Bright Star Quest I: The Book of Baysil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Magic, Fiction,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - Book One of Bright Star Quest. A small group of adventurers start off on a quest to find a long-hidden treasure. S&S in a modified D&D world. Very little sex, but lots of blood and gore.

Many empires have risen, fallen, and been forgotten throughout Orris Kayn's long history. Diverse indeed have been the races of beings who ruled supreme over this land, each for their appointed time. Previous to the rise of Humankind, the most recent of these reigns was that of the True Elves.

The Final, or Twenty First Elvish Emirate, the most recent and shortest lived of the Elvish Empires, lasted a mere twenty thousand years. By its end the dwindling of the Elvish race was nearing completion, and the various sub races of Humanity had risen from their more primitive ancestors.

To render the chronology of events more clearly, during comparatively recent times a most notable celestial event took place. A formerly unremarkable star situated almost on the celestial equator burst into short lived but spectacular brilliance. This event, visible as it was from all parts of Orris Kayn, was seized upon by local historians as a means to regularize the dating of events.

Thus, the fall of the Final Elvish Emirate has been given the approximate dating of Nine Thousand BFS (Before Fraggen's Star). Between this date, and the rise of the Klaamett Theocracy in 4586 BFS (within plus or minus seventeen years), there occurred the rise and fall of countless short lived Human empires and kingdoms, which warred and strove against each other with truly Barbarian enthusiasm.

The three and a half millennia of the Klaamett Theocracy gave Humanity its first semblance of a stable government. During its existence the basic Rules of Magic were formulated and codified as they applied to Humankind. Thus, in this era's final centuries each home had its quota of Magical appliances and devices, and potent Magical weapons could be owned by anyone who possessed sufficient coin.

The Klaamett Theocracy fell, swiftly and completely, but its disintegration was brought about by natural causes. One of the foremost of these was the 'Eclipse of Magic' that threw all of its systems into disarray. From about 2000 BFS to about 1500 BFS, all Magical spells and devices lost their potency. Most authorities are of the opinion that the stars moved into alignments that did not favor Magical forces. Whatever the reason, only during the last five centuries have the Magical Arts regained even a semblance of their normal potency.

In the year 938 BFS, Emperor Darvish the First proclaimed the founding of his Empire. He cannot truthfully be said to have conquered the Klaamett Theocracy. Rather, he forcibly organized the petty baronies and city states that remained after its collapse. The Darvish Empire saw the rise and perfection of a form of technology that owed little to what remained workable of Magical knowledge. This accomplishment served to almost completely erase the remnants of Arcane Lore from the memories and archives of modern man.

The fall of the Darvish Empire came from within. The decay of the Aristocracy, the proliferation of bureaucracies, the reduction of the middle classes, the rise of taxation to unbearable levels, and a turning away from practical matters to concentrate on abstract philosophies all contributed to reduce the Darvish Empire to a hollow shell of its former greatness.

The nominal date given for the fall of the Darvish Empire is 77 FS, when Darvish the Thirteenth, known to his subjects as 'Darvish the Who?' and to historians as Darvish the Last, was assassinated. The remains of the Darvish Empire immediately fragmented back into baronies and city states, similar to the situation before the rise of Darvish the First.

In the year 217 FS, the loose confederation known to historians as the First Anarchate was formed. An unstable and shifting network of alliances, its main result was the chancy and occasional opening of trade routes across Orris Kayn.

Between the years 355 FS and 420 FS, there was a return to complete anarchy. The only commerce was between adjoining territories, and then only during rare periods when such territories were not fighting with their neighbors. It was in these Chaotic times that the first straggling bands of the creatures we call Orcs appeared on the borders of Orris Kayn.

The Second Anarchate flourished between 420 FS and 589 FS. The Human baronies and city states were forced to band together to battle the Orcish Invasions. Always too little and too late, it reached its greatest strength and widest influence in the final years of its existence.

500 FS to 600 FS is the period known as the 'Triumph of the Orcs'. The loose waves of invaders swarmed across Orris Kayn practically unopposed. Only a few strongholds resisted their power, maintaining a precarious integrity. It was from these fortresses that counter attacks were launched to finally break the Orcish stranglehold on Orris Kayn.

The 'Destruction of the Orcs' took a full century, from 550 FS to 650 FS. Increasingly militant and powerful armies took advantage of the failure to arrive of new Orcish invaders. The Orcs were reduced to primitive tribes, roaming the trackless wilderness. They remain there to this day, tolerated only as long as they do not unduly trouble Human held regions. Since the various Orc tribes fight constantly among themselves, they seldom become more than marginally troublesome.

The 'Rebirth of Magic' has been traced back as far as 500 FS, and continues gradually to the present year of 1080 FS. One factor contributing to the defeat of the Orc bands was this resurgence of Magical powers. Old relics are regaining their powers, new Magical formulae are being discovered, and moldering tomes of Arcane knowledge are again of immeasurable value. Some seers claim that this is because the stars are once again drifting into patterns conducive to the employment of Magical and Godly forces.

The Gods Themselves, Who at one time seemed to have practically deserted Orris Kayn, are gradually taking a renewed interest in the affairs of Humankind. Not only have many of the Old Gods returned, but New Gods have arisen to strive with Them. The Sacred Pantheons have reached fullness, with each of the 81 Positions in the Diagram of Power being occupied by its own Deity.

Thus no Human, indeed no intelligent being, but has its tutelary Deity. No entity need be without the guidance and protection of one Deity or another. All that is needed is to have Faith!

Thus, in this year of 1080 FS, the Gods of Law and Chaos are once again striving for dominance. A strong central government has been established in Pordigran, the MostHolyCity, and is gradually extending its influence across the land of Orris Kayn by whatever means come to hand. The forces of Chaos are also on the march. Monsters awaken, and bands of Orcs and brigands roam the hinterlands in unprecedented numbers. Long abandoned caverns and dungeons seethe with Chaotic and Evil life. Litches, dormant for millennia, are once again active, and Dragons have been seen outlined against the moons.

At this pivotal point in the existence of Orris Kayn, a small band of adventurers is setting out on what might seem to be a minor quest...

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