Susie's Life of Lust
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - True story of Susie a married woman with 3 children who loved the taste of man's cum. How she met an old lover and gained more lovers on her way to become a married slut.

This story I'M about to write is true about a dear friend of mine. She is a married woman in her late fifties with four grown children and have many grandchildren that she loves and adores.

She asked me to write this about her so she can mentally feel that she has confessed all her wrong doings.

I had asked her to tell her story and record it so I can transfix it into words. I will write it as close as possible to her exact words.

A brief description of this woman who I will call Susie.

Susie always kept her weight within 5 pounds minus or plus of 120. She stands 5'2 has brown eyes with a tint of hazel sparkle, dark brown hair worn just above her shoulders, with a body that was solid from her toes to her head.

She had solid 34B breasts with pink nipples that were long and very sensitive. Her waist was a 26 with hips at 34. Her butt was a perfect shape and her legs were solid muscles.

Her lips were full and had high cheek bones. She is a very attractive woman.

To me she looked best in jeans and t shirt but that is my opinion.

Let me start with her telling you the story.

My name is Susie and I'm about to tell you what my life was and to this day still is.

I grew up in a house with a brother and a single parent.

My mother was a hard factory worker who tried her best to keep food on the table without looking for help from the government.

When I was fifteen years old I always wondered if my mother had a boyfriend.

One night when she went out I followed her and found her meeting a man a few blocks from where we lived.

I seen her get into the car and slide over the seat to fall into his arms. They kissed for a long time until I noticed my mother sinking slowly into his lap.

I was dumbfounded to think my loving mother was going down on a man in a car just blocks from our house.

This went on for a very long time and always with the same man who I later found out was my friends father who was still married and living at home.

I had never told any one what I have seen so many times but it was always a mystery to me why she didn't date a single man and think of getting remarried.

When I turned 16 I met Steve who is my husband of over 30 years now. Steve and I dated for 2 years and married right after we graduated high school.

On our wedding night Steve took my virginity. I was scared and the scenes of my mother with her boyfriend were flashing in my head. I didn't want to be like her, I wanted to give my husband sex but I didn't enjoy any of it.

For the longest time during the first few months of our marriage Steve tried to get me to suck his cock.

Thoughts of my mother kept returning to me and the words Steve used about her and what she was doing rang in my head.

I had told him about her giving this man blow jobs and Steve called her a slut and a cock sucking whore for fooling around with another woman's husband.

I knew I should have never told him but it was killing me inside to know and not be able to discuss it with any body.

He would hold my head and push it to his cock and tell me to suck it like my mother sucks.

I wanted to tell him I knew about his affairs and the women that he had in the office. I wonder if he would like me to call them whores like he does my mother.

He told me that I will be a good cock sucker one day because I was like my mother.

Little did he know how right he was.

It was a summer morning and Steve was at work when I noticed my son looked very red and had a runny nose.

I took his temperature and found it very high so I called the doctor and he in turn called the pharmacist to have medicine delivered to me.

When the doorbell rang it startled me forgetting about the delivery.

My son was fast asleep and I feared the sound of the bell would wake him so I hurried to get the door.

When I opened the door there stood and man who I had dated when in high school holding the package in his hand.

"Susie how are you" he said. "I had no idea that this was for you." "Tom how are you?" I said in disbelief who was standing in my doorway.

"Come in, please come in Tom" holding the door open for him.

As he entered the house he walked very close to me rubbing his arm across my breasts.

A tingle went through my body remembering how we used to make out in the drive in theater and how he always played with my tits as I would jerk him off.

Good memories came back and that tingle I always had in my body for him was rejuvenated.

I offered him a drink and we sat at the kitchen table reminiscing old times together.

He was telling me about his wife and children and I was doing the same but we never brought up anything about our dates and what we did in the drive in theater.

He seemed to be happily married and content with what he did for a living.

He told me that working in the pharmacy was a part time thing for extra money when he wanted to go out with the boys and have a few drinks.

I thought that was a good Idea and told him how I felt.

He asked if I ever wanted to go out one night to meet the old crew to let him know and they all can go over the good times they had years before as teenagers.

Thoughts of back then ran through my mind because I must have jerked off all the boys in the group one time or another.

They always teased me because I was a virgin and all I would do was jerk them off and occasionally suck their cocks.

I did love when they came and how it would shoot from their cock s into my hand and on my face. The feel of the hot sticky cum would excite me but not enough for me to go any further.

When he was ready to leave he kissed me on the lips and placed his left hand on my right breast.

My nipple hardened immediately since I had no bra on and he noticed right away.

"Nothings changed" he said as he rubbed my nipple. I pulled away and told him he was out of line and that I'M married now and not free to touch like it was when we dated.

He smiled and said "Your still hot for me though I can tell."

I looked in his eyes and he was right but I had to fight the feeling off. "I'M married now and I have love for my husband only." I thought to myself.

He reached for me again and this time held my shoulders to him as he kissed me hard pushing his tongue into my mouth. Fighting him to let go but failed as I felt his bulge pressing against my belly.

I remember exactly what his cock was like and how it must be bigger now. My body and mind were failing me. I was giving in to him as he started to feel my breasts with his hands and twisting my nipples with his fingers.

Our tongues were dueling in our mouths. My hands reached between us and I felt his huge erection in his pants.

"Susie you're a grown woman now and I'M a grown man, we have something for each other and now we can show it." "Lets make love like we should have years ago." he whispered to me as I was pulling on his cock.

"Oh Tom I can't, I can't be like my mother and do things that aren't right." "I'M a married woman now and I must be faithful." I pleaded with him.

"Yes you are married but you love my cock don't you?" as he looked down at my hands rubbing him like the old days.

I looked into his eyes with tears running down my cheeks as I unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

I jerked him off until he came into my hands feeling the hot sticky cum I always loved to feel.

After he came he took my hands in his and pushed them towards my face. "Eat my cum Susie, please eat my cum." With that he pushed my hands to my mouth and rubbed my hands all over my face.

As I tried to protest some of his cum went into my mouth and I tasted cum for the first time ever.

I yelled at him to leave as I ran up the stairs to my bathroom to clean myself up.

Halfway up the stairs I heard the front door close with a bang and turned to see he was gone.

My hands still full of his cum and cum all over my face I sat there on the steps breathing heavily and whimpering over what had just taken place.

Looking into my hands I brought them to my lips. Licking my fingers and tasting more of Toms cum started to excite me.

All those years of having boys cum in my hands and never tasting it surprised me.

It wasn't bad at all.

After cleaning my fingers and hands with my tongue I went to the bathroom and cleaned my self up.

Looking into the mirror at myself I wondered what is next in my life.

I think I just opened a Pandora box.

Several days had gone by and the thought of tasting cum again came back into my mind over and over again.

Making love to my husband was the same except when I thought of having cum to eat then my orgasms would be more intense than ever.

I didn't let on to Steve about wanting to taste his cum knowing he would bring up the things my mother did and call her names again.

Here I was married with a man who wanted me to suck his cock yet I was afraid of the verbal abuse and missing the taste of cum by neglecting him the pleasures of my mouth.

Feeling guilty towards Tom by yelling at him to leave my house and the guilt of having him here and not telling Steve was driving me insane.

I had to decide what I wanted and how I would handle whatever decision I made.

After having sex with Steve I would put my fingers inside of me and take his cum and put it in my mouth.

It wasn't the same as it was with Tom because with Steve our juices were mixed and tasted different.

After another couple of days I decided to call Tom and apologize to him for being so rude and nasty to him.

He accepted my apology and told me he understood and he also said he was sorry for being so straight forward with me.

We talked for some time on the phone and after a while made plans to meet during the day to talk and reminisce some more.

The day has come to meet with Tom so I had my mother come over that Saturday morning and told her I was going shopping with a friend while Steve was at work.

Everything seemed to fall into place as I had planned the day.

After instructing my mother what to do with the children I was off to meet my friend Tom for a lunch that he planned in a field inside a county park.

The park was several miles from my home and took about an hour to get there. Then once there we walked which must have been 2 miles to a clearing that was surrounded by woods.

Tom opened a blanket and we sat as he fumbled through the cooler for a beer and sandwiches.

It was a very romantic moment as we sat there and talked about everything and anything.

After about an hour the conversation went to sex.

Tom asked if I was mad at him for putting his cum into my mouth and with a smile I confessed that I enjoyed it and told him how I licked the remainder of his cum after he left the house.

That must have hit a right note with him because I can see him moving around and trying to readjust his cock in his pants.

He asked me if I give my husband blow jobs and I told him how I felt about giving him a blow job would cause so much verbal abuse.

"Yes, I like the taste of cum, which I finally realized that day.

I smiled and asked if men lose respect for women who suck cock. He assured me that a man looks at a woman in a whole different way when they suck his cock. "Men respect you more" he said.

I sat and pondered that as a thought then asked "why does Steve call them bad names.

"Maybe he is just frustrated like some men get who don't get sex as often as they want."

He said with a stare of lust in his eyes.

"I enjoy jerking off a cock but I can't imagine sucking one off into my mouth" I had said with a gleam in my eye.

I wanted so bad at that moment to jerk him off and taste his cum again.

Tom reached for me and held me close as he kissed me hard.

With his tongue in my mouth and his hands covering my breasts he had me wet in my crotch in a matter of seconds.

Letting me go he asked if he can teach me what would be good for me to learn about sucking cock.

I looked in his trusting eyes then gave him the ok sign by kissing him on the lips.

Taking me again in his arms Tom began to remove my blouse and unhook my bra. I looked around in fear that someone my see us and he reassured me that they were alone and cannot be seen.

I settled back and relaxed as he removed my blouse and bra freeing my tits to his roaming hands and lips.

Licking my sensitive nipples made them hard like steel darts between his lips.

With every lick of my nipple I could feel more juices flowing between my legs.

I reached for his cock now that was fully erect and hard like a piece of pipe.

With two hands around it I started to jerk him off.

Grasping my wrists he stopped me and suggested I kiss the head of his cock.

I shook my head no until he put his hand behind my head and guided it to his cock.

I then noticed how big it was. The head was huge and purple in color with the slit dripping cum from it.

"Lick the head with your tongue" he said. I stared at it for a minute then moved in closer. I can smell the odor of sex that turned me on so I licked up what was coming from his cock.

As I licked it more flowed out so I put my lips around the whole head and sucked his juices into my mouth.

The head was soft and rubbery and the juice was very tasty.

"Suck the head some more" Tom said to me "And you will be rewarded with my cum for you to eat."

I did as he said and after sucking hard on the head he shot a load to the back of my throat. I gagged and coughed as I let his cock loose from my lips.

I swallowed what went into my mouth but he shot more and more on to my face as I pulled away from his crotch.

Tom laughed and said " that was very good and the more you do that the longer you will be able to keep it in your mouth and swallow as I shoot."

I didn't know if I wanted to do that but then I realized how good he tasted and all that went to waste.

I apologized to him for pulling my head away and making such a mess and he accepted and told me I will make a good cock sucker with practice.

And practice is what I did for the remainder of the day.

I sucked him back to hardness and he taught me how to make a man cum fast and how to swallow the cum and breath through my nose.

I enjoyed all his instructions and according to him I did very well.

By the time we were ready to leave and go home I was a good cock sucker.

On the way home I was thinking about what I have done with Tom and how will I ever be able to do that with Steve after all the times I had rejected him.

I wanted so much to show him what Tom had taught me but didn't know how to approach the subject.

I didn't have to wait long because that next weekend Steve came home with some porn movies.

As we watched them Steve was talking to me about sucking his cock. This gave me the opportunity to show him I will try to satisfy his needs.

He guided my head to his cock and instructed me what to do. As I looked at his cock I wanted to take it all in one motion and give him the blow job of his life.

I needed to go slow and not let him know I knew what to do.

As I kissed around his cock he was pushing at my head and instructing me what to do with my tongue.

He finally got what he wanted. I put my mouth completely around his cock and took it all in my throat.

He came within seconds and I tried to pull my head away he held it down so I had to swallow all his cum.

I choked and gaged and cursed him as he released my head where I could breath.

His cum tasted different than Toms and that puzzled me.

He apologized for holding my head down but he said that he was so excited he didn't know what he was doing.

From that day on Steve was getting his blow jobs when he wanted and took all the credit for teaching me.

In my mind though I enjoyed Tom much more than my own husband.

Whether it was the fact that it wasn't right to be with another man or because he was my first to suck off.

I knew I would have to suck off another guy before I can tell why I liked Tom much more and to see if all men tasted different.

Weeks have passed and I have not seen or heard from Tom. He must have been very busy not to get in touch with me like he had promised.

I called the pharmacy and was told he hasn't worked there for over 2 weeks. I got worried about him but didn't know how to locate him.

Taking a ride through the old neighborhood a week later I ran into an old friend of Tom and myself.

I haven't seen John in many years but he did recognize me and was glad to see me.

Asking him about Tom he seemed to avoid answering me for some reason.

While we were talking John was staring at me and told me that Tom told him about what we had done and how much fun we had.

I looked John in the eye and asked him exactly what Tom had said.

He told me that he finally got me to fuck him after all these years.

I was so embarrassed from the way he put it that I couldn't look him in the eye.

"Susie" he said. "For years we all wanted to fuck you and all you did was jerk us off." "You are very hot and we all knew in time you would come around and be hot in bed."

I looked at him and told him, "Tom has lied and I'M not a slut."

With that I left and went straight home.

It only took a day when the phone rang and it was Tom.

"Well where have you been?" I blurted at him. "Passing things around about what we did was not a good thing" I blurted again. "Wait, wait Susie it wasn't like you think" he said in his defense.

"I ran into John and told him you were married now and that you have changed for the better" he explained. "Turned for the better? I'M confused about that you big mouth." I screamed at him.

"I just told him that you are a woman now and that I wish you were like that years ago." he tried to explain in his own defense.

"Well now you are cut off from me and don't bother trying to be my friend." I said in a very demanding voice as I hung up the phone.

The phone rang again several times and I refused to pick it up.

I was outraged about Tom and what he told John but then again it made me horny to think of the time we all had together and what if I did eat their cum then. What if a lot of things went through my mind but I was a married woman now with children so I better not think of the what if's.

Several days have gone by and I have been getting thoughts of Tom and what I have done with him. His cock in my mouth felt so good and now we aren't talking and I miss that.

I have been horny now for several days but always thought of other things to keep myself sane.

While shopping in the supermarket I ran into my son's baseball assistant coach.

Bob is a young man in his early to mid twenties. A good looking man and well built around 6' tall with light hair and big brown eyes.

I notice his eyes because he looks at me like my husband should look at me.

His eyes roam my body and he smiles at me like he approves.

I was dressed in jeans and a blouse and couldn't figure what he seen in me.

He made me feel attractive when he commented how good I looked.

I thanked him and asked how he was and we started a conversation that he suggested we go somewhere to sit and chat.

I agreed since I had no place of importance to go.

We met in a lounge that was just down the street from the supermarket.

As we sat there our conversation turned toward sex.

After a few drinks my lips were loose and I spoke very free on the sex subject.

Bob moved closer to me and put his hand on my lap as we talked. I felt his hand creep up to my thigh and then inside my thigh.

My breathing was getting heavier as he moved closer.

Leaning into me his lips touched mine and I didn't resist his touch.

I felt his tongue at my lips and trying to get it into my mouth. My nipples hardened and my mouth opened to accept his tongue.

As his tongue dueled with mine his right hand found my left breast. I pulled away and told Bob we shouldn't be doing this. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me hard. Again I pushed him away and asked him to stop and understand that I do not cheat on my husband.

Bob didn't look surprised but did look embarrassed as he looked into my eyes with an apology.

I felt bad for him but I couldn't submit to his advances.

I feared that someone from the neighborhood may see us and get the wrong idea.

A few weeks went by and the season was about to start and I didn't know how I would react when I had to meet Bob again.

He was a sexy man and I feared that I may get attracted to him if he paid much attention to me.

It was Monday morning and the kids had left for school and Steve was leaving for a three day seminar on the west coast when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was the taxi for Steve I ran to the door to find Bob standing there.

"Hello Bob" I said to him in shock. "Is something wrong?" not knowing what to say with the surprise of him being here. "Oh hello I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to leave you the schedule for the new baseball season starting this Saturday." he said as he handed me a binder full of papers.

"Oh thank you." I said as I offered him to come in. Steve came into the room as Bob entered the house.

"Hello Bob" Steve greeted him with a hand shake. Bob in turn said hello and shook Steve's hand.

"Hope to have a winning season this year" Bob said to Steve. "I'M sure you will do OK the boys and their parents like you and how well you coach" Steve said as he looked out for his taxi.

Bob was looking at me and his eyes were roaming my body as he said "I have a lot to teach this season and hope my students enjoy my technic of training."

I smiled at him as he winked at me.

My body was responding to his stares and I think he knew it.

"My cab is here!" Steve shouted across the room.

"Love you Susie" as he threw me a kiss, and yelled to Bob "Take care of my wife for me while I'M gone OK Bob?

"OK" Bob shouted back as Steve left the house.

As the taxi pulled away Bob came to me and held me in his arms. Looking down at me he kissed my lips.

My reaction was to kiss him back but I pushed him away and told him no.

As I turned to leave Bob came from behind me and with one motion pushed his hands under my shirt and under my bra bring my shirt and bra up around my neck.

My breasts were exposed to the fresh cool air and my nipples hardened immediately.

His lips went to my neck and kissed my neck and licked my ear lobes.

With his both hands full of my tits he whispered to me how nice and firm my tits are and he wanted me now.

Again I said no but I wasn't stern enough for him to hear me.

His left arm still around me and his hand moving to my right tit as his right hand went into my pants along my flesh until his fingers were at my pussy lips.

Squeezing my tit and nipple with his one hand the hand in my pants found my mound. Rubbing my mound his fingers probed my pussy lips.

His finger entered me and pushed inside my cunt. He found my G spot and I had a mind blowing climax.

"You are one hot mother Susie, I knew you were a hot one." Bob whispered in my ear.

My knees were getting weak as he continued his assault on my body.

I reached behind me to find his cock and asked him to let me free so I can hold his cock in my hands.

He turned me around and dropped me to my knees.

There on my knees with my tits exposed I unfastened his pants pulling them below his knees and reaching into his shorts for his hard cock.

Releasing his 7 inch hot hard throbbing cock with pre-cum on its tip, I opened my mouth and took him deep. I took his cock to the back of my throat until I gaged.

Rubbing my head he told me to swallow my cock and breath through my nose. I tried and gaged again.

He said he has patience and that after the day is done I would be deep throating him.

My mind was racing and my body was on fire. I wanted to taste him. I sucked his cock like I was a cock sucking machine. I rubbed his balls and sucked until he came. He came in gallons and I swallowed every drop he had to offer.

His cum tasted better than Tom or my husbands. I couldn't get enough of his cum.

He took my hand and took me upstairs to my bed.

He laid me on my back and kneeled between my legs. As I spread my legs for him he lowered his head to my pussy and began to lick on my wet pussy lips. His tongue entered my cunt and made my hips jerk. His lips locked on my clit and his tongue ran in and out of my dripping pussy.

His hands reached up and cupped my breasts as his fingers twisted my hard nipples.

So firm he said. So firm your tits are and your nipples are like little hard erasers.

He twisted and pulled my nipples as my hips jerked and push into his face.

I must have had two or three orgasms from his mouth alone.

He kneeled again between my legs and pointed his cock toward my pussy lips.

As he rubbed his cock head into my open lips I pulled him toward me so his cock can enter me and plunge deep inside my womb.

His cock stretched my lips and I could feel the walls of my cunt rubbing the length of his large cock.

We made love all afternoon and Bob taught me more than Tom or my husband ever taught me.

By the time he was ready to leave I was true cock sucker and not a beginner any more and a satisfied woman. I climaxed more that afternoon than I did all my married life.

Bob and I had an affair going through the entire baseball season.

By the time winter had arrived Bob moved out of state to pursue a good career and I haven't heard from him again.

I was hooked on eating cum and Bob has gone.

I didn't want to get involved again with Tom so I had to find someone to feed me.

That's when I met Bill.

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