No Promises!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A brand-new townhouse, a brand-new neighborhood, and two brand-new neighbors, female, young, well-formed and extremely naked, sunning themselves in their back yard. "Oh, my," Greg thought. "I think I'm going to like it here!"

Moving in had been difficult, even with the help of Bob and Charlie, who, after sitting in the mess with me for the time it took to drink two Extra Stouts each, were now long-gone.

My stuff was everywhere, and it would be another day's work to arrange everything into something resembling order. But tomorrow was another day — a Sunday, in fact — and tomorrow would do. For now, I wanted to finish my beer, take a shower, and vegetate. Maybe catch the Orioles' game on the tube.

This townhouse was a big step up from my previous apartment. That dump was all I could afford when I got out of college and got the job here in the Nation's Capital. But that was three years ago, and my second and most recent raise in pay had inspired me to greater things. Not great things — just greater than before.

This was still only a rental townhouse in a complex of townhouses, more of them occupied by renters like me than by homeowners. I still had some climbing to do up the economic ladder, but at least I had left the bottom rung.

The view out my living room window wasn't inspiring — just more townhouses, only sixty yards or so away. But there were lots of trees, and no high rises to be seen. Compared to my old place, this was pretty damned nice!

And the air conditioning seemed to actually work!

I stripped off my sweaty t-shirt and walked over to the window to look out at my new domain. Actual grass growing in the areas between buildings! Imagine that! And each townhouse had a little postage-stamp yard in back, with its own eight-foot fence providing a modicum of privacy to one and all. The fences were unusually sturdy and tall, as townhouse complex fences go, and I noticed that I couldn't see much of anything in the yards across the way — the fences protected well over three-quarters of the yards. From my end-of-the-row unit, I couldn't see any of the other back yards on my own row, either — except the one to my immediate left — the nearest one.

Where there was a gorgeous totally naked babe sunbathing in full view!

Holy shit! I staggered backward, pulling myself out of sight of the window, in case she saw me there. Cautiously, I crept back to the window — on my knees this time to create less of a profile — and looked again.

Oh, my God! I had died and gone to heaven. This woman was prime! And it's not even June yet, I thought. With any luck, this sunbathing hottie could be out there every weekend until the end of September! Oh, yes, God, make it happen!

Still trying to keep out of sight, I studied the young woman with greater care. She was a brunette, tall, small-breasted but extremely attractive. Her pubic hair was mostly shaved, but she'd left a little decorative bit just above the Door to Paradise, and the matching hair on her head was long and lovely.

For the first time, I noticed there were two lounge chairs there in the yard, side-by-side, and both towel-covered. Oh, my! Either my lovely neighbor was about to be joined by her boyfriend, or else I was — JACKPOT! Another babe came into view, wearing a big towel, emerging from the ground floor of their townhouse. When she reached the little corner of the yard where the lounge chairs were, the towel came off. BINGO! This one was a redhead! A very naked redhead, with lovely, big, freckled breasts! (Oh, my God!)

I have this thing for redheads. I can't help it. They're like — exotic creatures. I've dated redheads. I've even bedded a couple of redheads. They were great — I mean, not any greater, really, than blondes or brunettes — but somehow, even the actual evidence that they were no better (and certainly no worse) than any other woman was never conclusive for me!

When I saw a redheaded female, my mouth got dry and I went temporarily insane. At least, on those rare occasions when I saw a near-naked, big-breasted, freckle-faced gorgeous redhead like this one! And this one wasn't just some babe on the beach, nearly naked. No, no NO! She was absolutely, positively, entirely naked.

Oh, Lord, take me now, 'cause I've seen it all!

Still, I'd seen the brunette first, and this gave her a certain cachet that the redhead didn't have. I felt extra affection for the brunette. After all, I'd known her longer. I'd seen her lovely little shaven pussy first. The redhead, God bless her, wasn't shaved at all (OH, GOOD!) and I soon got a nice close-in shot of her little red center as well.

Oh, I'm going to LOVE living here!

My long-anticipated clean-up shower had to wait. The sweat on my body from the recent exertion of the furniture-moving dried harmlessly. I wasn't any cleaner than before, but I felt cleaner. I wasn't leaving this window while these two young lovelies were out there, putting on a show. It was around 2:30 p.m. With any luck, I thought, the sun wouldn't do down below those eight-foot fences until at least 4:30!

I dashed into the kitchen, plugged in the toaster oven and dropped in a couple of bagels from the refrigerator. I was going to eat lunch at my station — the bottom right corner of the living room window.

From my corner of the window, those two lovelies were — oh, maybe twenty feet away. They were in the outer corner of their own little yard, protected from prying eyes by the high fence, either from the row of houses across the green, or the neighboring house on their own other side. I could tell that it was only me — and only from this window, probably, that they could be seen.

Oh, but could I ever see them! I could count the freckles on that little redhead's ahh — face.

But why couldn't they figure out that they could be seen from my apartment? I had a clear shot — almost too clear, as I had to be careful not to be seen by them as I enjoyed the splendid, splendid view they were providing.

Pretty juvenile conduct, I thought, for a 25-year-old college graduate. If I were a real man, I'd go over there, knock on the door, and explain to the girls that I was getting a better view of their most intimate treasures than my status as new neighbor entitled me to get.

Yeah, right. That's what I'll do. Maybe in the year 2012!

But — wait a minute! They don't know I'm here. If they knew I was here, they'd cover up! They think this apartment is empty! As soon as they find out I've moved in, they're going to cover up, sure as hell!... Unless they're a couple of exhibitionists, and nobody is that lucky!

But they are going to know I'm here, in just a matter of hours! When I turn my lights on tonight, they'll notice the reflection out back! When they go out to get their mail, they'll see my car in the reserved parking space out front. This may be the only afternoon I get to see this!


And even if I do get the benefit of a day or two of surprise, the whole thing's gonna come crashing down, pretty soon.

And if they happen to see me here, peeking out of the corner of this window like a pervert, then my ass is grass! Hell! I might like to meet these girls! Make friends! Become a good neighbor! Maybe, eventually, date one of them! Maybe eventually, fuck one of them!

Maybe fuck both of them! Maybe both together!

My mind was working overtime now. The mathematics were churning in my skull — what were the odds? What were the odds of this continuing, after they found out they had a new, highly horny male neighbor?

What were the odds of being caught, peeking. Humiliation! Disgrace! No pussy from either of them, ever!

But — could they possibly be exhibitionists? Could I somehow hope this might continue, past today? Think! If they were exhibitionists, they'd have situated themselves in a different spot in their yard. They'd have been centered, and closer to their own back door. There, they'd be visible not only from my unit, but from the one on their opposite side — and maybe even from some of the apartments there, across the way!

No — worse luck! They weren't exhibitionists. They were sun-worshippers — at least early in the season here, in May — but they were doing their best not to be seen. Hell, the redhead had even been wearing a towel when she'd come out of the house! Of course! She'd have been visible from the upper floors of the units across the green, if she'd come out nude. They only stripped down when they were over there in that little tight corner!

My tongue was hanging out like an overheated hound dog, but I knew, regretfully, that I was living on borrowed time. This wasn't going to last.

LIfe is so unfair!

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