigid nipples and to alternately move his fingers from my clit to inside of me, sometimes curling his fingers up in there that just sent me off.

Just as I mustered the courage to end it, the impossible happened. He curled his fingers up inside me and started a rapid, hard rotation of his fingers against the front, almost a tapping sensation. His mouth had left my breast as if he were concentrating on his attack. Out of nowhere and with virtually no notice I felt it coming. I moaned softly, my hips bucking up slightly, and I awarded his effort with a long, soft orgasm.

It came and went. I was tied up with shock, pleasure, and pure terror. I also knew that I could no longer pretend that I was asleep. He took the cue, too, and immediately backed off, sliding down to his end of the couch and barely even touching my feet.

Being as careful and nonchalant as I could, I eventually moved around and recognized his presence. Then, as I held my breath, I gathered the courage to look around to see if Craig was part of this. It was strange how relieved I was to see that he was not in the room. When I asked, Adam said that he had gone to get our son and decided to let me rest. He didn't bother to say how long he had been gone.

I excused myself and went to our bathroom. As I had suspected, I was gushing down there. Moisture was running into my crack and down my cheeks. There is no way this would have all come from a single, quick orgasm. How long had he entertained himself with my unknowing but very obviously responsive body?

Craig didn't show up so I called to see where he was. He was just getting there, which was strange. When had he actually left the house?

That night I went through it all step by step. How had it all happened? Accident or planned? Craig or no Craig? Had he watched some or almost all of it? Did Craig see and hear my orgasm before he left? Was he totally unaware or even naïve about it?

But, most importantly, just exactly how did I feel about it? Did I feel used? You bet. Was I aroused by it? Absolutely. I'm was so wet just thinking about it that it's embarrassing. His hands are like magic, just unbelievable. I highly suspect that he had made me come more than once.

But most of all, what was going on? Was I becoming even more of a shared wife than I thought?

In the next few weeks, all at once it was like I was open game for Adam. His hands and mouth was all over me, often with Craig in the near vicinity but not in view. Twice he came over to our house when he knew Craig wasn't home. On those days it was almost a war, with me pushing his hands away before finally sending him out the door. He would leave with a sheepish grin on his face and I would be left standing there breathing hard and a very noticeable and unwanted tingle between my legs.

In short, there had developed a quick and intense intimacy between Adam and I and I wasn't at all sure that there wasn't a third party involved in every step.

It didn't ease my mind any that Craig started teasing me a little about the idea of me being attracted to other men. Of course, he always picked the moment that I was ready to enter an orgasm before he brought the subject up. After the first few times, I played along with him and started sharing a few thoughts on the subject. I know that he was strongly aroused by my answers and reacted so.

Soon he started getting specific, grilling me softly but consistently about whether or not I was attracted to Adam. I gave him soft answers such as, "Oh, I think any girl would find him attractive," and other generic things. I had no intention of getting caught up in this, but in a way it was starting to make me question more and more as to whether Adam had been working independently that Sunday. I was trying to feature him jeopardizing his friendship with Craig solely to get a feel under my panties and it just didn't fit.

And, I'll have to admit my curiosity about Adam was more than casual. I had seen, on numerous occasions, him wearing tight fitting trunks or shorts of some type. The bulge in his crotch was impossible to ignore and it was quite common for him to get a hard on when he was around me. One of his many female friends, though a bit of an airhead, got a little loaded one night and when we were alone went into a very detailed description not only of Adam's sexual prowess but also of his anatomy. By listening to her story and what Craig had said over the years, Adam wasn't freakish by any means but was considerably more than just endowed. Craig swore he was a sexual monster but I don't know if he actually knew anything about that or was just trying to arouse me or get a reaction out of me.

Still, the very bottom line for me was whether or not Craig was aware of Adam's advances toward me. Early one Saturday morning I got my answer.

They were scheduled for a very early tennis game. As far as I knew, they were planning to meet at a neighborhood diner for breakfast before they went to the courts. They did it fairly often and I always got up when Craig did to make coffee for him while he was in the shower. It was no different that day.

I slipped on a very short, thin robe that tied around the waist and did my thing in the kitchen. That I didn't have a stitch on underneath didn't matter that time in the morning. I took Craig a cup of coffee and went to the laundry room to start an early load. It was time for him to leave.

You can imagine my face when I came back into the kitchen and found them both standing there with their coffee. I felt like jumping back into the hallway but instead just sort of froze in place. I think it wasn't just the shortness and flimsy material of my gown, but the fact that there wasn't anything underneath. I felt very exposed.

I was relieved when Craig said, "We've got to go."

At least they were getting out of there. Adam's gaze was going straight through me, robe and all. And my only reaction was my nipples hardened as if I had touched them with ice.

Instead of the quick kiss and out the door as Craig would normally do, he pulled me close and held me tightly. Then I got a huge, deep, long kiss while bundled up in his arms. Adam was watching all this from behind me.

I kept waiting to be released, but it never happened. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the attention from my husband, but within a few seconds I knew that the short robe was starting to rise high on me, maybe even to the point that the lower part of my cheeks were exposed.

After a minute or so of this, Adam spoke.

"Geez, can anybody get in on this?" He was teasing but the trembling in his voice was unmistakable.

I wasn't at all ready for what happened next.

"Sure." Craig's response was short but I didn't miss the tone in it. He was issuing an invitation.

We all kind of laughed it off, but within seconds I felt the touch of Adam against my back. At first he didn't touch me with his hands, I guess because it was a bit awkward and there was no place for them to go. Instead he just sort of nestled up against me, breathing his warm air down my neck.

Slowly, and I'm sure with some sort of communication with Craig that I couldn't see, his soft breathe was replaced with light kisses against my neck.

I just stood there as if frozen, my hands up against Craig's chest. I know that little things had happened in the past and that it seemed that each week it escalated, but this was going a bit far. Not only was I feeling the effects of two mouths exploring me, but also their tennis shorts and my thin robe left absolutely nothing to be imagined.

Within seconds, I felt it all as two cocks pressed against me and grew hard. If it was a race, it was a dead heat. Both of them were like a rock in seconds, much faster than I had ever dreamed possible.

My heart was racing but I'm not too sure I was breathing at all. I was petrified, horrified, unbelieving, and appalled all at the same time.

How come through all that that it went straight between my legs? I couldn't ignore the sensations I felt lodged between the two of them. I don't know what I sensed most, the hardness of their bodies or the perpetual warm kisses.

Carefully, Adam found a place for his hands. As soon as I realized his fingers were on my hips I felt the cloth of my robe being slowly inched up. It was a short trip and I knew there was nothing under to provide a second protection.

I don't know why I couldn't find my voice, and even more so that I wasn't in a state of protest that would have blown them away.

Instead, looking back, I think that it was at that very moment that I knew that in some degree that there was definitely collusion between my husband and his best friend. And I was the prize.

Adam had lifted the bottom of my robe up to the point that it was above my hips and he had put his hands on each side. It was bare skin on bare skin.

While it was going on and really without me noticing, Craig had carefully pulled the tie string to my robe and pulled it aside. I was totally open in the front, head to toe, and pressed against him.

"Guys." I finally said something. It was slow and soft, more of a simple statement than a complaint.

"I know." That came in my left ear from Craig.

"Yeah." Adam in my right, very softly and very disappointed.

Nothing happened. Not only did they not remove their hands or back away, but I realized that the three of us were sort of swaying back and forth together as if in a slow dance.

I thought it was over and that I had seen it all. That thought was tossed away when Craig slipped his hand in between us and lowered it slowly down my stomach.

"O-o-o-h-h." I couldn't mask the little swooshing sound that came out of me when he touched my clit. It wasn't like I was dead down there; instead, I was super sensitive and on fire just from the touches they were giving me. I didn't mean to. I had no intention to. But I immediately pushed forward against his fingers, beginning a slow undulation that was undeniable and detectable.

Again, I had no idea of what kind of communication was going on over and around me. I think it was a lot. Craig went first, then Adam.

I heard and felt them rustle around for a second, then felt both. They had pushed down their shorts and were now pressing against me with their cocks free. It was the one time in my life that I almost fainted.

It started, almost on signal and without a word. The two of them started sliding those shafts up and down me and I didn't say a word.

If I had said anything, I'm afraid it would have been, "What a cock!"

Totally exposed and unbridled, I couldn't miss the size of Adam. And to make matters either better or worse, pressing against me in front was Craig. I had a very quick and very definite comparison and there wasn't any!

I guess I had no idea they could vary in size so. Maybe some of the stories told in girl's dormitories weren't so wild as I thought.

I just closed my eyes and stood there, swaying in their grasp and absorbing the sensations of the moment. At times Craig would pull away for a minute and look into my eyes, watching my face. I'm sure it was a look of surprised bliss. And I could tell he was thoroughly enjoying it!! His face was almost as if in pain, eyes narrowed and mouth open.

There wasn't any doubt that even though there was no actual entry, I was building to an orgasm and no doubt they were. Both of them were leaking all over me and their juices were providing a natural lubrication.

All of us were starting to breath extremely heavy, making little noises on our own that seemed to mix together in some sort of erotic music.

Then it happened!!

We heard the unmistakable sound of our son moving around in his room. Craig moaned with disappointment. Not Adam. He moaned all right, but as he did he sent a stream of semen up my exposed behind and on my robe. He froze there for a second and his body shook as he exploded.

Then, almost like an old cartoon, everybody rushed their clothes back on and they were out the door. I was left standing there with a child to tend to and come running down both sides of me.

Once things settled down and breakfast done, cartoons took over. I watched for a few minutes then went to the laundry room, closing the door and leaning back against it. There my fingers took over, quickly becoming a poor substitute for the situation just lost.

When I exploded and went to my knees, I wondered if I had seen the last of it.

I suspected deep down I had not.

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