The Countess
Chapter 1: The Client

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Client - Ah, the British aristocracy! Episodes from the erotic life of a Countess.

Her father was a solicitor who had just joined a practice in a new town and they were still living amongst the packing boxes. Tonight there was to be a drinks party for the partners and their families and some of the practice's key clients. It would be hosted by the senior partner and his wife and her father had asked her if she would come along with them for additional moral support. Not especially enthusiastic about the company, but reluctant to turn down an invitation to a party, she had agreed. Standing in the midst of her boxes, searching for any shoes that would go with any dress in her wardrobe, she was beginning to wonder if that had been wise.

It was only ten minutes until her father would be pacing the hall complaining about the timekeeping of the women in his life. She unearthed a pair of navy high heels, which she wore with a navy jersey dress. That would do fine. On with the dress, comb through the hair, the slightest hint of make-up and she was done. With seconds to spare, she bounded down the stairs as her father came out of the sitting room door. She registered first his surprise at her being ready on time, then his approval of her choice of outfit for his big evening.

Twenty minutes later, the car drew up in the sweeping drive of the senior partner's house. The door was opened by one of the hired staff and the genial hosts were in the hallway greeting guests as they arrived. Her father introduced her mother, then her. They exchanged pleasantries, then passed through into the drawing room where some dozen guests were already chatting quietly, drinks in hand.

As parties of this kind go, it was quite pleasant. She had already met some of the other partners and their families, so she was able to entertain herself to some extent during the evening as her parents were introduced to some of the most important clients of the practice. In the normal way, people joined groups in conversation, then drifted off to talk to another group. She was talking about the horrors of moving house with an elderly couple when a man joined their group. She lost the thread of what she was saying, but recovered quickly.

Their host, who was standing next to her, introduced them, telling the man she was her father's daughter. He clearly knew her father and the host must have assumed she knew who the man was because he only referred to him by his first name. He was fair, with kind, captivating blue eyes, long eyelashes and a nose which can best be described as interesting. He had an easy manner and made her feel comfortable as he asked her how she felt about moving to this area and how hard it had been to leave behind her friends. After a few minutes, another one of the partners strode up and drew the man away to meet someone who had just arrived.

For the remainder of the party, her eyes seemed to be drawn back to him. Each time she looked at him, she found him looking back at her. She could feel her face flush, but allowed herself to feel a little flattered. When her father came to say they were ready to leave, she took one last look around the room but he seemed to have gone and she wondered why she was so disappointed.

In the car on the way home she drifted into a daydream, missing great chunks of her parents' conversation, leaving her lost when they asked her opinion on whatever the topic was. That night, as she floated towards sleep, she could conjure up his face in vivid detail. Ah well, she might come across him again if he were a regular client.

She had two weeks holiday before she started her new job, so she had planned a lazy morning, followed by a similar afternoon. She came down after her parents had left for work and made some toast to take back upstairs with her. As she passed through the hallway, she picked up the post from the mat. Casting a casual glance at it before putting the pile on the hall table, she noticed one addressed to her. Strange. She wasn't expecting anything and she didn't recognise the handwriting. Sticking it in her dressing gown pocket, she continued her journey, toast in hand, back to bed. Covering it with marmalade, she opened the letter which she was astonished to find was from the man at the party.

"I hope you will forgive me for my shady tactics, but I obtained your address - or rather your father's address - from Annie Barrett, on a fictitious pretext, so that I could contact you. I was so glad to meet you at the party and it was extremely frustrating to have to leave before I could speak to you again.

Please have lunch with me in town today if you are free. I shall be in Belinda's at one; please do come if you have no other engagements."

It was handwritten on company paper and signed only with his first name. She needed a little while to take this in. She ran a bath; she could always think better surrounded by bubbles. Sinking into the warmth, she closed her eyes and the sharp image of his face came immediately into her mind. This was strange, since she had a shocking memory and could often instantly forget people's faces as soon as they were out of sight. But he had made quite an impression on her and - if this letter was anything to go by - she would appear to have made some sort of impact on him. What on earth should she do? Should she ring her father and ask if he was the sort of man she should have lunch with? No, that wouldn't do. Should she be having lunch with any man she hardly knew? Well, it was only lunch and she would be meeting him at the restaurant. What harm could it do? She would like to find out what kind of a man he was - was he as interesting as he looked?

Out of the bath and standing in front of the wardrobe now - casual, smart but casual, semi-formal? Not too dressy, that would look like it was an important date. No, she should dress as if she had been doing other things that morning and had come as she was. But how was she? Oh, God. Calm down. Just pick something tidy and stop fussing. Settling for a mid-grey trouser suit with a lemon blouse, she ordered her taxi before she could change her mind.

She was relieved as she got out of her taxi to see him walking towards her, smiling broadly.

"I was so afraid you wouldn't come," he told her. "I thought you would wonder what sort of weirdo this man was, writing to you out of the blue like that. Are you hungry? I'm ravenous. Come on in."

He swept open the door of the restaurant and her nerves dissolved. From the moment they sat down they settled into an easy conversation and within the duration of a lazy lunch they had found out a great deal about each other. They knew each other's taste in music, favourite colours, what they were reading at present and that they both had very ticklish feet. They laughed and talked until they were the only people left in the place.

"Do you think it's time we made a move?" he asked her eventually.

"Oh dear, have I kept you from your work. I am sorry."

He laughed. "No, don't worry about that. I have nothing to do this afternoon that won't keep. But please don't let me keep you if you have other plans."

Rather too eagerly she said she had no plans for the afternoon.

"In that case, would you like to go for a walk. I can show you a bit of the country side."

"That would be lovely."

He led her to his car and opened the door for her to get in. A voice in her head began to talk sternly to her about getting into cars with strange men, but she silenced it very quickly. There was something genuine about him that put her completely at her ease. As he got into the car, he turned and flashed her a smile which made every nerve in her body tingle. She was utterly lost. She had been attracted to men before, but she had never experienced this. She hardly knew him, but her heart was racing and she wanted this afternoon to last forever.

He drove a little way out of the town and stopped the car just off the road. They walked along a footpath for a while, then veered off through the woods until they came to a long, wide lake. They walked round the water's edge, then sat down for a while to enjoy the view across the lake to the trees beyond.

Making their way back to the car, their pace became slower and slower, both of them reluctant to have the afternoon end. As he pulled up outside her house she thanked him for lunch and a lovely afternoon.

"I'm so glad you were brave enough to come. I've enjoyed today very much and I'm really reluctant to say goodbye to you." Encouraged by her smile, he continued. "Please have dinner with me. Can I pick you up around seven?"

She agreed without a second's hesitation, then reluctantly forced herself to get out of the car.

When her mother returned from work, she called down to tell her that she would be out for dinner, before claiming the bathroom to begin a couple of hours of intensive preparations. When she made her entrance downstairs, her father's head appeared from over the newspaper.

"Good Lord. For whom have you wrought this work of art?" he teased.

She told him that it was a man she had met quite recently and realised as she spoke that she still had no idea of his surname. She noticed his car turning in the road outside, so she hurriedly called her goodbyes to her mother, kissed her father's cheek and made for the door before there was any question of the awkward pre-date conversation.

As she bounded down the drive, he got out to open the car door for her, planting a tiny kiss on her cheek in greeting. She got into the car and as she waited for him to come round and get into the driving seat, she caught sight of her father peering through the curtains, with what can only be described as a look of astonishment on his face. She thought he must be impressed by the very smart car and laughed to herself.

They chatted easily as he drove. She had no idea where they were going. He was wearing black tie and she was glad that she had decided to dress up a little.

"I thought we would go somewhere quiet this evening. Are you hungry?"

"I can't imagine how I am, after the lunch I ate, but I think the walk must have given me an appetite."

After twenty minutes, the car swung through a pair of elaborate iron gates and along a winding drive. Through the trees a large house came into sight. She guessed that this was one of those country house hotels. He was clearly aiming to impress her and he hadn't failed.

Pulling up at the foot of the steps, he got out and came round to open her door.

"Will it be all right to leave the car here? Shouldn't you park it somewhere?" she asked.

"No, it's fine. I'll leave the keys and one of the staff will park it."

He gave her his hand as she got out, then didn't let go, but wrapped her arm round his as they walked up the steps, through the double doors and into the hallway. It was a beautiful place, with pillars, a marble floor and a sweeping curved staircase. A man in a tail coat came towards them. He nodded to her escort, then to her.

"Good evening, Madam. May I take your jacket?"

"Thank you."

Her attentive escort took her arm and led her through a doorway into a large reception room. He poured them both a drink, then joined her on the brocade sofa. He resumed telling her a story he had started in the car. He watched her look round the room.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"It's lovely. With all those photographs and lovely pieces of porcelain, it's more like a private house than a hotel. It has a warm feeling to it."

He laughed a little. "I'm so sorry. I didn't explain properly. When I said we'd go somewhere quiet, I meant that I was bringing you here to my home. But don't worry - you have the staff to chaperone you."

She instructed herself to close her mouth which had dropped open. Was he teasing? Was it a joke? This couldn't possibly be his house. It was vast. As she struggled with these ideas, the man in the tails came into the room.

"Excuse me, My Lord. Dinner is served."

My Lord? That guy was his butler. My Lord?

She looked at him; he was highly amused by her confusion. Laughing, her offered her his arm again and led her from his drawing room, through his hall and into his dining room. The table was laid for two, with beautiful silver and glass, and wonderful arrangements of flowers. The butler and a girl dressed in black served them soup and she began to eat - stunned.

Finally taking pity on her confusion, he explained that he was the Earl of Southbrook and that this was his family home. He told her about his family and a great deal more about himself. For a while she was more than a little overawed, and she found it hard to know what to say to him. But he drew her out of herself as they dined and by the time he led her back to the drawing room for coffee, she was laughing once again.

It was late in the evening before he crossed the room and sat down beside her on the sofa.

"You are quite amazing. I have never been happier than I have with you today."

She gave a deep sigh. "I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed it too."

He ran his hand down her cheek, looking deeply into her eyes.

"May I kiss you?"

"Yes. please."

He touched her mouth with his, very gently at first, then a full lingering kiss into which they both sank gratefully.

"I have ached to do that all day," he told her.

"Do it again," she begged. And he did, several times more.

He took her hand in his and kissed it gently.

"I'm going to take you home now. But you must promise me that I can see you again tomorrow. Please."

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak and was rewarded with another deep kiss.

With a huge sigh, he got up and took her hand to lead her to the door. On the way home, neither of them spoke. They just sat side by side soaking in each other's presence to sustain them through the night until they could be together again. At the door, he let her out of the car, and kissed her hand in parting.

"I'll collect you at nine. Dress casually. I want to show you round the estate. Do you have any boots? Don't worry, we can always find boots. Nine. Goodnight."

She kissed his cheek then hurried up the path and into the house. She had hoped to slip quietly upstairs, but her parents were still up. Her mother came out of the kitchen as she closed the door.

"Did you enjoy your evening?" she asked.

"Yes, thanks. It was very nice." She tried to sound calm.

"How on earth do you know the Earl?"

"I met him at the partners' party, but I had no idea he was an Earl until this evening. He's a very nice man. Good night, Mum."

Before there was time for further interrogation, she made her escape. Alone in her room, she lay on her bed, replaying the entire day before she would surrender to sleep. She had had crushes in the past - but this felt so different. His face, his voice, his kisses. The morning could hardly come soon enough.

On the dot of nine, he was there. Her parents had already left for work and she was watching out of the window for his car. He drove her back the way they had gone the previous evening, through the gates and down the long drive. In daylight, she could take in the full beauty of the house, especially since she now knew is was not simply a rather good hotel.

They left the car in front of the house and began with a walk around the gardens. He pointed out to her his favourite spots and invited her to admire greenhouses and fountains. They took a Land Rover from the stable block and he drove her for miles round the estate, showing her deer and farms and orchards. The whole place was beautiful and he was clearly very proud of it. They returned to the spot by the lake where they had stopped the day before. This time he had brought a picnic basket from the Land Rover and they spent a long hour having a picnic lunch in the most delightful setting. The tour continued for a little longer, until they made their way back to the house. They collapsed, exhausted, into deeply cushioned chairs in the drawing room and he rang for tea. Once they had made short work of the sandwiches and scones, he asked if she would like to see the rest of the house.

"Oh, yes please. I usually have to pay to see round houses like this, Milord" she teased him.

He led her through several drawing rooms and dining rooms, a well stocked library, a Victorian conservatory and an annex with a pool. He took her up the sweeping staircase and showed her rooms in which various Kings, Queens and celebrities were alleged to have slept. At the end of one corridor, he opened a door and led her into a pretty room.

"And this will be your room when you are my wife."

She was not shocked or surprised. It was said as though it were the most natural thing in the world to assume. He turned to look directly at her, waiting for her answer.

"It's very beautiful. I know I'll be very happy here."

He pulled her towards him and kissed her. As she pressed against his body, she felt truly at home in his embrace. She felt his muscular arms around her and her hands caressed the solid strength of his back. They pressed closer and she could feel his hardness against her. Her heart raced and she felt herself melt into him. However strange this might seem to anyone else in the world, she knew with all her heart that she belonged to him and would belong to him for the rest of her life. He took her hand.

"I want to make love to you so much that I ache. But I need you to be sure. Very soon we'll come back here and I will make love to you for the first of a million times in this room. But for now, I think we should have some more tea."

She ached as much as he did, but she understood what he was saying and loved him all the more for his strength. They did indeed have some more tea, and he took her home soon afterwards. He came in with her and chatted for a while with her slightly uncomfortable parents. Her father had talked to him many times before, but that was before he was paying court to his daughter.

In the week that followed, the Earl collected her from her home every day. Sometimes he would have meetings in the morning and would collect her for lunch. Sometimes he would be at the door at nine, ready to fill her day with new experiences. He took her parents out to lunch one day and on another evening they all had dinner at his house. By this time, they were more comfortable with the idea of their daughter dating an Earl, although they were still amazed to be asked at the end of the meal for their blessing on their marriage. Having witnessed for themselves the strength of the relationship, they gave their somewhat stunned consent and drank a good quantity of champagne before the Earls' chauffeur drove them home.

Closing the door behind them, the Earl turned back to his love.

"If you don't want this, just tell me and we'll do it any way you like. There is a big garden party here in three weeks time. I thought we could very easily turn it into a wedding breakfast if we apply straight away for a special licence. Tell the office you can't come now, because you've just been offered a job as a Countess. What do you think?"

"I think it sounds wonderful and I love you very much."

"In that case, my darling, perhaps you'd like to see your room again?"

She could not answer him, neither could she control her legs. He took her hand and led her to the stairs. They made their way silently to the pretty bedroom and closed the door behind them.

As comfortably as if they had been together for years, they undressed each other until they stood facing each other, naked. He drew her to him, as he had a week ago. Once again she felt herself melt in his kiss. Once again she felt the strength of his arms and the width of his shoulders. Once again she felt his hardness against her, but this time she could feel its heat directly on her skin. He ran his hands over the smooth skin of her back. He caressed her shoulders, then bent a little to kiss her neck. They moved gradually across the room, until with a smooth movement, they were lying together on the bed. Their hands explored each other without the help of sight, as their eyes never moved from their locked gaze. He explored the breasts that he had dreamed about. His hands on her skin were even more gentle and more thrilling than she had imagined as she lay in her bed each night.

The travels of his hand at last brought him to press gently into her soft hair. His middle finger fell easily along between her lips and he made a tiny moan as he found her very wet. Her eyes closed for a moment as he made contact with her lips, then pulled gently forwards along her clitoris. Fixing their eyes again, they each watched the pleasure of the other at their touch. He watched her enjoy his finger teasing her button and pushing a little between her lips. She watched him jump as she took his hot, erect penis in her hand gently, then explored it with her fingers.

They both knew when the moment had come. Keeping her locked in his eyes, he rolled onto her and she parted her legs to welcome him. He raised himself a little and easily found his way home. He sighed into her and they stayed motionless for a moment. They were joined. This was their marriage and they both knew that they had found their heart's home.

They began to move gently together, speaking to each other only with their eyes. She saw love in his and he saw joy in hers. As the rhythm built in them, they read 'forever' in each other's eyes. He called her name as he came deep into her and a wave of fire passed through her entire body.

Throughout the night, they made love again and again. Joined now forever, they hungrily explored each other with fingers and mouths. She kissed every inch of his body as he talked to her of his love. Then as he explored her body, there was a moment when it sank in that he was asking her to be a Countess.

"What on earth do I know about being a Countess?" she asked him in horror.

He was busy eating her in every corner. "You taste like a Countess to me. I don't think you need worry."

By dawn, they had fallen into an exhausted sleep. She woke with a start and dived under the covers when the Earl's valet came in to wake him. The young man took no more than a second to assess the situation and retreat tactfully. Her heart was beating furiously as she hid under the bedclothes.

"While you're down there..." came a voice from the hot body beside her.

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