Liberty and Justice for All
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about a young panther anthro who is sick of watching the anthro race get mistreated, and decides to take the law into his own hands to help his kind. Lots of sex and action ensue.

It came as no surprise to Onyx as he peered over the edge of a rooftop into a dark, damp alley one starry night and found a vuluptous young anthropomorphic fox girl getting beat on by 6 punks. She was a snow fox, the tips of her ears blotted with black, as if they were dipped in ink. The same could be said for her tail, and her forearms and legs were black below her knees as well. Her hair went down between her soft, curved back and stopped at her tail, and was black with white stripes going down its length. Onyx didn't have time to waste looking at her. He had to do something.

It was always like that there. The anthros were oppressed and insulted and hated. Regular beatings and muggings happened to them all the time. And police were always convieniantly not finding the criminals. Onyx was a tall, muscular but lean panther anthro with dark brown hair that hung smooth about his head, partially hiding his face. He was a recluse, preferring to do things alone and hang out by himself. He lived in his decent, comfortable apartment, watching television and watching the news, listening to reports of anthro murders and attacks on them actually rising. He sat and listened to this with growing impatience. The race of anthros could only take so much. You can only hurt a man so much before he'll fight back. Something had to give, and the only thing that gave was Onyx. One day, he stood up from his lazy-boy recliner and stared out the window. He had heard some commotion and sure enough, there was a ruffian chasing a cat girl across the street, who was looking about 16, from what he could tell. The man was laughing at her and teasing her, and others around, anthro and human alike, did nothing. Onyx's chest began to rise and fall with anger. He slammed his fist into the wall and turned away, putting on his hooded jacket and going out the door. He went down a flight of stairs, came outside and followed the voices of the man and the girl down the street. He reached them, the man having the girl against the wall, feeling her up underneath her shirt while she sobbed and tried to push him off. Onyx roared out, attracting the attention of others around, and the man too, which is what he was going for. Onyx shoved him away hard, giving him a look of challenge.

"Feel me up. Go ahead, see what i might do." Onyx said in his low, husky voice. The man scowled and swung at him with a right hook. Onyx put out his left arm and stopped the swing, and sent his right fist into the man's gut. He keeled over and Onyx took the opportunity to grab his head and slam a knee into the man's face. Blood drained freely from his disfigured nose and his mouth as he fell limp to the ground. Onyx only glanced at the girl and nodded to her. "Go home..." He then turned away and walked down the street towards his apartment. He started to walk slower as applause broke out from people all around, mostly anthros and actually some humans as well. They smiled and clapped and gave him thumbs up as he passed. A few gave words of congratulations and thanks. "Way to go, boy!" "You did good." "We need more people like you in this city!" Onyx blinked and smiled at that last remark. A human had called him a person. They regarded him as someone who had feelings and emotions, someone like them. When Onyx went back to his room, he fell to his knees and cried openly into his hands. He sat on his couch then, and started to watch more t.v. but he couldn't pay attention to it. He kept thinking about what that human said.

Could he make some sort of difference? Was he important in some way? The words rang in his mind as if someone hit a huge bell, and the sound kept reverberating in his head. He decided then and there, that he would do something.

He would fight back. Others might catch on, they might catch wind of an anthro helping others in need, mostly other anthros. Then, they might feel more confident. They would stand up for themselves and their rights. They would make the world notice them, and make it hear their cries. Justice would be served, and the anthros would be treated equally.

Liberty would finally come to them.

All of this raced through his head, and caused Onyx to stand up quickly. The rush of excitment running through him at that moment was exilerating. A smile grew large over his muzzle. That was that.

Onyx scoffed at the thugs in the alley. They were really shabby. Wouldn't stand a chance if they were attacked; they were'nt organized. Onyx could tell this by the way they stood and interacted with one another. He had trained himself to pay painstaking attention to things. After all, he might have been stronger and faster than most, but he could still make mistakes. He had to be carefull. Still, he had learned to pay attention to manurisms people used. It helped that the thugs were drunk too.

Onyx stood to his full height and put up his hood. it almost completely shadowed his face and head. Only his eyes shown through the darkness. He laid his ears back flat so they wouldn't poke at the hood to obviously. The only thing that showed he wasn't human was his long, black tail. One of the thugs had a knife to the fox girls neck and had his other hand clasped around her muzzle. She whined and cried as much as she could, but no one would here her. The man drew back the knife and was about to slide it easily into the girls soft furred neck, until a loud and sickining crack rent through the air. The thug's head had split open, spraying blood onto the red brick wall nearby, making it a deeper red. Blood kept spilling from him as he toppled to the ground. A large, bloody chunk of concrete lay nearby. The thugs friends' mouths gaped open at the sight. The girl stared at the body in shock. No one moved.

Onyx slapped his paws together to get the powder from the concrete off of his hands. He kept watching the other thugs to see if they would try anything. The started to look all around while backing up cautiously. Now was the time. While their fear was at its peak.

He leapt down swiftly, his clothes flapping against the wind, and landed with a soft thud behind them, blocking their way out of the alley. They all turned around quickly, gasping and cursing in fear. Onyx smelled the fear... it wafted from them. He was a little ashamed to admit that he got off on the smell. It enamored him. But he wasn't that ashamed.

He stood his full height again, about 6.1, and lifted his head proudly underneath the hood, pushing his chest out a bit so that he looked even more intimidating. It's intended effects went smoothly. They all were breathing quickly, a couple of them wimpering. Other then that, it was dead silence. Until one of them stepped up and spoke in a scared, but determined voice.

"He-hey man, just let us go. We can forget about all this, yea?" he had his hands out in front of him in a pleading manner. Onyx took in a long breath and sighed heavily, his breath letting out icy vapors from the shadow of his hood. One of the thugs swallowed audibly.

"I dont forget very easily." Onyx said in a deep, smooth voice that flowed through the air. The thug stomped in frustration. "C'mon, man! We don't want any trouble!"

"You should have thought about that before you STARTED trouble..." Onyx said with a growl in his words. "You words are as empty as your soul. Time to die." At that the thug yelled out and pulled a switchblade from his pocket. The others did as well. The lead one ran forward and brought his knife at a downward stab towards Onyx's head. Onyx simply stepped to the side and kicked out his legs from under him. Another tried to slice at Onyx's throat. Onyx grabbed his wrist with one hand and used the other to smash the thug's elbow backwards so that it bent the wrong way. The thug fell to the ground, crying and favoring his deformed arm.

Onyx leapt forward and pounced one's chest, his clawed feet digging into the man's flesh while Onyx's paws were clamped down on the man's shoulders, digging his claws in. The force and impact of the pounce sent him flying to the ground on his back with Onyx clamped to him. The fierce anthro clenched hes fingers around the thugs windpipe and tore it out with torrents of blood following it. Onyx pulled his legs up so that his head was between his thighs while he crouched over the body. He then pressed as hard as he could, his muscular legs flexing as he was sent into a perfect backflip, flying through the air and landing in front of a thug who was trying to escape. Before the man could do anything, Onyx had clenched his fingers tight, so they curled slightly. The muscles in them flexed and caused his long, curved claws to unsheath. He swiped at the thug's stomach and tore it asunder, the flesh flying off and the intestines hanging loose. The thug swayed on his feet, falling flat on his back after a moment. The last three thugs watched in horror. One of them grew balls and actually tossed a knife up and caught it by the blade and tossed it at Onyx quickly.

Onyx jumped in surprise as the blade sank into his shoulder. He growled loudly and looked at the handle of the blade, then slowly turned his head to the one who threw it.

"That was real FUCKING smooth, punk. Let me show you how it's done." Onyx reached his paw up and gripped the knife handle firmly. He pulled it out with a grunt, eyeing the blood on it and smiling. Without warning he cocked his arm back and hurled it towards the thug. It sank deep into his neck, and he cried out, but only gurgling came from his mouth, along with more blood. Onyx was going at a brisk pace towards the last two when one of them pulled out a pistol and started to point it. Onyx was too fast, however, and reached out with his right paw and grabbed the barrel of the gun. His left hand came up from his side and smashed into the thug's hand, sending it upwards. The thug stumbled back and onyx had the gun pointed straight at his face. A flash of light, a loud crack of metal clanging against metal, and a bullet went through the air and sank into the thug's skull. Onyx grabbed the last thug by the back of the head then and leaned him forward while jamming the gun into his stomach. The thug offered no resistence, giving into his fate. Onyx pulled the trigger and the body fell forward. Silence once again.

The only thing that was heard then was the girls slow breathing. Onyx looked up at her. She seemed calm while looking back at him. Onyx couldn't help but notice her crystal blue eyes. He sighed and started to turn away but was surprised when she called out.

"Wait." she had started to come to him slowly. "How many times must I be hit on by a bimbo in distress..." he thought. But he fealt different inside and didn't want to admit it. He decided to hear her out before leaving. This vixen was gorgeous. When she got near him she rubbed the back of her neck nervously. Onyx didn't look at her and only waited for her to say something.

"You're that Reaper guy, right?" she said quietly in a slightly exited tone. She had just been attacked a few moments ago and now she was peachy? Onyx looked at her with an eyebrow raised, although she couldn't see it. "Yea, I'm called a lot of things." he said shortly. She smiled. Onyx laughed inside. It had only been 2 months and he was getting well heard of. "You're so... cool." she said with a small laugh. Onyx cleared his throat. "Thanks. You should get home though..." She frowned and tilted her head slightly. "Yea, about that... I live 10 miles from here..." Onyx looked at her with narrow eyes. "What? What the hell are you doing so far from your home?" he said impatiently. He now had to escort her home and waste the rest of his night. he lived about 10 miles away as well. This was gonna be a long night. She gave him a mean look. "Hey, they brought me here! I couldn't do anything!" Onyx just sighed. "Look, I'll take you home... lets go..." with that he pointed his thumb over his shoulder and turned around. She grinned and followed him and started to say where she lived while they walked away from the bloody mess.

The walk was interesting, to say the least. Onyx never talked that much, but the fox talked the whole time almost. She wasn't annoying though, like Onyx feared at first. She was very casual with her words. She was actually interesting, And Onyx soon found himself talking as well. He never really enjoyed talking to others, But he was enjoying himself for the first time in a long time. He actually laughed, which shocked him at first. But he became more and more comfortable. The walk seemed shorter then it really was. When they arrived where she lived at the appartment building. She sighed and turned around to face him. "Well, here we are. I live about 3 floors up. I... guess i'll see you around." Onyx nodded slowly but was too much in shock over the fact that he was home. he didn't notice the route they took because he was too busy talking. She blinked and waved her hand in front of his face. "Hello, you there? Something wrong? Do you have super hearing and hear someone in trouble?" she chuckled. Onyx shook his head and cleared his throat. Oh, no, sorry about that..." He said quietly. She looked around a bit while it was quiet, and looked back to his face. "You have a number or something? Maybe we can talk again... Onyx was about to kindly refuse until she tilted her head to the side and smiled at him, waiting for a reply. Her eyes were so blue. Onyx choked slightly. "Um... i guess so..." he said while looking toward the ground and rubing the back of his hood. He was about to say it until he was interrupted.

"Can I see your face?" She blurted out causing Onyx to twitch in surprise. "What? I, uh, I don't think I can really do that..." he said while fumbling with the words. She let out a dissapointed noise. "Please? It's been bugging me all night, man! I wanna see..." She was slowly moving her hands towards the sides of his hood. He hesitated and his heart began to race. She gripped the rim of his hood and brought it back slowly. She widened her eyes and smiled a bright smile when she saw the narrow, strong shaped feline face. "Ooh, a kitty..." she cooed, which caused Onyx's stomach to lurch. He looked down and cleared his throat but couldn't find the words to say. She only smiled again. "Hey, i won't tell... it's alright, if it's a big secret or something I won't tell." Onyx looked up at her and smiled. It had been so long since he smiled. She giggled while she did too. "Look at you, you're beautiful... why hide your face like that?" she had put her paws behind his slightly between round and pointy ears, and was scratching behind them, her claws softly working through his fur. Onyx's mouth was slightly open as he began to purr loudly and close his eyes. She laughed out loud but he didn't hear her. "Hey, cat people really do purr, alright!" Onyx managed to let out a low laugh. He opened his eyes and clasped her warm paws and held them in front of him. "Um, My number isn't really neccesary... I live here too." he siad sheepishly. "And... i'm Onyx." The vixen smiled widely, showing her gleaming teeth. "Really?! that's awesome! I can't beleive it!... Oh!" She put a paw to her muzzle. "I'm so sorry, I forgot... My name's Catherine." she said and put a paw out for Onyx to shake. He took it and gently rocked it up and down. "Hi, Catherine..."

After that, they both went inside. They chat some more and Onyx found out she was 19. He said he was 20. They found out each others favorite foods and movies, and Onyx couldn't help but feel like these chats were pointless, like Catherine was stalling for something.

It turned out that Onyx lived one floor above her. They took the elevator to her floor. It wouldn't have taken so long to get there if Catherine hadn't pressed the stop button. Onyx blinked and looked at her. "Why are we..." But he stopped when She was looking at him seductively, her eyes locked to his. Onyx fealt that familiar lurch inside. He swallowed hard and stared back at her. Catherine all of a sudden looked puzzled at him, then wide eyed. "Oh my... You're a virgin, aren't you... ?!" Onyx looked at her shocked at the abrupt question. "Wha, h-how would you know?!" He squeeked out. She put her back against the metal elevator doors and crossed her arms, smiling to herself and chuckling. "I have a knack for these things." Onyx scoffed. "Who the hell has a knack for finding virgins?" he said skepticly. "No, i have a knack for paying attention to things... I can just tell that you're one... by the way you talk and act and stand and fumble your words." she explained. Onyx's face burned and he looked away. Catherine sighed. "Hey, i'm sorry if I came on too strong. I had plans but... we don't have to do anything..." she said soothingly. Onyx thought to himself. Fuck that, he had been waiting years to do something. He had been sexually frustrated long enough. He had masturbated enough to know it. He Turned to her and looked sternly into her crystal eyes. "No, i'm ready to try anything at this point." he sounded nervous. A smile slowly grew across her muzzle. "Good... I have lots of things to show you..."

She stepped forward and wrapped her arm around the back of his head, her paw combing through his hair and her other had clutched his groin tight. She leaned forward and smothered Onyx with a deep kiss. Her tongue slid in and out of his mouth, messaging his with fierce passion. He returned the favor best he could. Luckily, he had a knack for kissing. Catherine moaned into his mouth and started to finger his scrotum through his pants. She lifted her paw and slipped it into them and grabbed his furry sack, her fingers rolling his balls around. Onyx shuddered underneath her warmth. She had him pressed against the wall and was litterally smashing him into it. He didn't care much. he reached his paw over to his right and pressed a button so the elevator would keep going. He pressed the button for his floor and kept kissing Catherine. When the doors opened, she looked surprised but then smiled back to him. He got out from under her and held her paw firmly in his shaking one. He lead her down the hall and put his paw into his pocket, fumbling around until he found his key. It was hard not to drop it as he slid it in and turned the nob, pushing the door open and holding it for Catherine. She went in and sniffed the air, smiling. She looked into the kitchen and then the living room, getting comfortable with the place. She sat down on the sofa across from the t.v. and smiled warmly to Onyx. "Come here..." He quickly obliged and sat beside her as she carefully helped him get his jacket off and threw it to the floor.

She pressed against his chest and made him lay comfortably on his back, his head resting on a little corner pillow. Her paws slid down his chest, feeling his heart racing. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them and pulled them off, letting him kick them to a corner. She eyed his good sized sack and smiled, her paw going to his furry sheath where his dick hid. Sliding a finger inside, she fealt the tip of his member and circled her finger around it, feeling it pulse from her touch. Onyx sighed in passion and writhed. Catherine leaned her head down and put her muzzle firmly against his sheath, and opened her mouth slightly, letting her tongue slide in and lick against the head of his growing cock. It throbbed as he lurched his hips upward and back down again, gasping at what she was doing to him. She lifted her head away as his wet red cock came slithering out, growning to its full length of 8 inches, the veins slearly in view as it throbbed to his heart beat. Catherine smiled to Onyx. "Do you want me to jack you off?" she cooed to him in her sweet voice. Onyx choked but managed to nod up and down. She slipped her paws around his prick and squeezed firmly, eliciting a moan from him. She slid her paws down, then up very slowly. She did this over and over, the speed of her hands quickining ever so slowly every once in a while. Onyx squirmed underneath her touch. Her hands started to pump faster now as his cock throbbed harder. Onyx clenched the couch with his paws, tearing into it. At last, her hands were pistoning up and down on his throbbing shaft, her breath coming out in short gasps now.

Just as Onyx was at his peak, Catherine stopped. Onyx stared at the ceiling for a few moments to catch his breath and then looked down at her. She leaned forward and pulled him up into a passionate kiss. "Get on the floor and eat me..." she said after pulling away. Onyx nodded slowly and got in front of the couch, on his knees. His tail swished behind him in anticipation as she positioned herself in front of him with her back against the couch and pressed her thighs together and lifted her legs straight up towards the ceiling. She seductively started to slip her jeans off, slowly pulling them upwards along her firm, muscled legs and her beautiful calfs, finally past her ankles and over her long padded feet. Onyx lifted his jowls slightly and closed his eyes, taking in her scent. It filled the room, and was intoxicatingly sweet. Catherine threw her jeans to the same corner Onyx threw his but kept her legs up, her arms wrapped around the back of her knees. She leaned to the side and looked at him, grinning. He had firmly clutched her hips and got closer to her sweet cunt, the lips parted slightly and glistening with moisture. Onyx was inches from it, letting her smell waft into his nose, causing him to shudder with arousal. He took a couple of deep breaths before scooting even closer and raking his rough surfaced tongue across her cunt. A tremor went through Catherine while Onyx savored the taste of her. She was delicious, and he wanted more. He ran his tongue through her cunt one more time, her juices bathing his tongue in rapture he had never before fealt or tasted. Catherine was breathing hard when she spoke to him again. "Onyx... Onyx, do it again..." and he was about to when he stopped and thought for a moment. Onyx is a smart guy. He catches on quickly. He smiled to himself and realized that anticipation makes everything better. She wanted him to lick and eat her until she passed out. He chuckled aloud. "No..." he said. Catherine moved her head to the side again and looked at him through half shut eyes, her mouth hanging open. "What... ?" Onyx looked at her and shook his head. "Not yet..." he smiled and lightly raked his claws across her ass, causing her to flinch and let out a moan as she lay back against the couch.

Onyx licked her ass roughly and then slid two fingers slowly into her cunt. Catherine arched her back and laughed, sending chills down Onyx's spine when she did. Onyx grunted softly as he slid his fingers in and out of her, his fingers and knuckles getting soaked in seconds, soft sucking sounds coming from her wet hole as he did so. Onyx turned his hand so his palm faced up and curved his fingers upward inside of her so that they stroked her front vaginal wall, hitting her G-spot. Catherine immediatly took in a sharp breath, gasping. Her back arched and her toes curled as she started moaning and gripping the couch. Onyx was glad he read all those Glamor magazines and learned something about the female anatomy. He increased the speed at which he slid in and out, alternating between thrusting and stroking her insides. She was gasping wildly now, twitching and moaning under his manipulations. "Ahh, ah god yea... oh man, Onyx..." she then put her legs down finally, sprawled over the edge and let her cunt open even wider, her scent slithering through the air even more. She started to whimper now, little yiff sounds emmiting from her throat, her body shivering and her breath coming in very quick bursts. "Onyx... Onyx, Onyx, oh my god... !" Her body violently jerked and Onyx quickly took his fingers out with an audible and wet sounding pop, and threw his mouth onto Catherine's clit, nibbling it betwween his front teeth. catherine cried out and whimpered loudly as she came, her juices flowing feeely out of her body, squirting and dripping onto the floor. Her breathing became labored as she went limp. "Oh Onyx, yea... that feels s-so good..." she whipered while she looked down at him and watching him nibble and pull on her clit. She laughed and pet his head while he worked and scratched behind his ears, causing him to purr. "Haha, my kitty..." she whispered. Onyx didn't know what it was, but he got very excited when she called him "her kitty". He looked up at her and licked his chops, his great tongue raking over his whiskers and mouth. They both grinned at each other and Catherine gripped firmly behind Onyx's head and nodded. "Do it, I can't wait any longer..." With that, Onyx shot his head forward and thrust his tongue as dep as he could into her cunt, lapping up her sweet juices, scraping against her G-spot while his hand tweaked and teased her clit. Catherine arched forward and and whimpered audibly as she gripped Onyx's head tight, as if she would lose him at any moment. It didn't take much longer for her to explode again, her body convulsing and more juice shooting out of her hole, dribbling down Onyx's chin as he lapped up as much as he could. She let out an exhausted sigh and lay flat along the couch, breathing hard and smiling. Onyx stood and leaned over her face and kissed her deep, his tongue raking hers and causing her to flinch. She smiled at him as he pulled away and strted to unbutton her shirt. He pulled it off of her and dropped it to the floor, gazing at her lucious breasts. To him, they couldn't have been more perfect. Round, firm, C-cups. He kneeled by her and took one of her nipples into his mouth, nibbling it and pulling on it and licking it with the very tip of his tongue, teasing her senses.

Onyx put himself over Catherine, holding himself up and gazing into her eyes, her gorgeous eyes. He couldn't get enough of them. After a few moments Catherine smiled at him and put her hands on his face. "Onyx..." It seemed as if she were going to continue but couldn't find the words. Onyx just kept looking at her quietly, purring gently. Catherine moved herself from underneth him and made it so that she was on top of him now, straddling his hips, her thighs on either side of him. She gently raked her nails threw the fur on his chest, feeling his firm muscles. Her hand caressed his knife wound lovingly. She then lifted her hips off of him and grasped his throbbing member with both of her paws. She positioned herself so that she hovered over it, her still wet and dripping hole touching his its head. Onyx let out a moan and put his hands out to her, putting them on the sides of her abdomen. They looked once more into each other's eyes before she slid slowly onto him, spreading her lips apart firmly.

Catherine quietly gasped as she took his entire length in at once, moaning out and biting her lower lip while she slowly raised and dropped her self onto Onyx, his shaft visible whenever her furry mound was lifted off of him, and then dissapearing into her when she dropped with the wet, sopping sound of skin smacking to accompany it. The two lovers' moan's overlapped each other as their humping became more eratic; Catherine was now lifting herself up and slamming as hard as she could down on Onyx who, in turn, was lifting himself up off the couch to hump harder into her when she came down. He started to pant rapidly, and growl and snarl as he drilled into her, and she had closed her eyes, lost in pleasure. Their mixed fluids splashed from their loins, sopping their fur between their legs and thighs.

Catherine's body shook and jerked again from yet another orgasm, her come squelching from the sides of her wet, leaking cunt, over Onyx's cock, and splashing all over. The feeling was beggining to be too much for Onyx as well, as he now was leaning up off of the couch and had his arms grasped around Catherine's waist, and was pistoning in and out of her as fast as his body would allow. Catherine had no more strength to act, and just rested her arms around his shoulders while she enjoyed the ride, her head thrown back with her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open, her tongue lolling out.

"Onyx... Onyx, you're so... UGH, yea..." she was lost in her thoughts. Onyx had began jerking and grunting loudly. "God, Catherine... UGH... Catherine, uhhhoohh... I'm coming, I'm coming... ungh, UNGH!" Catherine found herself and quickly lifted off of him and looked down, grasping her lover's stiff and jerking cock, sliding her paw up and down it. Onyx held his breath and stiffened his entire body, arching forward so his head rested against Catherine's furry neck. His stomach tightened and his tail jerked behind him as his cock spit its white, gooey liquid into the air between them, splashing Catherine in the face and all over her breasts and stomach, and even all over Onyx as well. As he pumped his last bit of ooze, the last glob spitting out and splashing onto their thighs, Onyx fell backwards, his vision blurred and his body exhausted. Catherine smiled and licked her face the best she could, and began cleaning Onyx too, licking his chest and neck and face clean of any spunk she could find. When she finished, she ley her head against Onyx's neck, his gentle purring shaking her head softly and lulling her to sleep.

The next morning, Catherine woke first and cleaned herself in Onyx's bathroom and cleaned the floor in front of the couch. She then kneeled onto her knees at the head of the couch near Onyx's head and smiled, her paw touching his shoulder and rocking him gently. "Onyx... kitty, wake up..." Onyx stirred when he heard kitty and turned his head to look at Catherine. he smiled warmly and closed his eyes. "It... wasn't a dream..." he said quietly, leaning in and kissing Catherine sweetly on her muzzle. She chuckled and touched his furry face. "No, it wasn't... you need to go shower, and let me clean this couch..."

Onyx wasn't about to argue with that and got up, going to his shower and cleaning himself. While he showered, his mind raced with different thoughts. He was actually happy after so long... would this all last? He had a few enemies... could he protect Catherine from harm when the time came to do so? He shook his head, the water dripping from his hair in all directions. No. He would never let her get hurt. He leaned his head against the tiled wall and sighed, turning a nob and shutting off the water.

Ten minutes later and he was out and drying his hair, wearing his favorite black anarchy t-shirt and dark green baggy jeans when he looked up and noticed that Catherine wasn't there. He followed her scent and found a small note attached to the front of his television. He plucked it up and read it to himself.


Sorry I had to leave on short notice... I had to get to work. If you're interested in coming to see me, I work down at the Ivy Paw on 32nd street. I'm a bartender, and sometimes a waitress! If you're lucky, I can wait on you or something. See you there, kitty...

Love, Catherine.

A kiss mark was below her name, in dark purple lipstick. It smelled like heaven to Onyx. He looked at his watch and grinned. He grabbed a long, non-hooded leather coat and walked out, his tail swaying happily.

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