Stroke of Luck
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Time Travel, Historical, Harem, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sequel to 'I Ran away'.<br>Ricky found some notes and He and Marty build a fax machine. It faxs Ricky.

"What is that?" Earl asked. "It's somebody's backpack," I answered. "Maybe it has some treasure in it," he joked. "I don't think so," I answered, "It is an old Columbia pack and all that is in it are a couple of notebooks." "It must have been left by some archaeology student from days gone by, "he surmised. "It belongs to some guy named Mac MacKenzie from Virginia." "From the accumulation of dirt and dust on it, I guess he doesn't need it anymore," Earl said. "Hell, Earl, I might as well try to take it back to him since I am going home in 2 weeks," I said. "Shit, Ricky, that is nothing but a waste of time," he said. "I am taking it anyway," I said.

Yeah, that's me, PFC Richard Vincent from Clayton, Alabama. My National Guard unit had been deployed to Iraq, and Earl and I were a team searching an area for terrorist weapons caches. We hadn't found anything but a small cave and this old back pack. Why was I returning it? I'm just a damn good guy. You know the old saying no good deed goes unpunished.

I got back to the good old USA in one piece, and went back to college. I was studying mathematics at Troy State University. I got a little wound up at school and didn't send the notebooks back, right away. In fact, I didn't even think about them.

I went on my merry way, trying to find a girl who wanted to date a big clunk like me. I was big, 6' 5" tall, 230 pounds. I was not really fat, just big. I kept in pretty good shape playing softball and golf for fun and lifting weights some. I had brown hair and blue eyes. I didn't have much luck with the ladies. My National Guard time expired, and I was glad. I didn't mind my guard time, but I hated the idea of having to kill people in a war. I joined the guard to help people.

I finished up at Troy with a master's degree in mathematics. I got a job at a computer company up in Valley. Chambers County was a rural county; we got our business from Columbus, Georgia and Opelika, Alabama, mostly. I lived in the country outside of Valley. I enjoyed my life, mostly, but still didn't find anyone who I liked, that liked me, female wise. I had friends, we went to see the Braves play sometimes. Mostly I worked in the yard and garden (a habit I got from my mom). I was looking around in my guard stuff one day, trying to clean up and found the old backpack. I checked on the name Mac MacKenzie, over the Internet, and found nobody by that name in Virginia or Maryland. I guess, I had to have a better name for a useful search. Oh, well, I guess it was like Earl said a waste of time. I spent some time in the evenings reading in the notebooks. They were some experimental notes on building a machine. It looked like a FAX machine, a giant fax machine. I read all of the notes. The son of a bitch had made a time displacement machine, according to these notes. I started laughing, that damn guy went to a bunch of trouble to shine somebody on.

I was telling Marty, my cube mate, about it the next week, he was a hardware geek who had a nice wife and a baby girl. He said, "Hell, why don't we build it. It could be something to do in the evenings when it isn't baseball season." Marty was another Braves fan. "Why not," I said. So we did.

One night he said, "You know, this thing probably won't work, but I have had a good time building it. It is made from simple and available parts. I have scrounged most of them." "What about this one?" I asked. "Oh," he said, "that one is expensive, but I think I can cross wire a couple of boards to do the same thing." "Okay," I said, "What do you need?" He told me and I went to look around in the junk computers and catalogs (as a last resort). I got what he wanted for only about 60 bucks. We got it put together.

"This thing is cool," Marty said, after we ran a test on it. "It acts like it could really work." "Bullshit," was my answer. We both laughed. We decided to make a big deal test run on it. "Who's gonna go?" Marty asked. "Where?" I laughed. "Where do you want to go?" He asked. "I would like to know my great great grandfather. So, I guess, back to 1840." "Okay," he said, "you are the math whiz, figure out the settings." "Okay while I am doing that you figure out what I need to take with me to be comfortable and safe," I said, so he would have a job also.

I sat down and figured out the settings for Clayton, Alabama in 1840. It took 2 days. I asked Marty what he had come up with. He said that he thought I should go prepared to have to live off the land and protect myself from Indians if need be, so he gave me his list. It was long, and detailed. Marty was nothing, if not thorough.

The first thing I got was a big-wheeled garden cart for hauling things. He suggested a gun, so I included my hunting rifle, a Winchester model 70 in .308, and a case of ammunition (1000 rounds of military hardball). I took a tent, a sleeping bag, and cooking utensils. A couple of big pots and a cast iron pan. An axe, a machete, a half a dozen kitchen knives along with some digging tools; a pick and 2 shovels. I took my personal stuff. Tooth brushes, deodorant, a couple of bottles of shampoo and a bunch of soap. I took a bunch of my National Guard uniforms, spare boots and cold weather gear. I took a couple of cases of MRE's, and some salt and pepper. I also took a big bag of popcorn. Hey! I like popcorn. I took a sewing kit and some fish hooks and line. I had my Dad's old Smith and Wesson Model 39 and 2 spare magazines which I decided to take, along with my pocketknife, my hunting knife and my Cutco fillet knife (a present from my mom). I took four of boxes of ammunition for the 9mm. It was target stuff, but this was all for fun anyway. It all fit into the cart, if I stacked it carefully. I decided to take a wash tub for a cart cover, just on a whim, so I tied it on top. I threw in a hank of parachute cord, just in case.

I rolled my cart full of items up to Marty's garage. He laughed and said, "You took our dress rehearsal seriously." I laughed and showed him the bag of popcorn and wire basket popper. "Well, almost seriously," he said. We went inside, and I made the settings. He looked over the notebooks, and said "If it will work, this model should take you to 1840."

I said, "You bring me back in 1 week. I will stand on the same spot that I land on." "Okay, Ricky, are you ready?" He asked. "As I will ever be," I said as Marty flipped the switch. I saw sparks fly everywhere. Shit, the place caught fire.

I was standing in a quiet area holding onto the handle of the cart. 'What the hell' I thought. I looked around; this was not Clayton, Alabama. It looked more like Iraq, except there was a small ocean that I could see and hear. I walked down to the shore and looked around. I could see waterfowl and birds in abundance. Off to the east I could see a forest, so I got my cart and headed that way.

I kept going, and found a stream, the water looked and tasted clean. I had forgotten a canteen, shit. I walked upstream and walked into sight of a camp. I could see some people there so I walked up and held up my right hand in a friendly way. A young man came out to greet me. He had a spear in hand, but was not threatening. I said, "Hello."

He looked at me funny, and said "You speak the same language as my father," in fine English.

I said, "My name is Richard Vincent."

He laughed and said, "Mine is Lamar MacKenzie."

"Is your dad Mac MacKenzie?" I asked.

"Yes," he said, surprised.

I found his notebooks," I told him. "Come on and meet him," he said.

We walked up into the camp. Lamar called out and several young people came up, as well as a couple of tiny, but still pretty older women. He spoke to them in a language I did not understand. He explained, "Momma doesn't understand English very well. Daddy only really taught us kids to speak it well."

I walked up and saw an older man; I would guess about 55 or 60 years old. "Dad, this is Richard Vincent," he said.

I stuck out my hand, and he shook it and said, "Mac MacKenzie."

"I found your notebooks."

"Oh," he said, "Are you from the government?"

"No, I found your backpack while I was deployed in Iraq. I tried to return it but you were not in Virginia," I explained.

"I had not moved to Virginia yet at that time," he said. "My friend Marty and I built the machine, but it melted down when we sent the first things through. This stuff and me are the lot from 2005."

About that time three blonde amazons walked up. I did a double take.

Mac laughed and said, "Pretty aren't they?"

"Damn right," I answered.

One of the girls asked, "Are you from my father's home?"

"Yes," I answered, "Ricky Vincent from Valley, Alabama," I introduced myself.

"I am Margaret MacKenzie," she said. "These are my sisters, Betsy and Sherry."

I stuck my hand out to shake theirs. Another blonde beauty came up and was introduced as Ollie, their mother.

"I can see where your daughters got their beauty," I told her.

"Thank you, Ricky," she haltingly said.

Sherry said, "You are the biggest man I have ever seen."

"My cousin David is bigger and heavier than me," I told her, "I think it runs in the family." We visited, and I was introduced to the whole family.

I asked if there was a place where I might set up my camp that would not disturb them. Mac said I could set it up anywhere I wanted, but suggested that I move away from the outhouse. I laughed heartily.

He looked at me and said that he thought that this place was the default time and place for the machine.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

He said, "I think you may not get back. Your settings did not catch, so I assume that you just came through to the default destination. That indicates to me that the machine was damaged somehow."

"Shit, the fire must have damaged it before I got away," I said.

Anyhow, I set up my camp nearby. Betsy came over to invite me to supper. I went with her, and had a nice if simple meal. "How about some popcorn?" I asked everyone.

Mac asked, "How much do you have?" I laughed and told him about the popcorn joke, and said I had a 25-pound bag.

He said that we should plant a good portion of it in the garden, since it would make and grow here, he thought.

"I am going to make some now to eat," I said. I got the wire popper and about 2 cups of the popcorn. I popped it over the fire and everyone really enjoyed it. I went back to my camp and slept well.

In the morning, after I had eaten one of the MRE's I had brought, Mac came over. "What did you bring with you, Ricky?" He asked me.

I showed him what I had brought. He asked what caliber the rifle was. I told him, He said, "Man that is great, mine is the same caliber. I only have a few rounds left."

I showed him the pistol. He said his was the same caliber, but he had several rounds left for it. I told him that I had brought 400 rounds of hardball for it. He eyed the pick and shovels, and said those were worth their weight in gold. I said, "Get a load of these then," and showed him the cooking pots and utensils.

I spent time over the next 6 days getting to know the family and reconnoitering the area. I ate regularly with Mac's family, and some of them came and ate MRE's with me. Maggie, Sherry and Betsy particularly spent time around me talking to me and joking with me. They also began trying to teach me their language.

I was developing feelings for these beautiful girls. No women, except my family, had ever paid any attention to me.

I kept my appointment with Marty and after waiting on the spot for 24 hours, I figured something must be wrong.

I went back to my tent.

Mac stopped by for a visit, and asked if I had seen any indication of another passage from the future. "I haven't, but I left a message on the departure spot, in case Marty gets it working," I told him.

He asked me if he could borrow a knife. I gave him a kitchen knife and jokingly said, "Margaret, will get you two more." "I will speak to her," he said.

I was shocked by this statement, and said, "Mac, you know I was only joking." He said, "I am afraid you will be here longer than you think. Margaret is a nice girl, and needs a good man to take care of her. Betsy and Sherry will be angry, though."

He left and I thought about what he had said. I got a couple of stones from the creek and made a fire ring and a place to set up my cooking. I thought a bath would be really nice, so I built a fire, got out my pots and set some water to boil. I took my garden cart to the creek and filled it part way up and rolled it to put in the wash tub. Betsy and Sherry came up and asked what those things were. I told them what the pots, the cart and the tub were and told them I was going to bathe. I showed them the soap and shampoo, and let them smell it. Typical women, they loved the way they smelled and asked if they could bathe too. I told them that if their Dad said it was okay, they could invite Margaret, also.

By the time they got back, the water was hot and I had poured it into the wash tub it was a good temperature for bathing. I took off my shirt and was washing my upper body with soap. Margaret felt the water and said it was wonderful. The other girls felt it also and wanted to bathe right then, they all stripped their clothes off. My eyes bugged out, as I looked at these beautiful women.

Margaret (call me Maggie) was about 5' 10" tall and was very well built, with large breasts and a full butt. Beautiful, light pink nipples, and large areolas crowned her breasts. Her almost non-existent pubic hair was in a small sparse patch right above her opening. Her sisters were almost identical, except Betsy had bigger breasts and smaller nipples, and Sherry was about 2 inches shorter, with the same nipples and breasts as Maggie.

I was in heaven, and staring with my mouth open. Sherry said, "What is wrong Ricky, haven't you ever seen women before?"

"Never any this beautiful," I answered. That must have been the right thing to say, as they all smiled widely and started chuckling. They all grabbed me and pulled my britches and shorts off, and began to soap me down.

I finally regained my senses and began to soap them down also. I got a pot full of water and rinsed myself off, and then did the same for each of the girls. Then I got out the shampoo, and washed my hair. They had me bend over where they could reach and washed it for me, and rinsed it out. Then they each got shampooed. It took two passes to get each of them done, but they really liked the results. I lent them my hairbrush, and they said their hair had never felt this good before.

I said, "You three should just move in here with me and we can bathe every week until the soap runs out."

They had all been laughing and primping in my shaving mirror, but when I said that they instantly got quiet, and looked at me. Maggie said, "Do you mean it, Ricky?"

I said, "Girls, where I live, I can not even get girls to look at me because I am so big and clumsy looking."

Betsy said, "We can see that you are big in all ways," looking at my lower body.

Sherry said, "We can not get any men to look at us seriously because we are so big, and they are intimidated."

"We are a good match then, aren't we?" I asked, smiling.

"Ricky, if you mean it, we will go to Daddy with you," Maggie said.

I was stunned. "Do you mean that you would consider being my wife?" I asked.

They all said that they would not only consider it they would like it.

We cleaned up the remnants of the bath and put everything away. I asked again, "Do you girls mean this, you are not teasing me?"

"We are not teasing you, Ricky. If you will have us, we want you," Betsy said.

"Let's go speak to your dad. I hope I have something valuable enough for your dad to let you come with me." Then I thought of my shovels and pick. "Your dad said these were worth their weight in gold. Maybe these, and some more knives, and my axe might be enough for you. Probably not," I said glumly.

Maggie was quivering. She said, "Ricky, I heard Daddy talking to Momma, and he said that he was trying to figure if we had anything valuable enough to trade you for a shovel."

" I don't want to be cheap, or to make you seem like you are not valuable to me, but I would love to have at least a shovel left. Maybe I could trade for my pick and a shovel and some knives, but I will trade everything I have for you. Please don't tell your dad I said that," I asked them.

"Don't worry, we will need those things for our family. We want you to get as good a deal for us as possible," Sherry said.

"Let's go see you father," I suggested. They were all laughing and talking. I was trying to listen, but I was too shaken up by recent events.

We got to Mac's hut and the girls all took my hands as we walked inside. "Girls, is this what I think it is?" he asked.

"Yes, Daddy," they all said.

I said, "Mac, I know this is sudden, but these girls are everything I have ever wanted. I will give you whatever I have that will allow them to be my wives." My thought processes were wiped out. I was to excited by the prospect of having these beautiful women.

He started laughing and so did his wives. "Ricky are you coherent?" he asked.

"Barely," was my answer.

"I will allow you to make a bride price with 1 shovel and 2 more of these steel knives."

"That is not enough for these wonderful girls," I protested. They were squeezing my hands.

Betsy said, "Get the things Ricky, I want you tonight."

That broke up my stupor of thought, and I left running. I got back in just a few minutes, and paid my bride price.

They all got their things and brought them down to my tent. I had the biggest tent I could find at the local Sears store, and it was fine for what we had, but we had to sleep friendly. Maggie said, "We will need to build a more substantial hut before the winter comes."

"Girls, at my home there is a marriage ceremony that is performed at this time. Will you please do a ceremony with me?" I asked.

"I knew he would do this," Sherry said. They all nodded.

"What do you mean," I said.

"Our dad did the same thing with our mommas."

"It is important to know that your mates will never leave you and will always care for you," I said.

"We know that, Ricky. We are all very pleased that you would want us always," Maggie said.

We had a small ceremony where I promised to keep and care for them and our children as long as I was alive. They promised to care for me always and never take another man as long as I was alive. We all kissed to seal our vows with our love (that was their phrase, probably from their dad).

That night was the most memorable of my life. I told the girls I did not know much about sex. They told me not to worry about it, because their mommas had taught them everything about it. "I am glad for that. You will have to show me what to do." They said, "We will teach you everything we know."

We had a supper of MRE's. The girls really liked them, especially the desserts. After we cleaned up from supper, they all dragged me into the tent and stripped them and me. Sherry who was the most outspoken said, "There is so much about sex, that we should do some of it every night for a while until we have tried it all."

I agreed and the others nodded.

"Have you ever been with a woman before?" Betsy asked.

"No, Betsy, all I know about sex is what my friends told me. My mother and father were very straight-laced about sex," I said.

"I am glad our mothers told us everything, then," Margaret said.

Sherry said, "Momma said that if you had not had sex in a while that you would come too fast for us to get any enjoyment from it."

Betsy said, "Silla said we should give you a blowjob, so you would be able to last longer later. Do you know what a blowjob is?"

"I have been told about it but I have never had one," I said. These girls really did know about sex.

"I will show you," Maggie said. She proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob.

After I came in her mouth, she shared my spending with her wives. They all agreed it was very good.

Seeing this shot an iron bar into my penis.

Betsy noticed at once. "Good, you are ready again," she said.

"Wenna said we should be on top the first time, so you would not get too excited and hurt us," Sherry said.

"I would never hurt you, I love you," I protested.

Betsy kissed me and said, "We know that, Honey. We have not had sex either and you are not small. You could hurt us by accident."

Betsy straddled me and Maggie swabbed her with my penis. She was wet and excited. She slid easily down on me, a grunt at a time. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing through her teeth. "Betsy, are you okay?" I asked her.

"Yes, Baby, I am very okay. Your big penis is making me open up. I am not used to it, and I am having to do it gently."

I wet my thumb and fondled her clitoris; it was easy to find since it was fairly large. She squealed and came. She rested on my chest. "Oh, Ricky, that was so good, but you are not all the way in me yet."

"If you want to do the rest later, maybe one of my other wives would like a turn now."

Both of them said they would like a turn now. Betsy rolled off and said she wanted to rest.

Maggie got the next turn. She slid down with little friction, but she was really tight and it felt heavenly. She began moving and easing herself down. "Oh, Ricky, you feel so good to me."

I needed to move now, I told her so and she said to go ahead, as she was feeling no pain.

I began moving inside her, and she began groaning and talking with each stroke. "Oh, Ricky, oh so good..."

I was buried in my beautiful wife, and was on the edge of coming. I started moving hard and trying to come. She started screaming with each stroke, "Ee, ee, ee, ee."

I yelled out as I came in her. She fainted.

"Is she all right?" I asked Sherry.

"I knew you could not be so beautiful and big and not be a wonderful lover," Sherry said.

Betsy said, "She will wake up in a minute and beg you to fuck her again. I know I want to."

"I want to, too, but Momma said that you will have to rest until we get you trained to be able to fuck a lot at one time," Sherry said.

"Sari says that fucking is like running, you have to build up to it, to be able to do it for a long time," Betsy said.

Maggie who had awakened by now said, "I hope you will train fast. I love fucking."

"See what I told you?" Betsy said.

"You may have given me your first son. It is my time to conceive," Maggie said.

I said, "I hope you all give me many children."

"I knew it," Betsy said.

"Knew what?" I asked.

"I knew you were the best man since my father," she answered.

Sherry said, "Most men just want to fuck, they don't want children."

"How could a man look at your beauty, and not want your children," I said.

They all blushed at that and smiled warmly.

I hoped I could give them children, I had the mumps when I was twelve and I had swollen badly. My mother had told me that she did not know if I had much sperm production because of it. I guess I would find out.

I pulled Betsy and Sherry close to me and Maggie just stayed on top of me and we slept.

I opened my eyes to a wiggling Maggie. She was trying to get my morning erection into her. Sherry said, "Maggie this one is mine."

They traded places and Sherry began to try to get me inside her. I felt her barrier and said, "My love, this is going to hurt you. Your barrier is still in tact."

"Momma said the best way is just to go through quickly. It will hurt for a day, and then you can fuck all you want and feel good," Sherry said.

"I can't hurt you on purpose. You will have to do this yourself," I told her.

She did. She pushed herself quickly onto my penis, and squealed as she tore. I held her still. I felt her blood trickling onto my leg. I was crying, and hugging her.

"Look at our husband. It hurts him more than it hurt you, Sherry," Betsy said.

"Our husband has a kind heart, you won't speak to others about this," Maggie said to the others.

Sherry said, "We would never speak about our private love to others. This time is ours."

Betsy agreed saying, "Our man is so good, I would never embarrass him to others."

"I am glad we all agree about this," Maggie said.

"Are you feeling better, yet?" I asked Sherry.

"Yes husband, but I need you to be still for a while yet for me to get used to your size," Sherry said.

"I love his size," Maggie said.

"Me too, "Betsy said, "I can't wait to get it all."

"Making love with you is so much fun," I said.

"That is what fucking is, making love for fun," Betsy said, "I love fucking."

"I love fucking if it is with my beautiful wives," I said.

I heard someone walking up outside our tent. "From the sounds I heard last night I need to demand my right as head of the family," Sari said.

I shook my head. Maggie said, "Sari I am asking you not to do that. Our husband has promised to take no others, and I will have no part in causing him to break his promise."

"Come to breakfast then," Sari said.

"You two go to breakfast, and bring us some back when you finish. Sherry needs to be still for a while," I asked them.

"Yes husband," Maggie said. They got their clothes on, and went to eat.

Sherry and I rested and she got used to me. She started moving after a while and I liked it. I got to really wanting to move, and Sherry was helping. I was as gentle as possible. Sherry started to want it more. I rolled her over and started to move gently into her. I loved this wonderful girl. She wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged my neck, and pushed back as I pushed forward.

She quietly started shaking, and spasming around me. It pulled the come out of me. I groaned and she held me close to her. She said, "Ricky, that was wonderful."

"I love making love with you," I whispered.

We snuggled and kissed until I heard the others coming up. I helped her get her clothes on and I got mine on. We met them outside the tent and we all sat on stones and ate.

Betsy asked, "Sherry, are you okay?"

Sherry answered, "I am a little sore but getting better by the minute. I want to be ready for our man by tonight."

Maggie said, "It is good isn't it?"

Betsy and Sherry said, "Yes, it is wonderful."

"I want to go check on my message to Marty today. Does anyone want to go with me?" I asked.

They all said they wanted to work on our things and get ready to choose a place for our hut.

"Okay," I said, "I will be back in a few hours."

I took my rifle, and left for Marty's meeting place. I got there and found that my message was still in place and ready for Marty to pick up. I added a few lines stating that I was going to stay here since I had gotten married. But please sell all my things and send several axes and some hand and horse drawn garden tools and seeds, ammunition for my .308, and some bow saws. Harness for 1000-pound horses would be nice too, about 3 sets.

I headed back to my home, and had an uneventful trip. Those are the best kind.

That night I asked Mac if he thought we could put together a log cabin. It would be more substantial and warmer in the winter. He said he didn't see why not.

We started work on collecting the logs for the cabin the next day. Pet and Bossy were a good match for hauling the logs from the woods. Logging with an axe will either kill you or make you a man. It was killing me. Mac in conjunction with my wives selected a site for the cabin and laid it out. Then they went to the stream and with the help of an ancient Eddie, skidded some stones for the hearth and chimney. Lamar was helping with the skidding. The others were doing their regular work.

I had very little trouble finding trees that would serve for our cabin. The limbs would make fine firewood. When I got in that night, my wives had gotten together a bath, and cleaned me up before supper. I was dead from working hard all day. They massaged me and helped me go to sleep.

In the morning I awoke early feeling very good. I was only a bit sore from the work. I asked if anyone would like to fuck. They all answered yes. Maggie and Sherry wanted me on top, I guess they had been talking about it. Betsy wanted to be on top so she could have control of her first full penetration.

They all had 'wonderful orgasms', and so did I. I came once in Betsy, who was last and loved her first full penetration.

"Does he move your insides around?" Betsy asked.

"Not any more," Maggie answered.

"Mine got out of the way," Sherry joked.

We dressed and ate and I went to work on the logs and they went to work on the hearth and chimney.

The next day, after they thought we had enough logs, I started laying out the logs, notching them, and stacking them up. I am no carpenter, but I thought we did a good job. The cabin was to have a shed type roof, so one side was taller than the other. The only material for roofing that I could think of was thatch, so we set up a stringer system of small stems tied together with vines.

I went out and cut bunches of grass a good distance from the camp. While I was out doing that, the girls made mud chinking and worked on the cabin walls.

About a week later, we had a livable cabin. I hoped the roof would not leak or catch fire. The roof was too short, so I dug out the floor about a foot lower, and I was more comfortable. Lowering the floor also made cooking more comfortable in the fireplace.

The cabin was twice as big as the tent, so we had storage space.

The girls showed off their new house to the mommies. All of a sudden we were building a small housing complex. "Sorry, Mac," I told my father-in-law.

"Don't worry about it," he said, "You will be helping build them too."

Two weeks and a house and a half later, I felt the need to check on the meeting place. I told my wives that I was going to check on Marty and would be back late this afternoon.

When I got there my message was gone. I ran all the way back to the cabin and told my wives that I needed to stay at the meeting place for a week or so. They all knew where it was, and said they would come and visit me.

After a couple of days of camping out, I heard a loud pop. I went to the spot and found a large garden cart like the original one I brought. There was a note from Marty.

He wrote: Ricky, I can't send anything else. I have to destroy the machine and the notes. The police got nosey, and I am afraid that they will fuck up the world. I hope you get this, I just sent it without making any settings, since you mentioned in your note that you were at the default location. I told your mom that you were okay and happily married, but that you had gone overseas to get your wife. I know it is lame, but I have no imagination.

We love you,

Marty and Family.

Marty had sent a cart full of saws, axes, seeds and garden tools. No horse drawn implements, or harnesses were in evidence. He did send my pots and pans and silverware from my house, as well as 1000 rounds of .308 hunting ammunition.

I rolled the cart and things back to my home. The girls were so excited they were squealing and running around telling everyone that I had more treasures.

Mac came to see what I have received. I showed him the note. He nodded. I drafted more help with the logging now, since I had 3 additional large axes and 3 small house axes. I also had 3 shovels, 2 hoes, and 1 garden rake. He sent several pounds of corn seed, some pea seed (black eyes, not English peas) some green beans, and some lima beans, and some tomatoes and cucumbers, and some hot peppers.

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