The Earl of Rourke
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a man who falls in love with his cousin. Though he has no knowledge of his true identity. With his beautiful Kate by his side. He will fulfill his destiny. *This story is undergoing some serious editing, plus gaining a couple new chapters.*

November 11 2004

I had been thinking for days that maybe I was due for a change. Life in the Army was really starting to suck. The day to day grind was achingly slow and quickly driving me mad!

I have to make it two more days. Just two more days!

In two days I would be flying home to Michigan for the Holiday. Many people thought, me leaving on the thirteenth of November was to get a jump on the Thanksgiving Holiday. Close! I liked Thanksgiving and my Aunt Judy's turkey dinner is something not to be missed if at all possible. The Holiday I am most interested in however is November fifteenth, The Opening Day of Michigan's Firearm Deer Season.

As many other men and boys that grew up in the great lake state, I am an affirmed deer hunter. Even though these last ten years have been spent in the Army I still have always made it home for the annual deer hunt. Well except for last year.

No matter where in the world I had been, I've had always tried to get home for at least the opening week, before returning to my duty station. Then I would usually return home the end of December for the Christmas Holiday.

Well that was the past. I hadn't been home for Christmas in three years. Losing my folks at Christmas time had really made it hard for me to be home.

I had arrived in Grand Rapids early in the morning on DEC. 23rd expecting to see my folks waiting to pick him up. My father Earl was tall and slim, with a full head of silver hair and liquid blue eyes, this above a warm, easy, country Gentle man's smile.

My mother Ruth was your typical mother. She would have the beaming smile that tells everyone around her, that I had been missed. In those days much of her red hair came from a bottle but no one seemed to notice. I'm sure when my father married her; the curvy redhead had been built for speed. These things I had never noticed, all I ever seen was the mother that had doted on me my whole life.

Instead of an overly proud Earl and Ruth, I had been confronted with a Very saddened Uncle Hank and a weeping Aunt Judy. The bottom had fallen out of my heart and I instantly expected the worse. Fate didn't let me down. It was worse than I could have imagined.

The old farm house had nearly burnt to the ground by the time the volunteer fire department arrived. It wasn't their fault, it is just the response time that is available out in rural areas is so slow as to be a waste of time.

So as it was I just went home for Deer season. Staying with my Aunt and Uncle, I would go hunting with Uncle Hank and my cousin John Henry.

Uncle hank didn't want a Hank Williams Jr. So he named his son John Henry, but all his friends, me included, just called him Hank. My coming home had just been incorporated into part of the deer season hoopla. It was an excuse for the boys to get together and drink, all under the guise of deer hunting. Two more days!

I had joined the Army for adventure that I had not received. I had graduated from jump school, gone to ranger school, and at great pains, had even learned German while in Germany. I had trained my way into Special Forces meeting all the requirements to become a greeny beanie. I was hard core, I was a green beret. I was disillusioned and unhappy with my current situation, is what I was.

I was tired of being a soldier. I would have thought strongly about putting in a request to go back to Iraq. The only thing truly stopping me was that I only had 51 days left to my enlistment and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to reenlist. Oh they had been on me to re-up, hugging me, kissing me on the ear, making all kinds of promises that I wasn't interested in.

I wasn't actually interested in going back to the farm, but I was tired of the military way of life.

Right now I was sorting my field gear, making sure ever thing was in order and fit for duty. I can't tell you how tired of this shit I was. Wasting time doing nothing, It's the Army way.

Nov. 14 2004

"ADAM! ADAM!" I heard John Henry's voice just as stepped off the bus.

"Over here!" I looked to see my cousin with his arm raised, waving at me. Standing next to him stood my Aunt Judy.

Aunt Judy is a slightly younger version of my mother. I loved her dearly, but it also brought the bittersweet memories of my mother to my mind.

Smiling I headed their direction. Taking my cousin's outstretched hand I shook it. "Hank, it's good to see you.

"Dam fine to see you too Adam." Releasing his hand I turned to my Aunt Judy. Taking her into my arms, I hugged her tightly. Releasing my grip a smidgen, I looked into her eyes. They sparkled with moisture. "Adam, we have missed you so much!"

"Your uncle Hank would have come too, but he is trying to get the corn on your north field picked today."

I knew that Uncle hank was trying to get it picked, just to suit me. My favorite hunting spot overlooked that north field. Uncle Hank knew I liked to have it picked before opening morning. I would have to remember to thank him.

The drive to the farm was uneventful. We talked and laughed, reminiscing about old times. We very carefully hedged our way around my folks except for the very happiest memories.

We pulled into the drive that ran alongside the two-story farmhouse and stopped in front of uncle Hank's workshop. "Oh by the way, Kate is home," my Aunt Judy taunted with mischief in her eyes.

Katerina Marie Williams is a fire haired bombshell. She had her father's blue eyes and her mother's red hair. With the beauty of a Goddess and the poise and grace of a cat.

Kate had always had a crush on me. Try as I might I never knew what to think of it really. I always kind of thought it was sweet. She acted like I was the only guy in the world. I never tried to push her away nor did I try to encourage it. So I thought.

It turns out taking a young girl out riding, even if it's your cousin, is a date. I thought I was just being nice, I thought she was so happy because she liked horses. Turns out the horses weren't the only thing Kate liked, nor were they her favorite. Hank was merciless in his ribbing me about it, but I was blind to the truth. I never did understand the smug smiles I got from Mom and Aunt Judy.

I had always enjoyed Kate's company when we were younger. Being older as I was, I thought it was more a case of me being her freedom wings than anything else. I often asked her to ride along if I had to go to town. I never knew that taking a pre-teen girl for ice cream after going to the hardware store was considered a date either. Evidently Kate did

It seems there was also the time when I was 17 and she was 11 that I took her to the county fair. It was Friday night and I was going to go. I had called to see if Hank wanted to go; Kate had answered the phone. It seems John Henry had already left for the fair and refused to take her. You would have thought I was giving away hundred dollar bills the way she acted when I invited her to ride along with me.

The following year would be our last fair together. I had joined the Army, and left that fall. Kate had written me at least once a month for the last ten years. It was usually more like once a week, sometimes more. I shamefully never wrote her back near that many times. She was lucky if I wrote her once every other month.

Then there was the prom...

It really started to sink in then. I was home on medical leave. I had taken a round to the shoulder in a skirmish that never happened. On a mission that never existed. After being released from the hospital I was given 30 days medical leave to heal. So I was shipped home to Michigan. My family doctor was sent a medical packet and that was that.

Looking back, I can see how completely and perfectly I was set up.

The first week I was home I spent a lot of time just sitting around doing nothing. I still had a fair amount of pain in my shoulder.

As was usual when I was home, Kate spent every minute that she wasn't sleeping; doing choirs or in school joined to my hip. By this time, even though pleasant, it was a little uncomfortable having my cousin still paying so much attention to me.

Kate was a senior in high school and she was gorgeous!

It seemed that after being home for a couple weeks Kate was really in the dumpers. I had heard that she wasn't going to the prom the following week. My mother had casually mentioned it to my Dad a few nights ago at dinner. The very same night that Kate was mysteriously not at our house for dinner. So I asked her if that was what was bothering her.

Now I was a quick study at military tactics, but the U. S. Army had never prepared me in the field of female tactics. To this day it shocks me to know that my mother was part and party to this plot. Kate is my cousin for cryin' out loud.

Kate had told me that she was a little sad about not being able to go to the prom. Her date had backed out and she already had this beautiful dress and...

With a hiccupping sob, and tears in her eyes, she flung her arms around my neck. Her voluptuous body shuddered against mine. All it took was one more sob and an "Oh Adam." I was out flanked just that quick.

The next thing I know, it's a week later. My medals are polished and placed with my ribbons on my dress greens. Trousers bloused into the tops of my jump boots, with my good beret set rakishly atop a fresh hair cut. And I have a date to take my cousin to the prom. This isn't a real date is it?

I had picked Kate up and drove to the school, arriving fashionably late. As we walked in I had Kate on my arm and she was aglow. If I wasn't so dense I may have questioned why Kate seemed like she was in heaven. After all this was just a mercy date with her cousin wasn't it? Half the kids in this Gym knew I was her cousin.

It amazes me to this day that I could be so clueless. What an idiot! And to think the Country entrusts me with its security.

So there I was, clueless and dancing away with my cousin. I have to admit I had a good time as I had always enjoyed Kate's company.

When we had left, Kate hinted that she didn't want to go home, mentioning a big party out in the power lines. I had been to many a party out there in the old days. They ran straight through 10,000 acres of federal and state land.

So I told her I would just as soon not drive my car out there (it's a 72' Dodge Challenger after all!). But we could swing home and get my truck. That had her as happy as I had ever seen her.

When I shut the car off I noticed that the house was dark and Dad's truck was gone. I mentioned it and Kate said, "Oh they are over at my house. Mama told me they were playing cards tonight." It was awful late for my folks to still be out but I didn't think much of it.

I decided while we were here. I want to get out of the monkey suit. So we headed for the house. I was just getting ready to pull on a pair of jeans when Kate stepped into my room.

"KATE!! Get the hell out of here! I had yelled." Instead of leaving Kate firmly closed the door. Turning she walked up in front of me, put her arms around my neck and stared into my eyes. There was this strange buzzing in my ears as I watched her lips move. All I could hear was that buzz and my own heart beating. My heart was beating so hard, my pulse pounded like thunder in my ears.

When Kate's lips touched mine I thought I had just been jolted by electrical current. For a moment I was powerless to move. Hell my brain wasn't even working. Kate had pushed me back on the bed and had crawled up on top of me. When she kissed me again my brain started working against me!

As soon as her lips touched mine I was kissing her back against my own will. My erection was poking out the top of my briefs. As soon as my treacherous hands reached up and touched Kate's magnificent breasts the alarms started going off.

I rolled Kate off me. Jumping up, while trying to get my pants on I yelled "Kate what the hell are you doing?" At that moment I knew how terribly I had handled the situation.

I could see the emotions on her face. How the man she loved had rejected her. I was looking into her eyes as the tears started running down her cheeks. I started to say something trying to console her, but before I could say two words she was running out of my room. Kate was heartbroken and so was I. She was the last person in the world I wanted to hurt.

I found her sitting out on the front porch. Sitting down next to Kate I hugged her close and could feel her sobs shaking her body.

"Kate, Oh Kate please don't cry. Sssshh come on sweetie don't cry," I had said

Trying to get herself under control, between sobs and sniffles. She managed to say. "Adam I love you."

"Well I love you to Kate." I replied.

With a new round of tears and renewed sobs she jumped to her feet and screamed at me.

"No Adam! You just don't get it! I'm in love with you!! I have always been in love you. Why do you think I didn't have a date for tonight?"

"Well you said..."

"I lied Adam!" (Still screaming) "I could have got a date, but I wanted you to take me."

Her sobs were so strong and she was crying so hard I almost couldn't understand what she was saying. I had stood up and tried to put my arm around her to console her. After all I did care about Kate and she was obviously grief stricken.

She jumped away from me, as if my touch was poison.

"Don't touch me! Just take me home Adam, ' she screamed and stormed off to my car.

That had been one uncomfortable ride. My folks had still been there when I dropped off Kate. She went running into the house. I didn't even bother going in. I just went home sad and confused. I cared deeply for Kate and I hated that I had hurt her so badly. I guess I just didn't understand what was going on. As it turns out, I was, the only one.

The next morning, nothing was mentioned about the incident, but my mother had given me a look of pity. You know the one, the same look you might give the village idiot on his worst day!

My cousin Hank was all smiles of the knowing kind and Aunt Judy was enjoying herself immensely. After the truck came to a stop I opened the door and stepped out. I made it about four steps from the back porch when I heard the high pitched scream," ADAM!!" Kate was running across the back porch and flung herself at me. How I managed to keep my feet I will never know.

Kate had her legs wrapped around my hips and was crushing my chest with her own. Her arms had a strangle hold around my neck. She was trying to hug the life out of me. When she finally loosened her grip on my neck she took my face into her hands. Gazing into my eyes, while tears leaked from hers she said, "Oh god how I've missed you Adam," and firmly planted a kiss right on my lips. It was a kiss of joy, of putting an end to my two-year absence, of her deep feelings for me.

Once Kate's lips finally released mine I gave a couple fake panting breaths and said "Well gee Kate I missed you too!"

We both started laughing a little self-conscious of what had just happened.

Kate released her grip on my hips and put her feet on the ground. Grabbing my wrist Kate was nearly dragging me to the house. Had I had the opportunity to glance my Aunt's direction I would have seen the huge smile on her face.

Once in the House, Kate pushed me into a chair at the kitchen table, the same old table where I had eaten plenty of meals. Aunt Judy closed the door behind John Henry.

"I'll take your bags up to your room Adam."

"Thanks Hank!" I said to his departing back.

I caught my Aunt Judy looking at me. She was giving me the once over. Not overtly in the sexual sense but more like you might in appreciation of something out of the ordinary.

She smiled brightly saying, "Adam Rourke you look more handsome every time I see you. You remind of your father when he was your age, black hair with those same blue eyes that can pierce a woman's soul." She turned to Kate and said, "Can't they Katie?"

I thought Kate's face was going to turn deeper red than her hair.

"I hardly think you need to try starting to embarrass Adam already mother. He will be here for a Month," she said smiling with her face glowing as if she had fallen asleep at the beach. She turned and quickly headed into the bathroom.

I chuckled. "Aunt Judy you are terrible."

She stared right at me so long it almost became uncomfortable. What she said went right to my core.

"She still loves you Adam." There was no playfulness, no room for denial, not even a little wiggle room. She had stated fact that could not be countered by the slickest country lawyer.

Hank burst out laughing behind us. Oh yes my Cousin had been having a whole lot of fun with this one for way to long. I took the beanie off my head (I know, bad form having my cover on inside, but I had been dazed and confused!)

Setting it on the table and standing up I started unbuttoning my dress jacket. About that time Hank sobered right up.

"Ahem, yes well ... No sense in rubbing it in the first day you're home now is there Adam?"

Hanging my jacket on the back of the chair I sat back down.

"No John Henry I guess there isn't." We both burst out laughing with Aunt Judy joining in. Kate came back out of the bathroom, looking closer to her normal shade.

"Adam I bet you are starved. Would you like me to fix you something to eat? How about fried potatoes and eggs," she asked?

"I would love some Kate, thanks."

"Hey, sounds good Kat," Hank piped in.

She looked right at him and pointed to the cupboard. "You know where the corn flakes are John Henry!"

We all cracked up laughing again. I thought Aunt Judy would cry she was laughing so hard. Kate was radiant, she truly is the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

The day was passed in merriment and lighthearted jibes. Kate and I had been the butt of jokes for years and today was no different.

Late afternoon as Aunt Judy and Kate were just starting to prepare dinner, Uncle Hank came in.

"How you doing Adam," He boomed, thrusting his work hardened hand at me.

"Good, Uncle Hank, real good." I said taking his hand.

As he sat in his place at the head of the table my Aunt Judy sat a cup of fresh coffee down in front of him. "Thanks dear" he said watching appreciatively as she swayed her ass back across the kitchen.

"So Adam, Katie tells me you haven't re upped yet." This was a questioning statement made over top of his raised coffee cup. As he took a swallow I answered.

"No Uncle Hank I haven't. Truth be told I don't think I'm going to. Fact is unless they make me a general in the next seven weeks, I know I'm not."

He chuckled as he set down his coffee. I felt a touch on my shoulder, when I looked Kate was bending to set a cup down in front of me rubbing her breast on the side of my face as she did it. My cock went from zero to boner in point zero three seconds.

I mumbled something to the effect of "Sorry Kate" and everyone else just chuckled.

"So what are your plans then Adam, if you don't mind me asking." He quickly added. I shook my head to the negative.

"No Uncle Hank I don't mind. You and Aunt Judy are always welcome to ask. You are my family and even though I am 28 years old I still occasionally need guidance, if not council. I would have expected my Dad to ask the same question."

"The truth is though, I honestly don't know. All I know is I'm not happy. I haven't been happy in a while. So I figure it is time to make some changes."

As I sat contemplating my thoughts and drinking my coffee Aunt Judy broke into them.

"You still have the farm Adam." There was concern in her voice. I smiled at my Aunt.

"Don't worry Aunt Judy I will find something to do. This is still America, and I'm a combat veteran. There has to be a minimum wage job out there, somewhere for me."

She smiled very slightly at my joke. She thought it was funny, but didn't want to show it. John Henry on the other hand burst out laughing, while Kate turned toward the stove and covered her smile. Uncle Hank was giving John Henry the look and waving his finger.

"John while in my house we do not kick lady liberty when she is down." Then he looked hard at me.

"Adam I can't tell you what you can and can't say. You fought for this country same as me and you father, but I wish you would refrain from disrespecting the country I fought and bled for while you are in my house."

Uncle Hank is a Vietnam veteran and I know he spent 22 months in that country and didn't like to talk about it much. I know the war he and my father fought in was way different than the one I was in.

"I'm sorry Uncle Hank. I didn't really mean any disrespect. I was just kind of jabbing at how no one cares about what vets have done for them. Not at America, I apologize if I have offended you."

"No, No, Adam I am not offended by what you said. It is the truth after all, but if we say everything we think, it can lead to open dissent amongst the ranks. Freedom of speech is much abused, people need to realize just because we have the freedom to speak our minds doesn't mean we necessarily should." He smiled and took a sip of his coffee.

After dinner we sat around drinking a little more coffee and having pie for dessert. Kate's chair was so close to mine that she was practically sitting in my lap. Did no one else notice? Were my Aunt and Uncle so used to seeing Kate and I joined at the hip that they didn't even notice? I was surprised John Henry wasn't saying or doing anything.

Kate was driving me crazy! Her bare foot was up my pant leg and her right hand was doing double duty. When she wasn't lightly stroking the skin on the back of my neck, while rubbing her boobs against my arm, she was teasingly rubbing my thigh, and her scent! Her scent was driving me crazy, the perfume she was wearing was light and sweet, but her aroma was musky, feminine, and charged with pheromones. For Christ's sake I was sitting at her father's left hand! He was either oblivious or didn't care.

It came up in conversation from my Aunt Judy that Kate had just finished nursing school this summer and would soon be starting a new job at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids. Of course I knew this from Kate's letters, but I said nothing. I knew that she had been working at the Newaygo county health department, but wanted to get into Spectrum because of the better pay and opportunities.

Around 9:00 p.m. Uncle Hank stood up and said he was headed to bed. 5:00 a.m. came awful early at his age and he wanted to be wide-awake for opening day. Aunt Judy said she was turning in also.

"Don't you, kids stay up to late," she said. She hugged John, Kate, and I in turn.

"It's good to have you home Adam," she whispered as she got to me, her smile warm, affectionate and knowing, though I was not sure what she knew.

As my aunt and uncle headed off to their room my cousin Hank stood up and looked at us with a grin.

"Well you two behave yourselves. I'm going to bed." I had known John Henry would be spending the night here in his old room, instead of going home. What the hell, he was single and would be hunting right here on the farm in the morning anyway. As I watched him head up stairs Kate pulled my hand toward the living room.

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