The Cyber Series
Cyber 001

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Cyber 001 - This is a series of real cybers between a deaf submissive and myself. Though I only met this young woman one time (read Meeting a Deaf Submissive) she had a more profound effect on me than either of my ex-wives or my 2 daughters. The relationship has gone the way of most online relationships, burned out by its intensity leaving only a few pictures , my memories and these 6 cybers.

Sliding quietly up behind you, I wrap you in my arms and press the side of my face to the back of your head... my lips just an inch from the edge of your ear and in a breathy whisper I say, "Good Morning." Soft puffs of my breath stirring the stray hairs that float inside it's curve. My fingers slide across your waist in opposite directions then sweep upwards to cup your firm breasts.

Nipples captured between my knuckles, I squeeze them firmly and begin to roll my knuckles back and forth sending lightning bolts of pleasure racing up to your brain to explode into wanton Lust with the suddeness of my advances. Moving my face forward slightly, my lips graze the back edge of your ear and I move them quickly to the top of it and snake my tongue out to trace its edge.

My tongue leaves a wet trail down the outer edge of your ear as my face descends towards your neck. My tongue flicks across the bottom of your earlobe as it departs from your ear and drops to the side of your neck and my lips vacuum themselves to its side... teeth gnawing at the soft skin as my face slowly lowers towards your shoulder.

Releasing one of your breasts, I reach to the front of your blouse and begin to open the buttons from top to the bottom, working swiftly neither hesitating nor fumbling as they open as if by magic, one by one to the waist if your pants. My face reaches the angle of your neck where it joins your shoulder and my mouth opens wide as I force my lips inside the collar of your shirt.

Forcing the collar of your shirt to open and begin to slide along the top of your shoulder, I progressively love-bite my way across its top pushing your top along with my chin. Releasing the hand on your breast, I slide it to your shoulder and grasp the edge of your shirt by the collar and hold it back as my lips trail their way into the hollow behind your collar bone and begin to suck at it.

My hand at your waist begins to open the button at the top of your jeans and then, grabbing the zipper I tug it down to its bottom limit. Trailing my fingers back up through the now opened waist of your jeans, I grasp the last button of your shirt and undo it then grabbing the material, pull it from inside your jeans. Freed from the tension caused by your jeans,

it slips from your shoulder revealing the shoulder strap of your bra and your right breast encased and overflowing its' demi cup. My hand pulls your shirt lower and then releases it to grasp the other side of the collar and pull it from your shoulder. I lift my head from the hollow behind your collarbone and swiftly shift to the other side and fasten my lips upon the other hollow.

My hands drag the shirt downward on your arms, trapping them at your sides then releasing the shirt; I bring one hand back to your breast and trace the edge of the cup across the lush curve of your breast from one side to the other. My other hand slides along your trembling lower belly, tracing the top edge of your panties. My breath coming in a faster, deeper rythymn as I gather in your scent.

Your arousal much evident in the musky pheromone laced fragrances wafting upward from your heated flesh; a light sheen of perspiration begins to gloss your skin as your breathing too, becomes labored and ragged. My hand at your waistband eases the edge of your jeans from your far hip then slides back across to push the near side down leaving them hanging on the curve of your buttocks.

My lips lift from your neck and I press them to your ear again and flick out my tongue to trace the hills and valleys of your inner ear. Sliding my right hand up your side from pushing down your jeans, I slowly drag my fingernails up the front side of your ribs... up over your breast to the strap on your shoulder and then hooking it with one, draw it from your shoulder to rest against you arm.

Sliding my other hand from the upper curve of your breasts, I hook the other strap and pull it down your arm as well. Both my hands reach to cup the fullness of your breasts, squeezing them firmly and feeling you hardened nipples just slightly below the top edge of your bra. My tongue finally arrives at the opening to your ear canal and after flicking it into the opening once I whisper softly,

"Mmmmmmm you look and taste as good as you smell..." releasing your breasts, I slide my hands down your arms to the gathered cloth of your bra and your shirt and begin to push them further down and off your wrists, leaving you bare from the hips upward as the wadded material falls soundlessly to the floor at our feet. My hands move to the back of your jeans and push them down.

As my spread fingers descend your buttocks, I bend my knees and slowly drop to my knees behind you... my lips gliding down the mark left on your skin from your bra. My tongue flicking in and out leaving a wet trail of circles as I cross the smooth expanse of your back. My knees touch the floor just as my lips reach the small of your back and the dimples just above your buttocks.

Nibbling my way from one side of your back to the other, I place a kiss in each dimple just above the curve of your buttocks then run my tongue along the back of the waist band of your panties as my hands continue to push your jeans to your ankles. As my hands reach lower, my face must follow and soon, my lips are pressed to the back of your knee.

Pressing small, wet kisses in a slow circle around the back of your knee, I lift your opposite foot and free it of shoe, sock and jeans leg. I move my face to that knee as I set your foot on the floor and repeat the process to the other foot. Finished, I begin to shrink the size of the circles of kisses on the back of your knee and, dart my tongue out to stroke sensitive skin.

Moving my hands slowly back up your legs, my thumbs grazing the backs as my fingers caress their fronts. Reaching your knees, my thumbs follow the wet circles as I turn my head sideways so that I can grasp your hamstrings in my mouth and bite them before turning my head back straight and continuing to kiss my way back up the backs of your legs.

Raising my face as I kiss my way up the backs of your legs, my nose brushes against the soft bottom curve of your buttocks. My lips meet the leg and ride over it then opening my mouth; I bare my teeth and nip at the succulent flesh hidden behind your panties. My hands float up across your hips and then inward, following the waistband of your panties.

I release the bit of buttock from my teeth and continue to kiss my way over the curve of your ass until I reach the waistband of your panties. Grabbing the waistband in my teeth and hooking my fingers in it at the front, I begin to ease it down your body. The material slides freely downwards until only the crotch remains in place and then it stops moving.

Plastered in place by the musky honey flowing from you, I am forced to tug them free. My lips now level with the bottom of your rask; I press my face at the valley between your cheeks and drive my tongue into the hidden darkness, squirming it inwards seeking the bottom of the valley. My hands reach out and grab a cheek in each and begin to pull them apart.

My tongue sinking inward as they spread apart. Finding the bottom, I move my face up to the top of the curve of your buttocks; A moan escapes my lips as I caress you with my cheek, lips, tongue and hands.

With your cheeks now widespread, I begin to explore the bottom of the valley between your buttocks with my tongue. Leaving a wet trail behind, I probe lower and lower between your cheeks until I reach the wrinkled edge of your anus. Using my hands to spread you even wider, I begin to make slow circles around its perimeter.

I feel your anal ring twitching as my tongue caresses it; I release one hand from your buttocks and reaching up in front of you grasp a nipple and pull downward firmly causing you to bend over; opening your nether quarters even further. Finishing my circling, I release your other cheek and slide my hand back down your leg and tug outward so you spread your legs for me.

Now bent at the waist with feet wide spread, your entire anal-genital region open to me from behind you. Lifting my face and tongue from your squirming anus, I release your nipple and bring both my hands to your mons then slide one around to your buttocks and sweep them together between your legs. A moan escapes your lips as my fingers begin to explore your folds.

Slick and dripping with your honey, your labia swollen with arousal, frames the tip of your clitoris. Finding its throbbing tip with my finger, I slowly begin to flick the tip of my finger across it as my tongue drops free of your anus and lowers to touch the back edge of the folds of your labia. Stabbing my tongue forward suddenly, I penetrate deeply into your vagina.

Pulling hard on your hips and consequently your clitoris as you reflexively attempt to evade my stabbing tongue, one finger slips down to invade your vagina from the front as my tongue drives deeply inward from the back. Your nectars' flow becomes like a small stream as it dribbles from you and runs in hot trails down the insides of your thighs.

Feeling the quivering of your muscles and recognizing the approach of your orgasm, I withdraw my fingers and tongue, denying you the release you desperately now crave. Quickly standing behind you, I grab you by the hair and lead you to the back of the armchair and thrust you across it. Pushing your feet widely apart as you upper torso hangs to the seat.

Standing behind you, I reach down and undo my pants allowing them to drop to the floor. Taking my penis in hand, I step forward and begin to run its throbbing head up and down your vaginal opening gathering your slick honey and coating it well. Then, moving the head to the opening of your vagina, I place both hands on your back and slam my hips forward.

Driving my full length into you, my hands holding you down against the back of the chair, I drive in and out of your wet depths a dozen times before just as suddenly, remove my penis from your pussy and place it against the wrinkled brown ring of your anus. Rubbing my cock up and down to coat your anus with your own lubrication, I again line it up and begin to press in.

The head of my penis slides easily into your anus and comes to rest against your tightly clenched rectum. Reaching underneath you with one hand I search for your clitoris with the tips of my fingers and upon finding it, start to make small figure eights on it crossing its tip at the center of each swirl. A loud gasp escapes your lips.

Your quivering rectum begins to rapidly clench and unclench and each time it does, your hips jerk back at me forcing my penis slowly past your rectal muscle. As the entire head finally slips inward, free of your clasping rectum, you almost go limp as pain is replaced by pleasure. As your rectum relaxes, I ease the rest of the way into your bowels.

Holding very still so deep inside of you, I begin to vibrate my finger across the tip of your clit. Your rectum suddenly completely relaxes and I begin to slide slowly in and out of your anus. Your head lifts from the back cushion of the chair and your turn your head to look back at me with wild lust filled eyes that beg silently for more.

My head thrown back in pleasure, I gasp for air as I begin to drive myself into you harder and faster. My fingers a blur upon your clitoris their liquid slurping sound fills the corners between your shrieks of pleasure and my gasping for breath. I reach down with my free hand and grab the hair at the back of your head and pull your body up to me.

Our coupling becomes near frantic in pace as you brace your hands on the back of the chair and force your hips back at mine. Your back bent in a bow, I turn your head by your hair and leaning my face forward, I rape your lips with a kiss. My tongue spearing forward, demanding entrance between your lips and your clenched teeth.

The force of my thrusting hips having now pushed your feet free of the floor; your hands fight to hold tightly enough to the chair to maintain your balance. I release your hair and slide my arm around you clasping my hand over your breast to help hold you against me. My fingers digging in and making white spots on your skin from the pressure.

As I feel my own climax approaching, I gasp and lift my head, eyes seeking yours as I whisper...

"Now Elizabeth... DO IT... I want you to cum... do it for me..." then closing my eyes, I drive hard into your ass several more times before suddenly stiffening and groaning. My hips begin to jerk as I release a flood of semen deep within your ass.

Shuddering with the intensity of my orgasm, I float upwards in release wallowing mentally in the pleasure. I hold you tightly as your own orgasm flows through your being. Finally we are both still except for chests heaving as we gasp and try to recover. My penis, now limp, slips from your anus and slides down to nestle against your labia as we both stand, unmoving.

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