Happy Anniversary Darling
Part 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - Celebrating Anniversary with dinner and dance with a twist.

She was all excited when I came home from work. This was our 20th anniversary and we were going out to celebrate.

She had just come from the shower with a towel around her very young figure. At 41 she was built like a 30 year old and after having three children it looked as if they helped to keep her figure young.

She was happy that we were going out for dinner and her wish was to go out dancing.

I had made arrangements at the Suites Hotel downtown for the weekend were we can dine and dance and have a weekend for ourselves. The youngest child of 8 was at her mothers and the other 2 were staying with friends for the weekend.

Looking at her getting ready made me ready to attack her body before we left the house.

Putting her brown with red highlight hair up and putting on just enough of makeup to highlight her hazel eyes she looked to sexy to leave the house.

Picking out her favorite tight fitting black dress that came just above the knee with the slit up the side. It had a low front that showed plenty of cleavage holding her 36 C breasts without a bra.

She looked like a sex goddess when she turned from the mirror. I just melted looking at her and told her how lucky I was to be her other half.

We started dating in our senior year in High School and until we were married neither of us had dated. Nicole was a virgin when we married and everything we did together in our marriage bed we learned by hearing others talk and watching some porn videos.

Nicole was a little hesitant on trying to many things and shied away from oral sex.

She would give me a blowjob but refused to taste my cum. I would tell her when I was ready to cum and she would take her mouth away and lay her breasts on my squirting cock.

It took much enjoyment away from me but I never complained much.

We left the house and headed downtown. As we drove I complimented her on how she looked and how she was affecting my sex drive. I wanted to pull over and take her right there on the side of the road.

She turned to look at me and as she turned I noticed part of her nipple pointed out near the top of her dress.

As we approached the restaurant I turned into the valet parking area. As I stopped the attendant

opened her door and took her hand to help her out of the car. I noticed how he looked directly at her breasts and gave her a welcoming smile. Watching the attendant staring at her breasts excited me enough that my cock started to stir in my pants. She certainly was a very attractive woman and had a body to die for.

We walked into the restaurant and I noticed the heads that turned to look at my wife. Again I was excited and my bulge started to throb again.

We had 3 different waiters come to our table, one took our order, one delivered our food and the other offered to take our dessert order. I noticed that the other patrons had one waiter and one busboy. We were getting the attention because my wife was the center of attraction with her breast very much exposed.

After the great dinner we went to our room to check it out and leave our suitcase. Nicole wanted to freshen up a bit before we went to the lounge and listen to the music and have a few drinks.

I noticed that she was a little tipsy after the wine we drank at dinner.

Nicole wasn't much of a drinker but she was enjoying the weekend and let herself loosen up a bit.

Loosen up is what she did.

We sat at a table near the far wall and had a good view of the dance floor. The drinks we ordered came very quickly and a little to frequently. I can tell Nicole was feeling no pain and enjoyed dancing. She was dancing very seductively. She was grinding against me and really letting go.

As she made her way to the ladies room I noticed a couple of men from the bar watching every step she took. And as she walked back towards the table one of the men approached her and after a few words he took her hand and walk out to the dance floor.

I watched very closely where his hands were and how close they danced together. I wasn't afraid of my wife doing anything wrong, she just wanted to have fun on our anniversary. She was to conservative and not the sleazy type of woman.

As the dance ended the man walked her to the table and thanked her and me for the dance.

She sat down and exclaimed what a gentlemen he was. My wife felt honored that a strange man asked her to dance.

No sooner the next dance ended another man approached the table and asked her for the next dance. She looked at me and I nodded so she took the mans hand and left for the dance floor.

I watched for a while then the music went to a slow dance and they stayed on the floor. Yes, they were dancing very close and yes she had her head on his shoulder but I trusted my wife.

I decided that this was a good time to go to the mens room. I was getting some cramps I figured from the fish I had eaten. Fish never is nice to me.

As I was sitting in the privacy of the john two men walked in and I overheard their conversation.

"Did you see the body on that piece of ass in the black dress?" "Yeah she sure is pretty and has a killer body." Lucky Steve had a dance with her and said she just loved to grind her hips on his swollen cock He said as he turned away from her husbands table he ran his hand over her tits and she just smiled at him. His cock got even bigger and she pounded her body against it. She told him that she was hear with her husband celebrating their anniversary. Can you believe she's 40 years old? Steve said he is going to try and fuck her tonight as soon as her husband gets drunk and passes out.

I sat there and felt by heart drop into my stomach. I felt a jealous rage but couldn't do anything about it at that time.

After leaving the bathroom I looked around for the guys who were talking in the bathroom but they weren't around. Neither was my wife?

Looking through the crowded dance floor I spotted my wife. She was dancing with a tall well built black man.

I went to our table and sitting there were two more black men. As I approached they stood and introduced themselves as Rondell and Jamal. They were brothers of Leroy who was dancing with my wife.

I sat down wondering to myself what was going on. I looked on the dance floor and there was Leroy and Nicole locked together in a very slow dance. His right hand was cupping her buttocks and had her right breast in his left hand. She seemed to have her eyes closed enjoying the touch of Leroy.

My head started to pound in a jealous rage and as I looked at the two brothers they just smiled at me.

When the music stopped Nicole came to the table with Leroy in tow and introduced him to me.

Did you meet his brothers she said. Yes I did and I also noticed how you were dancing. Oh she said you missed it earlier. Leroy is a very good dancer.

When the music started again she rose and took Leroy by the hand and went to the dance floor. As they dance he had his hands running all over her body, Over her butt up her back, down her sides rubbing the sides of her breasts. She had a smile on her and enjoying the sensation he was giving her.

What happened to my conservative wife?? She was twirling around him and his hands touched every part of her.

He turned her around with her back against his chest and took her arms and held them straight over her head and ran his large black hands down her arms to her underarms and along the sides of her breasts. As he pushed her breasts together her nipples popped out the top of her dress. Putting her hands behind her neck and laying her head back against his chest her breasts were completely exposed. Leroy ran his fingers over her nipples pressing her nipples into her breasts. Her hard nipples were pushed into her tits and then he would release them. Her body was shaking

as she had a orgasm from his touch.

I was in complete shock watching my wife enjoying the manipulation of her breasts.

My cock was no rock hard in my pants and I felt myself leaking cum. As the music stopped Leroy took my wife by the hand leading back to the table. They sat down between his two brothers. My wife looked at me and said thank you honey for such a good anniversary weekend.

Neither my wife or Leroy put her breasts into her dress. She sat like she was in a trance as the three men mauled her breasts. She giggled like a school girl as the pulled her nipples and kissed them from time to time.

A few songs went by and Rondell took my wife by the hand and lead her to the dance floor.

As they danced Rondell would kiss her breasts and take her nipple between his teeth and you can see how he stretched it from its root. Then let it go to snap back into her tit.

His hand went to her back then down to her butt. As they danced he worked her hem to above her butt and her butt was exposed showing her black thong. His fingers searching the crack of her butt and spread the cheeks you can see his finger entering her butt hole.

The place was not so crowded as earlier. There was a couple dancing and a group of men at a table near the dance floor taking in the show my wife and Rondell were giving.

Jamal went to the dance floor to meet the couple and stepped behind Nicole and rubbed his cock against her ass. Reaching around her and holding her breasts in his hands the three glided along the dance floor.

Nicole was the center of attraction as they fondled her and with Rondells finger deep into her butt she was all excited and having orgasm after orgasm.

When the band stopped playing and started to take down their equipment the men came to me and told me that Nicole was going to their room for the night and I will see her in the morning.

I rebutted and they said if I go with them I can only watch and not touch.

Only watch what I said to them.

Your wife chose to entertain us for the night and that was her wish.

I looked at Nicole and she nodded to me that it was OK.

I opted to go with them.

When we got to their room they stripped Nicole and laid her on the bed.

She lay there with her legs spread and her arms open to whoever wanted her.

Jamal was the first to undress and kneeled between her legs. His cock was huge, thick and very long.

She can never take that size cock I shouted. Quiet I was told by Leroy or we will tie you up.

I rebutted again and they did. Using my belt and stuffing my mouth I was tied to a chair.

Nicole looked funny as she stared at me. She looked like she was drugged.

Jamal entered her and she screamed as he stretched her pussy to fit his entire cock inside her.

Rondell straddled her head and placed his cock in her face. I can see the precum as he spread it over her face and eyes. She smiled and stuck out her tongue out to lick what he had left on the tip of his big black cock.

I knew from that she was drugged because she refused oral sex every time I offered it. And only on a special occasion she would put my cock to her lips.

My wife opened her mouth and took Rondells cock into her mouth and swallowed as much as she could into her throat. Meanwhile Jamal was pounding away at her pussy.

Looking around the room for Leroy I spotted him in the corner setting up what looked like a camera on a tripod. I kicked and kicked trying to get loose. I didn't want this to happen and of all things taking movies of it all.

They were setting up to blackmail us I was sure of it.

Nicole was being pounded by Jamal and Rondell was fucking her face and as it looked she was enjoying it all.

What felt like hours later I felt a pain in my head and went out like I was hit in the head.

As I woke I was in bed with my wife at my side and had a terrible headache. The sun was shining through the window onto Nicole. She looked like she was covered in white powder. She had dry cum all over her. It covered her tits and face and in her hair.

She opened her eyes and said good morning.

I looked deep into her eyes and they were glazed. I asked her is she remembered anything about last night and she said we had a nice dinner then went dancing. She remembered dancing with this man and I went to the mens room.

She didn't remember me coming back and didn't remember coming to the room.

Then I knew she was drugged.

As I got up I noticed a video tape on the night table with a note.

Watch this tape and you will know the power of Hypnosis. Thomas Bros.

Nicole couldn't believe her eyes when she seen the tape.

One thing I noticed though, she was turned on watching it but wouldn't admit it to me.

As for me I had a ranging hard on through out the whole ordeal.

Happy Anniversary Darling

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