Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, DomSub, First, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An erotic fantasy which never became reality

My name is Felix. I'm 41 y/o, 179 cm and I'm divorced. I spend my free time in the park. I meet there a nice looking woman, a brunette.

We talk a lot every day. We become friends. Her name is Michelle. She is 46 y/o and married. She is taller than me, about 190 cm. Her hips are large and she has round boobs, and that makes her very feminine. Michelle is wearing black dresses all the time. Her dark hair is pulled into a long ponytail that trail down her back, almost touching her butt.

Suddenly, one day, she begins to cry silently and to confess: her husband loves her, she loves him too, but their sexual life became boring years ago.They make love only in the missionary position over and over again; only one time per week, Saturday at 8 o'clock sharp in the evening. This makes her angry and disoriented; she feels that she became a toy, an object. Michelle needs more, she is full of imagination and lust dreams. I am her only friend and she asks me if I want to fulfil some of her secret fantasies. I want to know the answer to a simple question:

"What do you want from me, precisely?".

"Well, I need someone to show a little love for me, and respect... and to obey my orders... after so many years, I need to take control!"

" In fact, you need a man who wants to be treated like an object... I'm free, without obligations and... yeah, I agree."".

Our plan is simple: we will make sex, she will lead the game, and we will not become emotionally involved.

We are in a hotel room. Michelle undresses. I admire her athletic body while she drinks some bourbon. Her breasts are magnificent. Her cunt is shaved.

We are going to play roles; first, she is my Mistress and I'm her humble slave.We are both beginners in this.

She sits on the sofa, her legs wide spread, finishing another drink. She wears only her red high heel shoes. She commands me to knee. I quickly drop on the carpet and look up at her. She lifts one foot and settle it onto my shoulder; I see her scantily clad pussy and the dark shadow of the anal entrance.

"Lick my shoes, slave!"she demands and then blushes.

Meantime she is masturbating herself. Soon after that she has her first orgasm. I continue licking her heels and shoes. They have a perfect shape and I feel the flavour of her legs.

"Don't stop, you bastard, I need your tongue! Take a heel in your mouth and suck it!" she yells. Than she has another orgasm. Her body is shacking, and her fingers are covered with scented juices.

Michelle gives me a condom.

"Put it now, I see you are aroused and don't want to waste your precum! Now lick my cunt clean, slave!"

I do what I am told, burying my face into her suculent, bald cunt. She is delicious, her sex is hot and wet. My tongue touches her labia and clit repeatedly, digging deep into her slit, sliding back and forth over her hardened clit, and poking its way into her hole. She moanes softly, bucking her large hips into my face. I continue to eat her pussy, teasing her. Soon she is coming again, her orgasm wracking her body. A stream of juices run into my mouth as she climaxes. I feel Michelle trembling for minutes, but don't stop sucking her wet vagina.

"My God, it's terrific! Let me see your prick! Stand up and fuck your fist now! Slowly, I need to enjoy this!".

I'm standing in front of her, while she studies me closely. My dick is hard as a rock now and is pointing toward the ceiling; my balls are hot. I like to masturbate in front of Michelle's eyes wide open.

"Stop!" she says."I have to smell you!" She is smelling my balls. Then her tongue touches - only a couple of times - the soft skin.

"Oh, it's so good, I forgot the taste of manhood" she whispers.

"Continue, slave, but now rub only the mushroom head!". My penis becomes very sensitive. Than she takes my round nuts in her warm palms and squeezes them hard.

"Cum, you pig, all the men are filthy animals, cum, I want to see your white semen thrown out!".

I shout in pain and I cum copiously. The condom is half filled with my cum and precum. Michelle takes it out, very carefully, empty it in two cups, mixes the sperm with champagne and we share the drink.

"What are we drinking for?" I ask.

"For a long night of passion!" she smiles.

We bath together. I admire again her curves. She is so tall and so full of passion. Her long, dark ponytail gives her the aspect of a proud warrior.

Later, we are in bed, hand in hand. The moon lights our nude bodies. Michelle asks me:

"Are you mad on me, Felix? Think I was too brutal".

"No, Michelle, I loved every second".

"Me too... You know, I'm not a bitch, but I felt an amazing power and that was extraordinary! Thanks!"

After a while, she whispers in my ear:

"Now, I will do everything you want" then kisses my neck and slowly fondles my balls. I am hard again. We are kissing, a couple of long french kisses. Then I look straight in her eyes and tell her:

"Michelle, you have a nice butt and I need to cum between the cheeks of your derriere!". She bites my shoulder and says:

"If you want that, I want it, too. But, please, be nice to me, I'm virgin back there!" Than she rolls on her belly, exposing her magnificent holes to me: the pussy encircled by soft pink lips and the brown asshole. I slowly insert a finger in her anus, then take it out. Michelle is shivering. I kiss her back and her shoulders, to encourage her. I lick her cunt till I give her an intense orgasm. After that she is purring like a big cat. I oil my throbbing dick with her own pussy juices. I try to enter the brown hole, but I can't; it's too tight. "Relax, Michelle!"I whisper. I lick her anal hole, trying to wet it; I spit there several times. I try again and slowly, but surely, I'm getting in. She begins to cry and says:

" It's so painful, please, stop, let's do it another time, darling!"

But I am so aroused I can't stop. I make some moves and finally I'm in her warm anus. I have the delicious sensation of dominating a real classy lady by screwing her most secret place. I fuck Michelle's butt for about ten minutes. She yells:

"You filthy animal, fuck my dirty anus, rape my poor hole with your horse cock! Scum, take your Mistress' ass and split it!"

I can't hold it anymore, so I ejaculate deep in her. Saliva and sperm are dripping from her hole. I take her breasts in my hands and kiss again her back. She weaps, but I am still buried in her asshole and don't want to get out of there.

After a while, she stops weaping and tells me :

"Next time, mister, beware of me, I will punish you! And now, get the fuck out of my ass!".

I smile and say to myself:

"Thank God there will be a next time, baby! I am at your orders!"

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