My Plan for Seduction
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I looked hot in my tight T-shirt, until my new boyfriend ripped it off my body.

Saturday morning I woke up early. I was already anticipating my date with Matt that evening.

I had met him at a party last week and we really had fun, at least from what I can remember. My friend introduced me to him early in the party and we hung out together the whole night - talking, dancing, and drinking. We developed a pretty good buzz together and ended up making out in a corner somewhere. Matt called me the next day and invited me to a movie later in the week. We grabbed a bite to eat and after the movie we had oral sex in the car. It was the most fun I had in awhile, as it moved me off a 3 month long dry spell.

Anyway, now it was the time of the month when I felt particularly horny. I ate breakfast and made sure I took my birth control pill. Matt and I hadn't made any definite plans for that night; we just agreed to meet at his apartment because his roommate was going to be gone the rest of the weekend to visit his girlfriend. It made me very excited to know we'd have the place to ourselves! I made my mind up that I was going to have wild sex that night, so I decided to start planning for it.

My dilemma, like a lot of girls, was figuring out what to wear. I really wanted to look irresistibly hot, so I started going through my closet. Dresses, skirts, jeans, heels... I had the black dress I wore to my formal last month, hmmm... I knew I looked really outstanding in it, but it wasn't really the thing to wear for a "no plans" date.

I decided to go for a comfortable-sexy look. I remembered I had a Hooters tank top from when some girlfriends and I stopped there once when we were trying to pick up guys. I bought one that was super tight on me, but never really wore it because it was just too shocking to wear in public. I tried it on again to check. I felt so sexy putting it on; I looked in the mirror and was so turned on when I saw my perky nipples, I could only think about it being ripped off my body by Matt. "That's it!" I thought. I pulled out a scissors and cut a V into the neckline, hoping Matt would see this as an invitation. Leaving off my bra, I put the top back on. "Damn! I look good!" I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror again. I almost wanted to rip it off myself and start masturbating right there, but held back, knowing what I was planning later. Over my Hooters top I put on my sorority sweatshirt - solid black with our letters on the front. On the bottom I put on a black thong and my favorite pair of jeans. Lastly, I slipped on a pair of black, low-heel shoes. I loved my devious sex plan; Matt was going to be in for a surprise!

I was ready! But I had a few hours to kill, so I went shopping at the mall. There were a few things I was looking for anyway, so I didn't feel like I was wasting time. I picked up a pair of shoes I needed for a wedding I was going to be in - way too expensive if you ask me for one day! I also picked up some bath stuff - I had finished the bottle of shampoo that morning. On my way out, I passed by one of those novelty stores with the gag gifts and everything, so I bought a small bottle of message oil and slid it into my front pocket.

Well the night finally came and when I arrived at Matt's apartment, he let me in. "What do you want to do tonight?" he asked. I hesitated because I didn't want to tell him right away what I really wanted to do. So I said, "I dunno, are you hungry?" "Yeah, do you want to order in pizza?" he said. "Mmmm, that sounds good, I'll call it in." I replied. So I called up the pizza place and ordered a large pizza for us; I asked for delivery at 6:00; it was only 5:00. When I hung up, I said, "All ordered! Only thing is that it won't be here till 6 - I guess they're really busy tonight." I smiled at him and started walking toward him, backing him up toward the couch. I turned and sat down suggestively and said, "So what can we do for an hour?" I made an obvious glance at his crotch and smiled when I saw the bulge of his erection. He sat down next to me and we started kissing. We made out for a few minutes when I reached over and pulled off his shirt. I was really impressed; I hadn't seen him bare-chested before and was really turned on by his muscular build. I paused, looked him in the eye and said, "I want you to know I'm really wet and horny." Then I lifted my arms so he could pull off my sweatshirt.

I felt so excited when Matt saw what was underneath! I can only imagine what he thought. He immediately started fondling me as we both were sitting up on the couch. Finally I guided his hands to the V I had cut into my top and told him, "Go for it!" He ripped open my tank top to let my perky tits break free. He held them with his hands and moved his mouth down and started licking and nibbling lightly. Since I had been fantasizing about this all day and I started to orgasm. I think I was soaking through my jeans, so I started taking them off, but first I pulled out the message oil in my front pocket. "Here!" I said, as I tossed the bottle to Matt. He looked at it, smiled, and squirted it all over my chest, stomach and legs. Matt gave me a full frontal message as I lay on the couch moaning. Finally, he grabbed my black thong which was still on me and ripped it down the middle, exposing my pussy. He dove down and started madly licking my pussy until I had my second orgasm. "C'mon Matt, it's your turn now; besides, I need you in me." Matt took off his pants and slid himself into me. "Go fast Matt, I need it!" "GO, GO, GO, GO!" I screamed as he fucked me deeper and faster. My vagina squeezed around him as I started to orgasm again. I felt his cock start to pulse and throb in sync with me. I felt him squirt inside me as my orgasm finished. We embraced each other and kissed for a few more minutes. We new the pizza would come soon, so we got dressed. I removed my ripped top and gave it and my thong to Matt as souvenirs. Then I slipped on my jeans and sweatshirt. We were quite hungry when the pizza arrived a few minutes later. I felt so proud and satisfied with myself for seducing Matt so successfully.

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