Chapter 1: Spring 2000 - Paul & Terry Hartstein

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Spring 2000 - Paul & Terry Hartstein - A young couple, Paul and Terry buy a condo in the suburbs and meet some sexy new friends.

Paul was still in awe over the new condo in the outskirts of Hartford that he and his lovely wife Terry had just moved into. They had saved up the down payment over a period of about three years and now were realizing the dream of having their own place. It was in a very nice neighborhood; populated with young couples like themselves and the complex they were in had a pool, Jacuzzi, recreation room and tennis courts.

They were still in the unpacking stage and hadn't had a chance to get out and meet anyone yet. They'd been married for just four years, or since the day after he'd graduated from UCONN. Paul was twenty-five and an insurance adjuster. Terry, just twenty-three, was an aspiring songwriter who was positive her next song would be a mega hit and bring them untold riches.

It was June and quite warm. After spending the better part of the morning unpacking they hit a Mc Donald's for a quick lunch and on returning to the condo, decided it might be a good time to check out the pool.

As they put on their suits, Paul couldn't help but watch Terry as she changed. He had always been amazed by the body below her dark blonde hair and cute face. She was very thin but her chest revealed nicely developed breasts which she was now trying to squeeze into the top of her tiny bikini. She looked at him with her big doe-like innocent eyes and asked, "Do you think this is too revealing to go to the pool the first time?"

Paul's thoughts were being controlled by his cock at the moment and he was daydreaming about how the men around the pool would be absolutely drooling over Terry's luscious bod. But he wasn't foolish enough to say anything like that to her because of the fact that he thought Terry terribly self-conscious about her body. He definitely didn't want her to shy away from showing herself off as much as she was about to.

He recalled that it had taken quite awhile for her just to get comfortable around him after they had gotten married. She had been brought up in a strict religious household, and it had taken Paul a long time to convince her that whatever a man and wife did in privacy was perfectly all right as long as they were in agreement about it.

In truth, he was wrong about this. Terry had adjusted to her body and the way others looked at her a long time before, but being a prudent person, had not shared this with Paul. In fact, Terry was already at the point where she would do just about anything they both wanted, short of having other people involved.

Having other people involved happened to be Paul's biggest fantasy. Each time he masturbated -- and he did so daily -- he imagined having two women at the same time. He had, early on, tried to share that fantasy with her, but Terry seemed so turned off by the subject that he dropped it.

What he didn't realize was that Terry being young and naïve, had been stunned by the suggestion, first thinking he no longer desired her and that she lacked something sexually. But after discussing his suggestion with her closest friend Diane, she soon conceded that Diane was correct in saying that all men thought that way; that they were led by their penis's and were quite happy with one woman but liked to imagine having a harem to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Paul had gotten to feel something of what it was like years before in high school after a basketball game. But it had been he, his best friend, Donny and a girl they'd both known who'd tried it out of curiosity. That experience had fueled his desire to try it with two women at one time; but he'd done his best since marriage to bury the thought.

As he came out of his day dream, he realized Terry was waiting for him to answer her.

"Oh, honey, you look great in that color. You'll be the best looking one there." Terry wriggled her rear at him while glancing over her shoulder and smiling. For kicks, Paul wore a Speedo swimsuit, wanting to show off his endowment to any ladies who might happen by. He was proud of his penis; well most men are, but Paul had a solid seven inches that Terry had grown to worship, touching him constantly in private.

As they donned their robes and sandals and headed out into the warm afternoon sun to the pool, he reflected that they had sex just about every day, and even when Terry had her period she still made a point of blowing him once or twice a day.

He shrugged his shoulders and told himself that he had it pretty good, a great, sexy wife, good job and now this wonderful condo of their own. No more renting, he thought, this is the life, and pulled a lounge chair over to join one already set by the poolside.

It was a beautiful late spring day and the pool was well populated with both swimmers and those seeking to tan themselves. Paul fished into the carrying bag that Terry had brought and found the suntan lotion. Being a gentleman, he applied a generous amount to Terry's back and rubbed it in. He listened for the telltale purr from her indicating he was beginning to arouse her, then stopped and covered his own limbs and when finished, passed the lotion to Terry.

As he rubbed the lotion into his skin he looked around and saw that the others sunning themselves and cavorting in the pool weren't modest at all. One other thing stood out. There were no children in or around the pool. He thought that odd, but did not have any objection to it, thinking: 'More time for the adults to frolic.'

The first thing that registered after noting the lack of children was the fact that several women were showing a lot more of their bodies than Terry was. In fact, four of them wore very small thongs that would have been outlawed at any nearby beach or public pool. It was easy to see why in that they revealed practically all of their backsides with just a string up their crack. Needless to say, Paul was in heaven and stretched out on his lounge chair waiting for the combination of sunny heat and his normal level of desire to inflate his manhood.

Terry looked around and almost did a double take on seeing the nearly nude women around and in the pool. One woman, wearing nothing more than a small strip of white cloth, had caused Terry to stare at her crotch because the lips of her vagina were clearly visible through the wet material. As Terry's eyes rose up to check the remainder of the woman's body she saw the woman's areola and pointed nipples straining for release from their limited confinement.

'Why wear anything?' Terry wondered and looked elsewhere only to see another brunette similarly attired. She glanced down at her own skimpy suit and thought that she had been somewhat finicky in her own selection and was having trouble justifying it to herself. 'I'll have to do some shopping, ' she told herself, 'after all, when in Rome... '

After taking a quick dip in the pool to cool off they both lay back and soaked up the sun's beneficial rays. A few people passed by and said "Hi," but no one really struck up a conversation. After awhile, with sweat gathering in crevices that usually remain sweat free, Paul suggested another dip and Terry was quick to agree.

They hopped in on the side of the pool and just talked while standing in belly-high water. Paul, wearing a pair of very dark sunglasses was enjoying long, lingering looks at the various women. He was rating them on a scale of 1 to 10 and thus far had not found one below an 8 plus. Terry had already dismissed the women, giving them an A for effort and made a mental note to ask one, after becoming acquainted, where they went to get their bikini waxing done. She too, wore dark sunglasses and made use of their hiding her eyes to study the men walking around the pool. She was pleasantly surprised by the number of men wearing bikini style and Speedo swim suits. 'Paul guessed right about pool-side attire, ' she thought. Generally, he wore the boxer trunks, but today of all days he picked that skimpy, oh so racy Speedo thing that gave everyone a good look at her friend. Terry had always referred to his penis as her friend ever since the first time they had lain together. His lovemaking had always left her fulfilled and craving more.

Even now, standing in the pool next to him, she had to restrain herself from reaching out and touching her friend. She noted that her friend was indeed larger than usual for just lounging around outside and it crossed Terry's mind that the barely clad women had a thing or two to do with it.

"Getting a little horny there, are you honey?" She teased and managed to brush her fingers over his erection, well not exactly an erection, but it was getting there, she thought.

"Oh, yeah, maybe," he conceded. "There are a lot of attractive women struttin' their stuff and well," he laughed, "I can't help it. Besides you're not helping any giving it those rubs there."

She laughed and said, "I know. Tell you what, I'm climbing out and getting a little more sun and then I'm headed back. We still have a lot of unpacking to do, hon."

The last was an unspoken request that he join her in the work and Paul smiled at her and nodding, followed her to the ladder and took in her lovely ass as she climbed up and out of the pool.

Terry knew he was watching her rear end. She loved to wiggle it just for him as it always got her friend hard. 'Maybe, ' she thought, 'we won't unpack anything later. Maybe we'll just make love and christen the place. Yeah, that's a great thought and Paul will jump at the chance to make love instead of unpacking.'

It was then that Terry realized someone was looking down the front of her bathing suit as she was leaning forward to pull herself up.

'Oh, God, a peeper, ' she told herself and started to grit her teeth when the man stuck his hand out offering her assistance in climbing out. Terry didn't need any help, but quickly changed her mind for two reasons. The man was simply a superb specimen and he was offering her his assistance. She took his hand and then realized that as he pulled her up he was afforded and even better glimpse of her breasts. 'Probably saw my nipples, ' she thought as she thanked him. And turned to see what Paul's reaction had been to this minor flirtation.

Terry was startled on following Paul's gaze. He was gawking at one of the firmest pair of breasts Terry had ever set eyes upon. They were, in turned out, a couple; and were the first to actually welcome them to the complex.

Terry couldn't help but notice that the man was deeply tanned and wearing the briefest of Speedos that she had seen all day. 'My God, ' she thought, 'does he have a boa constrictor in there?' Her next fleeting thought was, 'It can't possibly be real, can it? Do men actually grow to sizes like that? He must have something stuffed in there, but why?'

By this time the woman was performing introductions. "I'm Barbara and this sun god worshipper here is my husband, Trevor, we're the Farouk's. Not the former royal family by any means though," she laughed.

Trevor picked up the dialogue; his eyes never leaving Terry's body. "We moved in here about a year ago. I think, and I'm sure Barbara agrees with me, that it's just fantastic here."

Both had dark hair and dark eyes, Trevor showing what appeared to be Mediterranean features. He was actually Egyptian, and a distant relative of the former King Farouk. Barbara' parents hailed from Northern Italy. Both were, however, exceedingly handsome. Trevor's short curly hair, moustache and broad hairy chest along with his muscular physique, would make him stand out anywhere. For her part, Barbara had an hour glass figure, with firm muscular legs, and ample-sized breasts. Her skimpy thong-styled suit had already been well studied by both Terry and Paul.

When they extended an invitation for drinks soon after, it was quickly accepted by the young couple without their looking to the other for approval. Since it was already about four in the afternoon, Barbara asked if eight would be all right with them. Terry immediately told her it was perfect; that she could get some unpacking done and still have plenty time to get ready.

"Oh," Barbara said as they were about to part. "Better get something to eat. Normally I'd have invited you over for dinner, but I can't, we're dining with friends in about an hour and... well I hope you understand?"

"Of course we do," Terry said quickly, thinking, 'Paul can run out for some fast food while I unpack. He'll be happy to be out of my way for a while.' Then to Barbara, "The drinks sound wonderful. It's the perfect ending to a perfect day."

And with one last surreptitious glance at Trevor's groin, Terry turned and along with Paul went directly to their condo.

Paul took a quick shower to rid himself of the greasy lotions and came out of the bath to find Terry lying on their bed still wearing her bikini.

As he continued to dry himself, he asked, "Terry, weren't you going to continue with the unpacking?"

She gave him her seductive smile and replied, "Tomorrow's another day. I'm feelin' a little horny and I'm wondering if your friend wants to play?"

He smiled back at her and said, "Your wish is my command, my dear," then joined her on the bed, taking her into his arms and kissing her passionately.

As the kiss ended, Terry said, "They were a beautiful couple weren't they?"

"Uh huh," Paul answered and then lowered the left cup of her bikini top and took the nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue over it.

Terry moaned with delight and unconsciously opened her thighs. And at the exact moment Paul began to chew on the nipple; something he knew she adored, Terry asked, "Barbara has a great body too, doesn't she?"

Hesitating a moment before releasing the nipple so he could reply, Paul quickly formulated what he thought to be the correct response.

"Umm, well yeah, of course there wasn't much left to the imagination. I mean, Jesus, you could see her vaginal lips for God's sake!"

"Yesssss," Terry hissed as her hand cupped his balls, for she loved his sacs almost as much as she loved his cock. Each time she fondled them brought a quick, thrill between her legs, a precursor, if you will, to an impending orgasm. For Terry was one of those rare women who climaxed virtually every time she had sexual intercourse; and many times when she didn't but only entertained some extended foreplay.

"And don't forget her nipples, Paul, honey. Geez," she said, for Terry could not bring herself to swear, it wasn't in her nature to do so. "They were so big! I mean look at mine?" Terry yanked her other breast from its supporting cup and presented both her tits for Paul's inspection. Her nipple's now fully erect, were similar to those of a pencil's eraser tip, small and slender as were her areola as well.

"You have fantastic tata's baby," he said trying to avoid what might become a dangerous discussion.

"No, I know you love my tata's baby, but what about hers?"

"Very revealing for one," he offered, then halted.


"Maybe a larger size than yours, but in later years that may prove to be a disadvantage, whereas yours will stay firm and supple well into your sixties, or even later." Paul felt reassured that he'd handled that question as diplomatically as possible under the circumstances.

But Terry wasn't finished, although he sensed she was, as her hand was now alternating between fondling his balls and permitting her nails to caress the sides of his semi-hard dick.

"What about her nipples, Paul? They're so much bigger than mine," she finished with a pout on her face.

"Hey size isn't everything," he said once again trying to placate her. But Terry wasn't looking to be placated. She used his comment to bring Trevor's cock -- his wondrous snake-like trunk that had filled his Speedo and inflamed her imagination, into the conversation; and so she pursued the subject, finally bringing out into the open.

"It isn't? Then what about that giant bulge in Trevor's trunks, huh?" She hissed at him and alarming Paul with her intensity then grabbed his cock which had already begun to ache with a need for release.

"Terry!" He gasped as she began squeezing and jerking on his throbbing member.

"I want to make you ejaculate," she breathed, loving the very sound of the word. She repeated it again and again in her mind, drawing the syllables out.


Paul couldn't move. He felt her lips on his shoulder, then nipping at his ear, and his scrotum tightened. She ran her fingernails along his length, then gave him three slow strokes.

"I want to see you cum!" Terry moaned, increasing the speed of her hand on him.

"In about 10 seconds, you're gonna get your wish!" He gasped and continued with, "All over your little hand and wrist."

"Really?" she whispered, in as husky a voice as he'd ever heard from her. Terry was staring him in the eye. "Really?" she repeated, leaning over him, bracing her hands on his shoulders and forcing his body deep into the mattress.

"Really?" she said once again and released his cock, then pressed her lips to his. Paul groaned into her open mouth and managed to restrain myself from rolling over on top of her and ravaging her.

Panting now, her lust for him undisguised, Terry asked with as much honesty as she could muster up, "Paul can... I mean is it possible for a man to be that big?"

"Honey," Paul began, knowing Terry had not been exposed to a wide variety of sexual matters or situations, "I admit it looks like the guy's well hung, and he may or may not be. What I mean is... well, some women pad themselves, perhaps some guys do as well. I didn't see him in the pool, did you?"

"No," Terry replied in a little girl's voice.

"Just remember," Paul went on, "size isn't everything." Lot's of women fantasize about fucking a horse-cock, but most of them don't care for it unless it's attached to someone they really like."

A distant memory suddenly came to the fore of Terry's mind. "A horse-cock," she said and pursued the thought for a moment, then smiled wickedly at him and said, "You know, I still want you. I want you a lot!"

As she spoke, she ran her fingers down over his arm, then across his hip and thigh and finally rested her hand on his full grown erection, her eyes widening as she gripped it.

"This is my horse-cock," she murmured happily, and then straddled Paul -- moving forward until her neatly trimmed pussy was directly over his face. "Ready or not," she called out with a playful sensualness, then lowered her pussy down to his more than eager mouth.

As always, Paul found her pussy sweet and juicy and very, very hot. He strove to keep his eyes open and had a splendid close-up view of the coral vaginal walls just under his nose. And as he licked and suckled upon her nether region, his hands caressed her flanks and finally fastened onto her firm, well rounded ass.

With a moment of sudden inspiration, he raised her body from his face and called out, "Even from this vantage point, you're still the most beautiful women I've ever seen!"

His words and the fact that he had promptly lowered her cunt to his mouth again after uttering them cause Terry to flow freely, bathing his face and neck with her love sauce.

It took some time, but his tongue eventually got around to locating her clit and that was enough to trigger Terry's first orgasm. She let it sweep over her body, enjoying each and every element of it while he contented himself with toying with her asshole. A few minutes later; most of Terry's climactic reverberations had faded away. Then, moving with a slow, but deliberate lethargy, she permitted her own fastidious tongue to lick the entire length of his cock. Instantly it bobbed up and Terry reached out and took it in her fist and said, "I want you in my mouth... now!"

Paul looked on with a knowing pleasure as Terry's mouth gobbled a third of his member before halting and making several minor adjustments that were necessary for her to consume more of him.

Terry was not an artful cocksucker. It would be more apt to typecast her as a greedy cocksucker. Lunging back and forth on his pole with a fury that would one day cause damage to her neck muscles, she sucked heartily on him. Long, wet, voracious sucks; consisting of a glutton-like, insatiable craving to suck the life out of him in order to satisfy an appetite that would not be appeased.

"I'm coming!" Paul breathed hoarsely, only 30 seconds after she'd begun.

Terry sucked harder and jerked harder even as Paul let loose. She made a soft noise, as if she'd been hit in the back with a pillow; then swallowed and sucked as if searching for oil. A trail of sperm ran out of the corner of her mouth, but she never considered reducing the strength of her powerful suction upon his member.

Paul fired line after line into her mouth and throat. She kept sucking and tonguing until he was done; then she swallowed what was left with a self- satisfying gulp.

He lay limp as she finally allowed his fast shrinking cock to tumble from her mouth. She rested her face on his thigh and stroked his withering member with the tips of her fingers. A few seconds later Terry raised her face to look at him, a questioning expression adorned her face.

"Yes, you're a greedy bitch," he said, thereby reassuring her that her animal-like fury in blowing him had been appreciated and not thought of as being victimized by her insatiable need to devour his cock. It was now a long-standing ritual between them and Paul, loving her more than ever, was only to glad to do so for her sake.

Licking her lips; seeking that last residual film of sperm that was still adhering to them, she sighed and said, "I love you, Paul. I love you with all my heart and soul. There will never be another man for me, ever."

We will soon see how shallow those words were.

After a while Terry got up and took a shower, brushed her teeth and contemplated her attire for that visit to Barbara and Trevor's place. Wanting to make a good impression, she selected a pair of slacks that she had purchased the week before and had not worn yet. Then she picked a lavender bra from her drawer and asked Paul to help her with the hooks. As always he rubbed each breast vigorously before allowing it to escape his view by tucking it into the B cup of the bra. There was no reason Terry couldn't have hooked the bra herself, but she had grown to love his little ritual and as she buttoned the almost sheer blouse over the bra, she was pleased to see her eraser tipped nipples protruding proudly for all to see.

Paul tugged on a pair of jeans, then grabbed a Greg Norman golf shirt off a hanger and tucked it into the jeans. He leaned to the left and then the right, admiring his lean, trim body in the full-length mirror. As he adjusted his genitals he had a fleeting thought of Barbara and her fine looking body and how great she probably was in the sack and then dismissed it thinking of how he would fuck Terry after they returned and had several drinks.

Eight o'clock rolled around and Paul rang the bell to the Farouk's condo, which they noted was larger than their own. Barbara answered the door and Paul immediately began salivating. She wore only a tight white cotton t-shirt that did little to hide the flesh beneath above a short green tennis skirt. Terry was a little surprised that Barbara would wear something so provocative for their first visit.

When she saw what Trevor was wearing, she forgot all about Barb. He had on a pair of sweatpants that had to be two sizes to small for his muscular frame. His thin waistline allowed him to get away with this, but that was lost on both Terry and Paul because Trevor obviously wore nothing beneath them. As if it mattered in the least, he also wore a black muscle shirt that Terry found she liked, but only after a long, lingering look at his loins.

'He dresses to the left, ' she noted, but everyone else knew this and so she promptly forgot that pertinent or rather, impertinent piece of information.

Barbara ushered them in with the usual utterances for such occasions and asked them what they'd like to drink, adding that Trevor made an exceptional peach daiquiri.

The Hartstein's both accepted the offer of daiquiri's and settled down in the living room and began talking about things in general, such as what they did for a living, their families and where they were from, then drifted to who knew who from places they both had lived or visited at one time or another.

It wasn't long before they were all ready for another drink and Trevor rose to do the honors. Terry had praised his peach daiquiris several times and Trevor invited her to join him in the kitchen to see how the drinks were prepared.

They went into the kitchen and left Paul and Barbara to chat. Barbara turned toward Paul and he thought her tits were going to poke out through her shirt. He could easily see the dark circles of her areolas and her nipples were hard as rocks. But of course, something of his was getting hard, too. They chatted a bit and then Barbara suggested that they go to the kitchen also and get some snacks. As they started for the kitchen Barbara took his hand. As they turned to enter the kitchen, Paul froze in his tracks, for his wife was standing in front of the counter where the drinks were ostensibly being made with her hands on the counter and Trevor behind her with his hands around her, massaging her breasts while grinding his groin against her ass. Terry appeared to be enjoying what he was doing although she wasn't actively participating.

Paul found himself speechless and unable to move. Barbara saw what had startled him and quickly guided him back to the living room. They sat down on the sofa where she asked him concernedly if what he saw bothered him.

"I... I'm totally shocked that Terry would permit anyone to do that to her," he said lamely, still caught up in the sight of Trevor humping his wife's rear end and by the fact that Terry had it jutting out the way she had, obviously enjoying the intimate contact. And the guy's hands had definitely been mauling her tits and she was letting him get away with it.

"I mean, Terry's always been so god-damned straight-laced about things like that. I just can't figure it..."

Then Barbara surprised him even more, laying her hand on his lap. The touch of her fingers was electric and for a moment, Paul forgot what his wife was doing in the next room. "You know Paul, your wife, Terry..." she paused for effect. "Maybe I shouldn't say this, but it seems that she's enjoying herself in there."

Paul began to gather himself and started to rise; he was ready to fight if necessary to pry Terry away from this big dicked neighbor. Barbara was ready for this move, having seen it several times before and cut him off as she had the others. Her fingernails grazed his erection. He realized both things simultaneously; he had an erection and this lovely woman was touching it.

Then he heard her whispering in his ear. "Let's get even with them, let's enjoy ourselves out here." Her voice oozed temptation, tantalizing him away from his anger at Terry and into a sexual haze of desire for this temptress next to him.

"You... you're serious?" He said.

"Absolutely serious," Barbara whispered in his ear and then licked it lasciviously. His hand reflexively moved to her breast and caressed it through the T-shirt. She moaned under his touch and offered her lips to him and they kissed her tongue darting quickly into his mouth and licking his teeth and gums before he could react and put his own tongue into gear.

As Paul was assimilating all this with his befuddled mind, Barbara's hand moved to his lap and opened his fly. He retaliated by raising the T-shirt and freeing her ample breasts. He was truly stunned at their actual size and she sensed it.

"They're 40 - D's honey. Like 'em?"

"Love 'em," he croaked.

"So do 'em already, ' she said and giggled.

He was still gawking at them, for they did appear to be larger than they had at the pool. He wondered if he could actually get one of her oversized areolas in his mouth and then -- despite an eerie quiet in the kitchen -- he opened his mouth and accepted her offering.

At the same time Barbara freed his manhood from its confined quarters and began rubbing it lightly.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Trevor had unbuttoned Terry's blouse and unhooked her lavender bra to reveal her lovely perky, pear-shaped breasts and was already feverishly massaging them from behind her.

Terry wondering briefly if all men loved to play with a woman's breasts the same way, quickly dropped the thought and reached behind her with both hands pulling Trevor's hips into her while he was still grinding his cock into her ass. Taking this as a final sign of her acquiescence Trevor left her breasts to put both hands down the front of her pants and started trying to pull them down.

Suddenly he felt Terry tense up. "I... I'm not sure that we should be doing this," she whispered back to him.

"I see," he said. "Well maybe so, maybe so" but he kept his cock against her rear-end and Terry did not pull away. "Let's see what's going on in the living room, shall we?"

His suggestion served to confuse Terry. 'Why wouldn't things be all right in the living room?' She wondered. At the same time she allowed him to steer her from the kitchen without a thought that they were supposed to be bringing fresh drinks with them. She also forgot to replace her bra and as an afterthought, merely clutched her blouse closed with her right hand as they entered the living room.

Terry never got that far, for she belatedly realized her condition of dress and stopped short of entering the room, contenting herself with peeking around the corner and looking in on her husband and Barbara Farouk.

Her chin nearly hit the floor when she spied Barbara and Paul completely nude and performing a graphic version of sixty-nine on the couch. She blinked several times but each time her eyes told her that Barbara had her legs clamped around Paul's head and all she could see of her husband was the top of his head moving just a little. Barbara had his cock in her mouth and was moving back and forth from the shaft to his balls. Paul's cock glistened in what little light there was in the room, for all but one lamp had been turned off.

She felt Trevor's hand on her flank and then between her legs, gripping her firmly. She turned to him questioningly and he steered her back into the kitchen.

"We can join them, or we can stay here for a time," he suggested.

Terry was totally confused. She knew she was highly aroused; she had been ever since Paul and she had... had sixty-nined each other earlier that afternoon. Now he was with another woman! A sudden taste of bile rose up in her throat as Terry analyzed the situation and the truth hit home. 'He must have seen Trevor and her in the kitchen and gone off with Trevor's wife. Had the Farouk's planned to seduce them?'

She wanted to summon up a jealous rage, but could not for she knew that she had allowed Trevor to do more than flirt with her; but she hadn't expected Paul to be going down on another woman he'd just met - despite how sexy she was.

Then she thought, 'I'm always too analytical, maybe this time I should just go with my instincts, ' and made her decision. "All right, let's do it, but let's do it in front of them, okay?"

They walked into the living room and Paul and Barbara both looked up to see them standing there, Terry's blouse hung open and her breasts were completely exposed.

Paul eased himself from under Barbara's nude body, climbed to his feet and started to explain. Terry simply put her fingers to his lips and said "If it's okay with you, its okay with me."

Barbara had gotten up and was standing next to Trevor, both of whom were watching the other couple intently. Finally, Trevor nodded as if having reached some accord with them and said, "Please, follow me."

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