Captured: The Sheik's Bride
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - While visiting the desert city of Zareef. Leanna is captured and auctioned off to a sheik.

"This is not happening..." Leanna thought to herself. Just two days ago she had arrived in the desert city of Zariff to take a vacation that her family insisted that she take. It was a charming city, and Leanna had been having a good time until she was drugged and kidnapped by a slaver.

Leanna was brought back from her reverie by a shout.

"Get up!" one of the guards yelled to Leanna.

When she didn't immediately respond the guard snarled and grabbed the rope that bound her hands and hauled her to her feet. Leanna was then unceremoniously dragged into a room that looked suspiciously like a doctor's office. She began to struggle when a man in a white coat appeared and instructed the guard to put her on the examination table. No match for the guard's strength, Leanna soon found herself stripped naked and strapped to the table, with the doctor approaching her with some tools.

When the doctor started applying some gel to her vaginal area Leanna screamed and threw some expletives at the doctor. She struggled against her bonds tears rolling down her cheeks in humiliation. The guard quickly tired of her shrieks and soon found herself gagged while the doctor was examining her. He inserted his fingers into her vagina and Leanna shuddered in revulsion at the man's invading digits. Upon finding her a virgin the doctor instructed the guard to go find the slaver. The guard left the room and soon reappeared with the man who was the head of this slave trade.

"She's a virgin?" The slaver asked of the doctor and soon Leanna found the slaver with his hands violating her body, discovering the barrier that was her innocence.

"She'll fetch a fine price," the slaver chuckled to himself. Leanna glared, her mind racing, wondering what was going to happen to her. Would she be bought and forced to perform vile acts? She shuddered at the thought. The slaver then instructed the doctor to finish his exam and for the guard to take her to the bathing quarters once the examination was finished. After another fifteen minutes of what seemed like torture, Leanna was given a clean bill of health and promptly dragged, gag still in place, to the bathing quarters where she found other women also in the same predicament, being bathed and perfumed for the auction that was to take place tonight.

She found herself pounced upon by two women who tried to bathe her, rather unsuccessfully for Leanna was struggling for all she was worth. One of the women disappeared and when she next came into view the guard was back. He subdued Leanna and the women proceeded to bathe her, at times in places that made her cheeks heat. The final humiliation was when the women shaved her. They not only shaved her legs, but her pubic area to. Once she was clean and perfumed Leanna was led by the guard into the viewing area where potential buyers could view the slaves. Exceedingly embarrassed to be naked, and chained in her own little stall, Leanna cowered in a corner, trying to cover herself as best she could.

Luckily for Leanna, she was for the most part skipped over by customers; many weren't looking for women to pleasure themselves with, but for women that could work. Also the fact that she was white, most buyers stayed away because they knew she would fetch a high price, one beyond their range. Soon though Leanna caught the attention of two men, both were tall and fit, but the taller one caught her attention. He was obviously a dignitary, and much to her dismay she was attracted, for he was sinisterly good looking. He was tall with black hair and piercing green eyes, mixed with a dark tan from what Leanna assumed was the desert sun. The men approached the guard that had the key to her cell and talked with him. Leanna heard the guard mention her virginity and trembled when she heard the request to find out for themselves whether her innocence was still intact.

Leanna cowered in the corner as the guard unlocked her cell. She tried to scurry away from the guard but she could only go so far in her little cell. The guard soon was able to grab her and hold her still as the men examined her. Humiliated to once again having her body looked over as if she was an animal the tears leaked out of her eyes. She was disgusted with herself for crying, but her situation seemed hopeless. She gasped as she once again felt fingers invade her nether regions as the two men satisfied themselves that she was indeed a virgin.

When the guard let her go Leanna scurried back into the corner, hugging her knees to her chest as best she could with her bindings. She gasped as she felt material being put around her, and saw that the taller man had taken off his overcoat and draped it around her; (even though it was the desert, it got cold at night, and Leanna was naked). Looking up into piercing green eyes Leanna tried to communicate her thanks for this small concession to the man she somehow knew would soon be her master.

Khadeem Al Hasaam-Aadiir sat himself down in one of the seats, waiting for the auction to begin. He had no idea why he was here, he wasn't one for buying slaves, but he was glad he had come tonight.

When his advisor and longtime friend Saheeb had suggested going to the auction, Khadeem had decided to go, just because there was nothing better for him to do at the time, other than paperwork. Once Khadeem had seen the woman though, he was glad he had come. He and Saheeb had been browsing when he had heard the guard at the woman's door talking to a group of men about her. Upon hearing that she was a virgin, Khadeem lost interest, but decided to see what was so special about this woman that she had her own cell. Upon seeing the woman curled up in a ball in the corner, Khadeem wanted to buy her, just so he could give her back her freedom. But when she lifted her face, Khadeem decided on a different reason for buying her.

Khadeem was the sheik of Fahmeer, a neighboring land where customs were still rather primitive. Now 34, he soon needed a wife and heirs. Khadeem was good looking, what with being 6'5", with dark good looks and a body to match, he never lacked for female companionship, but he never found one woman that he wanted; or that he could marry. His society dictated that he find a healthy young woman who was a virgin that could provide him with his heirs. Upon seeing the woman; (he had learned her name was Leanna), Khadeem decided then that this would be the woman he would marry.

As soon as he and Saheeb were satisfied that she was a virgin, Khadeem told Saheeb of his plans. Society allowed him to marry to any woman; there were no demands on ethnicity. The woman only needed to be healthy and a virgin. Khadeem had never believed in love anyway, but when he decided to marry, he decided it would be to a woman that he wouldn't mind bedding.

"I don't think I'll have any problem bedding this tidbit," he thought to himself. After they had came to the conclusion of Leanna's virginity, he had stripped himself of his overcoat and covered her nakedness with it. Leanna had been startled and had looked up at him with confusion. He had seen the sheen of tears in her eyes; along with thanks for his coat. Khadeem had then left, gaining the promise from the guard to let anyone look at her, but not touch her from then on. The guard was reluctant at first, but a nice sum changed his hesitancy. Khadeem was glad because after this, he would be the only man to touch her, Leanna was his.

Leanna watched from her cell while women were taken out of theirs and paraded into the auction area to be sold. With increasing panic she noted that the women were naked and heard the raucous crowd that was the potential buyers. It seemed mere seconds to her before her guard was opening her cell and stripping off the coat that had been given to her. Dragged to the auction platform, she struggled, still defiant, but mostly scared out of her wits. In the end the guard once again won and Leanna found herself on the platform surrounded by lots of men, and even some women.

Dazed, she barely noticed the bidding until the gavel banged down and she was pronounced sold, the price horrifying her, she had been sold for $1.7 million dollars.

She was led away by the guard, and gratefully was allowed to put the overcoat that had been given to her back on. As she was led through a maze of people, Leanna thought of escaping, but the thought was soon banished when the guard seemingly read her thoughts and grabbed her bound hands. She suppressed a sigh, discouraged, but she was determined to get away. She wouldn't be anyone's slave.

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