Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, TransGender, Hermaphrodite, Interracial,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a fantasy that comes from an unexpected discovery

I've had a recurring wet dream fantasy lately. It disturbs me and yet it facinates me all at the same time. Some might even say its sick. In any event here it is.

I have had a habit of night prowling in a neighbourhood known to be a common track for hookers and sex trade workers. I have had the opportunity to meet several of the girls and even occasionally used their services, sone or two of them have even been quite pleasant, one I even fell in love with, but that's another story.

This time there is a new lady covering my favourite corner. She is short and slender. I like that. I prefer younger and smaller girls, being not the tallest guy around. She is darker complexioned, almost black, maybe asian, at least her eyes have that almond slant. Her facial features are attractive and her lips are full and pouting. From what is visible under her winter jacket, her breasts are a good size, while not enormous, I would judge them to be about a 36 d, but it is really hard to say for sure at this stage. She is wearing a mini skirt, and showing off amazingly lithe and tight thighs, I already want to glide a hand up them and stroke along that velvetty softness. But she looks like she might be expensive, and my funds are limited tonight.

I steel myself, expecting her to be extortionate for her price. "Hi, would you like a smoke?"

Ok not the most original line, but I have never had a girl turn me away upon offering a puff.

"God yeah, I nikking out here. Thanks a lot."

I light her up

"So, I have never seen you out here, you new to the hood?"

"Yeah, kind of. You interested in some company tonight?"

"Maybe, depends, what can i get for $40."

"You a cop?"

"Me are you kidding, all 5 foot 3 of me? HA, No way!"

"Where do we go? I don't have place yet?"

"I have a place not far from here, If you want, but that depends."

"What kind of a party are you looking for, you want a lay, or a blow job? That would be OK, for that?"

"I can't ever seem to get off fucking, don't know why, just the way it is, but I love to make my partner happy, howzabout a 69, I love licking pussy? I guarantee you at least one cum, most of my partners say they come 4 or 5 times. I don't give up quick."

"Yeah, maybe, but I have a small problem with 69's, It takes a special man to get me off."

"Try me, I need a cuddle with a sexy little lady tonight. And you are as cute as they come."

"Thanks, but you might be, at me askance and looked around

"Ok sweetie, take me home, lets see what happens. But I want money up front, in case you freak on me."

"Sure, I guess, but you better not rip me off either."

"No worries, I always deliver a good time, I was just hoping you'd settle for a titty fuck, I love guys cumming all over my tits."

I looked at her angelic face, and at her breasts, her coat opened up a bit and I caught a glance at the cleavage she revealed, her twin peaks were brown and bulged against her hands, Oh baby they were huge, and her nipples and here areole were dark and inviting, I wanted to cum on them.

"Hun, that might still happen, I would love to see white cream on those puppies."

"Lead the way."

We walked to my place, I paid up front as discussed and she proceeded to disrobe.

Oh man she was naked under her coat except for her skirt, and panties. She sidled up to me ad slid her hands on my chest and started to unbutton my shirt, and then sucked on my nipples. I love that, I reached for her breasts and sucked in turn on her neck and throat. She breathed in deeply, moaning as I tweaked her dark nipples.

Man this hottie was responsive, I watched her throw her head back and I swear she came as I sucked on her nipples and played with the other one I watched her face and her mouth open in sexual excitement as I ran my hand over her flat stomach, I stroked her sixpack and played softly with her navel and abdomen, enjoying the feel of her skin 's warmth and softness and the firmness of her body under my touch. Her responses were full of open sexuality, no faking here, this was a hot babe, and she loved getting felt up. I started to go lower, looking for the big prize.She stopped cold, pulling out of my arms and reached for my own underwaer and pulling down wanting to start on my hungry dick immediately.

Her mouth was wet and soft, I have had lots of women blow me before, but this was sensual in a way I have never felt before. She did me slowly and softly. No suction, just letting her lips cruise up and down my shaft, licking on the underside, lapping gently at mty balls and sensitive head. Her fingers slid slowly on the wet areas she had just licked on,

"Lover, you taste so good, I just want to eat you up, before you scum my tits."

She proceeded to lick a bit more firmly, letting more and more of me in her mouth and throat. But still no suction, just soft wetness surrounding my hard shaft. She let it out a couple of times and played it between her golden brown, closely watching my reaction, listning to my moans and groans of approval as she filled my brain with pleasant sensations from her ministrations. My dick was in heaven. I started to hump her tits, filling her mouth with cock flesh between thrusts. She wet my dick every other stroke, I felt the tickle in my balls start. I was gonna cum.

"Oh baby, It's too soon, I wanna suck you first, stop, please. Stop, lover, I gotta return the favour, you pussy, give me your pussy."

"You sure hun, ? I have had a lotta guys freak when they see me down there.?"

"Wanna suck you till you cum, just gotta, " I grasped her panties and pulled them lower, her brown soft underbelly was more and more revealed. I touched lightly at the crotch.

Hello... something was strange.

"Damn, now you are freaked, and the mood is brokeen, fine I understand, why couldn't you just let me suck you off, you were almost there."

"Stop, wait, You got me so damn hot, I think, maybe, go ahead, drop em. Let me see it>"

She stood up and slowly hooked her thumbs in th ewaist band of her panties and slid them down very very slowly.

"You sure, hun? "

"Yes, let me see, never had any thing like this before, I'm willing to try... with you, just with you. I'm not gay, but you have me thinking I could do yoou if you let me, depends, what you look like."

She was a he, at least there. In fact upon a close look she was equipped with both a pussy and a dick, a beautiful long thick dick. It was hard and erect (for me!!!) And dripping with pre cum. I reached out to touch it, It was warm and hard and blissfully soft. I looked at her eyes, and her expression was one of complete rapture and surprize.

"You want to, you aren't scared? Oh baby, yeah, your fingers feel so damn good, no one has done me for so damn long, "

I held her dick softly and started to stroke her up and down, she got harder, she dripped more copiously.

"God yeah, shit you do that good"

"Never did a guy before, but you aren't a guy, are you? I want to try, Want to make you cum, like you never came before, want to see you cum."

"Yeah baby, do it to me, Fuck, make me cum, and I'll be your bitch forever, I'll give you freebies as long as you want!"

I looked at her enrapt face, her eyes were closed in a mask of passion like I have never seen before on any woman in my life. I decided to try something, I took her dick in my hands and stroked in the back, leaving her red engorged tip free for my mouth. I licked her, I slid her dick tip into my mouth, It tasted good, like hot smooth velvet. It was wet and warm and inviting. I let her start to fuck my face. She thrust slowly at first then faster, then I had an idea.

"Yeah baby, fuck my face some more, " I said as I stroked her with my hot hand and stuck more of her shaft in my mouth. I then did something she didn't expect. I stuck a finger in her pussy and her ass at the same time. I finger fucked her slow and easy then faster and faster, all while I sucked at my new lover's dick like a baby sucking at her mom's tit. Her dick got harder and thicker, It felt hotter and her pussy grabbed my fingers as I sucked her closer and closer to what I wanted too, her big cum, in my waiting mouth. I didn't have long to wait.

"Yeah baby baby, shit yeah, you suck me so damn good, don't stop, my pussy wants it all, suck my big clit, it wants to cum for you."

I slid her out of my mouth for just a second.

'Yeah I want you to cum, in my mout, I want to taste your big dick cum in my mouth while I make your wet pussy cum on my fingers, thn, I'll fuck your ass and pussy till you cum again."

"Fuck Yeah YEAH UUUUUUNGH That did it, I cuuuuuuuummmming, gowd I shiiit god fuck meeeeee FUCK YEAH< FUCK, cumming hard suck my cum you lovely man, oooo baby, oyu fuck me so fucking good, I want you tofuck me forever, take my ass, take my pussy take my mouth just fuck all of me."

I moaned and groaned my own cum and proceeded to spurt my white gop all over her flat muscular stomach, covering her tits as well.

"FUCK ME I'm cumming too, Gonna cover you in cum"

"FUCK YEAH DO it, scum my body, lover.DO it."

She humped and pumped her last bit of cream in my mouth, and I tried to keep up with her convulsions, But some of her juice leaked out dripping down my face and on to my chest, and dripped from there on her torso, she swooned and dropped off into a sex exhausted slumber The combination of cums made a wonderful contrasting colour to her golden brown skin. My mind took a snapshot I wanted to keep this erotic scene forever. My he- she lover was unconscious on my bed naked and covered in my own cum, and her cum and sweat and love juice made her skin glossy. Her nipples were puffed and hard, her pussy open and waiting for a hard fucking, I had every intention of giving her that very hard fucking as soon as I had a few hours to recharge my energy.

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