Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Start of a serial involving the careful seduction of a co-worker into the world of submission.

To My Sweet Submissive:

It's been hard to be away from you while on this trip. I've grown to love being near your sweet skin and to feel your breath rise and fall as we lay together. It's amazing to think how different are relationship is from just a few months ago. I remember well that night when the "change" for us started. It's engraved in my soul.

We were out to celebrate reaching the sign-off on the project we had been working on. I had done the technical and you the marketing. We do work very well together and it had gone unusually smooth. I remember offering to go to dinner to celebrate. I detected from the questioning sparkle in your eyes and the subtle quiver in your voice that you considered the invitation somewhere between a mere "work celebration" and a date. Oh, how I had hoped for that reaction! There had been plenty of innuendos during our working together to suggest something more intimate may have been possible; and I was eager to find out how well you would accept and adapt to my intimate "style".

But I am getting off-track. I arranged for one of the private outdoor tables at that restaurant up the canyon. (Did I ever tell you that an old co-worker from my college days is the maitre d' there?) Our table at the restaurant was surrounded by pines and quaking aspens. It was a good ways up a winding trail that gave us privacy, completely out of sight from anyone at the restaurant, save our waiter. It was warm so you started removing the jacket from your feminine business suit. I spotted this act and helped in the gentlemanly way, laying the jacket over one of the extra chairs. Removing the jacket revealed a sleeveless, collarless satin creme colored blouse, with buttons down the front. The blouse was really not much more than a tanktop. This was above a business skirt that matched the now removed jacket. The warmth had prompted you to be bared legged, and you wore business appropriate healed sandals.

Dinner was filled with light conversation, a bit of teasing, and the occasional outright suggestive comment. At the close of dinner the bill was paid and the waiter was dismissed with a generous tip and a note slipped in to the bill to insure privacy for the rest of the evening. Now things were ready for me to begin my experiment. As I recall, it went something like this.

"I want to try something tonight." I said.

"Like what?"

"Close your eyes." You immediately obeyed I knew you had a submissive soul inside of all that strength. "Please keep them closed. But you can end this at any time you want." I stood and walked over behind you. I gently tied a clean cloth napkin over your eyes. (What ever happened to that napkin?) It proved to be an adequate blindfold. I then sat back down across from you.

"Are you OK?" I asked...

"Yes. What's the surprise?"

"Surprise?" I questioned back.

"Sure, there has got to be a surprise. Why else would you have blind folded me?"

"OK," Pause. "There is a surprise. The surprise is for you to discover some new feelings and see how you like them."

"Oh." You said nervously.

"So, tell me how you're feeling, blindfolded."

"Well, NOW I'm feeling a little anxious." You answered.

"A little anxious, eh? Well, personally I find anticipation, being anxious, very exciting, very erotic. Are you finding this erotic?" You didn't answer. "Well?"

Hesitantly, and a little nervously, trying to weigh the implications of your answer, you said "A little bit." I suspected you were embarrassed to admit finding a simple blindfold erotic.

"Good." I said, trying to conceal the glee in my voice. "Let's see if I can crank up your anticipation and get you past 'a little bit'." I paused as I watched you swallow hard. The color is steadily increasing in your face. "We're going to play one of my favorite games. Every time you say anything to me the rest of the evening, you must begin or end the sentence by calling me 'Sir'. Again you can stop this game anytime you want." You got even redder. "Can you do that?"

"Yes." You eventually said. Your hands were in your lap and I could see them trembling slightly through the glass table. It was definitely too warm for the quivering to be in any way due to the temperature.

"Yes, what..." I said back. A touch of fatherly sternness in my voice.

"Oops, Yes Sir."

"Much better, see that's not so hard is it?" I asked.

"Yes, it is hard." You caught yourself a moment later and added "Sir."

"Ah, you're doing fine. And such a lovely shade of red to your face." That comment made you go even redder. "I find it very stimulating to hear you say 'sir'. It pleases me VERY much." I was relishing that moment more than you can imagine. I walked around you, soaking in the sight of you blind-folded, goose pimples forming on your upper arms, little nervous fidgits sneaking through your efforts to remain in control. I probably spent a minute just watching you, but I bet it felt like ten.

I finally broke the silence. "OK. You're doing very well! Now please undo your top blouse button." You hesitated. "Again, you can stop this anytime you want." After a few more seconds of hesitation you reached up and unbuttoned the top button. The blouse showed a touch of cleavage before, but now the cleavage was pronounced and the top fringe of your low-cut bra showed in the 'V' of your blouse. "That is a very lovely sight. Lovely enough that I must have more. Please undo the next button." While you were obediently working on that button I added. "Please undo the next one while you're at it." My request caused you to pause again. I saw your hands trembling, but you remaned in control and undid the two buttons. Only one button at the very bottom held the blouse closed. Your lovely lacy-transparent bra was plainly visible. I saw that it clasped in the front.

"You are looking very beautiful. Your face and chest are very flush, and it is quite flattering on you." I Paused. "Why are you flush? Is it excitement? Embarrassment? Both? Or something else? Please tell me what you are feeling."

"David, I am REALLY embarrassed to be unbuttoning my blouse out here. Can anybody see me?"

"Just me."

"Are you sure? I'm getting REALLY nervous."

"Nervous about what?" I asked.

"Where this is going, why are you wanting me to do this?"

"I want us to become lovers." I answered.

You smiled. "I think I would like that too." The hopefulness in your voice put a smile on my face you could not see.

"Great. So let's see a bit more of that sweet flesh that I hope to soon be kissing and caressing. Please unbutton the last button of your blouse and remove your bra. Remove the bra first, but remove it without removing your blouse, and without exposing your whole breasts to me. Keep the tease of slow exposure going for me please."

"Are you sure nobody can see?"

"Positive. Now please remove your bra. And don't forget to call me 'Sir'."

You carefully and tantalizingly slowly worked the shoulder straps down each arm and over your hands. You then used each hand to push your breasts together de-stressing the clasp and pulling your blouse over your breasts. With your fingertips the latch became undone. Next you pulled your bra out the sleeve opening in your blouse with your other hand. After the bra was completely out, you reached up and undid the last button with both hands. You held your blouse closed with your hands. "Please drop your hands to your lap." You complied. This left a path of skin exposed from neck to navel, with the waistline of your skirt just above your belly button. Your blouse exposed plenty of cleavage, but was just shy of exposing nipple.

"Very, very lovely." I said in praise. "You did a marvelous job of teasing me and for that you should be rewarded." I stood up and came over behind you. You heard me move the chair and tensed up a bit in anticipation. I crouched behind your chair, reached around, and gently wrapped a hand around each of your wrists. From there I slowly ran my hands simultaneously up each of your arms. My touch was a little softer than firm gentleness, and I stopped as my hands hit the seam of your blouse at the top of your shoulders. I slid my hands on to your shoulders, just inside your blouse. Still holding your shoulders, and pressing a bit firmer, I leaned in and gave a long, soft dry kiss on your neck, just below your ear. I then proceeded to give the other side of your neck a matching kiss. I continued back and forth, kiss after kiss, side to side. Each kiss was fractionally lower than the previous one. I did this slowly, patiently, letting the anticipation of each next kiss drill in to your soul. You reacted with slight, lusty moans and I could see your nipples firming under the thin satin blouse. I quit when I hit the fabric on your shoulder.

"You have done wonderfully well tonight. Has it been hard for you to do what I've asked?"

"I want us to be lovers too." You paused. "But doing what you've asked is not easy." Pause. "Sir."

"You have done wonderfully. How aroused are you now?"

"Sir, I am very, very aroused."

I whispered in to your ear, "Is your pussy wet, eager for a cock?"

You hesitated. "Yes it is. Please let's go back to my house and make love."

"You forgot something." I answered in a loud whisper.


"The 'Sir' part." I answered.

"SIR, please take me to my house and fuck me!" You enthusiastically, but quietly said. I think you were hoping that the cruder language would persuade me.

I slid my hands back down your arms, encircling your wrists. "I want to bind your wrists." I paused. "May I bind them? Again, you can stop this if you want, all you have to say is 'please stop.'" I paused again. "So may bind your wrists?"

"And if I say 'no', sir?"

"Then I remove your blindfold, and the evening's fun is over." I answered.

"Then please bind my wrists, sir." You requested, your voice was a lusty whisper.

I pulled your wrists behind the chair and tied a bowline hitch loosely around each wrist. This left about six inches of rope separating the wrists -- a very loose binding as I'm sure you now understand! With you now stuck, I stood up behind the chair and placed my hands on your shoulders, grabbed your blouse and quickly pulled it open and down, all the way to your elbows. This left your wonderful breasts fully exposed.

"David!" you almost yelled at the shock of the sudden exposure.

"Sshhh." And as I whispered that my hands begin a generous exploration of your upper body. I slide my hands softly, but firmly back up your arms and to your neck. I switched there to gentle fingertips on your face, exploring ears and cheeks. Fingers then went back to your neck and down your cleavage. When my hands were at the right height, they slide over and I gave your wonderful breasts their first squeeze! How hard your nipples were. I flattened out my palms and rubbed them over and over your nipples, just hard enough to get them as stiff as I could. This action caused a quiet moan to escape. "You like that?"

"Yes, I'm melting."

With your slip I give one nipple a gentle punishment pinch. "You forgot the 'Sir'."

"I'm sorry sir."

"You're forgiven." I then continued to massage your breasts for a few minutes more.

After finishing enjoying your breasts, I helped you to stand up. I let go and asked you to turn slowly around. I enjoyed admiring the sight of your loveliness as you slowly turned, wrists bound, blind folded, and your blouse hanging open, falling open to your waist as you stood.

"It's time I take you home." I grabbed the waist band of your skirt in front and started to lead you. You resisted, "Somebody will see me!!"

"No, we're fine. Remember your teasing remark about where I parked when we came here. Well, this is why I parked there. Nobody will see us in getting from here to the car. There's a private short trail through the woods to that odd parking spot of mine." I said with some glee in my voice in showing you that there was method to my madness. "So come along let's head to your house."

I led you to the car, opened the door, and then pulled your blouse up on to your shoulders and button one button, the next to the bottom, but you still showed tons of skin in front. I then helped you sit down, buckled you in and closed the door.

The drive to your home was a quiet one, the only distractions were rock music playing softly on the radio and my caressing your upper arm casually as I drove. I would frequently glance over to see the side of your breast that teased me from the deep opening between the open halves of your blouse. Each time you started to say something, I would say with gentle force, "Sshhh, be patient my sweet."

When we arrived at your house, I led you along the very short walk from your driveway to the side door of your house by your waist band. Once inside I led you into your front room. I positioned you facing me. I let you wait a few moments, stewing in anticipation. I then gently placed two fingertips on your lips. I traced these two finger tips from your lips, down your chin, down your neck, down your chest and through the cleavage fjord, across your belly, with a finger tip swilling in your navel and down to tucking them just under your skirt's waistband. I repeated this same sweep three more times, with each time slower than the previous one. "You are such an unbelievably lovely sight. I desperately want to carry you to your bed and spend the whole night using my mouth to pleasure every inch of you."

A 'smile of wanting' crossed your face. "Please Sir, carry me to my bed! I want you so much!" you almost screamed.

"Do you desperately want me tonight?"

"Yes sir, I want you so BAD it's hurting." Your hands, still bound, tried to reach for me from behind. I gently push them back down.

"Well, I do want to enjoy your breasts some more!" I teased. With that, I undid the button on your blouse, slowly pulled it open, enjoying the view, and then slid it back down your arms. I moved behind you, kneeled and slipped your blouse off completely through the loops of rope around your wrists (I'll show you how to do that trick sometime). With your blouse off, I placed my hands on your hips and began kissing your back. I started at your waist, pressing my face between the gap in your arms allowed by the rope between your wrists, and slowly rose, covering your back with kisses and nibbles. I did this very patently, with dozens of hard, sucking kisses covering every spot on your back, teasing onto your sides. When I reached the top, I kissed-nibbled your shoulders, your neck (how I love kissing your neck!) and your ears. At your ear I whispered "How are you doing, my sweet?"


A whack on your round ass followed, but not too hard.

"S... S... Sir?"

"You're learning. No, but I will switch to your front" I answered.

I moved in front of you and took off my shirt. Then, holding your arms just above your elbows, I began kissing again. This time I worked from the top down. I attacked your neck with passion, pulling you tight so that we could feel bare chests pressed. I thrilled at your moans as I kissed, nibbled and sucked your neck, sides, cleavage, belly and finally, after covering every inch of your upper body with kisses, I took a nipple into my mouth. I pressed my open mouth over your nipple and proceeded to caress that nipple with my tongue. I twirled it. I pressed it. I lapped it. I gently sucked it and then gave the other one the same attention, twirling, pressing, lapping.

Finally I backed away. Your chest was flush with excitement and your mouth slightly open, breathing harder than the nostrils would permit.

"Tonight has been a very erotic night for me. As it appears that it has been for you too. I desperately want to make love to you, tonight and every night. But tonight I won't." I saw the disappointment in your face. "You need to decide if you are willing to have intimacy by my rules, surrendering control of intimacy to me. I don't want a night of passion deluding you into making an important choice prematurely. I'll leave you tonight without making love so that you can make that choice openly, not blinded by passion. I leave it up to you to come and say to me 'David, I surrender my body and my passion to you.' And thus commit to being sexually submissive to me. If you never pledge your submission to me this way, then we will pretend this night never happened. I promise that if you do request to be submissive to me, I will give you greater pleasure than you have ever experienced. By letting me be in charge of where, when and how, it would free you to only focus on what you would be feeling. And trust me, the freedom to focus on what is happening makes the feelings, the sensations and the stimulations spectacularly more intense. So, please let me teach you the wonderful joy to be found in submission. It takes great strength to give the gift of submission and I know you have that kind of strength. I've seen it every day."

With that I walked behind you and untied one of your wrists, but left it looped and had you hold the end keeping the loop there. I told you "Don't let go of that rope until when I say it is ok." Then I walked around front and gave you a sweetly-passionate, soft, dry kiss on your mouth. You eagerly kissed back, not wanting the evening to end, trying to seduce me into staying with you that night. I broke the kiss and whispered, "Not tonight, but there can be many, many incredible opportunities if you choose. Wait here standing with your wrists still bound, holding that end of the rope, for a few minutes to relish the night. Then please seriously ponder my offer and its consequences, and the promised joy and pleasure I will give you." With that and another sweet, soft dry kiss, I headed for the door. I stared at you standing there, so lovely, for a while before I walked out the door.

Oh, what a wonderful night that was. It did not take you long to decide that you were willing to try it my way, and what wonderful fun that has been!

See you soon, my sweet.

Your loving Master, David

P.S. Remember that you are not allowed to masturbate while I'm away. I want you good and horny for my return.

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