First Vacation Surprise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Swinging, Interracial, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eric and Jayne are taking their first vacation since they were married three years ago. A Chance encounter leads to some very interesting times.

Eric and Jayne Nordstrum were packing for the first real vacation they would have since they got married three years ago, even their honeymoon was only a three day weekend at a close by resort. When they met Eric was a young lawyer working for a big firm in corporate law and she was the office manager in the headquarters of a large electrical supply company. He was representing the company in a suit they were bringing against a rival firm.

Jayne was struck by his blonde good looks and even his business suit couldn't hide those broad shoulders, big chest and arms. They had to spend some time together getting documents and material in order for the court room and his easy going manner, twinkling blue eyes and quick smile made her heart beat a little faster.

Eric was captivated by Jayne the first time they spoke, the fact that she was a beautiful blonde was only icing on the cake. He loved her husky bedroom voice and the way she handled any situation that seem to come up. By the end of the second day they were working together he knew he wanted to know more about this pretty lady.

Jayne didn't hesitant to say yes when he asked her out and they were inseparable from that time on.

Eric's reputation as a good corporate lawyer grew and after about eighteen months he was asked to become a partner in the law firm he worked for. He was very happy and flattered but he and Jayne talked it over and he wanted to start his own firm. He used what he had saved and they borrowed some more and got him set up in a nice office and good location. Jayne quit her job and took on running the administrative part of the office till they were in good enough shape to hire somebody. Several of his old clients came with him and his former employers even recommended him for cases they were to busy to handle.

Eric and Jayne both worked hard to build up the business and within a year they had two paralegals working for them. They got married almost exactly a year after Eric started his own firm. Eric was making good money but they wanted to get the loan paid off so they didn't buy a house or new car, they lived in a nice apartment but with Eric being the only lawyer they had no time for a honeymoon. After two years the firm had grown to two more lawyers and five paralegals, still Eric and Jayne worked nearly every day. Jayne was now the office coordinator for the firm and she kept everything running smoothly.

By the end of the third year Eric had three more lawyers working for him and seven paralegals, he had almost quit going to the courtroom, just advised and oversaw the lawyers who worked for him. He researched everything he could when he was on a case and he wanted his employees to do the same so he had his hand in every pie. He wasn't pushy or putting anybody on a time line but he would read the progress reports and ask if they had thought of this or that, did they check out this or that, It didn't take long before his employees knew he expected them to research every little detail and his questions became less and less. So now after three years his firm was working well and had a solid reputation in the corporate field. They were retained by several major companies. Eric and Jayne could now start to enjoy some of the money and time they had. They were having a nice but not extravagant house being built and were going to finally get to spend some time just relaxing.

Jayne watched Eric as he moved about the bedroom getting his clothes and stuff together. He was only wearing a pair of briefs since he had just come out of the shower. His body was still as muscled as when they first met. Even as busy as they were they worked out at least three times a week for about a couple of hours. They found it wasn't time wasted; they were much more relaxed and able to concentrate afterwards.

She had to smile to herself, like their sex life, no matter how busy they were, a look or a touch and they would enjoy a wonderful break for some delicious sex. As a matter fact she could feel her little blonde pussy starting to moisten as she watched his big arms flex, muscles rippling in his back as he moved about.

Eric was a scholarship football player for USC and had a good shot at the pros, he blew out a knee in the next to last game of his senior season and that was that for football. He went on to law school but he liked being in good shape so he didn't quit working out. Jayne stepped up behind him and ran her arms around to glide her hands over his flat belly then up to massage his hard pecs as she laid her head against his back.

She felt him stop and lean back into her.

"Ummm babe that's nice." He said. They stood there for a minute as her hands moved over his body, teasingly she ran a hand down over his briefs cupping that big bulge in her hand, she loved the feel of his heavy cock, and she thought it was perfect. When it was hard it was a good eight inches and solid. It was all she could do to get her fingers to touch around it. Hard as an iron bar when he was aroused she loved the feel of it spreading her open. She felt it trying to rise in his briefs, the soft tube she was squeezing was becoming solid, and she wanted to feel it skin to skin. Using both hands she pulled the front of his briefs down under his balls and used one hand to stroke him.

Eric always enjoyed her touch, the feel of her warm body pressing against his back, the butterfly kisses she was placing on his shoulder blades sending little shivers of pleasure through him. His cock reacted to her soft hand the only way it could, filling out and solidifying and the bell shaped head became almost purple with the rushing blood.

They stood there for a minute as she slowly ran her hand up to cover the head and then back to the base with a gentle grip, her other hand was cupping his big hairy balls keeping the elastic of his briefs from constricting them. That's another thing that really turned her on. He had the biggest balls she had ever seen on a man and while she hadn't seen that many she had seen enough to know they were big and he shot more sperm then any man she had ever been with. When they decided to have a child and she hoped it wouldn't be too much longer she figured she wouldn't have any problem getting pregnant.

Eric wanted in on the action, her hand had his passion rising and he wanted to run his hands over her fabulous body. He turned slowly; she had to reverse her hand to keep stroking his cock, now her thumb and forefinger sliding to the base and her palm cupping the head as she moved out to the end. He looked down into her light green eyes as his big hands caressed up her sides to cup her breasts in the spread yoke of thumb and finger. Man she always felt so good he thought. He could see the glint in those loving eyes; tonight it was to be slow and gentle. He could always tell how she wanted to be loved. Sometimes it was pure animal fucking when those eyes flashed with fire, sometimes like now he could see the slow fire burning deep within them. He lowered his head and gently pressed his lips to hers a little movement of his head to caress her lips with his, he felt her mouth open and he followed suit his tongue just lightly sliding across her lower lip to touch the tip of hers.

Jayne's body was reacting to his kiss and the feel of his heavy cock running through her hand. She felt her nipples hardening under her long t-shirt, she thrilled to his strong arms as he picked her up by the waist never breaking the kiss and carried her to the bed, lying her gently down he moved his head to start a slow journey down her body with his lips and hand. She felt his lips on her neck, his hands pulling up her shirt to get at her hard nippled breasts. Now his hands were sliding over the outside of each breast as his lips left a trail of goosebumps down her skin and into the valley of her tits. She had to moan a little "ummmm" at the feel of it. Now his mouth was on the pink tip of her right breast, his warm mouth enclosing the aureole and nipple sending tingles right down her stomach and deep into her cunt. She loved the feel of his lips sucking on her and now he had a hand, fingertips slowly trailing down her taut belly towards her waiting cunt.

Eric could suck on her eraser like nipples all day; he loved the feel of them being rolled around by his tongue. His hand was spread now and combing through her dark blonde bush, he felt her shiver as the pad of his finger slid over her clit and the little moan as it spread her vulva to dip into her moist channel and curl up to spear her all the way to his palm. He relished the slick wetness that coated his finger and he stroked along the top of her channel till he felt the little shudder that told him he had her G-spot.

Jayne's body jumped at the jolt of pleasure his stroking finger brought and she threw her head back against the pillow, Ummmm he always knew just how to work his hands on her and his sucking lips and tongue made her breasts feel so good. She felt him move down her body, his mouth leaving a wet trail as he licked and nibbled down her belly, his tongue teasing her belly button and making her body hotter. She had to raise her head and pull the pillow under it so she could watch him as he gave her so much pleasure.

Eric was running his tongue through her curly hair. He eased his big body over her outstretched legs and she widened them so he could settle between them on his stomach. She raised her legs so the knees were pointing to the ceiling and Eric curved his arms under and around her thighs till he could reach her sweet pussy with mouth and both hands, Now he placed his mouth over her tight slit his nose resting in that blonde forest. His eyes were locked with hers as he probed her vulva, he saw the pupils dilate as his tongue stroked that hardening nub set at the very top of her pretty flower. Her taste was sweet and clean and he moved his tongue down to enter her wet channel, the taste there a little more salty and thick and just as good.

His tongue on her clit and probing in her cunt made Jayne's legs move and her ass hunch a little as the spiraling tingles of desire radiated out through her body; she watched his smiling eyes while he enjoyed the look of building passion pass over her face. She knew what he was doing because she liked to watch him when she sucked him off, the pleasure she could see she was giving him made it so much better for her. He used his mouth on her slow and gentle building her up gradually, she had to run her fingers through his blonde hair, had to touch him anywhere as she felt the heat rising in her and her body begin to react on its own.

Eric was slowly tongue fucking her, curling it up to run over her G-spot that he could just reach, one hand had her lips spread so he could get at her and the other was using the thumb to massage her clit. He could hear her breathing quickening and her ass was squirming around now, those low throaty little moans that always excited him as much as her. To know he was giving her pleasure was pleasure unto itself. He knew she was ready when her hands tightened in his hair.

Jayne watched him as he slid his big body up between her legs, he propped himself on one hand and guided his hard cock to the juice and saliva slicken entrance at her core. She felt the head spread her, the head soft and spongy the iron hard shaft covered in velvet holding her deliciously open as he filled her. His hand came up under her arms that she now had around his neck and he lowered his hard chest to mash her soft tits and kiss her tenderly. She could feel the heat everywhere he was touching her, so sensual so good. His cock filled her so full as she squeezed him with her inner muscle. She had to smile into his mouth as he groaned into hers.

The feel of Jayne clamping down on his cock was so good to Eric, now he was fully embedded in her. He started a slow withdrawal back, just a few inches at a time; he knew she liked it like that when they were going slow. Her tight cunt resisted his inward advancement and that made the slick friction so much more pleasurable. Now he was picking up speed and making his strokes longer, she starting that low moan that he knew meant she was climbing to her orgasm.

Jayne's body was being gently buffeted now as Eric drove his cock in harder, she loved the feeling of this slow rise in her heat and passion, she loved the feel of his big body, so powerful yet so gentle when he wanted to be. Oh yeah he was hitting her clit harder now with the top of his cock and those little tingles were building and building. His searing kiss had her full lips swollen and his tongue was fucking her mouth at the same rhythm as his cock.

Eric felt her long legs as they came up to lay across the back of his, her calves against the back of his thighs now working with his hips to drive his cock into her welcoming channel. His precum and her lubrication as she got more excited made it easier going in her tightness. He speeded up even more working in a rhythm that would let him reach completion pretty soon. Yeah now he could feel her ass hunching up, her arms tighter around his neck, her gasping breath more ragged into his mouth. Now he could feel his balls tightening when she arched her back, her legs pulling him closer and he felt the gushing wetness flow over his cock as she had her orgasm. That exquisite feeling of her climaxing around him triggered his balls and he shot rope after rope of sperm into her as he joined her in the moans of delight.

Jayne's body reached that pinnacle on his wonderful cock and she clamped and rippled around that hard cylinder of flesh and when she felt that first hot splash of liquid deep in her spasming pussy, it just intensified her climax, He always amazed her with the amount of sperm he produced, it flowed out around his cock and down her sleek cheeks to puddle on the bed. Looks like we will be sleeping on his side tonight she thought.

They lay there enjoying the after climax feelings, they loved to cuddle, he turned them to lay on their sides sliding one of his legs under hers, his cock still buried, softer but still a solid presence in her cum filled cunt.

"I love you baby." He told her.

She caressed his big chest "I love you too." A big satisfied sigh as she snuggled against him.

They didn't finish packing that night and had to hustle the next morning to make it to the airport on time.

They were going to one of the outer Hawaiian Islands. They had a bungalow in a private resort. There were golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools, for two weeks they were going to enjoy every second of it.

They were impressed with their bungalow, it had a nice den, big bedroom, decent kitchen and it was situated in a jungle like setting, there were two bungalows at the end of a trail. Each had a large garden patio out back completely enclosed by a privacy fence. One side of the fence separated the two bungalows. After unpacking Eric and Jayne went out back and relaxed on the comfy lounge chairs they found there.

About midafternoon they heard someone coming out of the other bungalow, they couldn't understand what was being said but they could hear voices. They started talking in a lower tone so as not to disturb whoever was in the other garden. They were trying to decide if they wanted to go to the resort restaurant or fix a little something from the well stocked pantry when they heard the unmistakable sound of a woman's passionate cry.

"Ohhhh darling that feels good." They heard, and then some groans, masculine and feminine. Eric smiled at Jayne and she returned with a grin of her own. Eric picked up a lounge and eased over next to the fence. Sitting it down he stepped up on it. Jayne stepped up beside him. They were beside a big bush and they figured that would hide them. Jayne could just see over the fence, Eric bent his knees a little so just his eyes were above the edge.

What they saw was a large black man between the golden legs of a woman driving what looked like a mile of cock in and out her black hair fringed cunt. They couldn't see all that well but it was exciting to see the two fucking, their passionate moans and cries exciting Eric and Jayne.

Eric couldn't see much of the woman just her legs clasped around the moving hips of her partner and occasionally glimpse of her face framed by black hair, her excited cries and moans as he watched the mans hips rising and falling was making his own cock start to stiffen.

Jayne also couldn't see much other then the clenching and unclenching of those milk chocolate buttocks and a partial view of what looked like a long dark cock sawing in and out between spread golden thighs.

Like Eric she was getting excited by the passionate moans coming from the other couple. Her hand unconsciously crept down to stroke her pussy through her bikini pants.

Eric was also rubbing his dick through his shorts, glancing down he saw Jayne had a hand between her legs, No need of her having to do that he thought as he stepped behind her and knelt down to start working her pants down. She sort of hesitated then her hands were helping him and they stripped them off her long legs. Eric stripped his shorts down and stepped in behind his wife.

Jayne felt Eric move but didn't take her eyes off the fucking couple before her, when she felt him start to remove her pants she had a momentary thought that they should quit watching these people make love but her eyes were glued to the flashing hips and widespread legs before her and she helped Eric while never taking her eyes off the other two. She felt Eric step up behind her, his head coming around to lie beside hers as one hand delved between her legs, she spread them a little to let him have better access. His palm slid down over her dark blonde curls and middle finger curling up to spear into her wet cunt.

Eric was amazed at the wetness his finger encountered, Okay he thought I don't need to wait. He placed his big hands under her shapely ass and lifted her up till his cockhead was lined up with her wet slit. He eased her back till his cock was seated in her entrance. His and Jayne's eye's never left the fucking couple as he slowly pushed into her welcoming heat.

Jayne's eyes widened as she felt his wide cock easing her passage open, the fact that they were fucking while watching another couple do the same was exciting. She was trying to stifle her moans as Eric's cock filled her so full. His steady rhythm felt so good to her lubricating cunt.

They both saw and heard the man climax, his groan of completion and his clenched ass evidence he was cumming in his partner and her little groans and tightening legs pulling him closer testimony that she was also climaxing. Eric continued to slowly stroke into his wife's hot pussy as they watched the other couple in the aftermath of their orgasm. Now the legs of the woman were unlocking from behind her partner's thighs and he was starting to pull out and back.

Jayne suddenly starting squirming and trying to get down, Eric quickly realized what she was doing and pulled out of her and stepped back off the lounge taking her by the waist and lifting her down. Turning her quickly he kissed her lips and picked her up in his arms.

"Come on baby I have to get back in that sweet pussy." He whispered as he carried her inside.

Jayne felt the same way and was thrilled when he threw her on the bed her legs spreading wide as he fell between them. Goody she thought, this is going to be fast and hard. She was right as Eric seated his heavy cock at her core and with one long thrust filled her welcoming heat. "Ohhhhhh hon. fuck me hard." She gasped.

She didn't have to worry; all Eric wanted to do now was fuck her hot pussy till he filled it with his cum. His big muscular hips were rising and falling rapidly, his cock sawing in and out of her tightly clasping pussy. Her legs were spread in a big V and he grabbed a firm calf in each hand shoving her legs back up to lay almost beside her head, this brought her ass up off the bed to present him with the best possible angle and he drilled her like he wanted to send his cock straight through her as his mouth was devouring hers in a frenzied kiss.

It was so fast and hard they couldn't maintain contact with their lips and Jayne had both arms around his neck tightly her head laying on his heaving shoulder the breath being driven from her in hard throaty grunts, "Huh... Huh... Huh..." His wonderful cock was making her so wet and her body heat was quickly rising to that climatic temperature. "Oh yeah sugar... Sooo gooood." She stuttered out as he pounded her toward completion.

Oh man her slick clasping channel felt so good Eric thought, his cock was hard as a rock while he frictioned in and out his hips now a blur, He could feel his balls starting to tighten up to his belly when Jayne gasped out a groan and tightened her arms even more as she bathed his flashing cock with her hot juice and clamped around him.

To Jayne it always felt like she was trying to squeeze an iron bar when she came, it was just so blood filled it didn't give much. As she squeezed and rippled around him she felt that hard jerk of his cock and knew she was about to be flooded with hot white cum. Oh yeah there it was that first hot spurt deep in her spasming belly, Ummmm two, three, four, five, six seven, eight. He always amazed her at the amount of cum he produced in those big churning balls of his.

As they lay there cuddling afterwards with flushed faces he was stroking her sweat streaked blonde hair."Watching them sure seemed to turn you on Babe." He grinned.

A little giggle "Well it seemed to get your motor running also." she looked into his blue eyes and continued. "That's the first time I have ever seen anyone else fucking, I could imagine what it felt like as he fucked her, it was exciting. Have you ever seen anyone fuck hon?"

He had to hesitate for just a second. They had a great marriage and talked of any and everything but they had never discussed each others past sexual experiences. He knew she was genuinely interested and it wouldn't bother her so he decided to tell her the truth. "Yeah I have baby, there was a time or two when I was playing football that there were more than one couple fucking in the same room."

"Tell me about it." Jayne asked as she snuggled closer kissing his nose and her soft hand wriggling between their bodies to wrap around his cock still sticky wet with their combined cum.

This was new territory for them Eric thought, and kind of dangerous, what if she got jealous or upset about his past exploits or what if she wanted to tell him about some of hers, did he want to hear it? He decided it wouldn't bother him, he had her love and her body now, what was before made no difference. He hoped she felt the same way.

He started "There was one time that Mac, that was our middle linebacker, and Marcus, he was our nose tackle were in a hotel room with three girls." He proceeded to tell her that it was very exciting to be fucking one girl and watch the other two couples fucking. He didn't tell her that before the night was over they had all changed partners a couple of times. By the time he had finished his story he was breathing hard because she had slid down to take his cock in her mouth and was giving him a long slow blowjob. He rolled over on his back and she knelt between his legs her hands and lips' working up and down his eight inch cock till it was quivering in its hardness.

Jayne could fell every beat of his heart when she had the head and most of the shaft enclosed in her mouth. She would bob her head over him a few times then take him out of her mouth to jack off his saliva slick shaft, then nibble down the side and lave her tongue back up from the start of his hairy balls to the tip of his bell shaped head.

He lay there with his eyes closed as his beautiful wife sucked his cock so damn good. Her full tight lips sliding up and down his cock and her hand gently kneading his balls had him on the verge now and when she got the head in her throat and swallowed, that tight muscle gripping the head and her hand squeezing on his already tense balls opened the gates. With a surge he pumped that first load up through his enveloped shaft.

Jayne felt the surge through her hands and mouth and that first big stream shot straight down her throat, she backed off and to take two more spurts in her mouth. She knew she couldn't take it all; she never had been able to. Taking it out of her mouth the next one hit in the hollow of her throat before she got her tits around the pumping shaft and let him finish cumming in the valley of her hot tits. When she could feel no more pulses from his cock she crawled up his body her cum smeared tits leaving his belly and chest wet with his own cum. She locked her lips to his, her tongue fucking into his welcoming mouth.

"Damn that was good baby, I am going to tell you more stories true or not if it gets you that hot." He sighed.

Eventually they got up and went to shower before falling into a satisfied sleep in each others arms.

Eric woke the next morning to the pleasant sensation on Jayne's hand around his cock slowly running up and down and her lips putting little kisses on his nose, eyes and lips. "Come on sleepy head, do you realize we never did get dinner last night, I am starved and this big meat tube I have in my hand just won't do it this time." she smiled into his sleepy face.

He had to agree, he was pretty hungry himself, but he would have lain there though as long as she wanted to play with his dick. Once she saw he was awake she gave him one last kiss on the lips, her hand cupped his cock head with one last squeeze and she was out of bed looking for some clothes to put on.

With a groan of resignation he rolled out on the other side of the bed and started looking for something to put on himself.

As they were coming out of their bungalow they heard the door to the other bungalow open. Eric looked at Jayne and she smiled, they both wanted to see the couple they had spied on last night. They couldn't really tell anything about what they looked like before. They waited till the other couple started down the little path from their bungalow to where the two paths merged into one. They arrived at the intersection about the same time.

"Good morning." Eric said. "Beautiful day isn't it" Jayne continued. What they saw was a tall black man around 6' 6" or maybe more, black isn't the right word for him, his skin was a smooth coffee and milk color. He had straight jet black hair and a handsome face. He was wearing a white pullover tennis shirt and white shorts. Beside him was an exquisite Eurasian beauty around 5'10" shoulder length midnight black hair. Her skin was a golden smoothness that seemed to glow in the morning sun. She had on a white spaghetti strapped top that came down to just above a cute little navel. A white tennis skirt and white tennis shoes completed the outfit. Each had a tennis racket in one hand. All in all Eric and Jayne saw a very good looking couple.

"Good morning to you." They heard from the tall man with a distinct British accent. And wide white toothed smile. "Yes it's going to be a wonderful day it looks like." The woman finished with a soft musical voice.

Eric held out his hand "I'm Eric Nordstrum and this is my wife Jayne." Two big hands met and shook.

"I'm Jeffery Weston and this is my wife Chantelle." There was a mysterious twinkle in Jeffery's eyes that seemed to say to Eric they knew something he didn't. All four shook hands

"We were about to get some breakfast would you care to join us?" Eric asked.

"Thank you kindly ole chap but we were going to play a little tennis and work up an appetite first, but say do you play tennis, perhaps you could meet us for lunch and we could play some this afternoon." Jeffery answered.

Both Eric and Jayne looked at each other and grinned. They had brought some rackets but they hardly ever got to play, they thought this vacation might be a good time to get a little tennis in. Jayne laughed "I don't know if you could say we play tennis, we don't get the chance to often but we would love to join you for lunch and try to play some tennis."

"Good show then, how about meeting us at the restaurant say about 1:30." Jeffery suggested.

They had been walking while they were talking and had come to where the tennis courts were in one direction and the restaurant was in the other.

"Okay we will see you then, good to meet you." Eric said and they parted ways

As Eric and Jayne were eating breakfast they were discussing their neighbors. "Nice looking couple don't you think." Jayne commented.

"Yeah baby they are more than nice looking. She is so exotic, that beautiful blend of cultures. I don't know what nationality he is either, with that straight black hair and European face structure I don't think he is of African decent but I am not sure, with that British accent he could be from Indonesia, handsome fellow isn't he." He grinned at his wife. She returned his smile.

"And tall too." She replied. "And if I recall it seemed he is tall all over." They both laughed at that.

They returned to their bungalow and Jayne got out their clothes to wear for the tennis. They were lying on the lounge chairs just enjoying the peace and talking.

"You know last night it was exciting not only watching them fucking but the contrast of his dark body on her golden one as sort of a bonus. You know darling I never even thought of going out with a black man or even anyone that wasn't white. I don't think I am prejudice; just none that I thought was nice ever asked me out. The only black man that ever asked was a macho ghetto talking trash mouth that I sure didn't want to go out with no matter what his race was. Have you ever dated a black girl?" She finished.

He didn't hesitate this time. "Yes I did in college. She was a drama student, looked a lot like Halle Berry, Very beautiful. And you are right there is something that gives it that little extra zing when I saw my white cock disappearing in her dark cunt. I guess because it used to be forbidden fruit in society"

He remembered the first time with her. A couple of his black teammates came to his room and got him one night. "Come on white boy, its time you had some real pussy." Joe Johnson told him. "Quit studying so hard and let's go have some fun. We met three little drama students coming out of the library." Laughing he continued "no, me and Rasheed weren't in there, just passing by. Now two of them were white and one black so we figured it was time you got you some real pussy boy."

Eric had been studying hard he knew there would be life after football but he could use a break. As he closed his book and got up he grinned at Joe. "If black pussy is so much better how come one of you didn't claim her?" That got him a well you got me grin from Joe. "Well boy we were trying to do you a favor now, don't make us sorry we did." and all three left laughing.

They met the girls in the lobby of the dorm. Two very pretty white girls and a pretty black girl. Joe introduced them as Linda, Gail and Jenny. As they started off Gail, the black girl took Eric's arm and off they went, they ended up back at the dorm around 1:00 and Eric snuck Gail up to his room, she was quite lovely when she was naked and lying on his bed her skin was that brown just going into black color and she had a neatly trimmed mound of black tightly curled hair between those dark slender legs. He was eating her and the bright contrast of the pink inside of her pussy and the black hair covered lips was very stimulating as he slipped his tongue inside. The sight of her full lips sliding up and down his cock her dark eyes watching him had brought him off pretty quick. He had seen her a few more times but neither he nor she either one were looking for anything permanent and they moved on.

"I bet that would be a real turn on, the contrast of your body and hers." Jayne said "I would have liked to have seen that." She could picture her Eric between the dark legs of another woman in her mind.

Eric's eyebrows rose in surprise, "You would like to see me with another woman." He asked.

"No, that's not what I meant." She stammered. "Would you like to make love to another woman?" She questioned.

"Baby you are the only woman I need, I love you and I am not looking for anybody else." he assured her.

She was quiet for a moment, "What about Chantelle, if you had a chance would you fuck her."

"What are you talking about woman." he didn't know where she was going with this line of talk.

"I don't know, just fantasying I guess, After watching them last night and seeing them this morning, just some crazy thoughts running through my head." she said as she snuggled against him on his lounge chair.

Now he was intrigued, just exactly what was she thinking? In all the time he had known her she was very conservative in her thinking, oh she was a wildcat in bed but not in her everyday life it didn't seem. Was she thinking about swapping? He had never thought of it himself, he was perfectly happy with just her.

"Just what things are you talking about?" He asked.

"Oh it's silly" she laughed "I was trying to picture you and Chantelle."

"Um humm," he said "What about you and Jeffery." He prompted.

"Well a little." She laughed.

"Hummm we might have to pursue this fantasy later tonight, babe." He tickled her till she was giggling and squirming. Looking at his watch he said "Right now we have to get ready to meet these objects of your fantasy.

They met Jeffery and Chantelle at the restaurant and had a light lunch since they were going to play tennis, they learned that Jeffery was the son of a British diplomat and his mother worked in the embassy in the East Indies. While his father John Weston wasn't married and didn't marry his mother he did take them both back to England with him and supported them both till she married and he continued to support Jeffery. He was sent to the finest schools and was a graduate of Rhodes. Jeffery was an investment banker now based out of Singapore. Chantelle's father was a Dutch business man that was very successful in Hong Kong; her mother was a Chinese business woman herself that was doing quite well in the import/export field. Chantelle was a graduate of college and was working in one of the banks where Jeffery was based.

Eric and Jayne told them about themselves and the two couples got along quite well. Eric laughing told them they wouldn't get much competition on the tennis court since he and Jayne hardly ever got to play.

And that's the way it went, Eric and Jayne were both good athletes and did pretty well but Jeffery and Chantelle were experienced players that had no trouble winning. They all had a great time it didn't matter who won. Finally Jeffery said why didn't they switch partners, Chantelle could be Eric's partner and Jayne could be Jeffery's. That did make the matches more even. After that each team won a few games.

Eric couldn't help but notice as Chantelle would bend over waiting for serve that she was only wearing a thong under that short little tennis skirt. It was like she was naked when her skirt rode up as she bent over and those two well defined golden cheeks were peeking at him, he was caught by surprise a couple of times because he was looking at her instead of watching for the serve. He knew he was blushing when she turned and smiled at him after the second time, he knew he had been caught.

Jill was having a good time and she too smiled at her husband although he didn't see her. She knew what he was looking at because she had seen Chantelle's white thong when her skirt bounced up as she was making a shot. She enjoyed watching her husband's athletic body move about the court. She was also enjoying watching Jeffery's, he was a like a well oiled machine as his lean looking body moved fluidly around the court. By the time they were all wore out they were like old friends that had known each other for a long time.

As they were walking off the court Jeffery invited them to come over and they would fix some dinner and just enjoy the peace of the Island. Eric and Jayne quickly agreed.

Back in their own bungalow Eric and Jayne were reflecting on the afternoons activities.

"I like them Eric, they are so nice and funny also. Jeffery with that endearing British accent and Chantelle has that quick dry wit." she said

"Yeah me too babe, Jeffery is really a good athlete, as quick as he moves now I bet he would have made great basketball player in college, to bad the British don't go in for that much. Chantelle is quite athletic also." He agreed.

"Ha, I saw you admiring her athletic ability when she bent over." Jayne laughed.

Eric chuckled "Well I have to admit it was quite a sight."

They had both been undressing getting ready to shower before going next door. Now Jayne turned and bent over, looking back over her shoulder she asked. "Was it better than this?"

Eric took in his wife's long shapely legs and heart shaped ass, she had no fat on her, just well muscled round globes that looked so sexy Her well defined vulva with that tight slit peeking back at him and her blonde curls making a halo at the top of her cunt. "Babe nothing looks better than that." He walked up behind her and although his cock was still soft he placed it in the crease of her ass just hunching a little as she wiggled back against him.

Jayne watched him walk up holding his dick and she felt the warmth of it between her cheeks, the heavy rod sending shivers through her as the shaft rubbed over her puckered little asshole. With a sigh she stepped away. "I guess we will have to postpone that till later darling." As she turned gave him a quick kiss on the lips and went to the shower.

Eric gave a sigh also since he was left standing with a hardening cock in his hand.

It was about an hour before they arrived next door, Chantelle answered their knock. She was a knock out in a strapless silky chemise with oriental patterns, the color was light green that set off her golden skin, and it came down to about midthigh. She was barefooted and had a kitchen knife in her hand.

"Good just in time, come on Jayne help me with the salad, Eric you can help Jeffery with the grill, I have heard some very unkindly muttering going on out there so he might be having trouble with it." She said over her shoulder as she headed back to the kitchen area.

Jeffery was bent over the grill fiddling with the knobs; he looked up and saw Eric approaching. "I say ole man do you think you can figure this thing out. I followed the instructions printed here but it won't light."

"Well we can give it a try." Eric answered, between the two of them they found that whoever used it last had left the gas turned on the tank which was on the instructions to turn off when not in use. Jeffery thinking it was off turned the valve the only way it would go and thought he had turned it on. Once they figured that out it lit quickly, they were grilling Maui Maui steaks to have along with a salad.

The meal was very pleasant and they moved out onto the patio with some wine just relaxing after a good day. The four discussed their daily lives Eric was interested in Jeffery's business and likewise Eric's business was of interest to him since the two were intertwined sometimes. It seems that like Eric and Jayne, Jeffery and Chantelle where taking a break from their hectic schedule to just find some peace and quiet for a couple of weeks.

They were reclining on lounge chairs facing each other Jeffery laying back with Chantelle snuggled at his side and Eric with Jayne laying in beside him, his arm under and around her waist. They had all had a few glasses of wine as they chatted and none realized that they were getting just a little tipsy. Jeffery had his arm over Chantelle's shoulder and one hand was idly stoking her skin.

Jayne was in a pleasant fog as they chatted and her eyes were following Jeffery's long dark fingers as they stroked Chantelle's skin, it took her a second to realize that they were now sliding down under the chemise to slide over the top of Chantelle's breast. Jayne watched him caress his wife slowly and his hand dipped farther down till it looked like his palm was over the tip and then she saw him tighten his hand around Chantelle's breast. She knew he and Eric were discussing some business thing she could hear them talking but she had no idea what they were saying, Jeffery's moving hand had all her attention. She glanced up to see what Chantelle was doing and looked straight into those dark eyes twinkling back at her. With a smile Chantelle acknowledged Jayne's interest. She nodded slightly and Jayne followed that nod her gaze moving down Chantelle's arm to where her hand was lying in her husbands lap. Jayne's eyes widened as she saw Chantelle's hand moving up and down a raised lump running down one leg of Jeffery's tan shorts.

Eric was aware of what was going on, he was a little more experienced with this sort of thing but never since he got married. He kept up the conversation as he tried to casually glance at Jeffery fondling his wife's breast. A quick glance at Jayne told him she was mesmerized by the actions across from her. He wasn't sure where this was heading but for now he would enjoy the show.

Jeffery now was casually tweaking Chantelle's nipple under her chemise both Eric and Jayne could plainly see his actions, they both could also see her palm sliding back and forth on a very long tube in Jeffery's shorts. "Is it better to be much closer to the action?" Jeffery asked. It took a second for Eric and Jayne to realize what he was talking about, when they did both flushed with embarrassment. Jeffery and Chantelle both laughed at the expression on their faces.

"Chantelle saw you watching last night." Jeffery continued to chuckle. "It's alright; we have found that having someone watch makes it more exciting.

Eric and Jayne didn't know what to say they were mortified about being caught.

Chantelle giggling said "From the looks of the gyrations of your heads it was pretty exciting for you too."

Eric grinned sheepishly "Well we did have a very intense session after watching you two. I am sorry we spied on you but," nodding towards Chantelle "your passionate moans sure caught our attention."

"After meeting you this morning Chantelle and I agreed that if you would like a more personal view we would enjoy the audience and if you felt like you wanted to join us that would be fine also." Jeffery offered.

Eric and Jayne looked at one another. Eric knew he would enjoy watching them and he could see the conflict in Jayne's eyes, this was a little more then she had ever experienced before but he saw she made up her mind and a little nod let him know her answer. "Just where would you like us." He asked them.

Jeffery thought for a moment "the bedroom would probably be best." he grinned, "while these lounge chairs are pretty comfortable the bed is a much nicer playground." the four got up and moved to the bedroom, wine glasses were refilled and Eric set in one of the big comfortable chairs facing the bed, Jayne set down in his lap her back to him and her legs spread on the outside of his. She had worn a slip over knit blouse and a pleated full skirt, the outfit was a combination of casual and sort of dressy. When she sat down her skirt rode up about halfway up her thighs.

Jeffery stepped up to Chantelle and took her in his arms; it was like they were the only ones in the room. He was so much taller he had to bend way over to press his full lips to hers. Their tongues were clearly visible as they teased and caressed each other before their mouths were sliding around on each others.

Jeffery had to bend far over so they couldn't embrace closely but this gave them plenty of room for their hands to roam. His dark hands slid the top of the chemise down and his long fingers squeezed both of Chantelle's round breasts as she ran her hands up under his shirt and her fingers could be seen tweaking on his nipples also. They played like that for a minute then backed off a step. Chantelle shimmed out of the chemise to stand naked before him. Jeffery stripped off his shirt and Chantelle stepped in to embrace him, she only had to lower her head a little to let her pink tongue caress one of his nipples.

Eric and Jayne were watching intently, they saw Chantelle's exquisite body revealed, all golden skin and long legs. They saw a dark swatch of hair nestled at the junction of her thighs, her breasts were round and wide set, looked to be between B and C size, dark nipples starting to rise on small dark aureoles. Jeffery was all sleek dark muscle, no hair visible on his chest just smooth milk chocolate skin. They watched Chantelle's tongue flick and tease one black nipple, they watched it harden and she took it in her mouth to suck making Jeffery give a low moan, his hands were roaming over her smooth back.

She teased both nipples and then started dropping slowly to her knees kissing her way down his belly, when she was on her knees she started unzipping his shorts, she reached in and pulled out a jet black tube of flesh that was very long.

Jayne gasped at the length of it, must be a nine or ten inches long she thought, a long slender tube of ebony flesh. She saw he was uncircumcised the head covered by a tube of skin with just a small hole in the end.

She watched as Chantelle put one hand about halfway down the shaft and slowly move down toward his groin, she saw a dark rose colored head emerged from the retreating foreskin, it was that color down about a inch below the head then satiny ebony the rest of the way. Jayne eyes were caught by the contrast of Chantelle's golden hand around the black shaft as she worked Jeffery's foreskin back up over the head then back down. It intrigued Jayne the way the skin slid over the head then stripped back to seemingly disappear; this was the first uncircumcised cock she had ever seen.

Eric could feel Jayne beginning to squirm a little in his lap; she was laying back against him his head resting on her shoulder as they watched. He had his arms around her waist just holding her but as he watched Chantelle kneeling before her husband his cock was starting to fill with blood. He whispered into his wife's ear. "How big do you think he is babe, watch her jack him off." while he was telling her this he was watching Chantelle's gorgeous body kneeling there. They were sideways to them and he could see her sleek body, round firm ass above well muscled thighs, narrow waist and round breasts just a very little droop as they lay on her chest, those dark nipples were clearly visible as they were beginning to engorge with blood.

They both watched Chantelle open her mouth and a pink tongue come out, the tip just touching the underside of the rose colored head, then her lips sliding over that head taking in about four inches. They saw her lips tighten and withdraw till the head came out of her mouth, her tight lips had drawn the foreskin back up over the head and she used her tongue to enter the hole in the end and probe the head. They could plainly see how far down she went on the shaft because the wetness shone on that black shaft like a coat of wax. She took him back in and worked her way down till she had about three fourths in her mouth her hand working the rest of it.

Jayne's pussy was getting wet now as she watched Chantelle suck her husband and when she took him out of her mouth now he was even longer then before. Good gosh Jayne thought it must be a foot long, he was fully hard now the foreskin stretched back, even when Chantelle ran her hand up and down it didn't come up to cover the head now, The head was narrow, his cock looked like a long pointed black spear. It was exciting to watch as Chantelle held it up along his belly and took one ball then the other in her mouth then slid her tongue up along the underside of the long shaft. Jayne's body was beginning to flush with heat now as she watched the couple just a few feet away. She could feel Eric's cock hardening against her ass and now she felt one of his hands move from her waist to cup a full breast and squeeze its softness.

Jeffery lifted his wife to her feet and laid her on the bed her head facing away from the watching couple. Chantelle spread her legs, feet on the bed and widespread knees pointing at the ceiling. They could see the slightly open lips fringed with straight black hair already damp with her juice. Jeffery crawled around till he straddled her head, he ran a pink tongue down her golden belly and through a thick swatch of long straight black pubic hair, As he dipped his head between his wife's legs the watching couple couldn't see anything but his moving head but they could tell from Chantelle's reactions that he was using his tongue and mouth very well. He had to bow up his back to get his cock in reach of Chantelle's mouth because he was so tall.

Eric and Jayne were both very turned on now, he had his one hand up under her top working on one pink nipple, the other hand had inched its way up under her skirt and a big finger was running up and down her wet panty covered slit. She had moved over slightly and had one hand reaching around between them rubbing his now hard cock in his pants, neither taking their eyes off the couple on the bed.

Jeffery had Chantelle right on the verge now his tongue flicking deep in her wet cunt, now he was sucking on her engorged clit, she moaned around a mouthful of cock and her knees were opening and closing on his head as she had her first orgasm. He stayed with her till she quit shuddering then looked up at the watching couple with a big grin on his face.

Eric and Jayne saw his grinning face smeared with his wife's juice; they could see her pussy leaking more juice as it ran down her ass crack. The lips open a little to let them see the pink inside.

Jeffery moved around between Chantelle's legs, she held them out wide her hands behind her knees as he reached down and positioned his cock at her seeping entrance. Slowly the head then the shaft disappeared, two, three inches then back out. The watching couple could clearly see the where the wetness stopped on his black satin shaft. Now he was easing back in farther, he kept this up till he was in about ten inches then he stopped momentarily before they could see his ass clench and he shoved farther. Chantelle's body tensed her legs quivering, a low moan escaping. Now Jeffery slid in till his black wrinkly balls were lying against her golden skin.

Eric whispered into Jayne's ear "He is in her womb now babe." He felt Jayne's hand pulling down his zipper and fumbling his cock out where she could wrap her warm hand around it and with a firm grip started jacking him off. He had his finger under her damp panties and into her hot wetness as she squirmed around on him.

Jayne's body was shivering with excitement. The sight of the fucking couple and her husband's hands tweaking her nipple and stimulating her cunt had her creaming like crazy. She was amazed that Chantelle had all that long cock in her, how would it feel to have one that far inside. She watched as Jeffery began the long journey out, pulling himself back with his knees, he had spread his legs wide so the couple could see his cock in his wife's cunt. She could see Chantelle's juice making the ebony shaft shiny all the way to the base. Now he was sinking back into her, Jayne thought it looked so erotic. The wine that she drank had her inhibitions loosened enough that she didn't hesitate to maneuver her cunt over her husband's hard cock and she gave a sigh of pleasure as she felt the big head spread her open.

Eric was more than happy to oblige his wife and he pulled her panties aside as he slipped into her hot welcoming wetness. He loved the feeling of her tight walls parting before his purple head; she was already so wet he slid in easily. He didn't pump just let her do what she wanted, right now she was just squirming around on his lap.

Jeffery was building up a rhythm now and Chantelle was giving out little cries of delight every time he bottomed out in her pussy. Her legs had come around the backs of his thighs, her heels hooked just above his knees. They fucked for about six or seven minutes, huffing, moaning, the slurping squishy sound of a hard cock frictioning in and out of a juice filled pussy making both couples hotter.

Jayne was rolling her hips around and bouncing up and down just a little now as she watched the fucking action on the bed. Eric's cock filled her so good she couldn't imagine what it would feel like to have one deeper in her. What would it feel like her mind asked her?

Jeffery was fucking hard now his cock flashing in and out. Chantelle's body was quivering and shaking with the force of his fucking, he shoved in hard his dark ass clenching tight and he pumped his cum into his wife's body. His cum triggered her orgasm and she clutched him tightly as her vaginal muscle coated his cock and rippled around the tube of flesh it had encased.

Jayne could see the white cum mixed with Chantelle's clear cum oozing out around Jeffery's embedded cock; she watched it run down the valley between those round golden cheeks. She needed to cum badly now and she closed her eyes and concentrated on fucking her husbands iron hard cock. She was moving rapidly up and down her hands now on his knees to help her ride him to completion.

Jeffery and Chantelle were lying side by side now watching the couple in the chair, she had a hand around his cum slick cock, and although it had softened and flopped over when her hand reached the base it was still plenty to jack off. He had one dark hand between her legs, a long dark finger curled into her wetness.

They watched Jayne as she rode her husband, her top was shoved up above her bouncing tits, Eric was pulling on her long pink nipples, they really couldn't see his cock going in and out of her because the skirt had fallen down, but they could still see plenty of shapely tanned legs working her body on her husband's dick.

Jayne could feel her passion building her eyes opened and looked right into the dark eyes of Jeffery who was staring at her, their gazes locked and held as she slammed down on her husband only to rise and do it again.

Eric had never closed his eyes and he watched Jeffery roll off his wife and as they continued to fondle each other. He also was beginning to feel that rising heat as his wife's tight pussy massaged his cock so well. He caught Chantelle's eyes and she watched his face as the tide of approaching orgasm spread over it. She had a lustful little grin on her face as she watched him and he wondered just how far they wanted to go and if he was prepared to go all the way. All those thoughts were swept away as Jayne slammed down on him her pussy squeezing, gripping, spasming around him her cum flowing out to cover his balls, making a big wet spot on his shorts. Her wonderful hot sleeve drew the cum up out of his balls and he shot jet after jet up into her only to have it run back down and out making the wet spot even bigger.

Jayne felt the swelling of Eric's shaft and that first hard stream of cum, her eyes almost closed in her ecstasy but she kept them locked on Jeffery's she saw his pink tongue come out to lick his dark lips as she rolled her ass around on her husbands shooting cock.

Chantelle eyes widened a little as she could see the amount of cum leaking out under Jayne's skirt and it looked like he was still shooting, she wanted to see the balls that could produce that much cum.

Jeffery's cock was mostly hard again from the erotic sight of Jayne fucking Eric. He knew that when he and Chantelle were alone they would have a wild session while reliving this moment.

As Jayne's passion subsided she was a little embarrassed that she had fucked her husband in front of somebody else. Chantelle eased that anxiety some by saying how hot they looked and how much it turned her on. As she eased up off Eric's softening cock more cum ran down to coat Eric's pants.

He chuckled "Well it's a fine mess you have made of me my lady"

She looked down as she stepped over his legs the lap of his shorts were a soggy cum stained mess.

She had to giggle and the mood was suddenly lightened for her. "You sure outdid yourself today honey."

When she stepped to the side of her husband both Jeffery and Chantelle had to grin at the big mess in Eric's lap, Chantelle was intrigued by the thick stalk and big bell shaped head of Eric's slowly dropping cock.

Jeffery laughed and got up to go in the bathroom and come back with a warm wet washcloth.

Jayne watched him approach nakedly, his long cock swinging from side to side with his movements the head now covered again by his foreskin. He handed the cloth to Jayne and she wiped up their mess. Jeffery and Chantelle were both sitting on the edge of the bed now. "It seems you enjoyed our little show pretty well" Chantelle laughed "We surely did enjoy yours, but you had on way to many clothes. Isn't it much better to be closer to the action then looking over a fence?"

The other three laughed and agreed it was much better. "Maybe tomorrow night you two could start off and let Jeffery and I watch." Chantelle suggested. Although Jayne nodded her head she still wasn't sure she was up to that. Eric let her decide for them and when she nodded he grinned and said he hoped they could be as stimulating as Jeffery and Chantelle. They agreed to meet again around 10:00 in the morning at the pool then have some lunch and maybe some more tennis in the afternoon.

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