State of Mind
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Science Fiction, Masturbation, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Virtual Reality meets Mind Control

The alarm clock awoke Erica from her sleep. The 18-year-old blond beauty sat up in bed feeling wide-awake. Usually, she had trouble getting fully awake, but this morning a blast of energy coursed through the young teenager. Not thinking, but reacting she went to the bathroom to prepare her shower. Satisfied with the temperature, she re-entered her bedroom and laid out her clothes on her bed.

She had a black tennis skirt with matching black thong panties, a white cut-off t-shirt and white stockings that would end a little below the skirt and a little above the knees. As she selected her attire for the day, she failed to realize two things. First, she didn't take out a bra. She would never go anywhere without a bra for her petite sized breasts. Second, she didn't own any of these clothes.

Erica took off her nightclothes and admired herself in the full-length bathroom mirror. The appreciation she felt for herself and the body she possessed excited her. She had never really taken stock of herself before. Her breasts were thrust out and her nipples were always perky. Her stomach, through hard work and exercise, was washboard flat and had the slightest hint of six-pack muscles. Her smooth legs made her tanned frame a very admiring one. They were quite muscular and shapely due to her nights on the step-master. Her silky blond hair fell to her shoulders, just long enough for a ponytail. It accentuated her cute face. Her blue eyes were pleasing and her dimpled cheeks surrounded a button-nose. Her best feature though was a curvy ass and tiny waist, something that she was suddenly noticing now in front of her mirror.

She turned away and entered the shower, noticing a slight stirring from between her legs. She had never got excited from herself before. She had never masturbated before, and very rarely felt sexual tension of any kind. But now as she lathered her body with her loofah, the heat within her raised a notch. The slightly course material of the shower sponge erased away her inhibitions, as her hands encircled her pointy nipples. A sigh escaped her as the tremendous surge of pleasure forced her to succumb to the desires of her body. The other hand traced a finger from her tight stomach to her pussy mound.

"Mmm", Erica moaned, "what's gotten into me? It feels so right to touch myself. Ohhh, it feels so good!"

Feeling the desire take over, she found her clit for the first time. At the rise of this pleasure bud, she was taken aback by the sensitive nature of the lightest touch. She moaned in desperation for relief as her hand took over. The powerful desire made the young virgin think about a familiar man that she couldn't quite remember. She imagined him stroking her love button from behind. She could almost feel him pressing against her in the shower.

She never fantasized before, and she was wondering why she was so vividly doing so now. This man, why him? She felt so excited as her mind allowed the man to push up against her ass. There was one hand encompassing her breasts, and the other one stroking her pussy. It felt so real as the sensations pulsed through her. She even imagined the penis of the stranger pressing against her backside. How could a fantasy be so real? Why was the pleasure so intense?

The finger traced her virgin slit then pushed slowly inside her, while the thumb rubbed against her clit. It moved in deeper, and she spread her legs in anticipation. When it hit the thin barrier within her pussy it stopped and withdrew slowly out. The imaginary man thrust his finger in and out, up to Erica's cherry. Her hips undulated in response, enraptured in the ecstasy that overwhelmed her teen mind. The thrill of her first orgasm built to a crescendo.

She was lost in the need to fuck this pseudo-finger that had her begging for more. Never so horny in her young life had she been so stimulated, so aroused. She bucked to the rhythm of the fast digit, waiting for the release she so much wanted to get to.

Erica trembled as the fantasy man held her at his mercy. She couldn't shake loose from this fantasy, and it started to worry her, even as the orgasm built within her. She tried to think about something else, but the finger moving quickly at the base of her pussy didn't go away. The hand pinching at her nipples, twisted and pulled harder. This excited her even more, and she moaned aloud, grunting like a wanton animal.

Suddenly, the man stopped, bent her over and guided her to her knees. The water struck her on her back as she stared down at the drain of the tub. She didn't like this. The fantasy was getting too real. Her mind fought to escape, but her pussy's fire wanted to be extinguished.

The young blond girl felt the man grip her waist. His bare feet kicked her legs apart, and then she felt his warm throbbing penis slap her ass. The long member rolled along her cheeks, so she could get the feeling of its size. This caught Erica's breath as the anticipation made her weak with lust. She never fantasized, and now she couldn't break free from her own erotic daydream.

The erect penis slapped upwards between her legs against her wet pussy lips. The throbbing dick pressed against her very moist opening lengthwise, not placing the head inside, but the shaft of the penis instead. It teased her as it moved, as if he were fucking her. Her body reacted to the thrills, and wanted more, but her mind was scared. Not sure if this was a fantasy anymore.

The head of the warm penis repeatedly rubbed directly against her clit, making the motion almost unbearable. As the tension continued to mount, she ground her pussy against the long cock. She tried desperately to make the teasing stop. This only made things worse for the teenager, as the man teased her more. The head of the penis finally entered her and quickly exited just as fast. Just repeatedly opening her pink gash, never going deep enough to satisfy her lust for more. It left her a sexual beast with an insatiable thirst for more pleasure. Her deepest desires were so close yet out of reach. She groaned in angst, frustrated for her release of this tormented manifestation.

"Please," Erica pleaded, "let me, ohhh, please let me cum already. I can't take this torturous teasing anymore. Let me, mmm, ughhh!!! Let me, oh god, let me feel you inside of me. What's happening to me? Ohhh, I can't handle this, is this really happening? I never felt so, ohhh... good! I have to cum, please fuck me, please, ahhh... FUCK ME NOW!!!"

All at once, the hands gripped her hips tighter. The penis lay poised at the base of her pussy. She waited in anticipation. When the penis opened her up, as it thrust inside and she was just about to reach her first orgasm, the fantasy abruptly ended. Erica on hands and knees looked behind her and there was nothing. No man, no hands, and no penis.

Dr. Karl Methers sat by his virtual reality consul, typing in commands to the Cerux 940 command terminal. Cerux was the good Doctor's baby. It gave him the capabilities to use the latest, state of the art virtual reality and his very own creation, the sleep enhancer, together. The process was simple. Cerux would be given the data, the person involved would be put into a virtual reality compression suit and headset, and then the sleep enhancer would be programmed once the individual was in REM sleep. Once in this state, the patient, very much like hypnosis, would be told what to see, feel and believe.

The suit would react to the surroundings, and the person could actually feel everything that was going on around them. Interacting with the suit, the headset relayed messages to the brain on what exactly the person was to experience. Feel heat, the suit would get warmer around the correct body parts influenced by the temperature change. The brain would be told what to interpret and the imagination would fill in the blanks.

After years of development and testing, Dr. Methers now set up a research group consisting of female college students. Under the guise of sleep disorders, the young girls were brought to his lab. His lab was privately funded by his own vast wealth. He had made it big with the discovery of a synthetic material called Polycotton. Using this cotton based material in conjunction with other fabrics such as rayon, polyester and nylon - to name a few - he found that the material took on a more elastic property. Polycotton could be stretched out farther than any fabric known and still keep its original form. The invention was successful enough to have Dr. Methers' great, great grandchildren live comfortable for the rest of their lives, if and when he had them.

Yet, the good doctor was far from a good man. He was a man of vision and a man of uncontrollable desires. One day he read about virtual reality and how it could be a new day in the world of sleep disorders. It had mentioned how virtual reality could be a wonderful way to release a lot of the worries that some people have preventing them from sleeping. His past studies with hypnosis and the subconscious mind led him to believe that virtual reality could be deployed as a sex toy if applied correctly. He knew at once that his path was laid out for him. He spent years buying all the necessary equipment, hardware and technological breakthroughs. Even putting his invention, Polycotton, to good use.

There were the usual roadblocks he had to overcome from the government, but that was easy enough if you know what hands to grease. Dr. Methers had a startling reputation within the community and when people heard he was working with sleep disorders they all applauded his efforts. Soon he was ready for subjects and posted at the nearby college. He had the girls go through a professional screening process to weed out the undesirable ugly, overweight and nerdy girls. The rest filled out questionnaires about themselves. Mostly centered on their sleep habits: Where they slept, when they slept, how they slept, nightmares, dreams, wet dreams, fantasies, descriptive as possible. He included some questions on their daily life: eating, hobbies, dating, sex, exercise, etc. He needed to know what made them tick as much as possible. The wrong subject could be his one-way ticket to jail.

He didn't want to make it too suspicious, only asking for women. So, he explained that the next testing would be male only. Since he didn't want to corrupt the results by influencing sexual dreams of any kind. He informed them that the group would be paired into twos because there were only two machines for testing. There were six girls, all 18-20 years old, and all beautiful. He weeded out the rest for various reasons using the questionnaire and interviews to separate the potentially risky subjects. The profile he was looking for were single, inhibited, submissive girls. During the interviews, he looked for eye contact. Eye contact often accompanied confidence in them. The ones who lacked confidence often looked away. This always indicated submissiveness. Some of the girls were a little too talkative, and that was the last type of subject he wanted. The shyer the girl, the better chances that she would be the best of subjects. The most important criteria, though, was that Dr. Methers had to be physically turned-on by the young woman.

The whole research group would be his ultimate test. All previous results pointed to a behavior change within the subject. Someone who was afraid of swimming could be told it was safe to swim. They would not only swim in the altered state, but also come out ready to do laps like the phobia never existed. This gave him the idea for conditioning young women to do his bidding. If it worked then he would forever be a happy man, a very happy man.

He even adapted Cerux to react to human emotion, hormonal traits, and eroticism. The suit was made up of a state of the art elastic fiber to act like a second skin and conform to the female form. Wearing it was like putting on a garbage bag, but when attached to Cerux, the suit became compressed. The entire suit stuck to the skin comfortably, and it's shiny material made the individual look like they were wearing silvery glass. The suit remained flexible and the person could actually pull on the material, as well as push the material inwards without causing discomfort. Inside the suit, electrodes would stimulate sensation. The headset would do the rest. Its components consisted of a visor, earplugs and little else, resembling a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Once the doctor set up the programming, it was time to bring in the first set of girls, Sue and Erica. Both girls were 2 out of the three 18 year olds of the group. Sue's best feature was her long darkly tanned legs and her green eyes, a powerful combination for a young brunette. Her counterpart, Erica has blond locks and an ass that could make a priest sin.

Both teens have well-toned frames, obviously from working out. Their breasts weren't large, but they weren't that small either. His best guess was a b-cup for each young lady. Two great looking packages indeed. Dr. Methers memorized their profiles from the extensive surveys they had filled out. Sue often had sexual dreams about the tanning salon where she works. She indicated that she becomes aroused at the site of her male customers lying out on the tanning beds, but she never mixed work and pleasure. She had trouble with snoring, and that's why she came here. She stated on her application that she had not had intercourse. Erica, on the other hand, never had sexual dreams, and from all indications, could very well be a virgin too. She avoided most of the sexual questions with timidly evasive answers. Her disorder, like most of the group, was simply insomnia. With Cerux, there would be no sleep problems.

When the girls were placed into position on the bed, the doctor engaged the air compression for the virtual suits. It was extraordinary; the two teenagers had changed before his eyes. They went from bag ladies to voluptuous vixens, and he had to place his clipboard in front of his groin area to hide his erection. They looked tremendous in the tight skins of the garment. Every curve and crevice could be seen in the shiny material. Erica looked uncomfortable at once with her sudden exposure and casually covered her chest to hide her defined mounds. She was blushingly profusely. Sue didn't seem to even notice because she was commenting to Erica how comfortable she felt in the suit. Erica returned a weak smile and nodded.

The ladies were told that they would go asleep for only two minutes, and he wanted them to see a large green meadow and then think about ending the dream. At that point they would return. It was called a fail-safe measure, but the doctor called it a false sense of security. He wanted them to feel safe with him, so he told them they could wake up any time they wanted. If they felt like they needed to end it for any reason they could, but they really couldn't.

Once under the Cerux control, they were programmed not to think it wasn't anything but real. He also informed them that he would be with his crack staff in another room assessing the results. He even introduced the girls to his five person tech staff when they first entered the test group, all to make the girls feel safe. The tech staff though was no more than hired hands that he needed from time to time to help out with Cerux upgrades and sleep related studies. He, along with Cerux, would make the young females forget about their worries and give into their deepest desires. Then, perhaps he could even cure their sleep disorders, if he felt like it.

With everything in order, the girls did their two-minute drill, and arose feeling a tremendous high from their brief ordeal. He had them right where he wanted them. The plan for the two girls was different. He wanted Erica to feel what wanton lust was like. He would give her comfortable surroundings of her room. She would then experience a rush of desire unlike anything she has ever had. He would send himself into her shower, and she would give herself unto him. Until she couldn't wait any longer, then he would stop and leave her wanton. She would be suppressed from an orgasm, and in turn she would need to quench the strong built-up frustration that lay within. Sue on the other hand, needed to experience her deepest fantasy. She would awaken in the tanning salon and...

Sue stifled a yawn and stretched awake. She must have been really tired to fall asleep at work. She looked at the clock on the wall and realized that she was closed for almost two hours now. She wanted to get a little tanning herself before she went home, so she locked all the doors, and choose a tanning bed. She always did the full nude, and since she had a nice tan already, why not go all the way. She had no steady boyfriend, and she wanted one now.

Men were so intimidated by her good looks and never got the courage to ask her out. When they did, they were all egotistical assholes. She had refused to have sex with anyone from high school, now she regretted it. She wanted to wait for college, but now she was horny all the time. The guys who came into the tanning salon were so hot; she just couldn't stop wondering who was nude and who wasn't when they got their tans. Not one of them ever asked her out, although she did her best to flirt with them.

Stepping out of her clothes, the curvaceous 18-year-old approached the bed. She got the protective glasses off the shelf and popped on the machine switch. The low humming sound and purplish glow meant it was now bronzing time. She lay on her back first as the timer ticked down to twenty minutes. After a few minutes, Sue heard a noise within the room. She remained still and listened, not moving.

"Sue," a male voice whispered into Sue's ear. The girl lay frozen unable to move.

"Whose there?" She replied nervously.

"Just a guy who finds you so attractive that he's going to make you feel like a woman for the first time."

"Oh my God, please don't hurt me," Sue begged. She couldn't move at all. She was petrified with fear. She was too nervous to even lift her tanning glasses off her eyes to confront the man. She felt his warm breath on her neck.

"Sue, please don't be afraid, I'm here because I caught you looking at me while I was tanning. I know you want my hard body pressed against yours. Your eyes don't lie, even if I can't see them now."

"Who are you?" she asked. This man knew her, but now he had her trapped in this bed to do... to do whatever he wanted. She started to feel moistness between her legs, excited by the stranger breathing on her neck. All the men's bodies she had watched the past month flashed before her mind's eye. The bronzing effect of the tanning machine was a definite turn on, and she was getting turned on now.

"My name isn't important right now," he answered. "What is important is that you get to have me for your first time Sue."

"How do you know?"

"Shhhh," He interrupted. "Not important either my dear. I sense your excitement. Your getting aroused by my closeness, aren't you Sue? Would you like me to touch you?"

"I'm not getting aroused," Sue lied. She was getting very wet between her legs, and she could smell her sweet sex, and she guessed he must too. What was happening to her? Why did she feel so stimulated all over? She wanted him to touch her, but she also wanted him to just leave. She didn't feel so safe, and how could she, naked in front of this mystery man. Then the hum of the machine shut off, and this made her feel even more vulnerable for some reason.

"Well," He announced, "I guess it's time to cook the other side isn't it? We don't want an uneven tan, do we? Let me help you out."

"No, that isn't necessary," Sue, protested. The man slid his hands along her smooth legs until he reached her feet. He grabbed the left ankle and foot and placed it on the right foot. He then grabbed her left ankle and turned it, so her body rolled over automatically. He guided his hands along her body so she wouldn't fall off the bed. Lingering a little too long on her ass and hip. Sue felt helpless, unable to resist. Yet she yearned for more.

"Is that better?" He asked.

"You shouldn't have done that," Sue protested. Her will resist was waning, but she didn't want to explore this any further, he had to leave. "I think you better go. Your presence isn't welcome anymore." At that, he placed a hand on her right calf and began to knead it gently.

"Do you like massages Sue? I'm a professional at this you know. Do you like?" He rotated his hands from one leg calf to the next.

The teenager was speechless, as his hands warmed her already hot flesh. She wanted to move, but she felt frozen in place. Only with his hands did her body shift at all. She wanted to see, but the stupid tanning glasses blinded her. All her other physical senses were heightened by the stranger's rough fingers. She felt her wetness drip from her pussy. She was never so excited in her whole life. Yet her instincts told her to resist even as he advanced to her thigh muscles. Her legs separated slightly as he dove into her beautiful leg for an intense rubbing. His fingers stroked her and she whimpered at his delicate but firm exploration.

"Silence is golden, they say. Would you like me to stop? I will if you want me to, but I can tell by the aroma in the room that you don't. What say you, Sue?"

"Ahhh, please... I think you should stop, mmm..." The words weren't honest ones, and as his hands brushed against her ass, she knew she had to have more. "Yes, please continue, I'm sorry!"

"Well," He began, "I don't know. You did say stop first. When a girl says stop, it would be against the gentlemen's code of ethics to go against her wishes."

"You know you want to, so go ahead it feels nice."

"I know it feels nice, but you did say to stop though."

"Don't make me beg," Sue explained.

"Well, I think I will. Beg for me sweet thing. Tell me how much you want my hands to touch your deepest regions."

"No! I will never do that. I'm not that kind of girl. I'm a virgin, and I intend to stay that way."

"Tell me how much you want my hands to touch your breasts. To pinch and pull on your sensitive nipples."

"Stop saying that. If you want to massage me, go ahead, but I'm no slut." Sue couldn't understand her horniness right now. All his talk was stirring her in the oddest way. She didn't feel repulsed as she thought she should have. She felt the increase in her urge to give in and beg for the caresses. Losing control fast, she knew that she needed his touch more than anything in her whole life.

"Ask me to touch your throbbing clit, Sue. My finger will take you to heights you can never imagine. Ask me, go on, ask me, you know you have to."


"Not good enough my little princess. Tell me what I want to hear. Tell me you want my hands all over your body. Let me hear how horny you are for my manipulating digits. Can you feel the deep desire to allow my hands to explore your warm, soft skin? It's hard to think of anything else right now, but me touching you again. Tell me what you want, Sue."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Sue pleaded. She knew she was lost without his strong hands caressing her all over.

"You shouldn't have said stop. You ruined the moment for me. Now Sue, you know what you have to do. Go on."

"Okay, please massage me again." She was sweating all over from feeling so frustrated and embarrassed.

"Tell me more Sue."

"Please, I don't want to do this. It is embarrassing."

"Give in to your desires little one. Succumb to them."

"All right, please touch me... all over."

"More," He demanded.

"Touch my most intimate of areas," Sue pleaded.

"You can do better than that Sue."

"I want to feel your hands on my breasts, on my nipples." She felt excited by her words. His hands went back to work on her upper thighs, teasing her ass cheeks.

"Where else, my sweet?"

"I need you to touch my pussy. I need you to touch me now, please." His left hand spread her ass cheeks, and his right hand searched her wetness below. He teased the folds of her pussy, ignoring her engorged clit.

"Specifically? Any place in particular?"

"Ohhh, please, touch, my... ahhh, my clit, please." The excitement reached a fevered pitch. She needed to feel his hands, but the desire for more lay underneath. She wanted to feel this complete stranger inside of her. Her virginity meant nothing to her anymore. Her need for the undiscovered pleasure never was so strong. She didn't understand why she was completely overwhelmed by this stranger. In her wildest dreams, she never thought she would behave in such a loose manner, giving in to someone she didn't know and couldn't see. Was this submissiveness inside of her all along?

His hands pulled her hips up, so her ass was raised off the bed a little. He then attacked her pussy from under her ass. He still needed to get at her breasts, so he turned her back over on her back. While his hands worked on her tender flesh between her legs, his mouth began to suck hard on her nipples. Exciting the protruding buds to full intensity. Her teeth bit down hard on her lower lip, and a long moan escaped her as his lips nuzzled her perky tits.

"All right," He began, "I think we need more room than this little tanning bed, so I think the carpet will do just fine. What do you think, Sue?"

"Urghh... Ahhh..."

"That seems like a yes to me." He had his thumb hooked inside the entranceway to her pussy, the other fingers slid under her ass. With her arm draped around his broad shoulders, he slid his arm behind her and hoisted her off the tanning bed to the floor below. She felt on the verge of cumming when his thumb filled her fuck tunnel up to her cherry wall. She almost wished she had lost it on the trip to the carpet.

"Sue," He whispered hotly in her ear as his thumb moved gently within her tiny passage. "I need to taste you my sweet. I want to thrust my tongue inside of you, and sample your delicious nectar. Would you like that?"

"Mmm, yes!" Sue responded urgently. The idea of his slippery tongue snaking along inside of her pussy sent shivers all over her skin. When his mouth sucked on the folds of her pussy, she cried out in delight. No sensation had ever felt so good: she was in heaven. The long wet organ traced her womanhood, flicking her clit like a frog catching a fly, snapping at it and teasing her, so she cried out for more.

"Ahhh, please don't do that. It's too much!" Sue screamed as her body writhed on the floor. "Just, mmm, just lick me, please! I feel so close, ohhh, so close, ahhh, yes, right there, mmm, yes!!!"

He gently bit down on her clit, and she came long and hard on his tongue. He held on to her ass, and he pushed it upwards to his mouth, as she bucked and gyrated from her orgasm. He tongue fucked her wildly. Licking her juices as they leaked from her dark gash. In and out, faster and faster, his tongue was a piston within her. He kept the barrage of tongue stabbing at an incredible pace. She tossed wildly under him, unable to stay still, and he never lost the beat. She wrapped her legs around his back and shoulders.

She felt the rise of another orgasm even as the first one was subsiding. The sightless contact only made her other senses become more heightened. She wanted to see this mysterious lover. She felt such comfort in hearing his voice. It soothed her, and made her feel like a woman, not a silly teenager.

There was a need, a really strong one to have this man take her virginity, yet she wanted to look at his eyes as he fucked her. She knew that this man, no matter who it was, would be the greatest lover. That he would also be irresistible to look at. She would never get enough of him. She would be his little teen sex doll. He would make her so happy, and she would return the favor. She felt the strength return to her arms, and propped herself up.

She reached to take off the glasses to see her lover. There was such a wanton desire growing within her. She wanted to see him tongue fuck her. She was incredibly anxious to see his penis. She needed so bad to taste him too. She tried to give a blowjob, two separate times, but she felt repulsed by the act. That's why she found it strange that she wanted to taste his cock. She desired to have him fuck her in her mouth. She could almost taste it, and feel it jammed in her mouth. All her inhibitions were falling by the wayside. Her horniness left her wanting more.

As the tongue plunged in for the last time, she came again as he bit down on her clit. He stuck his thumb into her again, but this time he filled her pussy with it's sturdiness. He wanted Sue to feel something inside of her, before he fucked her. That was the sentiment he whispered to her. He told the teen it was time for her to feel the hardness of a warm cock inside of her. He wanted her to tell him how much she wanted it, and how much she needed it.

"I need your hardness, ohhh... inside of me. Please, give me your cock. Give it, mmm; I need it so bad, ahhh! I'll do anything for you. Anything, ahhh, I'm cumming again, oh lord, ohhh, I need it so bad, ohhh... ahhh!!!"

"I want you to see it first. Take off your glasses and let me show you my trophy prize young lady. You've won the jackpot."

Dr. Methers stood naked by his console. He was giving Sue the last touches of her Cerux made journey into mind control. Erica was just entering stage two of her adjustment, while Sue was all but ready to be awakened. She was conditioned to accept the good doctor as her lover, and the man of her dreams. She would be very aroused when she awoke from her dormant state. Considering how much she was moaning from her virtual experience, she would be extremely sensitive to stimulation. There would be a need for immediate satisfaction. He would quench her desires, and quench his own while he was at it. Just seeing her in the VR outfit was enough to spring his member to maximum intensity.

The suit was designed for sex. It was like wearing a body condom. He could give her a full flogging and not worry about impregnating the dear girl. The shimmering material was soft, thin and could stretch without tearing. He could also program Cerux for full body contact. He could simulate sex with a push of the button. Even wide-awake, the suit could be activated, and it could come alive. He had thought of everything. If the mind converting didn't work completely he could instantly put the girl back under.

"I need your hardness, ohhh... inside of me," Sue begged from her deep trance. "Please, give me your cock. Give it, mmm; I need it so bad, ahhh! I'll do anything for you. Anything, ahhh, I'm cumming again, oh lord, ohhh, I need it so bad, ohhh... ahhh!!!"

She was getting ready to wake up now. Sue reached for the visor and flipped it up. Her first visual was of Dr. Mether's nakedness. His long protrusion bouncing up and down in front of her. A flood of emotions ran through the young teenage girl. She felt a bit disoriented. She was just in the spa, she thought. Now Dr. Methers was standing unclothed with a hard-on. She felt wet and horny, and she couldn't help but wonder what the penis would feel like deep inside her virgin canal. She wanted him to fuck her so much. Wanting him to pop her cherry and make her a woman.

"How do you feel my dear?" Dr. Methers asked.

"Good, hmmm... real good." Sue responded, feeling her lust overwhelm her as she reached out to touch his stiff cock. Stroking it as she continued, "I would love to feel even better. Maybe you could, hmmm... help me Doc? I need to have your beautiful penis in the worst way."

"Well," the doctor gleamed, "I guess you earned it. Would you like to taste it first?"

Sue felt a little uneasy by the thought of having to give a blowjob. In the past she hadn't liked it, and was disgusted by it. Strangely now she had such a craving to have his dick in her mouth. The uneasiness hung in the air, as she rose from the bed and dropped to her knees. She grabbed the doctor's long extension with both hands on the shaft. Her forefinger of her right hand rubbed the slick liquid that exited the head of the penis. Her left hand massaged the ball sack gently, and she licked her lips in anticipation.

She felt so aroused by the smell of his crotch area as she dipped her head lower. Her tongue tasted the droplet of pre-cum. She was thrilled by the pleasantness of the sticky stuff. It tasted good, and thoughts of having more enveloped her mind. She ran her tongue down the shaft to the balls, and back up again repeatedly. Her mouth took in the head and sucked on it like a lollipop. Her eyes looked up at Dr. Methers to see if he liked the job she was doing.

The doctor trembled as the brunette flashed her beautiful, green eyes at him, almost enough to make him cum, but he was prepared for the long haul. Her beauty was intoxicating as she worked hard to please him. The suit accentuated her round, juicy ass, and he couldn't wait to plunge deep into it. He smiled at how well Cerux had performed. She was a complete lustful animal now. He had opened her world to the pleasures of sexual delight. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

The virgin teenager slowly worked his member into her mouth. Moving her tongue to taste his every inch, as she dove down deeper. Once he had his whole staff in tonsil town, she ran her teeth along the shaft as it eased back out of her mouth. Suckling on the head again briefly, she took a second to rub her hands along the shaft before she dove back down. Repeating the act over and over again, she became obsessed in the ritual.

Never would she have believed giving head would be this enjoyable. She felt so hot with every plunge she took. The suit felt so good against her body. It made her feel like a sexy woman, not a teenager who was inexperienced, which she was, at least for the time being. Dr. Methers grabbed her head and moved it towards his cock, and Sue felt like her face was being fucked. It was such a turn-on to give into his wishes. The mouth thrusts were both powerful and erotic to the young nymph. She grew wetter and wetter by the minute. She was ready to be fucked. She needed to be fucked.

Sue's head bobbed up and down on Dr. Methers' penis. He stopped her by tugging at her hair. She looked up at him with lust-filled eyes. Those green beauties just filled him with an unbelievable warm sensation. If he could grow any bigger than he already was, he would have. Now he wanted to have sex with this highly aroused teenager. He had her panting in front of him.

"It's time, baby," Dr. Methers announced. "Get on the bed Sue and let's have some fun." He glanced over at Erica, and she was coming along nicely. He had the computer run a manual program to heighten her sexuality. He would teach the girl how to become familiar with her very sexy body. Teach her all about masturbation and how to dress seductively for men. He introduced a lesbian temptation, but it wouldn't be strong. If she were willing to explore then it would happen.

Sue caught the doctor's glare, and for the first time since she awoke, she became aware of Erica's presence. Caught in her own lust, jealousy hit, and she tried to remove the VR suit.

"Leave the suit on my dear," Dr. Methers bellowed.

"But, how..."

"Leave that to me. Now turn over and lets see that sweet ass of yours."

Without question, she flipped over on her hands and knees on the bed. Thrusting her butt at him and wagging it like a happy dog. The virgin was the horniest she had ever been. The need to be fucked was never stronger than it was right now. She needed the doctor to plunge his long erection into her dripping wet snatch. Still wearing the suit though, she had her doubts. Why did he want her to keep it on? Her cunny was so anxious to be filled up; she didn't dare wait any longer.

He reached for her tantalizing posterior, and pulled it towards the end of the bed where his penis stood at attention. He decided to test the material of her VR suit, by plunging a finger into her taut pussy. His finger easily stretched the fibers of the outfit, and he slowly felt the softness of her virgin hole. He felt the power of the sucking lips as his digit was pulled inside of her. She was so ready, and he wanted to feel her so bad.

"Ahhh," Sue moaned in surprise. The doctor's finger suddenly and easily entered her damp tunnel. The suit gave his finger easy access, and she felt it like it wasn't even covered by anything. As she groaned in response to his manipulations, she realized why the doctor was allowing her to keep the metallic looking cover on.

Her nipples were jutting out as if she were nude. Her pussy lips extended themselves in the outline of the suit. The material was almost seeing through, yet the shininess of it gave mystery to the eye. It stretched along her tight frame, and apparently was still ready to be stretched some more. She felt the finger pull out, and her hot pussy reluctantly released the foreign object. He ground his penis against her entranceway as he pulled her closer to his groin.

"Are you ready, my sweet," He asked.

"Never been more ready Doctor!" Sue responded earnestly.

The first plunge was a pleasurable and slow one. The elasticity of the garment gave way easily and the doctor's cock became surrounded by its fibers. It was very comfortable entering the young lady's tight quarters. He could actually feel her dampness as his cock filled her up. He squeezed her ass cheeks as he dove in deeper.

She grunted as her cherry gave way. There was a mixture of pleasure and pain within her. The feel of the warm cock throbbing within her was overwhelmingly good. She never imagined that sex could be so breathtaking, and here she was opening up her legs to a wonderfully sexy man of her dreams. Albeit a stranger, but one whose dick felt heavenly going deeper and deeper within her body. Her pussy was lubricating him as he descended to the hilt of her body. He paused there in her, and she felt the pain mix with the thrumming pleasure deep within her loins. Soon the pain would be one with her desire and then her passion would take over.

The doctor was very happy that she was a virgin, and he was her first. There was a certain triumph to it. She was so tight, that her slick pussy walls squeezed all along his cock shaft. She let out a small shriek of discomfort, but the suit lining helped aid in her first full fuck thrust. The pain was slight, but the pleasure was intense as her pussy engulfed his long cock. Her upright position accepted the penis completely. Dr. Methers steadied himself on her hips and began a slow grinding motion as he started to pull out of her. He felt her urgency for more so he returned and started pounding against her ass. The rhythm and approach he took made her squeal for more. He was not rushed to end the pleasure. He wanted to prolong it as long as he could. Slowly, in and out, his stiff member drove the girl insane with lust. The ass smacking sounds from each thrust into her, echoed within the lab. Soon he felt her ass move in her an earnest attempt to attain more pleasure from his able rod. He then began to move faster, her movements meeting his. She was now becoming what he had hoped for, a sexually driven animal. He began moving faster and faster as the cunt piercing continued.

He held onto her tightly from behind, and she moved her ass in rhythm with each drive into her. Helpless to her intense sex drive, she screamed out as the pleasure overtook her. In her young 18-year-old mind, she could not have imagined sex to have ever been this good. The rise within her continued, as an orgasm grew closer. He pulled her upper body to him so their bodies were closer. His hands roamed freely over her encased breasts and he tweaked her nipples, which added to her pleasure. A hand moved along her neck and held her chin back so he could kiss her from behind as he rammed into her. Their tongues twirled and she found herself ensconced in the moment. Her mind so fixated with every caress, with every thrust, and with every kiss. Her body reacting on its' own began to meet every piston-like movement. She was eager for the deep assault into her damp passage, and her ass quickened the pace of each plunge.

The suit she wore was amazing and seemed to escalate the level of her pleasure. Just pinching her nipples spread tingly warmth unlike anything she had ever encountered before. When he fucked her deeply, the suit seemed to rub every area of her pussy. Her clit was naturally stroked and until that moment her g-spot had never been stimulated. She felt as if she had to pee, but knew it was a growing pleasure that she yearned to release. She moaned as their tongues swirled as one. He kissed her in this erotic pose as he shoved his hard member against her. There were so many things happening to her, yet she ached to be fucked harder and faster. She was so close now her body trembled with anticipation. She cried out in ecstasy at the height of her wanton need.

"Oh yes! Harder. Mmm, yes, harder, please harder!"

"You want to cum so bad don't you?" He responded teasingly. He slowed for a second, as he let her fall back down to her hands, and grabbed her hips once again to steady him. She felt so good as he shoved himself deeply into her. He quickened his pace and she met his with every drive.

"Slam me, make me cum. I want you to fuck me so hard," She squealed in delight.

"How is this baby?" He added, as he started to fuck as hard as he could.

"Mmm... yes, like that. You make me feel, so good! Your cock, ohhh, is so big in me. I feel it; I feel it deep inside of me."

"You are so beautiful baby, I love to fuck you; now cum for me, Sue. Cum hard for me." Dr. Methers couldn't hold out for long, it was just too pleasurable. Her pussy held his cock like a glove and it was unlike any tightness he had ever felt before. The suit obviously was having an impact on the head of his penis. The feeling was so intense that he was ready to cum at any moment. He fought to wait for her, but every time she moaned, he came closer to orgasm.

"I'm, ahhh, so close, yes, mmm, there, right there, ohhh!!!" Sue cried. She was ready to cum now. It was building and she felt all the pleasure come to a point all at once. Her body quaked as she felt the need to explode at any second.

"Cum baby, cum now for me. I am going to shoot my cum for you baby. Mmm, yes, you feel so perfect!"

" Yes!!! I'm cumming, mmm, yes, ahhh, I'm cumming!!!" They both came together, as the doctor sprayed his sperm inside her. She felt the warmth of it at once, but didn't feel it go inside her. She let the waves of pleasure overtake her emotions as the good doctor rode out the last of his cum thrusts. She was in heaven and nothing else mattered because she was with her dream man.

The doctor kept the pace going until he emptied himself of all his desire. The suit would have to be cleaned, but it was designed to be cleaned easily and still remain exactly as it was. He looked over at Erica, and imagined the sweet blond succumbing to his every whim too. He caught her biting down on her lower lip, and could tell. Her time was near, and he would be more than ready to tackle this timid debutante as soon as he recovered from Sue.

For now, he would enjoy Sue's sweet pussy. He took a finger and inserted it into her ass. She moaned sweetly. He pushed it all the way in, testing its depths. He thought he would also enjoy the teen's ass as well. This was heaven, but there was time for lots more. Lots more!

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