Haley's Comet
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college romance blooms while another smolders unknowingly below the surface. An unlikely series of events brings two spirits together and what had smoldered blossoms into a full fired romance. Sex mixes with lifes adversitys in a work a day world.

I met Haley Whitman in the summer of 1996. That was the year my father and I combined our yearly baseball road trip with prospective college visits. I was just going into my senior year and hadn't chosen a college yet. Ohio State, Illinois and Minnesota were high on my lists as well as a few Ivy League schools. My SAT's set me up to get into most anywhere I wanted and I was in enough scholarship programs to be sure I (we) could afford most anything.

Our baseball road trip that year had taken us to Cleveland and Cincinnati and we were on our way to Chicago for a weekend set of the Cubs and Dodgers the first time I saw her. We were at a turnpike stop to hit the bathroom and grab a quick snack. I was waiting for Dad looking at a mileage map when she sidled up next to me to have a look at the map herself. I was, as of yet, unaware that a 6'1" dark haired (soon to be) man with a baby face and athletic body made the female plumbing leak.

"Tell me Chicago is the next exit. If I spend 5 more minutes in the car I may die from boredom." She said in exasperation.

"It can get pretty monotonous out here. We're headed for Chicago too." I commented without really looking at her. But when she leaned in front of me to get a look at a mileage number my senses were filled with a scent that, to this day, send a tingle through me from head to toe. Her light brown hair waved in front of me as she made the quick move to be sure she saw the number right and I was smitten. As I looked her up and down from the back I made quick notes to be sure she was jerk off material for tonight's shower.

"I hope you're going for fun. I'm looking at colleges and I'm ready to volunteer to be kidnapped. What a waste of a vacation." She said in a strictly casual non flirting manner.

"I'm doing the same, but my Dad and I are catching Major League Baseball games along the way. We don't look at Illinois until Monday and then it's off to Minnesota, so I've got a lot of riding too. Have fun, ha." I said as I saw my Dad come out of the food line and head towards me and the door.

"We're going to Minnesota too. Maybe I'll see you there." I heard her say as I hurried away unaware she had just flirted with me.

Dad and I sat in the car for a few minutes, splitting an order of chicken nuggets and a Supersize Coke, talking about the upcoming games. Dad put the car in gear and moved it to get near the phones to call my Mom. I sat in the cool car as he gave her the update on how far we had gotten. As I looked around the area I saw the girl from the map kiosk walk out with 2 other siblings and her parents. I once again looked over her nubile little body, noting her round little "tiny hiney" as I made more mental notes for how I was going to take her cherry and make her mine forever in tonight's shower fantasy. She was the last one to get in their car and just before she did she reached behind her and adjusted her panties, reaching up the legs of her shorts and doing a mini squat to get herself more comfortable. That move alone insured her on being my fantasy for the next few weeks exclusively. I was jerking off once or twice a day then, even 4 or more times if I was left home alone. My fantasies knew no bounds by age, color of hair or skin, religion, or monetary class. Round butts with 2 round boobies were all it took to drive me to self abuse.

I lost my virginity after my Junior Prom with the senior girl I barely knew who had been my date. She was going to miss her Senior Prom and was then determined to go ANY prom. After saying flirty hello's in the halls from time to time she cornered me once and asked me if I would ask her to my prom. While she was no raving beauty, she certainly was no ribbon contender at a dog show either. My previous dating experience consisted of a school dance and a movie double date. Each of those forays into the world of female companionship netted me a few kisses on the lips, a little handholding and masturbation,... by my own hand,... home... alone... numerous times. Yes sir, I was a stud.

On this prom night she picked me up in her car and let me drive to save any further embarrassment to myself after being picked up. I had a junior license allowing me to drive at night with a fully licensed driver. Pam Ledox had the nickname Pam the Box, but she seemed quite nice at the prom as we danced and made small talk most of the evening. She made me feel like an old pro at this dating thing as she led me around making me think I was in charge.

We made an appearance at the "after prom" party, but we had to leave early saying she had early plans for the next day. At the car, with no one around to see, she said she would drive us home. She drove to an apartment complex where she said she would change and leave her gown, which belonged to her sister. She invited me in, but I failed to take the hint and said I would stay in the car. She began to walk away and she came back to the car.

"I don't see my sister's car here. Would you come in with me? I'm a little afraid." Pam said with a half smile on her face.

As we walked in I wondered why a sister of hers who would want a gown to be dropped off at one o'clock in the morning, but I guess I was pretty dense. It turned out it WAS her sisters apartment, but the sister was away and Pam lived there house sitting. She sat me on the sofa and proceeded to take off the layers of the gown in front of my shocked eyes. I tried to act cool as she wordlessly stripped, maybe waiting for me to ravish her in some semi dressed state.

I would love to tell you that I undid my pants and took out my stiff manhood and stroked it as I made carnal promises to her while she got into her birthday suit, but that would be a lie. I was in an apoplectic shock seeing a nude woman for the first time worried that my winkie was still lying still inside my pants.

As she slipped her fingers into her panties and began to tease them down over her ass which was pointed and bent in my face, she finally spoke.

"Since I was 14 and heard my sisters talk I've had a fantasy of going to my Prom with a handsome man and having him screw me silly while lying on my dress behind the school. I can't make it to my senior prom and I skipped MY junior prom to keep my fantasy alive. You are the most handsome eligible junior I knew of and I have a suspicion that you've never done this before. I, on the other hand, have lots of practice with this part of my little fantasy. Stand up and I'll help you undress and give you a night you will tell your friends about for years to come."

Thankfully her little narrative woke my winkie up and as I stood and she came to me to help take off my jacket and unbutton my shirt. True to all of the Penthouse letters I've read, when she got to my pants and let my straining cock out, she put it in her mouth directly and in short order had a mouthful of my spooge, to insure I lasted later on. If I told you she swished it around in her mouth and swallowed and licked her lips,... I would be lying again. She picked up her panties and spat the load into them, saying "I knew you might shoot fast, but not that fast. I'm not a cum drinker. We'll churn up another load for my pussy later."

Pam walked me through every stage of loving a woman, even getting me to lick on her pussy while she coached my tongue. While there was a stale urine smell at first, it was quickly replaced by an aroma whose memory makes me firm to this day. I licked her pussy with great fervor and later fucked her with abandon for almost 30 minutes before I finally shot my load, fifteen minutes after she told me I could go inside of her because she was on the pill.

I instantly became a love god in my mind and while she cleaned up her sister's apartment in the nude. I came up behind her, my rampant cock at the ready, and did her one more time over the back of the sofa. It only took me 10 minutes this time but my dick felt like I passed shucked peas through it afterwards. My balls were tighter than my asshole and she lay on the sofa holding her pussy telling me how good it felt, although mighty sore.

When she finally got around to driving me home she explained that a lot of senior boys had been with her and most of the guys in my class would doubt my story if I told it, but I could risk being called a bullshitter if I pleased. She wanted to go to prom and get laid like her young virgin fantasies, and she did. She was, Pam the Box. Once again I would love to tell you the macho thing... that this broke my shy innocence around the fairer sex and I became the Junior class stud... but it didn't. If a woman came and threw herself at me, I was the guy for the job. Scoring wasn't the problem, getting to first base was.

So I digress to the fact that my best fantasies were played out, cock in hand, in the shower. Though I didn't yet know her name, Haley Whitman became my paramour of the week.

On Monday morning after 2 games at Wrigley I found myself in Urbana, Illinois checking out the Illinois campus. A summer school student was taking us from dorm to dorm showing our group of 3 guys a typical dorm and the living style when I looked out the window and saw a co-ed doing the same with 4 other girls, one of which was the little round butt cutie from the Ohio turnpike. I hoped I could catch her eye at some point but she was lost in the myriad of small tours going around the campus. It wasn't until 4 days later at the St Paul Campus at University of Minnesota in front of the Student Center on Buford Avenue that I saw "her" again. I would love to have run up to her and tell her that I had jerked a gallon of jism from my balls thinking of her, but I felt it a bit too forward.

She had a campus map in her hand and looked lost. I swallowed a rising fear in my throat and approached her.

"Hey, Ohio Turnpike rest area last week, remember me?" I asked hopefully.

"Umm, yes, you were looking at colleges while playing baseball?" She said, a bit confused looking up at me while still trying to reference the map.

"Well, not PLAYING baseball we were going to... " I started before she interrupted me.

"Do you know how to get to Commonwealth Avenue? My family is supposed to meet me there and I think I'm lost." She asked looking a little scared.

She looked at me with her blue eyes, which I hadn't noticed before, and I decided to swallow my fear for the last time and be forward again.

"My name's Rob, Rob Preston. You are?"

"I'm so friggin' lost Bob." She said exasperated.

"Please call me Rob, and you're?"

"Oh, sorry, I'm Haley. Haley Whitman. Do you know where we are on this map?" She asked.

"Let me see, I think so. Can I walk you to Commonwealth Ave.? My Dad is over there too. That's the end of the walking tour. I think there's construction here that doesn't show on the map." I assured her as she took up with me right away.

We both made small talk about different colleges we had been to and I told her I saw her at Illinois, coincidentally.

"So are you stalking me? Well, I guess that would be your family stalking mine." She laughed trying to make light of it all.

"No, I guess we both have the same kind of school in mind. I actually think this is where I want to go. I can get the most money to come here, and if I walk on to the football or hockey teams I can get some help in my second and third years if I continue to make the teams. I really think I can hook on with the hockey team as the third goalie." I told her, not wanting to brag about my junior All-American status.

"Are you feeding me a line? I know there are just 2 goalies in hockey, one at each end." She said innocently.

After a good laugh and a little explaining I think she thought I was a bit more genuine and not feeding her a line. I walked her to Commonwealth and she sighed in relief at seeing her parents van waiting. Walking and talking to her up close I knew she would be my stroke fantasy for months to come. She was very cute and had a neat body in perfect proportion to her small size. Her face, though angelic in so many ways, told you she was 14, or 16 at best. In reality she was a month from her 18th birthday at the time. Her body and womanly charms would easily make you think she was at least 18 or older. She thanked me for the help and began to run to meet her family when she stopped and ran back.

"Do you have an email address, or someway I can get a hold of you and tell you what school I decided on? It would be neat if we ended up in the same place. I... uhh,... I think you're cute and you seem to be a lot more mature than guys I... Oh, I feel so stupid. I'm not flirting (she was) I just... "She stammered through after starting her question so confidently.

"Yes, I can give you mine, if you give me yours." I said trying to act super studly and sure of myself as I turned crimson from the flattery I know I didn't deserve.

I put the little slip of paper with her email in my wallet, although it was seared into my memory already. It took 30 to 40 seconds for me to start fantasizing about Rob and Haley Preston living on the Minnesota campus together living the good life. If I knew I could keep quiet enough in the stall at the next pee stop, I would surely stroke off to Haley Whitman's image in my head, as well as the fact that she was so deeply in love with me and would do anything I bid.

Haley and I did keep in touch by email throughout our senior years telling each other where we had been accepted and where we were leaning on going. After receiving a call from the hockey coach at Minnesota inquiring if I would be interested in "walking on" to the team, I was sure of what I wanted. He could basically add an experienced player to his program without using a scholarship, and I was still getting a lot of scholarship money based on academics. I didn't feel I was any better than a third goalie in a Division 1 program, but I certainly felt I could hold my own. Once I decided, I was invited to a "camp" for hockey prospects in early August. The day I accepted the invite I received an email from Haley saying that she had gotten her letter from Minny as well. A foreign student had dropped from the scholarship program to leave a door open for her. If that student hadn't dropped, she would have had to go to Illinois for financial reasons.

We kept in close touch over the summer and I actually felt like I knew her by the time I was ready to pack off to the camp and begin school life. A few days before I left she asked me for my home phone number and said she would call me. Two days later we had a ninety minute phone conversation that ranged from school, to sports, to proms, and even a little about dating and how she felt about having a relationship at school. She said she had dated a little over the summer, but had no serious boyfriend. She made that point at least 3 times in our talk. Finally as we began to close she asked said that she had a question, something I hadn't brought up. "Do YOU have a serious girlfriend that you're leaving behind?"

Me, lying there with my cock in my hands as talked to her, a guy who had ONE date all summer, said "Well I have a few girls I've seen all summer, but I've tried not to get serious with anyone. I want to be free once I get to Minnesota."

She ate it up with a spoon as I heard her exhale deeply. She really liked me, based on our few minutes together and the confidence I had feigned over the internet. I was such a STUD. I somehow managed to walk from blowing my cookies 3 times in Pam the Box on junior prom night, to the Minnesota campus and have a fine young philly named Haley waiting for me. Of course I was able to forget in my mind that the closest thing I had to sex in between the two was my hand and the gallons of spooge I squeezed out of my nuts by hand. I felt like only a day passed in between Pam and Haley, I was so confident of my love skills.

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