Their Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A seperated Married Couple meet as a test, they talk she has flashback thoughts and they have sex. It has Oral sex, regular sex and lez petting

Janet "Babs" Daggett was uncharacteristically nervous as her jet began its approach to the Resort's airport. She had given sales presentations at work with the vice president over her department in the room, she had ran for student body president in high school and college, she had even given a presentation to the President of the USA and other dignitaries concerning a charity she volunteered for but she never had been this nervous before.

She had been called Babs since Jr High for many of their friends thought she looked like Barbara Streisand. She didn't think so but she did sing. She usually did pretty well at Karaoke nights.

It had been eight months since she had seen her husband and she didn't know how he or she herself, for that matter, would react when they saw each other. The separation had been her idea, but it had gone on far longer than she had anticipated. She figured it would take her two to three months, four at the max, for her to decide if she still wanted to be married to Jimmy. The separation would also give him a chance, to see if he was more at peace with or without her. However, she had been uncharacteristically indecisive. She still hadn't figured out what she wanted when it came to her husband. Of course, she hadn't done much thinking about it the first four months. She was embarrassed to admit that she had gotten carried away being with other men, and had done a lot of dating during that time. She had even started to develop relationships with a couple of the guys she dated and kissed a few of them. She hadn't had sex with any, even though she had made out and even done some petting with a couple. She had even gone as far as to give two guys hand jobs. One guy she gave a climax to in his pants, the other guy had taken his shaft out, and she had slid her hand up and down it long enough for him to spout. It had been in his car after dark, so she didn't get a good look at his shaft, but she did get a good feel of it though. It hadn't been her idea to take it out, the guy she liked the most decided to take things further on their sixth date. Babs had let him caress her breasts through her top for a minute, while she fought her conscience. After the kissing and with her letting him feel her breasts, he may have thought she had wanted to do more. After she heard his zipper go down, she clasped his hardon with one hand as he rubbed her clit through her leggings. At one point, she had even used both hands as she milked his shaft continuously, with a gentle twist of the head on each stroke. He groaned out loud each time she did, Babs smiled to herself since she knew that it would feel good, having done it on Jimmy a time or two.

It was after that date she had realized two things. The first thing was that if she continued the course she was on she would end up having sex with a date, it was only a matter of when and with whom. She had already almost given in twice, but it would be cheating if she had. The fact that she was technically separated wouldn't change the fact that she would be cheating. They weren't legally separated, and they hadn't even filed for divorce much less gotten one yet. The second thing she realized was that she was in danger of breaking her promise to Jimmy. When she had come to him to say they were going to separate she had promised him, sworn to him that it wasn't a sneaky way for her to divorce him, that it truly was a time for her to think about their relationship, not a precursor to divorce. Babs knew that some of the guys she was dating were hoping that they would be the ones she would give in to some day. She now knew that she would have someday, with the kissing and light petting. But some of the guys were really interested in getting to know her better, two were interested in romantic relationships that could lead to something serious. Those two she had liked and had done heavier petting with, and that was what scared her into dropping the whole dating routine.

It was at that point that she had stopped the dating, no more with any one. She did start going out with friends for a while, but most times it had been just one guy friend and even though they weren't dates per say, she again realized that a romantic relationship could have developed, so she had stopped that too. She made sure that when she went out with people, it was in groups of no smaller than five, and she never spent very much time with one guy. Of course, there was that one time she almost did something with one of her best friends, which would have been cheating even though she had nothing natural to stick into her.

She and Sue had gone out together a few times, just to talk and see what was happening. Both danced with guys when they went to nightclubs but Babs tried to keep that down, making sure all she did was dance a few times. They had gone to movies together and out to dinner a couple of times, just friends being together. Babs was able to talk to Sue about Jimmy, telling her how she was confused about her feelings toward her husband. That night something else happened. She still wasn't sure what. She was a little drunk, but she had been drunk before and nothing like that happened. She was horny too but she had been that before too, maybe it was everything together. She was feeling sorry for herself, horny, a little drunk and she appreciated Sue being there, as well as their friendship. Whatever the case, they had parked in front of where Babs had been staying to finish a conversation. Somehow, they had moved closer together, and soon were touching each other's leg. Babs had been wearing a miniskirt even though it wasn't one of her shorter ones, and Sue was wearing some nice short shorts and a tight blouse. Babs had noticed again, how nice her friend's legs looked. She had been staring at them all evening. Now she was touching them with hers and it turned her on. At one point she looked at Sue's face, seeing how beautiful it looked, and how full and inviting her lips were. She couldn't believe she was thinking along those lines but she didn't stop herself. She thought Sue had made the first move but wasn't sure. Babs had known her friend was horny also and at one point, she saw Sue's face move toward her own, next thing she knew they were kissing. First gentle but within seconds they turned the kiss into a passionate smack. At the same time, they each put their arms around the other and pressed their lips together even harder. She had never kissed a girl that hard before.

Twice, before marrying Jimmy, she had kissed a girl but not like this. One time it had been six very short kisses. It had been right after her 18th birthday, on the night she graduated from high school. A couple friends were out having a good time and in the excited, partying mood she was in, when a friend wanted a kiss she gave it to her, six times. Next time was just before she got engaged to Jimmy she gave a girl three long kisses. One had been over a minute. But there had been no tongue sucking, or lip nibbling in either of those episodes. Now she and Sue were fighting over who could stick their tongue in the other's mouth. Sue won for a moment and started to what could only be called fucking Bab's mouth with her tongue, in and out really fast. Jimmy had never done that, nor had any other boy for that matter. Not like this and it was turning her on big time.

After another two minutes, they stopped to take a breath. Because of the way Sue had frenched her Babs said, "I'm sorry I don't have anything to stick in you."

Sue said, "That's my line, I want to fuck you."

Babs had just nodded then they went back to kissing, but very soon after she felt a hand on her leg. Sue had placed her hand flat against her inner thigh just above the knee. The warmth it produced felt good. So Babs placed her hand on her friend's leg just above the spot Sue was touching on hers.

Before they got very far though, Sue suddenly removed her hand and started to pull Babs shirt out from her skirt. When she had it enough out her hand went underneath and slowly slid upwards. Babs had gasped but didn't protest. Within seconds, even though Sue had moved it slowly, her hand was touching Bab's bra. Instead of stopping or going over it, Sue slid her hand under it. Babs' boobs were slightly larger than her friend's. She gasped again as she felt the hand slide up and over the nipple. Suddenly Sue moved her hand in such a way that flipped Babs' bra up and over her breasts; soon she massaged one of them.

She said. "Yours are bigger then mine I want to see them."

Before Babs could protest Sue raised her friends' shirt up. She gasped as she saw her friend's breast revealed in al their glory.

A couple seconds of staring and she said. "I can't help myself."

She leaned forward and before Babs knew what she was doing, took a nipple in her mouth. Babs gasped loudly and almost came as she felt the suction on that, at the moment, very sensitive nipple. Her body jerked in ecstasy.

A few seconds later Sue changed boobs and sucked on the other as Babs said, "God, so good!"

It had been six months since Jimmy had done that, and two months since she had allowed any of the guys she had dated to do that. She had only allowed two guys the privilege, and that had been only a few seconds of sucking one nipple.

After a few minutes of Sue going back and forth Babs said, "My turn," and reached for her friend's boobs.

Sue startled as Babs grasped both and gently squeezed. Babs could feel the nipples under her hands, for her friend's top and bra were very thin. In fact, the bra was a half bra, better suited for an evening gown than the shorts she was wearing... This was the first time she had felt another woman's breasts sexually. It turned her on to feel the nipples harden, and hear her friend groan in appreciation. Seconds later, she took the next step and lifted Sue's top. She took it off completely, and while she was at it, undid the front clasp on her bra. Soon the bra joined the top on the seat, and Babs' sucked in her breath as she saw for the first time a pair of boobs she was going to suck on. After a moment, she leaned forward and began to suck on one nipple. A few seconds later, she licked it all over and sucked on the aureoles leaving hickeys.

After a couple minutes, her hand found its own way to Sue's leg again but this time it started sliding upward. At the same time, Sue started to move her hand, which was still in its spot. Both started moving their hands upward, slowly crawling their hands up like a spider would. Instead of feeling creepy as expected, it felt neat. Slowly they each moved their hands enjoying the feeling but also giving the other plenty of time to protest. Neither did though. Soon Babs touched her friend's shorts and she felt Sue's hand go under her skirt. It was obvious where it was headed. For a second that knowledge caused her to freeze. She had never done anything like this with a woman before. She wasn't completely sure she wanted to now but at the same time she was horny, excited, and finally said "go for it" to herself. She slipped her fingers under Sue's shorts and pushed it further up. Suddenly she gasped when she felt a hand touch her panties. She knew what was next and sure enough, the hand crawled over the material headed for that pleasure spot. Since Sue's shorts had wide legs, it didn't take her long to find Sue's panties. When she did, she quickly moved her fingers upward going for that button of joy. A second later, she felt something underneath the material and knew she had reached the right spot. It felt different than hers. "Thicker and smaller", she thought. She gasped as Sue found her button. Two seconds later, both were rubbing their fingers in circles while they were gasping moans out from what the other was doing.

Suddenly Sue paused and as Babs looked at her she looked confussed. At that amoment Babs saw a picture of Jimmyin her mind. She realized what she was doing as she thought about what Sue had said, "I want to fuck you". She knew she couldn't go on. She stopped for the same reason she had stopped the dating. Even though neither had a hard shaft to stick in the other, this was still cheating. She pulled her hand out from her friend's shorts and sat back pulling herself away from the hand caressing her.

"I'm sorry, I can't go on. It would be cheating. I am still married and I promised Jimmy that I wouldn't." a pause as she thought about what she had been doing then, "And... And I'm not sure if I am ready to make love to a woman. I thought I was but... actually doing it... I know I can't. I'm sorry."

Sue looked shocked for a moment but then said, "No need to be sorry. I got carried away too. I shouldn't have encouraged you to cheat."

Babs got out of the car and headed in, troubled by what happened. She immediantly started getting ready for bed. As she changed she thought about how what just happened disturbed her on two levels. The first and most important was that it would have been breaking her wedding vows and her newer promise to her husband. Second was that she was doing that with a member of the same sex. She understood some of the reasons she had kissed Sue but that still didn't make it Okay. She had never done all that before with a girl, hadn't ever wanted to even if the thought had flashed through her mind at times.

A few days later, while they were out with some friends, and alone for a moment Sue whispered to her that she had been almost ready to stop too. If Babs hadn't she would have. She wasn't ready for that either and wasn't sure what had gotten into her that night.

Currently as the plane landed, her nervousness increased and she realized one reason for it. Jimmy's communications with her the past few weeks had been fewer and more cold than usual. He called only about half the times he had been calling her and twice when she called him, he didn't answer. He always answered when she called no matter what he was doing. When they did talk his tone had been indifferent and twice he had been in a hurry to end the call. His questions about her had been almost accusing sounding.

Her birthday had been within those six weeks and he had sent a nice card, one with her favorite colors. He had obviously spent time looking for it, but while he had filled up half of one side of the inside he never once wrote that he loved her. He always said that at least once in every letter or card he sent. While reading it something else had bothered her, but it had taken her a while to figure it out. His note had been cold. He asked how she was doing but the phrasing was different, and it was at the last instead of at the beginning. She showed the card to her friend but she didn't see what Babs meant. Babs knew her husband, how he said things and this was cold. His last phone call had been very short, just saying that he would be here and wondering how her social life was and if she was having fun. She had wondered about that since it had been only recently, that he started asking about that. Did he mean how she was getting along with their friends? Was he wondering if she was relaxing at all? He usually had to convince her to relax and just have fun.

The plane landed and she joined those getting off. Once in the terminal it didn't take long for her to get her two suitcases, hire a bike cab, and to arrive at the hotel. Once there, she was ready to put up a fight for she expected that there would be some problem, there usually was. That was one of the things she didn't like about Jimmy. He was too wimpy at times; he would live with less than what he had ordered. She knew what she wanted, and was willing to make a big scene if they didn't give it to her as promised. Jimmy didn't like her doing that, of course, at times he had been correct when she had yelled at hireling, and it turned out to be a higher up who had made the change. "The hireling was just doing their job, it wasn't their fault", Jimmy kept saying. He was right she did give the wrong person a bad time sometimes, but then again sometimes it was his fault. But even at home, there were times he was too wimpy. They had a fight just before she suggested they separate and he gave in very quickly, as usual, accepting the blame. Babs had been ready for a good fight but then she had gotten mad at him telling him to fight; he wasn't always to blame for their disagreements.

She shook her head it was a mystery that she could feel so contradictory. He was a good man, he treated her well, very romantic at times, he could make her laugh, and he made love to her well. That seemed to be one of the very few areas he had confidence in himself. Even though at times he was too good. He seemed to think he had to do most of the work. She needed to make love to him at times too, but he always wanted to make love to her, not counting the times their passion got the best of them and they just had a quickie or a hard fuck. He treated others well too, but he was just so wimpy! He lacked self-confidence in most areas therefore; he had a tendency to cling to her and to want her to make all the major decisions. She didn't like his being clingy all the time. He was not easily jealous nor easily angered. He usually remembered her birthday and their anniversary even though he had, at times, forgotten other important events. He was patient even though sometimes she thought he was just trying to avoid a disagreement.

She settled into her room, unpacking and double-checking the schedule for the conference. They had a free evening. She and Jimmy had decided to meet at the resort's nightclub after dinner. He wasn't sure when he was getting in, and neither had known for sure what number their rooms would be. She went out to grab a quick bite to eat even though it was early. When she got back to her room, she decided to relax until she had to get dressed for the meeting. She lay on her back and surprised herself by falling asleep. She hadn't gotten much sleep on the long flight here, but she thought she would be too nervous to fall asleep. She woke with a start and looked at the time. Oops, she barely had time to get dressed! She jumped off the bed and hurriedly dressed, choosing what she knew was Jimmy's favorite dress. She had of course bought some new ones during the eight months they had been separated, but decided on this dress. It was slightly clingy, showing off her curves but not too much to make her look like a slut. He enjoyed the red and brown colors as well as its clinginess. She rushed to the restaurant-nightclub taking a wrong turn at one point, so she arrived ten minutes later than planned.

She walked in and quickly surveyed the room. It was small, but had a dance floor and a live band. They were playing dance music that didn't sound too bad. There were also small tables and a short bar in one corner. Some of the tables were set very close to the stage. No Jimmy, not at the bar, not at any table. She looked again, more carefully, it had been eight months since he had seen him after all, and he had said something about losing some weight in one letter. Still nothing she thought about calling the front desk to see if he had gotten in since he was never this late to meetings. No matter what type of meeting.

Suddenly though, something drew her eyes to the dance floor, she had rejected him being there since he didn't like to dance, for he was too self-conscious. As she scanned it she spotted, something that made her mouth drop open. She just stared. It couldn't be, but it was. Jimmy was out there dancing. With not one, but two women. After she recovered from those two shocks, she realized that one reason it had taken her a while to see him was that he had lost weight, and not just a little weight either. It was more like fifty pounds, maybe more. She was soon over her shock and started to move through the dancers, towards her husband. As soon as she started moving, he quit dancing and kissed both girls. It wasn't a tonsil prober, but each kiss was three times as long as a peck would be.

She hadn't noticed but he had spotted her as she came in. He was watching her through the corner of his eyes as she finally saw him. As soon as she begun to move his way he stopped dancing and then kissed each girl, on purpose, knowing she would see him do it. It was part of his plan to show her that he had changed in more ways than just losing weight. It would also throw her off balance for a while as they talked.

Babs made it through the people and stood in front of him. Each said "hi." After a moment, where neither seemed to know what to say she suggested they get a table. Jimmy nodded in agreement and then led them to one he had used earlier.

As soon as they were seated, a waitress came by and they ordered drinks, he got a cool drink and she a mixed drink. They talked some about their flights here; he had come on one that had arrived in the morning. Both flights had been good. She talked about what was happening at the hospital, they were getting a new lunch lounge. She also caught him up on some of the stuff happening to other staff that they both knew. He knew some of that already, for he had talked to some of their friends during the eight months and had seen two people from the hospital after he arrived here. One of the two girls he was dancing with worked at the hospital. Babs thought back at the two girls and realized he was right. She was a new nurse on her first job since graduating. Babs didn't know her that well.

She said, "I see that you lost a bunch of weight after all, and you're buff too. You look very good."

He sounded a little cold as he answered, "Right after we separated, I sent you a card explaining that I was going to a weight loss retreat up in the mountains."

She looked puzzled almost shocked. "I never read that."

"I had been planning on going for a while but couldn't think of a reason without telling you. Your idea to separate sounded like the perfect opportunity."

She hadn't read any card but it did explain why he hadn't seemed that upset over her suggestion to separate for a time. While Babs had been explaining her reasons for the separation tears had come to his eyes twice, but his reaction hadn't been as bad as she expected. That had puzzled her and she wondered if he really wanted a break from her too.

"I don't know what happened to the card you sent, but I never saw it. I never knew where you were, but I'm glad you went. You do look good."

That was true she had called his cell phone and had an number for emergencies plus an address for letters but she had no idea where he was actually located. And it was true he looked good.

There was a pause and she said, "I missed you."

Babs noticed a tightening of his mouth and a hard look for a moment and wondered why he would react like that when she said she missed him. They talked more about various things and then she said, "The house is ok. I've been there every few days to make sure the sprinklers work and the gardeners are still coming. I've even slept there a few nights to make sure everything was ok."

She noticed his eyes again tighten but she went on, "I missed you in the bed, it's not the same sleeping without you."

She had planned to say that to reassure him that she hadn't decided to leave him yet. That there still was hope for their relationship but she saw by the way the skin tightened around his eyes that it hadn't reassured him. His expression didn't change, but she could see the tenseness on his face and she wondered why.

After some more talk about the house, she took one of his hands in both of hers then looked him directly in his eyes.

"I really did miss you. It really is different sleeping alone in our bed."

She saw some relief come to his face, but then as if another thought hit him the tenseness was back. Did he think I would sleep with someone else in our bed? she wondered.

They talked more and then she decided it was time to go back to her room, it was late and she was sleepy. He offered to walk her back, which she appreciated. But on the way back, she kept trying to decide if they should have sex. After all the time seperated she assumed he would want to but should they at this stage of their relationship? After all, they were still separated. She wouldn't mind if he insisted, she was horny and wanted him but this time decided to follow his lead.

She was very surprised though as they reached her door, he said "good night", kissed her on the cheek, and then walked off. She touched the cheek and stared after him, wondering if he wanted to have sex with her.

The next day the conference started and they weren't able talk much outside of saying "hi." That evening after dinner, they again met in the nightclub and again talked. Babs was reminded of one of the things she had liked about Jimmy in the beginning. As he described some of the antics of some of the others at the weight loss resort, he had her almost on the floor laughing. He usually could make her laugh and many times knew what to say to cheer her up. She talked some of what she had been doing those eight months and apologized for not making up her mind about them. For a moment, she saw sadness and something else in his eyes. Resentment or anger maybe, she wasn't sure. He talked about how he had been forced to date during the weight loss retreat. The people who ran it insisted on it for it was a way of building self-esteem, which would in turn help the participants to lose weight. That evening he again walked her back to her room and again just kissed her on the cheek, just before he said "good night" and walked off.

The next day they both attended the same seminary and when she arrived early, she saved a seat for him. He however, didn't even look for her as he came in and ended up sitting on the opposite side of the room. She had been looking for him and tried to wave at him once, but he wasn't looking her way. He had come seconds before the meeting was scheduled to start. She wasn't sure if that was why he had grabbed a seat without looking for her.

That night they had dinner together and danced for the first time in years. She wore a new outfit that she had gotten recently, a sexy pantsuit that he hadn't seen. It had the colors that he liked and was tight in all the right places. He wasn't a bad dancer after all. Babs was glad that he had learned to dance at the retreat. He had explained that it was not only to help lose weight but also to build self-esteem. They didn't dance long. She realized something wasn't right about how he danced but wasn't sure what. After only three trips around the floor, he suggested they leave. She wanted to dance more but decided he must be tired or something. This time when they got to her room and he bent over to kiss her cheek, she turned her head so his lips touched hers. He paused for a second but then continued the kiss. When he ended it, she picked up where he left off. Soon they were kissing passionately. They spent ten minutes by the door kissing, each pushing their tongue into the other's mouth. She stopped for a moment, then opened the door to go in. He followed to her surprise, not that she minded. Once inside he kicked the door closed and while still kissing her backed her up to the couch in the outer room. He kissed her harder and when she tried to push her tongue past his lips he fought her with his, ending up pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Babs' eyes widened for a moment in surprise at his continual aggressiveness, but she left those thoughts behind as she allowed herself to slip back into the euphoria he was creating in her. It had been so long and she missed him. Not just because she was horny but it felt so good to have his lips against hers, and his body pressing against hers in almost uncontrolled passion. She realized that she had missed his lips, his hands, and his body against hers, as she had been kissing the other guys.

A second later, all of those thoughts left her mind as she felt herself in free fall. He had pushed her backwards. She felt shock for a moment until her butt hit the couch. He had known it was there, and just wanted her on it. A second later, he joined her, kissing her hard and grabbing a breast. She was again surprised by his aggressiveness and again, she didn't mind.

He gently squeezed the breast, massaging it through her blouse and bra. She had worn a low cut blouse hoping this would happen. He brought his hand up and began to caress the upper parts of her breasts. She groaned, that felt good, it hadn't been done for months and not by him for even longer. She took a moment to be grateful that she hadn't allowed any guy to go much further than he was now. This was Jimmy's territory, at least for now and maybe by the way she felt the past few days, for the rest of their lives.

She groaned and taking that as a confirmation that he was doing what she wanted, he slipped his hand down her blouse and under her bra. She jumped slightly as he touched, and then gently pinched one nipple. He started to withdraw his hand but she moaned out a soft "no" so he put it back and squeezed that nipple between his forefinger and thumb again and again. Seconds later though, he removed his hand again and she said "no" again but he continued to slip it out. She looked at him with puzzlement but he kissed her again and as he sucked on her tongue, she realized why he had removed his hand. She could feel him unbuttoning her blouse. At the same time, one hand slipped down her leg. It started on her stomach as he massaged around her belly button, through her top for a moment. The hand slipped down to her hip, then down one leg. It had gone slowly as he had kissed her and pinched her nipple she almost hadn't felt it at all as she concentrated on the feelings in her breasts. The hand was moving slowly, caressing her leg through her pants. She almost jumped again as she felt the hand crawl toward that spot between her legs. She moaned as his hand massaged her inner thigh. Even through the material if felt good. At one point, she almost said out loud that he didn't have to seduce her like that, she wanted him, but at the same time Babs was enjoying the feelings. It was good to be able to relax and allow what he was doing, instead of fighting her feelings as she had on her dates.

She decided it was past time that she returned the feelings he was producing. As his hand slowly made its sensual way up her inner thigh, she placed a hand on his knee. She squeezed it slightly then it began its trip up his leg. True he was wearing pants therefore she was feeling his leg under material, but it was still sensual. Slowly her hand made its way to his inner thigh caressing and massaging his leg. When it was halfway to its ultimate goal, he groaned softly into her mouth. Even as she enjoyed the sensations his hand and fingers were producing on her skin, she was determined to produce the same feelings in him. Gradually her hand and his moved closer to their goals. Her breath caught as his hand neared its goal. She knew where it was headed and that it was very close. Soon he stopped and only lightly caressed her inner thigh. She scooted closer to the edge of the couch trying to get that hand even closer, but he withdrew it a bit before starting it moving in the right direction again. She slowed her hand down so it wouldn't get to her goal too fast. Suddenly though as if he couldn't stand it anymore his hand slipped up the rest of the way, and she gasped as his hand brushed her pussy. It was through her pants but the effect was electrifying after the teasing.

Babs pushed her hand faster to his special spot, first running her fingers over his hardness twice. He let out a little groan as she teased him. Two seconds later, she pressed her hand flat against it and he let out a loud groan and jerked, then humped against her hand.

He was brushing his hand over her spot again and again. She bucked her hips trying to get him to massage that wonderful slit of hers, but he just stilled his hand then opened her blouse with the other. He reached under her bra and grasped a breast with his whole hand. They both gasped from the contact. He gently squeezed it with his hand. After a few seconds, his other hand started moving again, as he dragged it up her slit. She moaned, and then gasped.

She said, "No more teasing, Take down my pants and touch it."

He slid his fingers back down her pussy, stilled them for a second then moved his hand back up the slit softly. He rubbed it harder but it wasn't what she wanted. After what seemed like minutes, he helped her undo her pants and push them down. He didn't wait till they were off, before he gently caressed her clitoris through her panties. She humped his hand but he kept up the soft caresses until her pants were off. He then placed his hand on her leg right under the leg band. Further and further in until he touched her most intimate spot. He slowly, gently pushed two fingers into her. He could get them in only so far because of her leg band hindering his forward motion but as he started to move his fingers up and down in a scratching motion, it felt so good. She laid her head back enjoying the twin sensations of his hand on her breast and his fingers massaging the inside of her slit. Suddenly though he stopped, she almost gasped at the suddenness and looked at him puzzled. He just withdrew his fingers without a word. Jimmy pushed her bra upward off her breasts. She decided to help him and reached behind her to undo the clasp. He just looked at her and half smiled for a moment, then he leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard, softly chewed on it, sucked some more, and then licked it. Pressing his tongue hard against it. She sighed and groaned. God! she had missed that so much. True, one guy had sucked on a nipple for a minute before she stopped him, and even though she had enjoyed it hadn't been like this. Jimmy had always done a good job on her breasts, and the rest of her too for that matter. It had been one of the areas where he had confidence in, even taking chances at times.

He also spent time on the other boob, sucking and licking hard just the way Babs liked it. He even licked all over that breast leaving trails of saliva along the slopes on each side. She enjoyed it but wanted to give to him. Because of his position, she had stopped caressing his cock but now she wanted to feel it even through his pants. She suddenly kissed him hard pushing him off her against the back of the love seat. She slipped on top of him, kissing him hard all the while, and then she slipped a hand in-between them. She smiled in satisfaction as he jerked and humped upward when she gripped his hardness as much as she could.

He must be as excited as me to react that much from just this touch. It's so good to feel him again. Not because it was a cock and I'm horny as could be, but because it was Jimmy. Maybe deep in my heart I feel more for Jimmy than I remembered, she thought.

Soon though after three hard humps, he pushed her off and back where she had been. He clamped hold onto a nipple with his mouth again but this time he used one hand to begin to slide her panties down. It was a little hard with just one hand but she helped as much as possible lifting her rump up, and even wiggling her hips. Soon it was down around her knees. He let go of it and brought his hand back up her leg trailing his fingers over her skin. She moaned even before he touched her clit. He began soft circled with two fingertips, steadily increasing the pressure, as she liked. Soon she grabbed that hand to keep it where it was. He increased the pressure of his fingers while sucking even harder.

She managed to open her eyes for a moment, watching him smile as he pleasured her. He always liked it when his ministrations produced such reactions in her. However as she watched his eyes suddenly narrowed, and the smile vanished. She wondered what thought had come to his mind but her climax was so close, all thoughts vanished as her euphoria took over her mind. It wasn't until afterwards, as she thought about it, that she realized that his smile had never returned.

She started chanting, "Keep it there, keep it there, keep it there."

She moaned and said, "Harder, God, harder God, god, god!"

It was so good after so long without it. She had masturbated but that wasn't anywhere as good as this. It felt like she was in for a large climax. He pressed harder and switched nipples that he was sucking on. Suddenly she was close. He softened his pressure and let up on his sucking. Her euphoria dropped some but still stayed high. She bucked against his hand to get it back, wanting the release. Seconds later, he resumed his harder ministrations. He bit her nipple five times. Babs felt more pleasure but couldn't tell where it was coming from and she didn't care that he was pinching the other nipple as he chewed on one. He pressed against her clit even harder with three fingers now. Her back arched and her mouth opened in a soundless scream, then she crested letting out a small scream right after a "God Yes!" as she did. She wanted to hump against his fingers but couldn't. The orgasm seemed to go on and on but eventually she relaxed.

She looked up at him as she enjoyed the after effects and said, "thank you."

He nodded without saying anything but after half a minute she pushed him off her and stood up, she turned to look at him, and said, "Its your turn."

He tried to protest but she just gently rubbed his hard cock, and then undid his belt as he was groaning. A second later his zipper was down and Babs was pulling his pants off. His shoes were still on but she didn't care as she pulled them off. She did take a moment to push her panties down to her ankles, kicking them off after she straightened back up. Quickly she pulled his briefs down and off. She took a few seconds to look at his manhood. It was arousing and she wanted it, to taste it, to feel it, and to have it inside her. She wanted him, it had been so long. She knelt before him and grabbed his hard, so hard, so arousing cock. She made a fist around it feeling it, running her hand up and down feeling every bump and vein. Then she kissed the top, running her tongue over it three times.

Then she looked at his face and said, "I missed you and I missed this so much. I haven't had it for months and I want it."

He looked back at her with an expression she couldn't interpret. There was sexual hunger but there also something else she couldn't identify. His body language said he wanted to say something. She knew him well and long enough to know that, but she could also see that he chickened out. That relieved her somewhat, this new confidence of his was good but at the same time, she wanted some of the old Jimmy. He had gone too far at times with his lack of self-confidence, but she had married Jimmy with all his flaws, not some extremely confident guy. That took her back for a moment, she had married Jimmy because she loved him just as he was. If he became totally self-confident, he wouldn't be Jimmy. Not the one she had grown to love and had married. She wondered if that was what her subconscious had been trying to tell her these past few months.

Now was not the time for this type of thinking though. She would contemplate those thoughts later, now she had something else to do. Putting those thoughts aside, she leaned over and engulfed his whole shaft with her mouth, going all the way down to the base where she closed her mouth. While he was not even close to being huge, he was in no way small either. One of the guys she had dated, whose cock she had felt through his pants, had been smaller, though not tiny. She didn't know about most of those she had dated but from looking at the bulges of some of the men, she thought her husband had a nice sized cock.

Now she gripped his base with her teeth biting him in a way he liked. While talking with some of her friends, she found that most men didn't like that but Jimmy did so she did it. He also liked for her to bite the head of his shaft in various places just before they fucked. He said it made the places she bit even more sensitive while he was thrusting inside her. To her it seemed like it was sensitive enough as it is, but he liked it some of the time. Twice during their marriage, she had bitten too hard and he had lost an erection. She had been very apologetic, especially after the second time, but he seemed to take it too personal. She had been very careful after that.

She bit him five times, a tiny bit harder each time. She worked her way up his shaft biting every half an inch. By the time, she had just the head in her mouth he was groaning and pushing his hips upward. Babs knew it was an automatic response, he was usually very careful about gagging her. He had done it twice, once during their honeymoon and once two weeks after they got back. He apologized for days after the second time. He didn't have to though, because she had known it was an accident and it hadn't been that bad.

Babs sucked hard for a few seconds then licked the head, just the very tip where the slit was. Licking all the way across like she would an ice cream cone, for half a minute, then she suddenly slipped her tongue down the bottom side of his cock. He almost jumped as she did. Then it was up and down, down and up. She smiled as he groaned and moaned louder and louder. Suddenly, she took the whole thing in her mouth and sucked. He jammed his hips upward and almost yelled a groan. She repeated the same movement four times, by the time she was done, he was panting and she knew he was very close. A few more swipes across the tip, then she took half of it in her mouth and just sucked. Soon she was rewarded with him arching his back and freezing for a second, while she sucked harder, then with a true scream he fired his first glob of sperm into her mouth. She had been a little surprised that he didn't warn her like usual, but she had known he was close so it didn't matter. A second later, a lesser scream and a second gob hit the back of her throat. She swallowed both and as a third shot out, she smiled around his cock listening to his still euphoric moans. He had jammed his cock into her mouth but she had been expecting it, so had moved her mouth back, he was still moving it though, fucking her mouth. She was still sucking, keeping it up until a few seconds after he relaxed to make sure he was done. She opened her mouth, letting his non-shrinking member drop out. Knowing him like she did, she expected that his shaft would not shrink after the first climax because of all the horniness that had been allowed to build up.

She had managed to swallow it all, without any leaking out, even though it had been a large amount of cum. She sort of liked sperm, but only allowed him to cum in her mouth half the time she sucked on him. There had been two times she had allowed him to cum in her mouth twice during one session. She had just been in the right mood and hungry for cum. Later, she had been amazed by her horniness. She had been so wild that the only thing Jimmy could do was hold on for a very wild ride. Those two times she did all the fucking and sucking. She didn't know how many times she came, but Jimmy had three orgasms each time. She had gone wild with fucking and sucking him. In fact, she felt that if some other man, even a stranger, had joined them she would have sucked him off too. She would have watched them take off their clothes with eager anticipation. Not now though. All she wanted to Jimmy as usual. She looked at him smiling.

He looked back and said, "thank you. I missed you doing that."

It wasn't Ôtill later that she realized he hadn't said anything about love. After a few seconds, she suggested they go in the bedroom where they would be more comfortable. He agreed and followed her in, watching her butt move. She glanced over her shoulder to see what he was doing and smiled at the expression on his face. He helped her undress, then before she could say anything laid her on the bed. He rubbed her clit until she spread her legs, he got down on his knees at the end of the bed, and she scooted into the right position, so he could have access to her lovely slit. He started licking her inner thigh about mid section. He went back and forth between legs as he worked his way up. He just licked the bottom portion of her love flower, then licked and sucked around it. All the way around circling it with his saliva, but never touching it. He made four circles and finally licked up the whole length. She jerked, and almost screamed from the way that felt after his teasing. Suddenly though he clamped hold of her clit with his mouth and sucked hard. She jerked again, grabbing hold of his head and holding it there. He nibbled, sucked, and licked the clit all the way to a climax. As she relaxed, he pushed two fingers inside finding her G-spot. He continued sucking even as she relaxed. He alternately finger fucked her and massaged her G-spot. At one point he lowered his mouth, withdrew his fingers, and started licking her delicious hole. He tongue fucked her for a while. While he was pushing his tongue in and out, he felt for her anus. Finding it easily, he used a finger he had gotten wet with her juices and slowly pushed it in. That was something else she liked sometimes. This was one of those times, but she would have let him do it anyway. He was always gentle and soft. She had talked to her friend about that too, and found it amazing that most men found the anus to be arousing. They liked playing and licking it. They loved the rubbery feeling of a rectum around their finger, Jimmy was no different.

Suddenly she pulled at him, wanting something bigger than a tongue inside her. He quickly got the hint and maneuvered his way up her body. She liked the feel of his chest sliding across her breasts, even though now it felt different since he didn't have a belly anymore, well not much of one anyway, it still produced good feelings and good memories. From years of practice, he was able to insert himself inside her without her help. He just positioned himself, and stabbed forward with his hips. He missed the first time but he lowered himself a touch and stabbed again. This time it was right on and his hard cock slid into her waiting, wet pussy. They both gasped as it went in all the way. He stayed still for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her love tunnel's walls enclosing his shaft after so many months without it. She finally humped against him to get him moving and he pulled out a bit and shoved it back in. Out all the way and in all the way. He repeated that, which she liked, half a dozen times then his passions took over and he suddenly increased his speed. Putting his head back and just jamming it in hard. He pulled out fast and jammed it back even quicker. She went along with the ride enjoying it almost as much as he was. But after a few seconds, he slowed and went back to a steady slower rhythm. She gasped as another climax approached.

She said, "I missed you and I missed that inside me."

He continued to thrust for a few seconds but then slowed abruptly. She opened her eyes to look at him, his face had a hard expression on it, and about that time, she was surprised to feel that his was losing his hardness.

In her mind she asked herself. "What is going on here? Did he cum already? There was no indication that he had but he getting soft. Was it something I said? She quickly reviewed what she had spoken, wondering if she had said something other than what she had meant, but she didn't think so.

All this took two or three seconds, his expression changed again, and he began fucking into her again faster. As he did, his erection came back up and began to make her feel wonderful again. It was almost as if he had thought of something, then had banished the thought. Her slit's good feelings spread outward chasing all of her thoughts away. He just continued thrusting away as if he was trying to make up for the ground he had lost. She was quickly approaching another orgasm. When he leaned back to push in even harder, it was very close. She gasped out a moan as he suddenly went in even deeper. Four thrusts later, he did it again. When he got close, he would sometimes do that. Somehow he pushed himself further in. It felt good and this time it was driving her to the edge. One very deep push and she was over the edge, raising her hips and letting out a groan that was almost a scream. She managed to say "Yes" once and then a loud UGGGGgghhhhaaa. He continued to fuck as Janet relaxed for he hadn't cum yet, but she didn't mind since he needed one and it still felt good. He was grunting, moaning continually. Half a minute later, he suddenly drove his cock in even deeper causing her to grunt out loud, and then he let out a half scream, half bellow as the first of his sperm shot out to fill her pleasure hole. He let out another Grrraaaiiiiii as the second shot burst forth, there was a third softer groan as the third blob shot out then he was silent even though the grimace on his face showed he was still feeling the pleasure of his orgasm. His thrusts changed to shorter, faster ones and soon he stopped altogether and collapsed on top of her. He panted for a few seconds then slide off of her. She wanted to cuddle but he did only for a few seconds, then he got up went and did something she couldn't see and came back in a few seconds. She was on her side and he lay down so that his front was against her back in a spoon position. He talked a little about how good her body looked, and then they just lay there until he started making humping movements and she knew he was ready for a third fuck. It didn't surprise her since it had been a long time since they had sex.

He reached around her and started to tweak a nipple. He also caressed both breasts, squeezing them gently. His soft shaft got hard and could feel the hardness against her butt cheeks. Babs moved her legs to allow him access to her hole. He reached around and placed the head of his shaft against it then pushed. As it went in, she could feel it separating her sexual lips and entering her pussy. When it was all the way in he started humping, -pulling out and pushing back in. A few seconds later, he reached one hand down her front until he touched her clit. Once he had it, Jimmy started massaging it gently. She humped against his fingers to tell him he was doing good as she sighed. He continued in this vein for a few minutes, tweaking one nipple while massaging her clit and at the same time gently shoving his hard shaft in and out of her.

Since this was his third climax, it took awhile to build. She laid there enjoying the triple feelings he was producing. She had a small orgasm at the beginning and then felt another larger one building. It built and built as he continued his slow rhythm. Finally, his movement increased in speed and she knew his orgasm was building. She was going, uh uh ahh aahh with each of his thrusts.

Soon she crested and let out a gasp followed by a "Yes! Yes! Now!"

She arched her back, let out a noise, then relaxed. It had been a good one. Not as large as the one with him on top but good. He kept up his thrusting, which grew more and more frantic as his euphoria built. He was going Uh ugh UHH which each inward shove.

Finally, he shoved it in deep and let out a Graaaggghhhaa that was almost too loud, since his mouth was near her ear. He pushed in so deep she felt his sperm splatter inside her slit. He said Naggaggaa when the second glob of sperm shot out. This was followed by three more deep thrusts then half a dozen short quick fucks. He relaxed and rested against her.

He felt good against her like that and not just because of what they had just done. She wiggled her butt against his pubic area as she usually did after they had sex in this position. He just grunted but a few seconds later, he nibbled on her neck after giving it two kisses. He gave it two swipes with his tongue then kissed it again.

He said, "I... I... ur, I thank you. That was good."

She was relaxed and very comfy, feeling better than she had in months. Soon she was asleep. Later she woke up and flipped over on her back. Her eyes popped open and she thought, wait a minute this bed wasn't that big, she should have felt her husband. Babs felt around and found no one else in bed with her. She wondered if he had gone to the bathroom but didn't think so.

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