Moments in a Life
Chapter 1: Madge

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Madge - Story about a young man growing up and his sexual encounters

While walking home from school on a bright sunny spring day, Bob Lacy thought was that this had been a very good year but he was a little sad that the school year was almost over. Being a senior in high school has had its advantages and Bob thought about what had happened over this past school year. He was going to miss the high school atmosphere. Bob had almost a straight 'A' average which had given him a class ranking of 12 out of 356 students. This class ranking was something he had worked hard for and was proud of it. While some of his social life had been affected by the nights he spent studying, he had been advised by his counselors that good marks were required if he wanted to be admitted into a good college. He thought that missing some social activities was a small price to pay for what could amount to large monetary rewards later in life.

Enrolling or being accepted into college had not been a problem. More importantly the cost of a college education would now be taken care of with Bob's acceptance of a four year athletic tuition grant-in-aid from a major University here in town. Bob had always enjoyed playing basketball and he was blessed with a good senior year. He had finished the year with a 17.6 points per game scoring average. This scoring average had interested some college scouts. Bob was six foot four inches, 190 pounds with better than average jumping ability. Bob had dunked the ball three times in games during the season and this had also caused some scouting interest. His height was a factor since he was a little on the short side to be playing in the college competition forward position. His ball handling ability was not as polished as it should be if he was to play in the guard position. While his height had somewhat limited the scouting interest, his better than average shooting and jumping ability was an off-setting factor.

Achieving good marks and getting a ride to college were some of the highlights of this year but Bob thought equally important was the talk he had with his older sister Beth. He had this talk with her just as the school year was starting.

It was in early September that Beth was packing her suitcase as she was leaving the next day for a three year tour of duty in the US Army. She had received her degree in nursing and joined the Army with a 2nd Lt. Commission. She had received a commitment from the Army that after she completed basic school she would be assigned to a hospital in Europe. With 30 days annual leave, three day passes and some temporary duty assignments, she was going to be able to see the world which is what she wanted to do and was the reason that she had enlisted.

Bob was going to miss her and her foxy girl friends that were her friends but he was happy for her. She really was a great big sister and had gone out of her way to see that Bob developed into a fine young man.

On that fall day Beth had called Bob into her room. She said that since she was leaving tomorrow she wanted to give him some big sister advice and hoped he would learn from what she was going to impart to him. Further, she was aware that he was well past any talk about the birds and bees and she wanted to talk about relationships rather than the physical aspects of men and women relationships.

Beth started out by saying, "Bob, you have been blessed as to your physical attributes. You are tall, have an athletic body and are turning into quite a hunk. Some of my girlfriends wish they were a little younger so they could hustle you. One of them said you look like the movie star, Dale Robertson. You do however need to learn how to apply these gifts to the fullest. If you do, you are going to need to carry a big stick to keep the girls off of you and that's what I want to talk to you about."

Bob was interested in what she was going to say and gave her his full attention.

"First of all, while you are aware of the physical differences between men and women you need to also understand that there is a fundamental difference between men and women in how they think and react. Men primarily use their minds and normally they think very logically. Women are governed primarily by their emotions and for the most part will let their emotions govern their actions. Not all women do but the great majority of them act that way. That's why before a woman or girl is going to become intimate with you, there is going to need to be some emotional attachment. Getting a girl in bed after you have only known her for a couple of hours can happen but it will be a rare occurrence. You are going to need to develop a relationship with her if you want to proceed further with her into a more intimate relationship with her."

"Secondly, most women are insecure about their body and their appearance. They constantly worry about how they look. Such things as if their hair is out of place, if they look fat, if their butt is too big or if their breasts are too small are thoughts which are constantly in their minds. Women need constant reassurance or compliments as to their appearance. If they can get these compliments from you this will help establish the required emotional attachment. Whatever you do, don't criticize their dress or physical appearance because if you do, they aren't going to want to have anything to do with you."

Beth continued, "Communication between people is important if a relationship to develop. You need to become someone who is thought of as being a great conversationalist. This is quite easy to become because all you need to do is to ask questions of the other person. Let the other person do the talking. Most people like to hear themselves talk. All you need to do is to encourage them to do so."

"Another skill to develop is to learn to read and interpret other person's body language. About one third of conversation with another person is non-verbal. They are conversing with you not in words but with the actions of their body. In talking with a woman observe if she is looking at you in the eye or if she is avoiding eye contact? Is she standing near to you or does she seem to be staying away from you? Is she touching you or avoiding contact with you? Is she preening for you by pushing her hair off to the side of her head? If she is sitting and her legs are cross, is the leg moving up and down? If it is that means she is interested in you. What kind of clothes is she wearing? Do they make her body easily accessible to you or are they protecting her body from you? All of these are signs that you need to observe and interpret to see if she is or isn't interested in you. Learn them because they are like a road map to love and they will help you in your relationships."

"I know I am throwing a lot at you. Lastly, do not discuss with your male friends at what stage you are in with your relationships with women. Guys are congratulated for having had sex with a girl and develop a reputation as being a stud. If it becomes known that the girl is having sex, then she develops a reputation of being easy or is referred to as a slut. While a girl has the same sexual urges and needs as that of a boy, society has two different standards for males and females. Don't contribute to this different standard with a loose talk."

"One more thing, I expect to get a letter from you at least every two weeks. If I don't get letters when I come back home I will kick your butt."

Bob thanked her for her advice and said that he would try to remember what she said. He would try to apply this advice whenever he could. He hugged her and kissed her on the cheek and said he was really going to miss her. Bob went to his room and wrote up some notes on this conversation. He was going to refer to these notes from time to time.

All these thoughts were going through Bob's mind as he walked home.

Tonight he was going to the Senior Prom. His date was Madge Pekos. She was the captain of the cheerleaders and a senior at a nearby all girls' school. Physically she was about five foot six inches tall with a very nice figure. Her breasts are what catches your eyes initially as they are larger than average and there is a nice jiggle to them when she walks. Her short red hair makes her look 'perky'.

Bob had started talking to her at one of the school dances and had two dates with her before this prom. While she did have a nice personality, the relationship seemed to be going nowhere. No holding hands, no good night kiss, and no indication she had any affection for him. After tonight Bob thought he would see what other girls were available. Initially Bob wasn't overly enthused about going to the prom but there was some peer pressure to do so. He was doubling with Keith, a childhood friend who also had been a starter the varsity basketball team. Keith was taking Nicky as his date, a classic good looking blond with a killer body.

Bob thought of what his sister had said and he was determined to apply those principles and have a good time. After all, how many times do you go to your senior prom?

Wearing his rented tux, Bob picked up Keith and then Nicky. Nicky looked great with her crème colored strapless gown. The way she clung to Keith told Bob that Keith was going to do okay tonight.

Armed with a wrist corsage, Bob pressed the door bell at Madge's home. Her mother opened the door and invited him in. Madge was dressed in a sky blue ankle length gown. The highlight of the gown was that it was designed with spaghetti straps and it did display quite a bit of her cleavage. The dress was tailored at her waist which emphasized her breasts as well as the nice curve of her butt. Madge was ready to go after putting on the corsage. She picked up a wrap and they went to the car. Remembering what his sister had said, Bob told Madge that she really looked beautiful in her dress and he was really happy that she was going to be his date. Madge smiled at his compliment.

The prom was held at a large hotel and was well attended. The band was good and played a number of slow tempo songs. This allowed Bob to bring Madge close to him and every so often he could feel the tips of her breasts pressing against him. His hand was on her lower waist just above her buttocks. The perfume she had on was very pleasant. Most of the time when they were dancing there was a space between them. This, the good Nuns at Madge's school were fond of saying, "Was room for the Guardian Angel."

After the prom ended Bob and Keith took their dates to Club New Orleans. This was a blues club where they had a nice meal and listened to a good three-piece combo play some classic songs. With a 21year old drinking age and wearing tuxedos there was no way they were going to get served any alcoholic drinks so they didn't even try. Bob enjoyed sitting and listening to the girls talk, not so much as to what they said but just how they looked. They were two beautiful girls.

When they were back at the car it was close to two in the morning. Keith said he was going to go over to Brian's house where there was a party going on. Some of the prom couples where there already killing time. As soon as it got light, the couples were going to go out to the Forest Preserve for a picnic. In reality it was just a place where they could go to drink some beer. Bob wasn't overly enthused with this idea and the deal was sealed when Madge said she couldn't go as she had to go to the airport in the morning. She needed to pick up her older sister and husband who were flying back from a two weeks vacation.

At Keith's home, Keith and Nicky exited the car and were going to go in Keith's father's car to the party. Bob noticed that Nicky was a little disheveled and Keith had some lipstick on his face. Bob opened his car trunk to let Keith and Nicky get their change of clothes. He wished them a good time and cautioned them to be careful with the alcohol.

Back in the car Bob noticed that Madge seemed to have moved over so she was sitting closer to him. He wondered if this meant something. Driving back to her house, Madge said that she would prefer if he would drive her to her sister's home, as Madge had been house sitting for them and had a change of clothes there. She would be sleeping overnight there because the car she was going to use to go to the airport was in the garage.

Bob parked the car and escorted Madge to the front door. She opened the door and asked Bob if he wanted to come in. Bob was a little surprised by this sudden warmth towards him that Madge was displaying. Madge asked if he wanted some wine to drink and he accepted her offer. When she brought the wine she asked him to take a seat as she was going to get out of the dress and get into something 'more comfortable.' Bob took off his jacket and took a seat at one end of the couch. He wondered what 'more comfortable' meant.

All too soon he found out that it meant putting on a floor length housecoat that was zippered all the way up. While he was disappointed it was to be expected, he thought. What was unexpected was that Madge sat right next to him on the couch. She looked at Bob and said she had enjoyed herself tonight.

Bob remembering his talk with his sister said, "I want to thank you for being my date tonight. You looked absolutely beautiful and I was very proud you went with me."

Madge said, "You know you took your sweet time in asking me to go. I had turned down three other fellows who asked me before you did. I was waiting for you to ask me."

Bob was surprised at her admission and didn't know what to say. He just looked at her and her at him. He saw warmth and a desire in her eyes that he hadn't seen before. There was also a little smile on her face. He also couldn't help but noticed that what he assumed were her nipples were putting little indentations on her housecoat.

He put his glass down on an end table and reached for her glass to put it down on the same table. Bob put his hand on her waist and started to draw her to him. When she didn't object he leaned toward her and kissed her. There was no objection from her as her arms came up and wrapped around his neck.

The kissing became serious with her lips parting and her tongue seeking his. Both of them enjoyed the kissing with their heads moving from side to side. Bob broke the kiss and moved his head back a little to look at her. He noticed that his breathing and hers had deepened. They just looked into each others eyes for about one half minute. No words were spoken and none were needed. Bob moved back and started kissing her again and she reciprocated by starting to search for his tonsils.

His hand which had been on her waist started to move up and down her back. He could feel her bra strap. He thought, "In for a penny, in for a pound, let's see what happens. The signals seem to be right." Bob's hand which was on her back, dropped down to her waist and it kept on going till it was rubbing her buttocks.

Madge seemed to like this because she turned her hips towards Bob to give him more access to her body. He continued to kiss her and squeeze her buttocks. His hand went up her side to her breast. She turned and opened herself up to give him fuller access. He felt her breast which was covered by the housecoat and bra. He thought he could also feel her nipple which seemed like a little pebble on the tip of her breast.

Her arms left his head and she started to unbutton his shirt while the kiss remained unbroken. Since she was taking this to a new level he reached up toward her neck and searched for the zipper on her housecoat. When he found the tab of the zipper he slowly pulled it down. In the quietness of the room the hiss of the zipper was heard by both of them as the housecoat became completely open. When the kiss ended, Bob kissed each of her eyes which were closed and then continued on to where he was nibbling on her ear. His hand had slipped inside the housecoat and cupped a large breast which fit his hand perfectly. It was firm and it seemed to Bob that she was pressing her breast into his hand.

Bob found the clasp of her bra and he was able to release the clasp using one hand. With the clasp released he was back to cupping a large breast that was now fully exposed. His thumb was flicking the nipple and this seemed to excite Madge judging by the increased strength of her grip on him and her moaning.

Reluctantly, his hand left her breast and proceeded back down to her buttocks, but this time it slipped underneath the waistband of her panties. While there was some rubbing of her buttocks, one of his fingers parted her cheeks and rubbed a little up and down her crack. With his hand at the waistband he started pulling her powder blue panties down and she assisted him by raising her hips. The panties were pulled down to her knees. She lifted one leg, then the other to help remove them.

With her panties no longer a barrier, his hand went back to squeezing her butt. Ever so slowly his hand came to her front, first touching her pubic hair and then rubbing her swollen lips. He thought his fingers felt some warm moisture.

Up to this time Bob's knowledge of oral sex was limited to what he had read in some adult stories or in a Henry Miller book. With some resolve he was determined to see what oral sex was about. He thought that Madge was a great person with which to start his learning experience. As he was kissing her, he moved the housecoat off her shoulders so she could remove her arms from the housecoat and once she did, she was completely naked. His lips left hers and he bent to kiss her breasts and lightly suckled on each nipple. Bob could see that her nipples were erect and his lips confirmed this. Her hands were on his shoulders and she was encouraging him in his efforts.

Bob's lips left her breasts and started going down kissing her on her stomach and tonguing her navel. Further down he went and he could smell the distinctive scent of what he would learn to be was that of an aroused female.

As he went lower Madge became concerned and said, "No one has ever kissed me there and you don't need to."

Bob said, "I know I don't need to but you are so beautiful that I want to kiss you all over."

Madge just closed her eyes and leaned back with her hands still on Bob's shoulders. Unconsciously she moved her hands to his head to direct his efforts. Bob's lips moved down till he felt her pubic hair and he continued to move lower to kiss and lick the inside of her thighs. She had parted her thighs to give him access to her womanly essence. The skin on the inside of her thighs was as soft as the skin on a baby's butt. A thought came into his mind that he should give her a love bite on the inside of her upper thigh. Since she would be the only one to see it would remind her of Bob and this evening. At the top of the inside of her thigh he gave her a small but pronounced hickey. His lips now sought her slit and he kissed and parted them to be able to lick inside. He touched and tasted some moisture but there was no specific taste to her juices. He felt the bump that was her clit with his lips and he suckled on it.

Madge was now actively aroused. Her thighs had closed and were clamping Bob's head. Her hips wouldn't hold still and were in motion. Her hands were tangled in Bob's hair urging him on.

"Oh... , oh... , oh my! That feels so good. Oh my!" is all a surprised Bob heard.

She raised her hips off the couch as she had her first orgasm. "Oh my God!" she said and then collapsed complete spent. "Please, no more, if feels great but I am too sensitive. I can't take anymore."

Bob gave her one last lick and slowly ascended raining little kisses on her body as he did so. As he reached her lips he gave her a passionate kiss which she reciprocated by throwing both hands around him and pressing herself to him.

When the kiss ended and she pulled her head back and looking at Bob said, "Get your clothes off, it's your turn."

Standing up Bob quickly shed his clothes while Madge brazenly watched. He also looked at her and thought that her abundant red pubic hair in contrast with her white skin was quite an erotic sight.

When he dropped his shorts, his erect penis was sticking straight out, all eight inches of it. Madge looked at it and said, "Now I know why you were an honorable mention."

Bob smiled and said, "That was in basketball."

Madge just smiled as she stretched out on the couch with her arms over her head and her legs slightly parted. She was a vision of loveliness. He would never get tired of looking at something so beautiful.

He said," You know I said you looked beautiful in that dress, but I take that back. You are most beautiful when you are without a dress."

She smiled and blushed while she raised her arms to him in an open invitation for him to return to her. He lowered himself to her with her arms going around him. One of his legs went in between her parted thighs. He could feel here pubic hair against his thigh.

After another kiss, she felt his stiff penis pressed against her and she said, "I want you in me and I want you in me now. Don't worry about protection as I am safe at this time. Please make love to me."

He raised himself up and put both of his legs in between her legs in the classic missionary position. She reached down and took a hold of him and placed it against her slit. He slowly pushed himself into her tight, warm, wet chute. He was surprised by the heat of her body he felt. The sensation of flesh into flesh was exhilarating.

She moved her legs wide so his entrance would be more comfortable for her. Once he was in all the way, he waited for her to adjust to his size and gazed at her. Her eyes were closed and she was clenching her lips. This was only the third time she had let someone penetrate her. She had never felt this full.

After he waited for a full minute he slowly started to withdraw, stopped and went forward. She was adjusting rapidly to him and her legs came up and pressed alongside Bob's hips. In an out Bob' shaft went into her warmth. She had her arms draw his head down to her for a kiss. Bob thought it felt like his shaft was enclosed in a tight warm wet glove. It was a wonderful sensation.

All too soon he felt his orgasm approaching and he tried to delay it. He told her was going to cum. She said that she was close to cumming too. She told him not to worry about her, just cum. He thought of other things to delay his climax and it did delay it for a while but then he was spewing his sperm into her. She felt his hot liquid coming into her which resulted in Madge having an orgasm.

Bob collapsed on her and while he could feel his heart beating fast he could also feel her heart beating faster. They just lay with him on top for a while. He then had the thought that he must be getting heavy on her so he moved to where they lay side by side. As they lay there Bob was periodically giving her some light kisses all over her face and caressing her breasts.

After about five minutes she said, "I am starting to leak and I don't want to stain the couch."

Bob disentangled himself from her and went to the bathroom where he wiped himself and brought her a slightly dampened hand towel so she could do the same. She did so and sat up to put on her house coat. Madge now seemed to be a little embarrassed that she was naked with Bob.

He asked her what was wrong. She responded by saying she hoped Bob didn't think any less of her for what they just did.

Bob took her in his arms and said, "How could I? I just made love with a very beautiful woman. A woman who besides being beautiful, intelligent, witty, is one who thought enough of me to share such an intimate moment. Think less? No, I think more about how lucky and grateful I am to be here with you."

He pulled her to him for another kiss and her response to him was that she knew they both would cherish this moment for a long time to come.

Bob looked at his watch and saw that the time had flown by. Dawn would be coming soon. He wondered were all the time had gone.

He said, "I don't mean to kiss and run but I think I better get going."

Madge with a lustful look in her eyes said, "Why? I don't have to leave for the airport for another five hours?"

Bob said, "I would like nothing more than to stay here and be with you as well as constantly ravish you for another five hours. I don't have the opportunity to make love to a beautiful and sexy woman every day. You don't know how hard it is for me not to stay here, but it's not the wise thing to do. Why? It's because I don't want to do anything that will hurt you or your reputation. What are the neighbors going to think or say if they see a guy in a tuxedo leaving this house that must have been there for a while? They know that you have been living here alone till your sister and brother-in-law comes home. You don't need to experience any of that talk. By the way they will see the guy who is leaving the house having a big smile on his face."

She smiled looking at Bob and acknowledged that he was right but she was going to miss him and making love with him. It was nice that he was thinking about her and not just about himself. He gave her another kiss and then rose to get dressed.

After he was dressed, she took his hand and walked him to the door. At the door she thanked him for being an excellent escort tonight. He thanked her for being herself, a warm and caring person who also happens to be attractive and wonderful lover.

She pulled him down for a farewell kiss. The kiss continued on and Bob reached in between them and pulled down the zipper on the housecoat. Once the zipper was down while continuing the kiss she lowered her arms and the housecoat fell from her shoulders to the floor. He put his hands on her magnificent ass and squeezed and rubbed it, with his fingers going into her crack where he teased her anus. He continued to lightly touch her anus and she shivered when he did this. With his other hand he found and rubbed her clit which caused her to have another orgasm. He felt her shuddering in his arms and moaning in her throat.

She was right she thought, when she had waited in the hopes Bob would ask her to the prom. This love making was more than she cold have hoped for.

When the kiss ended he looked at her and said, "If I don't go now I won't go till ten.

She smiled and shook her head in agreement. She had not put on the housecoat and now was very comfortable in being naked with Bob. She felt complimented by the way he looked at her.

In driving home with thoughts of Madge in his mind, Bob thought that going to the prom had been the right decision. This was something he would remember for a long time to come.

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