Thistledown and the Magic Hexad
Part One: The Wizard Terrill

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Robot,

Desc: Sex Story: Part One: The Wizard Terrill - The young synth Thistledown meets six magical people.

Thistledown ran her fingers through her unruly mop of fine hair, setting it into further disarray. She closed her eyes for a slow count of ten, and opened them again.

The six people, who had appeared abruptly in front of her, still occupied the exact same spot in the clearing. She looked closer at the group. In the short space of time she'd had her eyes closed the skinny little man at the left side of the group had moved a few feet in her direction. She watched him with an intense gaze, daring him to move. He lounged against one of the thick-boled trees near her left side. How had he gotten there so fast? He smiled at her, and his tongue made a slow journey over his top lip. Thistledown understood the meaning of the tongue protruding from his lips, the tip waggling rapidly. He wanted her.

He moved so swiftly that he could take her and be gone before she ever knew anything had happened. Thistledown shivered in delight and her oils began to flow as she imagined crashing to the ground as the small man tripped her, and then ravished her. She fantasized of him touching her all over with quick touches of his slender hands. Pleasure nodes tingled in anticipation... Something tugged at the disrupter gun slung over her shoulder. A shock, both of pleasure and of fright, went through her at the sight of the small man behind her.

"Hiest Wha, Viljo!" The muscular woman with the flame colored hair called. The small man gave Thistledown a wry grin, and returned to his place in the group. "Xatcel rho bedgine?" said the woman to Thistledown.

Thistledown shook her head to indicate she did not understand their speech. The tall, thin, all white woman with the pointed ears walked up to Thistledown and placed her hand on the top of her head. The woman's brow furrowed in concentration. A burning sensation flowed from Thistledown's head down to her toes. The woman stroked the side of her face as she took her hand away.

"Can you understand me now?" The woman said.

"Yes, I can," said Thistledown. "How did you get me to know your language just by touching me?"

"Elven magic, my dear," said the woman. "If I may introduce myself? I am Minette, the Sorceress of our Magic Hexad. The one in brown, waving his arms about, is Terrill, our leader and Wizard of the Third Level. The short broad one with all the hair is known as Ingvar. He's a dwarf and a priest of the Green Goddess. Fire hair goes by the name of Sharai, and she's a first class spy and Assassin. The large, handsome one wearing all the shiny metal is Walden, our Paladin. Finally, we have our Thief, Viljo.

"And you are?" Minette's pale eyes froze Thistledown in their icy surfaces.

"Thistledown," said Thistledown as she stored all the people and their names in semi-permanent memory. "I don't know this word magic, explain it to me, please."

"Magic is magic," said Minette. "It cannot be explained. Magic just is."

"But magic power can fade," said Terrill, walking up to them. "And it can go awry. I fear that my teleportation spell went badly wrong, and we've ended up here --wherever 'here' is. It is certainly not the White Pleasure Palace in Indobar."

"This is the Alpha Primo," said Thistledown. It puzzled her that the Hexad did not seem to know that they were on a Seedship. "Specifically, we are in the uninhabited Temperate Forest Sphere. I have not heard of the White Pleasure Palace, but I've not yet seen all of the ship. In what sphere is Indobar to be found? I think I would like to visit there."

Terrill sank down to the mossy forest floor, and arranged his brown robes in a circle around him. Minette knelt down at his right side and took hold of his hand. Sharai took her place on his left and grasped that hand in her own. Ingvar squatted beside Minette. He took her slender hand in his large square one. Walden went down on one knee at Sharai's side and held her hand. The Thief, Viljo, walked from one end of the line to the other and back again. At a curt nod from Ingvar, Viljo squatted at the dwarf's side, and touched his hand lightly with two fingers.

"Our individual powers, and our collective powers as a Hexad, are fading," said Minette, her face serious. "If we don't find a way to recharge ourselves, individually and as a group, then in a few days our magic powers will be completely gone."

"I'll be blunt since no one else will be," burst out Viljo. "We need sex. Good sweaty hot sex."

Thistledown's pleasure nodes tingled. She loved sex in all its permutations. This group of people could prove to be most interesting. She wondered if she should take them back to her father's House of Joy. No, she did not want to share this bounty with anyone. With a little smile on her lips, she loosened the ties of the cape she wore and let it fall to the ground at her feet, revealing a lean gold tinged body with small breasts, and blue-gold swirls in the area between her legs.

"Are you offering yourself?" Terrill asked. "Can you handle having each of us take you for hours on end without rest? Can you take all of us at once? We may be dangerous to you once the power begins to build in us. Strange things may happen at that time. Do you still make your offer?"

"I am not afraid," said Thistledown. "I'm strong. I'm a synth, and never get tired. Yes, I offer myself to you."

"We give our thanks to you," said all six members of the Hexad.

"Let's get comfortable first," said Sharai. They all closed their eyes. Terrill chanted in a singsong tone of voice, and a large round tent materialized around them.

Blue, green, red, and gold brocade hangings divided the outer edges of the tent into six small rooms. Colorful rugs, pillows, and furs covered the heavy canvas floor. An iron brazier filled with glowing coals stood near the center post. One by one, beginning with Viljo, the members of the Hexad made their way into their separate rooms, until only Terrill remained in front of Thistledown.

She waited patiently for him to move or to speak. She did not yet know what was expected of her. She only knew that they wanted sex. After a while, Terrill rose to his feet in one fluid motion, and led her into one of the gold walled cubicles. She knelt down on the soft woolen rug in the center of the small space and looked around her.

Behind her, the canvas walls of the tent had been painted with a grouping of red spirals. More of the spirals decorated the walls around them. The walls moved as a breeze blew through the tent. In a corner stood a lapdesk with a pile of scrolls on the floor beside it. Terrill tied the entry to the room closed. Thistledown shivered. Terrill knelt in front of her and took her hands in his. She shivered again as he gazed deep into her gold and silver flecked azure eyes.

Terrill calmed his mind. A great chance existed that the Power he needed did not exist in this place. He let his consciousness reach out for the woman, and recoiled in shock. No heart beat in her chest, no lungs breathed in air, no blood flowed through arteries and veins; nothing living and organic existed in her. Yet, she overflowed with the Power of Life. She burned hot with the life force, and her hands were warm in his. Every inch of her was filled with the thing the Hexad needed. He drew his consciousness back inside himself, and let go of her hands. It was time to begin.

He undressed, first removing the floppy brown beret from the top of his head, and then taking off his brown robe. He folded the robe and placed it and the beret on the writing table. Stretching to limber up his muscles, he turned to the woman. He saw the interest in her eyes as he ran his fingers along the red spirals that circled his nipples. He showed her the spirals on his palms, and the tiny ones on his thumbs and forefingers. Three ran down his spine, and two more decorated his buttocks. Having shown her the places where the Power would flow into him as they coupled in the three configurations, he knelt in front of her.

Terrill's red-dyed cock lay limp against his right thigh, and his balls ached in their red sacks. It had been a long time since he experienced the ecstasy of recharging his power. He closed his eyes and prepared his mind and body for what was to come.

"Come, and bring me to life with your mouth," he said to the woman. He knew her name but would not think of it until after he had taken the life force he needed from her.

Kneeling on her hands and knees in front of him, the woman lowered her head, and ran her tongue over his flaccid cock. She used her tongue to lift his organ, and licked the side touching his thigh. He felt his blood, carrying some of his life force, rush into his cock, as her tongue worked its gentle magic, and it began its upward journey. The woman held her open mouth just above the head of his swelling rod, darting the tip of her tongue into the hole. The first tiny flame of pleasure began to burn in his groin. The flame burned higher when she worked her tongue into the furrowed flesh of his sacks, and pushed the skin against the hard testes hidden inside.

Air hissed out from between Terrill's clenched teeth as he felt the woman suck his left testicle into her mouth. Ever so gently she rolled it and the sack containing it around in her mouth, before letting it go, and doing the same to the other one. He groaned when her lips encircled the head of his hard cock, and squeezed lightly. Using her lips she tugged upward on the head, sending a flash of pleasure down the shaft of his rod. He shuddered with the pleasing sensations as she rhythmically raised and lowered the head of his cock. He stopped her movements by putting his hand on her head. He did not wish to climax before completing the circuit between his body and hers.

Then the woman worked her lips down his shaft until it completely filled her mouth and throat. Her mop of white hair danced around her head as she moved up and down his rod. A loud groan escaped him as the sensitive head rubbed against the rough surface of her gullet. A deep tingling pressure built up at the point where his bright red cock emerged from his body. It was time to complete the circuit.

Terrill placed his hands on the woman's small breasts. He let his consciousness flow into her, and gathered up the nearest threads of the Power. Giving her breasts a gentle squeeze, he felt the pleasant double shock that passed through her slender body. He let his hands slide along the warm silky surfaces of her mammaries until her hard nipples lay between his thumbs and forefingers. He rolled the nubs back and forth over his thumb, and a burning, tingling wave of pleasure reverberated through her, up his arms, and down to the base of his cock. There it blended with the tingling ball waiting to explode. She moaned over his rod, and moved her head faster. He let some of the pleasurable sensations he felt at the movements of her head over his rod flow into her. Momentarily, she stopped her up and down motions, as she felt the strange new sensations in her body; then, realizing what those tingling feelings meant, she continued her ministration of his cock.

Her body jerked and bucked, when he pulled hard on her nipples, and let the Power, her life force, flow into him. He took only a small part, that which lay closest to the surface, and stored it in the channels used for minor magic. The ball of incipient pleasure exploded and his semen spurted down the woman's throat. Moments later his limp organ slipped out of her mouth.

Thistledown lay curled on her side in Terrill's brocade walled room in the large tent. The wizard had given her pleasure beyond any she could remember, and pain in equal measure. Millions of the microscopic living machines that made up her breasts had died. Terrill had sucked the life force out of them in a way she did not understand. She trembled as slow waves of pleasure continued to pass through her. Inside her aching breasts, the mending machines worked quickly to repair the damage.

A hand stroked her hair. She looked up into the brown eyes of Terrill; they burned with lust and desire. He turned her over onto her back, and spread her legs. Kneeling between her splayed legs, he reached out and stroked along the side of her face. Fire and ice flowed under the gentle touch of his fingers. Little shocks of pleasure zinged through her as he ran his fingers through her hair, and around her ears. She groaned when his fingers wound their slow way down her arms, setting the special pleasure sensors tingling. He touched every inch of her that he could reach. She shuddered as the tingly, burning, icy, shocking waves of pleasure made their slow way through her body.

Thistledown thrust her hips up at Terrill for she needed him to touch her on her special pleasure node. She moaned as he stroked her inner thighs, and over her knees, moving farther away from the heart of her desire. His hands made their way back to the center of her, and opening the pink slick folds of her pussy, found the hard nub of her clit. A tight ball of pleasure built up between her legs, as he manipulated the node. She murmured in frustration when he took his pleasure-giving hands away, and placed them on her shoulders.

Feeling his throbbing rod against the entrance to her linking place as he lowered his body on top of hers, she gave a hard thrust upward with her hips. His cock stretched her, and set up a pleasant tension, an electric potential in her pleasure nodes. Wriggling, she set herself better into place on his shaft, and murmured in satisfaction as the first of her nodes fired. He moaned as she made slight movements over his swollen rod.

A smile of delight passed over Thistledown's face when the Wizard began to pump in and out of her. She let the potential in her nodes build, and build. The ball of pleasure grew to immense proportions. Hands slid down her arms, and grasped her hands, palm to palm. She matched the rhythm of the movements of her hips to his. He increased his pace, and their joined hips rocked in a fury of motion. Sensing him to be near his climax, she let her pleasure nodes fire, the tingling ball exploded, and she screamed in pleasure and pain. A tsunami of pleasure, ecstasy, and bliss engulfed her. At the same time a sharp, cutting pain shot down her arms, which went numb from the elbow on down. He yelled and his jerking cock spewed his semen into her.

Thistledown stared up at the canvas roof of the tent above her with eyes as blank as a fresh piece of paper. The mending machines had shut her down until they could repair the damage done to her arms, which had turned a silver-grey from the elbows to the tips of her fingers. Scavenger machines gathered up the semen deposited in her linking organ, and took layer after layer of molecules and atoms from the rug she lay on. Millimeter by millimeter, the silver-grey on her arms took on a golden tinge as the menders repaired the damage. Turned on again by her mender machines, Thistledown blinked, and sat up.

"I need to eat," she said.

She watched as Terrill made fine, precise gestures with his hands, and chanted a series of words that she could not understand. Suddenly, he straightened his arms and spread out all his fingers. Pale blue fire flowed from his fingers, and limned the shapes of a low table and bowl in front of her.

"Piraxa harst!" said Terrill in a forceful voice.

The pale blue flames coalesced into a black lacquered low table, on top of which stood a large bowl filled with brown chunks of meat, green and orange vegetables, and long white noodles. Thistledown grabbed one of the chunks of meat with her fingers and swallowed it whole. In quick succession, she swallowed down more of the meat, a handful of the noodles, the rest of the meat, and all of the vegetables. She diligently licked her fingers clean. Then she picked up the bowl and drank the savory juices floating in the bottom.

"Thank you, that was good," she said, putting down the bowl on the table. "I must rest for a while, if that is possible."

"I won't be ready for a while yet," said Terrill. "I must assimilate and store the Power that I have obtained from you. Take your rest. I will wake you when I need you."

Thistledown curled up on the rug, which was now peppered with small holes, and went into sleep mode. All too soon, a hand caressed her shoulder, waking her in a most agreeable way. She opened her eyes to see Terrill crouched beside her, his red-dyed cock erect.

"This will be the last time with me," he said. "It may be the least pleasant and the most painful for I will be taking from you the Power I need for the Major Magics. If you can get up on your hands and knees, then I'll begin."

She took her position on the rug as he requested, and shuddered when he stroked her butt. She cried out, as, without warning, he pulled apart her ass cheeks and thrust into to her. He stroked her back while he thrust in and out. Burning, freezing, stabbing pain followed the touch of his fingers, and her flesh turned silver- grey as he pulled the life force out of billions of her living machines. He reached under her, caressed her belly, between her legs -giving her no pleasure there, but only ripping, tearing pain -and down her legs. White fire flowed over his body. He roared when his release came.

Terrill squatted beside the woman, Thistledown. She deserved the use of her name after she had given him so much of her life force. She lay sprawled on her back, staring up at the tent roof. In all the places where he had sucked the life out of the strange machines that made up her body, she'd gone a silvery color. Those places looked dead, and felt cold to his touch. Yet, life went on in her. Somehow, repairs were being made to her damaged parts, for in spots he could see signs of her golden skin among the silver-grey. When he'd lifted her to check on her back, he'd discovered that the rug she lay on had been eaten away, and there were holes in the canvas floor of the tent.

He moved her when he noticed her sinking into the ground underneath her; the tent canvas having long since been devoured by her insatiable machines.

He wondered how many times the Power could be taken out of her before she became so badly damaged that she could no longer be fixed. He hoped she would be able to handle the others taking from her in the hours to come. They would not take as much, for they needed less of the power. If he was in his own world, the only thing remaining of the woman he took the life force, the Power, from would be a dry empty husk of skin and bones. It gladdened his heart that Thistledown still lived. He would give her thanks in the way he knew she would enjoy best.

When she stirred, and all of her skin held the warm golden glow again, he caressed the mound between her legs. She moaned in pleasure when he rubbed his thumb over her clit. He bought her to a shuddering, hip- bucking climax. Then he used his tongue, flicking it over her sensitive clit, thrusting it into her hole, and licking the hard little bumps that lined the walls. She cried out in pleasure, each time the tip of his tongue touched one of these nubs. He danced a finger over her clit, as he swirled his tongue around inside her. Her hips bucked in a furious rhythm against his face when her orgasm overcame her. She moaned and trembled all over when he let his tongue slide out of her, as slow and easy as he could.

Terrill used his Minor Magic to create a bowl filled with nourishing boiled grains and stewed fruits. He watched with satisfaction as Thistledown emptied the bowl, eating neatly with a spoon. When she finished, he helped her to her feet, and guided her to the loose flap that was the door to his room.

"You must go now," he said, kissing her cheek. "Minette waits in the room to the right." He kissed her other cheek. "I thank you for your gift, so freely given."

Thistledown lifted the end of the hanging, and passed out into the common area of the tent. She still tingled from the pleasure Terrill had given her with his tongue, just a short while ago. She smiled as she thought of all the memories she had ready to share with her extensive family when she returned home.

First, she had to visit the pale woman, Minette. Thistledown wondered what would be in store for her...

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