The Real Estate Connection
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An ex mercenary returns to civilisation. The purchase of a house introduces him to what could be the woman of his dreams, but there are sinister forces working in the background. The sex is steamy and the pace is fast... keep up with me if you can.

After 8 years overseas, I was finally coming home. It had been a long flight and I was looking forward to collapsing into bed in a house, which I owned but had never seen. I was looking forward to exploring my new home and my new hometown. I was looking forward to a new start. No ties, no encumberments ... just me. I had forged a reputation in the last 8 years as a loner. I was good at it ... I enjoyed it. Having never been a social animal it was no stretch for me to carry my loner attitude into my work. In my line of work it was an asset. I had spent the last 8 years operating as a mercenary in the hill country of several Central and South American nations whose unofficial national export was the by product of the Coca plant. I had made a small fortune running search and destroy and intel gathering missions. The pay was good and that, combined with a few cunning and lucky investments had left me with a few bucks more than what I would need for the rest of my life.

After 8 years overseas, all I wanted was quiet anonymity and more than a few of life's creature comforts. I wanted big screen TV, stereo music, and movies on tap. I wanted clean sheets and soft pillows, hot showers at the twist of a tap and clean clothes every day. Most of all, I wanted peace from the screams that echoed in my dreams every night.

My nightly nightmares had been a feature of my sleep for the last year or so, and they were a big factor in my decision to retire at the tender age of 37. They were souvenirs from the many firefights and skirmishes I had been part of. They were accompanied by the faces and bloodied bodies of teammates and foes alike. I wanted escape and figured that a completely new start would be the way to go about it. To that end I had figured out where I wanted to live, then contracted a real estate agent to find and secure a house and some land for me. After 8 years as a mercenary I had the cash reserves to afford a quite reasonable 210 acres with a near new house, just outside of Richmond, Virginia. Maybe with a bit of rest and relaxation I could lay my ghosts to rest. As I picked up my duffel from the baggage carousel I began scanning the arrivals lounge for the real estate agent. Stupid really as I had never met him. All of our contact had been by e-mail; no phone calls or letters. I had arranged to have him pick me up at the airport, but didn't have any idea what he looked like.

With a sigh, I headed towards the Starbucks in the food court area. My priority was a coffee and a bathroom stop. I had the time for both as my flight had arrived in 20 minutes early. After ordering my coffee I headed for the rest room. After splashing water on my face I made the mistake of looking in the mirror. Staring back at me was a face aged beyond its 37 years. Not a pretty face but rather a rugged face, heavily tanned from constant exposure to the elements. Clean shaven with the lines of wear and tear very evident. A firm jawline and full mouth. I was proud that I still had all my own teeth and that they were in really good condition; large and white. I suppose if I had to pick an outstanding feature, it would have to be my eyes, piercing blue. Women had always told me that I had sexy eyes. Personally I couldn't see it. A full head of sandy blonde hair completed the picture.

Standing 6' 3", I was in good physical condition. Heavily muscled stopping short of a body builder physique; it was a body I was happy with. I had earned every ripple the hard way; constant hard physical graft. God I was tired. I needed that coffee. I finished up in the bathroom and walked back out into Starbucks.

"Would Mr. Craig Miller please come to the information desk." The announcement barely made it through the fog in my brain. I made my way out of the coffee shop towards the nearest skycap and asked directions to the information desk.

"Ten yards that way." he said with an ironic but sympathetic grin. I turned in the direction he was pointing and realized that I had walked past it as the announcement was being made.

"Thanks mate" I managed to mumble as I turned to the info desk.

"You paged Craig Miller?" I said to the bright-eyed young thing behind the counter. Before she had a chance to answer I heard a voice behind me.

"Craig Miller?" I turned and came face to face with a guy in his mid 30's. Well dressed in a casual way he was a couple of inches shorter than me and looked to be in superb shape. Blonde and curly with a dark closely trimmed goatee, he looked every inch the young professional. He grinned and thrust out his hand. "Matt Grey" he said by way of introduction. We shook hands as I asked, "I thought I would be meeting a Stevie Grey."

"My step-sister," he replied, "She got called away late this afternoon and sends her apologies. She said to let you know that she will be out first thing tomorrow to show you around properly and to complete the formalities. In the meantime, I am to give you a ride out to your place and make sure you get settled in for the night. Is that okay by you?"

"No problems at my end. Shall we get going? This is the sum total of my baggage, so I'm ready to roll any time you are." He grinned and with a 'follow me' gesture made for the doors. Slinging my duffel over my shoulder I followed in his wake.

Outside he ushered me to a mid eighties Mustang convertible. It was in immaculate condition, which I mentioned to him as I tossed my bag into the back seat and clambered into the passenger seat.

"Thanks. It was all I managed to salvage from my marriage, so I look after her to remind myself to be more careful in the future." He said all this with a big grin. He came across as being very straight up and open. I found myself warming to him. "Careful ... no attachments." I reminded myself. I settled back into the leather upholstery as he pulled out and drove out of the airport. The next 15 minutes were passed in near silence as he drove me to the property I had never viewed except in photographs delivered via email. He obviously sensed that I wanted to be left alone and respected my wishes. Dammit! I was starting to like the guy. Maybe I could let him in enough to become a drinking buddy.

He was first to break the silence. "The house is totally bare as per your instructions, but Stevie and I thought you might appreciate the loan of a bed until you can get yourself sorted out. I had a spare in my guest bedroom so we dragged it out here. It is in the garage if you want to use it. It's nothing much but it's clean and firm. You can use it 'til you get sorted out. A car crate arrived for you 3 days ago, but as there was nobody here they brought it into town. It's in the vacant lot behind the office. Should be okay for a few days, so there is no hurry to get rid of it."

He paused, chewed his lip thoughtfully, and then went on hesitantly. "You have caused quite a bit of gossip around town. The property you bought was quite a high profile piece of land, so when it was sold, for cash as well, a lot of tongues started wagging. I'm sorry if this is none of my business but I thought you should know that you have reached celebrity status already. Relax ... nobody knows what you do, but there are a few people speculating. So far Stevie and I have heard Hollywood producer, drug lord, Mafia kingpin, and disgraced plastic surgeon to name a few of the juicier ones." He laughed and carried on. "To tell the truth, there are only a few busybodies in town, but they do have a fearsome reputation for getting to the facts. Just thought I should warn you."

I sat in silence thinking about what he had said. I hadn't thought about the gossip angle simply because it was non-existent in the jungles of South America. Never mind ... I would deal with it when I had to.

After another 10 minutes of driving though the lush Virginia countryside, Matt announced that we had arrived. The photos Stevie had e-mailed me hadn't come close to doing this place justice. As we drove up the gently curving cobbled driveway I stared in awe at the house. It was enormous, with natural timber and huge windows everywhere you looked. On one side, the windows extended from the ground to the gables capping the second floor.

"That would be the library," I thought in amazement. "I'm going to have to buy more books." The house was surrounded by well-maintained gardens filled with roses and brightly colored annuals. About an acre and a half was fenced off with the house sitting in the middle. The lawns were putting green quality. As we pulled up to the door I felt nervous, excited, and strangely peaceful. According to the run down Stevie had sent me, the house was only seven years old, yet it had an Old World look about it.

Turning to Matt, I said the first thing that came into my head. "Jesus." This brought a gale of laughter, which I joined sheepishly.

"C'mon man ... lets show you around." We clambered out of the car and Matt went to unlock the door as I grabbed my bag from the back seat. I climbed the short flight of steps and entered the foyer of my house. It was beautiful. It was everything I had ever dreamed about growing up in small town New Zealand, and more. Standing in the marble foyer, all I could think of was bed. I turned to find Matt looking at me with a concerned look on his face.

"Look buddy, I may be out of line here, but you look like you need a good feed and a good nights sleep. Hang on a minute, I'll be right back." He was out the door in a flash, and back just as quick. He had a small basket in one hand and a six pack of Miller Genuine Draft in the other.

"Stevie put this together for you. She thought you might like a snack before you get your head down tonight. Do you want me to grab that bed from the garage?"

"Thanks man. Food would be great about now, and no ... don't worry about the bed. I'm used to bunking down in the rough, so a nice thick carpet will be like a feather bed. Thank you and your stepsister for everything you have done for me. This sure as hell goes above and beyond the call. You guys have impressed the shit out of me. The house, the land, the service ... you guys must do well if you treat all your clients like this. Look I have to come into town sometime this week, maybe I could take you folks out to dinner?"

"Tell you what," he said with a grin, "my girlfriend is having a bit of a party on Friday night. How about you come along? The cream of local society will be there and best of all they all know how to mind their own business. What say you?"

"I'll be there and thanks. The dinner offer still stands though."

Good-byes were said and as Matt drove off, I moved through in the general direction I thought the kitchen would be. It was the right way and soon I was dining on a selection of cold cuts and salads, sitting cross-legged on the kitchen floor.

Sleep was my next priority and in no time, after stripping down to my boxers, I was stacking zzzz's in my trusty sleeping bag.

"Hello ... anybody here? Hello?" It was a female voice, and that fact just added to my sense of dislocation. It was the norm for me to be woken in hushed male tones, usually with a Latin American accent. It was also the norm for me to wake in the darkness of the early morning with the sounds and smells of the jungle, with a rifle, pack and webbing as a pillow. Above me was a decorator ceiling, and beneath me, a plush cream colored carpet. Where the fuck was I, and who the hell was calling. The sun was streaming in the masses of windows that this place had, and it was into this torrent of sunlight she stepped.

She was in silhouette, and the effect was breathtaking. This, more than anything, jolted me awake. I couldn't make out her features but I could tell she was tall. Even from my perspective from the floor she looked to be around 5' 10". She carried her height well, with a long legged, slim figure. Then she moved and I saw all of her in glorious Technicolor. She was incredible. Masses of honey blonde hair fell in waves to the middle of her back. Clear ice blue eyes smiled down at me. Wide set in a beautiful oval face, they were captivating. They radiated warmth and intelligence, with just a little touch of the Devil. Her full lips were parted in a wide smile, showing brilliant white even teeth. A small dimple in her firm jawline just set off the rest of her face perfectly.

I knew I was staring but couldn't help myself. I figured I would apologize later if I got the chance, but at that moment I just lay there and drank this vision in. My eyes roamed lower to her long graceful neck and wide shoulders. Then down to the open V of her open necked denim shirt. The shirt concealed but strongly hinted at the pair of large firm looking breasts that lurked high on her chest. Her shirt was tucked into high waisted tight jeans, and this told me she had a tiny waist. The long legs with feet clad in brown cowboy boots completed the picture.

She was doing her fair share of looking as well. Her eyes roamed from my chest to my stomach closely inspecting the tattoo I had picked up as a souvenir in Hong Kong when I was on leave a few years back. I had a Japanese style vest depicting a koi, or Japanese carp on the left side, and a tiger appearing from a forest of bamboo on the right. The tattoo carried on around to completely cover my back, which featured a blushing Geisha and a rampant Samurai. The leave had lasted for a full 8 weeks, and the tattoo had taken up nearly every third day of the leave. The tattoo had been a test of my will. I had passed.


"Likewise" was my snappy comeback. This brought a widening of the grin and a flick of her hair. I just lay there and carried on staring.

"You would be Major Craig Miller," she said. She had the most amazing throaty voice. "Did Matt tell you I was going to be coming in the morning?" Click thump! It all fell into place. Where I was, how I got here, and who my gorgeous visitor was. The mist cleared from my fog-effected brain and I was ready for action.

"He did. You would be Stevie. Jesus what time is it?" A quick glance at my Omega Divemaster told me it was 10.15. "Oh my God. I haven't slept this late for years." Modesty prevented me from rolling out of my bedroll. Nevertheless, I desperately needed to take a piss. Stevie noticed my squirming and said, "I've got some coffee in a flask. You get yourself organized and I'll meet you out on the deck."

"I've got a deck?" I mumbled stupidly.

This earned me a laugh. "Out through the French doors in the library." I was none the wiser, as I had no clue where the Library was. She saw this and pointed to a door coming off the foyer. "Through there." There was that grin again. Then she turned and walked the way she had indicated.

I decided right then and there that I could watch her walking away for hours. She had the most spectacular ass I had ever had the pleasure of ogling. Smooth, firm, and heart shaped, it filled out her jeans beautifully. Watching it move with every stride, was a thing of beauty. As she reached the door she turned and caught me drooling. She laughed and stepped through to the library. I lay there for a moment, then shook myself and rolled out of my sleeping bag, immediately discovering I was sporting a hard on capable of driving in nails. There was a noise and I looked up to find Stevie standing in the doorway to the library looking directly at my hard on. She looked shocked. She looked up and saw me watching her, blushed and stammered, "Do you want sugar and cream in your coffee?" Her eyes kept on flicking back to my dick. The evil side of me took over and with a flex of my pelvic muscles I made my dick bob up and down. Her eyes bounced up and down to follow it.

"No thanks ... just black." I said with a grin. It was her turn to be flustered. Finally she tore her eyes away from my flexing, bouncing cock and bolted back through the library.

With a chuckle I turned to use the toilet. Where the fuck was the toilet? After a couple of frantic minutes searching I was finally sending a steady stream against the porcelain. Happiness is an empty bladder. There wasn't much I could do about the bleary eyed mess that stared back at me when I got up enough courage to look into the mirror. But throwing a couple of handfuls of water over my face and hair at least elevated me past Elephant man status. Pulling on a pair of jeans and a tank top, I headed out to the deck.

Christ! What had I bought? The deck was huge, and overlooked an Olympic sized swimming pool with pool house and a tennis court.

Stevie was sitting sipping her coffee and gazing out over the fields and hills that made up my purchase. She hadn't seen me yet so I just stood watching her. She was stunning. The sun caught her hair, and it came alive; copper highlights in the otherwise blonde mane flashing at every movement. At that moment I had never seen anything as beautiful in my entire life. I wanted her ... what sane man wouldn't.

At that moment she turned and saw me. "C'mon ... your coffee's getting cold. After breakfast I thought I could show you around then take you into town. You will probably need to pick up a few things, and we can get the formalities out of the way. Matt says you only have the bag I saw in the kitchen. Do you have any other stuff being shipped? If you do, let me know the shipping agent and I may be able to smooth the way for quicker delivery."

I sat down and grabbed the mug that sat on the table in front of me. She made a mean coffee ... rich, strong, and with a hint of chicory. After 8 years of jungle brews, this was like ambrosia. This woman was rapidly gaining points.

"I have a bit of stuff in my crate along with my car and music collection. My books and movies will be coming by DHL carriers in a few days hopefully. As for the rest ... well I am going to have to start from scratch."

"Look I am taking this week off. You are going to need a bit of a hand doing your stocking up and buying furniture and things. How about I give you a hand with it and that way I'll earn that dinner you mentioned to Matt last night. What do you reckon?" An opening made in heaven. Of course I turned her down, being determined to start my life of solitude.

"I would love to have you help me Stevie ... that is if you don't mind. A bit of local knowledge will come in very handy, and a woman's opinion will probably be invaluable." So I'm weak ... what can I say? It's not every day that a bona fide goddess offers to spend time with you. My solitude could start next week. Again we traded grins and with that the deal was sealed.

After a tour of the house I was more apprehensive than ever. The house was amazing. As we toured through I started making decisions on which rooms would be for what. The master bedroom was the size of two large normal bedrooms, with a huge walk in wardrobe separated into his and hers, and a bathroom with a huge spa bath, power shower, and his and hers vanities. The kitchen was a gourmet's wet dream. Lots of counter space and loaded with state of the art gleaming stainless steel appliances. The library took my breath away. The French doors leading to the deck were set into the two-story wall of windows I had marveled at last night. The other three walls in the two-story room, were basically banks of built in shelves going as high as the glass skylight capping the libraries second floor. A spiral staircase ascended to a mezzanine floor running around the three walls of shelves. I loved reading, and could see myself spending a lot of time in this room.

Stevie was watching my reaction to the house as we walked through. She kept the comments to a minimum, letting me make my own impressions instead of trying to sell me the place again. The music room and home theatre were beautifully set up, just needing the componentry and furnishings to get them going. Finally we finished our tour.

"It's everything I wanted and more." I told her. "Let's go and do the paper work."

The cowboy attire was matched by her choice of vehicle. She owned a gleaming red Ford Bronco with a short wheelbase and raised for country driving. The interior was done out in a soft grey leather, and was fully optioned. It rumbled to life and the sound system kicked in immediately. Van Halen. So the lady liked rock. She was as near to perfect as I had seen.

The drive into town was a good opportunity to get to know each other, and we took it.

"So Major Miller, how does it feel to be out of the jungle?"

"Call me Craig ... I'm only a Major in a couple of banana republics and I'm really trying to ditch that side of me. As to your question, I am still in awe of all of it. I used to get 8 weeks a year to do what I wanted, anywhere I wanted, but it used to take a week or so just getting used to the basics of civilization. It will take a while, but I will get used to it."

"Okay Craig. Do you have any idea where you would like to start in this shopping expedition?"

"Stevie, I am going to need everything but today I'll settle for the basics. Food, cooking utensils, pots and pans, and a bed and bedding. A lounge suite would also be handy ... and toiletries ... and a few more clothes ... and..."

She cut me off with a laugh. "I get the picture. Let's play it by ear."

Twenty minutes later we were pulling up outside her office. Matt's Mustang was parked out front. He was in a deep lip lock with a stunningly assembled long haired brunette as we walked in the door. She was dressed in a mid-thigh length white mini skirt, and spaghetti strap tank top which barely foiled the escape attempt her massive breasts were making. The white outfit was set off perfectly by her shapely legs and deep tan. A pair of white stilettos rounded the outfit off brilliantly.

At the sound of the door they leaped apart, Matt bending over to disguise his very obvious erection. The brunette made a rush for the reception desk and threw herself into the desk chair.

Stevie roared in laughter. "Jesus you two ... don't you get enough at home? You have to bring it into the office? The sooner you two get married, the better." Turning to me she said, "Craig the poor girl being pawed by my lecherous brother, is his fiancée Becky. She is the lady who organized all the paperwork for your house. She is an old friend of mine, and our receptionist, title search person, and general slave to the cause. Her only fault is her lousy taste in men. Becky, this is Mr. Craig Miller, the new owner of the Hanson Estate." Becky turned her 20000-watt smile on me and said, "It's good to meet you Mr Miller."

"My father was Mr Miller ... I'm just plain old Craig." This brought a laugh and soon we were all chatting about the house and how I was going to have to furnish it from scratch. Suggestions were flying thick and fast when Stevie called a halt to the merriment. It was time to get the paperwork out of the way. This involved a few signatures and was accomplished in just a few minutes. The money had been paid by bank draft and I was now the proud owner of the Hanson Estate. I felt hungry.

"I think I need some food. Would you folks care to join me?" The ayes had it so we locked the office and headed off to lunch. The next hour and a half was a riot. These people had the formula for enjoying life. I hoped a bit of it would rub off on me. Already I had noticed a lifting of the doom and gloom attitude that had accompanied me for the bulk of the last 3 or 4 years. In the space of 24 hours, I had started to learn how to smile again. Damn ... it could be habit forming.

"Well Craig ... shall we start our assault on the stores?" Stevies inquiry snapped me out of my reverie. "Stores are going to start closing in a few hours and you do have an extensive shopping list."

Saying our good-byes to Matt and Becky, we made our way to the cashiers' desk where I paid the check and started to move outside. Stevie was still at the desk looking at me with a strange expression on her face. Then it hit me.

"Jesus ... I am so sorry," I blurted out. "The tip." Hastily I reached into my pocket and pulled out a couple of twenties, which I passed to the young blonde behind the desk who had also been our waitress. "I've been away for a while and just simply forgot." Flustered and blushing I dashed outside and was followed by a laughing Stevie. "Shit, where I have been the only tips that matter are 'Don't step on a mine', or 'Clean your rifle'."

Stevie laughed again and said, "Don't worry about it Craig, it takes time to get used to a new situation."

The salesman at the furniture store must have thought all his Christmases had come at once. Stevie had determined my price range on the way into town and accordingly took me to one of the top stores in the area. After an hour I was the proud owner of a California King size bed made of solid oak, two matching bedside cabinets, and two massive full grain leather couches, one for the library and one for the bedroom. The salesman, at Stevies prompting, threw in a complete set of bedding, and a couple of lamps to go on the cabinets. A small bribe ensured that my purchases would be delivered that afternoon. Then it was on to an upmarket electronics store where only an hour was needed to secure a 61inch television and home theatre set up. I knew exactly what I wanted. The long down time hours in the jungle leaves you with a lot of research time, and I had spent the time poring through audiovisual brochures. These would have to be delivered the next day.

At some stage of our shopping expedition in the electronics store, I found myself holding Stevies hand. I don't know who had made the move but I sure as hell wasn't complaining. Her grip was cool, firm and very sensual. I looked over at her to find her looking at me. Her eyes sparkled, and I saw a fire there that had only been hinted at before. This lady was driving me crazy and I had only known her for a few hours.

I decided that the clothing could wait for tomorrow, but that food and utensils were a definite necessity, so off to the supermarket we went. As we walked in our hands just slipped together. It seemed so natural that I sure as hell wasn't going to fight it. However by the time we had made it round to the check out with the trolley loaded to the gunwales, we had our arms around each other's waist. She felt so good with her hip pressed against mine that it was all I could do not to lean down the few inches it would have taken to kiss her. God how I wanted to!

We loaded the bags of groceries into the back of the Bronco and clambered into the car. Then Stevie did something that surprised the hell out of me. She leaned over and kissed me. She took me by surprise as I was turning back towards her after twisting to grab my safety belt. It was a fleeting kiss, landing on my cheek, but it was loaded with promise. I looked at her as she flushed and said, "Sorry, I just ... that is I shouldn't ... oh Dammit! I wanted to OK?" Now it was my turn to laugh. She looked so defiant as if daring me to object. "Hey do you hear me complaining," I said with a grin. "You can repeat that any time you want okay?"

We rode in happy silence to the kitchenware's store where I spent more than I should have on gadgets and utensils. Cooking is a hobby of mine and it had been a long time since I had been in a store like this. I was like a kid in a toyshop. By the time I had everything we could carry in the Bronco it was almost closing time.

"Let's head back to the office and grab a quick coffee before I take you out to your place. I need to catch up with Matt on a few things. You don't mind do you?" asked Stevie.

"No problems here," I told her. Truth be told, anything that would give me more time in the presence of this gorgeous creature was OK by me.

I expected the hand holding and hugs to be put on hold when we went to the office but again she surprised me. She held my hand from the car to the inside of the office, only dropping my hand to put her arm around me as she greeted Becky and Matt. This earned me a conspiratorial wink from Matt and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a similar interplay between the two women. No doubt about it ... I was a very happy chappy. Things were definitely looking up.

"How did it all go? Get everything you wanted?" asked Matt.

"The man shops with precision, and skill." Stevie was obviously impressed with my shopping ability. "What are you guys doing this evening?"

"No plans as of yet," said Matt, "what do you have in mind."

"I think Craig is going to need some help setting up his bits and pieces. How about we head out there and help him get organized, then we can go get some dinner?"

I broke in here. "Look you guys have already gone way beyond the call of duty. I can get it done. But thanks for the offer. I really appreciate it."

"Bullshit. Remember I was there when you bought that bed and those couches. I know how big they are. If you tried to shift them on your own, I would have to come visit you in the hospital. You are a big guy, but not that big honey." The 'honey' reference raised my eyebrows. "I've seen you without that shirt on remember and although you have a good bod, I don't want to see you bust your gut moving furniture." This raised a squeal of laughter from Becky and a deadpan raised eyebrow from Matt. What was it with these people and eyebrows? I gave in.

"Okay okay ... I give in. On one condition. I cook you dinner."

"All this and he cooks as well? You better start paying attention Matt." Becky teased.

Stevie gave me a squeeze and a quick kiss on the cheek. "Go and grab yourself a coffee and I'll be finished in a minute. Then we can get going."

"Yes'm," I intoned in my very best subservient manner, tugging my forelock. "Craig be sittin' down now Missy." This got a big laugh from Matt and Becky and a mock frown and a slap on the ass from Stevie.

We traveled out to my house in a boy-boy, girl-girl convoy with Matt and me taking the lead. He was really easy to talk to and fantastic company. My reticence from last night was gone, and we found ourselves discussing everything from music to books and sports. We had a lot in common. He offered to take me to his gym when I got myself organized. I accepted immediately. I was already feeling the need for a good workout, even though it had only been a few days since my last. We talked about his work at the agency, but strangely and thankfully he diplomatically steered clear of any mention of my past employment. Perhaps I would tell him about it one day, but that was a way off, if ever. Finally we got around to the subject of Stevie. He talked and I listened. This was after all, his stepsister we were referring to.

"She's been hurt a lot by various pricks that she's had in her life. In fact I can't remember the last man she liked that I could say I liked. Most guys she had were after her money, and made little secret of the fact. She is loaded you know? The agency does so well that we could retire tomorrow and have no worries for the rest of our lives. All of them treated her like a princess for a while then when the bucks didn't start rolling, treated her like shit. Her problem is that she was very trusting. She stopped trusting men when she got royally screwed by her last leach. He took her for a couple of million then dished up a beating before leaving town. I was surprised to see you two cuddled up like you were, but I've got a good feeling about you. I know how you made your money and have no moralistic bullshit ideals about that one way or another. I must admit that I did do a full investigation on you when Stevie first proposed you as a client. What I came up with reassured and impressed me. I understand you went up against the drug cartels. That is a big plus in my eyes. Stevie and I had a brother who died of a cocaine overdose. Both of us are rabidly anti drugs. Stevie doesn't know the details of the investigation, or that you were fighting the cartels, but she does know that you were on the side of the angels. That will be enough for her." He paused and lit a cigarette. I took one from the proffered pack and lit it using his zippo. The smoke felt good after so long without.

"She likes you man. And to tell the truth I think she has designs on your body." he joked. "Just do me a favor and be careful with her okay."

I was really touched by his concern and obvious love for his stepsister. "I have been out of the dating scene for a long long time Matt. There is no way I am going to rush into anything even with a goddess like your sister. Don't worry man. I want to become her friend and maybe see how things go from there. Who knows, she might decide I am the Swamp Thing from hell and run screaming."

"I don't think you will have a problem there," he said with a wry smile

We pulled into the drive just as the truck was leaving. They had unloaded everything into the garage, and I was surprised to see the big screen TV and stereo equipment there as well.

Matt saw my look and explained, "Stevie told me that you couldn't get it delivered until tomorrow so I rang the store and the owner of the trucking company. He's a workout partner of mine and it was no problem for him to just tool on over to the electronics store after he had picked up your furniture, and load these bits on as well. Your car crate should be here at about 9.00am tomorrow."

"Jesus, thank you man." This guy was a good organizer, the sort of guy who would have done well in my former profession. As we got out the ladies pulled in behind us. They climbed out giggling over some private joke which, from the looks I was getting from both of them, I was part of. I gave them what I hoped was an arrogant grin. Becky walked over and laid a very passionate kiss on Matt who didn't struggle too much. To my surprise Stevie came over and kissed me putting her arms around my neck and pressing her warm luscious lips to mine. It wasn't the fuck me quick kiss that Matt was receiving but held plenty of promise for later. The feel of her long, lean, supple body pressed against me instantly created a biological change that I had no hope of controlling. My cock lengthened and thrust itself against her stomach. Looking into her eyes, her reaction was almost comical. Her eyes grew and a flush swept over her beautiful face. She gave a small gasp, and said, "Looks like someone is pleased to see me." Then she slowly and languorously rubbed her stomach against my hard on before kissing me again quickly and twirling away leaving my tentage exposed to the stares of the others. Matt burst out laughing while Becky gave me a very unladylike leer and quipped, "Why don't you come up and see me sometime Big Boy." That set the tone for the rest of the evening.

The ladies unloaded the groceries, utensils, and bedding from the Bronco while Matt and I started to move the furniture and electronic gear inside. It was hard work and took a couple of hours just to get the bed assembled and the TV into the home theatre. By the time we had dragged the couches inside and into the lounge, we were well and truly wiped out. There was no way I could have done it on my own. I decided to leave the rest of the home theatre set up until the morning. Matt and I collapsed to the soft leather of the couch. It was so comfortable that I could easily have fallen asleep then and there. Looking over at Matt I could see he felt the same.

We were roused by the two-voiced chorus of, "Feed me, feed me." A second later the breath was driven from my lungs as Stevie flopped herself down on my lap. She wasn't as delicate as she looked. Matt was getting the same treatment.

The ladies had obviously found the wine I had bought earlier. The smell and taste of Californian Cabernet, was on Stevies breath and on her lips as I leaned down to kiss her. This time she slipped the tip of her tongue past my lips and started to slowly writhe on my lap. Her tongue took on a personality of its own as it twisted and wriggled against my own. One minute it was aggressive and searching, pushing and invading the far reaches of my mouth; the next it was sweet and tender, brushing over my lips and teeth, and the inside of my cheeks. Her tongue was agile and as arousing as hell. In no time at all I had a dick hard enough to cut diamonds with. As her tongue was going crazy in my mouth, she started to grind her firm ass cheeks against my cock. She twisted around to press her full firm breasts against my chest, and I could feel her hard nipples as she dragged them across my body.

As her hands came up to entwine themselves in my hair, all I could do was hold on for the ride. Then as quick as it had started, Stevie pulled away and shuddered. Looking up at me she whispered, "Feed me." Then with a grin she jumped up and headed toward the kitchen.

"Aaarrrrgh! Lord forgive me for the evil thoughts rocketing through my poor melon." I intoned casting my eyes towards the heavens. Becky raised her face from Matts and laughed. "Feed us. And we don't work for toasted sandwiches."

After waiting a decent amount of time for the ugly swelling in my groin to subside I ventured out to the kitchen. I was met by a smiling Stevie who had somehow found the time to ditch the denim shirt and was now wearing a tight black Whitesnake t-shirt. Whitesnake was one of my favorite bands. Things were looking better all the time.

"Can I help with dinner?" she asked with a suggestive wiggle of her very mobile eyebrows.

"No you can't. If you want culinary perfection I have to be left undisturbed. You are just way too distracting. So be gone wench. I shall summon you when the vittles are served."

An evil grin settled itself on her lovely face. "So you know where everything is then do you?" she enquired innocently. Damn ... foiled! I had no idea at all where anything was. The ladies had packed everything away.

"Okay," I conceded. "You may stay and be my scullery wench, but no funny business alright?"

She gave me a 'What ... me?' look and smiled sweetly. "What does my master require first?"

"Okay I need the large pasta pot, spatula, fry pan, and strainer. Then I need knives, smoked chicken, oil..." I reeled off the list of ingredients needed for my favorite dish of Smoked Chicken Fettuccine in a red wine, cream, and mushroom sauce. Dinner was prepared with a minimum of sexual harassment from my scullery maid. Apparently she was hungry.

Forty minutes later we were sitting cross-legged on the floor enjoying dinner.

"I think this one is a keeper," said Becky to Stevie. It took a while for me to cotton on to what they were talking about but the penny did drop finally. I blushed.

"I don't know yet. There is still a lot of test driving to be done. Just because he can cook and is witty, charming, and intelligent, doesn't mean he is a keeper. I'll keep you posted though." She said with another of her patented evil grins. "You never know, he might be lousy in bed." Matt and I almost choked on our food. "Jesus Christ," spluttered Matt when he stopped coughing, "Shit sis ... that's more info than I needed while eating dinner." Becky rubbed his shoulders soothingly. "It's okay sweetie," she crooned. "He has led a very sheltered life." She said by way of explanation. Personally I was looking forward to test drive time.

In no time dinner was over. Dishes were packed into the dishwasher, and we all retired to the single piece of furniture on the ground floor, the couch in the library. After about half an hour of quiet conversation, Becky got up and made to drag Matt to his feet. "Come on lover. Take me home and make mad passionate love to me. We will see you two tomorrow." Stevie stayed right where she was. I stood and stretched and walked them to the door. "Thank you for your help today, " I said with feeling. "I was being overly optimistic thinking I could have moved that stuff on my own. I have really enjoyed being with you guys today and I'd like to have you out here any time you like. You folks have an open invitation to Casa del Miller. In fact why don't you folks come out later in the week and we can barbecue by the pool. It's perfect pool party weather and I think it would be a shame not to use the excuse to see these two ladies in bikinis." Matt roared with laughter, and Becky punched me in the shoulder. "Pig," she muttered with a grin. Stevie had come up behind me and announced her presence with a pinch on my butt. "Watch it buster," she growled playfully. Her arms came around me possessively from behind, and again I felt the length of her magnificent body pressed against my back.

"Good night you two," she said from over my shoulder. "I'll let you know tomorrow," she said to Becky cryptically.

"See you tomorrow Craig," said Matt with a grin. "Give me a ring if you need a hand with anything, and yes I think a bikini parade would be a good idea. Just give me a call and I'm in. G'night sis. Don't do too much damage to the poor guy, okay." Stevie flipped him the bird without emerging from behind me.

We stood and watched until the red glow of Matt's taillights had disappeared. Shutting the door I turned around still within the circle of Stevies arms.

"What are you going to let Becky know about tomorrow?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

"I'm going to tell her if your cock is as big as we think it is, and whether or not you can use it," she said with an evil grin.

With that she clamped her lips to mine and moaned deep into my mouth. She ground her body into mine and started to kiss me with a passion I have never experienced before. She was moaning and nipping at my lips with her small white teeth. Her hands were roaming wildly from my butt, to my back, and up into my hair. My hands had clamped themselves to her magnificent ass. Her firm cheeks filled my palms perfectly, and as I moved my hands around I felt little or no excess movement. This woman was rock solid. As my hand drifted between her butt cheeks I could feel her hot, humid, wetness, through the denim of her jeans and panties. I could feel the sponginess of her mound, which she forced harder into my hand, as I cupped her crotch. Her fingers turned to claws as she gripped the muscles of my back. She was panting and moaning now as she shot her tongue around my mouth. I could feel the heat radiating off her wonderful body as she finally tore her mouth from mine and buried her face in the crook of my neck. Stevie was now working her hips frantically against my hand and searching fingers. "My God, she's going to come!" was the thought that streaked though my brain an instant before Stevie went rigid in my arms. Her hips bucked violently, once, twice, three times, then suddenly the hand that had been cupping her hot moist crotch was flooded with her hot ejaculate. She had come with a vengeance. She shuddered her way from the crest of her climax down to the glow of completion. Finally she was still. She hung from my arms as if her bones had turned to jelly. Sweat dripped from her face and saturated my shirtfront, while her juices had soaked through her jeans and were lubricating my fingers. I had never met a woman who came so copiously and violently.

I pulled her closer to me and leaned down to gently kiss her soft lips. "Take me to bed." She moaned quietly. This lady was no frail flower. Stevie weighed about 120 lbs, and the trip was up two flights of stairs, but at that moment I could have lifted a Cadillac. With Stevies warm lips exploring my ear and jawline, I negotiated the climb, and in no time we were in the bedroom. The ladies had made up the bed with the new linen and the lamps were on bathing the room in a welcoming warm glow. I slowly lowered Stevie to her feet and just stood holding her gently for a while. Our hands went wandering again exploring territory that was rapidly becoming familiar for both of us. After a few minutes Stevie looked up at me and smiled. Her smile was full of trust and affection and even a bit of pride. "That was amazing. Thank you." I kissed her again, not trusting myself to speak, then she slowly turned until her ass was pressed into my throbbing erection. Grabbing my hands she brought them up to cup her breasts. There was no bra under that t-shirt, just warm firm flesh and two of the hardest nipples I had ever felt. Using both hands I stroked and lifted her breasts at the same time, loving the weight of them, the shape of them and the heat coming from them. Using my index fingers and thumbs, I started rolling her nipples; gently squeezing them and extending them until the rubbery knobs protruded from her breasts at least half an inch. She was moaning and rubbing her ass against my cock. Reaching back she began rubbing her palms up and down the backs of my thighs. I leaned forward and ran my lips and tongue up and down the back of her neck and shoulders.

The heat from our bodies was reaching new heights when Stevie reached back and started stroking the length of my cock. I had been hard for so long, I was afraid I was going to come right then and there. I dropped my hands down to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it slowly up and off. As soon as the shirt was off, Stevie spun around and with a wild look in her eyes reached for the buttons on my shirt. Getting frustrated with the amount of time it was taking to get them undone she simply tore the shirt open and with a growl ripped it off completely. Meanwhile my eyes were feasting on the twin mounds of perfection that were her breasts. Full, round, and slightly uptilted, they were capped by those hard, long, dark pink nipples. Her breasts had virtually no sag at all. They were a work of art. I needed to taste them. As my mouth dropped to her heaving tits, her hand went for my belt buckle. As I sucked and nibbled at her nipples, tasting her flesh and the faint saltiness of her sweat, she was unbuttoning my jeans frenziedly. As I licked the underside of her tits she was reaching into my open jeans and dragging my cock out into the warm night air. The feel of her warm strong hand on my cock almost had me coming. Then as if through a fog, I realized her moans had turned to words.

"Oh God Craig! Fuck me ... Please ... fuck me baby ... I need this beautiful cock in me now. Make love to me later but please baby ... fuck me NOW!!!" As she moaned and stroked me I was undoing her jeans and stripping them and her soaked panties from her. Seconds later she was naked and lying naked on my bed. Looking into my eyes she slowly spread her legs and brought her feet up to the bed. This wide open posture was an invitation to look. Who was I to say no? Dropping my gaze I looked upon heaven. Her pussy was shaved with the exception of a small strip of hair above her clit. She was a natural blonde. Her pussy was red and swollen, drooling her juices down the crack of her gorgeous ass. Her aroma sweet and heady, and at the same time spicy, filled the room. " Fuck me baby," she mewled softly, and reached her arms up to me. Never taking my eyes off hers, I quickly stripped of the rest of my clothes and slowly lowered myself to the bed between her spread thighs, holding my weight on my knees and arms. In this position the tip of my cock was just brushing against the slick opening of her hot sex. With a wild moan Stevie reached down, grabbed my cock and pulled me into her, thrusting her hips up at me at the same time I thrust into her. Our pelvic bones met and locked as we strained against each other. After a few moments I slowly withdrew until just the head of my cock was inside her hot silky cunt, then I slowly slid back in 'til I bottomed out. I continued this until we had a rhythm going then I began thrusting harder. Stevies moans turned to screams.

"FUCK ME! Oh you bastard ... don't play with me ... FUCK ME! ... harder baby ... give me your cock ... FUCK ME CRAIG!" Then she was coming. Her slick hot juices flooded from her pussy in a series of spasms which I felt rip through her. This was enough to trigger me.

"OH FUCK STEVIE! ... I'M COMING!" With that I started to pull out so I wouldn't come inside her. "NOOOOO! Come inside me ... Fill me baby!" At that I slammed back into her and about 7 months of pent up sexual frustration exploded from the eye of my cock. Feeling me come set Stevie off again and we strained against each other in the most beautiful of all dances, her nails ripping furrows in my back while my hands mashed her breasts, and buttocks.

It took a while for things to calm down as neither of us wanted to relinquish the feelings we were experiencing, but finally we collapsed back onto the sweat soaked covers. We lay just holding each other and tenderly kissing whatever flesh came within range until our breathing and heart rates returned to normal. Then all of a sudden Stevie stiffened and started to cry. She rolled away and curled up in a ball in a corner of the bed.

I scooted over to her and pulled her into my chest scared that I had hurt her or done something wrong. "Hey honey ... what's wrong? Did I hurt you baby? Stevie, talk to me honey. What's the matter? Did I do something wrong? Have I hurt you baby?"

She looked up at me with such sorrow that my heart was breaking. "You probably think I am a slut. Christ I don't know why I did that. You probably won't want to see me again. I am so sorry. I'm not a slut," I cut her off before she could continue.

"Stevie I know you're not a slut. Shit baby I have known my fair share of sluts in my time and I can tell you from experience that you are nowhere near being a slut. Honey what you are, is an incredible young woman who knows exactly what she wants, and isn't afraid of going after it. I can't begin to tell you how good it is to come across someone like you. I am actually a pretty shy guy when it comes to making a pass at a lady. You would probably still have been waiting for me to move past first base for another couple of weeks if you had left it up to me. As for me not wanting to see you again ... just try keeping me away." I paused and leaned down to brush soft kisses over her lips and face. She sighed and started to relax. Soon she was snuggled up against my chest.

"Stevie, I want to be straight up with you right from the beginning. If you are interested in a relationship you have to know I am not a nice guy. I have done shit that would turn you green but I've come here to get away from that. To start a new life. I think I would love it if you become a part of that. So how 'bout we take it slowly and get to know each other? What do you say?"

"I would like that," she murmured. "Can I stay the night?" I didn't answer her. Instead I picked her up and slid her under the covers, and clambered in beside her. We snuggled up again and lay there kissing and stroking until we fell asleep.

I awoke next morning to the feel of a soft female body spread over my chest. Unlike yesterday I knew exactly where I was and knew who was cuddled up to me. I gazed down at the vision of loveliness that was Stevie. Her long blonde hair was spread out in a sheet across my shoulder and down her back. It was so beautiful I couldn't resist running my fingers through it and stroking her head. The soft steady rhythm of her breathing changed and I knew she was waking.

She woke slowly, stretching languorously like a big sleek jungle cat, her back muscles contracting then rippling. Small snuffling sounds came from her open mouth, the warmth of her breath on my chest sending shudders through me. Her hand came alive and started to softly stroke my hard pectoral muscles.

This was the time of reckoning. How would she feel about last night? Would there be regrets, hasty retreats, and empty promises of future dates? Would she be embarrassed or cool towards me?

"What's for breakfast honey?" she purred, as she slid her leg over mine and kissed my chest. I guess she was okay with everything. I breathed a silent sigh of relief and bent down to kiss her hair.

"What do you think this is ... a bed and breakfast or something? Now where I come from, you would be required by custom, tradition and even law, to leap from the bed and cook me a full breakfast totally naked which you would have to serve on your delicious naked tits. Hop to it woman!"

With all my superior military training and years of combat experience, I never saw the attack coming. Her teeth clamped down on my nipple and at the same time her hand closed around my balls, applying just enough pressure to let me know that she could change my sex if the inclination took her.

"Feed me!" she growled through a mouthful of nipple. Resistance was futile. Two minutes later I was in the kitchen fixing breakfast naked.

We ate bacon, eggs, hash browns and tomatoes in bed washed down with large mugs of Colombian coffee and glasses of orange juice. As we ate we planned the day ahead. I wanted to go back to town to do more shopping. I had one hell of a big house with a lot of space to work with. Already I had some ideas to fill some of the space. One big priority was a couple of phone lines and a computer. That would mean I needed a desk and chair which meant I might as well start to lay out the library. Next I needed to get my sound system up and running. I was starting to suffer from music withdrawal.

Stevie had to go into the office late in the afternoon but aside from that she had the day free. I began to suspect that part of her talk with Matt yesterday at the office was to free up her day. I was flattered.

We finished our food and as I strolled, still naked down to the kitchen to get rid of the plates, I was happier than I had been for a long time. Standing in the kitchen putting the dishes in the sink I looked out the window to admire the view. Expecting to see gently rolling fields, and blue sky I got the shock of my life to see a man grinning back in the window at me.

"Shit!" I exclaimed dropping to the floor and rolling in towards the counter to present the smallest target possible. The habits gained in years of active duty are hard to discard, and my reaction wouldn't have surprised anyone from my old life. However it did come as a shock to the guy outside.

"Fuck!" I heard him yell. Then I remembered. The car crate was due to arrive at 9.00am. This must be the delivery driver.

Feeling like a complete moron I clambered to my feet. He peered uncertainly through the window. "You okay pal?" he enquired in a worried tone.

"Yeah, just give me a minute to get some pants on and I'll be right out."

"No problem buddy, I just need your signature and I'll get going. We've already unloaded the crate. It's on the drive and shouldn't get in the way." He held up a clipboard and a pen. Opening the window, I reached through and signed on the dotted line.

"Thanks man," he said. "Maybe we'll catch up with you sometime. Mike's the name. I own the cartage company. Matt said you were going to come to the gym at some stage. You'll be able to teach me some of those moves."

I laughed and said, "Sorry man, old habits die hard." He gave me a puzzled grin and started to leave. He stopped and said; "Tell Stevie that Mike and Gina said hello and that it's about time she came for a visit."

"Will do Mike, and if you don't mind, I'll probably have some work for you in the next few weeks if you are interested. I am starting fresh in this place and will have a shitload of furniture and other stuff to move out here. You interested?"

"Damned right I'm interested. Business has been a bit slow the last few months and I would appreciate any jobs you want to throw my way. Here grab a card. You can get me on my cell anytime." With a wave he was gone.

I wandered back up to the bedroom to find the bed empty. The sound of running water led me to the ensuite where I found Stevie. As I walked in she was bent over filling the spa bath. Her back was to me and her legs slightly spread giving me one of the most erotic views I could ever imagine. My eyes started at floor level and slowly worked their way up, over her firm, well-muscled calves, to the slim, well-toned thighs, to her hard gorgeous buttocks. Her pussy was framed by the twin columns of her thighs as it peaked out, the lips soft and pouting on her well-formed mound. I gazed at this sight for what seemed like an age until I realized that the water had stopped flowing. Looking up I met her gaze. She gave me an evil grin, then spreading her legs she slowly reached back and slid a finger between her pussy lips and deep into her cunt. "Do you like the view?" she purred. I was instantly hard. My mouth dried up and I stood speechless and watched as her finger slid back and forth between her slick lips. It was a scene right out of a porno movie, and I was loving it.

With a low guttural moan Stevie spun around and leaned back against the raised edge of the spa bath. Her hand resumed its work between her beautiful thighs while the other hand came up and cupped a breast, her fingers seeking out the erect nipple and rolling, and pinching the tender dark pink flesh hard.

"Oh Fuck! I can't believe I'm doing this!" she moaned. "I've only known you for 24 hours, and here I am behaving like a $20 hooker!"

"Hookers cost a hell of a lot more than 20 bucks baby." I spoke without thinking. Her head whipped up and she looked me in the eyes with a mixture of shock and open, raw lust. "Oh fuuucckkk!" she moaned as her head whipped forward and down. Her body went rigid, as her hand became a blur between her legs, which were spreading at the knees bringing her closer to the ground. I closed the few feet between us and put my arms around her from the front, supporting her, just in time to feel her orgasm rocket through her body. Her body was wracked with convulsions, which were matched by explosive grunts as she shuddered to completion. She collapsed against me; my cock painfully hard between her sweat streaked tits. "Oh my God!" she moaned. "What the fuck are you doing to me?" As her breathing slowly returned to normal, she looked up at me with the most lustful look I have ever experienced. "And what's this?" she asked bringing her hand up to slowly and softly grip my throbbing cock. "Is this for me? Would you like me to suck this beautiful cock for you?" I could only groan my assent.

Never taking her gaze from mine, Stevie slowly brought my cock to her lips. Her mouth opened and she breathed her hot breath on my swollen purple head. Her tongue flicked out, came within a gnats testicle of touching my head, then flicked back into her mouth. I was being teased by an expert. As I watched a droplet of pre-cum formed at the tip of my cock. Stevies eyes were glued to it. Her hand was slowly stroking up and down the length of me as her tongue slid out again, this time circling around my tip before scooping the drop of pre-cum into her mouth. This seemed to energize her. Opening her mouth wide she swooped on my dick, taking the first four inches in one swallow. Her lips closed around me and her tongue went to work on my shaft and corona. Stevie started a rhythmic suction as her tongue swirled over my length. Slowly she pushed down on my cock taking more into her hot, wet mouth.

Now I'm no penile giant but I am no dwarf either. I watched in amazement as Stevies lips hit the base of my prick, and her tongue flicked out to lick my balls. Her hands gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me closer trying to stuff more of my cock down her throat. Her tongue was going crazy along my length when she started to moan. I was already very close to exploding, and the vibrations just pushed me that much closer to losing it. Then came the coup de grace. Her index finger, still slick with her juices, pushed between the cheeks of my butt and into my asshole. I exploded, the force of my orgasm convulsing my upper body forward over her back and at the same time bucking my hips forward driving my pelvis hard against her lips. My semen shot from me in powerful blasts, which she took down her throat to begin with but as I continued coming she pulled her mouth off my bucking prick. Swallowing, she directed my blasts at her face catching the first on her upper lip and nose, the second shooting across her cheek. As the force of my orgasm slowed she directed the rest of my semen to her beautiful hard nippled breasts. My flow stopped and I stood on shaky legs looking down at this goddess as she used my slowly slackening prick to rub my cum into the skin of her breasts. Turning her beautiful eyes to mine she used my cock to scoop the cum from her face into her mouth. When she had finished her clean up operation, she lovingly laid soft gentle kisses on my cock until I was soft. Wordlessly she wrapped her arms around my hips and laid her head on my stomach, while I leaned back against the spa bath. "My God baby ... that was incredible."

"You taste nice," she murmured against my stomach. "Can I have that for lunch?"

"Jesus honey, you can eat like that any time you want." Reaching down I lifted her to her feet and pulled her to me. Her naked body was warm and firm against my own as I bent my head to kiss her full on the mouth, my tongue slipping between her lips. Her eyes flew open in shock, then closed slowly as she returned my kiss with a fierce passion. Eventually Stevie pulled back. "C'mon stud. We need that bath. Both of us smell like sex, and the day's wasting away." More hot water was added to the bath, which had become decidedly tepid during our activities, then in no time we were sitting comfortably side by side in the large tub.

We took turns washing each other, both teasing with small strokes and pats of the others erogenous zones, but never staying long enough on one area to get the other too aroused. "I think I owe you one honey." I murmured during the course of the washing. "Any idea when you would like to collect?" She looked at me with a huge grin and replied, "How about tonight baby. That is unless you have another wench coming over."

"Nah I think she is out of town this week so I suppose I'll have to make do with you for my sexual gratification. Poor substitute I know but we all have to make sacrifices." I sighed theatrically then ducked as she took a swipe at me, giggling. "Bastard. You will pay fella ... oh boy you will pay."

An hour later, we were opening the car crate. It had only been a few weeks since I had driven my Chevy Suburban so hopefully the battery would be okay. There were about 20 or so boxes packed around the vehicle, which we had to get rid of before I could drive the car out of the crate.

"What the hell is in these?" asked Stevie as she carried one into the library.

"These hold my CD collection. My DVDs are in the boxes at the back."

"Christ, just my luck. A man of leisure with heavy tastes." she bitched good naturedly as she went out for another box. Soon we were ready to head into town. "Can we stop off at my place? I need to change and get some stuff for tonight."

We would leave her car at my place and give the Suburban a run. The car started at the second attempt. Putting it into gear I drove out the gate and onto the road, turning right towards town. As I made the turn I noticed a dark sedan sitting at the side of the road. It was a fairly nondescript sort of vehicle, its only distinguishing feature being tinted windows. For some reason I felt a wave of unease wash over me. As I passed it, I watched the car surreptitiously in my side mirror. It didn't follow. I berated myself for being paranoid and told myself I had left all that behind. Still I couldn't shake the feeling of unease. Thankfully Stevie hadn't noticed and all the way into town she chatted gaily.

About 30 minutes later we pulled into the driveway of a beautifully restored Villa. The gardens were well established, with lots of old trees and an enormous rambling grapevine over the verandah. As she got out of the truck, Stevie leaned over and grabbed me by the balls. "Come up and help me get some clothes together honey." Who could turn down an invitation like that, so it was only 2 minutes later that I found myself tearing Stevies G-string off as she clawed at my belt. This woman was going to wear me out.

Both of us were instantly ready. From the time in the car when Stevie grabbed my balls, I was instantly hard. As Stevies G-string came off I could smell her spicy aroma, and with one glance confirmed that she was soaked. Throwing herself backward on the bed she growled at me, "I need your cock in me ... NOW ... please baby ... fuck me!"

I kneeled on the bed above her and grabbing her ankles dragged her legs up and apart. This also rolled her pelvis up and presented me with a beautiful target. In one huge thrust I was balls deep in her hot, wet, clinging pussy. Our groins met with an audible SMACK, which drew a deep groan from Stevie. Her hands came up to grip my biceps, fingernails digging in deep as her head thrashed from side to side. My cock was sliding effortlessly deep inside her, bottoming out at the mouth of her cervix drawing a throaty grunt from her at every thrust. "God yes! Give it to me harder ... FUCK ME ... oh shit ... YESSSSS!" She was thrusting up at me with a force I was sure would bruise her, and it was all I could do to keep up with her.

"Turn me over baby ... fuck me from behind ... oh God fuck me... " Pulling out and flipping her over was done in a matter of seconds, yet she was moaning her impatience by the time I had her on her knees. Her ass was raised, while her shoulders were pressed to the mattress, her head to one side and her hands in front of her gripping her carved wooden headboard. She was panting and the sweat gleamed on her taut body. "Hammer that cock into me baby ... Fuck me Craig!" I rose to my feet; one foot on either side of her knees, then crouched down and lined my cock up with the opening of her dripping cunt. With one powerful thrust I slammed my prick deep inside, feeling my swollen glans thump into her G-spot. She screamed her surprise, then as I set up a hard steady rhythm, she started to slam her ass back at me. I reached forward and grabbed a handful of the golden hair before me, and pulled her head up. My other hand went to her shoulder and pulled her into my thrusts. My balls were slapping frantically at her clit, while my cock was hitting her G-spot at every lunge. She wasn't going to last long ... and neither was I.

Stevie's breath was now rasping from her throat, interspersed with moans and grunts as she climbed towards her orgasm. I picked up the pace and she started to wail, a long continuous, high pitched keening that rose in volume and pitch as she got closer.

Suddenly she froze. I continued as she locked up completely, then convulsed once and came. I was flooded with her juices as she squirted a torrent of cum over my front. There was so much of it that it splashed up onto my chest as well as covering my prick and thighs. This was enough to set me off. I came with more force than I could remember. My cum blasted from my wildly bucking prick and flooded the inner reaches of Stevies very receptive womb. With every jerk of my hips another shot of semen would exit my cock at warp speed. "AAAAAAH FUCK!" I bellowed at the top of my lungs, releasing the last of what felt like a gallon of sperm into the goddess under me. I fell forward onto her back and welded together by lust we both sank to the sheets, my hand still wound into her hair. It was a few minutes before we could speak. "You are going to wear me out." She said.

"Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you." I panted, still slightly out of breath. "Thank God I'm in reasonable condition, otherwise I'd be headed for coronary care right now. To tell the truth I think we should stop doing this. In fact I'm thinking of joining the local Trappist monastery. Friar Craig ... it has possibilities." I should have been used to her sneak attacks by now but the right hook to the ribs caught me unawares.

"Don't even think about it Sunshine. I think that corrupting a Monk is a federal offence, but I'm willing to do the time. C'mon honey, if we don't make a move soon I am going to jump your bones again. You have shopping to do, and I have to go in to the office for a while. I think another shower is in order."

"Christ I'm starting to get waterlogged," I grumbled as we stood under the hot spray.

Twenty minutes later we were piling back into the Suburban for the trip to Stevies office. As we pulled away from her house, I thought I saw the same sedan that was outside my driveway earlier. I dismissed it as paranoia but the coincidence was enough to keep nagging at me for the rest of the day.

Sly looks, winks and nods were the order of the day at the office. Matt asked, very tongue in cheek, how I slept, and Becky was very solicitous about Stevies "groin injury." We were the butt of all jokes until Stevie grabbed me by the lapel and pulled me close, kissing me with a fierce passion that seemed to leave the others a bit stunned. "And yes," she said to Becky as we separated, "he is hung like a rogue elephant and really knows how to use it." The defiance in her voice shocked me, until both women broke down in gales of laughter, as I flushed bright red. "How does it feel to be a sex object?" Matt asked through his own laughter.

"I feel ... used!" I said with a theatrical swipe of the back of my hand across my brow.

The laughter gave way to more friendly bantering. Coffees were poured and we settled down to discuss the days plans. Matt had a free day and offered to help me on my shopping expedition. This sounded okay by me. He had a couple of things to finish up and we would get going. Stevie had a meeting across town in a few minutes so after a quick kiss she was gone.

I sat there idly chatting with Beth while waiting for Matt. From where I sat I had a clear view out the front window. A dark sedan with heavily tinted windows sat at the curb across the street and about 20 meters down the road. Three times in one day? A coincidence? I don't think so. We were being followed; or rather I was being followed, as Stevie had left 10 minutes before. If she were the target, they would be on her tail not sitting across the road. Shit ... I thought I had left this all in the jungles of Central America. Now what? In my past life it would have been easy to handle. Simply walk across the road, pull my Berretta and politely ask them what they were up to ... or kill them before they killed me. With my rank and standing in the military, there would have been no recriminations. But here in downtown Richmond, you couldn't do that. Besides the Berretta was still concealed in the Suburban. I couldn't see US Customs being too keen on me bringing it in with my carry on luggage, so I hid it in a small compartment I had built into the rear seats in the truck.

Becky had noticed my distraction. "Craig are you all right?" I made a quick decision.

"Becky could you get Matt to come back here? Keep smiling and pretend that we are having a ball okay? I may be in a spot of bother, and I don't want to land you guys in it." She was as cool as a cucumber. Without appearing to do so, she thumbed the intercom switch for Matts' office and called him down telling him to smile and act natural as he came into the reception area. To the person or persons in the sedan, nothing would appear amiss. She didn't ask why or even break from character. This lady could have had a good career in the Army.

Matt came into reception a few moments later with a big smile on his face. "Okay guys, what's up?"

"Beckon us back to your office ... we need to talk. I may be in some trouble." His grin faltered for a second but he waved us through to his office, following us in as he shut the door.

Quickly I outlined my problem. He took it all well then asked, "Craig I don't know you very well but I don't think you are the kind of guy to get paranoid. Two questions ... is Stevie safe, and what are we going to do?" Becky and Matt made a good pair. Both were cool under pressure.

"Do you guys know anyone in the local police force?" The answer came back better than I could have dreamed. Becky's cousin was a sergeant in the local SWAT team. Christ I couldn't have wished for better. "Can you get him on the phone?"

Two minutes later I was talking to Sergeant Lee Stowers of the Richmond PD SWAT Team. The guy positively oozed competence. He asked the right questions and more importantly, had the right answers. My previous career came up briefly, but wasn't deemed immediately important although Sgt. Stowers did say we would talk about it when the immediate problem was solved. I knew it was inevitable and was actually glad to be getting it out of the way.

All I had to do was to keep the cars occupants interested in sticking around. Looks like I was the bait. I headed back down to the reception area, and quickly checked that the dark sedan was still there. Becky came back down and sat at her desk, carrying on with her work as if it were an ordinary day. Matt wandered in, sat down with me and pulled out his cell phone. In no time he was talking to Stevie. I saw him wince and draw back from the phone, and could hear the reason. Stevie was sounding off at full volume. My heart sank as Matt wordlessly handed me the phone. The relationship was over before it had even got going.

"Hi Stevie..." I got no further.

"Baby are you okay? You're not hurt or anything are you honey?" Jesus! I really fell on my feet with these people didn't I? What an amazing bunch. I spoke to her for a while and managed to calm her worries. She insisted that she was on her way back to the office, but I managed to talk her out of it. I didn't want anybody else brought into the mix; there were enough involved already. With a promise to call her when it was all over, I rang off.

We sat and watched and waited. Just before 11.30 Becky pointed out a large man hurrying down the sidewalk towards the sedan. He was apparently engrossed in an article in a magazine. "That's Lee!" she said excitedly. From there it all happened very quickly and very smoothly. Just before he drew abreast of the sedan, a Chevy van swooped in behind the sedan. At the same time, an unmarked police car swerved in to box the suspect vehicle in. Lee wasn't standing by idly. For a big man, he moved with blinding speed, drawing what looked like a Glock from a concealed holster at his back, and was in a marksman's crouch gun leveled at the drivers window. The doors of the other two vehicles opened and suddenly the street was full of armed men, all rather interested in the occupants of the sedan. These guys were loaded for bear. Five of the SWAT Team were armed with Heckler and Koch MP5 sub machine guns, the remaining one with a shotgun. All wore body armor and had Glocks in thigh holsters.

The stand off was brief and no violence was offered. Responding to shouted orders from Lee, the two front doors, and left side rear door opened, and three sets of empty hands were thrust skyward. The SWAT Team moved in and in no time had three suspects lined up face down on the road with their hands out in front of them and automatic weapons trained on them.

From a professional point of view, the operation was faultless. From a personal point of view, I had a big lump in my throat. These people were giving me their trust even though they had only known me for a couple of days. I went out to join Sgt. Stowers with Becky and Matt, hot on my heels. We stood out of the way while the team got on with their job.

There was a shout from the car, "We got guns!" At this the three suspects were frisked, still at gunpoint, and had their hands cuffed behind them. Sgt. Stowers walked over to join us, holstering his Glock as he walked. Becky did the honors with the introductions.

"So Craig, any idea why these cute little devils would be so interested in you?" he asked indicating the three sorry looking would be killers.

"It must be something to do with my old life. I made a lot of enemies down there, and for a while I had a price on my head, but I thought that was all over. The cartels have bigger fish to fry now with the DEA picking up the pace on drug intercepts and the destruction of more drug labs. I can't see me being a priority at all. Besides ... I'm officially dead." A raised eyebrow greeted this last comment.

"We need to talk. As soon as we put the details you gave us into the computer, it came up with a red flag. High priority my friend. There was a phone number here in good old Virginia to call, which took us to ... Langley. I'm going to ask you this one time only buddy, are you a good guy or a bad guy? My favorite cousin and her man seem to think you are okay but I need to know."

We stood watching for a while as two M16s were taken from the car along with a cut down shotgun. Finally I sighed and started to speak.

"I have killed people for money; that makes me a bad guy. My employer was a foreign government, and my victims were drug runners. Does that make me a good guy... ? I don't know. All I can really say is that I have never killed an innocent. I have never killed for personal reasons, and if I have my way I will never kill again ... unless I have to protect me or mine. Yes I have friends at Langley but no I didn't work for them. I did on occasion supply intel to the CIA but that was the limit of my involvement. If they have me red flagged I have no idea why. Sarge, I made a shit load of money the hard way, and came here for a fresh start. I want to start my own security company, employ people who know their shit and sit back and get fat. That's as complicated as I wanted it. Now I have this shit to deal with."

"If you get fat I'll go off you really fast." Two familiar arms slid around my chest and pulled me back into two equally familiar breasts. Stevie had arrived. "Hi Lee. You taking care of my man for me?"

"I get the feeling that your man here could teach us a thing or two about this sort of problem. Trouble is I don't think the Civil Liberties Union would be too impressed with the sort of solutions we could come up with. Look you guys, this is going to take a while to sort out. The most we can charge these clowns with at the moment is weapons charges. With a good lawyer these guys will be back on the streets in the morning, and there is not a damned thing we can do about that. My advice is to keep a damned good look out. You got a gun?"

Straight faced I answered him, "I can get my hands on one." "Do it." He said with a small grin. I wasn't fooling him at all.

A trip to the station was required to make an official complaint. The boys from the car had not said a word, and carried no ID so I still had no clue as to why they were following me, and whether they would have used their shooters given the opportunity. Stevie stuck to me like glue. Matt and Becky gave statements then waited for me to finish. By the time Lee had all the info he needed, it was nearly 3.30. The four of us staggered out into the sunshine in search of coffee and food. I still had some shopping to do and the more I thought about it the more I was convinced I needed that computer. I had to get online and get in touch with some of my ex-colleagues. After a quick snack Matt and I got moving. An hour later we were pulling away from the computer store with the latest word in computer systems loaded into the Suburban. I quickly raced to the furniture shop we had been in yesterday. Using Matts cell phone I called Mike the cartage company owner and arranged to meet him at the store. My Amex was getting a real thrashing. My purchases this time were easily completed as I had a good idea of what I wanted. Then it was back to the office.

The day had definitely been out of the ordinary for Stevie, Matt and Becky, but to their enormous credit they handled it like pros. I had served with men who wouldn't have done as well as these three civilians. It was quickly agreed that dinner would be barbecue out at my place.

The delivery truck arrived at my house five minutes after we did, again driven by the owner, Mike. We unloaded the desk, and chair carrying them into the library, then went back for the King sized bed I had bought after ditching Matt earlier. In answer to Matts questioning raised eyebrow, I said that every large house needed a spare bedroom for overnight guests. Mike helped us set up the bed, then after talking briefly with Stevie, said his good-byes and left.

An hour later found Matt and I standing on the deck, watching steaks sizzle on the hot plate. The ladies were inside preparing salads and chatting about the days' events as if the most exciting thing to happen today was a flat tire.

"So does this sort of thing happen often to you Craig?" Matt deadpanned. "I may have to increase my life insurance if I want to carry on hanging with you."

"I have been thinking about that. It may be a good idea for you folks to avoid me for a while ... at least until I know what is happening."

"Like Hell! You still owe me one buster, and don't you forget it. I plan to collect tonight ... or maybe tomorrow, or the next night." Stevie had sneaked up on us and looked shocked that I could contemplate sending them away. "One little hiccup and you turn away from your friends? Well shame on you." she said with a sultry smile, sliding her arms around me.

"I wouldn't argue if I was you," said Becky as she came over to claim a hug from her man. "She is a persistent wench. Look we don't know what is going on but you seem like you are a pretty decent sort of guy. You do owe us an explanation but remember we ain't here to judge you. Besides Stevie reckons you are too good in bed to let go just yet."

"Christ I've only known you guys for a couple of days. I could be the biggest scumbag you've ever come across. What makes you think that the guys from today aren't the good guys. Remember what I did for a living. I was mixed up in the drug wars; you only have my word that I was on the right side. For all you know I could have been fighting against the DEA boys instead of with them."

Stevie simply looked up at me, smiled and said, "I think your steak is burning."

Dinner was a strange affair. There was lots of touching and hugging. I had seen this sort of thing before, but not in this form. It was post-contact euphoria. Although no shots had been fired, the intent had been there and my friends were under no illusion that they would have been dead if the lead had flown. That they had survived unscathed, was reason enough to celebrate to the full. And celebrate they did. The bourbon and scotch flowed freely, and soon everyone had a good buzz going.

Before we got well immersed in the liquid refreshments I excused myself and went to my Suburban. Quickly I retrieved my Berretta from its hiding place and checked and loaded it. Next came the problem of where to hide it in the house. I needed somewhere I could get to it with the minimum of fuss. With my lack of furnishings I decided on a drawer in the kitchen. I needed to properly address the question of a home arsenal as soon as possible. With the gun hidden, I returned to the party on the deck.

As the sun was going down we were quite a happy bunch. Stevie was cuddled up next to me, as I lay sprawled on one of the lawn chairs on the deck. Matt and Becky were in a similar position a couple of feet away. We were all in a pretty relaxed mood. The day's events had been talked to death, and the celebrations weren't over yet.

"I think a session in the hot tub is called for." Stevie was the instigator.

"I haven't got a swimsuit, plus if I get in the hot tub I'll be wanting sleep inside 10 minutes," reasoned Becky.

"Girl none of us have got swimsuits with us, and if you get too tired, you can sack out in the bed in the guest room. Can't she Craig?" said Stevie. I looked across at Matt and Becky. "Listen guys, as far as I am concerned, me hovel, et su hovel. Treat the place as your own. And if you're feeling shy Becky, we can all go in in our underwear. I promise I won't peek ... much. The bed and the offer is there."

"C'mon big guy ... let's get wet." Stevie clambered to her feet and hauled me up with her. With a shy grin Becky jumped up and turned to Matt. "Alright buddy, let's go. Just don't go getting any big ideas in the tub okay?"

Two minutes later the cover was off the tub and the clothes were flying. Matt and I were down to boxers in no time with the ladies not far behind. I could see Matt sneaking looks at Stevie and was puzzled for a moment until I remembered the two were step siblings and not blood relatives. Meanwhile I was sneaking quick looks at Becky ... until Stevie caught on and swatted me around the ear. "I may have to keep a close eye on you Miller," she growled in my ear while giving my balls a playful grope.

Matt and I slid into the hot water and settled into the niches set into the walls of the tub. We sat and watched the unintentional show that the girls were providing. Stevie was down to bra and G-string first, a fetching little gunmetal set that rode high on her hips and had a stunning biological effect on me. I thought she would stop there and climb in, but again she surprised me.

Locking her gaze on mine she reached behind and slowly unclipped her bra. The action thrust her beautiful breasts out and my breath caught in my throat. The wisp of material slowly fluttered to the floor, and she stood there proudly, staring at me before turning around. I stared as she leaned forward ... away from me and slipped the G-string down her long legs and stepped out of them. She stayed bent at the waist for the longest time giving me a good long look at her amazing legs and ass. I could see her pussy peeping out from between her thighs, and from my vantage point I could swear there was a bit of moisture gathering between her lovely lips.

While I was being treated to the show of a lifetime, Becky had stripped to her underwear and was snuggled up to Matt.

"Come on showgirl..." she said "get your ass in here. I'm good but I don't think I could handle two horny males ... especially not these two horny males." Seconds later I had Stevie's naked body straddling my lap, her fingers wound into my hair and her breasts pressed against my face. I was as close to Nirvana as I could hope to get but for one thing. My boxers were inexplicably getting restrictive. Stevie of course felt my growing problem and wriggled on my lap, pressing her mound against me. This woman was insatiable. Wrapping her arms around my neck, Stevie pulled my lips to hers for a long deep slow kiss. There was something about tonight. She was in no hurry, showing me a soft side of her that I really liked. Breaking away from the kiss she turned so she was sitting sidesaddle across my legs and laid her head on my shoulder.

Looking across at Matt and Becky I could see that we weren't the only ones in a mellow mood. They were snuggled up in a similar position to Stevie and me, talking in low hushed tones. Occasionally they would kiss. Sitting there in the hot water, with good new friends and a new lady I reflected on the last two days and thought that there were worse ways to start my new life. I was lifetimes removed from my old life ... and it felt good. I was interested to see where this was going to head but for the moment I was enjoying the company of good friends. For the first time in years I was fully relaxed.

Matt broke the spell.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to resemble a prune. Shall we adjourn to the house?" There was no false modesty as we all trooped into the house, Matt and I in dripping boxers, Stevie totally naked and proud of it, and Becky in a very fetching green lace G-string and bra ensemble. I had time to check out her magnificent body and did so quite shamelessly. She was aware of my scrutiny and threw me a cheeky smirk at the same time as she subtly threw her shoulders back a bit bringing her huge breasts into prominence. This earned a giggle from Stevie who was watching the whole thing.

"She's got a great rack doesn't she Miller?" She whispered in my ear. "And very sensitive nipples too." Now how the hell did she know that? I looked at her but got no answers from the angelic smile she gave me. I decided I would have to investigate this later. Grabbing a few of my limited stock of towels I distributed them and we dried off before heading into the lounge to collapse on the couches.

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