Time Spent Together
Part 1

She was nervous and used the door to hide herself as she opened it. They'd talked about a visit for weeks, and now he was here. It was exciting and terrifying, and she was thrilled and horribly anxious.

Tom, for his part, was exhausted. Work all day, nearly miss the flight due to abominable security lines, $90 taxi fare from the airport to the door, and now he was here at just after midnight. A price to pay for all those who advised against this trip. A price to pay for the time and energy spent. A price to pay for the days labours themselves. And no way to know how things would pivot.

Then he smiled inwardly as Anime Girl timidly opened the door. He had seen her peek out earlier and close the door while he was getting his bags and settling with the cab driver. The smile filled him, and outwardly he released a wash of joy and unadulterated pleasure. Tom's brown eyes sparkled like root beer fizzing as it's poured over ice cream. And she felt it as she hurried up the stairs in front of him, so strong and tangible that she had to fight the urge to break into an all out run.

Anime Girl - someday to be known as Theta, but now simply known as Blue - lived in a second floor garden style apartment with a first floor entrance leading immediately up a staircase into the living space. Her apartment was a nest, a bolt hole against uncertainty and past events and future possibilities. Stashes of half unpacked boxes, piles of books, a pile of laundry to be folded - all were tucked here and there out of the walking path from the top of the stairs to the kitchen, the top of the stairs to the living room, the living room into the bedroom, the living room into the bathroom, the bedroom through the closet to the bathroom, the living room to the sliding glass door to the balcony... Outside and along these paths life was accumulating organically, little bits of past and present gathering in clutches like plants taking root. It reflected the very nature of Blue's mind right down to the sequestered blooming plants and the black cat that withdrew into hiding upon assessing the incursion.

Tom took it all in - surveying and measuring and updating his mental map. He put his bags on the lee side of the half wall that overlooked the stair case - selected to be carefully out of the way of the static paths. In this place the arteries and veins would not take intrusions lightly. At the same time, Tom watched her - as she moved from place to place, trying to hide in her own open spaces, resorting to covering her mouth with her hand to hide her face at least partially, some inner part of her desperately seeking the comfort of a kitten's hidey hole.

But Tom was not uncomfortable. Despite being tired, Tom felt a strong sense of accomplishment. Blue was even more delightful in person. Her mannerisms were endearing, and she was very attractive. Her build was one of smooth curves topped with wonderfully prominent breasts. The line of her long legs and narrow hips fit well with the way her slender ass cheeks flowed into her thighs and the flat abdomen complimented her D cup tits. Her shoulders were well cast - not broad but straight and true. Her face showed some of the worries of many days, bit it had lost none of its qualities of warmth or expression. Her eyes twinkled even as she tried to hide her nervous smile lines.

Blue was very appealing to Tom.

So he stepped into her space and hugged her. He did not crush her, rather he used his strength to cradle her - deliciously, savouring the feel of her as she felt the energies and realities he embodied. When he let her go they both knew she could not hide from him any longer.

Blue and Tom talked. He stalked her as she continued to move around the room. He stretched out on the floor in his exhaustion and drew her down to join him. He and she mock wrestled as he pounced her again and again. A lion and a house cat, lovingly and tenderly batting each other about. Then he moved to the couch.

There are turning points in the beginnings of things that can never be undone. Other than Alyssa, none other had been so profound as what happened next. It established, even defined, the path that led Anime Girl to become Theta. She said something - offhand witty or sarcastic or both - Tom doesn't remember. But his action was swift and without any hesitation. He grabbed her by the arm, pulled her down to his lap, and began spanking her bottom with his hand.

Blue - excited, distressed, invaded, safe - felt Tom bend her to him. She felt his assertion of dominance, his innate expression of his alpha male character. She felt his hand on her ass and thighs. And Blue flushed, her breathing became ragged, her heart raced, her nervous system sang - and his spanking touched something deep inside of her.

Blue nearly orgasmed right then on his lap.

"Hello, Theta," Tom smiled at her blinking groggy eyes. "Don't get up yet - unless you need to go to the ladies." He leaned over her and ran his hand across her brow and cheek. "So pretty. My wonderful, beautiful pet," he murmured to her. Theta curled into his hand a bit. Her skin was warm despite the fan blowing in her face. She closed her eyes and let her consciousness trace the path his cool fingertips and slightly rough palm took along her face.

"I'm going to lay down beside you, love," Tom said as he eased himself into her bed. The weight shifted her position, drawing her closer to him, as the mattress sagged a bit. Theta felt a tingling sensation in her limbs. "And I'll be here when you return," he added.

And then she woke up - her cat looking into her eyes and at the empty space just beyond her shoulders where the covers were fast losing the impression of another body. Theta got up from bed and the lingering caress on her thigh let her know Tom was everywhere. Then she headed to the ladies to start her day.

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