My New Point of View
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike is depressed. He gets a new chance at life and loves. He also gets a chance at getting shot. Read to see what happens.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Harem   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Pregnancy  

Hi, I'm Mike Reynolds, a 52 year old, overweight diabetic with all the accompanying troubles. I am a farm manager for a corporation in Georgia. My wife Cary and my 3 daughters, Ann, Florence and Marie are the reasons that I stay around. Cary works in town. Ann and Florence are in Atlanta working and Marie is in Dublin, raising my granddaughter, Julie, with her husband Clark

I have been depressed lately, since my health has gone steadily down the tube. I take a handful of pills twice a day. I take a shot at night, can't feel my feet or get an erection. I have a life with no prospects for improvement until I die. What is the old joke? If I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. Anyway, I was very depressed and dragging my family down with me. Ever since my life goal of getting all my daughters through college had been achieved, I was aimless. I was trying to get involved with my work, but my wife who was used to daily sex through most of our marriage, was kind of holding me back from finding satisfaction since she was not satisfied. See I am blaming others for my troubles. In any case I was coming home from checking on a field and got the truck stuck in a mud hole.

Great, I thought, just another shovelful of shit on the pile. I got out of the truck and began digging out around the tires. It was hot and I was in a hurry. I figured I should call home and leave a message so Cary wouldn't worry. I got back to work, and tried twice to get the truck out and was getting frustrated. I started digging again at a faster pace; I noticed a bright light shining on me. About that time, I had a sharp chest pain, and fainted.

I waked up, I don't know how much later, in a hospital room. No monitors were attached to me, but screens were showing my vital signs. After a while someone came in wearing a lab coat. I looked more closely and someone was a gentle description. This person was not human, but humanoid. He had a small frame, with a large head, large eyes and small nose and mouth.

"Hello Mike, how are you feeling," he asked. I told him I was feeling better than usual. He said, "That is very good, considering the fact that you were dead when we found you."

"Heart Attack?" I asked him. He nodded. I asked him what I was doing here. He told me that the scientists of his race wanted to test some medical procedures, and if they were successful then I would be restored to health. I asked, "And what about the down side?" There is a possibility that you will die from the procedure, but it is a small chance. I told him I was dead already, so I did not have much to lose by participating. He told me that was an acceptable attitude. I asked what was to be done with me if the tests were successful. He told me that I would be put back on earth. "Okay", I said, "Where do I sign?"

I was left in the hospital for a while (a day or two, I guess) and then was taken into a laboratory. I was injected with something and went to sleep. I was awakened some time later, and was asked how I felt. I was a little stiff, but otherwise I felt really good. I could feel my feet; I could see really well, my hands did not ache from arthritis. I felt really good. I asked what had been done to me. The doctor told me that I had been genetically manipulated and cloned. I asked what they did with the clone. He told me, "You are in it." I said, "No shit, will I live?" He answered, "We don't know yet, but we will know in about a week. I said, "Fair enough. By the way, what did you do with my old body?"

"We threw it away, since it was dead or would be shortly anyway."

"How long was I unconscious?"I asked. "You were kept unconscious for about 4 years while we grew the clone", he answered. I was shocked. "I appreciate you candor", I told him.

He said, "I find that honesty is the best way when dealing with emotionally charged situations."

"If I live, will you give me the information about what you have done to my body?" I asked him. He nodded and said, "Certainly, for now you may move around this room and use the rest room to bathe or you may watch television. Act as normal as you can, and enjoy your new body."

I got up and felt really good. I felt like a kid. I went into the bathroom, and checked myself in the mirror. Talk about a shock, I was about 18 years old. In good physical health, not overweight. I never looked or felt this good ever in my previous life. My legs were longer in proportion to my body length than they were before, so were my arms. My teeth were straighter also, but you could tell it was me looking back at you. I decided to bathe and shave. I turned on the shower, and stepped in. One thing I noticed as I was bathing, my dick was bigger than it ever was, not a bunch but about an inch longer, no bigger in diameter. I tested it out to see if it would get erect; yep it would and was about 8 inches or so in length. I thought 'Cary will really like this'.

I watched television, especially the news, to try to keep up with what had happened during my enforced absence from the world. Good old CNN, Fox and ESPN, some things never change. I tried to watch the station from where I lived, to get any local information I could.

The doctor came in and talked to me every day. After about a week, he came in and said, "It looks like you are going to make it. You are the first clone to survive the mind transfer procedure. I think your attitude had much to do with your survival, as your stress level was significantly lower that the others and your body accepted your mind much more easily because of it." I joked, "I guess that comes from living in a house full of women. You just kind of take things as they come."

"I will tell you what we did to your genetics for this experiment. Your tendencies to be overweight were fixed, your tendencies to diabetes and arthritis, and a couple of other problems were also fixed, as well as your eyesight, you will never need glasses."

"Great", I said. "My body shape is not the same. How tall am I now?" He answered by telling me that my body grew the way it would have without the outside stresses it received in life, so my arms and legs were longer. My height was 6' 3" I was told. "Damn, that is a big change from 5' 10", I said. "We also did a couple of things to your genetics as a favor to you for being so willing a participant in this experiment", he told me. "What is that"? I asked. He then told me that they had seen in my thoughts that I really liked sex and had enhanced my penile size a bit and had given me a very fast recovery time and increased semen production to go along with it. I told him, "Thank you very much; all I need now is money to go along with it", jokingly.

He said, "We might be able to help you out with that too."

"Cool", I said, "When do I get to go home?" He told me that they would send me back any time I wanted. Okay, how about now to my brother's house in Georgia.

My brother lived on a small farm in Georgia; he commuted to a job with health services in Tallahassee. Since it was dark now, I was fairly sure Donnie was home. I knocked on the door. Donnie's girlfriend answered the door and asked my business. I asked to speak to Donnie Reynolds. Donnie came to the front door.

I figured that being straight up about this was the best way, so I greeted Donnie warmly and said, "Donnie, its Mike, don't freak out on me. I have something to tell you that you may not believe, but hear me out, okay?" Needless to say Donnie was freaking out. He said, "Mike, we all thought you were dead." I answered, "I was, heart attack, but some alien scientists brought me back to life and asked me if I would help them with an experiment. I figured, what the hell, I am dead anyway. So they fixed my genes and cloned me. It took four years to grow the clone to the 18-year-old body you see now. They told me that I was taller because of the lack of life stress on the clone." Ask me something only I would know, I will prove who I am." He asked a couple of really personal questions that only I would know. I answered them easily, and he said, "I guess you are who you say you are."

I asked how my family was. My mother had died, I was sad, but Donnie said she had gotten sick and was better off. Cary had me declared dead and had remarried. I was glad for that, as she was still a pretty woman and did not need the loneliness of widowhood. "How about the girls?" I asked. Marie had had another child, a son this time, Michael. Florence had married, but no kids yet. Ann was still nursing in Atlanta and had not married. I asked if I could stay with them tonight. He said, "Hell yes, this place is part yours." I told him thanks. All I had was the clothes on my back, but I was as healthy as a horse and considered myself lucky. "You had better tell Vanna I am a cousin," I suggested.

So that is what I was now, Cousin Mike. We visited for a while and then it was time for bed. I was checking my pockets as I got ready for bed. I had no wallet, no knife, no keys, and no identification. I found a piece of paper in my pocket. On it was written GAPB 3 5, 9, 14, 25, 39, 47 6/4/2009, and FLLTO 7, 12, 19,32,37,49 9/15/2009. I thought, 'No shit, they meant for me to have money.' I went and tapped on the door of Donnie's room and when he came out I told him what I found. I had formulated a plan that I thought would work out for us, especially me, to get my hands on some money, even though I had no papers or numbers. I told Donnie that I would buy the ticket tomorrow for the Saturday drawing. If it won he would claim the prize, take a lump sum settlement, take ≈ for himself and give ≈ to our family, ≈ to Cary and the girls, and give me ≈ in cash. Most places will take cash and not ask too many questions. I would have a letter from the bank stating that I had reason to have that much cash, in case I needed it. We agreed and went back to bed. I for one was very excited, I don't know if Donnie believed it yet. The next day I borrowed Vanna's car and went into town and bought a ticket. I was shocked at the amount of money for the winner. It would pay about 80 million dollars to a single winner.

I felt good and helped around the farm for the next couple of days. The numbers on the ticket were drawn like clockwork. Donnie went to Albany to claim the prize on Monday. For a lump sum prize we would receive 32 million dollars. After taxes that was 16.8 million. That meant he and I would get 4 million each and our family would get 8.8 million.

I asked him to buy me a new vehicle. He said, "Sure, no problem." We went and bought him a new farm truck, and bought me a 1 ton crew cab 4-wheel drive diesel. I laughed on the way home and thought, it will take one this big to haul the money. I told him the next day that I was going to buy some luggage and clothing. He was working out his notice, so he would be working for the next 10 days or so. I bought some nice clothes, shoes and luggage at the locally owned store. It was a little higher, but I was through buying at chains now that I could afford it. I stopped in at the local gun shop, and was looking around. I thought I might need something stronger than my fists with 4 million bucks riding along with me. A guy came in wanting to sell a pistol. I told him I would buy it. It was a Smith and Wesson Model 13.357 magnum with a 3-inch heavy barrel. I paid him his first asking price in cash. He was happy and so was I. The gun shop owner was not thrilled, but when I bought a top of the line shoulder holster and belt holster along with a case of hollow point ammunition, and 3 speed loaders, he felt better. When I got home, I showed Donnie my new acquisition. He said, "Very nice, I have one of your shotguns, if you want it back."

"Which one?" I asked. "I got your .410 automatic," he said. I told him I really liked that gun, and would love to have it back, especially since it had been through 2 owners since the original purchaser. He told me he never shot it anyway, the ammunition was too expensive. I asked Donnie not to let anyone know I was still alive. He said it was okay with him, since Mom was the only one besides my girls that really gave much of a shit anyhow. I said, "That sounds about par for the course."

The next day I went back into town and got some ammunition for the .410. I asked for a case of slugs, and a case of the biggest shot he had in stock. That happened to be 3 pellets of #00 buckshot. At .32 caliber it would group and penetrate up to about 20 paces, while the slugs were good for about 35 meters. I also bought a case of #7 √ birdshot for hunting purposes.

While in town I also went to the local western store and bought some work shirts and pants. I never liked jeans; they have no room in the stride. I also bought 2 pairs of comfortable work boots and a pair of dress boots. I stopped on the way home and bought a prepaid cell phone and 2000 minutes.

I told Donnie about things when I got back to the farm, I asked him to take care of my wife, children and grandchildren, gave him my cell phone number, hugged him and left for parts unknown.

I drove for about 5 hours and stopped outside of Birmingham for a rest. The Mom and Pop Motel was glad to take my money without a credit card. I slept through until after rush hour and left headed toward Mississippi. I stopped at West Memphis, Arkansas, to fuel up and eat. While I was eating, a young lady came up to me and asked where I was headed. I told her I had never been out west and was going on a leisurely trip. She was very pretty, a tall statuesque brunette with blue eyes. She asked if I would consider dropping her off at her father's ranch outside of Las Vegas. I told her that I would if she would be honest with me and answer a few questions. She nodded, a bit nervously. I asked how old she was. She said, " 22." I asked how she got here. She told me she had gotten involved with a bad guy who had gotten her hooked on heroin. He brought her here to get her to whore for him. I asked how long she had been here. She said about 4 days, and she was not a whore. I asked how bad her habit was. She started tearing up and said it was so bad she did not know if she could kick it. "What is your name?" I asked her. She said her name was Sally Ann James. I told her my name. She said, "Pleased to meet you."

"Likewise," I said.

I told her I was considering taking her with me, but we had to have an understanding. We would be nice to each other, and sex would not be required. She let out an audible sigh when I told her that. I told her that if one of my sisters needed help I would hope someone would be good to her, so I would be good to her. "Do you have clothes and things you can pick up or do we need to run for it?" I asked. "We need to run", she said. Do you have any drugs to taper off with or do I need to find a hotel for us to stay in until you can get the shit out of your body. She said her boyfriend kept her drugs to keep her under control. I asked if she was hungry, she nodded so I called the waitress over and ordered her some food. I told her after we ate that she should act like we were going to go to my truck and have sex, but we would get in and go to Oklahoma, if she could make it that far before we had to stop.

That is just what we did. We drove away from West Memphis and headed for Oklahoma. After about 5 hours, Sally could not stand it any more, so we stopped at a fairly nice Mom and Pop Motel. I told them I wanted to rent a room for a week, and told them the truth about why. I also asked if there was a decent restaurant nearby. They said there was if you liked country food. I paid for a week in advance and said thanks. I got Sally in the room and in the shower. After a shower, I helped her dry off and put her to bed. I sat down on the bed and asked her how she was getting along. She told me, "Not worth a damn." I asked if she was hungry, she said no. I asked her to stay in bed and I would get us something to eat and fill up the truck, just in case. What sizes do you wear; I need to get you come clothes. I wrote down the sizes, and was surprised at how big her boobs were. She was a big girl so they looked smaller than their 36 C size. I left and filled up the truck, bought a cooler and a couple of bags of ice. I also got some soft drinks. I found a nice locally owned clothing store and bought Sally three sets of clothes, some under clothing, a nice terrycloth robe and some slippers. I got her some toiletries, perfume, and hair and tooth brushes. I stopped and got a gut bomb burger and fries for each of us and went back to the motel. I took my luggage into the room and prepared for a bad night. Sally was in pretty bad shape, but I had to talk to her. I got her attention and told her that because of her situation, I felt I needed to always carry my pistol, so if she saw me with it she should not get upset. She said okay. We ate and tried to rest. I took the .410 out of the case and stashed it under my bed. I put the revolver in the bedside table away from Sally. A couple of hours later, Sally told me she could not stand it anymore. I asked if she wanted me to hold her for comfort. She said, "Please", so I held her tight and comforted her the best I could.

In the morning, I got us both up and we took a shower. Her pajamas were soaked with sweat so I helped her out of them and on with her robe and asked if she was in shape to go to breakfast. She said no. I helped her into my bed as it was dry, and told her I would go and get us something to eat. So I got dressed, put on my shoulder holster, a light windbreaker with two speed loaders in the pockets, and went to town. I got two plates from the good restaurant and brought them back for us. I saw no trouble. I asked the motel owner if he had seen anyone looking for us. He said that he had not seen anything unusual except me.

Sally was not very hungry, but managed to eat a bit. In about 20 minutes she threw up. I helped her clean herself up and got her to eat a small amount more. I went to the laundromat and washed our clothes. While they were washing, I walked across the street to a hardware store and bought a nice Benchmade knife. It was a spring blade, and had a 5-inch blade. I liked it, and always carried it afterward whenever I had pants on. I got an empty box from the store and took it back to use to carry our clean clothes.

Over the next couple of days, Sally had hell and I helped her. She was unable to take care of herself; she was too weak. I carried her into the bathroom, bathed her, cleaned her up when she was sick, and held her when she cried. By the end of the week in the motel she was getting over her body's desire for heroin. She was also so weak she could hardly walk. I went out that day to get us some food, and noticed some unusual activity at the motel office. I walked in with my hand in my pocket, on my knife. There were a couple of big men in the office looking for Sally and me. I told them my name and asked them their business. One of them told me he was Sally's boyfriend. I asked him if he was the one who hooked her on dope. He laughed and moved toward me, I pulled my knife out opened it and moved toward him all at the same time. I caught his arm and put the point of the knife about ≈ of an inch deep into his belly. He stopped laughing, but couldn't move away easily. I smiled and told him that he had found us, but I thought he should stop looking now. "Sally has had enough hell without you coming back into her life," I told him. He started to bluster, so I pushed the knife and he calmed down. I reached around his waist, and pulled out his pistol, a compact Springfield XD, pointed it at his friend and told him to put his gun down also. He did. Now, I told them to please leave Sally alone, and go away. I asked the motel owner to call the police and tell them that these two thugs had accosted him. Sally's boyfriend told me he would be back, I asked him not to come back. I then said, "I am keeping your guns for evidence, drop any extra magazines." They each had 2 extras, which they dropped and ran. The owner was dialing the phone. I stopped him and told him I would be leaving today and to call the police after I had left. I asked if he wanted either of the guns. He looked at them and took the XD. It was a .40 caliber, and a nice gun. I kept the other guy's Browning 9 mm. I left the motel owner a hundred dollars for his trouble, and went to get Sally ready for the trip. I loaded our stuff into the pickup, and helped Sally get into the back seat, so she could lie down. Even in this state she was a beauty.

I stopped at a convenience store to get some milk, peanut butter and bread, some snack food, and a couple of boxes of 9mm ammunition. It was hardball, target ammo, but it would do in a pinch. We ate a snack, and left town. I set the cruise control up about 90-mph and we left Arkansas that day. Sally slept and I drove, I was not sleepy. As a matter of fact, I was scared shitless for about 3 hours. It was a good thing those two scums were cowards or I would have been in trouble, and would have had to kill at least 1 of them. Not to mention the fact that I would, most likely, have gotten hurt.

About 500 miles later, I stopped to fuel up and asked if there was a clean hotel nearby. There was one abut 6 miles up the road, so away we went. I paid in advance for one night. I asked about a laundromat, the motel had coin washers and dryers. I asked about a restaurant. They sent me to a diner across the road. So I got Sally and I a good dinner and brought it back to the room. She was starting to eat again, so I was feeling better about that. I asked if she needed help in the shower. She said she would like some help, so we stripped off and I washed and shampooed her. She actually was feeling good enough to wash my back for me. I smiled and told her I was glad she felt better.

We talked for a while, and I relayed the whole incident about her previous boyfriend. She said she was afraid he would come shooting next time. I told her I hoped he would not do that since I had never had to shoot anyone before. I asked her if she could shoot. She said, "Sure, I was raised on a ranch."

"Can you shoot a pistol?" I asked her. She told me she could shoot a pistol or a rifle, but was more comfortable with a rifle. I got out the old 1100 and taught her about it. I then stuffed 4 shells into the magazine, and showed her how to bolt one into the chamber, I then filled it up. I told her this was for her to use, just in case. And told her it was good for about 15 yards, but no farther. I got out the high power and showed her how to work it; she was familiar with auto loading pistols since her dad had a Colt in .45ACP.

She asked me how I could trust her with the guns. I told her if she were going to do anything to me she would have done it before she went through withdrawal. I also told her, I figured we were friends. She retorted, "Damn skippy." I laughed out loud, and told her I was so happy to see her feeling better. We watched a little television and went to bed. As I was getting into my bed, she asked if I would sleep with her. I answered, "I'm ethical, but I'm not stupid." So I got into bed with her, spooned up to her backside, kissed her neck and went to sleep. The next morning, I got up and went out for something to eat. I got some take out from the diner, and brought it back to the room. Sally was awake by now and asked a question. "How do you make it without coffee?" I told her, "I just never liked it, besides milk or orange juice was much better for you." Then I asked her, "Would you like me to get you some?" She answered, "If I am going to stay with you I might as well cut it out now as later." I smiled and told her I felt the same way; not about the coffee, about the staying. I also told her that we needed to talk seriously about how we felt today. She said today was about the last day we would have a chance by ourselves, since we would be to her home tonight.

We packed up and left. We talked about everything, but I did not tell her everything, yet. I told her I loved living on a farm and meant to have a farm someday. She smiled and said she agreed with that. I also told her that I thought a family farm could not make it with only 1 man and 1 woman to take care of it and raise a family. She frowned and asked what I meant. I told her that I did not think that only 2 people could run a farm business and compete while raising a family. I thought that my family needed at least 3 female members, maybe four. I know I can love and take care of that many, plus any children that come along. "Are you a Mormon?" she asked. I laughed and told her I was not especially religious, but I strongly believed in committed relationships. I also told her I was feeling very strongly that she would be a good life partner for me, if she could also commit to the kind of relationship where all family members were important and committed to each other. "Do you mean that you would expect me to pick out other wives?"

"Of course, I would hope that you would be willing to do that. I am terrible with women, and who knows women better that a woman." I also told her that I was very gullible when it came to women, and could be taken in by one who wanted to be dishonest with me. She asked if I would expect her to make love with the other women in the family. "Only if you want to," I answered. I also told her that jealousy had no place in any relationship I was involved in, and was totally counterproductive.

We continued our serious talk all day, and really got to know each other. We stopped for supper and fuel and kept on talking. I asked her, "Well, are you going to do it?" She asked "What?" but she knew what I meant, and smiled. I asked, "Will you live with me, love me and have my children?" She answered, "Only until I die." I kissed her our first kiss, and held her close to me for a short time. I told her there was something I needed to tell her; something that she needed to take on faith in me. I would never tell her a lie and I was not crazy.

We went out to the truck and sat in the front seat and looked in each other's eyes. I said, "Sally, I am much older than you think. About 5 years ago..." I told her my whole story, showed her the suitcases full of cash, the letter from the bank and dialed the telephone and let her talk to Donnie. He verified my story to Sally and then they hung up. I said, "Donnie is the only one in my family who knows I am still alive." I do not mean to maintain a relationship with my girls, as I am afraid they would freak out and then the cops would descend and the good old USA would cut me up to see what made me tick. The alien doctor told me I was normal, except for my genetic fixes, so they would not find out anything.

She had a bit of a dazed look in her eyes. "I will not make you stay if you are afraid of me, but I feet it is very important for our love to be an honest one."

"I knew you would say that", she said. "You can't get rid of me that easily."

"Does that mean you still want me?" I asked. "Yes, I still want you, and our other wives, whoever they may be." I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her cheek and mouth. "Let's take you home."

"Do you want to call your father before we drop in on him?" I asked. She said, "He doesn't have a phone, too far out of town."

"Okay", I answered. I stopped in the nearest town to Sally's home for fuel and groceries. $250 later we were on our way again. We drove east from town about 25 miles and turned off the pavement for another 3 or 4 miles and drove up to a fairly nice house. Sally jumped out of the truck and yelled, "Papa, I'm home." I got out of the truck and got a couple of bags of groceries and was walking toward the house when I heard him answer, "Sally, come in here girl, I got hurt yesterday and can't get around much." I walked in and set the groceries down and walked into the bathroom where he was. Sally was there with him. He was a man about 5'10" tall, about my age, I still think of myself as 52 years old. His left leg was broken badly, and he was a bit shocky. "Who's he?" he asked. Sally told him I was her man, Mike Reynolds. Her introduction made me smile. I said, "Pleased to meet you, Mr. James." He grunted,"I already like him better than the last one." Sally quipped,"Me too." I said, "You're busted up pretty bad, let me put the groceries in the refrigerator, and we will haul you to the doctor." Mr. James said, "At least he is a sensible one." I laughed out loud and told Sally to give him three Motrin if he had them. She came into the kitchen for a glass of water. She told me Bufferin was all he had. I said, "It will have to do then won't it." She laughed and said her dad liked me a lot already. I asked her, "What's not to like?" She looked at me seriously and said, "Not one damned thing."

After I got the milk and other cooler things put away, I went into the bathroom to help with Mr. James. I asked him if he needed to shit before we left. He said hell yes, so I looked at Sally and motioned toward the door. She got the hint; I helped him up to the commode and got his jeans down. I walked outside to let him finish. I heard the commode flush, so I went back in to help him get his pants back on. I told him they were going to cut his boots off and cut his britches off, and asked him if he had anything he didn't want them to find in his pants pockets. He pulled out a Colt .25 out of his hip pocket and a knife out of his front pocket. I said, "A man after my own heart." He smiled. I told him to get up on my back and I would carry him to the truck. I said, "This is going to hurt like hell, but you have to stay awake until we get you into the truck." He nodded. I carried him out of the bathroom. Sally held the front door for me and opened the door to the truck. We put him in the back seat. Sally got back there with him and away we went with Sally giving me directions along the way. The hospital was in another town, so in about 50 minutes we arrived. Mr. James, call me Bobby, stayed awake the entire trip to the hospital, and was coming out of his shock a bit by the time we arrived. The orderlies got him onto a gurney and into the emergency room, while Sally got the paperwork filled out. When they got to the part about payment, Sally didn't know what to say. I told her "we" would pay for it. Her smile was all the payment I needed. After the papers were finished off, Sally came over to me sat in my lap and whispered in my ear, "I really like the sound of the last thing you told me." I told her, "Not any better than I liked being introduced as 'her man'." We sat and whispered lovey things for a while until the nurse came in and told us "the aggravating old fart" is about ready to go home. I liked that girl, she says what she thinks. Sally looked at me and softly said, "I like that one, I will see what I can find out about her." Sally visited with the nurse while I went to take care of our bill. "$1400 for a broken tibia, do I get a kiss with that?" I asked as I counted out the money. The cashier laughed and said, "That is a better reaction than we usually get. If you were a bit older and I was a bit less married, I would give you that kiss." I winked at her and went back to find Sally and Bobby. They had him in a cast up to his hip. He was still feeling good from the painkillers, and was fussing about them cutting up a perfectly good pair of boots and jeans. "I told you they were going to do that", I said. I told him I would buy him a new pair of Red Wings. "How about Acmes", he retorted.

We loaded him in the truck again, and went to the ranch. After we got back it was about 3:30 am, We put Bobby in his bed and I then asked him if he had any stock that needed tending since he was out of commission since day before yesterday. He smiled, looked at Sally and said, "Baby, this one is a keeper." Sally laughed and told him she already knew that, and I was not getting away. He told me about a cow he had in the barn that he knew needed feed and water. I started walking out the door and said I would be back to take a bath and get ready for bed in a few minutes. I took care of the cow, and looked around the barn, everything seemed in order. When I got back to the house, Bobby was out for the count, and Sally was naked in the bathroom waiting for me, "You are not going to get away from me. You know that, don't you."

"I was hoping," I told her.

We had a nice, if short, shower, and went into bed. She asked me if I wanted to know what she found out about the nurse. I told her, "If you think it is worth telling." She smiled and said she thought it was worth it. "The nurse is named Sue Braswell; she is 23 years old and not married, not many prospects around here either. She is from Wyoming. Her dad is a retired Army officer, and her mom is a Vietnamese/American. Sue seems as American as apple pie, and still has those exotic good looks." I was remembering her looks. About 5' 2" petite with oriental looks and some body mass from her dad. Sue was a very pretty girl.

I looked at Sally and said, "I am thinking of another girl with All American good looks right now." She said, "I knew I loved you for a good reason." I hugged her and kissed her cheek and lips as I snuggled with her. "Do you feel good enough to make love with me yet?" She answered, "Yes, my man. You are mine now, you know?"

"Thank you," I told her.

We made sweet love. My rejuvenated penis worked very well. Sally said, "Damn, that feels good, your dick is a perfect fit. It is just big enough to turn me on, and just small enough not to hurt."

"Does that mean you want to do it again?" I asked her. "Whenever you want, my man" she told me. I was wiped out and slid off into a hard sleep holding Sally close to me.

I got up early the next morning, and walked outside to look around. The ranch was set in a large valley. It had no electricity, and no phone. It made me think of the cell phone, no service. It was probably worth it to have to light the lights with a match for the peace and quiet. I went to look in on Bobby; he was up and had a pained look on his face. I handed him his gun and knife. He smiled and said, "For a kid, you have pretty good sense." I asked him how bad it was. He told me it was not as bad as before we got here. I said, "I need to talk to you about something." He nodded. I went to look in on Sally; she was sound asleep, smiling. I told him about how Sally and I met, and how I felt like it was just a stroke of fate that let me find her and get her off the drugs. I also told him about her old boyfriend and the run in we had. He told me he wished I had opened him up in the motel. I told him I needed to kill him somewhere I could be in control of the situation. No imperial entanglements, if you know what I mean. He chuckled at my Star Wars reference, and said, "The bastard knows where I live." I said, "Then you had better go heeled until we take care of the situation." He nodded and pointed to his dresser. I reached into the top drawer and found a Colt 1911, and a spare magazine. I handed it to him. He indicated his closet; I found a Marlin 336 Cowboy, in 30-30 Winchester, and a box of cartridges. I loaded the rifle and slid it under the bed. He smiled. I told him I had an old Remington 1100.410 I would load and leave by the back door. I told him, "Sally knows how to shoot it, and I gave her a High Power she can carry until I can get her to get me a couple of Glock 19's or 26's.

I told him Sally and I were going to set up housekeeping, and I wanted to look for a farm to raise children and stock. He said, "What about here?" I said, "I want to make my own way, I have some money." He said, "My neighbor wants to sell out. His family has had that place for a long time."

"Does he have water and mineral rights for it?" I asked. Bobby told me he did. "I wonder what he would take for it." I said thoughtfully. Bobby said, "You should probably offer him $250 per acre and settle on $300."

"How big is his place?" I asked. "About 20, 000 acres, with good water, "he answered. I said, "I will need to think about it, but I am inclined toward it now, 'especially since it will be near you. So you can see your grandchildren." He started laughing, and then groaned. "Do you want me to get you some painkillers?" I asked him. He nodded. I got him some from what the doctor gave us last night. He took two, and sat back in the bed. Is there anything you need done today, otherwise I am just going to look around and see what I can get into. He suggested that I turn the cow out of the barn into the pasture, and if we felt like it, we could check the fence on pastures 1 and 2. I went and looked in on Sally. She was still out so I went to the bed and kissed her and caressed her breasts. She waked up smiling. "Your dad has some work for us today," I told her. She looked at the clock, and was mortified that she had slept until 8:00. I kissed her some more and told her that I almost came back to make love some more. She said that I had better be careful or I would get her pregnant for sure. "That would be a wonderful present for me, but I don't know how your dad will take me knocking you up without us being married." She told me that he and her mama had never married but lived together 'til she passed away. Folks here tend to let people alone, as long as they mind their own business and don't cause trouble. I told her I thought that was wonderful, and I hoped she was already pregnant. That set her off. She started talking about setting up house, and keeping up a place. I asked her if we could talk while we fixed breakfast. She started to walk to the kitchen. I asked her if she thought she should dress, since we were with her dad. She slipped on her robe and said, "I don't want you to have trouble touching me." I told her I had trouble not touching her. She turned around and kissed me, and then went to begin fixing breakfast. I helped and we talked about family things. I asked her if she had her driver's license or any of those kinds of things. She said no, that she had left them when we ran from Arkansas. I asked her to apply for new ones. She said she would when we went to town next. I said we needed to go to town today after we checked the fence. We had a good breakfast in the room with Bobby. I helped him to the bathroom, and told him we were leaving to look at the fence after we cleaned up.

We walked outside to the barn. I asked Sally if we could check the fence in pastures 1 and 2 from the truck or would we need horses. "Horses", she told me. "I need a tame one then, I am a farmer, not a rancher," I told her. She laughed and told me she was a good horsewoman and would teach me to be a good rider.

We got the horses saddled and left for the pastures. She talked to me about horses and riding. The fence needed tightening up in a couple of places, but was okay for now. We headed back to the house, put up the horses, and took a quick bath. I liked baths better and better. Sally was not body shy at all, and liked me looking at her and touching her. She was putting weight back on so she looked healthier each day. 5' 10" and 140 pounds is a good looking, and feeling, woman.

I asked where the courthouse was, she told me it was in the same town as the hospital. I asked if she had a birth certificate. She searched through her dad's records and found a copy. We headed to town. While we were there, I asked if she thought we should visit Sue Braswell. She said we should, if I thought I might like her for a partner. I said, "We need to know her better before we begin thinking that way. Although. she damn sure is pretty." Sally laughed and kissed me. We went to the courthouse and applied for a new driver's license and social security card for Sally. We walked around town and met a few people. Sally bought me some "more suitable" clothes. We went into a jewelry store and looked around at different things. I bought her a necklace with a floating heart pendant. It had a ruby mounted in the center. I told her it was like my heart, she owned it. She started crying and we walked outside so no one would notice. After she calmed down, we went to the hospital and asked if Sue was working today. They showed us to where she was. We said hello, and spoke for a minute or two. I asked her if she would like to go to supper with us after she got off. She looked at Sally, who smiled and nodded. Sue said she would really like that. We both said, "We would too, what time?" Sue answered, "6:30."

It was 4:00 now so Sally and I walked around town some more. I wanted to look at some wind turbines and satellite phones. We stopped at a cell phone store. We found out that a satphone was expensive, but had a signal just about everywhere. I asked if we could get one with prepaid minutes. He said it was unusual, but he didn't see why not. So we made the deal right there. I bought the phone, and 3000 minutes. Then I gave it to Sally and told her it was hers. She thanked me, and kissed me. I asked the guy if he knew anyone who sold windmills for electricity production. He did and pointed us to a place down the street. We walked to the store and we talked to the proprietor who was very knowledgeable about wind powered electricity. I told him I wanted enough capacity to power the house and barn with electric air conditioning, 3 freezers and 3 refrigerators. He said he thought it would take 4 turbines and 20 deep cycle batteries for backup when the wind died down. I asked about the life of the batteries. He said normal life in that application was about 4 years. I asked how long he would need in lead time to make an installation like that. He said about 4 weeks, since his supplier built to order. I told him thanks.

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