Vanessa: Lady Dick
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Amateur sleuth helps her boss in more ways than one

Yawning, Vanessa unlocked the agency door and let herself in. She made coffee, that was after she washed the pot, she made coffee. Cameron had left it on all night and the dregs were a syrupy mess. The door to his office was open and she could see and hear him-feet up, head back, snoring like a train. Amused she thought back to the day she applied for the job.

Trying to look professional in her soft blue suit she met Cameron Lawrence for the first time. He was searching high and low for something when she walked in. Vanessa told him she was from the employment agency and he waved her to a chair. He tore his office apart looking until he found the grungy old baseball cap and slapped it on his head. Plopping into the chair he put his feet up and opened a chocolate kiss and popped it in his mouth. After refusing his offer of one he looked at her resume, threw it on the desk and peered at her.

"This is a private detective agency Ms. Myles, I'm no Mike Hammer. If you are looking for murder, mayhem, or excitement you aren't gonna find it here. Very routine, boring even. Can you handle it?"

She watched as he tossed another candy in his mouth, he laughed and said, "I quit smoking now I'm hooked on these things."

Vanessa started in on a long spiel about her qualifications, her past employers, he shook his head, "You type? You file?"

She nodded yes and five minutes later she was Cameron Lawrence's girl Friday, and routine it was. Most of his work was insurance fraud, tracking runaways and of course tailing cheating spouses. She enjoyed herself mainly because her boss' quirky nature appealed to her. His normal attire was faded jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and baseball cap. He always had a two day beard but on him it worked, complimenting his natural good looks. He worked crazy hours compared to her nine to five and there were days when he only talked on the phone to her. He ate junk food, drank gallons of coffee, slept in his office a lot and basically was a slob. All of this and she wouldn't have traded her job for double the salary, he tested her, he made her think, kept her on her toes and always kept her off guard. She never knew what he had up his sleeve, never knew what the day would bring. His private life was just that-private. She had worked for him eight months and the only thing she knew was his birthday and that was only because his Mom called. She knew he wasn't married but beyond that his life was a closed book. He was intriguing, maddening, exhausting, but most of all the most exciting man she had ever met.

Now moving to the side of his chair Vanessa leaned over and shook him, "Cam?"

He started, then opened his eyes and her heart turned over as he looked at her and smiled a lazy smile. Moving away quickly, her hands shaking, she poured them each a cup of coffee. He had his back to her stretching as she came in and the sight of his muscular arms and tight buns made her shaking worse. Her face burning she moved away and started tidying his desk. As he went in the bathroom she sank in a chair and tried to still her pounding heart. Deep slow breaths and a few sips of coffee and she was calm, efficient Vanessa when he came out.

Taking a few gulps of his coffee he went to the vcr and inserted a tape. A blue convertible pulled into the parking lot behind a factory and an attractive brunette got out.

"Mrs. Michael Hughes," he explained, laughing. "Hubby doesn't trust her, he hired me to watch her. He has good reason not to."

The brunette finished her cigarette, threw it on the ground and stubbed it out as a pickup pulled in. A tall good looking guy got out and they embraced ardently. Getting in the convertible she watched as they began to kiss passionately.

Cameron looked at her and said, "There is lover boy, Mrs Hughes has been meeting him clandestinely for the last couple of months. At first it was a challenge following them, but lately they have gotten careless. Game, set, match to hubby, he now has his ammunition."

Vanessa looked back at the screen where the brunette was on the guy's lap. Her movements on him were unmistakable and mortified she looked down. She heard Cameron's low chuckle and her heart pounded, his laugh, so low, so erotic sounding. Clicking the remote the images faded and he tossed it on the desk and poured himself more coffee, filling hers too. As he handed her the cup the touch of his hand sent a small shiver through her body. What in hell was wrong with her today? She realized he was speaking to her and she tried to focus on what he was saying.

"Earth to Vanessa? What time does Mrs. Wallace show up? I need to leave the office for awhile."

She started and replied, "Eleven."

Yelling over his shoulder, "Be back in plenty of time."

Mrs. Wallace showed up right on time, a tall attractive lady in her early forties, her hair perfectly coifed, her clothes tasteful and expensive. She didn't waste time explaining, her husband had joined an exclusive mens'club and she wanted to find out what went on there. She needed someone to to get in there and find out what was going on, what really went on.

"You see Mr.Lawrence," I don't want to divorce him, I just need a little something to hold over him to keep him in line so to speak. I have no illusions, he married me for my money and social standing but I love him. This is supposedly a club where the men play chess, talk politics, and sit in front of a fire drinking brandy." she said sarcastically. " I am not that stupid, my husband never had an intellectual conversation in his life. I want to know exactly what he is up to and that is where you come in. He promised no more gambling and he swears he isn't but he is going through money like water."

Cameron played with his pencil, "That's a very private club, I will need help getting accepted."

She opened her purse, " I took care of that, you have already been approved. You see I had you investigated myself and liked what I found. I leave all the details to you and hope you have news for me soon."

She handed him a small manila envelope, " Your membership and everything you will need."

After she left Cameron looked at Vanessa and cocked his eyebrow, " Me in an exclusive mens' club! What do you think baby?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and she laughed at his silliness.

For the next week Cameron was in and out of the office watching his client's husband. Nights were spent at the club doing "research" as he laughingly called it. One morning he called her in the office and told her the details, explaining the workings of the club. The chess rooms, the card rooms, the fireplaces where men sat drinking, smoking, arguing.

"Then Mrs. Wallace is wrong about the club?", Vanessa inquired.

"Oh no," he said. " She is dead on. Those front rooms are a beard, the real action takes place in back.

I need to see what is going on back there and that is where you can help. Her husband loves gambling and my bet is that's what we will find back there. Only I'm not sure I should ask you, maybe I should hire someone."

"How can I help?"

The next day Vanessa applied for a job as a cocktail waitress at the club. Cameron had told her the ladies who worked there all had the same qualifications, young and pretty. Well she could do that and if slinging a few drinks helped Cameron she was game. The interview was short and if the guys' eyes wandered a little, so what? The pay was decent and could she start Saturday night? The next day a messenger service delivered packages to her door, courtesy of the club. Inside she found three lovely gowns in her size and a pair of black strappy heels. Cameron also took her on a little field trip to the track to show her Mrs. Wallaces husband, who spent most of his time betting and losing big.

Saturday night and she took a cab to the club, Cameron would meet her there later. Her duties were to circulate in the club refilling drinks, putting out hor d'oeuvres and being unobtrusive. Most of the men she met were older, they smiled absently and went back to the game or the discussion. She jumped out of her skin when one pinched her butt as she brought him a drink but for the most part they were courteous to her. There were four other girls that worked there and three were on each night, as they each worked on a rotating schedule. Vanessa was just bringing out a tray when she saw Cameron arrive and her knees went weak. Freshly shaved and in an Armani suit he stood out among the old men she was serving.

"He's something huh?" Shelley said as she walked by, " He's new and boy would I like to get to know him better."

Vanessa watched as the other girl, Liz, moved quickly to his side. Her red manicured claws ran up his lapel and whatever she said made him laugh. Jealousy, white-hot raged through her body and when Cameron looked at her, nodded, and went back to the conversation, it was like a dagger in her heart. In the kitchen she put the tray down and lifted her face, willing the tears not to come. The evening dragged on as she moved from room to room, the picture of Lizs' fingers on his chest emblazoned on her brain. As for Cameron he moved room to room, finally settling in a chair to engage in an enthusiastic conversation about politics, and everywhere he went Liz was there. The client's husband never showed so it was a wasted evening, at least for her, not Cameron she thought sourly.

Frustration made her slam the door to her apartment and she collapsed in a chair, her eyes burning. She knew tears weren't far behind as she pulled the gown off and threw it on the chair. Dragging the clasp out of her hair she started for the shower as the phone rang. Cameron was on caller ID and she let it ring as she headed for the shower. She knew she was being petty but the pain going through her body was overwhelming her. Under the water she let the tears flow, finally sobbing, the hot water washing away her tears only to be replaced by more. The bell was buzzing madly as she came out of the shower and putting a robe on over her naked body she checked the peephole.

"Open up Van," Cameron yelled. " Let me in, we have to talk."

Opening the door she kept her head down trying to hide her red eyes.

"Hey! What in hell is going on? You don't answer your phone now? Damn it to Hell! He never showed!"

She heard herself saying, " Well you enjoyed yourself at least."

Cameron stopped his complaining and turned her to him, a low chuckle as he said, " So that's why your eyes are all red huh? Let me say now that you looked beautiful tonight and yes, I noticed you but we are both new there and I want to give the impression we are strangers. Hey this is really what I wanted to do, what I have wanted to do forever."

Lifting her chin with his thumbs his head lowered and he softly brushed her lips with his, nibbling the lower one. Pulling her close he deepened the kiss and let his tongue push its way into her mouth. Vanessa's hands were kneading his back and she moaned as he buried his head in her neck. His hand slipped in her robe and caressed her breast, his thumb and forefinger lightly pinching the nipple. His hand traveled lower and he groaned as he felt the softness of her body and his hand palmed her mound. His middle finger moved the length of her before moving between the lips in slow agonizing circles on her clit. Placing her against the wall his fingers worked their magic, two slipped deep inside as his thumb rubbed her clit faster and faster until she cried out and came, her body bucking on his fingers. Her mouth was open and panting on his shoulder and as she lifted her head she saw his shirt was soaked.

Her hands which were holding him tightly began to move lower but he shook his head, " Not tonight. Tonight was for you."

One more deep kiss, "Now no more silliness about how I feel, okay? Night baby, see you at the club tomorrow night."

Vanessa slept deeply that night, the dreamless sleep of content. All Sunday she moved in a haze, her head in the clouds remembering every nuance of the night before. The club was bustling when she arrived and quickly she started taking drink orders, serving canapes and joking with the clientele. Her eyes were constantly scanning the crowd looking for Cameron and a little before ten he showed up. As Liz and another girl ran to his side Vanessa kept circulating, keeping busy, he caught her eye once and she blushed as he slowly winked. A little after eleven Mr. Wallace arrived and Vanessa moved to his side, helping him with his overcoat.

He thanked her and looking her up and down he said, "You're new here. I'm Harry, one of the regulars. You are?"

"I'm Vanessa and I hope you have an enjoyable evening."

He immediately moved down the hall to a door, knocked and was let in. Vanessa noticed that the back room was doing big business, men going in and out on a regular basis. She looked over and noticed Cameron watching the door too as he sipped a drink and listened absently to the old gent expounding beside him.

Then a little after midnight Liz came over, " This is a special drink order for Harry Wallace. He has requested you bring it to him in the back room." As Vanessa hesitated she said, "Well? Get going! Just knock on the door to be let in."

She knocked lightly and a man let her in and directed her to a door marked "PRIVATE." He let her through and finally Vanessa was in the back room. The noise was incredible, the lighting brighter and the atmosphere charged. Here was the hub of the club, the gambling parlor. Vanessa saw Harry and carried his drink over waiting as the dealer dealt himself Blackjack.

Harry sighed and smiled at Vanessa, "Ah well-it's just money. You know I could get drinks in here but I need a little luck and you look like just the trick to turn my luck around. Just stand here and look pretty, I will do the rest."

Vanessa protested but Harry overrode her, "It's all set up honey. You are here to make the customers happy and I'm happy when you are right here."

The night went quickly and Harry's luck changed drastically. He was winning and winning big and wherever he went he brought Vanessa with him. Vanessa was fascinated with it all, she felt herself getting caught up in the excitement, the dealers, the croupiers, the customers. At the end of the night he slipped her her a hundred dollar bill and as she began to protest he said he had won that many times over. As she exited the back room she saw Cameron, his eyes peeled on the door. She took a cab home, kicked the heels off and made a pot of tea to unwind. Hanging the gown up she slipped on a robe and poured her a cup of tea as the doorbell went off.

Cameron walked past her and impatiently inquired, "Well?"

"Hello to you too," Vanessa replied. "Cup of tea?"

Bringing him a cup she saw he had shed his jacket, his tie had gone a long time ago. He was eating his kisses one after another, a sure sign he was anxious. She took a seat across from him and curled her legs underneath her as she told him of the evening. She talked of the back room, the gaming rooms, the wealthy patrons, Harry's luck turning, him thinking it was her presence that did it and the hundred he gave her at the end of the night.

"Just as I figured," he said smugly. " It was either gambling or women and I have seen his appetite for the horses. Obviously he has an appetite for the ladies too even so far as requesting you be brought back. I have to get pictures of him in that room and our job is done."

"I can take them," Vanessa offered.

"You may have to, every man is searched. Think you can do it?"

"I would love to," she said eyes shining.

"I do believe you are enjoying this!" he chuckled.

Quickly changing the subject he asked, " Vanessa answer me a question? Why would any woman want to keep a man so much she would pay for leverage to hold him?"

"I have no idea, it's not my idea of an ideal relationship."

Cameron smiled that crooked smile, " What is your idea of an ideal relationship?

He was lying across the chair, one leg on the arm, the other on the floor. Vanessa moved between his legs and sat on the corner of the cushion. She smiled as her fingers went to the buttons on his shirt and started opening them, they were shaking as she finally touched his body. He laid back with a lazy smile as she removed the shirt and let her tongue move to his nipples. She flicked them, then holding his face in her hands she kissed him passionately. His mouth opened tothe onslaught of hers as their tongues mingled and circled each others. His mouth tasted sweet and chocolatey, a kiss that tasted of kisses. Her hands couldn't stop moving as she felt his shoulders, his arms, his chest. Sitting back she looked in his eyes as she undid his pants and pulled the zipper down slowly. Vanessa pulled his shoes and socks off and his pants followed quickly as she heard the intake of his breath when her fingers wrapped around his cock and drew it out of his shorts. Slowly her hand stroked him as her eyes searched his face, watching as a groan escaped his lips.

"Van, oh baby that feels so good," Cameron said, his voice husky. " Please suck me baby, please!"

Leaning over him she whispered, " Do you have any idea how long I have wanted to do this?"

Vanessa ran her lips back and forth over the tip, her tongue moving on the end as she blew softly. She thrilled to Cameron's reaction as he lifted his hips and she took him in her mouth. Vanessa's hand squeezed the base and she tasted his pre-cum, salty and warm in her mouth. Her mouth edged its way down the length of the shaft, twisting and turning to take every inch deep in her mouth. He clutched the chair as he watched her bury his cock, her mouth taking it all and plunging on it over and over. She felt the tremors in his legs and saw his head go back as he emitted a long groan and she knew he was close. The empty tea cup dropping with a small thud on the floor.

Cameron pulled out of her mouth and growled, " I want to be inside you. Let me up Van."

She stood as he led her to the bedroom and pushed the robe off her shoulders. Picking her up he laid her on the bed and stripped her pantyhose off. Unclipping her bra he tossed it aside and she lifted her hips as he pulled her panties off. His shorts were next and finally they were lying naked body on naked body. Vanessa was in another world, a world of just Cameron and her, a perfect world of their own making.

"Van," he groaned, " I can't go slow this time, I'm out of my mind wanting you."

She reached between them guiding his cock to her entrance as he started a slow descent into her body. She shuddered as her legs wrapped in his, her hands on his buttocks pushing him deep till he was imbedded in her. He held himself still as their eyes locked until he began to rock their bodies and grind in slow circular motions. His hands moved under her and squeezed her cheeks, raising her body as he began to thrust. Her hands gripped the rocking headboard as his body drove her against the bed. She pressed her heels into the bed lifting her hips, her whole body arched into his thrusts as she felt her orgasm building. She felt his hot breath and his grunts of exertion even as she stiffened and his pounding body brought her to an intense orgasm. Sobbing in his ear she clenched her muscles around his shaft and pulled him deep inside her as he came, his body jerking wildly. His groans were sweet music to her ears and she rocked under him as he throbbed and ground on her.

Looking down into her eyes Cameron said, " So my sweet Vanessa, how do I pay you for the work you did for me?"

Smiling slyly she replied, " Installment plan?"

"Pay you in payments huh?"

"Yes, and interest free."

Waking up in his arms was an incredible feeling and the morning lovemaking in the shower was a perfect way to start the day. At the office Cameron changed into his old standbys... jeans and t-shirt. Over donuts and coffee he showed her the camera she would be using... so miniscule it fit in a ring, a large turquoise ring with a tiny pinprick in the center, all she did was point and click. She knew was teetering back and forth on whether or not to let her do it but Vanessa was realizing how much she enjoyed working alongside him. At the end of the day he held her close and planted soft kisses on her waiting lips.

Vanessa had just finished dressing for the club when Cameron arrived and she was thrilled to see the look in his eyes. His kiss on the lips intensified but she reminded him there was work to be done.

Arriving at the club in a cab she immediately saw Harry and he waved her over, " Ahh my good luck charm! Let's go!"

A quick pat down for Harry and they were back gambling, he was wasting no time. Vanessa watched the door and waited for Cameron to show. She slowly started taking shots of the club, the tables, the dealers, customers, but she needed to move away to film Harry. She saw Cameron enter and she relaxed just knowing he was there. Whispering to Harry she needed the "little girl's room" she moved away. He was so engrossed in the game he just waved a hand and muttered okay. Walking past Cameron she nodded slightly letting him know she was almost finished.

Re-entering the room she moved to the table where Harry was and placing her hand on the table she quickly took a series of shots of him. He motioned her to his side and she spent the rest of the night glued to his side. Now that the shots were taken she just wanted out and the evening crawled by. As she got ready to leave Harry caught up with her and asked her out for a drink, thinking quickly she told him she had to go or the babysitter would be angry. Later, lying in bed they laughed at the look on Harry's face when she told him of her little ones at home.

"You are pretty quick on the uptake lady," he commented, " Errr... ummmm... I could use a partner. Interested?"

Vanessa laughed, "As Don Corleone would say " That is an offer I can't refuse."

Cameron smiled as he popped a kiss in his mouth.

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