Paid in Full
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, TransGender, Anal Sex, Size, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eddie is looking for friendship and love. He finds both, and some danger along the way.

"Eddie, you need to do your homework," Mother said.

"Okay Mom, I will work on it as soon as I finish this." This is cleaning my guns.

My name is Edward McGivern Wadsworth. My dad's childhood hero was Ed McGivern, the famous pistol shot. Hence, my name. My friends called me Mac, my mother called me Eddie, and my dad called me Slugger. He gave me a pair of Smith and Wesson Model 10's at age 12, and taught me how to shoot them; just like Ed McGivern. I loved to shoot, and so did my father.

I was on the ROTC rifle team in high school. I learned to shoot skeet and trap in high school also, but was never as good as I was with a rifle or my beloved pistols.

I made good grades in school and competed in the ROTC events. When it came time to go to college, I went to Troy State University on an Army ROTC scholarship and studied Business, and Accounting.

I did my hitch in the service and shot on the pistol team at each post where I served. I also shot expert with the M-16.

I kept track of Uncle's books and at the end of my hitch, I got out to get a job in a big accounting firm in Chicago.

I was put in charge of a large account, from an import export company based in New York. I did my best work for them and put together a very advanced system of accounting. I found out later that it was used for keeping multiple sets of books, and hiding profits from the Internal Revenue Service. I told them that I could not be a party to defrauding the government.

I was very nervous about the results from my quitting the company. I was nervous enough to begin carrying a gun. Two actually, my model 10's in a concealable type double rig.

I found another job at a small company in Overland Park, Kansas. They liked me and I liked them. I was making a good living with them, and doing my best to find a friend of the female persuasion, object companionship and sex.

I am not a bad looking guy, ask my Mom. I am about 6' 2" tall and weigh 200 pounds. I exercise regularly with tennis and weight training to build strength and stamina. I had joined a gun club near town where they had shooting competitions on a monthly basis.

I shot skeet and trap, as well as bullseye targets with my rifle and pistol. I loved to go during free shooting and practice my Ed McGivern trick. Ed could shoot 12 rounds into a playing card at 7 yards in 1.2 seconds. That is a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute. That is the same rate of fire as a Thompson submachine gun. I was not that fast. I could shoot 12 rounds into a playing card at 7 yards in 1.5 seconds or a rate of fire of 480 rounds per minute. That is the nearly same rate of fire as an MP 40 submachine gun (burp gun).

I thought that was pretty good for an amateur. I could also shoot 12 rounds into the 8 ring of a B-27 at 25 yards in the same time. I had to laugh at a young man who came into the range and said, "All right, John Woo." I doubt if he knew who Ed McGivern was.

I could not do Ed's trick of shooting a coin out of the air, and calling where the shot would hit the coin. I could hit a thrown coin about 75 percent of the time though.

I had been in Overland Park for about 10 months by now, and had gotten very comfortable there. I got home, and noticed a different car parked in front of my house. I eased up to the house and looked inside.

I saw two large men searching through my things. They had a piece of luggage on the floor that was not mine. I heard one of them say, "I can't find anything about the system on his machine or in the house. We need to plant this and leave."

The other one answered, "I still don't know why we don't just kill him, instead of planting $750,000 on him."

First guy said, "We need to destroy his effectiveness as a witness, idiot. The feds will never believe him if he is involved in the take."

They hid the case and started moving out the back door. I hid and waited for them to come outside. When they got past me, I stood up and asked if they found what they were looking for. They both spun around, and reached inside their jackets.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you," I said while pointing my guns at them. They both moved their hands away from their own guns, and first guy said, "You will never live to spend it," and reached for his gun again. I shot him four times in the chest. Don't believe that lead bullets won' chill you, he was living... er dying proof.

The second one jumped to the side and pulled his. He was faster and got a shot off as I knelt and shot him six times in the heart. I went inside and called the police and the FBI.

After they got there I told them my story, neatly leaving out the part about the listening to them. I told them that I knew I had to run now, or my life was worth nothing. These guys would blow up a building full of people to kill me, if need be. The Agent knew these slimes and said that I was probably right, but I needed to stay in town until they could clear this mess up.

I said, "Okay, but I am cleaning out my bank accounts and selling my house. I have to run or I am dead."

I gave him my cell number, and went inside and started packing. I owned my house, so I called the woman who sold it to me and asked what she could get me on a quick sale. She asked, "How quick?"

I said, "This week, for cash." I had paid $210,000 for the house, just 3 months ago.

She said "I will ask for $200,000, but you should accept $150,000.

I said, "Do what you can, I need the money fast. Call with any offer of cash."

I packed up everything of value that I had. The police had kept my pistols for evidence. I packed my clothes, and shoes. I packed my Mom's jewelry, what there was of it, and my guns (a Remington 870 TB Trap, 2 Remington 1100's, skeet guns in 12 gauge, and .410, and a Browning A-bolt composite stalker in .300 Winchester Short Magnum). I packed my camping gear, a tent, a sleeping bag, a camp stove and lantern, as well as my cooking utensils, dishes and flatware.

I packed up my laptop and went through my hidden papers and found the information regarding the accounting system they were using. I figured this would be my insurance in case something went wrong.

After 4 hours of frantic packing, I thought I was ready to go. I packed up my Pilot, and went to a hotel. I would never see the house again.

I checked into a locally owned motel and paid cash for one night. The next day I went to my bank and emptied out my accounts. I made arrangements to leave enough in my account to pay off any household bills and any credit card bills that I had. I made arrangements to get a letter from the bank indicating that I legally had a large amount of cash in my possession. I had $80,000 in cash from the bank.

I went by my office and told them that I had to resign due to a family emergency. I left them my cell phone number. We parted on amicable terms.

I called the Police and FBI to find out where I stood on the shootings. They said that it looked like self defense was going to stand.

"I need to get out of here, so please hurry it along as much as possible. Thanks for your help," I told them.

I went and traded my Pilot for a used white mini-van. I felt like this was camouflage. I paid cash for the difference.

I put $500,000 in the cavity where the seat folds down, and took $250,000 in the suitcase the thugs planted and turned it into the police. I told them I found it when I was packing up my house. "Call me when I can claim it," I jokingly said.

They said, "If nobody claims it, we will." I left them my cell number.

I went and changed my cell phone over to a prepaid minute account, and paid for 3000 minutes ahead.

I went and bought ammunition from the local gun shop. I got a case of buckshot for the 12 gauges and a case of buckshot for the .410 and a case of target loads for both gauges. I bought all the 300 WSM ammunition they had which was 10 boxes.

I went and hovered around a pawnshop looking at pistols. They had a couple of revolvers, but no model 10's. They had a pair of Ruger P-89-DAO's with 4 spare high capacity magazines. I bought the pair for $700. I also bought a case of target ammunition (1000 rounds).

Next, I went to a well-equipped gun shop and shooting range. I bought a good and mostly concealable double shoulder rig for the Rugers. I also bought a paddle type double magazine pouch.

I spent a couple of hours practicing. I could not shoot them as fast or as accurately as the model 10's, but I got good enough that I felt good about it.

I bought a case of hollow point ammunition for the 9mm's and left.

I stayed in a different Mom and Pop motel that night. The next morning, I got a call from the real estate agent. She had a sale for $170,000 cash. I told her I would take it. I wanted to close tomorrow.

Fee simple sales are so much easier. I signed the papers and they signed the papers. They gave me a cashiers check. We were done.

I told the agent thanks, and I would be seeing her some time later.

I went to the bank the check was drawn on and asked for cash. The teller asked for an officer to come over. I identified myself and asked for them to cash the check and for them to provide me with a letter stating that I had reason to legally have that much cash in my possession. They did both.

I called the FBI and police again to check on my standing. They both told me that the evidence pointed them to the conclusion that things happened just like I told them. "May I get my pistols back? They were a gift from my father."

They told me that they had to keep them for at least another 2 months in the evidence lockup.

I told them I would call them later.

I decided to go somewhere that I had never been before, so I couldn't be traced as easily. I put a letter in the mail to the FBI enclosing a copy of my computer disk along with the accounting information. I told them it was a gift to help them put the Import/Export Company out of business. I knew my life was worthless now.

I went north to the Dakotas. I stopped in Mandan at the Ford dealership and traded my van for a crew cab pickup. I got a good deal on a '97 1 ton diesel. I paid for it with some of my appropriated money. I got them to check everything closely and service all the filters and change the oil. I bought a bed liner and cover, and loaded it up and moved west.

I stopped in eastern Montana, and bought some quality cold weather gear. It was the off season and I got a good deal. I also bought 3 boxes of 300 WSM ammunition. I still didn't trust those bastards not to find me.

I hadn't seen this many big beautiful blonde girls in a while. There were also quite a few pretty girls that showed they had American Indian ancestry. I couldn't make up my mind which ones were prettier.

I stayed in a nice motel that night, and decided to go out for supper and a couple of beers. The front desk recommended a small restaurant and bar just down the street.

It was close enough that I walked. The food was very good and the place was nice. They had a jukebox, and music started to play right after I had finished eating. Three couples started dancing. My mom had taught me to dance. I was not excited about it at the time, but I had been glad many times since.

I saw a pretty dark haired girl sitting by herself. I walked up and asked if she would like to dance.

She told me she would love to dance.

So off we went. We danced a dance or two on the other couples money and then Andie and I went over and put a couple of bucks into the jukebox. We danced and talked for a couple of hours and then she said she had to get home.

I asked if I could call her a taxi. She started to laugh heartily.

"What is funny?" I asked.

She said, "There aren't any cabs here. Besides, I live so far out in the country, they wouldn't go there anyway."

"I would be glad to take you home, then." I offered.

She said, "I have my own truck, but I would like to see you again."

I told her I would love to see her again, but I was traveling. I told her where I was staying.

She said, "That is a nice place." Then she asked, "Are you in a hurry?"

"No I'm not," I said. "In fact I am looking for a place to settle where I can mind my own business and be left alone."

She smiled and said, "Mac, If you aren't there now, you will never find it."

"Okay," I joked, "I will stay and come see you tomorrow, if it suits you."

She said, "It would suit me to a 'T'."

I got directions to her place, and smilingly said, "I had better fuel up before I leave to visit you."

She kissed me on the cheek, and told me she would see me tomorrow whenever I got there.

I packed up and checked out that morning. I fueled up my truck and I followed Andie's directions. I eventually got to a well kept up ranch house.

Andie walked out hugged my neck and said, "You came out before I thought you would. You must have missed me."

"What's wrong with that?" I asked her.

"Nothing I can think of," she said, and kissed my cheek.

She gave me the tour of the homestead. She told me that her father and mother had left it to her. "I sure miss them," she told me.

"I know what you mean," I said, "both my folks died while I was in the Army. My mom died and then my dad just shriveled up and died about 6 months later."

"How much land do you own?" I asked her.

She answered, "I have 8 thousand acres, that I own and 6 thousand that I lease from the Sioux Nation."

"How many cattle can you support on that much property?" I asked her.

"Three cow calf units per hundred acres."

I figured, "420 cows. Can you handle them by yourself?"

"It is really about 390 brood cows and 12 bulls. I hope to sell 350 calves per year. I plan my finances on that number."

"I have to get help about 3 weeks per year, but I usually can find it," She answered.

We were holding hands. I asked her, "Don't you get lonely out here by yourself?"

"Yes, that is why I was in town last night," She answered.

"I was lonely too," I said, "but I sure felt better after I met you."

It was lunchtime so we walked back to Andie's house and had a nice lunch of roast beef sandwiches, chips and salad. She smiled and said, "I have to support the industry."

After lunch, Andie said, "I need to check on some of the cows. Do you want to come with me?"

"I would love to, but I need a tame horse."

She smiled and said most of her place could be worked from a truck, but she did have 4 horses for when the need arose.

"Do we need them today?" I asked.

"Not today," she answered.

"That's good, I would rather snuggle in a truck than not snuggle on a horse," I teased.

So we went to her truck, and left the house. Andie asked, "Well, where is the snuggling?"

I scooted over near her and kissed her on the cheek, "Right here," I answered.

I sat close to Andie and looked at her from time to time during our survey of the stock. She was very pretty. She was around 5' 9" tall with a dark complexion and blue eyes. Her wavy dark brown hair framed her squarish face, with its bright smile. She was well muscled from her work on the ranch, but she still had nice, if small breasts, and a nice butt. I told myself it was a nice combination. I was right.

By the time we looked at the stock and moved the herd to another pasture, it was dark, and I was tired, and dirty.

Andie said, "Thanks for the help."

"How much longer would that have taken without my miserable help?" I asked her.

"Probably about an hour and a half," she said.

"I'm glad I was here," I said. "There are lots worse things than spending the afternoon with a pretty girl."

"How about a dusty kiss?" She quipped.

I kissed her on the lips, and really liked kissing this girl. I am not that experienced with women, but she kissed good.

"I liked that," I smiled and said.

"Mmm, me too," she agreed.

We talked about little things during the rest of the trip back to her house.

It was getting late by the time we got back. "I need to get back to town," I told Andie.

"Where will you go?" She asked.

"I'll go back and check into the hotel where I stayed last night," I answered.

"Mac, please stay here tonight. I have a spare room and you are tired. I know you have your clothes with you," she asked me.

"Andie, you are the nicest girl I have ever been with. I would love to stay here with you for a long time, but I don't want you to get the wrong idea about why. I like you. I like your company, and I would love the opportunity to know you much better," I told her honestly.

"I knew I really liked you, Mac. We need to have a serious talk. You plan on staying here for few days, okay?" She asked.

"If I stay with you that long you may not be able to run me off," I told her and smiled.

"I may not want to run you off," she answered sultrily.

I kissed her again.

We both went to take a bath. I could tell this place belonged to a woman. It was tastefully decorated, with the woman's touch. I liked it. I was used to living by myself, and company was nice.

After we were clean, we had a quick supper of eggs, sausage and toast. She said, "I don't have coffee, but I will make you some hot chocolate if you would like."

"I would like the hot chocolate, but I don't drink coffee," I said.

"This is getting better and better, do you smoke?" She asked.

"Nope, I am trying to live a long and happy life," I said smiling.

A few minutes later...

"Mac, why do you carry guns with you?" She asked me with concern.

"Andie, I carry them for the same reason that I should not fall in love with you." I told her the whole story, straight out and honest.

"Mac, I am already in love with you, Honey," she told me.

I hung my head and said, "Me too, Andie. I can not put you in danger like this. I have to leave tomorrow or I will get weak and stay forever."

She started crying. "Mac, I want to tell you about me, and then I am going to beg you to stay."

My eyes were leaking tears at a steady rate, as I asked her "Please Andie, don't do this to me, I am not a good choice for you, Sugar. You are so beautiful and good. All I can bring you is danger."

"And love," she added.

Andie told me about her childhood here on the ranch. She had gone to college in Michigan and worked in Detroit. She finally got around to the hard part for her and took a deep breath and said. "Mac, I had a treatment when I was working in Detroit to make me have less body hair and grow breasts."

"So what?" I said.

"Mac, you are so sweet. Sugar, I was born a boy and grew into a man, a very unhappy man. The treatments I took made me grow breasts, and get other secondary female sex characteristics."

"You are a woman now?" I asked her.

"In most ways, I am. I have a penis and balls, and I can never have children," she said.

"I will probably not live long enough to have children anyway," I said.

"They will have to kill me first," Andie said. "I want you to disappear right here with me. I will never tell anyone you are here. Will you stay with me and love me?"

"I already love you, but I don't feel right about staying. What will people think? I can't have your reputation sullied by this."

"I hope they think that I am the luckiest girl in this state. I want you to make love to me right now," she said.

"You are too good for me," I told her. "I will stay and thank you every day for loving me."

Andie asked, "Mac, don't you care that I am really a man?"

"Are you really a man?" I asked.

"No, I am really a woman," she smiled.

"I thought so," I told her.

I walked out to the truck and got my mother's jewelry box and got out her engagement ring. I brought it back in the house. I knelt down in front of Andie and said, "Andie will you consent to marry me?"

Andie burst into tears, "Mac, I can't marry you, baby. The state won't let me."

"Will you wear my ring then, and be my fiancé. This was my mother's."

"I will be your woman and thank God every day for you," she said.

We went into her bedroom. I said, "You have a really nice room, Andie."

She corrected me, "We have a nice room."

"Yes, we do," I agreed.

I started undressing her. She was shy. I said to her, "I thought you just gave yourself to me."

"I did, Sugar," she answered.

"Then why can't I enjoy looking at your beautiful body?" I asked. "I am proud of you, aren't you proud to be mine?"

"Yes, I am proud to be yours. I am nervous because you have never seen me before, and I am not like other girls," she confided.

"I want you to show me all of you. I especially want you to show me how to love you. Andie, I am very inexperienced, but I am not a prude. I want to love you, I want you to come so hard you faint," I held her close and said.

"Oh God, pinch me Baby, I know I am dreaming," she told me.

"How about if I bite your beautiful breasts?" I suggested.

"Please, right now," she answered.

I took her clothes off, and she took mine off. She was a beauty. Her small breasts had large nipples and small areolas. She had a nice figure, but not skinny like a model, soft to the touch with muscles underneath. Her penis and balls were small. I guess the hormone treatment had an effect on them. I stood back and looked at her and smiled. "You are beautiful," I told her. I hugged her close and kissed her face and neck.

She sighed, and said, "You are never leaving here, do you hear me?"

"I can't think of a nicer prison," I answered.

I kissed down to her breasts, and nipped her nipples lightly. "I love that," she sighed.

I felt down her body to her penis and balls, and caressed them. She said, "You may never be allowed out of bed. I can't believe you, Mac. You are such a man, and you still want me."

I was getting angry with her. "Do you think something is wrong with me for wanting you? Do you think I am gay?" I said roughly to her.

Her face fell. "Oh no, Honey, I have never thought you were gay. I am just so glad that you want me the way I am." She was crying now.

"Andie, I know you are different, but I think of you as a beautiful woman, my beautiful woman. Can you think of yourself that way?" I asked her, stroking her hair.

"Mac, I love you. I will give you more love than any other woman in this world will. You will never be sorry you have me."

"Do I still have you?" I asked her.

"No, I have you," she said as she took hold of my penis. It was as hard as stone. "Oh, you feel so good and big. I hope my little ass will be enough for you."

"Do you want to try?" I asked.

"Yes, right now," she answered.

She rolled over and got on all fours. She guided my penis to her entrance and said, "Easy, Sugar, I haven't done this in years."

I pushed into her ring, she had lubricated herself already, so I was able to enter her without too much force. When I popped in past her ring, she sucked her breath in through her teeth. "Oh shit, you are so big," she said.

She definitely felt tight on me. "Do we need to stop?" I asked her.

"Oh, hell no, Mac, you are my dream. Please go slowly until I tell you to do me harder."

I was slowly stroking into her tightness. "You feel so good," I said.

She started pushing back toward me and helping fuck. We moved together for a few minutes, then I got a pillow and turned her over and propped her butt up a little. "I like this better, I can see your face," I said.

I put her long legs up on my shoulders, and began to long stroke her harder. She started to grunt with each stroke. "Are you alright, baby?" I asked her.

"Alright isn't the word for it, Honey. You must be listening to my thoughts, you fuck me so good," She told me.

"Andie, I'm getting close," I said.

"Fuck me hard. Now!" she said.

I followed instructions and pounded her. I felt it start and boil over as my come filled her up. "On, Mac, I feel you come scalding me," she said as she hugged me close to her. "Uh, uh, uh," she groaned.

"Oh, baby, you made me come," she said.

I looked and saw a drop of cum on her penis. I got it on my finger and licked it. It did not taste bad. When Andie saw that, I thought she was going to faint. "If I ever see another woman look at you I will kill them," she said. "I would never ask you to do that, Baby. I am the woman, I will do anything for you. Sex with you is so good. I want to do anything you want to, you just ask me and we will do it."

I eased out of her. She ran into the bathroom and brought a warm cloth and cleaned me up. "That was the best sex I have ever had. You are the first girl I have ever been in love with, do you know that?" I asked.

She was so excited she was shaking. "You mean it, don't you?"

"Of course I mean it. I love you," I said.

"You really think of me as your beautiful woman," she said.

"No, I dream of you as my beautiful woman," I answered her. "Now I am tired, you sleep on me, I need to feel you with me."

She rolled on top of me, and started cooing in my ear, and kissing my face. I hugged her close and slept.

In the morning, I opened my eyes when Andie started moving in my arms. "I love you," I said first thing.

"Oh, that sounds so good. I want this," she said touching my morning erection.

She sat up a bit and slid down on me, her lubricant was still working. She moved up and down easily and was sighing and talking. "Oh, Baby, this is so good. I want you every day. Oh, oh, oh."

I pulled her down onto my chest and kissed her lips gently. She pulled my head to her and kissed me back hotly. She slid her tongue in my mouth and touched mine. She started sucking on my tongue and I started moving faster inside her.

She pulled me over on top of her, and I began to stroke her hard. I was feeling good now and was getting close. I told her so and she began stroking her penis and begging me to fuck her harder. I hammered her and she screamed and came. I kept stroking her hard and filled her up.

"Oh, I love to feel you coming in me. Do you know how hard it is for me to come?" She asked.

"I don't know, you come about as often as I do," I answered.

"Mac, I don't come. Since I have been with you, are the only times I have come since I had the shots," she told me.

"Don't you like it? I don't think I can keep from making you come, Sugar. I want you so much, I just have to take you," I said.

"Honey, you don't understand. I love it when I come. You are the only man who can do it to me," She said.

"You just know I love you, that is all. You know I want you to come for me," I explained simplistically.

"Okay, Darling. I know better," she patronized me.

At breakfast I told her if I was going to stay with her, she would have to do a few things for me. "Anything, Honey, you just name it," she said.

"Do you have a pistol?" I asked her.

"I have my Dad's .38," she answered.

"I want you to get proficient with it and carry it. I will teach you," I said.

"How about a rifle?" I asked.

"I have my Dad's hunting rifle, and Mom's rifle."

"Okay, can you shoot them?" I asked.

"I am a good shot with Mom's carbine," she answered.

"Good, the next time you go to town buy ammunition for your pistol, and both rifles. A case of each," I said, "You need to practice and so do I."

We worked around the ranch for the rest of the day. After our bath (that was really nice), we took a look at Andie's arsenal. Her dad's .38 was a Colt Diamondback with a 6" barrel. It had been wrapped up in an oily cloth and was in very good shape. There was a holster for it, and 2 speed loaders. I liked her dad.

His hunting rifle was a Garcia/Sako Finnbear in 30/06. It had the old tri-range sights, and would be an excellent saddle gun. It was also in very good shape, other than use marks it was excellent.

Her mom's carbine was a Winchester 94 in 30-30. It had seen hard use, but the barrel was in good shape. It had a Lyman aperture sight, and a big silver bead front sight. "I can see why you can shoot this one," I said, "these are excellent sights.'

"My mom liked to hunt and was deadly on anything under 150 yards with that carbine," Andie said.

I took the flaps off the ammunition boxes and told Andie to get a case of the same ammunition we were already using. Remington 180-grain core lokt for the .30/06, Winchester 170-grain power points for the .30-30, and Winchester 158-grain lead service loads for the .38.

We went to bed feeling nicely tired. I made sweet gentle love to Andie that night. She really liked it when I nursed her nipples. She didn't come, but begged me not to get upset about it. She told me she needed to be treated roughly to get excited enough.

"I am sorry, Sugar," I said.

"Don't you dare be sorry," she interrupted, "this is one of the nicest nights of my life."

I pulled her on top of me and went to sleep.

In the morning, Andie told me she had never slept so well in her life. "I love the smell of you and the feel of you, but I especially love the taste of you," and she gave me a wonderful blowjob.

I came so hard I actually blinked out for a second.

"Damn that was a good one," she said. "You must have come a half a cup."

"Girl, you have ruined me for today. I am wasted," I said.

"Well, Mister, you had better get tough. I am getting some of that a couple of times a day no matter what," she teased.

"I am going to town for groceries and the ammunition," she said.

"Here, take this, and get what you need," I said as I gave her1000 dollars.

"I won't take your money," she said.

"This is our money," I said. "I also want to get a look at your books soon. I don't want us owing anyone."

Andie left for town and said she would get back as soon as she could, but it probably would be late this afternoon.

I cleaned up the house, listened to the radio, and rested. I was wasted. After lunch I went outside and took a walk. I found a place to shoot, and practiced with my pistols for about 30 minutes. These guns shot well. No malfunctions occurred at all. I practiced shooting four shot bursts. With the magazine capacity available, I could shoot seven four shot bursts before I needed a reload. My accuracy was also improving as I got used to the trigger and function of the pistols. I picked up my empties and walked back to the house.

I had just finished cleaning the guns and washing up when Andie came riding up. Her truck was running really rough.

"What's wrong, Doll?" I asked.

"This old truck is just about on its last legs," she said, "Its 12 years old, and is wearing out."

"Let me sign mine over to the ranch, and we will fix up the old one enough to use for a ranch truck, so we can let the tag and insurance lapse."

"Are you sure, Mac?" She asked.

"I am never going anywhere without you, ever again. So, yes, I am sure," I answered.

"I will take care of everything, and the next time you go to the county seat, you can do the transfer," I told her.

We unloaded the truck and took everything inside.

She said, "Thanks for helping and cleaning up the house."

"Its my house too, you gave it to me, remember?" I said.

"Yes, Sugar, I remember. I am just having a hard time believing that you are still here with me," she said.

"Why, you have given me a good life, a ranch, and mind blowing sex. Why would I ever leave?" I asked her.

We fixed a nice supper, and listened to the radio for a while. I asked Andie to dance and she was thrilled. We danced and whispered lovey doveys for a while. Then I asked, "How about some of that mind blowing sex?"

I got the two-word answer (Hell yes), so we trailed clothes into the bedroom. We got onto the bed and hugged a little while and then I caught a handful of her hair and pulled her head to my penis, and ordered, "Blow me," as I pulled her mouth onto my erection. I forced her down until I entered her throat. She was swallowing continuously. It felt great.

I pulled her mouth off me and asked, "Is this what you want?"

She nodded and said, "I am so excited, I am about to come now."

I got up and picked her up like a child, put her to the edge of the bed and propped up her ass until I could be comfortable fucking her standing. I entered her, and began a hard fuck as soon as I was moving easily. She was shaking now. I yelled, "Come, slave."

She screamed and came a small spurt, and fainted.

I waited with my erection still in her. She was really into this controlling stuff. I would have to think about it some more.

She came around in about 2 minutes. She said, "Damn, Baby, it just gets better and better."

"Look at that," I said pointing to the volume of semen she produced.

She said, "Oh, I had better go to the doctor and have my hormone levels checked."

I stuck my finger in it and tasted. "It still tastes the same to me."

She started shaking again, "Fuck me hard you nasty bastard."

I obliged and hammered her. I started to come and when I started coming in her, I said, "Come, slave."

She started squealing, and shaking hard.

After we had calmed down, she said. "Mac, you made me come two times, Honey."

"Was it good?" I asked.

"It was 'way past good," she said.

"Can I stay with you?" I asked.

"Always," she answered.

She went and got a clean wash cloth and cleaned me up. I saw some semen running down her thigh. I got it on my finger and asked, "Want a taste?"

She held my hand and gave my finger a little blowjob and said, "I love the way you taste."

She went back into the bathroom, and came back in a few minutes, and got on top of me to sleep. I went out in about a minute.

The next day, after doing the morning chores, it was time to train Andie to shoot. She knew how to function the rifles, and shotguns, but did not know how to fight with them. To shoot her .38 she wanted to cock the hammer and aim each shot. That is fine for target shooting, but for fighting, double action fire is the way to do it and multiple shots.

The Army pistol manual advises two shots per target, if engaging multiple targets at pistol ranges. That is what we worked on. I do not aim with my pistols when I shoot them. I point them like my finger. Andie was getting better at it rapidly.

We took a break from the pistols and shot the shotguns. Andie liked the .410 because of the low recoil. She could shoot the middle out of the target with quick shots from it in short order. I told her it was hers to use as she saw fit. I loaded it with buckshot.

She was already a very good shot with the 30-30. All we had to work on was increasing the speed of her shots, so she was not exposed to fire for so long. I was comfortable with her competence.

I asked her to order a seat cover for the truck that had a built in gun case under the driver's legs. "I want you to have the rifle with you all the time. I am afraid for you," I told her.

She hugged me and said, "I would rather have this time with you if it means I have to die tomorrow."

We decided to have a part of a day each week to practice.

The next couple of months were idyllic. We worked the ranch each day and talked, danced and loved the nights away. Andie really liked the rough sex. Thank goodness that I did not like it enough to go overboard with it. She loved being a slave girl to me. She had to increase her hormone intake just a bit to counteract the amount of testosterone I was giving her on a daily basis.

One day a car pulled up at the ranch house. I ran and got the shotgun and took a firing point near the house. Andie walked out the front door and suddenly ran to the car and hugged the driver. I eased back into the house and put away the shotgun.

Andie and another knockout came into the house. I was introduced to Sammy Wilson. Sammy was a 6' blonde, with beautiful green eyes and big breasts. I shook her hand as I was introduced as Andie's man.

"He is a handsome one. Why is he here with a hag like you?" She asked happily.

Andie said, "I don't know why he stays. He is so beautiful, and he is the best lay on the planet."

I burst out laughing at that. Andie gave me "the look" and wasn't laughing.

I caught her around the waist and picked her up and said, "Excuse us a minute please."

I took her into the bedroom and held her close and told her I was not going to listen to her talking about herself that way. "You are my life and my woman. I won't have it, do you understand?"

"Yes, darling," she answered.

We walked back into the living room. "I am sorry Sammy. I am usually very calm."

"What brings you here, Sammy?" I asked the blonde beauty.

"Andie hasn't told you about me?" She asked. "We were best friends in college, and room mates in Detroit. I come to visit every year for a couple of days. I came to spend the week."

"That's nice, Sammy," I said, "We have a spare room, and will be glad for the company."

I went out and helped her unload her car. I put her luggage into the spare room. I heard Andie laughing.

She said, "He is not gay, he is more man than any I have ever known. He treats me like a woman and to him I am a woman."

"Andie, you are so lucky to have a man like that. How did you find him out here in the middle of nowhere?" Sammy asked.

"We met in a restaurant one night. We danced for two hours and I was in love already. By the time I got around to telling him about my special needs, he was already in love with me," she told her. "He is so secure in himself that he hardly blinked when I told him. The only thing that matters is that I love him and he loves me."

"God, I would crawl 10 miles through a blizzard for a man like that," she said.

"What are you girls whispering about?" I asked.

"I was telling Sammy about how we met," Andie answered.

"The luckiest day of my life," I said as I gave Andie a kiss on the cheek. "I am still upset that we can't marry."

"We are married as far as I am concerned," Andie said.

"Thank you, Baby," I said with a kiss to the lips.

"I am so jealous," Sammy said.

"Come here," I said with my arms open.

Sammy jumped into my arms. I hugged her and picked her up in one arm and Andie in the other. I kissed them both on the cheek.

"Let's have a cook out," I suggested.

"Good idea," Sammy said.

I kissed them both again, and went out to start the fire while they got out a couple of steaks.

I could hear them through the kitchen window. Sammy said, "Andie, I weigh 175 pounds. He handles me like a am a 120 pounder."

"He is a man," Andie said.

"He treats us both like we were girls. If I stay a whole week, I am going to cry when I have to go back to Michigan."

"If you want to be a woman, he will treat you like a woman. It feels so good to be here with him. I get my feelings hurt when I go to town and have to put up with those bastards there. I used to be able to blow them off, but I am getting so much love and respect here, that my feelings are soft now."

I got angry, and had to leave the house for a couple of minutes, to cool off. I got back and saw Andie looking for me.

"Where were you, Sugar?" She asked.

I told her that I heard them talking and heard her telling about the men in town treating her badly.

She grabbed me up in a hug, and said, "Oh, Baby, I did not mean for you to hear that. I knew what it would do to you."

"I am gong to town with you next time," I told her.

"No, Sugar, you will kill those bastards..."

"No, I won't kill them," I interrupted, "but I might teach them a few manners."

Andie was crying now. "I am begging you, Mac, don't do this. I can put up with any amount of bullshit from that town scum, if it means you will be safe."

"Andie, you don't realize how much you mean to me do you?" I asked, "All the blood in their bodies is not worth 1 of your tears."

A few minutes later

"Let's eat," I said.

I cooked the steaks, and we enjoyed the evening. We turned on the radio and danced for about an hour.

I heard Sammy and Andie in the kitchen. Sammy said, "If you ever tire of him, you call me and I will come and take him home with me."

"You love him already, don't you?" She asked.

"Yes, Honey, already. I loved him an hour after I met him," she said.

When they came back into the living room I said to Sammy, "How is it that a woman as beautiful as you are, doesn't have a man following you around?"

"Because you are one in a fucking million," she yelled and ran into her room.

"What did I say?" I asked Andie.

"Mac, she loves you," Andie said.

"She doesn't know me," I answered.

"Baby, you are a dream for women like us. We want to be women, you treat us like women, and never think of us any other way," she said.

'Is that so unusual?" I asked.

"You are truly one in a million, Sugar. Queers like us, but for a straight man to want us like you do is so rare that I thank God every day for you," she explained.

I kissed Andie and told her I needed to talk to Sammy. I went and knocked on her door. "Come in," she said.

I walked in and sat on the bed next to Sammy. "Sammy, I am very sorry that I have upset you. Andie just explained how unusual I am in my feelings for her. I was only teasing you a little bit. I think you are very beautiful and nice."

"I know that, Mac, but I have fallen in love with you, and my emotions are wild right now," she said.

'I will send Andie in," I said, and left the room.

I went and got Andie. I told her what I had said and what Sammy had said.

"Oh, Mac, I need to spend some time with her," she said.

I kissed her and went into our room and turned on the radio, and read a book.

I got awakened when Andie came to bed. She had been crying. "Sammy is so lonely," she said.

I hugged her and caressed her back.

"I have forgotten how it is to be alone. AlI I have to do is find you and you will make me all right again with a smile or a caress," she told me.

"Sammy used to be my confidant. We helped each other through the rough times. We both wanted a good man who loved us. I found one. I am not sure there are any more," she said sadly.

"I care for Sammy, you know that," I told her.

"Mac, what I am going to ask you is for me. I love Sammy and it is killing me to see her this way. I want her to come and be with us tonight and for the rest of her stay here. Will you do that for me, Sugar?" She asked.

"No, I won't do it for you," I answered. She was about to cry. "I will do it for us, and for Sammy."

"How hard do you think it will be to spend time with two beautiful women who want me. I will enjoy it. Will it cause a problem with us?" I asked.

"No, Baby," she answered, "I am so sure of your love that I can share and feel good."

"What about Sammy? She said she is in love with me," I said.

"If she still feels that way in a week, I will share you with her, if you are willing," she said.

I was stunned. "Honey, you have just asked me to live every man's dream. Two beautiful women who want to take care of me. Really, though, I need to see how it goes. It will be an emotional time for me. I will need your support."

"Will you let me go get her?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetheart," she answered.

I walked to Sammy's room and knocked softly. "Come in." she said.

"You are wearing too many clothes to sleep in my bed," I said.

She smiled wide enough to light up the room, and stripped.

"You are beautiful," I said as I ogled her body. She had large breasts with big nipples and areolas, a nice figure and a womanly ass. Her penis was large, but her balls were very small.

I picked her up like a child, and kissed her lips. I carried her into our room and set her on the bed with Andie. I got in between them and pulled them in for a kiss and held them as I went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning nuzzling Sammy's breast, and feeling Andie holding my penis.

"Good morning," Sammy said.

"Are you feeling better today?" I asked her.

"I would feel better if that was in me," she said indicating my penis.

"Turn over," Andie said, "I love you enough to share what is mine."

Sammy turned over and pushed her butt out. Andie aimed me and I eased forward. I felt myself enter through Sammy's sphincter. "Oh, hell yes," Sammy said.

I sunk all the way in and reached around her and hugged her close. Is that better?" I asked her as I kissed her neck.

"Andie, I am calling to quit my job as soon as Mac agrees to fuck me every day," she said.

"It damn sure makes my life worth living," Andie said, "he even makes me come."

"I can't believe you let him out of your sight long enough to go into town," she said.

I started moving in her and she got quiet, and started grunting as each long stroke hit bottom. In a few minutes I got where I wanted to get behind her. I picked her up and set her on all fours and reentered her. I held her hips and started fucking hard. She started talking, "Oh shit, this is so good, Oh damn, Oh, Oh, Oh..."

I reached around and grabbed her breasts not too gently. "Oh, yes," she groaned.

I was getting close, I said "I am going to fill you up."

When I started to come, I pinched her nipples hard, and said, "Come for me."

She yelled and started shaking.

When she was calmer, I looked at her penis and she had a small amount of cum on it. "What is this?" I asked as I got a drop on my finger and let her taste it.

"My gosh, I can't believe it. Mac, thank you, and Andie thank you."

I kissed her hotly on the lips and said, "Thank you for coming for me. I know you care for me now."

I looked at Andie and saw her smiling. It made me have another erection. "Will you make love with me now, Andie?" I asked.

"Yes, but I want to see your face."

"You will do what I want," I growled.

"Yes, Mac, anything you want," she said.

I rolled her on her back and entered her in one stroke. "Yes, my lover, anything you want," she said.

I started hammering her. She started groaning and making unintelligible noises.

I felt another one coming on fast. I commanded, "Come Slave."

Andie screamed and came, shaking as her orgasm ripped through her.

I fell over on Sammy. I was shot. She held me and stroked my hair. "That was beautiful. I have never seen love on a person's face like I have on yours this morning."

"Did you see it while we were together? It was there."

"I saw it," she said and kissed me with a bunch of tongue.

When we broke the kiss, I hugged her and rolled to get both of them in a hug. I went to sleep again for about an hour.

They started wiggling, my eyes came open and I kissed them both. "I have to potty," Andie said.

We all got up and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower, and we all enjoyed getting clean.

We had a quick breakfast, and went outside to work. Sammy just fell right into it. "I love it here," she said, 'I grew up on a farm."

The next couple of days we spent all our time together. I was falling strongly in love with Sammy, as well as Andie. We made love every night and morning. I guess I was getting used to it, since it did not crash me for the day.

It came up on our practice day, so Sammy went with us. As I was loading up our equipment, I asked her if she had a gun. "Yes, I have a .38 in the car," she answered.

"Get it so you can practice with what you will have to use in an emergency," I suggested.

She had a Smith and Wesson model 60, with a 3-inch barrel, and oversized grip. I commented, "This is a much more shootable gun than the 2 inch."

"I thought so," she said.

Sammy was a good shot, but not a fast shot. We practiced, and I taught her how to shoot by pointing. Her speed picked up considerably, but her accuracy decreased. "You just need practice, Doll," I said.

"That sounds so good," Sammy gushed.

"You do just need practice," I repeated.

Andie said, "He does it without thinking. He loves us."

"I am talking about the sweet names you use for us, all the time," she said.

"Oh," I said, "sorry, I will try to pay more attention."

"Nope, you just keep right on doing what you are doing," Andie said.

"Mac, I am still amazed at the way you treat Andie and me. You treat us just like we were girls and could not take care of ourselves without your help," she said.

"I treat you just like I treat all women, I can't do any different. Does it bother you?" I asked.

"No, Sugar, I love the way you treat us, and so does Andie. I am just still getting used to the good feelings I have around you," she said.

I hugged her and kissed her cheek. "You taste like gun powder," I said and kissed her again. We all laughed.

Sammy was a good shot with the shotguns, and with the 30-30. "I love these sights, it is so easy to hit with them," she said.

We all had enough by now, so we cleaned up the empties and went home. After cleaning the guns, we all took a shower. We had a nice supper, and turned on the radio and danced for a while. Then it was bedtime.

We got into bed and Sammy said, "I want some of this," and took a hold on my dick.

"Okay, but you have to share," Andie said.

Sammy gave me a hell of a good blowjob. Andie and I were making out while she did it. In about 3 minutes, I was coming in her mouth. Andie moved around and kissed Sammy and they obviously shared my come. It was a very hot kiss.

"Alright, what are you holding back from telling me?" I asked.

The good mood crashed. Both of them started crying.

"Come on, it can't be that bad. I still love you." I pulled both of them into a hug, and kissed them on the cheeks.

They were still crying. "Do you think it is bad enough that I will leave you?" I asked them.

Sammy started bawling. Andie said, "Mac, Sammy and I have been lovers for years. I still love her as much as I love you. Will you keep us both?"

When Andie said that, Sammy got quiet. She was holding her breath. I said, "I love both of you. My love is getting stronger every day. If either one of you leaves me I will probably lose it. I want both of you every day. Please stay."

They both jumped on me kissing and hugging. Sammy said, "It doesn't bother you that we are also lovers?"

"No, Sweetie, just don't forget about me," I admonished.

Andie laughed and said, "He doesn't understand that he is the only erection in the group."

"We could forget about him like I could forget to breathe." Sammy agreed.

"Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I want to go to town." I felt Andie stiffen, but she kept quiet. I nodded off holding onto both of my lovers.

When I got up the next morning, they were both in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I went to the bathroom and took care of my morning business, and joined them. I sat down and had a glass of grapefruit juice, while the oatmeal was finishing up.

Sammy came over and knelt down, hugged me around the waist and put her head in my lap. "Sweetheart, Andie told me about you. I am begging you not to go into town today. If you get into a fight, the police will arrest you and you will have a record that your enemies can trace."

"I promise I will not fight unless there is no way out of it," I said, "this is important."

They both came to me and hugged me. "Okay, Baby," Andie said, "we agree on those terms."

I grabbed her hair and pulled her face close to me. "Are you telling me what I can and can not do?"

She was excited, but I felt her stiffen. "Stop pushing my buttons. I need you too much for you to die within the next 40 years. Sammy and I have a say in your life now."

I kissed her hotly, and said, "Alright, I agree."

We all kissed and hugged for a few minutes until the oatmeal got finished.

We ate and got ready to leave. Sammy put her pistol in her waistband, under her jacket. Andie took the carbine and slid it into the slot in the seat cover. I wore my pistols under my jacket.

We took off for town in the truck. Andie was driving, as usual. I sat in the middle and Sammy on the passenger door.

In just a few minutes Sammy snuggled up to me and started kissing me. I liked that and began feeling her breasts. She started groaning and kissing with a bunch of tongue. This went on for about 20 minutes, and the truck stopped. Andie said, "That is all you get, it is my turn now."

"You stingy bitch, you had him for 2 months before I got here," she laughed.

"I found him. You should be kissing my feet and thanking me for sharing," She said.

"Thank you for sharing, Andie. I love you both so much," she said as she kissed Andie.

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