Puberty and the Aftermath
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A tale of a boys growing sexual awareness and experience and what happens to him along the way.

I didn't know what had woken me up but when I focused on the red numerals of my digital clock I discovered it was 2.15 in the morning. It was totally soundless until I heard the scratching of a key at the door followed by the giggling of my father and mother and I realised that it was probably the slamming of car doors in the driveway on their arrival home from the party they had been at that had woken me.

Relaxing back in the warmth and comfort of my duvet I waited to drop back to sleep expecting Mom and Dad to head off to bed but instead I heard the 'click' of the gas log fire igniting and the sound of their voices coming up to me from the lounge which was situated directly below my bedroom. I lay there for a while and as it looked as if sleep was going to elude me for a while I decided to investigate what my parents were doing.

I am 13 years old (nearly 14) and live in the end bedroom upstairs. My year younger sister has the next bedroom which is separated from mine by a bathroom which we share. Next to sis's room is a spare room which is used as an office/study and the other end of the upper floor has the guest bedroom and en suite. All the upper rooms are entered from a landing which runs a fair length of the house and has a nice wrought iron railing preventing anyone from falling into the dining room below.

The lower floor has the lounge at one end, the dining room in the middle, the kitchen and laundry in the rear of the middle section (off the dining room) and Mom and Dad's suite at the far end. The dining room has no ceiling (going right through to the roof) and the upper landing is like a mezzanine floor in the room. It is a beautiful big house with a substantial garden area and twin garages attached. When I finally thought of it I realised that we were relatively well off.

Well, to get back to my story, I crept out of bed and crawled down the landing until I could see into the lounge. Luckily, my parents hadn't thought to pull the heavy drapes that cut off the lounge from the dining room and I could get a clear, unobstructed view of almost the whole room. The only main light switched on was on the end wall and Mom and Dad were standing in front of the fire, side on to me. They were kissing and were wrapped closely in each others arms.

As I watched dad's hands (I presume it was both but I could only see the one on my side) slowly slid down Moms back and were cupping her bum. He was squeezing her butt tightly as I could see his fingers digging in. Mom didn't seem to mind as she appeared to hug him even tighter and didn't try to pull away even when he slid his hands even lower and began to work her skirt up her legs. Eventually he had her skirt right up to her waist and I could clearly see the black stockings and yellow panties that Mom was wearing. My heart began to thump even louder and a ringing began in my ears as I watched Dad's hand slide under the waistband of Mom's panties and work downwards, squeezing and rubbing her now more available behind. After some moments he slipped his hand round between them and thrust it down between Mom's thighs and I realised that he was fondling her private parts. Without thought my hand found its' way inside my pyjama pants and I began to gently stroke my rock hard cock.

Finally Mom pulled away and I thought that my show was coming to an end. Then, to my amazement, Mom slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of my father and fumbled with his belt buckle before eventually lowering his trousers round his ankles. She then carefully worked his underpants down and Dad was left in just his shirt and tie with his cock poking out from between his shirt tails. It was huge and had little resemblance to my pitiful appendage. There was a great red shaft topped with a large purplish head on it and it seemed to vibrate in either anger or anticipation.

I looked at Mom expecting her to be horrified and to try to get away from it but she had an eager expression on her face and, to my surprise, she began to stroke it gently. I could hear Dad's groan of pleasure from my hiding place. I was absolutely shocked when Mom cupped his balls in one hand (they were equally as impressive as his cock) and leaned forward and licked the head of his cock as she continued to stroke the shaft with her other hand. My excitement was at fever pitch now and I was stroking my little cock eagerly.

To my horror Mom then opened her mouth wide and swallowed most of Dad's cock. A variety of emotional waves crashed over me, shock, disgust, amazement, horror and finally (to my shame) jealousy. How could anyone do something like that? It was disgusting and I was ashamed of my father for making her do this, but, as I watched, I began to realise that my mother was doing it because she really wanted to and not because she had to. Her head began to bob up and down with increasing speed and I could hear their groans and the slobbering sounds that Mom was making as Dad clutched her head in his hands and held her face to his groin.

Dad's face began to get redder and redder and eventually his whole body seemed to grow rigid and he thrust his hips forward pushing his cock deep inside Mom's mouth and held her there as he began to shudder and shake. I knew he was having an orgasm and I joined him, making quite a mess inside the front of my PJ pants. When he finally calmed down and released Mom and pulled her to her feet I expected Mom to spit out all his seed and to probably retch but it seemed that she had swallowed it all and they began to kiss once more. Maybe the show wasn't completely over yet.

After they had kissed for a while Dad began to fumble at the fastenings of Mom's blouse and he eventually managed to open it and pulled down her bra, freeing her breasts. I had never really seen them before, certainly not bare, but I had glimpsed her in her bras and seen her in swimsuits so I knew that she had quite large boobs but nothing had prepared me for the reality of naked breasts and their magnificence. I was instantly enraptured and my jealousy grew as Dad began to fondle and then to suck Mom's beautiful tits. I would willingly have killed to take his place.

When Dad pulled her skirt back up to her waist I was surprised that they could not hear me as my heart was beating so loudly and my breath coming in gasps. The ringing in my ears was now really loud and my cock was stiff again as I watched Dad carry Mom to her armchair with his arms wrapped round her bum and lower her down to the seat. He grasped the waistband of her panties and drew them down her legs and dropped them aside and lifted each of her legs over an arm of her chair. She was left lying back and completely bare and open view. Her breasts were hanging free, partially supported by her bunched up bra, and her tummy and private area was open for inspection below the rucked up skirt at her waist, downwards.

It was my first sighting of a woman's privates and I was astounded at the thickness of the vee shaped crop of dark hair that tapered down to the juncture of her thighs and I was also amazed at the size of her vaginal lips and the openness of the split between them. I had learnt a little of the names and actions of a woman's genitals at sex education but the reality was a whole lot different and far more exciting and arousing than the theory.

I couldn't believe my eyes when Dad fell to his knees and leant forward to lick and suck at Mom's parts. Even in my wildest dreams and our schoolyard discussions had I ever heard or imagined anything like this. It was disgusting but somehow compelling and I found myself wishing that it could be me with my face and mouth buried between Mom's thighs. Whatever Dad was doing was definitely pleasing Mom and she was, in her turn, clutching at his head and pulling tightly to her as if to become one with him. I noticed that she was slowly turning red from her upper breasts upwards and her head was starting to shake back and forth. Her eyes were squeezed tightly closed and there was a keening sound coming from deep within her and she seemed to be trying to levitate from the chair. It was clear even to my innocent eyes that my mother was getting very, very excited.

Finally her head threw back and her mouth opened wide in a loud sort of scream/cry and her legs rose from where they had been resting on the chairs' arms and wrapped themselves round Dads' neck and seemed to be trying to crush the very breath from him. This went on for what seemed like a long time before they both relaxed and fell back and separated looking very happy and contented. Mom was sprawled back in her chair with her legs still wide open and her eyes closed and Dad was sitting back on his heels with his head hanging and also with his eyes shut. At first they were both panting hard but slowly their breathing calmed down and finally Dad forced himself to his feet and reached down for mother's hands and pulled her up as well. Dad picked up his pants and, after flicking out the light, they headed for their bedroom in the dim light of the night lamp.

I crept quietly back to my bed and lay there, still very excited, and tried to get back to sleep. After a few minutes I was compelled, by some unknown force, to creep downstairs and grab Mom's panties, from where Dad had dropped them, and scuttle silently back to the safety of my bedroom. Once the door was shut and I was in bed I flipped on the light and examined them carefully. They were very soft and fragile and appeared to be made of silk. They were so light and fine that you could see through them quite clearly and I couldn't see that were any use for either warmth or modesty. The cloth in the crotch seemed to be dampish and something made me lift them to my face and breathe in deeply. The smell coming from them was a strange mixture of scent and some sort of womanly body odour mixed with a very faint trace of pee and was highly exciting and arousing.

Almost before I knew it, I had the panties wrapped around my cock and was masturbating furiously. It didn't take many stokes before I blew and seemed to pump a bucketful into Mom's panties. My climax seemed to go on for ever and was by far the most powerful one I had ever had and, when it was over, I felt absolutely spent and had no trouble falling into a deep and contented sleep.

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