Will's Journey Into Manhood
Chapter 1

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Historical, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Masturbation,

Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a boy in the 1880 Texas Panhandle and how he became a man in many ways.

Will Danforth's body was atremble with the sight before him. There was a man and a woman in the stream before him both naked and running their hands all over each other. The woman's body was a sight that seared Will's eyes and caused his manhood to strain against his buckskin pants. He was sure glad he decided to look for stray cattle along this creek.

Will was fifteen years old, the third son of a Texas Panhandle rancher in the year 1880. He had an older sister Linda who was seventeen and a younger sister Jenny that was fourteen. His family owned 3,000 acres just by the south fork of the Red River and grazed their cattle on much more of the open range. Their outfit the Triple D wasn't near as big as Charlie Goodnights holdings but was probably one of the biggest ranches in the Texas panhandle. His dad Amos Danforth employed around fifteen full time men most of them Mexican and all of the kids worked as hard as anybody.

Will had been out rounding up any strays he could find and herding them back to the main holding area in preparation for a drive to market next month. He had been easing along the backside of a grassy knoll when he heard splashing coming from the creek on the other side. He drew his Winchester Yellow boy repeating rifle from its scabbard in front of his saddle. Even though most of the Indian trouble was a thing of the past there were still renegades coming through occasionally or just plain cattle rustlers. Will was a dead shot with the 44 caliber weapon and just as good with the 45 colt peacemaker he had strapped to his hip.

His grandfather and two brothers had originally settled this land and they fought hard to keep it, none of them dying of old age. His dad and three cousins inherited the land and all three cousins also were gone, one killed by Indians, one by a drunken cowboy over cards and the third broke his neck when his horse stepped in a hole at full speed. His dad owned it all now and he made sure his boys and girls knew how to handle rifles and pistols. In this day and age there was always somebody trying to take what was yours and the Danforth's didn't aim to give it up easy.

Will eased off his horse before they crested the knoll and ground tied him. Easing the Yellow boy before him he made his way to the top and peeped over, there not fifty feet away was his older brother Jacob and his new wife Lizzie. Jacob was 19 and Lizzie was seventeen, they had only been married a couple of months and lived in a new house that was built on the land that would be his when their dad passed on.

Will watched Jacob and Lizzie laughing and giggling, splashing each other. Will had never really seen a naked woman before and Lizzie's body was a glory to behold for him. His eyes darted back and forth from her jiggling white breasts capped with brown nubs and the wet matted triangle of brown hair at the junction of her legs. He knew he should ease away and leave them be but he couldn't take his eyes off Lizzie's round bottom when she bent over to splash more water on her husband. Looking around behind him to make sure no one else was around he settled in to watch his brother and his wife while they frolicked in the stream.

Jacob and Lizzie had enough playing in the water; both of them stimulated by the sight and feel of the others body. They waded ashore and lay down on a horse blanket that was spread out on the bank of the creek.

Will watched as Jacob took Lizzie in his arms and kissed her. It wasn't like the kiss he had gotten from Jessie Borden at the last social they had been to several months ago. That was a quick peek on the lips, his brother and wife had their lips mashed together and looked like they were trying to eat each others face off.

He watched as Jacob's hands roved over Lizzie's body clutching at her full breasts, he was to far away to see exactly what was happening but evidently she liked what he was doing because he could hear her giving out little moans and they didn't sound like he was hurting her. He saw Lizzie reach down between their bodies and do something to Jacob that caused him to give a loud hiss. Will was fascinated and he knew he was going to pleasure himself, had to, his manhood was tight with blood. He fumbled with the lacings in the front of his pants finally freeing himself to the open air. Looking around once again to make sure no one was near he wrapped one hand around his stalk and started slowly stroking while he watched the couple before him.

Will's eyes took in the couple below as Jacob rolled over to settle his body on top of Lizzie. She opened her legs wide and his hips settled down in the white V of her legs. Will couldn't see exactly what went on but he knew his brother must be putting his manhood into his wife's quim. Will knew how the animals mated and his bothers had told him about men and women but he had never seen it till now. He watched Jacob's hips start to bounce up and down between Lizzie's thighs. They were still kissing, wonder how they breathe Will thought. His body was reacting to the erotic sight before him and his stroking hand felt so good riding up and down his stalk. He could hear the faint sounds of delight coming from Lizzie and his brothers huffing grunts, it looked like he was trying to drive Lizzie's ass into the ground.

While the sounds of pleasure increased from the fucking couple the feeling in Will's dick also was increasing.

When Lizzie cried out and wrapped her legs around Jacob's waist, Will shot a big stream of white seed onto the grass beside him. While his seed oozed out over his fingers he watched his brother's ass tense and a big groan come from him, he figured he was shooting also. He watched his brother roll off Lizzie and they lay side by side kissing and murmuring, he ducked back down, wiped his hand on the grass and stuffed himself back in his pants. He quietly made his way back to his horse and led him about a quarter of a mile before getting on and resuming his search, in another direction of course.

As Will rode along his mind was thinking about what he had just witnessed. It was very exciting, he sure wish he could have seen Lizzie close up. He had only caught glimpses of his sisters getting ready for bed but even those quick views had made his manhood rise since he was about 10, he didn't know what caused it at the time and it took his brothers to show him how to relieve that tension.

There weren't many opportunities to meet girls in this part of the country. Ranches were spread very thin and the nearest settlement was 60 miles away. About twice a year just about the whole territory had a social gathering in the town that lasted a couple of days. It was about five days work lost getting there enjoying the social and coming home. With such little time to socialize courting was fast and furious during the two days of the social. His bother Jacob had found his wife when she was sixteen at one of last years socials and they were married at the last get together a couple of months ago.

Will's other brother James was 21, he told them he didn't want to get married he was having to much fun going from girl to girl. James was kind of wild and had already been in several fights over ladies at these get togethers, some of them married. Will's dad Amos had already told him he wouldn't take up for him if he was fooling with a married woman.

James still lived in the house with their parents; if he got married Amos would build him a house on another section of the land that would be his someday. Each child of Amos and Ethyl Danforth had been given a section of land that would be theirs when their parents were gone. While they were living all the family worked the whole land and shared equally once they were of age.

Will thought about what he would do when he started getting his share, that would be when he was sixteen about six months away. While his family was well off financially there really wasn't much to spend any money on out here. the image of Lizzie's white body roamed around in his mind and he thought he might use some of it to finally find out what it would be like to have a woman. James had told him you could buy one for a while in the settlement. The thought of lying on a naked woman had his manhood stiffening again and in his mind he was seeing his sister-in-law lying beneath him as he moved within her.

He was still thinking about loving his sister-in-law when he rode up to the barn that afternoon and unsaddled and cooled down his horse before heading for the house. He saw a horse and buggy hitched before the long porch. Visitors were something of a treat anytime and he hustled to the pump house outside the kitchen to clean up before going in to see who it was. He knew his ma would kill him if he came in with trail dust all over him.

He entered the house through the back door, through the kitchen where Lucinda the Mexican cook was helping his mother with supper. Will didn't know how old she was but she looked ancient, she sure could cook though. Between her and Will's ma they were well fed. He went out into the hall and then into the big front parlor. He saw the visitor was Mrs. Johnston; she was a widow that had a ranch about 10 miles away.

Her husband had been killed by two renegades the year before and she was trying to run the ranch by herself. It wasn't near as big as the Triple D only about 600 acres but it supported her very well as long as she could run it. Amos and the boys helped her round up her cattle for last years drive and took them with theirs. She was about thirty Will guessed, she was dressed in a gingham frock with her light brown hair up in a bun.

When she saw Will she gave him a smile and his dad motioned for him to come on in. "We were just talking about you boy" his father said. Will's eyebrows rose, he couldn't think of anything he had done wrong or at least that he had got caught at. "Sit down here Will" his father directed. About that time his mother came to the parlor door "You can talk later, come on eat supper before it gets cold" she told them.

His dad grinned at his wife "good idea woman, come Will, Mrs. Johnston lets go eat and we can discuss the matter later."

When they returned to the parlor after a wonderful supper Amos lit a cigar and turned to Will. "Mrs. Johnston has a problem Will and I think we can give her some help if you've a mind to. Her hired man went to town last week and never returned, she needs some help around the place and she can't leave it to try and hire more help." Amos pointed his cigar at Will "If you are willing I told her we could spare you for a while, things are going pretty smooth and with all the hands we have hired for the drive this year you don't need to go".

Will didn't know what to say, it was all a surprise to him, he looked over at Mrs. Johnston. She was looking right back at him with a hopeful smile. He noticed for the first time her pretty dimples and then he got embarrassed and knew his face was getting red. He looked quickly at his dad who was waiting for his answer.

"Uh sure pa if you don't need me I can help out." Will stammered.

"Good, good son " he clapped Will on the back, turning to Mrs. Johnston he continued. " Will knows as much about cattle as anybody on the ranch and he's a hard worker." giving Will a little smile he went on "course sometimes you have to remind him, he gets to daydreaming you know".

Will knew he was turning bright red "Awwwww Pa" he growled.

Amos, Ethyl and Mrs. Johnston were grinning at his discomfort, Mrs. Johnston taking pity on him said

"I am sure he will do just fine Mr. Danforth and I thank you for letting him come."

About that time his sisters came in from helping Lucinda with the dishes and they joined in the teasing, telling Mrs. Johnston she needed to remind him of this or watch out for his clumsiness.

Will, his face red made a hasty retreat telling everybody he needed to get his things together for the morning.

I didn't take him long to get ready and he slipped out the back door just wandering before he went to bed. As he neared the barn he heard some whispered sounds coming from it. Now as late as it was there generally isn't anybody in the barn, Will wished he had brought his colt with him. Then he heard a quiet giggle, well that relieved some of the tension, surely no owl hoot was going to be giggling.

Will slipped up to the side of the barn easing along till he found a crack he could look into. There was a lantern lit by the tack room and it dimly lit the interior of the barn. Another giggle caught his attention much closer and he moved to see his brother James and Lucinda's granddaughter Maria lying in a pile of hay in the stall before him. They weren't four feet away. Will didn't know how old Maria was, she came to live with her grandmother after her ma died of a fever, and everybody figured she was around 20 or so.

She wasn't the prettiest girl Will had ever seen but she was slender and dark and Will felt a funny feeling sometimes when he watched her bending over to do the wash or working around the house. Right now she was pretending to fight his brother off while James was trying to release her tits from her loose blouse. Will figured if she really didn't want him to she would be putting up a much harder struggle and wouldn't be giggling. Must be my lucky day Will thought I get to see to another naked woman. He tried to get comfortable while he bent over with his hands on his knees looking in the knot hole.

He watched James fish a big round globe out of her blouse capped by a dark nipple. The sight of that bare tit made Will's pecker twitch and his breathe catch. James quickly lowered his head to take it in his mouth.

Maria arched her back to push it even closer to his brother. Whatever James was doing must feel good because Maria was moaning softly and caressing his brother's hair. Her soft moan made Will's pecker start to harden. James had the other tit out now and was rolling a dark nipple with his fingers. Will watched fascinated, this time he was close enough to see what was going on.

Once again Maria moaned softly "Ohhh senor James, eet feel so good... Ummmm suck Maria's tetas".

To Will it looked like James was trying to eat her tit off but she seemed to like it, by now Will's manhood was straining his pants again and looking around to make sure no one was wandering about he unlaced his pants and took his pecker in his hand again slowly stroking and watching the couple inside.

James quit sucking long enough to get Maria's blouse over her head and the sight of her bare upper body, round tits bouncing with her movement made Will's eyes widen and his hand stroke a little faster. James shucked his own shirt off and went back to sucking on Maria's dark nipples. Will saw his brother's hand run up under her big skirt and move upwards taking the cloth with him. When he stopped one leg was bare up to midthigh and that sight made Will's manhood even harder. He couldn't tell what James was doing but Maria sucked in a big breathe and moaned again "Si senor James, use your big finger on Maria".

Will didn't know what that meant but whatever James was doing she seemed to like it. Maybe he was using his finger like a pecker Will thought. About that time James stood up and stared undoing the buttons on his denim pants, Will saw his hard pecker spring out when he shoved them down. None of the Danforth men were circumcised but James must really be randy cause the foreskin was pulled back off his purple tip.

Maria's eyes lit up when she saw that swaying stalk before her. She reached up and gripped it with her hand. Will almost groaned aloud when she closed her hand over his brother's pecker. What would it feel like to have a woman hold your manhood Will wondered, must feel pretty good because he heard his brother give a little groan himself.

Maria looked up at his brother and cooed "Ohhhh Senor is that beeg thing for Maria?"

Will was trying to slow his stroking down to match Maria's hand moving on James's hard stalk. If she thinks that's big she should see mine he thought. He knew from when his brothers showed him how to play with his pecker that his was bigger then both his brothers already.

Now James was kneeling beside Maria and pulling her skirt up to her waist. Will watched as her brown legs appeared, then her sleek thighs. The sight of a thick black patch of hair lying at the junction of those thighs made Will suck in his breath, he had never seen a woman's quim this close. He only got a few seconds look till his brother moved between her legs but the sight made his hand move faster on his hard stalk.

He could tell when James got his pecker in Maria cause she gave a gasp and threw her legs up on his back.

The sight of those brown legs wrapped around his brothers waist and her ass bouncing in the hay while James pounded into her had Will's hand flying now, the erotic sight was to much, he shot a big load of manseed against the side of the barn. Even after the milky liquid quit flowing he didn't stop stroking, the sight before him had him mesmerized.

Maria was moaning and James was grunting. Will could see his brothers hairy balls slamming into Maria's flexing ass. Both seemed to pick up the pace and after about five minutes Maria groaned and clutched James to her heaving tits. Will saw a liquid oozing out around his brothers cock, James had stopped humping and was just lying on Maria. Will wondered if he had emptied his balls, then he figured he must not have because he was beginning to move again.

After a few strokes James told Maria to turn over and he pulled his glistening pecker from her. She quickly got on her hands and knees. Will watched his brother come up behind her on his knees and use one hand to guide his hardness back into her wetness. James battered her ass cheeks with his quick thrusts, Will could see her dark tipped tits swaying back and forth with the rhythm of his brothers pumping hips. Those swinging globes of woman flesh had Will's pecker hard as a rock again and he stroked himself harder.

Maria was gasping and moaning then pleading with James's "Pleeeze senor James don't give me a baby, take it out before you shoooot your seed, Maria will please you she promises".

Will watched James slam into her bouncing cheeks a few more times then pull his pecker from Maria, her wetness making it shine in the Lantern light. She quickly turned on her hands and knees and took his brothers hardness in her mouth. Will's eyes widened and he gave a small gasp, he had never thought about putting his pecker in somebody's mouth. He watched as Maria closed her lips over his brother's manhood and took most of it in her mouth then she moved back to the tip and repeated the procedure over and over.

It must feel really good Will thought because James's head was thrown back, eyes closed and mouth open in a grimace of pleasure. Will's hand was flying on his pecker now; the sight of Maria working on his brother's manhood with her mouth had his excitement at its peak. When he shot another load against the barn he heard James give out with a groan and saw Maria's throat working, dang she must be swallowing his brother's seed. Maria let James's pecker slide from her mouth.James fell down in the hay beside her and she laid her head on his chest. Will quietly slipped away before getting his manhood back in his pants and heading up for bed.

As he drifted off to sleep he was thinking about what he had seen this day. I have got to get me a woman he thought, yep as soon as I get enough money I am going to the settlement and get me a woman or maybe Maria would let him love her if he told her he saw her and James.

The next morning they were getting ready to leave, his ma and sisters giving Will a kiss and his pa shaking his hand and clapping him on the back. Will tied his horse behind the buggy and climbed up beside Mrs. Johnston and they headed out for her ranch. She talked as they rode along, telling him about the cattle and what she wanted him to do, he answered her with a yes mam or no mam. After a while she laughing told him since they were going to be working together he should quit mamming her and call her Becky. He nodded his head and said "yes mam". She started laughing and when Will realized what he had said he kinda chuckled also.

That sort of broke the ice for Will and he relaxed a little. She mentioned Will's colt Peacemaker that he was carrying, said she wished her husband had carried a gun. He asked her if she had any guns, he couldn't imagine a woman living out here alone without one. She told him they had a Henry repeating rifle and a Shotgun her husband used to hunt with. That was good Will thought; he had brought his Winchester, colt and a Greener double barreled shotgun. His pa said a double barrel was the gun when someone was trying to get in your house.

While they rode along Becky kept up a running conversation, Will figured she must have gotten pretty lonely since her husband had been killed. He kept glancing over at her, he didn't want to stare that wouldn't be proper. He realized for the first time that she was really a pretty lady, light brown hair, pretty brown eyes and dimples when she smiled. He could tell she was slender under her dress and her tits looked really good when they bounced under the cloth. He turned away quickly because that thought brought a flush to his face.

"How old are you Will" Becky asked? "I didn't think to ask cause you look full grown but I can see up close you look pretty young."

"I'll be sixteen afore long" Will told her. He knew what she was talking about; he was bigger than his brother James and almost as tall as Jacob. His shoulders and chest were already bigger then either of them.

When they went to the Socials people always took him to be older than he was. "But don't worry Mrs... I mean Becky I can do a man's work".

She smiled at him, "I am sure you can Will your father said you were the hardest working one on the ranch."

Will liked her smile. For a while they rode in silence, Will just enjoyed being close to this pretty lady.

When they got to the ranch Will saw that it was in pretty good shape, he could tell that some things needed repairing but all in all she had done a good job since the death of her husband. She had told him on the way that she had hired a man from the settlement a couple of months ago but he wasn't much help and then he just went off and didn't come back. Went back to the settlement she supposed.

He saw the barn was in good shape, could use a few shingles, the corral with several horses looked sturdy only a plank or two missing. The house was a sturdy log structure that looked like it had several rooms. He could see a bunkhouse built alongside one wall of the barn, looked like it could maybe hold three or four men. Since he was the only one he would have plenty of room.

Becky pulled up in front of the barn; Will jumped down quickly and went around helping her down. She had already jumped to the ground by the time he got there. Grinning at him she said "You don't have to try and be a perfect gentleman Will, I am used to doing for myself, now why don't you get squared away in the bunkhouse and I'll unhitch the buggy and put the horse up."

"Uh... Becky I'll take care of the buggy and horse, I have to put mine in the corral anyway" he quickly said.

She gave him a smile "Okay Will, you will find some feed in the barn, the buggy goes in the last stall, When you finish come on in the house and I will fix us some lunch."

It took him about an hour to get the bunkhouse in some kind of shape; the other man had left it a mess.

Like his home there was a pump over a drilled well, unlike his home this one was outside. He stopped and cleaned up a little before going on in.

He knocked on the door and received a cheery "Come on in Will" from Becky. He hung his hat on the peg by the door and went through a Parlor into the kitchen.

He was stopped in his tracks; Becky was bent over the oven taking some kind of stew out. She had on a man's pants and they clearly defined her shapely ass. The image of Maria on her hands and knees presenting her naked ass to James flashed through his mind and then an image of Becky in the place of Maria.

Becky took the stew out of the oven and turned to see Will standing in the door. "Come on in it's ready, take a seat and we'll have a bite to eat" she instructed.

Will was still stunned by the sight of a woman in mans clothes, her cotton shirt bulging out in front with her full breasts. She could see the expression on his face and smiled. "Come on now Will, I am the only one working this ranch now, you don't think I ride herd in a gingham dress and bonnet do you."

Will had to chuckle, "Naw I don't guess that would be to practical Becky." They sat down and had dinner, Will found out that Becky was a good cook. She told him they would spend the afternoon doing some chores around the barn and then in the morning they would ride over the place and he could see the lay of the ranch. Will tried not to show it but his eyes kept following her around the room. While her pants weren't tight, they had belonged to her husband, they showed the shape of her ass really well and Will's pecker got about half hard just watching her move about the place.

They worked around the barn fixing the corral and Will carved and replaced the missing shingles on the roof. He was amazed that Becky pitched right in and helped in fixing everything. Now his ma worked hard but it was all to take care of the family, everything else was left to the men. Becky hammered and sawed and carried just like a man. But she sure didn't look like one.

It was a hot day in the Texas panhandle and both were sweating profusely. Will had taken his shirt off and Becky's shirt was saturated with sweat. Will had a hard time concentrating on work. The wet cloth was sticking to her like a second skin and the light shirt was becoming almost transparent. When she bent back to relieve her aching back those two beauties on her chest were clearly defined. Will saw her nipples poking against the cloth. His pecker was straining against his pants; he knew he would have to, as his brother Jacob called it, skin his mule tonight.

Becky quit working around the barn about an hour or so before twilight. She told Will she would go fix supper and when he got the corral done to come on to the house.

When Will got washed up and went into the kitchen Becky had the supper all ready. It was mostly vegetables; she had used the last of the meat for the stew. Even with just vegetables it was really good and Will knew he would eat well while he was here anyway. While she was clearing the dishes Becky told him to fill the tub in the shed attached to the house. She said she knew they both needed a good bath. It was still hot and he knew a cool bath would feel good so he quickly went to do her bidding. He found the tub in the shed and a two gallon bucket beside it. There was also a big mirror set on a stand in one corner of the room.

He knew his ma and sisters had one sort of like it in their rooms, he wondered why women needed to look at themselves so much. Shrugging his shoulders he picked up the bucket and started for the pump. It wasn't to far from the shed so he had the tub filled in no time. He was just pouring the last bucket in when Becky came in the door. She had a long robe on and two towels with her.

"Here this one is for you" she told him handing him one of the towels. "I hope you don't mind if I take my bath first."

Will stammered "Uhh... No... go right ahead, take your time, I'll be in the kitchen." He headed out the door and sat at the table. He had closed the door he thought but when he looked around he saw that it had swung open some. From where he was sitting at the table he could see the mirror and what a sight that was. It was like being in the shed. Becky was taking off her robe and she was naked.

Will's breath caught in his throat. Her body was perfection. He had a view from the side when she turned to the tub. Her legs were firm and shapely; her ass was a graceful curve of rounded muscle. Wide hips tapered to a narrow waist and flat belly. Her breasts were rounded globes of smooth flesh capped with aureoles that were slightly darker then her skin. She let her hair down and it hung down past her shoulders, a light brown cloud that caressed her skin.

Will's manhood filled with blood, he knew he shouldn't be looking but he couldn't help it. He watched as she settled in the tub, her breasts bobbing and swaying with her movements. When she stepped in the tub he saw that furry patch of hair setting at the juncture of her thighs. His hand was rubbing his pecker through his pants, he wanted to take it out bad but he knew he'd better wait. He watched her while she ran the washcloth over her body, over those full breasts, the cool water had caused her nipples to rise some and that sent another chill through him. When she washed her hair and started to climb out of the tub he quickly moved to the other end of the table so she wouldn't know he had been watching.

Becky came out of the shed drying her hair, when she saw Will she grinned "Alright Will you can have it now, it felt really good."

Will was afraid to get up he knew his manhood was clearly visible in his pants. "I will in a minute, just going to rest here a while."

Becky gave him a grin "okay when you finish will you drain the tub and I'll see you in the morning, I'll have breakfast ready about daybreak." She moved to her bedroom drying her hair.

When she had her bedroom door closed Will got up and went into the shed. Undressing he quickly got in the water. Even the cool water didn't make his manhood wilt. He didn't want to take a chance of relieving himself here so he washed off quickly but his mind was filled with the vision of Becky's naked body. His pecker was hard as a piece of hickory firewood. He couldn't wait, sitting on the edge of the tub he soaped up his hand and started pumping his hard shaft, his eyes were closed while he pictured Becky taking off her robe and getting in the tub. It didn't take long, the slick friction of the soap and the horniness of a fifteen year old boy had his pecker shooting several big wads of seed into the tub. Although that took care of the immediate pressure his pecker still didn't wilt all the way and now he remembered he didn't bring his other clothes with him. He wasn't going to put on the ones he had so he gathered them up and slipped out the back of the shed and made his way back to the bunkhouse, his half hard manhood pointing the way for him. He had to skin that ole mule another time before he could get to sleep.

After breakfast the next morning they rode out over Becky's ranch. Like most of them in the panhandle her's bordered on free range and they soon left her land behind looking for where her cattle had wandered.

Will riding along beside Becky was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her bouncing tits under her man's shirt. He knew you had to stay alert out here, there was always something that could hurt you if you weren't careful but those rounded globes kept drawing his eyes back. It was noon before they had made the trip around her ranch. They had stopped a few miles from the house to water the horses and rest a minute before heading in.

They were standing on the bank of the small stream while the horses drank, Becky was telling Will about how many head of cattle she thought she had. She started to turn towards him and her foot slipped on a loose stone, she started falling towards the water. She threw her arm out for Will and he grabbed on but he wasn't set solid and when he grabbed her hand she just pulled him down with her. Becky landed on her back in the creek and Will landed on top of her, water flying everywhere. The stream wasn't deep only a few inches but they were both soaked plumb to the skin.

Will landing on Becky had knocked the breath from her and she lay there for a few seconds.

Will found himself lying fully on this pretty woman, her tits mashed against his chest and he was in between her legs, he was very aware of her soft mound pressing against his pecker and he got almost instantly hard. He tried to scramble up but his hands slipped in the mud and all he was doing was squirming around on top of her.

When Becky caught her breath she became of aware of Will's hard body on top of her, of the weight of his chest mashing her breasts, her eyes widening at the feel of a hard manroot against her mound. It had been a long time since she had felt that and her womanhood started to moisten.

By now Will had found purchase with his hands and rose above Becky stammering all the while.

"Oh Becky I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... are you hurt?"

His pecker was still rubbing around between Becky's legs and to both of them it felt good. He started trying to get up but she grabbed his arms keeping him where he was. She looked into his eyes. She almost had to smile at the desire and panic that were battling there. She made an instant decision that she hoped she wouldn't regret.

"Come here Will" she said softly and she put one hand behind his head drawing him gently down to her.

Will didn't know what was going to happen but if it meant he got to keep his hard pecker against her body he wasn't going to argue, but surely she wasn't going to let him do anything... was she?

Becky drew his lips down to her's and gently pressed them together, Will kept his lips closed, his eyes wide with wonderment at the soft feel of a woman's kiss for the first time. This sure wasn't the quick peck he had got at the social last year.

Becky slowly moved her lips around his, nibbling with her lips on his lower lip, then his upper lip.

Will's heart was pounding in his chest at the sensuous feel of her lips. His blood was heating up. He felt something wet probing at his mouth and he realized it was her tongue, what was she trying to do with it.

She ran it along his closed lips insistently till he had no choice but to open his lips and mouth. Now their open mouths where mashed together and he wanted to devour her like she was doing to him. He started moving his lips to try and match her's. He felt that warm wet muscle invade his mouth and touch the roof, then slide along his tongue, teasing, flicking, and the feel of it made his heart race even faster.

Will tentatively moved his tongue against hers, and then let it slide by hers and into her mouth. The slick hot taste made him shiver. He was lost in the feel of her mouth on his; her tongue playing with his, nothing else in the world existed for him at this moment.

Becky kissed him for several minutes before breaking their locked lips. She smiled at the look of wonderment and hot desire that was sparkling from his young eyes.

She started talking with a soft voice. "Will it's been a long time since I have been with a man, not since Thomas died. I hadn't planned on this but your body feels so good lying on mine that I want to feel that wonderful goodness again. It's up to you; will you make love to me?"

Will was a fifteen year old boy, yeah he could do a mans work and he had a lot of common sense about life and how to get along in the world but there were no thoughts of consequences of his actions, no thoughts at all but that this pretty woman was going to make a man out of him. He was going to feel the things that he had only seen others doing. He couldn't even speak just nodded his head.

Becky smiled, now she wasn't a giddy young girl that couldn't wait, now that she had made the decision she could wait till they got back to the ranch although that hard manhood pressed against her would sure feel wonderful inside her right now.

"How about we go back to the ranch and get cleaned up and do this proper."

Will's pecker was about to burst it felt so hard but if she was willing to let him love her he could wait. He scrambled to his feet and reached down to her outstretched hand and pulled her to her feet. She gave him a gentle kiss before they mounted up and headed for the ranch. While they rode along Becky questioned him.

"Will, will this be your first time" she asked?

He wanted to lie and say he knew what it was all about but he also knew she would soon find out what a lie that was. " Uhhh... Yeah Becky... but I have seen others do it so I'm not totally ignorant."

"Ohh who have you seen Will" she questioned?

"Wellll... I saw my brother Jacob and his wife at the creek between their house and ourn, I wasn't spying on them mind ya; I was looking for strays and just happened upon them and... Well I just had to watch" He stammered. "Then the night you stayed I was walking out by the barn before going to bed and heard something that turned out to be my brother James and Maria in the barn."

"How did that make you feel Will, what did you do" she wanted to know?

Will was bright red now he knew but he wanted to answer her truthfully, his pa had always taught him to tell the truth. "Uhhh... I sort of took matters in hand so to speak."

Becky gave a silvery, tinkling laugh. "You mean you relieved yourself while you watched?"

Will was feeling a little less self-conscious about telling this woman his personal stuff, she seemed more like a friend then the owner of a ranch. "Twice, right up against the side of the barn" he chuckled. He looked over at her smiling face and they both broke out in laughter.

"I have heard about your brother James, he has quite a reputation with the ladies at the socials and when some husbands are away from their ranches" she told him.

"Yeah... Pa has got after him but it don't do any good, I am afraid he is going to get in some bad trouble some day." Will told her. Then it dawned on him what she had said about the husbands. "Has he been after you Becky" he asked?

"Oh he let it be known that he would be glad to help me out while Tom was away anytime I wanted to." She saw the look on Will's face. "I told him I didn't need anyone but my Tom" she told him.

They rode on for a little bit before Will asked "What about now Becky, now that Tom is gone?"

She was quick to answer, "James isn't the type of man I want, I don't mean to badmouth your brother Will but James doesn't seem that trustworthy."

That seemed to be the thought of a lot of people, including his pa Will thought as they rode along, then it dawned on him, If Becky was willing to let him love her that must mean she thought he was trustworthy, he felt pretty good about that.

They got to the house and Becky told Will to take care of the horses and meet her in the shed. His pecker immediately hardened at the thought of seeing her naked body again. He made sure the horses were cooled off and watered before going to the house even though he wanted to hurry. When he entered the shed Becky had already filled the tub and was standing there nude waiting for him.

He stopped just inside the door like a pole-axed steer. He took in her pretty body, not looking in a mirror but right there before him. His widened eyes darting from one part of her body to the other, he didn't know where to look first. There were those full round breasts capped by round pebblely aureole, thick buttons set in the middle of each. He took in that slim waist and hard belly, then those long legs with that brown patch of hair guarding her womanhood. His pecker was like a seasoned piece of hickory it was so hard.

Becky smiled at the look on his face, the wonderment, the desire; she hadn't seen that look in a while.

"Come on Will, shuck those clothes and let's get cleaned up" she grinned.

Will was all thumbs when he tried to get his buckskin shirt over his head, then decided to take his Colt off first, then changed his mind and tried to get his boots off. Becky was standing there giggling at his efforts and he had to smile at himself when he realized what a sight he made. Generally he would be cleaning the Colt now after getting it wet but his pistol was the last thing on his mind now.

When he was naked he stood before her not knowing if she would like what she saw or not. He needn't have worried. His body was the size of most grown men, slim waist and big muscled from working the ranch.

Becky knew he was only fifteen but he was a beautifully put together hunk of man. She took in the handsome face, big muscular chest, slim waist and hard belly and when she got to his upstanding cock she took a quick breath. It was certainly bigger than her Tom had been. "You're a lot of man Will Danforth no matter what your age."

Will figured that she was pleased with what she saw and he took a tentative step toward her.

"How about you getting in the tub Will" she asked? Now the tub wasn't big enough to stretch out in, you could sit in it with your legs about half stretched out. Will got in never taking his eyes off her voluptuous body. When he was settled in his manhood was sticking up out of the water he looked questioningly at Becky.

She stepped into the tub her legs on each side of him and lowered herself down till she was sitting in his lap. Her knees were sticking up under his arms and his pecker was lying against her belly nestled in her wet fur. The feel of her body on him almost made him shoot his seed right there. Her firm bottom on his thighs and her wet hair caressing his pecker felt so good. Then there was the sight of those round globes right in front of his eyes, he wanted to suck on one so bad he could hardly stand it. Even the cool water didn't soften him any.

Becky leaned into him and kissed him softly, he wanted to do something, but he didn't know what. One thing for sure he wanted to get his hands on those soft globes rubbing his chest. Will reached up with wet hands and placed his palms over the ends of both of them, his fingers squeezing gently, he didn't know how hard to do that.

Becky knew she would have to guide him through this first time; she wanted it to be good for both of them.

She murmured into his mouth, "You don't have to be so gentle Will I won't break, sometimes gentle is good but this time make me feel it. Not hard enough to hurt, but like you would milk a cow.

Will squeezed harder but not to hard, squeeze, release, squeeze release. Becky was running one hand over his chest and shoulders and holding the back of his head with her other hand. Each thought the other's hands felt so wonderful on their body.

Will remembered seeing Jacob and James both rolling the nipples with their fingers; he took one of Becky's between thumb and finger and rolled it around.

"Ummmm yes Will that feels good, now pull on it just a little, pinch it just a little... Ohhh yes Will that's good... ummm now the other one." Becky breathed into his mouth. Now her tongue was swabbing the inside of his mouth and teasing with his.

Will felt her nipples hardening in his fingers like tiny peckers, he loved the feel and texture of them. He could feel Becky's bottom squirming around on his middle. She kept her lips to his kissing and nibbling his lips as she rose to position her womanhood above his upstanding pecker. She reached down just using her fingers to hold it in position then lowered herself down till his big purple head was touching her cunny lips.

The first touch of that hot woman flesh to his manhood was almost too much for Will, he groaned around her tongue as she moved it around inside his mouth. She withdrew her head a little, "go easy Will take it slow."

She knew better, she could remember when Tom and she were young, it seemed like he wouldn't much more then get it in then he exploded. That's probably what would happen here but she also knew that young men were a randy lot and could get hard almost immediately. It had been so long for her that she wasn't in much better condition. The touch of his hard head to her cunny made her legs quiver with desire.

Will's breath was taken away as she slid slowly down onto his lap, the hot feel of tight wet flesh squeezing his pecker was so exquisite, he wanted to shove up fiercely and shoot his seed deep inside Becky but she wanted to go slow and that's what he would do.

Now it was Becky that was groaning into Will's hot mouth. She slid down his hard pole it seemed like forever, he filled her like she had never been before. That hard pole reaching deep within her made her whole body shake with passion, in this position she could feel that big shaft rub her clit all the way down sending hot flashes all over her body and when she started back up it was even more so.

Will couldn't take anymore, his body was screaming for release. "Becky... I... Oh Becky... I have to shoot."

She knew she was on the verge also after only a few strokes of that big stick in her. "Go on Will give it to me" she gasped. Quickly she pumped her hips up and down several times sending her into her climax as Will shoved up and exploded in her cunny. She could feel the powerful spurt of his seed and the swell of his shaft each time he pumped a load into her.

Will was out of his mind with pleasure while she choked his pecker with her rippling channel. There was nothing in the world that felt any better than this. He pumped his seed deep into Becky as she squirmed around on his lap, little moans vibrating his lips while they were plastered to hers.

When their breathing slowed down she gave him a quick peck on the nose, her arms lying on his shoulders hands clasped behind his neck. "I sure needed that Will, that was a powerful feeling you gave me" she grinned at him. She could see the look of wonderment on his face at this new and wonderful feeling that he had experienced. "Now that we have the edge off, let's get cleaned up and into the bedroom where we can to this right."

Will smiled at her pretty face, it sounded like a great idea to him. He washed her and she washed him and when they left the tub both were breathing hard again, he followed her to the bedroom his stiff pecker showing him the way.

Becky had him sit on the bed and she stood before him between his hairy muscular legs. Will's hands came up to cup her full breasts, just running his palm over the smooth flesh of them, hefting them in his palm then sliding his hands between the valley they created, then back to palm the tips and squeeze. His actions were making her smile and give a little throaty "ummmm."

"That feels good Will but there is another place that likes attention also." While saying this she took one of his hands and placed the palm against her skin right under her breast, she guided his hand down her sleek belly to comb through her still damp hair. He had to turn his hand as it moved down so his fingers were pointing down instead of up. Using her fingers to guide his she curled his middle finger into her tight slit. She removed her hand from his. "Just rub Will, ease your finger in and out" she whispered.

Will was only to glad to comply. The tip of his finger was surrounded by hot woman flesh and her tight lips held each side of his finger in a moist grip. He eased his finger inside till he was past the second knuckle and was in as far as he could get. She felt so hot and slick inside. Becky gave a little throaty sigh.

He watched as he withdrew his finger and could see the coating of her juice glistening in the light. He watched it slide back in bringing another little moan from Becky. This must feel good to her he thought.

He started moving his finger in and out in a steady rhythm, his other hand was still squeezing her firm globe, and he started rolling and pulling on her nipple like she had showed him. Now Becky had her eyes closed and little moans were heard. Will felt a hard nub rising under his finger at the top of her slit and her juices coating his finger were making it slick as he rubbed back and forth. Will felt her legs begin trembling.

"Oh Will I have got to lay down... ummm you're making me feel so good" she told him. Reluctantly he pulled his finger from her hot slick womanhood; he was enjoying the feel of her around it. She lay down on the bed and motioned for him to lie beside her. When they were both down he reached between her legs and started using his hand on her again, he could get his finger in deeper this way and she began squirming her legs at the pleasure he was giving her. They were in a position that all he had to do was lean over and he could suck one of those fine tits.

So that's what he did, he took a hardening tip between his lips, licking and sucking like a new born calf.

Becky's hands came around him holding his head to her heaving bosom. This might be Will's first time she thought but he sure was making her feel good.

"Ohh Will move your finger faster now... Ummmm that's it. Ohhhh yes... Suck my nipple Will a little harder... Oh yes Will don't stop... That's the way." Will wasn't about to stop, he loved the feel and taste of her tit and the slick hot cavern griping his finger while he worked it in and out. His young cock was almost fully hard again the purple head was emerging from his foreskin and stretching out his full length.

He could feel the trembling in Becky's legs and she suddenly grabbed his wrist holding his hand tight to her cunny, he felt the hot flesh squeeze his finger, then release, then squeeze then release and a hot liquid gushed out around his hand.

"OHHHH Willll that's so gooood" Becky groaned. Her legs were tight around Will's hand and her cunny throbbed along his finger. It was the first time he realized that women felt that wonderful release that men do. He smiled around his mouthful of soft breast, he had just loped Becky's mule.

When Becky's breathing had calmed a little she eased his finger from her wet cavern. She pulled him up to kiss him passionately, her tongue going wild in his mouth. She finally broke the kiss and urged his body on top of hers, spreading her legs to let him slide into the V of her thighs. He wanted to push right in but she took her hand, wrapped it around the shaft of his pecker and just moved the purple head up and down between those slick lips a few times.

That slick friction sent pleasure shooting through Will's body. She finally seated him at her hot core.

"Go slow Will, slide in easy. I know you want to go fast but take your time, believe me it will make it better for both of us" She instructed him as she kissed his chin, then his neck and wrapping both arms around his neck drew his mouth down to her hungry lips.

She was right Will wanted to plow in and hump like there was no tomorrow but he didn't. he pushed forward sliding his cock slowly into her tight sheath, the feel of her opening before his pecker head and then surrounding him with tight, wet, hot flesh sending waves of hot flashes over his body. He felt her shudder and give a moan when he touched the back of her womanhood, His balls were already tight against his body and were touching her swollen cunny lips. He started a slow journey back out of her pecker stuffed channel and it felt just as good to him as the inward trek.

Becky was in heaven, this boy's manhood was big and hard and long. It opened her up like she had never been. She could feel every vein and little jerk when he rode in and out. Ohh it felt so good. Even after she had just been pleasured she could feel that wonderful journey starting again towards her completion.

Will was working his hips in a steady beat; Becky drew her legs up and laid her calves over his clenching ass. He loved the feel of her skin against his rubbing back and forth while he moved.

He had his eyes closed, lost in the feel of being surrounded by hot woman flesh. His pecker felt so hard he thought it would burst; he couldn't help it he started moving a little faster and that felt even better.

Becky was riding that wave of heat upwards and when he started making those slapping noises when his balls started slamming into her cunny she was lost.

Slap... Slap... slap...

"Oh yes Will go as fast as you want... Ohh... Ohm. Ooh" she moaned throwing her head back on the bed.

Taking her at her word Will started pounding her hard trying to drive his manhood clear through her, pin her to the bed. Ohh the spine tingling pleasure that was radiating from his twitching pecker all over his body.

Will thought he could actually feel the hair stand up on his neck when he slammed his groin against Becky's cunny and he exploded his hot seed deep into her clutching wetness. He gave a low little grunt with each spurt. He opened his eyes to look into her flushed face. Her mouth was open in a silent cry of fulfillment, Eyes squinted shut and the tendons in her pretty neck were standing out as she flooded his manhood with her woman juice.

Becky tried to crush that hard tube of flesh that was so deliciously spurting inside her. She clamped and squeezed and rippled all up and down that wonderful piece of manmeat. Will's body was in ecstasy while he flooded Becky's cunny with his hot seed and she coated his pecker with her hot juice. No wonder James wanted to get all the women he could. If this is what it was all about he wanted a lot more of it also.

Their bodies finally started cooling down, her cunny just giving an occasionally throb and his pecker an answering twitch. Will figured he might be heavy on her so he eased his manhood out of her swollen lips. The friction of this movement making her groan and him grunt. When his pecker head finally popped out a flood of combined seed flowed out of her to make a wet spot on the bed.

Will lay beside her, his head lying next to hers. She had a smile on her face and her eyes were closed just savoring the feel of her satisfied body. Will was running his hand through her soft hair. His hand was close to his face and he could smell her on his finger where he had pleasured her before. It was a clean woman smell, He remembered Maria drinking down James's seed and he wondered if it tasted good or bad, must not have been too bad he thought. Without thinking he brought his finger to his mouth and licked. It was a little salty and sort of a sweet tangy flavor. I wonder if I could pleasure her using my tongue he thought.

Becky snuggled against him and they both drifted off for a short nap. Becky woke to the feel of Will's lips around the tip of her breast and his finger working in her hot cunny. It was already slick with her lubrication.

"Ummmm Will that feels good" she murmured. She pulled him up till he was lying on her again and spread her legs wide pulling them back with her hands till she lay fully open beneath him. Will's big pecker opened her wide when he slid down into her steamy depths.

He remembered what she said and he just kept a slow steady pace till she was urging him to go faster and he had her pretty ass bouncing hard on the bed till she cried out her ecstasy and his hot pulsing manhood filled her with his sperm.

He was ready for some more but she laughingly made him get up. There were still chores to do around the place. They made love again before he went to the bunkhouse and again before heading out to work the ranch the next day. That only lasted a couple of days then Will just stayed in the house and bed of Becky.

They loved every morning and evening, Will would have during the day if they were in the same area but Becky laughingly told him he could wait till the work was done.

About a week later Will was coming in from the open range driving about twenty head of cattle to a holding area between his parents ranch and Becky's, they were gathering them for the drive in a few weeks. After leaving them with the drovers working for his father he headed back to the ranch.

As Will was riding up he saw an unfamiliar horse ground tied near the house. That's kinda strange he thought, most people use the hitch rail out front or use the corral fence by the barn. Will was a cautious person and he rode around to the back of the barn and left his horse there. He made sure the hammer thong was off his colt and walked softly towards the house watching the windows and doors to see if he could see anyone looking out.

When he neared the house he heard loud voices coming from the back, Becky had stayed at the ranch this morning to get the laundry done and some chores around the house. One of the voices was hers; he couldn't place the other one. As he got closer he could hear what was being said.

"I told you to get out of here Rafe, I don't owe you any money and I don't want you back working. You're a poor worker and not much excuse for a man." Will could hear Becky shouting.

"I say you do owe me money honey and I'm going to collect one way or another. Pretty little thing like you can't run this place by yourself, you need a man around. All this time without your man, why you probably need some loving. Why don't I just show you what you been missing honey" Will heard the man say.

Will was at the side of the house now and was easing toward the back he didn't want to rush into anything before he knew exactly what was going on.

"Let go of me, get away." Becky was shouting.

Will heard a man laugh, "now honey don't fight it you know you really want it, I'll show you what a real man is like."

Will was at the side of the house now and stepped around to see a scruffy cowboy trying to kiss a struggling Becky, he had her arms pinned at her sides and was nuzzling her neck. Becky kicked him in the shins causing him to holler. She almost broke free then but he grabbed the front of her shirt and tore it down the front. Becky's breasts swung free covered only in her chemise.

The man pulled her back to him and tried to grab one of those swinging tits and she was trying to hold his arm off. "Come on honey no sense fighting it, I'm going to have you and you know it."

Will stepped out and said loudly "Turn her lose mister."

The man's head snapped around and Becky took the opportunity to break away from him. Will stepped closer and the man turned to face him.

"Well well, you're that Danforth brat aint ya., just stay out of this, just a little business between the woman and me" the man snarled.

Will smiled slowly, he wasn't a stranger to trouble, and his two older brothers were always on him till he finally learned to fight better than them. This guy before him was about as tall as Will but was running to fat, sloppy belly hanging down over his belt. Will saw he was wearing a pistol but it was high on his hip and didn't look like it had been to well taken care of. He could feel his heart beating faster because he knew this could turn into a deadly confrontation. He was nervous but he wasn't scared.

"The lady said for you to get off her place, that's what you need to do mister. You've caused enough problems" Will said quietly, he shifted his feet so he was square to the man in case he went for his gun.

Will could see Becky wanted to get in the house, he figured she wanted to get a shotgun but the man she called Rafe was between her and the house and between her and Will.

Rafe said with a sneer "She owes me money boy and I aim to collect it, now why don't you run along and leave the grownups alone."

Will gave a sigh, okay it's going to be that way, whenever it became inevitable that he was going to have to fight then calm settled over him and he was ready for whatever happened.

"Mister you can leave on your feet or over your horse, whatever you prefer. Now you're wearing a gun, we can do it that way or just fists, up to you." Will stated.

Rafe's eyes flicked down to Will's pistol, he saw it was tied to his leg and the hammer thong was off. Rafe was pretty much a coward, he didn't know how fast this boy was with a gun but he knew he was just a kid so he wouldn't be too tough. "Well boy I could just kill ya but I'm feeling generous today, think I'll just beat ya to a pulp." He started taking his gun belt undone.

Will watched him carefully making sure he wasn't going to try and go for his gun, he took his colt off and laid it gently on the ground.

Rafe rushed at Will figuring to overpower him quickly, but when he lashed out with a wide swing of his arm there was nothing there. He felt a hard jolt to the side of his head that rocked him sideways. Will had sidestepped the clumsy attack and drove a work hardened fist into Rafe's jaw as he stumbled past.

Rafe shook his head and proceeded a little more cautiously this time. He closed on Will trying to get him in a bear hug. When he was in range Will kicked out with his leg driving the toe of his boot into Rafe's balls.

Rafe dropped to his knees with a high pitched scream, both hands going to his groin. Will stepped forward and swung a hard right fist directly on the point of Rafe's chin. Rafe went over backwards like a pole-axed steer, out like a light.

Becky ran up to Will and threw herself into his arms. "Oh Will are you alright" she cried into his chest.

Will stroked her back "I'm fine Becky, you go on in a get fixed up, I'll take care of him."

She looked up into his smiling eyes, she didn't see a fifteen year old boy there, it was a man taking care of business. "Okay Will" she gave him a little smile and turned to go.

Will brought Rafe's horse around and finally got him over the saddle on his belly. Even as strong as Will was Rafe was a load of dead weight. He tied one leg to the stirrup on one side and one arm to the stirrup on the other side so he wouldn't slide off. He left one arm free so Rafe could get himself loose somewhere down the line.

Will got a bucket of water from the well and threw it into Rafe's face. Rafe started sputtering and coughing finally coming around. Will grabbed a handful of greasy hair and lifted his head up. Putting his mouth close to Rafe's ear he said softly. Mister don't ever come back here, if I see you then I figure you mean to harm me or the lady and it won't be fists next time, I'll just shoot ya and be done with it. You hear me?"

Rafe didn't say anything so Will shook his head hard with his handful of hair. "Did you hear what I said, cause if you didn't I can stand here and shake you till you do."

He heard a muttered "I hear ya" from Rafe.

"Good cause I mean it" Will said as he dropped Rafe's head and turned his horse so it was headed toward the settlement, he gave it a whack on the withers, not hard enough to make it run but enough so it started trotting off. He watched it till it got out of sight then turned and picked up his colt and went in the house.

Becky was in the bedroom sewing up her shirt when Will entered, she looked up from the chair by the bed.

"Where's Rafe" she asked?

"I sent him packing tied across his horse, you won't have any more trouble from him" Will told her. But that wasn't what he was thinking. He knew cowards like that; he had seen them in the settlements and sometimes in the men that were hired to help on the trail drives. His father wouldn't tolerate those kinds of men in steady employment but at this time of year you couldn't be too choosy. Will figured he would try to sneak around and backshoot him if he could.

Becky was sitting there in her men's pants and her chemise while she worked on her shirt. Will thought she looked mighty fetching, his adrenaline was still high from the confrontation and it needed an outlet. Becky looked up to see Will watching her, she saw that lustful sparkle in his eyes, to tell the truth she was a little excited herself. Her adrenaline had risen in the fight with Rafe and the sight of Will handling him so easily took her breath away. She knew now there was nothing boyish about him, regardless of his age Will Danforth was a man.

Will gave her a little grin, "Becky you look mighty fetching sitting there in your chemise."

"Come here Will, I need you right now" she grinned back at him.

Will didn't need any farther encouragement he started removing his gun belt. By the time he had gotten to the bed he was hopping on one foot pulling his boot off. Becky was shucking her clothes as fast as she could also. When they were both naked they came together with a rush by the bed, mouths mashed tightly together, Will's hard pecker pushed against Becky's undulating stomach. There were little murmurs of desire into each other's mouths while their hands ran over each others bodies. Will had one hand massaging Becky's firm hard tipped mound and his other hand was roving over her smooth back and down over her curvaceous ass pulling her tight against him.

Becky's hands were roving over Will's hard muscled body till finally one slipped between their bodies to enfold his stiffened rod, her other hand had a handful of hard male ass.

Will moved her back slightly and they tumbled to the bed with Will landing on top. He threw his arms out to catch himself; he didn't want to land too hard on Becky. When Becky's body hit the bed she threw her legs up and around Will's hips, her hand had him placed at her hot center almost instantly and she felt the hard hot shaft slide through her fingers when he sank into her hot wetness.

There were no thoughts of gentle loving only the hard hot need of Becky to be taken by Will's big pecker and Will's flaming desire to drive repeatedly into Becky's tight hot core and shoot his seed deep into her body.

Will's head was lying beside hers because she had him hugged as tight to her straining body as she could get him. The only sounds where the breathless grunts from Becky while Will was pinning her body to the bed with his fast forceful thrusts and the huffing breaths of Will in time to his rapidly flexing hips.

No caresses, no kisses this was pure animal mating. Becky had already had one orgasm and was rapidly approaching another, her eyes closed in ecstasy at the feel of Will's hard shaft pumping in and out of her slick channel. Will's mouth was held in a grimace of pure lust, the hot slick friction caused by her tight gripping muscle had his body straining for that wanted release.

Becky felt Will slam into her and strain to hold himself deep. She felt his big rod swell and a powerful stream of hot man seed blow against the back of her rippling channel.

"Ahhhhhhh Will... Ohhhh Will" she cried out while her whole body flushed with heat and her hot muscle milked him of every last drop of his cream.

They stayed straining against each other it seemed to them like a long time. Will relishing the rhythmic squeezing of her around him and Becky savoring the fullness that seemed to extend deep up into her belly, his occasional twitch or jerk made her body sigh with pleasure.

When they finally rolled apart Will looked into Becky's flushed face, a grin of complete satisfaction evident in her eyes, they told him she had been well loved.

"Oh my Will that was so wonderful, you are such a man" she sighed and let one hand drift over his sweaty chest.

"Only because you're more woman than most" he returned while letting one of his hands caress her damp hair and slide gently down her shoulder and on downwards.

While they lay there basking in the afterglow of their efforts Will started softly talking.

"Becky I want you to learn how to handle a pistol and shotgun, when you're here alone you keep one or the other in reach at all times. Especially this time of year there are a lot of drifters coming through, some looking for jobs, some just looking for whatever they can get. They don't bother us because basically they are cowards and there are too many people running around our spread, but you're out here by yourself and they think you would be easy prey."

She gave him a soft smile and a gentle caress on one hard flank. "I'm not alone Will, I have you." She grinned at the expatriated look that came over his face. "I know, you're right and you can teach me to shoot, tomorrow, right now lets get cleaned up and some supper in us. For some reason I've worked up an appetite." With a quick little kiss on his lips and a gentle squeeze on his soft manhood she was up and gone.

So before they went out to work the ranch the next morning Will started teaching Becky how to use his Colt peacemaker and the short barreled Greener 12 gauge shotgun he had brought with him. That became a pattern; till Will was satisfied Becky could handle either one pretty good. She wasn't going to win any prizes but got to where she could generally hit close to where she was aiming. Course with the short double barreled Greener you couldn't miss at close range.

Will was pretty happy, he enjoyed working the ranch and he especially enjoyed Becky's company and her loving. It was getting pretty close to the yearly drive and they had all of Becky's cattle in the holding pens on his dad's ranch. They were still out looking for strays but they were few and far between now.

He would stop in at home occasionally when his path took him close. He hardly ever got to see his pa or Jacob, they were usually out working. He enjoyed seeing his ma and even if he wouldn't admit it to anybody his sisters too. On his first visit he picked up a smaller pistol for Becky. His women kinfolk usually carried a smaller colt pistol than the Peacemaker, it was a 36 caliber and easier to handle.

Becky was like a kid at Christmas when he gave it to her. She could handle it much easier than his 45.

He ran into James a few times when he was home, the second time he was out by the barn watering his horse before heading back to Becky's ranch. James came to the door hissing at him and motioning him into the barn.

When Will got inside James was standing there grinning. "Hey little brother, you putting the boots to Widow Johnston yet. She looks she'd be a wildcat in the sack."

Will sighed; his brother was never going to change. "Aint none of your business James and just leave it at that."

"Ah come on, you can tell me, hey you need any help. I can ride out there and we both can have some fun" James continued.

Will shook his head, "James stop right now, I won't hear no such talk about Becky."

"Ohhhh Becky huh, she must be soothing your tired muscle for you. Come on I'm your brother, how about letting me in on some of that." James smiled.

Will walked up to James and looked him in the eye. "James I mean it, don't say another word about her or I'll bust your head."

James laughed "I can see she has you whipped little brother, must be some good stuff." That's all he got out before a work hardened fist slammed into his jaw driving him back against a stall where he slid down to a sitting position.

"I told you James and I meant it" Will said. He knew they weren't through, none of the Danforth men would quit after one blow. James shook his head and come up off the dirt in a flash; he slammed his shoulder into Will and drove him back against the barn wall. Will brought his knee up into James stomach knocking the wind from him and shoved him back.

James stood for a moment trying to get his wind back. Now if James hadn't been his brother Will would have been all over him and finished him off quick, but he couldn't bring himself to damage James more than he had to. James regained his breath and they went at it tooth and nail. James got in a few good shots but Will kept hammering his body and his wind gave out. A final crashing blow to the jaw and he went down on his back to stay.

Will just stood above him with his skinned knuckles clenched waiting to see what James was going to do.

Now James was a slacker and he loved to fool with the women but he wasn't a bad person. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs. He had forgotten how hard Will could hit. With a chuckle he held up his hand. "Okay little brother, I'll watch my mouth, sorry if I riled ya."

Will took his hand and pulled him up and started dusting him off, "she's a good woman James and don't deserve that kind of talk, she's trying to run that ranch by herself and that isn't easy even for a man, I won't hear no talk about her."

James put his arm around his little brother, who was actually bigger than he was. "Okay Will you're right, I was out of line and I apologize, to you and to her." Slapping Will on the back he continued "Now I have to get cleaned up. Pa's sending me into the settlement for some supplies and I don't want the ladies to see me like this." He headed for the house.

Will just shook his head; James was never going to change.

"Pssst, Senor Will, over here."

Will heard someone whispering to him, he turned and there was Maria peeking in the back door of the barn.

He walked toward her and she came inside and closed the door.

"Maria see you and James, is very exciting. You are much hombre Senor Will."

He didn't know what to say, "Uh thanks Maria" was all he could think of.

She sidled around him her hand caressing his arm then his chest. He watched her big breasts moving under that white peasant blouse. "Senor Will do you like Maria" she asked. She was standing in front of him looking up at him with those dark eyes her tits almost brushing his chest.

He could see her in his mind with those big tits swinging and firm ass quivering while James pounded into her. Taking a deep breath he replied softly "Yeah Maria, I like you."

She pushed even closer and those soft mounds pressed against his chest. "Maria likes you a lot Senor Will", her hand came up to run a finger under his chin. "I think you could make Maria very happy." She smiled up at him "I get very excited to see you whip your brother, my heart beats so faster, here feel." She took one of his hands and placed it on one heaving breast. Now Will's heart was beating faster also.

Maria was using her hand to guide Will's over her breast "Do you feel it, the beating of Maria's heart?"

Will couldn't help himself, his hand closed over the warm softness it felt.

"Ummm Senor that feels good to Maria." She held her hand over his keeping him locked to her breast and backed into the last stall in the barn. Once hidden from sight of anybody that walked by the barn she released his hand and pulled her blouse down below her big tits. "Now Senor Will its better with no cloth between us."

Will didn't have to be told twice, he filled both of his hands with soft woman flesh, gently squeezing and kneading. Maria pulled his head down to hers kissing him with a fierce passion, her darting tongue ravaging his mouth. He felt her groan of pleasure echo in his mouth when he took a hard brown nipple and rolled it with thumb and finger.

After only a minute he left her hot lips and closed his mouth over one heaving tit, his tongue teasing the hard nub at the tip. Maria hugged his head to her breasts while he sucked first one then the other.

Maria's passionate sighs and moans along with the taste of her had Will's manhood thickening quickly. She moved pulling him with her till she was lying on a mound of loose hay from several broken bales; Will was on top of her still buried in her bosom, his lips, tongue and fingers working over those big mounds of pleasure.

Maria pulled him back up to capture his mouth in a passionate kiss and her hands started working at getting his pants unfastened. Will was still working on her nipples with his hands while his tongue was dueling with hers. When he realized what she was doing he moved to help her. Between them they got his pants shoved down below his knees, they couldn't get them off over his boots.

Once more Will ravaged her breasts with his lips and tongue while she softly moaned out her pleasure. One of his hands was busy now pulling her full skirt up over her legs; he ran his hand over the soft brown flesh of her inner thighs. He could feel the heat from her core as his fingers neared. When he felt the thick black hair over her mound he rubbed softly before easing a calloused finger in her wet sleeve.

"Ummm Senor you make Maria feel good" she softly cried. Will took the slick nub sitting at the top of her slit between his thumb and finger and rolled it gently. He felt her body stiffen and her legs spread wider.

"Es bueno... mucho Buenos" she moaned.

Will's manhood was throbbing with need and he moved up her body to kiss her swollen lips while he guided his hard pecker to her soft hairy entrance. She felt like a hot furnace surrounding the head of his pecker.

Maria stiffened in his embrace when his plum colored head opened her up. "Ohhhh Senor Will es soooo beeg... Ohh essss soooo beeeg"

Even so Maria was so wet that Will had no trouble sliding in her slick channel till his nutsack lay against her brown cheeks. With her skirt bunched around her middle and her blouse pulled below her rolling breasts Maria was hunching into Will's pumping hips in a frantic rhythm.

Will's manhood was encased in wet hot flesh that felt wonderful. He rose to hold himself above her while he rocked her body with his pounding hips. He watched her face as the ecstasy took hold of her, her eyes were closed her mouth open and uttering soft murmurs of pleasure. He watched those soft mounds rolling back and forth with the rhythm of his thrusts. These sights and her hot clasping channel were making his body sing with lustful pleasure.

One thing that had changed since his first time, he wasn't quick to shoot anymore. He found that the longer he could hold out the better the feel of that final release. Not only for him but for his partner also.

Maria was lost in lust and when she finally realized that Will was steadily pumping her stuffed core she pleaded with him. "Please Senor don't shoot your seed in Maria, no baby, Maria will take care of you, you will see."

Will remembered how she took care of James and that would be fine with him. But he had a lot more pumping of her so hot channel before that came about. His big pecker pounding her into the hay had her gripping his manhood in orgasm but he never quit pumping. He slowed down then sped up; he gave short hard strokes and then long slow ones. Maria had coated his manhood twice more before he felt he couldn't hold back any more.

He was breathing hard now himself and he huffed out "I'm going to shoot my seed girl."

He quickly pulled out of her sopping sleeve and she scrambled around to get on her knees, she shoved him over on his back and took his glistening throbbing shaft in her hand. Holding it upright she lowered her head and took him into her mouth.

The sight of her dark hair falling about her face as she leaned over and the open oval of those thick lips encompassing his wet purple head made Will's heart race even faster and his breathing become more ragged. And when he felt the hot wet heat of her closed mouth and soft lips when they slid down his pulsing shaft. Oh brother he never in his life felt anything like that. But that wasn't all, his eyes popped open wide when he felt that agile little muscle in her mouth go to work flicking and laving, weaving a tapestry of pure delight along his manhood.

Will was trying his best to not shoot his seed, he wanted this wonderful exciting action to last forever, but try as he might it was just too good. Maria's talented tongue and mouth drew the seed from his balls like a pump. She never let up, swallowing quickly and still running her mouth up and down his shaft while he groaned mightily through his orgasm. Will relaxed back in the hay exhausted.

Maria continued to suckle him gently while he slowly softened in her mouth, he never did go fully soft, her hot mouth felt too good. He watched her and she watched him smiling around his pecker. Will knew she had quit sucking James as soon as he had shot his load but she seemed to be enjoying what she was doing to him.

Finally she let him slide out of her mouth, giving the foreskin covered head a little kiss. With a gentle little smile she told him "You do Maria much good Senor Will, you are mucho hombre. Maria take care of you anytime you want." She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips before arranging her clothes and slipping out the back of the barn, a little grin and a wink before she closed the door.

Will could taste himself on his lips; well it was his so he didn't care. But man the feel of her mouth and tongue on his pecker sure was good. He struggled up and pulled his pants up getting everything back in place.

While he rode back to Becky's ranch he thought about what had just happened. Maria felt so different than Becky but it was oh so good. He was going to have to show Becky how to use her mouth and he thought I am going to see if my lips and tongue can make her feel that good. He compared the two women while he rode along and he came to the conclusion that botth were wonderful, he could stand to have either one love him every day, but when it came right down to it he felt something more than lust with Becky. With a smile to himself he thought that however if the opportunity arose again he wouldn't turn Maria down.

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