The Trust Me Pill

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - It's the ultimate sexual gift a woman could give her husband... Hayley gives Steven the key to the kingdom, a pill that makes her willing to comply with whatever fantasies he is willing to attempt, and at the same time, she must trust his judgment completely, because she won't remember a thing afterwards. Can she really trust him to use the pill, and her, wisely?

It felt good to be "on stage" again! Hayley had taken a year off from the convention circuit, and the home life with the new baby was all she had expected and more. She had expected changes in her life, but detaching herself from her career had come more slowly than she would have thought. Her agency persisted in calling from time to time, but she just hadn't wanted to travel and leave her daughter at home. And with the hours the job required, there was no chance that she could take the baby with her.

But even while telling the agency a polite "no," she had known that the remains of an addiction to being the center of attention would eventually win out. She liked her work. So, while telling herself that her workout regimen had been necessary for her general health, the prospect of returning to work had often provided the incentive to make it to the gym.

Although her life as a stay-at-home mom was something she was appreciating more with each day, she hadn't been fully domesticated when they had asked her to go to Chicago for a pharmaceutical convention. The facts were plain. It was an easy flight from Charlotte, and it would only be for four and a half days. Add the daily grind of her daughter's cries, the throw-up, and diaper duty, and the prospect of a break from maternal "bliss" had certainly appealed. Thankfully, even though she and Steven had agreed that she would be an "at home" mom, he had supported her in this "break" from her new routine.

And here she was, in Chicago, at a behemoth of a convention hall, with huge open spaces filled to the brim with various vendor exhibit booths lined up in rows and columns. It was amazing to think that in just a few days it would be emptied and set up again for whoever was next in town. Set-up, fortunately, was not her job.

She had presented pharmaceuticals before, and she liked it. It was a straightforward topic with an educated audience of physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. This was quite different from the prepared foods show at which she had represented Busker's Hot Sauce from Hell, or the Kubota tractor show, or, the worst, data correction software for computer servers. What a bunch of geeks! Nevertheless, give her a crowd, or even a small group, and there was an electric feel to being the presenter. She had to admit she had an addiction to being the center of attention at these things... even if it was while directing a PowerPoint presentation, giving the sales pitch, and trying her best to draw the passers-by to the seats and those in the seats to the product at hand.

The irony of this drug, however, was that, of all possible drugs, she would be asked to present Levitra. It was a major compliment from her agency to trust her with the assignment, because the product was certain to draw crowds and there were certain to be a wide variety of in-depth questions. More importantly, on the visual side, the product, indeed Bayer itself, demanded both a seductive body and a suggestive voice as their spokesperson... It wasn't like she was actually selling Levitra, but image is, often, everything... at least in advertising. Bayer also provided a M.D. who was able to handle the minute details of questions asked by an informed audience, but she had researched the product trials, side effects, and testimonials and was prepared to handle most questions. And it still nagged at her... was a four hour erection a benefit or a side-effect?

It was nice to earn a little spending money too. Steven had an ample income for their needs, but a little discretionary spending fund was always a good thing for a woman to have... And, the agency had graciously given her the money for a new wardrobe. That wasn't their usual deal for their contractors, but she could tell that the gesture was targeted towards motivating her return to the fold for a longer commitment. She'd see about that. But, shopping to find four dresses at once had certainly made the buying decisions easier. It was always the shoes that were the pain... they had to look good, but she also had to stand in them for hours at a time.

Each presentation lasted about 30 minutes with a Q/A afterwards, and after four sessions she was thankful for a mid-afternoon "lunch" break. She found a small café with "open air" seating in one of the main hallways and ordered a grilled chicken salad and ice water with lemon. It was interesting to people-watch from this vantage point. When she was "on stage," she was always focused on the topic, even while making eye contact and making it a point to ask questions of individuals. Despite that, she could hardly remember anyone who had attended so far, especially with this rather sedately dressed bunch.

But now as she watched physicians and various medical trades people of all sorts walk by, it made for an interesting comparison to other trade show groups she had seen... these attendees were professional, appeared generally in pretty good physical condition, represented a wide variety of ages, and were well-groomed and intelligent looking... as doctors should be! No Dilbert T-shirts with this crowd.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see... Carolyn?! It was indeed, and they hugged even as she encouraged Carolyn to sit and eat with her. This was a surprise!

Hayley asked, "It's been what? Five years since I've seen you?"

Carolyn had gained a little weight and had discernibly aged, but it was always great to find a friend at these shows, especially a friend so extroverted and fun.

Carolyn replied, "Probably about that, yes. I can't image what you possibly did for entertainment without me around!" Carolyn was one of those free spirits that never let an idle moment pass. She hadn't changed.

"It was difficult, but I found that I tended towards room service and T.V. Some might say it's boring..."

"Like me!"

"Yes, but, in the wake of your absence, you know, I forced myself to believe it was a coming to maturity. I pretty much gave up the bar scenes without you."

Carolyn laughed. "That's so sad! Well, we need to get you out then! I've been back in the U.S. for about 6 months, but I've been wondering if you were still around. The international shows finally took their toll. I needed a home to go to rather than another motel. Hey, I see a pretty nice ring on the finger. Do tell!"

Hayley saw that Carolyn did not yet have a ring. "Well, I got married not too long after you left. I met Steven through a friend of a friend. We had a whirlwind romance, and off to the altar we went. I didn't quit the biz until last year when I had my daughter, and I've been off up until this assignment."

They caught up on old times and newer ones, including baby facts and the latest on their friends in the business. Carolyn, as expected, did most of the talking, but she was a good listener too.

Carolyn was quiet for a moment and had a curious look about her.

The silence wasn't yet uncomfortable, so she spoke to move this mystery out of the way. "Okay, what?"

"Well, first, you look absolutely gorgeous. I know you've had a baby, and I don't mean this in a negative way, but you look... fulfilled for one. Content." Carolyn looked at Hayley's breasts. "And you look more filled. As in, a new bust line. I don't remember you having cleavage."

"Well, Steven calls it a blessing of motherhood. I went from a 34B to a 36C. In fact, I was quite larger, but I seem to have settled there. They're kind of fun, if you know what I mean... like a new toy. A couple of small stretch marks for wear if I look for them, but I came out pretty well. Plus, I had to buy new clothes. You know how I hate that."

Carolyn laughed. "Wow! Well, don't tell anybody or the plastic surgeons will go out of business! I can only hope to look so good should I ever have a kid. But I guess I should get married first!"

"Well, you know... we didn't have any problems getting our drinks paid for when we used to pal around... I guess we could do so again. Maybe you'll find Mr. Right."

Carolyn brightened at this. "Well, I'd have to see if I brought a dress that presents my assets so nicely as yours, but yes, that would be fun! I hope you don't pop a seam... you might spill out."

"Oh, hush. It's not that tight."

"I wasn't looking for an argument. If you got the cleavage, you may as well use it!"

"Exactly. The agency suggested that I be 'alluring, but not trashy. Sexy, but not tacky. Sophisticated, but available.' It was fun to work with, and I still can't believe I got the Levitra assignment." As she said this, she knew she shouldn't have, as the notoriety of the product made for stiff competition between her peers, but Carolyn would have found out anyway.

Carolyn looked somewhat surprised. "Oh! Well... that's you then! I hadn't made it around, but I heard from... well, I heard that some doctors were taken with you. One said that the Viagra rep was, and I quote, 'but a scrawny girl compared to that wondrous woman at the Levitra booth.'"

Hayley laughed. "Well, today's scrawny girl may develop into tomorrow's wondrous woman!"

"Yeah, like you. I can't believe it. You always had a great figure anyway."

This was good feedback, Hayley admitted to herself. She wouldn't expect to hear complaints from management, if Viagra didn't show as... favorably.

"Well, I guess I bought the right stuff then. It feels great to know that sex appeal is alive and well as I start the countdown to 40. Plus, I admit I've become kind of evil in my way already. Whenever the questions get irrelevant or boring to most of the audience, I just drop my pen. And then, oh my! I've got to bend over and pick it up! I get them right back on track. I've had to do it twice already. I've got improved assets, so I figure I might as well use them."

Carolyn laughed. "That's a good tip. I'll try to remember it..."

It was time to move on. Carolyn sounded a bit jealous, and that wasn't healthy for either of them. "Speaking of falling out of my dress, I heard from Jenn, who is in the booth behind me, that someone fell out of her dress last night at my hotel."

Carolyn looked... guilty? "Which hotel are you at?"

"The Hyatt, down by the river. The hotel here was sold out by the time I made my reservation."

"Yeah, nice view there of the river. I'm there, too. Why don't you tell me what you heard?"

"She said that, and keep in mind she was out pretty late, I gather... though she seemed to be alert this morning... I'm sure someone here has a drug for that! But anyway, she said that she was coming off the elevator and several of the hotel staff were assisting a woman in the hallway, near a stairwell. She said she only caught a glimpse, but that the girl or woman was messed up - clothes half off, hardly able to stand. She was certain she saw one of the employees fondle her boob as they were straightening her up. Like I'm sure that was an accident..."

"Well, that could just be the effects of liquor and a bad date."

"Jenn wasn't so sure. She thinks a guest found her on the floor, then called for help."

"Exactly. But actually, it wasn't a bad date. It was the result of a good one."

"What do you mean?"

Carolyn gave her a look clearly conveying, "Duh!"


"Yes. Don't look so surprised. You've always known I like to party."

"Yes, but I would never have thought you would be in that situation. You're always in control."

"Yep, always. Mostly. Maybe. Look, chick, it wasn't a bad situation, even though it may have looked that way. I look at it as unexpected consequence of the 'Trust Me' pill."

"I know lots about Levitra. But I never heard of that one."

"Trust me, I know lots about Levitra too. Those doctors you've been handing them out to aren't exactly going home with them all."

"I just started handing them out last night." Something clicked, and then she wondered about it. "Wait a minute. Doctors? As in, plural?"

"You were always one to make connections quickly. But yes, plural."

"And at the same time?"

"Right again."

Hayley grinned. "Well, there's no one right around us. Tell me more. Don't be embarrassed. You tell me your story, then I'll tell you mine."

Carolyn seemed intrigued. "Oooooo. Well, you know me... I'm never embarrassed about a good story. I'll tell you a bit about it, but I have to back up. Many of the shows I did were in Asia, from Singapore to Hong Kong, even to Shenzhen in China. And there I encountered this little pill that an acquaintance introduced me to."

"The Trust Me pill?"

"Yes, and trust me, it's quite a pill. But suffice it to say I was in the wrong place to find Mr. Right. There were too many Mr. Wongs."

"Bad pun." Hayley said, as she laughed anyway.

"I know, but seriously, I just got tired of looking for the right guy, but I wasn't willing to give up sex. So rather than settle for the one guy, the pill sort of helped me find several."

"At once?"

"Yep. And I've been hooked on it ever since, although I plan to date legitimately again. It's just hard coming back to the real world."

"So, last night was a..."

"Group thing? Gang bang? Yes, your honor. Guilty as charged. And I literally couldn't make it to my room. My legs were too wobbly after... well, you know. I really didn't need their help. I just needed to sit a couple minutes. So that's my story. Now I want to hear yours. I can't believe there was a story you didn't tell me all those years ago!"

"Okay, but I expect you to tell me more about the Trust Me pill later."

"Sure. Over dinner?"

Hayley nodded.

"But first you have to tell me your story, now."

"Well, what I remember was great." Hayley laughed. "It was in college, and I drank too much, and one thing led to another. There were three guys, all of them were friends, though we never dated. It was just before final exams, and they were seniors. I was a sophomore. We went to a bar, danced, then went to one of their rooms and played a drinking game. It seemed like one dare after the other came and passed. You know, a dare on how close you can come without touching, a kiss, a pet here or there, a piece of clothing... pretty soon we were really getting to know each other, in the biblical sense. I don't remember it all, because I passed out, or at least, I think so, because I didn't remember going to sleep."

"But I remember waking up and seeing the digital clock read 2:45... in the morning. I was in a strange room with a guy nestled behind me and a hand on my breast. I got a little panicked, found my clothes and left. I was really startled because I had never done anything like that before... I had sex with only my steady boyfriend until we split earlier that school year. But what got me was that I realized the hand on my breast wasn't from the guy who was nestled behind me and wasn't even one of the three I had gone out with. I don't really know what happened. I would love to know what happened after I fell asleep. Well, I'd be interested to know, anyway. I'm just glad video cameras and digital pictures weren't common then."

"You weren't drugged?"

"No, just the alcohol."

"That you're aware, anyway. No harm done?"

"No, fortunately. I was a little worried, but I stayed on birth control even after I broke up with my boyfriend. I finally got to the point where I could laugh at myself, at least, after my period came."

"Actually, you weren't too far off from the Trust Me pill. It's so good to talk to someone who knows what it's like to do several guys at once!" Carolyn paused, and carefully asked, "Is it something that you ever wanted to do again?"

Hayley thought about it. "I haven't dwelled on it. It's very useful, though, when Steven is going at it a bit slow. I just whisper a few words about that night and he... well, he picks up the pace, let's say. Actually, maybe I do dwell on it. I realized much later that even going to that room, aside from being a mistake in judgment, still meant that I was more open to that than I would have thought. It was the drinking, I'm sure. I don't think having sex with them was a conscious thing, but that doesn't change what happened."

"I'm not judgmental at all. Like all things, in sex, you don't know if you like something until you try it. But you told Steven about it? I can't believe that! Do you tell each other everything?"

"Well, we're married now. It's not like we're swingers or anything. I'm the only woman he's been with, so he lives vicariously through the boyfriends I had."

Carolyn said, "You mean to say he's turned on by your affairs."

"My past affairs. But, sure. We both are."

"Hayley, if you had the opportunity to do it again, under your own rules, would you?"

"I hadn't really thought about it."

"Are you sure? You and Steven haven't talked about it when you're in bed?"

"Well, sure. But it's just fantasy. It's a subject that only comes up when we're horny, and it disappears after the climax. Even if I did want to, it's different now. I'm married."

"Okay, I'll let the issue drop, for now. I hope I haven't upset you. You look a bit... off."

"Oh, please, Carolyn! All you've done is made me wet, thank you very much. And now I have to go back and promote Levitra!"

Carolyn laughed. "I would think it's a full time job just handing out the samples."

"Yes, funny thing. They all come to me for the samples rather than the company doctor. I'm sure it's just because I've been so informative."

"Yeah, right, Ms. Hot ta ta's."

"I'll make you a deal. Give me your room number and I'll tell them where the clinical trials are taking place."

Carolyn laughed. "I've missed you and your sense of humor. What time tonight?"

"Gosh. I'll have to forego the room service and my T.V. plans. But for you... Lobby at 7:00?"

And it was a date.

Carolyn arrived dressed for what they used to call "a little naughty and a little nice." A low cut white blouse with a hint of satin black bra topped a tight, knee length black skirt. Hayley hadn't planned on going out when she packed, and her casual wardrobe was limited to sweat pants and a T-shirt. So, she wore the dress that she'd had on all day. Alluring, after all...

Carolyn had an Italian restaurant in mind, and before long they were dining on cannelloni and chicken marsala. Tried but very true.

Not surprisingly, conversation quickly reverted to where they had left off in the afternoon. Carolyn, in fact, was quite candid.

"So, the question I asked earlier. If you could do it again," she lowered her voice, "a gang-bang, under your own rules, would you do it?"

"And like I said, I'd have to talk to St..."

Carolyn cut her off with a palm raised in the air. "No, I don't want to hear 'ifs, ' 'ands' or 'buts.' This is a simple question about desire. Assume all your contingencies are satisfied. There's only the question of desire. If you could... would you?"

Hayley didn't respond immediately.

"I'll make it simpler. This is a 'yes' or 'no' question."



"Okay, okay. Yes. The answer is yes. It was a lot of fun, and it makes me horny to think about to this day."

"Fun? That's not a word I'd use. 'Passionate, ' maybe. 'Hard-core, ' definitely. 'Extremely pleasurable and satisfying.' But 'fun?"

"Well, yes. It felt great, but it was just... fun! It wasn't like making love. But I say fun because it was like a sloppy, wet playtime. Everyone got to do what they wanted to do. You know..."

"Okay, we're just made a little different then. Why don't you call Steven on your cell phone and ask him if you can have... 'fun!' while you're here?"

"What! How could I... Who with? I don't think so. And I don't think he would want it either. I answered your question without the "if," but in reality there is an "if."

"I know; I know. I knew it would..."

"And really, how could you expect me to just call my husband and ask him something like that? And why are you so interested in me doing it again?"

"Okay, you've got a point. Besides, it might be even better if you wait until tomorrow and send him a text message while he's at work. I can see it now. He's in a meeting, his cell phone vibrates. He looks down to read, 'yes or no? Can I gang bang 5 or 7 guys tonight?'"

Hayley was amused, but, appropriately, acted mortified.

"Oh stop it with that look! I'm just kidding, of course."

"Oh, I know. Just giving you a hard time."

"Okay, let's mix this up a bit then. I'm trying to give you a hard time, if you know what I mean. I think it will have to wait though. It might require..." Carolyn made a dramatic expression and held her arms out like she was Atlas holding the world... "the 'Trust Me' pill."

"Oh, there you go with that again."

"Let me try it this way. Tell me what you think are Steven's... say, three top fantasies involving you are."

"Well, let's see. He always wants me to ride around at night without a top on. Scares the willies out of me, but I'll probably do it sometime when he does something especially sweet."

"In the car, like on the highway?"

"Yeah. What were you thinking, a bicycle?"

"No, no! The car... been there, done that. It's safe anyway, that is if he's a good driver." Carolyn laughed, perhaps at some private memory. "Okay, that's one. What else?"

"I'm not real sure."

"Well, I think you know, I just have to ask the right questions. What turns him on in bed, or for that matter, maybe out of the bed? Anything going on in other rooms?"

"Well, he really likes to tie me up in our den and 'have his way with me, ' as he puts it. Again, it's more his thing... I get all the attention, but it lacks something when I can't move."

"I agree. Been there and done that, too. Although Steven is sounding a lot more interesting than he did earlier. By the way, I had an interesting... lesson, let's say, when I was in Singapore. I don't think the country matters; men are the same everywhere. But eventually, I think you'll find that his bondage fantasy may work from a different direction. Some men like to tie the woman up, but my experience is that they like to find you tied up already even more. You're sort of like a present, that way."

"Well, you're right there. He hasn't said anything about being tied up, but he has told me it would turn him on if he came home and found me in lingerie, or saran wrap, waiting for him just inside the door, doing who knows what."

"Yes, that's it exactly. Just put the two together and he would go nuts."

"I suppose so. The plastic wrap has been in the back of my mind, but I've never quite gotten around to doing it."

"You and 99.9% of other women, I'd guess, which is why they all fantasize about it. Okay, that's two. Let's step it up a notch. If he were to imagine you having sex with another man, who would it be?"

"Easy. Tim. A co-worker. His office had a pool party at his boss's house. Tim couldn't take his eyes off me..."

Carolyn interrupted. "Was this before or after the baby?"

"After, why?"

"I told you, you jumped a notch on the babe meter. Continue."

"Oh, well, and then Tim couldn't, or rather, can't keep from talking about me at the office, apparently. It annoyed Steven at first, but then he took it as a compliment. Steven knows he has a huge crush on me. He's about 24. He needs a girlfriend, I keep telling Steven."

"Good looking?"

"Sure, he's cute. Why?"

"One more question. Do you trust Steven?"

"Sure, he's my husband."

"No, I mean, do you really trust him?"

"I think so, but the way you ask that scares me a little."

"It's because of the drug."

"Yes, the drug. By the way, I did a Google search and couldn't find anything about it."

"Well, as clever as you may be, you wouldn't. Maybe you will someday. Do you remember the story you told me about college? You fell asleep and couldn't remember everything that happened?"

"As if I could forget... And I'm real curious here about your line of questioning... Steven's fantasies, trust, drugs, orgy... hmmm."

"Like I said, you were quick to connect dots. So, remember?"

"Yes, Ms. Bossy."

"Okay. Well, someone somewhere made up that terrible drug, the date rape drug. Familiar with it?"

Hayley was. "Sure, mix it with a drink. The girl goes to sleep. The guy takes advantage of her and she has no recollection of what happened. Lots of girls have been victimized by it."

"I agree, except I would say it's the guy that used the drug that is to blame, not the drug itself."

"Kind of like guns..."

"We're off topic. Here's the next evolution..." Carolyn handed over a pill. Gelcap variety. No manufacturer indication.

"First, what does this do? And second, why would you have it? Although, I can probably guess a bit at both."

Carolyn grinned. And then she explained.

Hayley arrived home Sunday night. Steven helped her carry her bags in from the car, and once they reached their room, she began emptying the trade show goodies she had collected from other vendors' booths. Notepads, pens, stress squeeze balls, a goofy hat with a rotor blade, T-shirts, rulers, cups... For herself, she began unwrapping the plastic film around a nice polo shirt she had received from "an admirer" at Pfizer.

"Here, Steven, see what else you can find in there." He had always enjoyed getting the odds and ends. He certainly would this time.

He quickly came to his first prize. "Is this what it says it is?"

"Yes, I thought you might be curious."

"Should I be insulted that you thought I might be curious 100 times? Or are you saying I need this?"

"Well, honey. It does say that you can maintain an erection up to four hours."

"Four! I'd heard that, but really?"

"How would I know?"

"Perhaps you'll find out!"

"Duh! I hope to! I think it's important for me to research beyond the formal testing that's been done, don't you think? They probably should have given me some of those in advance of the convention. I'll be right back. Gonna check on Samantha."

"She's sleeping soundly."

"I'm sure you took care of her just fine." And the baby was fine, sleeping on her stomach. She couldn't help but adjust the covers, even though they didn't need it. She felt like she had to do something... she had missed her over the past few days, and it was a comfort just to watch the little bundle rise and fall with her breaths.

After a few minutes, she returned to the bedroom doorway, where she watched Steven sift through her suitcase. She was glad to see him, too. At 6'1", she had to look up at just the right angle to kiss him, and she could easily lose herself in his blue eyes, well, when he was in the mood anyway. She hoped he would be soon.

He sorted through a magnetic paper clip holder and a nice pen and pencil set. "What are these?" He was holding up three pills in a small baggie.

"Well, dang. You weren't supposed to find those. There's some used condoms in there somewhere too, if you look hard enough..."

"Yeah, you wish. Now what are these?"

"Oh. I don't know if those actually work. But they come highly recommended. As I understand it, they only work on women. I think it's somehow activated by estrogen."

"Okay, but what does it do? Give you a hard on for four hours!"

"Of course not, you goof. I think they're good for six or more." Hayley then looked at him seriously; he detected the difference. "As I understand it, if I were to take one of those pills, it would take about one hour to have its effect, at which point I would become very, very suggestible to anything you would ask me to do... for maybe... I wasn't kidding... four, six hours, maybe longer..." She saw Steven smile, considering its implications. She would help him. "It affects a female in several ways, apparently. She gets extremely turned on. And you know how it's said that guys think with their dicks when they're turned on?"

"It's true."

"Well, it's kind of the same for the woman. The conscience is blocked and even reluctance, for the most part, disappears. Or so I've been told."


"Almost. It has two notable side effects. After the high comes an irresistible urge to sleep."

"After four hours that's okay!" Steven was about as excited as she had ever seen him. This was going to be interesting.

"I'm not done yet, Steven."

"It gets better?"

"You might think so. In my opinion, it gets tricky. When you, or should I say, I, wake up, I'm not likely to remember much of anything other than possibly taking the pill and a bit of time afterwards."

Steven was quiet. She could see the gears turning in his eyes. "One other thing. It can't be mixed with an alcoholic drink, or it won't work."

"Sounds like the fraternity guys wouldn't like that."

"Probably not. Maybe it works that way as a safety consideration. I don't know."

"Yes, but it's still potentially very dangerous."

"Yes. But between us, like I said, it's more tricky than dangerous."

"Is it safe? Any medical side effects?"

"I'm assured it's safe to take. But understand that I got these from a woman, and she doesn't remember much about taking them except what her partner tells her."

Steven looked at her, considering. "You would be willing to do that?"

"Yeah. Of course. I trust you."

"You know this opens all the doors to my fantasies... What if I..." Steven stepped behind her, reaching around to brush the side of her breasts. "... had you ride in the car completely naked?"

"You're so predictable, honestly! I can't imagine myself doing that. But then, apparently the inhibitions go and I wouldn't remember it later. Oh, and you better not have a wreck or I'd kill you."

"I see. What if we were at a pool party, and I suggested you 'accidentally' lose your top in the pool."

"The same. I'd have to trust that you wouldn't embarrass me in front of a crowd. And, of course, when someone told me later what happened, I'd kill you."

"It sounds like there are medical side effects, after all. For me."

"Possibly. You never know with drugs."

"Moving on. An amateur wet T-shirt contest then?"

Hayley just grinned at him and shrugged her shoulders.

"That's a response I like! I don't die! So I get three wishes?"

"Yes, but keep in mind that there may be only three. The supply is tightly controlled. I won't be able to get them for your friends, I know. And if you waste them suggesting that I clean the kitchen or vacuum the house, that's your own fault."

Steven laughed. "So it's kind of a hypnotism pill then?"

"I think it's better than that, but maybe similar in a lot of ways, as if there were such things."

Steven went to the kitchen and returned with a glass of water. He popped one of the Levitras loose and swallowed it. "I shouldn't have done that. I'm not going to need it. So I get three wishes?"

"So it seems."

"I'll have to think about that, but my current wish is for, as you put it, a non-clinical trial of the product I just sampled."

She fondled his cock through his pants. Hard. As expected. "I was hoping you just might!"

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