Chapter 1: Arianna's Story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Arianna's Story - This is a story about two young adults finding themselves and each other.

There he is again, walking in the door to my store. I blush, push my glasses up on my nose and stand up straight. Maybe he'll come to my counter this time, I think, rolling my eyes at the unlikely-ness of that possibility. I sigh, glancing down at my magazine, looking for the latest editions of my favorite books, when I hear a male clear their throat loudly right in front of me. I slowly glance up, hoping against hope it's him, telling myself it isn't, it couldn't be... Zander. Zander Rayne Jade, the man of my dreams, my dark angel, the focus of my girlish fantasies, and my best friend. There he stands in all his dark glory, long black hair barely covering those dark eyes that flash at me from under that dark mane, both the same color as his clothes. Skin pale, teeth white and straight, necklaces bright and surrealistic against the jet background, long nails tap-tap-tapping on the counter, bringing attention to those long fingers covered by rings, wrists coated in silver from his slave bracelets peeking out from his leather trench coat.

"Um, Aria, are you going to help me or not?" Oh, god, I loved his nickname for me. Most people called me by my full name, Arianna, or simply Ari. He's called me that since I moved to this little town called Paradise in sixth grade and he was the only one that would talk to me. Well, him and Gershwin. But Gershwin passed away a couple years ago. The papers and the adults said accidental death, but Zander and I knew the truth, it was suicide that took our friend from us and we know why she did it too, but neither of us wants to admit it.

"Yo, Aria, you ok?"

"Oh, yeah, Zander, I'm fine, just thinking."

"'Bout what?"


"That's what you always say. So, hey, where's this cool book you promised me? I wanna get a good start on it before I have to get ready for the club tonight. You do remember about the club tonight, right?"

"Oh, fuck me. I forgot to get my PVC dry-cleaned! I have nothing else to wear. I'm so sorry, Zander, I know that you were so looking forward tonight. I'll see what I can come up with, ok?" Crap, I forgot today was his eighteenth birthday and we were going clubbing at one of the newest goth clubs in a nearby city, one of the few that allows those under twenty-one. I guess I'll have to go shopping now. "Hey, let me get you the book, and then tell Mom that I gotta go so I can run some errands, k?" He nods his approval as I move away to get his book. I still can't believe that I forgot that today was his birthday and that we planned on going to the club in nearby Coffee City. How could I forget that I had planned on making my move tonight, planned on telling him how I felt? Sometimes, my memory amazes even me. Now, where is that book I promised him? I probably left it in mom's office. I need to tell her that I'm taking off anyways.

"Hey mom! Mom, you in here?"

"Yeah, Ari, I'm back here, trying to tend to these bills." Damn, bills again.

"Well, I guess this isn't a good time, but um, I need to go run some errands before Zander and I go out tonight to that club I told you about. I have to run by the Black Rose to get an outfit because I forgot to get my PVC cleaned after April got the stuff on it the last time she borrowed it, and I have to pick up Zander's gift anyways." She pondered on it for a moment, glancing over the books and at me.

"Well, I guess you can since I had anticipated this and called Joan to fill in for you."

"Thanks mom. I love ya! I guess I'll get going. I'll see you tomorrow since you'll probably be asleep when I come dragging in if I don't stay at Zander's since he's driving."

"That's fine, dearest. Just be safe and have fun. Zander, you better take care of my baby girl!" I blush as she says that every time and she has no clue what I'm planning.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Randolph, she's in good hands." I walk out of the office, trying not to turn even brighter. It's also hard not to start giggling since neither of them know what I'm planning, and well, his hands are definitely involved.

"Ye gods, Zander, let's get out of here before she embarrasses me even more."

"Let's go, but why are you so embarrassed."

"You'd think after all this time, you'd know my mind."

"Oh." Great, now he's blushing.

"Let's just get to the Black Rose so I can get my shopping done."

"Okay, your car or mine."

"Mine. That way you can't escape while I'm in the dressing room! Muahahahahaha!" I flicked my finger down his nose as I cackled at him and he pretended to be scared. My cackle quickly turned into a flirtatious giggle and I decided to take out my hair clip since I know he prefers my hair down. We get into my black Pontiac Firebird and drive off into the sunset. I wish, we're only going to the Black Rose for some clothes and Zander's present.

"What do you think? Too slutty? Too sophisticated? Come on, Zander. Tell me what you think!"

"I like it, I really do, I just don't know why it doesn't suit you. It's almost as if you're missing something." Something? Yeah, someone's missing something, but it isn't me, bucko. You are the one missing my not-so-subtle hints. You are the one that can't see what everyone else knows as a blatant fact. He wonders why none of the chicks in Paradise approach him for more than friendship, he is after all, in his words, rather dashing and a gentle person. He doesn't realize the looks that shift from adoration of him to jealousy and hatred of me. The only teenage chick, and I mean ONLY, that I have ever been able to call a friend was Gershwin. And she committed suicide. And they wonder why Zander and I cling to each other so desperately at times. But until he realizes how deep my love for him is, I shall have to be glad for the menial position of best friend.

"Aria, did you hear me?" His deep, velvety voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh, sorry dearest, my attention was wandering again. Now, what did you say?"

"I was saying, before I noticed the glazed look in your eyes, that I think that I have solved our little problem." He grinned at me. What problem could he mean? Has he known all this time? Did I admit it to him one distant night when we were both drinking but I was by far more drunk than he? I looked at him, the question in my eyes, hoping he didn't see the silent plea for those menial words that mean so much.

"Yes, well, before you pounce on me like a cat, put these on." He hands me a pile of jewelry and other... accessories?

"Zander, I don't even where this goes, much less if I have the proper piercing."

"You goof, it's a tongue ring! What did you..." his words trailed off as he got the meaning of my pointed look. Then the smug bastard blushed, smiled, and laughed at me! Ye gods, this male is frustrating! But, well, his humor is part of the reason I love him so.

"So, ya gonna help me get this pile of stuff on or not?" I asked him, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. Oh, please, please, please, puh-lease! Oh, the idea of his hands, putting various pieces of silver on my body just sends shivers down my spine. Wait, that's not an idea sending shivers down my spine, that would be Zander's nails gently scraping the sensitive back of my neck as he closes the clasp of yet another necklace. Ooo, he's putting leather on me... be still my heart!

"There, done!" he says as he steps away and looks at me long and hard. "That's much better. The outfit is complete!" He twirls me to face the mirror in his usual overdramatic fashion. I can't believe it!

"Oh, my gods, is that me? Am I actually wearing a leather collar with a leash on it? Wow, I look all D&S!"

"Yeah, well, it just seemed to fit together."

"Okay, I'll pay for this stuff and you wait in the car. I have to get one more thing." Actually, two more things, but one of those he might not see, it just depends on how the night goes. He just kind of looks at me and nods before he heads out the door, almost as if he knows what I'm planning. I sigh, grab the pile of clothes and jewelry, head to the register, grabbing a couple more things on the way.

"Hey Nicki, how's it going?" I dump my purchases on the counter.

"Pretty good. Looks like your planning on going clubbing." She states as she eyes the pile of stuff. She holds up a pair of skimpy panties. "For after, I presume?"

"Good Gods, Niccolette, let the whole world know my plans, why don't ya?"

"So, who's the lucky fella? Or the lucky chica?"

"Puh-lease! You know it's a guy." I pull out my wallet, glad I got paid yesterday.

"So, tell me who he is!" She finishes ringing up my stuff and tells me my total.

"Nicki, come on. You know exactly who I've drooled over in this town since I moved here."

"You're gonna do it? Tonight? Oh gosh, girl, he's in your car waiting on you and you are talking to me! Pay me and get going!" She snatches the cash out of my hand, shoves my change in my hand, and gives me a healthy shove out the door.

"Well, Nicki seemed to be in a bit of a rush to get you gone. What's up with that?"

"That, dearest Zander, is none of your concern." I tweak his nose and shove him towards his door. "Now get in. I've still got makeup and hair to do, plus eating so I don't pass out on you when we get there."

"Where in the fuck is my new eyeliner?! I just bought that bitch last week!" I growl in frustration. Zander will be here any minute and I'm running late. The jewelry and hair took forever and my eyeliner seems to have grown legs. "Sonofabitch! I swear, I can never keep track of my black eyeliner. Green, red, blue, any other color, I can't get rid of the fuckers, but black seems to learn disappearing acts on me."

"Hey, anyone up here?" oh gods, that melodious voice can only belong to one male, and he's tromping up my stairs, probably rushing to get to the club.

"Well, what, or rather, who have we here? This can't be my lovely Aria. MY Aria doesn't have blue and black streaks in her burgundy hair. MY Aria doesn't wear pleather mini skirts with a lacy corset thing and S&M D&S type jewelry. MY Aria, well, this is her house and that is definitely her body and her voice I heard growling, so, I have come to the conclusion that this lovely creature is indeed my Aria."

"Ya know, you could help find my black eyeliner. When I find it, we can leave."

"But, dearest, you are already wearing black eyeliner. Why are you so desperate to find your eyeliner?"

"Hey, remember, we are going to a club. There will be dancing, and sweating. Eyeliner tends to run and fade when one sweats. So, I need it in my purse so I can repair the damage."

"Ah, so is that why all the girls troop to the bathroom together? Quite an odd species."

"Oh stop it already. I have no clue why the other girls all troop to the bathroom together, that baffles even me. And if you are just now noticing the oddness of the female species, well, you are very obtuse indeed."

"Ooo, pulling out the big vocabulary on me, are you? Well, for that, maybe I won't tell you what I was going to tell you." Oh fuck me, what was he going to tell me?

"Come on, Zander, you know me better than that. Just tell me or I will pester you all night about it."

"I don't know..."oh he's killing me, "I'm not sure you deserve it after all."

"Gah! You are truly evil!"

"Thanks for the compliment. Now stop trying to ply me with your words."

"Will you or will you not tell me already?"

"I told you to stop reading Shakespeare dammit!"

"It was an assignment! You know how Hunter is. She's truly evil!"

"Gee, thanks. Now do you want to continue with the witty repartee or what?"

"Just fucking tell me already!"

"You're eyeliner is downstairs on the coffee table, m'dear."

"How... I must have left it down there when I went downstairs to eat. Damn I'm a dumb ass sometimes."

"Okay, can we go now?" Hehe, present time!

"First, your present! Come on, it's in my room."

"Ooo, in YOUR room, eh? What, oh, what could it be?"

"Oh shut it and come on." Oh if only he knew. "Here, open it." He rips open the black paper I so meticulously wrapped the tiny box in.

"Hmm, small black box, with a rose on it. It has to be something from the Black Rose, and probably jewelry." He shakes the box. I wish he would open it already.

"Oh, gods, Aria, it's the finger armor I've been drooling over for ages. How could you afford this?"

"Nicki did the layaway thing just for me." I shrugged.

"I... I don't know what to say! Oh, gods, thanks you so much!" Geez, you'd think I got him a car or something similar. I watched him slip it on, admiring the way he was dressed. A black, long-sleeved fishnet shirt, tight, black, leather pants with peek-a-boo holes in the legs, knee-high soft leather boots, slave bracelets, rings, belly button ring, necklaces, and spike collar complete the outfit. But what was truly magnificent was his face and hair. His hair was down and so soft looking, it seemed dream-like. His eyes, he'd outlined them in midnight blue eyeliner, making his eyes glow with the same color, turning the over-all outfit from kinky teenager coming of age to a sex demon-god. The effect was overwhelming. I was drowning in his eyes. His hand was waving in front of my face, the silver against the black, the dizzying effect of it all. That's the only explanation I have for me fainting into his arms.

"Aria, darling, are you okay? Come on, baby, wake up. Come back to me, now." The worry in his voice, good god, how long have I been out? I moaned as feeling came rushing back to my head along with the memories of what happened. "Oh thank you god, you're awake. Don't ever scare me like that again."

"How long was I out? It can't have been for more than a few minutes."

"Try again. More like thirty minutes."

"Oh god, oh god, oh god! Please tell me you did not call my mother!"

"No I didn't. I didn't need her having a heart attack to top it all off. But I do think we need to hold off on the club for a day or two."

"But, I'm fine now, and I... I know you were looking forward to it!"

"No, Aria, I don't want to risk you fainting again. We are staying home tonight."

"But... but..." I gave it up, I know it's worthless, he'd already made up his mind, "well, can we at least go to your house? Your parents aren't there and if we're here when my mom gets home, she'll have to be told why, and I don't want to tell her."

"That would be a good idea, actually. That way I can keep an eye on you and we can still have some fun tonight."

"Let me go get a few things. No. No objections. If I can't do that, then, well, I don't know, I'll burn that bridge when I cross it." I shooed him out of the room, then proceeded to pack my stuff. What should I do know? I mean, we aren't going to the club, but he did say that we can still have some fun tonight. What does he mean by that? His parents aren't home, they are on one of their many weekend vacations to the mountains. They won't be back until Sunday evening and it's Friday night. There's a multitude of things we could do. I know there will be drinking involved, there almost always is when I go over to his house and stay the night. I mean his parents buy alcohol specifically for him to drink. What should I bring? Should I stick with the original plan and just improvise a little? Maybe he has something planned of his own. I guess I'll just see when I get there.

"Hey, come on! I want to salvage what little of the night we have left!"

"Coming! Just calm your ass down, birthday boy."

"Ass officially calmed down!" Do you see why I love him now? And this is when we left to go to his house in his car. Of course.

"I have always loved your house. But I still think your parents could have decorated it better."

"Yeah, well, you know how they are. They aren't as dark and morbid as we supposedly are. Come on, set your stuff down and let's raid the kitchen." I laughed as I set my bags down and trooped into the kitchen behind him, admiring his glorious body. The way he walks, he almost glides with an ethereal grace one expects from vampires and other creatures of the night. Then again, if you were apt to listen to rumor, then well, Zander is a vampire and I'm his mortal lover. That was an interesting week, denying that rumor. See, what it was is that we had to choose partners in English class last year, and naturally, I paired up with Zander. Well, the assignment was to make up a fictional story using ourselves as characters. Well, Zander was a vampire and I was his besotted mortal lover. We had to read them aloud in class and some stupid prep took the story as the truth, and well, you can guess from there. Well, anyways, back to me staring at his adorable ass as we walked into the kitchen.

"So, what do you want to eat? Drink? Well, say something."

"I dunno, what do ya got?"

"Well, we have some leftovers, some Chinese T.V. dinner type things my parents obsess over, and a few other snack type foods. Or we could dive into the considerable amount of money my parents left me for food and other necessities and order from Eriste's." He winked at me, knowing what I'd choose. I loved food from Eriste's!

"Eriste's! Oh please, please, please! Can we, because that'd be freaking awesome! It's been forever since I've had anything from there!" I begged him, tugging on his sleeve like a little kid begging for a sweet from the candy store.

"Okay, okay. Chill! Let me get the menu and we'll order!" He grabbed the menu off the counter next to the fridge, and we proceeded to browse through.

"Hmm, what do I want. Some Thai sounds good but it's reeeally spicy and I'm not in the mood for spicy." I said thoughtfully.

"How about we get a sampler platter from each type of food offered and just eat what looks good? It'll be a good way to try new things we haven't tried yet." He shrugged, seeming to now notice that almost all the foods on the sampler platters are finger foods. Can we say, getting to feed each other?!

"Yes!" I said, maybe a little vehemently," That'd be great."

"Okay, I'll order and then we'll get something to drink." Ooo, what are we gonna drink?! Alcohol would help me unwind, since I'm a little twitchy.

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