Meeting Bill
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Cheating, MaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Meeting my husband's black friend changed my life completely.

Married for thirty years and never had a blemish in our relationship.

Still looking great for fifty she has the look of a young 40 yr. old. Dark auburn hair just off the shoulder, hazel eyes full lips and high cheek bones. Gloria stands 5'2" and never exceeded 120 lbs. Her breasts are firm 36C with a slight sag and very sensitive long nipples. Keeping in shape by light exercise she maintained a flat stomach after having four children.

The only problem with her is she is not as open minded as other women we know.

We always did every thing as a couple. We never had a boy's or girls night out and attended any invited party as a couple.

Since all the children moved out to start their own lives Gloria and I had dinner out one night a week and on weekends.

After coming home from work it made things easier for her to dine out rather than cook.

One particular night while we just finishing our meal and waiting for the waiter to give us our desert menu I heard a voice from a short distance away calling my name.

Looking up I see an old client and friend approaching our table.

"Bill" I said as I stood to shake his hand, "It's been a long time my friend how are you?"

Bill explained that he had relocated to the big city and is now back in the county.

"Let me introduce my wife Gloria, Gloria this is Bill a good friend and old client of mine."

My wife began to stand to great him but he told her to sit and relax as he shook her hand.

Bill was a big black man, and when he held her hand I noticed how her hand disappeared into his and the contrast of her wrist against the dark color of his fingers as he held her for which I thought a little longer than he should have.

Taking into consideration of my knowledge of Bill he was a ladies man and always tried to impress a woman whether they were black or white.

My wife smiled as she would after meeting anyone for the first time.

I offered for him to join us and have dessert. He accepted and took a seat to the right of my wife as she slid further into the booth that we were sitting in.

Now I'm sitting there facing my wife and Bill as we go back in time reminiscing times we had only a few years ago.

Bill looked good for his age of 55. He was a few years older than Gloria and myself.

Gloria looked a little bored while we talked until he started talking about his women.

My wife was surprised to hear him say that his choice of women were white married ladies.

He was explaining how much a white woman likes to make love to a black man and he preferred them to be married because they were safe a clean.

Not expecting the conversation to be headed this way my wife was giving me some funny looks like she was uncomfortable with the way he was talking.

Looking at my wife I noticed she was holding her arms crossed over her chest not to let Bill peak into her blouse.

Her blouse was silk and tended to open since the buttons were further apart than they should have been.

She had a nice cleavage and she was trying to keep it covered.

As we were talking my cell phone rang. Getting any kind of service on it was near impossible.

Excusing myself I left the table to receive my call.

Not realizing the length of the call but when I looked at my watch I had been gone for almost 30 minutes.

When I returned to the table my wife and Bill were in conversation about his ex wife and his children.

As I sat down Bill said he thought I ran away and left him with this beautiful woman to take home.

When he said that my wife's eyes gave me a (I don't think so look). I smiled at her and said "No Bill this woman has been with me for 30 years and I'm looking forward to the next 30 years."

Bill laughed and told me what a lucky man I was and if I ever got tired of her he would be glad to take care of her.

Again my wife looked at me with a (Yeah right) look.

After coffee we were ready to leave so we said our goodbyes to Bill and wished in luck on his new adventure. This time when he shook my wife's hand he pulled her toward him and gave her a kiss in the cheek, saying that he hoped to see her again.

My wife thanked him for his compliments and wished him well as we left the restaurant.

On the drive back home Gloria was very deep in thought so I asked her what was wrong and she insisted that she was only tired and couldn't wait to get home and go to bed.

The following evening after Gloria went to bed I turned on the computer and went into her e mails again.

This time she wrote to her g/f in Fl. and told her about the evening she had when she first met Bill.

She wrote "Sam and I went to dinner last night and as we ordered dessert a friend of his seen us and Sam invited him to sit and have coffee. He did and sat right along side of me in the booth."

He was a big man and when he was introduced to me he shook my hand and it disappeared into his."

"Oh Dee did I tell you he's black." "The man is so black his skin shines. He is not good-looking at all but has a way about him that you feel comfortable in his presence."

"We sat there entertaining all the conversations that old friends may talk about until Bill brought up his affairs with white women, and much more he likes white women than his own kind."

"I felt a knot in my stomach when he discussed this subject because in my bring up it is such an unnatural thing to do."

"There was no such thing as interracial dating when I was growing up yet today it is so common."

"All the while he and Sam were talking Bill was looking at my legs and then at my breasts. On several occasions as he spoke he put his hand on my knee and I noticed every time he removed it and returned to my knee my skirt was pushed up to my thigh."

Sam's cell phone rang and it alarmed me so I jumped, and when I did Bill moved his hand to my inner thigh saying "don't get scared it's only the phone." and with a big smile and grasping the flesh of my leg he said "I'M here and I will protect you, a lovely thing like you needs some security." Then he laughed but didn't remove his hand.

Bill stood up and said that this call was a very important client and he must excuse himself.

"No sooner he was out of sight of the table Bill leaned over and kissed me on the lips and again he said I was such a beauty and well put together."

I was so nervous and yet I didn't object his hand roaming around my thigh. His hand was so far up my skirt I could feel his fingers touching my panties.

I was hoping he didn't notice that my panties were wet from the excitement I was desperately trying to hide from him. Dee, this man was turning me on and I don't even know him.

You know me I'M not a sex kitten. I can do without sex and only give Sam sex because he expects it.

I can live with out it.(I thought).

Dee Bill took advantage of my weakness, he put his hands on my breasts and squeezed them so hard that I had to gasp.

He unbuttoned my blouse and exposed my bra covered breasts. Putting his hand inside my bra he removed my left breast and began sucking on the nipple. My head was spinning and my body was burning up as my pussy was getting wetter by the minute.

Bill took his mouth from my breast and asked If I ever fucked a black guy. I looked at him with must have been lust in my eyes I said No and he told me I would love black men once he was finished with me.

Tears came to my eyes as the fear began to mount yet the desire for him to fuck me was stronger.

My body betrayed me as it grew warmer and began to move with his aggression.

He took my nipple and twisted them in all directions as he pulled them from their resting place.

With all this going on I looked up seen the waiter standing in front of the table asking if we needed anything. My mouth was dry like cotton and I couldn't talk and my chest was heaving in and out as bill manipulated my nipples.

Bill noticed the reaction of acceptance from my body so he took my hand and put it between his legs on his cock.

I thought I was holding a 6 inch pipe as I wrapped my hand around his hard as steel 10 inch cock that was wider than my wrist.

Holding my hand there he asked if I liked how it felt.

I didn't answer so he took my head and pushed it down on his crotch. The tip of his cock was wet with cum and he pressed it against my lips.

Suck on it he demanded from me but I just held my head up and fought the pressure of his hand pulling me towards him.

He let my head go and as I lifted up to look at him he slapped me real hard and pulled my head down again and ordered me to suck his black cock.

Fear again returned to me and I opened my mouth as he pushed my head down to cover his cock.

His cock head entered my throat and I began to gag on the monster he called a cock. I never did get a good look at what I had in my mouth. All I know is that it was huge.

In a matter of minutes he pulled my head up and told me to button up because Sam was coming into the restaurant.

My head was spinning and my body was aching with desire.

Bill just introduced me to something I never thought would be a part of my life.

When Sam returned I was back to the way he found me. I was in the same physical condition but my mental condition was questionable.

Dee he want's me to meet him at his place tomorrow night. I'M asking you as a friend and the lover of a black man also. What do I do? I'M turn between what I want and what my body is crying out for.

I feel like I'M this black mans slut and will do anything he may ask of me.

Dee, please write me back ASAP I'M begging for your help.

I was in total disbelief as I closed that letter. I opened a letter that was returned to her which had Dee's reaction.

I opened it and there were two words written there for her. "GO GIRL"

I sat there in shock. I never in a million years would have thought Dee would want her to do something like that and further more my sweet and sensitive loving wife is planning on seeing bill at his place for a fuck session that Bill is well noted for.

Not Gloria I thought, how could she ever do such a thing.

Two night later to my surprise Gloria was getting dressed to go out with, what she called friends.

She stood right there and lied to me. She was going to Bills place and is planning for him to fuck the life out of her.

When Gloria came home I was already in bed and pretended to be asleep. I looked over at the clock and it was just after 2am.

Coming into the room I could smell the sex on her. She went directly to the bathroom and after she closed the door I heard the shower go on.

After showering she came to bed. Still pretending to be asleep I felt her body move to mine and she leaned over to give my cheek a kiss and whispered "I LOVE YOU." Then laid back and in minutes she was sound asleep.

Tossing and turning now I got up and went to the bathroom. I found her dress and bra but no panties.

She must have left them with Bill. Knowing him he kept them for a souvenir.

Two days and nights have gone by and Gloria was her usual self and never spoke about the night she had said she was with the girls.

I checked her e mails again the following day but found nothing new until I checked the second night.

There was an E mail to her friend Dee again.

She wrote:

"I met Bill at a lounge 2 towns from here where I didn't want to run into anyone I knew. There is a hotel lounge on the outskirts of this town that is set near the seedy section of town.

When I walked in I noticed the entire staff was black and so were the customers.

As soon as I went through the door I felt all eyes were upon me. I was frightened to death until I heard a voice say "I have been waiting for you" It was Bill he took my arm and turn me into his arms and kissed me on the lips.

I felt his tongue enter my mouth as he held me tight with his hands squeezing my butt. I felt more relaxed with him here now and we walked to a table far into the corner of the room.

We sat and Bill had drinks brought to the table.

We were only there for a few minutes and he was all over me. He had his lips on my neck kissing me as his hands went beneath my skirt. Moving my panties aside he put a finger into me.

I was in complete shock with the way he acted. Like an animal hungry for a meal.

I tried to push him away but he was to strong.

Bill stop I said over and over again but he ignored my pleas.

I was so frightened of what he was doing.

While struggling with him he managed to open my blouse. His hands were all over my breasts and kissing me.

When I finally stop resisting him he told me that he wanted me. I looked at him he did something to me the night we first met but I thought he was more of a gentlemen than the way he was acting now.

He apologized and relaxed some.

After a few dances and a couple more drinks Bill and I were enjoying the evening. He had his hand under my skirt and was fingering me. I was so turned on that I reached for his cock and took it out from his shorts. It was like I thought and imagined. Long and very, very thick. The shaft was very black and the head was a dark purple. Veins were all over the shaft like a road map.

I must have had more drinks than I can handle because I would never have done anything like that but between the drinks and the way he was fingering me I was losing self control.

Then something happened that I would have never ever done.

I bent over and put my head down to his cock. I licked the head and tasted the pre cum that was at the slit of the head. Bill was so excited the he pushed my head down and his cock filled my mouth. I choked on the huge monster but couldn't lift my head.

I swallowed the head into my throat which was a first for me. Bill had his hands inside my bra and I could feel the cool air rushing over my skin as he removed my breast and set them free.

As I continued to suck on him he was tweaking my nipples. My body was on fire, I felt like a total slut and was enjoying the feeling.

Bill brought something out of me that I never knew existed. I was sucking a black mans cock and being exposed to whoever looked at our table.

It wasn't long before he shot loads of his hot cum into my throat. When I picked my head up I had cum dripping from the sides of my mouth and down my chest.

I looked at Bill and he told me I was a total slut. And I had to agree after that performance.

We sat there for what seemed like forever with my breasts bare and Bill offering my breasts to his friends as they came by.

My embarrassment was over and I felt like I belonged there.

Oh Dee, what has happened to me? I just loved being humiliated by Bill and the way he treated me.

Bill and I left for his place around 12 and when we arrived at his home he had me naked in a matter of minutes.

Dee, he made love to me like I never dreamed possible. His cock was so big and wide that it took several tries to enter me.

He pumped his cock into me several times before he had the whole thing inside of me.

The staying power this man has is incredible. We fucked for hours before he came again.

I must have had 10 orgasms. With Sam I have an orgasm only after watching a porn then making love.

Dee, when I got home all I could think about was that big black shaft of Bills.

He told me he wants to fuck me with his friend. He said his friend has a 12 inch cock and they fuck women together many times. They double penetrate the woman.

I was shocked to hear that because I never heard of it before.

While he was telling me I was getting hot all over again.

When I have that experience I will write you to let you know how it felt.

In the meantime please help me. What do I do about Sam?

I know he loves me and I love him too. But my mind and body belongs to Bill.

I fell in love with black cock, so it isn't just Bill it's what he represents.

Dee, I will be waiting for an answer from you, please have one. I know I can always depend upon you.

Love Gloria"

The next E mail sent to her from Dee was one I didn't believe was written by her distant friend.

Gloria my dear friend;

"I can see how happy you are and I would love to see you enjoy your life.

As you know there are risks in everything we do but sometimes the risk is worth it.

Like I said you seem happy so why not do what makes you feel good.

I would love to join you in this adventure but I live to far away. Maybe in the near future we can get together with your friend Bill and some of his friends.

I get hot every time I read your letters.

Do it girl and don't worry about Sam. He will be around no matter what you do because the love he holds for you is deep.

Enjoy all the black cock that you can take.

Love Dee"

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