Tiffany's Swing Party
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Spanking, Group Sex, First, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - While at a swingers party, a woman retells her first experience with another woman.

Although the dinner and dessert were enjoyable, we didn't go to Tiffany and Mike's parties for the food. The dinner was only a prelude to the sex that would come later. Sitting at the table while socializing and eating gave ample time for everyone to check out the other guests in a non-threatening environment. After all, most people are comfortable at a dinner party with clothed guests, but the couple that can walk in on an ongoing orgy and join the fun is rare.

Mike was very particular where people sat at the table and assigned each guest a seat. Couples never sat together. Rather, Mike seated people together if he thought there would be some physical or intellectual attraction between them. Tiffany and Mike always invited five couples they only had seating for twelve. Among the other couples, we hand only met Ken and Mary. The other couples we knew only from their profiles on Lifestyle Lounge, a swing websites we all had in common.

After dinner, I followed the rest of the guests into the living room and found a spot on a couch next to an attractive couple I hadn't met before. Before I could introduce myself, Tiffany, entered the room holding a black beret.

"To get this evening's festivities started," Tiffany started, "we're going to play a little game. After picking a card from the hat, you'll get five minutes to tell the story requested by the card. Make your story as erotic and descriptive as possible."

Tiffany always came up with something to set the mood. At her last party, she had two of the female guests dress up in lingerie and put on a hot lesbian show in the living room, complete with some serious strap-on action. The party before that, Tiffany had everyone draw straws for the privilege of having her go down on the person drawing the shortest straw, regardless of gender. Her party games always worked wonders getting people aroused and ready for uninhibited sex. Without an icebreaker, people tended to sit around for hours chatting and eating chips until someone got drunk enough to shed their clothes and get everyone else involved. Or at least that's the case with inexperienced swingers.

Although the game sounded fun, I was sure we'd only hear one or two stories before a couple started kissing or a woman began sucking cock. That's all it took. Just one couple losing their inhibitions and within minutes everyone would be naked and pairing off with their partner or someone else's. Or if a sufficiently wild group, there would be flesh piles of four or more people scattered about.

While Tiff passed the hat around, I glanced around the den where the twelve of us were sitting. When things got wild later on, there weren't any bad choices; the guys were all good looking and so were the women. Many times there would be hot women for my husband, but the men would be awful. Nice and with good personalities maybe, but unattractive. I had a hot hubby and could afford to be choosy; if I just wanted to get laid, I could stay home and have great sex with my husband Jon.

When the hat finally got to me, I pulled a card with a number one on top. Damn. I was giving the first story.

I read aloud the instructions, "Tell us about the first time someone performed oral sex on you".

I took a sip from my Cosmo. "OK, I'm not very good at telling stories, but I think you'll like this one. I got off to a very late start when it came to sex; I was a junior in college before I had the pleasure of having someone go down on me. "

"Spring break of my junior year at Annapolis, I decided to hang around the area and visit friends in DC and Baltimore. The dorms were deserted during break as most of the midshipmen flew home to visit with their families. The mids who remained usually didn't do so out of choice; they were mostly there as punishment for substandard academics or conduct.

Saturday afternoons in the dorms were usually pretty quiet as everyone was out on liberty. But it was absolutely deserted on that day since most everyone left for vacation the previous evening. I was reading a book in my bed and enjoying the quiet until shouting outside of my room distracted me.

Before each meal, plebes stood at numerous places throughout the halls yelling out the menu and various trivia such as sports around the yard and uniforms to wear. I was usually pretty mellow and didn't harass the chow callers, but my plans for the evening were ruined when friends cancelled on me at the last moment and I felt ornery enough to take it out on someone else.

The plebe at the station outside my room was muttering her way through the menu. I could tell that it was Ms. Robb by the voice, but I was a surprised at how poorly this normally squared away plebe was doing. I slammed my door open and stormed out to tear her apart.

"What kind of chow call is that?" I asked. "Pick up the volume! Do you want people to miss evening meal formation?"

She gave me a blank stare and continued on as if I hadn't said anything. Her look seemed to state, "No one's around but you, and I don't care enough to yell my heart out." Her lackadaisical attitude was annoying and I was determined to ruin her evening. She probably wasn't happy that she was on academic probation, but I wasn't in a forgiving mood.

"Come around to my room after dinner, Ms. Robb. You've got 30 minutes to eat and get back up here."

Exactly on time, I heard a several loud raps on my door followed by, "Ms. Robb reporting as ordered."

Latching open the door, I went out in the hall and had her stand at attention against the bulkhead.

"What was the matter this evening?"

"Nothing, Ma'am."

"Are you going to do a better job tomorrow at lunch?" I asked.

"Yes Ma'am", was her less than enthusiastic response.

She just stood sullenly against the wall in her black working uniform. Not inclined to discuss her problems in the hall, I asked her to step inside my room.

"OK, what's the problem? You normally are one of the loudest plebes on the floor and now your lack of enthusiasm is just pathetic."

She replied with another sullen "Nothing Ma'am."

"Do you think you need some kind of incentive to do better?"

"I don't know."

"I don't know just doesn't cut it. Come here and face away from me", I ordered.

Grabbing my webbed bayonet belt from the closet and doubling it up, I strode up behind her and whacked her bottom so hard that the resulting crack surprised me.

"Is that the kind incentive you need?" I yelled, forgetting everything I was taught about positive leadership techniques.

She yelped, but didn't say anything or try to move away.

I gave more whacks, but with lesser force. "Still no opinion?" I asked.

"I'll be louder!"

"Are you sure?" I asked while lashing her again with the belt.

"I'll do anything you ask. Please no more."

"Anything?" I asked.


"Will you make my rack for the next two weeks?"


"Will you sweep out my room every day?"


"Will you lick my toes?" I asked, wondering whether she'd say yes to anything.


I stopped strapping her, but my heart continued racing. The paddling I had given her got my adrenaline going in the same way it did when we gave classmates "birthday parties" where we dragged them out of their rooms and swirled their heads in the toilets. But that's a story for another time.

I sat back down in my worn gray and black Government Issue chair. Officially, hazing went out several years before I started at school, but I knew many instances where it still went on. We certainly got hazed as plebes, but the new administration was taking a very dark view of it. If Jenny Robb turned me in, I'd get kicked out; certainly not the way I'd want to leave.

While I pondered the trouble I got myself into, Jenny asked whether I was ready to have my toes licked.

"Uh, I wasn't serious", I replied, slightly confused by her new show of enthusiasm.

She ignored my response as she took the folded blue blanket from the foot of my rack and placed it on the floor in front of me. Looking me in my eyes, she got down on her knees in front of me.

"I'm good to my word", she told me.

Pulling off my slipper, she raised my foot to her mouth and ran her tongue from my heel to my toes. I didn't really care to have my toes licked, but when I said it, it seemed kind of amusing and degrading. I never expected to actually hold her to it.

In fact, I was getting uncomfortable having someone of the same sex touch me the way she was. I began thinking I was a fool for not stopping my questions at the point where she agreed to clean my room. It would have given me a chance to read the paper in the morning while she swept and cleaned. At least, that's what I was thinking until her warm mouth engulfed my big toe. Damn that felt good! She wrapped her lips gently around each of my toes and sucked gently as she slid her lips back and forth over my toe. Working her way from my big toe to my small toe and then back again felt splendid. She went on and gave my other foot the same treatment.

She certainly didn't act like she was being punished. Rather, she looked up at me with her blue eyes as she caressed and bathed my toes with her tongue.

"Jenny, lock the door. You have a few more minutes to go on your punishment", I said as seriously as I could without smiling. I wanted that door locked since this wasn't something I'd be able to explain to a classmate or the Officer of the Watch. And as much as I complained about school, I didn't want to explain to some fifty-year-old admiral why I was having a plebe lick my toes. Jenny got back down in front of me and I took a moment to hit the play button on my cassette player to make some noise.

Suckling my toes, she ran her soft hands from my calf to my inner thigh, sending shivers up my spine. Those gentle caresses on my legs were turning me on. I was impatient for her hands to travel further up my legs, but she kept stopping her light touches just inches from my pussy. I knew where Jenny was leading our little "punishment session", but I found myself not wanting to stop her.

"You aren't getting turned on, Ma'am, are you?" she asked me with a smirk.

Running my hand through her hair was all the answer I was going to give her. She licked her way up my calf and placed little kisses every few inches, letting her tongue trail between the kisses. Her warm lips on my inner thighs made me suck in my breath while my heart began beat faster. No boyfriend had ever given me this kind of attention.

I closed my eyes for a second and then looked down at Jenny. Her face was resting in my lap and her arms reached around my back, stroking me tenderly under my t-shirt.

I felt myself getting wet; I knew my fingers would come away slick if I stroked my pussy. Jenny looked up at me and smiled as she ran her hand into the leg hole of my shorts. As she rested her hand on my panty-covered crotch, I let out a soft moan. She gently ground her palm against my clit in a firm, circular motion that drove me wild.

"I can give you something much better than a toe sucking. Would you like that?"

"Yes", I said in a softly.

Grasping the waistband of my shorts and panties and pulling them off, her face lit up as she told me, "You are really going to like this."

I was naked from the waste down. Jenny bent forward and placed a wet kiss below my belly button. She pulled my ass forward in the chair so that my crotch was at the edge of the chair and within easy reach of her face. Showing a level of confidence that surprised me, she placed one of my legs on the desk and the other on the bed so that I was sitting with my pussy wide open and available for her. Jenny's warm breath on my pussy excited me in a way I had never felt before.

Playing with my own pussy didn't even come close to the sensations Jenny was giving me. I felt a tightening in my chest and lost focus of the room around me as she placed a kiss on my mons.

As she kissed everywhere but my open pussy, I knew I'd soon experience something I fantasized about. I had desired getting eaten out ever since friends told me how much they enjoyed their boyfriends licking their pussies. But I never thought the first time I'd get eaten out would be by a woman.

While Jenny's kisses turned me on and made me dripping wet, she was still limiting her kissing and licking to my inner thighs. Tantalizing me as she grazed her tongue gently through my bush, I was anxious for her lips to reach the soft folds of my cunt and have her tongue slip inside me. Finally she quit teasing. Tingles went through me as she ran her tongue from the bottom of my pussy to my clit. Repeating those long licks, she looked up at me and raised her eyebrows as if to say, "Isn't this good?"

I continued running my hands through her soft blonde hair while she slowly sucked my inner lips into her mouth. Gently, she grasped my lips between hers and pulled back slightly. She'd move her lips a little further along my pussy and give exquisite attention to a new area. I was feeling very relaxed when she suddenly pushed her face fully into my crotch and began tonguing the opening of my cunt. When she raised her head up to look at me, I saw my juices glistening all over her nose and cheeks.

"Ma'am, I'm feeling really punished", she chuckled.

I would never have believed the sullen gloom woman from before dinner could turn into this assertive, sexy woman who was enjoying tongue fucking me. I suppose I wasn't the only one having a bad day before dinner.

"Well, you aren't finished yet, plebe", I said as I lifted my pussy back to her mouth.

Moving my hands from her head to my stomach, she began working her lips over my pussy. Her soft lips wrapped around my engorged clit and rhythmically sucked it as if it were a tiny cock. No longer was she kissing anywhere else. Only my clit, and her mouth felt fantastic. For something so taboo as having another woman make love to me, it certainly felt wonderful.

I came hard. The orgasm Jenny gave me was completely unlike any I had ever given myself. I held my hands tightly across my chest as my pussy spasmed. I heard myself moaning and realized I was probably not as quiet as I should have been. One of the least useful skills I learned in military school was how to masturbate so quietly that the rickety bedsprings did not give away my nightly actions to my roommate. I certainly wasn't thinking about being quiet now.

Coming down from my orgasm, Jenny held her arms firmly around my thighs and moved her head against my tummy. I thought Jenny was done pleasing me, but she once again buried her face in my muff. This time, her licking and sucking moved me towards orgasm faster than the first time. Arching my back in pleasure, Jenny inserted a finger into my cunt while she focused on sucking my clit.

From her enthusiasm and skill, I new this wasn't her first time pleasuring a woman. I envied this 19 year-old who had explored sex more thoroughly than I. At 21, I was still technically a virgin, yet I was experiencing the most intense sexual pleasure I could have imagined.

A second, more intense orgasm pulled me out of my mental wanderings and after a few moments, I looked down at Jenny and was bemused to see her smiling at me. When she saw me open my eyes, she ran her tongue around her lips.

"Ma'am, you've got a tasty pussy," she said in a soft, breathy voice.

I'm sure I blushed. Having a woman comment on the taste of my cunt was not something I expected.

Recovering from a devastating orgasm, I watched as she kicked off her shoes and hopped on my rack.

As she was raising her hips to slip off her slacks and panties, she looked at me and asked, "Ma'am, do you think you can help me out a little. I've got a problem," she said with a mix of demand and need.

"And what might that problem be?"

"I've got a very wet pussy that needs some attention", she replied as she ran her fingers through her wet, glistening slit.

Her boldness surprised me. I knew what she wanted, but I didn't know if I could do it. I got in bed and knelt at her feet. Looking down into her open legs, I was overwhelmed at how wet and swollen her pussy looked. I had seen my roommate naked many times and had seen many of my classmates naked in the gym showers, but I was never so close to a woman's aroused sex. The smell of her arousal was strong, but pleasant. Putting my hands on her upraised knees, I stared again into her open pussy lips.

"I can't Jenny. I just can't ", I told her. I wanted to go down on her, but I felt squeamish and a little frightened to put my face into another woman's pussy.

She pulled her knees to her chest and I saw the belt marks still crimson on her ass. She was shamelessly opening her self up and showing herself off to me, trying to entice me to go down on her. I was strangely turned on looking down at her blonde pubes surrounding her thick, swollen red lips.

"Look at my tasty pussy. Aren't you interested in a little snack?" she offered as she ran her fingers through her lips and brought them to her mouth. "Mmmm, I've got a finger licking good pussy", she continued as she licked her fingers.

After the pleasure she gave me, I wanted to reciprocate, but found that I just couldn't. I felt shitty, but I wasn't able to bring myself to tongue her pussy the way she did mine. She looked a little disappointed when she realized I wasn't going to muff dive her.

"That's OK ma'am. Will you at least finger me?"

I nodded and ran my hands tentatively down her legs. Looking at her spread legs, I placed my palm over her pubes and held her clit between my fingers. The warmth coming from her pussy was intense. Rubbing her pussy from the opposite direction took some time getting used to.

"I'm not very good at playing with someone else's pussy," I told her.

"You've got one too. Do what you think would feel good to you."

She ground her hips into my hand as I rapidly rubbed her clit between two of my fingers. I was amazed to feel the wetness seeping from her as I never got that wet. But then, I had never been aroused as I was today. Slightly emboldened, I scooted in closer and got both of my hand in on the action. While rubbing her clit with my right hand, I stroked her slick lips with my left hand. My fingers easily entered her slippery cunt and I began feeling around her pussy. She started squirming and moaning when I rubbed my fingers against the spongy area towards her tummy. As I pressed harder against the front of her pussy, she began thrashing about in bed.

"Put another finger in me", she moaned.

Two fingers weren't enough? I extended a third finger and slid it in. The muscles of her cunt clamped around my fingers as I inserted them. I jammed my fingers in and out and twisted them slowly as I rubbed her clit. I never put my fingers in my own cunt when I played with myself, but there I was feeling the warmth and slipperiness of another woman around my fingers. I was quite proud that I was getting her off.

As she came, I felt her muscles constrict against my fingers and saw her pale skin turn a deep, mottled red from her face down to her breasts. I wandered if my skin blushed like that when I came. I withdrew my fingers and rubbed my wet fingers over her legs and tummy.

"Thank you. It's been a while since I've had that intense of an orgasm", she said somewhat ruefully.

As we dressed, I turned away from her. The pleasure we had given one another confused me. After fingering her, I was so turned on that I was feeling the desire to go down on her, but was too unsure of myself to take control of the situation and get her back in bed.

She went over to the sink and washed her face. She looked back at me and laughed, "I can't be running out into the hall smelling of your pussy, now can I?"

She had a point.

I felt kind of awkward standing there as she opened the door and ran out. Before letting the door close, she looked back and said that I could punish her anytime I wanted.

I got in the shower and let the warm water wash over me for a long time while contemplating what just happened. I couldn't tell anyone about this as the last thing I wanted was to get kicked out of school, let alone be branded a lesbian by the local newspapers if it became a school scandal. I knew Jenny was in the same boat so I wasn't worried she was going to say anything. But what would happen when I saw her the next day? Her offer of another encounter was enticing, but I knew that this was going to be a one- time adventure. As much as I wanted to do that again, I wasn't ready to risk getting expelled.

As it turned out, we went on playing plebe and 2nd classmen for the remaining few months of the semester. I wasn't supposed to fraternize with the underclass and since she was in a different squad, there really wasn't that much interaction anyway. In a few short months, the semester was over and she got scrambled to another battalion and I rarely saw her. When we'd meet around the yard, we would smile and say hello, but that was about it."

By the time I finished telling my story, I was so turned on that I was in dire need for some action. Tiffany straddled me and gave me a long, sensual kiss. "Wow", you really got my pussy dripping", Tiffany told me as she rubbed my breasts through my top. I was going to get her down on the carpet and munch on her box, but was interrupted by Mike.

"Mel, is there more to this story? Did you ever get another chance with Jenny?" he asked.

"Yes, but you need to give someone else a turn."

"I'm the host and I can change the rules. If you finally got together again with Jenny, we need to know", declared Tiff.

"There's more to the story. If someone can get me a drink, I'll finish the story."

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