My Aunt My Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My Aunt teach me the love of sex.

When I was 13 year old my father died, my mother get the job as a nurse in a government owned hospital. My father was earning not much amount, and we had no our own house so we shifted hospital quarters which was one bedroom flat. I was to young but feel the smell of sex, I dream about the woman and masturbate. I don't know much about the woman but my friend tells. That was my experience of sex. As my mother works in shifts, in my mother night shift I was stay with her friend who was also a nurse in the same hospital Bena Aunty. She was around 40 years old 5'-5". Slim body, had sexy eyes. She was married to a guy who works in the gulf. Bena aunty had no child. I many times masturbate for her. By nature I was very shy, and not to talk much to others. During the stay with my Bena aunty. I fell her a lot and dreams about her to marry such type of a lady.

Aunty started to seduce me to showing me and touching me.She was paying special attention to me during my stay with her. I fell her special attention as love of a child. But there was something different I know this later, one-day when we are going to sleep aunty asked me to go to piss with her as she afraid in the dark. I know the toilet is attached with veranda. But I go with her, she put on the light of toilet lift her skirt and I could see her red panties. I feel my cock began to grow. She had enormous thighs then she sat there were one second silence then heard the pissing sound. Its really good to listen and first stream of her piss hit the wall one meter away.

Oh! God I never thought that woman could piss with such force, soon the whole place was spread about one diameter with her yellow piss. I was surprised to see her quantity of piss. I was licking my lips my mind wants to test her piss but I control my self. She stood up and I could see her buttocks its look nice very firm her panty was not covering fifty percentage those buttocks.She adjust her dress with a smile. I notice that she feel my eagerness, and enjoy her show. Now it was my turn to piss. I went near the pot unzip take my cock in my hand and start to mix my piss with her piss which was flowing in trap. I can't see back so I don't know about her felling but I was sure she looked my cock. After the piss I shake my cock. Two or three drops fell down, she laugh at me and asked me come fast. She is feeling tired and wants to sleep soon.

Nothing happened in that night. But from that day my attraction to aunty was increase. My mother shift was change she come in morning shift and aunty was in night. My mother was a homely lady. And live simple with out any fancy dresses. I love my mother very much and want to full fill her desired, I was doing everything around the house on top of my schoolwork. My mother and father want me to become a doctor. When I need the help in my study I go to Bena aunty and she help me. I was masturbate so many times for Bena aunty piss memories I still remember each and every moment of those piss. The fifteen-day passes like 15 months. Now mom was in her night shift and was going to sleep with my aunty house with the same bed.

When I reach her house (which was on the first floor in the building, we live in second floor) she was covering mosquito net. She smiles at me talk a little to me and we both went to sleep in same bed. She fixed the edges of net and put off the light. There was a small dim light in the room. Bena aunt moved to the side of the wall and I was lying near the edge of cot. I start dream about her. After half an hour her leg bushed on my feet and I found it was very exciting, my cock began to grow, I put my hand on it and start to rub in slowly, and pretending to be asleep. Then she hug me from behind and began to run her finger through the hair on my forehead, I could her warm breath on my neck, she asked me dear child are you sleep? I try to sleep I said in soft voice. Then I felt her hand on chest, her finger making small circle on my chest A! a I was really hot since this was the first time any woman had touch me in this way. She moved her hand lower to my abdomen, tickling me all over. My body began to heat up, aunt kissing on the nap of my neck, I felt like I touched by feather of a peacock. It was very slow, soft and hot. It was more pleasing then my masturbate. Her lips were traveling on my backside of the body. She moved her hand lower and finally it comes to my cock and moving in his length over my short. Soon my temperature was hiked as on fever. I heard pulling of dress behind my back. But I did not recognize what it was. I was just enjoying the touch of Bena aunt's hand on my cock. She was measuring its length with her hand. She takes a deep breath when she completes the measurement of my cock. Too big in this age her soft voice comes in my ear.

Then I felt some sponge on my back, they was also heated. Oh her breasts were so warm. And I could feel her nipples are touching my back like edge of small finger. Her hand still busy with my cock. She put her hand in side my short. Now her nails were scratching at the head of my cock, at the same time her sponge like heavy breast were soothing me from back. She then turns her face to me; in the dim light I could see the trembling with desire. Her eyes were shining in the dark with desire and greed. She kisses me on my lips and began to press her thick black nipple on my chest. This act made me wild.

When she moved her body back, I raised my chest so as to get contact of her nipple. She smile at my desperate attempts to have a breast massage on my chest. Now she stared to tease me by moving away. I could not stand this longer. I raised my upper part of body to her and pleaded, aunty please do me something. I cannot stand this pleasure; crush my chest with your bib tits. I was shocked to hear my words to my aunt, but she enjoys my dirty remarks. Be patient my boy let me fell your cock first. I will give your more pleasure then this but you co prate with me, saying this she remove my short and pull down my underwear.

She put her hand on my thumbing cock oh so good at this age with small growing hairs. Have you fuck any other woman my boy, she was anxious to hear my reply. No Aunty not yet. I replied well but now you can. Let me feel you dear she move her hand on my balls, have you seen any pussy she asked me. No aunty not at all. I said. Oh my boy I love you I love your virgin cock. Let me put light my baby I want to see you. She put a switch near her bed; I found my eyes getting difficult to focus with sudden light in the room.

When I open it I saw aunt was standing on the bed with knees on bed and looking at my cock eagerly. She lifts her hanging breast and offer to me. I rose from the bed and hungrily began to suck them, they were more whit then the other parts of her body. I was seeing and sucking tits first time and this was my first experience. But she like my sucking, she exchanged each of her breast alternatively to allow me to suck them in rhythm. She then raised her hand above and asked me, oh my baby suck your aunt's armpit. I am sure you will love it. I then changed my attention to suck her bushy armpits. Her armpit was full of hairs and it smelled of sweat.the pungent smell was too much there, as there was no air circulation most of the time, but I enjoy the smell and such her armpit.

Oh my boy oh my sons do you wants to see your aunt's pussy? Saying this she remove her skirt. Now she was in her black panty. She put her hand on the west band and pulls her panty down and step out of it. And what I saw my god a hairy pussy. She was milk white at midriff. The smell of her cunt was better. It smelled of urine and fermentation. My head was spinning. Oh baby don't you want to inspect my pussy closer. This is the first pussy for you. Then she forces my head in to her hairy furrow. I was reluctant to suck her pussy as I found her smell very pungent and heavy. But she was not going to release me, and then she spread her cunt wider lying on the bed, and applied force to back of my head to suck her pussy. Then I fond found her pussy full of cunt juice and her juice was very special, it was drinking like county made cane juice.

It did the test well I loved the taste of her nectar. I was greed to drink more. Her cunt hair was rubbing all over my face. After licking & sucking for 15 minutes she achieved orgasm in a row. When she cooled down then she kneeled before me, she pushed her tongue out and start to lick my cock head, she liked the pre come off and started to roll her tongue around the cock head, my cock throbbed with the exotic sensation and I pushed it further aunt open her mouth and swallow the cock head and chew it with her mouth rolling the tongue all around. She sucked all my cock in her mouth and started to deep throat me, I could see her face moving in to and fro motion. I felt some twitching in my cock and though that I was about to come. Aunt's tongue and mouth was too much for my virgin cock. I rolled my eyes and started to come in squirts.

Oh aunty I put my both hand on her head and pressed her head towards my cock. Aunty was not ready for that what I done, and she surprised to get her mouth full of come. She hurriedly swallowed of my come what ever she could, and some trickled comes of her mouth fell on her tits. She got up and kissed me on my mouth giving me the tastes of my own come, it was delicious with mixed of aunt's saliva s. My cock start to sink, we rest a while when our breath was normal. Aunt said to me. You will have to fuck me baby, I will get your cock for me, saying this she left her tits on her hand and started to trickled her own nipple with her fingers. And they started to erect,

I was watching the show lying on the bed. You have a good pairs of boobs and its looks beautiful I said to my aunt. She smile and said have you not seen yours mother boobs, she also have a good pair of tits. They are not big as my but they are rounded and well shaped. I was quite surprise to hears about my mothers tits. And try not to answers her questions. But I was more carious to know more about my mothers body parts. But chapter was closed. Then she put her hand on my cock and sucking my cock like ice candy. After some time she pick up speed. Her tits were moving up and down with her sucking speed. I put my hand on her head making her faster. When she checked the status of my cock, it was hard now. She stood up put her legs on each side of my body and sit on my thigh. My thumbing cock was near her pussy. She adjust her pussy hole and my cock with her hands and press her body down oh I felt it slip in to her cunt with the pleasure sound.

Oh my first fuck. I love it. When she satisfied with the entry length of my cock in her pussy, she starts with the slow strokes and began to fuck me. In her eyes I could see nothing but lust, she began to thrust hard and faster, until at last the tension of her body. Her voice reaising in a cry of wild abandon, as she had her orgasm, I felt jetting in side of her cut on my cock. She closed her eyes and crying with pleasureing. After satisfied with her first orgasm she stood up and kneel before me with her on the floor, she looked like a cow on her all four and tells me to insert my cock in to her pussy from behind. I stud behind her and grabbed her breast and start to pressing them with my hand. She then adjusts the head of my cock with her hands now my tip cock was in her cunt mouth and she begging me to press it and fuck her. She was instructing me what to do and obeying her. When I press my cock inside her cunt and start to fuck her. I felt her body was in tension again and increased my fucking and pressed my cock deep in her cunt very fast. All the while aunt was rotating her ass and thrusting it up to meet my thrust.

Oh it was so pleasure I had no words I felt that my come build and aunt's cunt splashing around my cock. The sensation was too much for me and I was feeling and enjoying my first fuck. I was started to come thronging jet of my come in my sweet aunt's cunt. Aunty felt me coming, and she raised her ass took my cock deep inside her pussy. I felt her jetting again on my cock. Her hips were fast twitching motion. Oh my dear its feel so god oh its so long time. And she started crying with pleasure. I also enjoying and. My mouth was open and breath was fast.

Aunty comes bath my cock with the so much force. Then I felt variations in my cock. Some of our combined juices trickled out of aunt's pussy and fell down on floor. I pull my sink cock from her pussy. She lift up and kiss me. I thank her for her nice and first time fuck. She had given me for satisfying her desired. After this we hug each other and lay with each other arms and fell to deep sleep.

During the stay with my aunty in my mother night shift was more memorable. I fuck her daily. She teaches me a lot of things. That was the beginning of relations with my aunty. So many stories are still in my mind. If I get the time I will shear with all my friends.

Aunty husband died, when I 22 yeas, Two years later my mother was died. I live with till she retired. After her retirement she and I buy a flat. All our society knows us as mother and son. I am 31 years now and very found of my aunt. She is as sexy as she was 15 years back. She still teaches me a lot of things. I have number of relations with other but no one found as my aunt. That is why I am still unmarried?

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