Avatar: Establishment, Book 2
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Lactation, Water Sports, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man becomes the Avatar of the Goddess of Sex. These books chronicle his adventures. <br>This is the continuation of Avatar: Establishment, Book 1. It picks up right where Book 1 left off.

Ken was getting ready to go to the dojo when Jane dropped a quiet sort of bomb in his lap.

"Master," she said, "would it be okay if I got a gun?"

Ken froze for a second, then turned toward her. Her blue eyes were pools of innocence, which usually meant she was up to something.

"Is it something I did?" he asked, joking.

She grinned and said, "Of course not, Master." She grew serious and said, "Mistress has said that part of what our job is, is the protection of her followers. Since I'm a High Priestess, I thought it would be a good thing to learn what I can about fire arms."

"You're serious about this," he said. In point of fact, he'd been thinking it wasn't a bad idea for those of the Circle to have some self-defense capability. Lea had warned him numerous times that there were people who would be more than happy to kill them off, and he'd been wondering just how to go about dealing with it. The incident with Sally had only increased his worry -- even though Lea had told him that almost anyone trying to rape someone of the Circle would be in for a very big, very unpleasant surprise. It was the 'almost' part of the statement that had worried him.

"Yes, I am." she said firmly.

"Talk to Lenny -- maybe he knows a way to expedite the process," suggested Ken.

"Also, I've been doing some reading on security systems. Ours is... not as good as I'd like it to be."

Now Ken was really surprised. Knowing who was on the property wasn't something that concerned him all that much -- he was tied in to Nemetodunum and the land so tightly that he always knew who was on the property, or in the mansion, and exactly where they were.

"Considering the computing power that we have here, coupled with Bill's expertise, I'm sure that we could make the property a little more secure," she continued.

They left the bedroom and headed down to the breakfast nook where food was usually served in the morning by Sally. He was surprised to find Tina assisting Sally with breakfast preparation, but said nothing. Not even when Tina eagerly offered Jane her tongue during their morning kiss, or when she shyly touched her tongue to his lips when they kissed. She colored and bounced back to Sally. Jane had a smile on her face when they sat to eat.

Ken usually had a light breakfast before he went to the dojo; and more often than not, Jane or Arianwen still drove him there. He was happy for their support, but no longer really needed it. He was quickly getting back in the groove now.

Class was great. For once, Chad wasn't there, and Ken was surprised when Sensei asked him to lead several of the whitebelts through their techniques. Since he was wearing one himself, some of the students that didn't know him were surprised, but it quickly became obvious that Ken knew exactly what he was doing.

After class, he and Jane stopped at the bike store to talk to Sandy, who was always glad to see them. Today, however, she seemed a little uncomfortable. Ken noticed that the manager was in today and gave the man a nod.

"Ken, Jane," Sandy said with a smile, "good to see you."

Sandy was worried, but not about the fact that the manager was in. He didn't care if she talked to these two -- especially considering the amount of money Ken had dropped in the store. No, it was Jane that was making Sandy nervous.

"Sandy, hi." smiled Jane. She gave the other woman a quick hug and kiss. Nothing in the women's actions gave any hint as to how thoroughly Sandy had used Jane just the other day. Jane sensed her uneasiness, but said nothing.

Ken wasn't so restrained. His smile of greeting was followed up by, "Feeling okay today, Sandy?"

"Yeah, sure," she replied with a smile.

That would have fooled most people, but not Ken or Jane. Ken let it pass for the moment. They picked up more Cliff bars, and Ken took a look at some of the very high-end downhill bikes that could be ordered from the store. Jane wandered off while they talked about the downhill bike Ken was thinking about putting together.

"It's really alright, you know," said Ken.

"Huh? This is way better than alright. Even with how quickly you're improving, you won't be out-riding this baby anytime soon," she replied, totally misunderstanding his comment.

"I meant it's alright about what happened the other day with Jane. You seemed to be a little... uncomfortable."

Sandy blushed a deep red and wondered how he'd picked up on it. She'd been fine with how she was treating Jane while they were having sex. It was afterward, when she was alone, that she had begun to worry if she'd pushed the bounds of friendship.

"No... I'm fine, really."

Ken just looked at her and she sighed and leaned close.

"Well, it's just that... I was kinda pushy the other day, ya know? I thought maybe I'd pushed a little too hard, toward the end."

Ken smiled at her and said, "It's pretty difficult to push Jane too hard -- physically at least. She can be pushed beyond the bounds of friendship, sure, but not by what you did. You know what she's like. I assure you, she enjoyed every minute of it. Really." He paused for a second, then said with a big grin, "And I can tell you, Ari had the time of her life cleaning her up!"

Sandy put both her hands to her mouth and gasped. "Oh no! What happened?"

Ken's grin grew wider, and he said, "Since Jane was such a mess, I told Arianwen to help her get clean again -- using her tongue. She loved every second of it."

Sandy felt the coils of arousal sinking into her groin. Her eyes dilated and her breath quickened as she imagined the things that little Arianwen must have done to Jane.

"I'd loved to have seen that," she said.

"We're having another play party this weekend," said Ken. "You interested in coming by? Before you answer, I should mention that we have someone new living at the mansion."

Sandy raised one eyebrow at him and he continued, "Yup. Her name is Tina. She's Arianwen's sister."

"Her sis... wait, her little sister?"

Ken hadn't realized that Ari had spoken to Sandy about Tina.


"Whoa. How's Ari taking it?"

"What do you mean?" asked Ken.

"Well, considering what goes on there -- and the things that I know Ari likes -- how's she handling having her little sister there?"

Ken smiled. Sandy, it appeared, was a very perceptive person.

"Ari's had some rough spots, but she's doing okay. I guess this weekend will be sort of a litmus test for her and Tina."

"Are you going to let Tina participate in the play party?" asked Sandy in surprise.

"If Tina finds someone she wants to explore with, yes. I've explained the rules to her, and I'm warning people in advance that Tina's going to be at the mansion. I understand if it makes you uncomfortable, though. If you don't want to stop by, and you're still interested in a little play time, we could set something up in private. The playroom does have a door."

"How old is she?"


"Christ, I remember what I was like at that age," muttered Sandy.

At fifteen she'd been going nuts. She liked girls, she liked guys; the girls thought she was a lez jock and wouldn't get near her, and the guys thought the same thing and didn't ask her for dates -- despite her good looks. Well, most didn't. The few that had were complete assholes. She hadn't even considered dating them, never mind exploring sex play with them.

"I think that, if she can handle it, I'm alright with it," she said. "If she's anything like Ari, then things could get very interesting."

On the way home, Ken's cell phone rang.


"Hello, Master Ken," came a somewhat husky voice.

"Joan! How're ya doin'? You still coming by tonight?"

"Actually, yes. But um... I was wondering if... Well, I was thinking about taking off tomorrow."

"Joan, you're welcome to stay a day or a week. You know we have plenty of room. Besides, as I recall, you usually shared a room with someone."

Joan gave a delicate cough. "Uh, yeah. So then it would be okay if I stayed tonight?"

"Yes. However..." Ken launched into what he was beginning to dub the 'Tina' conversation.

Joan was a little nervous about a young girl seeing her in what might be a very vulnerable position. Ken assured her that that would be no problem, everything would be done behind closed doors. However, he did let her know that if she wanted to be a slave, she would have to abide by the house rules -- namely that the slaves would remain unclothed unless given specific permission to wear them. Tina, he explained, had more or less stopped wearing clothes around the house.

"Ken," said Joan in a serious voice, "Please tell me you're not making that little girl into a slave."

She's already a slave -- sort of, thought Ken. "Tina's not quite the little girl you might think -- but in answer to your question, no. If she wants to be a slave, she's gonna have to do more than just running around naked to convince any of the Doms of her intentions. Besides, " he continued, "she's still a virgin. She doesn't have enough experience to decide to be a slave."

Jane was a bit confused by his answer. "But you're still exposing her to all this?"

"Yes. I believe that she's mature enough to handle seeing people in adult relationships. Unlike some people, we don't see sex as evil. No one will push Tina into anything. As I told her, all parties involved need to be comfortable with what's going on. So far, she's fitting in pretty well," despite giving her sister fits, "and handling things as they come along. Speaking of which, there's a party this weekend."

Joan wasn't sure she was up for the party, but she was willing to stay the night tonight to give things a try with Tina in the house.

Ken warned Tina that Joan would be over and staying for the night. It was a sort of heads up that someone else would be at the house, in case she wanted to dispense with the 'Uniform of the Day.'

Tina's answer surprised him: "What would you like me to do?"

"Excuse me?"

"Do you want me to stay out of the way? Should I wear clothes? Should I stay naked? What?"

There was a glint in her eyes when she asked those questions that he'd come to associate with her sister when Ari was in Minx mode. He dodged the question completely, even as he inwardly acknowledged his cowardice.

"Use your best judgment."

Tina's best judgment surprised him. When she first met Joan, she was wearing a thin wrap-around skirt. She didn't flaunt her bare skin, just lived in it in a way that let Joan know she wasn't embarrassed. When they all went swimming, she swam nude, and throughout the evening, slowly eased Joan into getting used to a teenager being unfazed by what was happening around her. Indeed, Ken was amazed to see that Tina wasn't acting at all -- just doing what he'd told her to do: using her best judgment.

Eric, Joan, Ken, Sally and Genie spent several hours in the playroom that night. Jane was being entertained by Gary and Annette, who were over again. Gary was actually doing Ken a favor by driving Jane to the point of distraction without the relief of an orgasm, priming her for the weekend.

It was the next morning before Ken decided to push Joan, just a little.

Unlike Jane or Ari, Joan wasn't physically capable of being tightly tied at night. However, Ken had cuffed her to the bed before she woke, so she was restrained when she opened her eyes. Ken and Ari had had Joan sleep in the bed with them. Jane would have joined them, but Gary and Annette still had had her a little tied up. So Joan awoke to Ari's gently licking tongue, which was quickly working her up to a big orgasm. One that was being blocked by a very full bladder. Ari knew it, and so did Ken. Both knew that Joan had no experience with watersports -- and Ken was sure such a thing had never occurred to her.

After keeping the woman crazed for several minutes, Joan started begging them to stop.

"Please, God I love what you're doing, but I have to pee so bad that if I cum, I'm gonna pee the bed."

"Would you like me to give you a hand?" asked Arianwen.

Joan nodded, thinking that they were going to release her.

"Okay," replied Ari brightly, repositioning herself between Joan's legs, with her mouth in just the right spot. She tweaked Joan's clit while sucking hard, and Joan had a mini-orgasm. She also squirted just a bit of pee as she lost control. Ari eagerly drank what she was offered, then took Joan's clit in her mouth and sucked.

Joan, despite the lust raging through her body, was horrified. She'd just peed in her lover's mouth!

"God I'm so sorry, Arianwen!" she exclaimed. "Please, you have to let me up."

"Why?" asked Ari, letting Joan's clit go with a pop. "I loved it. Would you give me some more?"

Without waiting for an answer, she repositioned her mouth and slid several fingers inside the other woman, making sure to rub her g-spot. Joan was totally confused. They had her so aroused that thinking was difficult, but she still couldn't believe that anyone, never mind sweet little Arianwen, could enjoy such a thing.

"She loves it," said Ken, answering her thought. "If you'll give it to her, you'll make her day."

Joan just groaned. She didn't know what to think, but she did know if they didn't let her up, she was going to burst. The little squirt she'd let out just reinforced how badly she had to go. Ari stopped what she was doing, leaving Joan just on the verge again.

"We'll let you up, if you want," said Ari. Then, in a shy tone of voice, she continued. "I know it's not for everyone, but I love it."

Joan didn't know what to think, but for the first time, she was unsure about something that was happening to her here. Ari and Ken both sensed that, and began to let her up.

They gave her some privacy, then joined her in the shower. Joan was very embarrassed.

"Ari, I'm really sorry..." she started.

Ari hugged the older woman and smiled. "Don't be. I know it's not for everyone, but I thought you might want to try. I shouldn't have pushed you."

Later in the morning, when Ken was feeding Joan, whose hands were occupied by a set of leather cuffs, she spoke to Ken about the incident.

"Master, are you sure that what Ari wanted this morning was safe?" she temporized. "Surely actually drinking... that... can't be good for you."

Ken smiled at her and said, "Well, certainly a steady diet wouldn't be a good thing, but it's not gonna hurt her."

In point of fact, it couldn't hurt Arianwen at all, no matter how much she drank, but Joan had no way of knowing that.

"But that's not the real reason why you wouldn't do it this morning, is it?" he asked.

Joan shook her head and blushed. "No. It was... embarrassing."

"Arianwen considers it to be very kinky -- which is a big part of the turn-on for her."

"Was she upset that I wouldn't do it?"

"I seriously doubt it," he replied.

He could tell that Joan had been thinking about what had happened all morning and that it was bothering her a bit. It wasn't that she was turned off by the act itself, at least now that she'd had some time to consider it. Certainly she didn't understand the attraction, but she seemed more worried that she'd offended Arianwen than anything else. Ken hastened to reassure her that that wasn't the case.

"Ari knows that different people like different things. She was offering to share something with you to see if it turned you on. If it didn't, then that was the end if it. She won't go bugging you about it."

Joan was silent, but Ken knew she was wondering if Arianwen would ever offer that particular activity again. Somehow, it gave her a very weird feeling in the pit of her stomach when she thought about peeing in the teen's mouth. A feeling that caused her clit to throb more than a little, which caused her even more confusion, since actually having someone do something like that to her did nothing for her.

Thursday evening, after dinner, Ken was heading to the study to relax and read when Annette pulled him aside for a minute. She pulled out a carefully wrapped object and displayed one of the pieces that he'd commissioned from her. He was astonished by how beautiful it was. This was more than a piece of jewelry -- it was a work of art.

"My Goddess, this is beautiful!"

She blushed and said, "Thank you, Master Ken. I wanted to make them as special as I could, which is why they are taking so long."

"There's no hurry," replied Ken, awestruck at the workmanship of the piece. "Certainly not if they all turn out like this!"

Annette went away very happy. She and Gary were staying at the mansion again, this time through the weekend. It was nice to have them around, and it seemed that Gary was coming to grips with the changes that being of the Circle had made in his slave.

Ken continued on the way to the main study, but when he got there, he received a bit of a surprise. Genie, Bill and Sally were there, as were Tina and Joan. Genie was laying with her head in Bill's lap, idly stroking his thigh while listening to the conversation that was going on. The surprise was that Tina was stretched out, face down on the floor and almost purring, as Joan, naked herself save for a collar and cuffs, messaged her naked body.

Ken could feel that Joan, much to her consternation, was quite physically attracted to Tina. Tina was just enjoying the woman's soft hands smoothing away the physical tension that had developed in her body. Those hands did nothing to ease the sexual energy that never seemed to leave her lately, but Tina seemed to enjoy the frustration, as well.

"Hello, Master Ken," said Joan looking up at him. Her look was a question: did he want her to serve him? He shook his head and sat in a chair, picking up yet another Heinlein book.

He didn't read for long because the conversation was too interesting to ignore. They were speaking of religion and the theoretical existence of a God.

"But what," asked Genie lazily, "if you had proof that the Goddess really existed?"

This was obviously directed at Bill, who smiled and said, "Then would she still be a Goddess?"

That comment got everyone's attention.

"I mean, if you could meet and touch a Goddess, then could she be a Goddess? Part of a religion is that you take on faith that your particular God or Goddess exists. Doesn't it change things in a fundamental sort of way if you know for a fact that they exist?"

It had for Ken. He hadn't believed in anything when he met Lea, hadn't given religion much thought. Now though... now, he had to wonder. If Lea was real, then what of the other religions and their deities? For Jane, on the other hand, meeting Lea had just seemed an affirmation of her previously held beliefs.

"Look," said Bill, "A supreme being would be so powerful, that I don't think there's any way you could actually meet one and still remain sane."

"Maybe," said Joan, "we meet one everyday."

They all looked at her. "Well, maybe the manifestation of the universe is the only way we can understand a God."

What, Ken wondered, would that make Lea? Amused, if the chuckling in his mind was any indication of her thoughts on the matter. He supposed he could ask her the nature of Gods and Goddesses, but he suspected that he wouldn't get much of an answer.

The conversation continued, narrowing down from the over arching 'What is a God' to 'Why do we worship one'.

"Well," said Bill, "I guess that one reason is because it makes us feel better to hope that someone else always has the answers."

"Perhaps," offered Genie, "it makes us feel more a part of the Universe that Joan was describing."

"How so?" asked Joan. Ken could tell that her mind was no longer entirely on the conversation. Tina, who hadn't been paying any attention to anything but Joan's hands, was responding to those hands. Joan, who had been distracted while listening to the conversation, had let her hands move in a far more erotic pattern on the girl than she'd intended.

Tina was now very aroused and Joan could tell. What's more, the teen's arousal was effecting her and she had no idea what to do about it. She decided to end the message and sit up. Tina rolled onto her back and lazily stretched while smiling her thanks. Her nipples, tight and thick, made it obvious to Joan what she'd done.

"Well," said Tina, "I'm for bed."

She gave everyone a quick kiss, except Ken. Her kiss to him was much slower and promised things that he thought would be a bad idea to accept. Her scent was very like her sister's, just lighter and spicier, but still quite arousing. Her tongue, when he let her slid it in his mouth, was sweet and agile. It also had a serious effect on his cock.

She pulled away panting, eyes dilated and, with a small, regretful smile, left the room. He knew what she was going to her room to do and somehow, she knew that he knew. Joan came and sat in Ken's lap. She seemed a little upset.

"What's wrong?" he whispered in her ear as the other three continued their conversation.

"I think that I... um... teased Tina a bit. I didn't mean to though."

Right at about that time Tina's nerves were vibrating with her first orgasm. Ken smiled and wondered if someone should offer the girl a sex toy. He wondered how long it was going to take before someone ended up in bed with her. She was certainly offering herself, at least if her kisses were any indication. Hell, even if he hadn't been able to read her, those kisses were clearly an invitation to more.

"I'm sure she understands you weren't trying to seduce her," said Ken.

"Ken," replied Joan, "girls can be very unsure of themselves at that age, and they can be very cruel to each other. And living here can't be easy for her. I don't want to add to that."

Sally, Bill and Genie decided to retire for the evening kisses were shared all around.

"Are you sure," said Ken after they left, "that that's what you're worried about?"

"What do you mean?" asked Joan as he repositioned her to straddle his lap. Her sex was slick and her nipples were getting erect.

Ken clipped her wrist cuffs together behind her, which derailed her smooth breathing.

"Are you sure," he continued, "she isn't the one who has YOU all hot and bothered?"

Ken knew that was the case, even if Joan was unwilling to admit it to him. She groaned as he closed his fingers on her nipples and shifted his erect cock so that it was pushing through his silk shorts against her soft lower lips.

"Ken," Joan said in a reproachful voice, "She's young enough to be my daughter."

Ken's only response was to stroke her clit in just the right way. Joan convulsed a bit, pleasure shooting through her brain. He knew just how to touch her and because of her position she was unable to close her legs to fend off the distraction of his fingers.

"So? She's beautiful and sexy and, I'm sure, quite willing." He took a small, hard nipple in his teeth and bit lightly. Joan groaned as her nipple was pulled, while his finger somehow found a direct link from her clit to her brain's pleasure center.

"Imagine being the first to bring her to an orgasm. Her taste, her scent. You like how her sister tastes, don't you?"

Joan's only response was a groan. Ken shifted around and manage to free his cock enough to slid it into her wet cunt, which almost caused her to cum. She tried to block out the dark desires his voice was whispering to her, but utterly failed.

"Imagine little Tina straddling your face, her wet little pussy pressed against your open mouth," he continued. "Wouldn't you like to taste her? Feel her cum in your mouth?"

"Oh God, you're driving me crazy," whispered Joan.

"Tell me," he urged. "Tell me how much you'd like to feel your tongue inside her."

"Yes," said Joan, "I'd love it. I'd love to eat her, make her cum."

Joan gave a high pitched groan, shaking her head no, even as she surrendered to the image he planted. It took root and added to her pleasure, and it was almost as if she was there.

Tina's wet sex was positioned over her mouth, allowing her to lick and suck the delicate lips that were literally dripping moisture. She ran her tongue through the narrow furrow, then up to the girl's small rosebud, which she'd had several glimpses of when she was 'messaging' Tina's tight little ass. Her tongue entered there, and the teen sighed as she eagerly accepted Joan's intrusion, while her powerful muscles squeezed Joan's tongue. Then, the amazing taste of the girl as Joan moved her tongue back to the teen's dripping sex, eagerly feeling the thick liquid ooze into her mouth.

Joan swallowed, listening to Tina coo her pleasure as her hips shifted back and forth. Tina leaned forward and now Joan had completely unrestricted access to both of the teen's holes and Joan quickly took advantage of it. Pleasure closed over her own clit as Tina's mouth gently sucked it from its hood. The buzz from her moan, vibrated Joan's clit as the older woman slid a wet finger into Tina's back door while her tongue continued to slide into her other entrance.

Joan came hard, gasping her pleasure, and was jolted out of the fantasy that Ken's words had created. The taste of Tina's sex somehow lingered on her lips and tongue, which was when she discovered that Tina's sister had joined them and it was Arianwen's pussy she'd been licking. Before she could even begin to feel guilty about her fantasy, she peaked again, her cunt squeezing Ken's thick rod as it slid again into her depths.

Later, after they were showered and were in bed, Ken and Ari could sense that Joan was once again uncomfortable. She was worried that Ari had heard Ken making her admit that she wanted to have sex with Tina.

"You okay?" asked Arianwen.

"Fine. I'm just tired, that's all."

Arianwen leaned over and kissed the woman. "I'm sorry about this morning," she said.

"What? Oh, Arianwen, no, it's nothing. I just... well it wasn't something that I was prepared for. I didn't want to hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me. I'm sorry that I made you so uncomfortable." They were silent for a moment, then Ari said, "Somehow, I get the feeling that isn't what's bothering you."

"I'm okay hon. Just tired," replied Joan.

More silence, then Ari said, "I heard what you and Ken were talking about."

In point of fact, Ari had not just heard it, but had gotten pulled into the fantasy. Oddly enough, she had no problems experiencing sex with Tina in a fantasy. Probably because she'd already had so many of them herself.

Joan was at a loss -- she didn't want to talk about this. She was thinking that, for all her experience and openness, Ari was too young to understand the concept of not repeating back to your lover something that was said in passion. Context is everything.

"Joan, I just wanted you to know that, if Tina decided she wanted you to make love to her, I would be very happy for her to be in such caring hands."

Ari kissed the older woman's belly button and was curled up and asleep seconds after her comment.

For the first time since she'd come to the mansion, Joan found she couldn't sleep. Ari and, she thought, Ken, were both out like a light, so she extricated herself and left the room.

She headed to the kitchen, wearing only the collar and her cuffs, for some food, and perhaps a little wine. She gathered it up and found herself heading toward the Garden, where she sat looking at the stars while munching some cheese.

What kind of household, she wondered, could produce people like these? Why wasn't there any jealousy here? Why had she given herself so completely into their hands and why did doing so make her feel so good? She had to admit that she hadn't felt this good in a very, very long time, despite the two misunderstandings that had occurred between her and Arianwen. She frowned realizing that the only one who had had a misunderstanding was her. Ari had shown none of the embarrassment that Joan was sure a fully mature woman would have shown at the whole incident this morning in bed, and that confused her. Joan had expected Ari to be embarrassed, as if Joan had judged Ari's interest to be perverted. As best as she could tell, Ari's only concern was that she'd made Joan uncomfortable.

And then there was this thing with Ari's sister Tina. Joan was sure Arianwen had been quite sincere when she'd told Joan that she'd be happy if Joan was Tina's first. It was quite clear, however, who Tina wanted to be her first and Joan hadn't missed how Ari's behavior changed around her sister. How could Ari be so insightful with her, but in such denial about her sister?

It never occurred to Joan that such thoughts said a lot about her own level of acceptance and just how far outside society's norms she now traveled. She wouldn't give it a second thought if Ari and Tina had sex. In fact, she found the thought incredibly exciting.

She sighed, wondering how all this was going to affect her own life. Despite her best efforts, many people here had captured her heart and she didn't know what to do. She knew she didn't fit in here, and still wondered why they liked having her around. It wasn't just the sex, that was for sure. The vision she'd been shown in the mirror her first time here had stayed with her since that day. It was still just as vivid, but each day she seemed less and less able to connect the vision with the person she knew herself to be.

"Everyone has their bind spots," came a voice.

A strong, long fingered hand wrapped around Joan's own hand, keeping her from dropping the wine glass from her suddenly nerveless fingers. Despite the darkness, Joan could see every facet of the woman's face quite clearly. She recognized her, but her brain was frozen from the sheer beauty that Joan was somehow sure went deeper than that flawless, white skin.

The woman took a sip of Joan's wine, then in an oddly formal gesture, offered it back to Joan, who put the glass to her lips and drank. The woman leaned toward Joan, who finally was able to breathe and think again. Her lips parted slightly and Joan found that leaning forward and kissing those lips was the most natural thing in the world -- a world that dissolved around her.

When she regained her senses, a sleepy lassitude filled her as if she was coming down off the best orgasm she'd ever had in her entire life. She was in Ken's arms and he was carrying her up a set of stairs. Her eyes closed as two sets of hands welcomed her into bed.

Joan slept.

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