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Chapter 1: Madge

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Madge - The continuing tale of some relationships developed in "Moments in a Life," which should be read prior to this story.

It was a great Senior Prom for Bob Lacy. Madge had turned out to be a hot little sexpot with a great body. Seeing her stretched out on the couch naked and sexually satisfied was an image that was forever burned in his mind. Bob's not staying with her longer and continuing to enjoy and explore all her charms was a tough decision, but the right one. She had taken the lead in the sexual romp they had and he hoped she would continue to in their relationship.

This wasn't the first time Bob had gotten laid. His virginity was lost when on a lark visited a whorehouse along with some friends of his right after his sixteenth birthday. The experience wasn't great due to a lack of emotion on the part of both participants. Maybe there needed to be some emotional attachment before he had sex with a girl. Without have some emotional attachment to his partner the act of intercourse wasn't any more satisfying than going out with rosy palm.

During the following week he phoned Madge. He wanted to gauge her reaction to what had happened. Bob thought that if he didn't call her she might think what they had was tawdry and it wasn't. It was the end of a story book prom.

Madge sounded pleased that Bob called as she was concerned as to what Bob's reaction would be towards her after they had made love. That she had become the aggressor was something that some guys had trouble in handling. Society didn't understand that girls liked having sex just as much as guys did.

They talked a little about the prom and without going into the specifics, how nice the time after was. Bob asked her if she was available this coming weekend. Unfortunately she wasn't. She already had made "other plans." Bob knew that was code for her having already accepted a date from someone else. He wasn't surprised as she was a popular and good looking girl. He asked her out for the following weekend and she accepted.

On that date they went to a drive-in movie. It was a warm night with a threat of showers. Madge looked good in tan shorts and a blouse. Her breasts were showcased in the blouse which had a few buttons undone. She appeared to be enjoying being with Bob because of how near to him she sat and was touching him at every opportunity.

The first movie started before it was completely dark. They were parked in the back row and didn't pay much attention to the movie. He had his arm around her and she enjoyed snuggling with him. Her perfume was light yet evident. A few kisses were exchanged and one could sense that the passion within them was building.

During the intermission, Bob and Marge went to the concession stand. Bob bought some cokes and Madge used the restroom. Why she had carried a large purse with her didn't make sense to Bob but he didn't say anything.

When they got back to the car they continue to cuddle with Bob having one arm around her. Once they finished their cokes they started kissing again. When his hands started roving, Bob was pleasantly surprised to discover that Madge had removed her bra. She must have done it when they went for refreshments. Her breasts were large and his exploration of them went unhindered. Her nipples were stiff and seemed sensitive, judging by her reaction when he lightly squeezed them.

Bob unbuttoned her blouse so he could give her breasts the attention that they deserved. Madge liked having her breasts fondled and Bob liked doing the fondling. It was a win-win situation.

When Bob reached for the fastener on her shorts, her hand stopped him. That surprised him.

She whispered that it was that time of the month and she knew he would understand. She said, "Next time. I want you to make love to me, but not tonight. Maybe we can do of other things?" and left her meaning hanging.

They continued to kiss and his lips went to her breasts as the blouse was now unbuttoned. Bob used this opportunity to nurse on her breasts. She encouraged him to do so and had her hands on his head playing with his hair as he did.

Madge's hand went exploring and found that her hand told her he was aroused. She had mixed emotions about his arousal. She felt some self-pride that she could this and yet felt an obligation to do something about it.

She pulled down his zipper and pulled out his erection from his pants. Madge had never given any boy a blowjob before but for some reason she wanted to do it for Bob. She thought that there has to be a first time for everything and this was a good time as any. Bob had treated her nice and with respect. This seemed like the right thing to do. His erection was impressive. She bent down and put it in her mouth and sucked with enthusiasm.

Madge was a fast learner. Judging by Bob's verbal comments she knew she was doing it right.

Bob's hands were active. One was around her cupping her breast and playing with the nipple. The other was on her head caressing it as she bobbed up and down.

When he was about to cum he warned her, but since she had heard mixed reports on what other girls had said about the taste of cum, she continued to suck. She was surprised by the first blast and the amount of his cum. She did her best to swallow all she could, but a little ran down her chin. She thought the taste was salty but not as gross as some had said.

She rose to look at Bob and hoped to receive his approval of her efforts. He saw the questioning look in her eyes. He drew her to him and licked what cum had run down her chin and then he kissed her. That both of them had now tasted his cum created a bond between them.

Bob zipped up and Madge just leaned against him. His hand was still cupping her breast through her open blouse. They watched the end of the movie.

Next week Bob gave her a call and asked her to go out Saturday but again she had "other plans." This was the pattern that continued on throughout the summer. They had some dates but not as frequent as Bob wanted.

On another date, he took her to the beach and she was a sex kitten in the small yellow swim suit she wore. It wasn't quite a bikini but it was close to it. A number of males were admiring her figure. Her breasts were constantly doing battle with the suit top and her ass also looked good when it shook as she walked. Bob thought of that old line of two cats in a pillow case, but kept it to himself. Madge apparently liked Bob because if he wasn't holding her hand, she was holding his arm.

When they were in the water Bob walked with her and as the water got deeper he carried her. Because of their height difference, she had her arms around his neck as he was carrying her into the deeper water. He took advantage of the situation and slipped the top of her suit up above her breasts. One of his hands was cupping a breast and his thumb was flicking the nipple. The nipple was stiff and he didn't know if it was because of the water temperature or if she was excited.

She expressed her concern at his actions, not at what he was doing but rather that people would see. He kept the water at their neck level and told her no one would see. She let him continue because she liked to have her breasts fondled.

Bob took further advantage of the situation when he slid his hand into the front of her bikini bottom and put a finger in her slit. She made a halfhearted objection but that ceased when he started rubbing her clit. He felt her shiver and shake. He didn't know if that was because of the cold water or her experiencing an orgasm. When she opened her eyes, smiled and kissed him. He knew why she had been shaking

The highlight of these summer dates occurred on a Saturday after they had gone to catch a stage play. Madge was dressed in a red floral dress, which showed some cleavage. Bob had mentioned that his parents were out of town on vacation. Madge with a twinkle in her eye suggested that they go over to Bob's house after the play.

She sat next to Bob in the car with her hand on his thigh. He pulled the car into the attached garage and closed the garage door. She was excited about being with Bob again in an empty house. There was no doubt he was excited as well.

Holding hands they walked into the house. Madge continued to hold his hand as she said, "Where is your bedroom?" When he pointed the direction, she pulled him with her into the room. She turned toward him and putting her arms over his neck and gave Bob a kiss that said more was to come.

This was progressing fast but it seemed to Bob that this was the pace Madge wanted to proceed at. With his arms around her he found the zipper at the top of her dress and pulled it down. As the dress fell from her, he held it as she stepped out of it. He tossed it on a chair. She really looked good standing there in her bra, panties, nylons and high heels.

Bob reached behind her and unfastened her bra. It also was tossed to the chair. His hand slid into the waistband of her panties and he pushed them down over her hips and they fluttered to the floor. He backed away from her and looked at her. She was no longer shy and stood proudly before him in her high heels and thigh high nylons. She had every right to be as she was one hot chick.

Madge brought Bob back to her and reached for his belt, then zipper, and his pants dropped to the floor were he stepped out of them. She started on his shirt but he said he could do it faster. All he had on now were his briefs and stockings. She looked and could see his erection tenting his briefs. She pulled down his briefs and with her hand on his member led him to the bed.

They both lay along side each other in the bed and started some torrid kissing. Both of their hands were fluttering over each other bodies exploring and caressing. He discovered that her skin was very soft and that the lips at her slit were moist. He started to finger her clit and after a time brought her to a climax. She loved the attention and wicked sensations she was getting from him.

Bob kissed and nursed on each of her nipples before he dropped down to worship at her womanly essence. He put a hicky on her upper thigh again. She must have known what he was doing this time because she said, "I will remember it came from you," as her hands were caressing his head.

He was licking her clit when she closed her thighs on Bob's head and started shaking. She was having another orgasm. He continued to lick her clit. She came again and again while moaning his name.

Finally she pulled him up to her and licked her juices from around his mouth. She simply said, "Put it in me," and spread her thighs and pulled back on her knees. Bob moved in between her parted thighs to mount her. One of her hands dropped down to show his shaft the way.

He entered her easily but slowly. She was warm and ready. He started pumping into her and she moved her hips.

Instead of locking her ankles over his hips, her legs were raised, knees bent, along his side and lightly touching the side of his hips. The resultant effect was that as Bob pounded into her, her nylon-encased legs were rubbing against Bob's sides. The effect of this was highly erotic.

Bob was making love to her for about five minutes and he saw her shudder. There was no doubt in his mind that she had just cum. He felt her wetness increase. She started nibbling on his ear and was whispering little things into his ear as, "That was so, so good. I love having your thing in me. Cum for me, cum in me," and he did. She felt his discharge and she laid another big kiss on him.

They relaxed in the afterglow in each other arms. She was something to make love with and he told her so. She burrowed into his neck kissing it and said, "It takes two to tango and honey, you really know how to tango."

The time had flown by and it was time to go. He got a damp towel and wiped her body. Madge thought it was a very nice thing for him to do. When he was finished, he gave her swollen lips. As he stood up she reached over and kissed his love tool. He bent and kissed each of her nipples. He had more places to kiss than Madge did.

They just didn't want to part but it was getting late. They finished dressing watching each other do so. It was an end to a perfect evening.

On the way to her home she rubbed his thigh and he became aroused. She pulled his member out of his pants and sucked on it till he came. She swallowed every drop. She had discovered she now liked giving head. He had a hard time concentrating on his driving.

In September they split up. Bob was going to a local University and Madge was going away to school out east. There was an exchange of letters initially but the frequency of letters was reduced over time. Bob found some girls in town to date and Madge must have found some guys out east to date. Before the school semester was over, all contact between them stopped.

Later, when Bob came back from the Army, someone had mentioned that they heard Madge had married a fellow from the east coast. Bob wished her well.

A few years later he heard she had gotten divorced and was back at home living with her parents.

Later on, when Bob was attending church in the old neighborhood with his wife Sarah, he saw Madge. She hadn't change that much and still had a nice figure from what he could see. He didn't think she saw him or if she did, she didn't acknowledge him. He thought she didn't look happy but that was only his observation.

He wished she would be happy and have a nice life. She had been a nice part of his.

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