Little Girl Lost

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Horror, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - A paranormal researcher and a cop investigating a haunted school in a small Texas town get way more than they ever expect. And you'll get a story you won't soon forget.

If you drive south from San Antonio, Texas, about 70 miles or so, on Highway 37, then exit to State Rte 281 and head south, you'll eventually come to the town of Premont, a typical little sleepy Texas town, lying on one of the popular 'Winter Texan' driving routes to the Rio Grande Valley. Its two main industries today appear to be convenience stores and tire changing stations.

If you remember these directions, just when you reach the Premont town limits, you'll see an abandoned elementary school on the right, right after the abandoned gas station/shaded parking lot where the Premont town cop waits for unwary speeders. It's a typical Texas elementary school built in the early 1950's to handle the glut of children produced by families of vets from World War II, laid out on one level, in a 'C' shape, with a playground lying in the embrace of the classroom arms of the 'C.'

That playground must have been a very special, protected place for the children who attended the school, but today the playground equipment, which is still in place as though waiting for children to answer the recess bell, is overgrown by 5' high weeds, the iron fittings on the swings and other equipment now streaked with rust, the wood on the seesaw splitting and cracking from years of uninterrupted south Texas sun. There are fire ant mounds throughout the silent play area, and ticks wait fruitlessly on top of weed stalks for unwary passers-by. But this story isn't about the speed trap cop, nor fire ants, nor the little Texas town of Premont, and not really even about the school. It's about something else altogether.

The school was purportedly abandoned when a regional elementary school was built to consolidate the populations of Premont and several other smaller towns, when their populations declined in the 1990's. But the real reason the school was closed, as every person in Premont knew, was because of the murder of little Izel Montemayor, her body found raped and strangled, and draped lifeless across the red and blue-painted seesaw.

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