Susan and the PC Lads
Part 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - Susan was a faithful housewife until she had to call in two lads to fix her husbands PC. They were more interested in turning her into a slut.

She franticly rang around all her friends trying to find someone to fix her computer. She didn't know how but she had done something and lost all her husbands important business files. She had almost run out of ideas when a member of her local PTA rang her. She asked her if she knew anyone and at first said no, but then remembered on of her son's acquaintances. She said she could ask her son to get in touch but there was something strange about this lad and she didn't like him in the house. Mrs Hutchinson wasn't really listening and told her if he could do the job it would be great.

Returning from the shops the following morning a message told her the lad called Gary would call that day and see what he could do. Sure enough just after lunch the doorbell rang and she answered. Two lads not much older than 18 stood there. "Hi I'm Gary you've got a computer problem. "Oh yes please come in." They walked past her, "It's in the spare room this way." She said leading them upstairs; the two lads nudged each other as they studied her arse in her tight faded jeans. She showed them into a fairly small bedroom with a double bed. The computer was on a table at the side and Gary sat in the chair and his mate Ray on the bed. When the machine fired up she told them about the problem. "Do you think you can fix it?"

"We'll give it a go, now why don't you pop down and make us a nice cup of tea"

"Cheek" she thought especially when they called after her "And don't forget the biscuits."

When she returned with the tea and biscuits Gary said "Hey you really messed up her Mrs Hutchinson."

"Oh no have I? You can fix it though can't you?"

"I reckon so but I think you should stick to what your good at in the future." He grinned.

"Yeh" she nervously laughed, "But I need it working before my husband gets back tomorrow; you can sort it out today can't you."

"Oh don't know about that."

"Oh please you must I need it done today, I will pay well."

"Well we'll see what we can do."

"Oh thanks" she said putting a hand lightly on Gary's shoulder. "I'll be down stairs if you want me."

"When we need you up here we'll call Mrs Hutchinson."

The actual problem was easily sorted but they played games and set up the next part of the plan. "Ok let's get her back up hear" Gary said. He leaned of her the banister and called "Mrs Hutchinson we need you up in the bedroom."

"Ok I'm coming."

"You will be," he said softly. She appeared in the bedroom "Have you done it?" She asked. "Come and sit here and we'll show you"> Gary said pointing to the bed, and stood up to let he past and she sat on the bed between Ray and Gary still in the computer chair. Gary clicked on a few things and quickly went though a load of rubbish to impress her as to what he'd done. "You see?" He asked "No not really but I'm just glad you've fixed it and I better pay you now."

"Sounds good to me," said Gary "but first we'd like a favour." This surprised her "a favour what?"

"Well since we got you out of a big mess, we'd like to feel you lovely ass and tits."

"What?" she said jumping to her feet? "How dare you talk to me like that now let me pass or there'll be trouble?"

"Gary sat there calmly expecting this reaction "Before you go all high and mighty on us Mrs Hutchinson, you better look at this." He said pointing to a folder on the desktop. She said nothing and looked. "This contains all the system files for your computer and I might just delete it. Try explaining that to hubby."

"I'm I'm sorry if I have offended you but I am flattered but but I couldn't and wouldn't do what you ask. "Sit back down" he ordered. "Yes ok let's talk about a good price." She said resuming her place on the bed.

Gary opened the folder that contained nothing but text files with official sounding names. "Now then Mrs Hutchinson we are going to play a little game."

"Now come on lads" she tried "Lets just fix a price and that's it."

"Better listen to the rules" said Ray.

"But I."

"See these 10 files, they are the most important on the machine. Now we are going to ask you a few questions Mrs Hutchinson."

"What what sort of questions."

"One's you will know the answer to but if you refuse to answer or lie, I delete a file. At this stage I can still get it back but you will have to answer that question and another. Do you understand?"

"No not really."

"Well you will pick it up, now to start what's your first name?"

"Susan" she replied. "Good but you must answer this way my first name is Susan OK."

"I suppose so."

"So Susan how big are your tits? "What?" She folded her arms, "you can't ask me things like that."

"Wrong answer Susan" he said and deleted two files. "Oh no" she gasped. "In this game Susan we can ask anything, now do you want those files back?"

"Yes put them back please." She pleaded. "Then answer the question and in full, how big are your tits." She knew she had no choice. "Ok ok my emm tits are 34c."

"Good now what are your full measurements."

"I'm not too sure but I think my measurements are 34 28 34 or something like that."

"Good that's better, you really are in great shape Susan, now Ray you ask her one. "Ok Susan when were you last fucked?"

"No way am I answering that sort of question" she snapped. "Wrong answer" Gary calmly grinned as three files disappeared off the screen. "Your move Susan, the files hang in the balance. "Please"

"One click and they are gone forever."

"Ok" she said softly "a week last Friday."

"Almost" said Ray but answer properly."

"I last had sex I mean I was errrm I was last f fucked a week last Friday." She had never talked or been talked dirty too and never used the word fuck. She couldn't believe a sense of almost thrill be spoken to like this. "Who by" asked Ray "My husband of course?" The lads were getting more confident now, "did you cum?" asked Ray She saw the mouse move to a file. "No I didn't cum." She said quickly. "Doses he even make you come?" asked Gary who highlighted a file as a warning. "Sometimes he makes me cum."

"How often is sometimes?"

"Hardly even" she admitted. Ray asked "how does a sexy woman like you get off then, do you masturbate?"

"Do I have to answer that?" She asked already knowing the answer. Gary just moved the mouse. "Ok yes I do masturbate." They were not going to back off now. "So when you frig yourself Susan do you use your fingers or something else?" She was going to lie but for some reason said " I use my fingers sometimes but also my", then stopped. "Yes Susan your what?"

"My... my vibrator."

"Shit" exclaimed Ray "You've got a vibrator where is it?"

"What" she asked. "Where' is it I have only ever seen um on the net."

"It's in that draw there." She said pointing behind him. "Well get it, let's see it." He demanded. She got up and leant over him, as the lads grinned at each other. She sat down with it in her hand and Ray took it from her. "So this is your little fuck toy is it, what does hubby think about this."

"He... he doesn't know about it."

"Right" he grinned, "I bet you have no problem getting off with this do you."


"When did you last play with it then Susan?"

"I last played with it yesterday."

With this Gary got up and sat on the bed beside her, "well you are doing well Susan all the files are still there. Now do you remember how we started and the favour we wanted?"

"No" she lied. "Oh I think you do Susan, think."

"You wanted to touch me."

"Not just touch feel you and where."

"My errrm my tits and bum"> "Good and are you going to let us?"

"Will you delete the files if I don't?"

"Well I might then again I might not, so it's up to you Susan, but don't take all day to decide." She knew she should at least try to call his bluff but her mind was spinning and part of her wanted to see what it would feel like. "Ok" she found herself softly saying. "Ok what Susan?"

"You can... feel my tits."

"Fucking great" exclaimed Ray putting down the vibrator as they both edged closer to her. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as they each took a breast and started to massage. "This wasn't supposed to feel good," she thought. As she fought the feeling or part pleasure guilt and other emotions, she didn't notice that Ray had pulled her shirt from the back of her jeans. She came back to her senses when she realised Gary was undoing her blouse. He had it open to her belly when she grabbed his hand. "Nnno you musn't" she said. "You said we could feel you tits Susan"

"Yes but I didn't mean." As she held Gary's hand at the front Ray took the opportunity to unclip her bra. "Hey" She said trying to refasten it. As she fumbled Gary made easy work of the last three buttons. They both pushed her bra up and away making her efforts to fasten it useless anyway. As they went to work on her bare tits her arms returned to her sides. "Lie back" Ray commanded and they pushed the housewife onto her back and both took an arm each and pushed them over her head. "Just keep um there while we work on your lovely Tits" Ray old her. "But" was all she protested as his time they didn't use only their hands but lips, teeth tongues and mouths. Her tits had always been so sensitive and wished her husband would pay more attention to them. She bit her lip hard trying not to moan and give them more encouragement. Gary gently licked and sucked her nipple while Ray was rougher squeezing and lightly biting. Her head rolled from side to side as the pleasured her tits. She again hardly noticed a hand on both of her knees it was only when they started to travel up her thighs she took the only action she could, squeezing her legs together. This also made her realise how turned on she was becoming. Her action didn't deter either lad as they ran their hands almost teasingly over the tops of her thighs. Ray soon got impatient and went straight for the V and squeezed. "oooooh" she said not able to hold back. "N n no you musn't touch me... ooh... there." Because they were still working on her tits she could get her hands down. Despite her protest her legs had fallen slightly apart and Ray was rubbing her jeans between her legs. "Why not Susan doesn't it feel good."

"You said... my... tits not ooh... there."

"Well your nipples are so hard we reckon your pussy needs attention too" said Ray lifting off her right breast. "I bet you pussy is dripping, shall we see?

He said going for the zip on her jeans. "No oh no" She could now get a hand to his but only held it with little or no pressure as he pulled the zip down. She showed equally little resistance as his hand slipped into the opening and over her knickers. "Ooooh please ooh I... I shhouldn't." She stammered still battling with her conscience. Ray met with no resistance at all as he undid her belt and button on her jeans. His hands roamed all over her knickers and leant over to say in her ear. "Just as I thought Susan nice and damp." She didn't realise she was pushing her hips upwards as Gary still played with her tits. "Why don't I slip your jeans off so I can really give your pussy a seeing to?" He didn't wait for an answer but got up and got hold of the waistband. "I... shouldn't" she said again but lifted her bottom so he had no trouble sliding them off. He could now clearly see her plain pink knickers and spread her legs wide. He pulled them aside and rubber her pussy lips around which drove her wild. "Aaaaah oooooh godddd yesssss." He rolled her clit around on his thumb and said "You ever have your pussy eaten."

"Noooo oooooh nooooo."

"You like me to eat you though wouldn't you."

"Ohhhh yess yeess." So he grinned and began to use his tongue on her swelling clit. She screamed to at least one orgasm but he didn't give up fingering and licking her.

"Are you on the pill" Gary asked "Yes" she said breathlessly "That's good cause you know we're gonna fuck you don't you."

"Yess "

"You need fucking don't you."

"Yes ooh yes." She could not believe what she was saying. She was a faithful wife but these lads had her so worked up. "Stand up and strip the rest of your clothes off then we're gonna fuck you silly." Gary ordered. Like a robot she got up, dropped her blouse and bra to the floor. She looked up to see the two lads quickly stripping and slid her knickers down her legs. "Leave the socks" Ray instructed as he stood up allowing her to see his hard thick cock. Thicker than her husbands and then Gary joined him she noticed his cock too. Both nudged her thighs. "Spread your legs" They demanded and she did. This time Gary played with her pussy and Ray he tits and bum. She hoped it didn't go on for long as her legs felt so week. "You want fuckin now hey."

"Yes yes"

"We've been dreaming of this since we followed you up the stairs we weren't sure if you could be persuaded but you want bad now don't you."

"Yess please yes."

"Do you suck your husbands cock."

"No I've never no."

"What you've never sucked a cock?"


"Fuckin ell" Said Gary "a virgin mouth"

"Yeh but it won't be for much longer cause your gonna suck my cock" With that Ray laid on the bed his cock in hand. "You better climb on here and suck this and if your good Gary'll fuck you aching pussy."

"No I... really I can't do that." Gaz have you still got those files on that PC?"

"No No please don't." Then get on here and start your fist blow job.

She like an obedient pet climbed up the bed and took Ray's cock in her hand. "That's it kiss and lick the end. Ohhh yerr. Now take it deep in your fucking mouth and suck it good. Oooh yerr yerrr. "She's doin great yer fuck her Gary."

He didn't need asking twice, her bum sticking in the air he was soon pounding her pussy. "mmmmp mmmmph she moaned as she bobbed up and down on Ray's cock. Ray was the first to explode into her mouth. "Aaaaag yes that's it yer take it drink my fuckin cum." She had little choice as he held her lovely black hair the warm cum gushed into her pretty mouth. She panted for breath as he let her go and cum dripping down her chip. Gary was still driving into her aa more cum was dripped from her lips. She then felt the next explosion deep inside her. As she collapsed on the bed she was turned over and surprised to see the lads nearly hard again. They knelt at either side off her. "Get us hard again" Ray ordered and she for the first time in her life had a cock in each hand and began wanking them. "Oh yer your our little cum slut" said Ray as he played with her clit keeping her on the boil and making her squirm. "We gonna fill you full of cum again before we've done. You want that don't you?"


"Yes I know you fucking do." Gary pulled her up so she was almost sitting against the pillows and headboard. He chucked a pillow to his mate. Gary grabbed a handful of her black locks and pulled her face towards his cock rubbing it over her pretty face and lips. She opened her mouth "Yer you're a real cocksucker now. Come on that's what you want suck it. Yeeer oooh yerr." Ray had pushed the pillow under her bum, lifted her legs over his shoulders and drove deep into her. So deep in fact she let go of the cock and gave an uncontrolled pleasurable scream. "aaaah yess aaah yessssss." He soon had her Cumming again and again before he pulled out and wanked cum all over her pussy and belly. He then went and got her vibrator and started to use it on her, which drove her wild as she tried to keep sucking his mate. Then he grabbed her hand, "use it on yourself." She pushed it in and out of her sopping pussy and didn't see him set up the small digital camera. He set it to keep auto-shooting pics of her sucking his mate while masturbating with the vibrator. "Oh yer I'm gonna cumm" said Gary "open your mouth aaaaaah yeeessss aaaaah" He shot his load into her open mouth. They fucked her to another screaming orgasm with her vibrator. Until she collapsed exhausted and panting on the bed. They cleaned up on her knickers and bra and dressed. Looking down at the cum covered housewife lying there, she was almost asleep on the bed. They leaned over and gave a last kiss on her lovely nipples and left.

She must have dozed off because the next thing she remembered was her daughter shouting after coming in from college. "You up there mum?" She jumper off the bed gathered her clothes and headed for the bathroom. "Yes" she answered "I'm I'm just going to take a shower." She really enjoyed the shower but the water made her tingle and as she washed herself she realised her body was still sensitive. Although the guilt had truly hit her now she was playing with her clit and came yet again.

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