Husbands boss has stable of wives
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Interracial, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband boss takes and uses employees wives to help with his business's and promises promotions for their husbands.

As I left my office and was heading home my husband called me franticly on my cell phone. He wanted to know if I had his briefcase in my car by accident. I told him no maybe he left it at work.

What a day this has been and now he loses his briefcase. He must have been nervous because he just recently started this new job and his boss was a very stern middle aged man in his 40's and built like a half back.

He intimidates his help with his rudness and his size. Bob my husband called me back when I was 15 minutes from home and asked if I would pick up his case at his office on my way home. Since it was only minutes away I agreed.

I headed toward the cooperate center where his office was and finally parked the car and walked toward the building. I have never been to his office but I did meet his fellow employees and his boss at a party at the boss's house.

As I entered the building I ran into two of the men who worked with Bob. They looked me over and smiled.

I had on a New gray suit with a skirt that was halfway down my thighs and a see through white blouse and see through white bra on. I guessed as I walked into the air conditioned building that my nipples from my 36C breast were sticking through my blouse.

I kinda blushed thinking about it. They had asked were I was headed because Bob left a couple hours earlier. I told them he left his brief case there and I need to see someone to pick it up.

They smiled and said the only one left in the office is Glenn ( his Boss ). I didn't like that idea at all because the first and last time we met at the party he was to attentive over me.

He commented how pretty I was and loved my long black hair and blue green eyes. He whispered in my ear that my eyes made him hot. I was annoyed at that and walked away never looking at him the remainder of the evening. That was the last I have seen of him and that was a few weekends ago.

Now I have to face him again and I wasn't looking forward to it. I entered the elevator and pressed 11 (his floor). On the way up I was thinking how intelligent this man must have been. He owns this a computer company also an alarm company and another corporation IM not aware of.

Bob said it takes in a lot of international monies.

As the elevator doors opened I walked straight ahead to Glenn's office.I Knocked on the door and no one answered. I turned the door knob and it was opened so I entered but no one was there. I called hello, hello and again no answer. There I see Bob's briefcase on Glenn's desk. I said to myself "good he couldn't wait and left it for me to pick up" As I reached for the case I heard a very deep voice saying "Hello?" I turned and there was Glenn all 230 lbs of him with his shirt off and towel around his neck. He smiled and I noticed how handsome he was when he smiled.

"How are you?" he asked and I said "fine and you?" He said "much better now that you are here."

I thought here it comes again. I said "IM here to pick up Bob's case and I must run."

He said "fine but if you have to run leave the case until you have time to chat."

I had a feeling I knew were this was going. I said "fine may I sit?"

"Of course" he said and pointed to a couch near the door he just entered from.

The door led into a bathroom where he was freshening up. I looked around the room and noticed he missed nothing in decorating. Everything you need is there except a bed and that I really wasn't sure of.

He poured me a drink and said "Manhattan right?" he remembered from the party. I said "yes thank you."

We sat for what seemed a lifetime talking and discussing how Bob can go a long way into his companyy structure as long as everything is done in propere order which will benifit the company and Bob and his family. I knew what he was saying but didn't understand until he moved closer to me and looked me in the eye and said "you have a lot to do with Bobs success."

I felt like I was hit with a board on top of the head. He put his arm around me and kissed me on the lips. I resisted but he is so much stronger, feeling a little weak from having 3 manhattans I started to accept his long kisses and his probing tongue.

I kissed him back and started to feel the heat inside my body. His hand started to feel my tits and worked open my blouse. I helped him not to rip and wrinkle it. He unhooked my bra and my soft 36C tits with erect nipples bouced out to his touch. He started kissing one then the other and kept repeating, "they are gonna love this one."

He said that over and over again everytime he came up for air after sucking my nipples. Reaching under my skirt he found my panties soak and wet with my juices. He knew I was ready and said so.

"Now you need to get me ready" he said. With that he stood and dropped his pants and when he pulled off his boxers a thick 10" cock bounced out inches from my face.

He leaned forward and put it right into my mouth. It was huge and I tasted the precum on the head. It was so sweet and I couldn't wait to taste all of him. He had me hotter than I ever thought I can be with him. First I hated him and now IM liking him more and more.

He put his cock head between my lips and as soon as he leaned forward I opened my mouth to accept him.

He fucked my face and played with my tits as I rubbed his big balls and when I felt him tighten up I put my finger deep into his ass. He shot loud after loud into my throat and I swallowed all I can.

He took his cock from my mouth then shot one last squirt on my face. He looked down and said he loved to squirt a beautiful woman and let them know he's over them.

I felt insulted but yet gratified that I was something to someone other than a wife who is like a mother to her husband.

He said he wanted to fuck me but that will be another time. "I will call you when to be here, and you will be here right?" I said "yes I will if I can."

He looked real stern now and said "you will."

He scared me. As I was leaving he looked at me and said "they are going to love you."

He never said what he means.

The day after I left Glenns office he called me at my office and told me to be at his office again today at 5. I told him I had an appointoment and I couldn't make it.

He said "be here" and hung up.

I was so angry that I wanted to call him back and tell him off. Then I had thoughts of how much I enjoyed sucking his cock the day before and started to get all wet again. I didn't have an appointment but I didn't want to jump for him either.

After work that day I stopped at the lounge next to my office to have a drink and relax before I have to go to Glenn's office.

IM sure he wanted to fool around with me again but IM not going to give in that easy.

I arrived at his office at 5:30 and I as walked in he cursed me and said "When I tell you at 5 you be here at five and don't give me any excuses bitch."

"You belong to me and you will obey." I wanted to tell him to go to hell but I looked him in the eye and said "IM sorry I won't do it again." He said "I know you won't."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone sitting on his couch it was a woman. Glenn walked up to me and said "Andrea I want you to meet Vivian, her husband is V.P. of Sales here" Then to Vivian he said "Andrea's husband in in our accounting office."

She rose up and said hello.

She was tall very pretty blonde hair and long legs. Glenn had me sit down next to Vivian and started to explain our roles. "We are going to a party Friday night and you two are going to be my Hostess's". "Don't worry about your husbands, they will be working in my other office." "They will find out Thursday that they have a weekend assignment and that will free the two of you up." "They will be compensated for it he added thanks to the both of you."

I Looked at Vivian and she just smiled. IM sure she was here and done this before. Glenn went into the bathroom and turned and said come here the both of you. We followed and then I found out that the bathroom led to a bigger room. A very large bedroom. There was a TV, bar, entertainment center and a large round bed in the center of the room.

On the bed were 2 box's and he told us that one box was for each of us. We opened them and found a black leather skirt and a white sheer blouse. "You both will were them Friday night." Then he turned and said to remove our clothes.

Vivian without hesitation removed her blouse and peeled her skirt off. There she stood bra and thong. She had very small breast but very shapely legs. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Glenn motioned to me to remove my clothes but I guess I wasn't fast enough then he ordered Vivian to help me. She approched me and helped me remove my blouse and then unhooked my bra. My breast bounced from it's confines and Vivian gasped. "Beautiful" she said, and I looked at her and smiled "thank you."

Glenn approached and removed Vivian's bra and had us touch each other. I want you two to get familiar with each other before Friday night.

I don't want two strangers working together. Touching Vivians breasts was the first time I have ever touched another woman and the first time another woman has touched me. Her breasts were small but firm with beautiful pink nipples sticking out like little erasers. She took my nipple in her mouth and I felt a sigh coming from my throat.

I enjoyed her touch then she started kissing me down my body over my stomach to the top of my panties. She went to her knees and pulled down my already wet panties and licked my pussy.

My knees felt weak so I guided her over to the round bed. She stood and we kissed. I felt her tongue deep into my throat. We fell onto the bed kissing and touching each other all over.

We laid in a 69 position and buried our faces between each others legs. Her pussy tasted so good and wet. I licked her clit and entered a finger between her pussy lips. She did the same in return.

We loved each other with our tongues and fingers until we both climaxed.

Glenn then kneeled on the bed and put me on all fours. He said I owe you a good fuck. I know what a good cocksucker you are now lets see how you fuck. He entered me with a hard thrust. I opened my legs as far as I could and as he thrusts in and out I pushed back taking all the cock I can take into me. He was all the way inside me and I can feel his balls slapping up against my inner thighs.

He was holding and squeezing my tits real hard and I was ready to climax. He must have felt my body jerk and he pulled his cock from me. And placed the head against my virgin ass. I said no and as I said please he pushed his big cock into my ass. He stopped halfway in and then I relaxed. As I relaxed he drove it in deeper. I yelled and he said you are my bitch and do as I command.Fuck my dick now. I backed into him and he went even deeper. He was thrusting harder and harder and his balls were slapping against my pussy.

Under me slid Vivian and put her pussy in my face. I started sucking her pussy as he fucked my virgin ass. We all climaxed at once.

I felt his hot cum shoot deep inside of me. Vivian's pussy was wet with her juices flowing into my mouth.

We all collapsed on the bed, after a few minutes Glenn got up to get us a drink.

Vivian told me not to fight it and enjoy what we have to do. I was getting used ito it now but asked what this party is all about. She didn't have a chance to answer me because Glenn came back into the room. He told us to get dressed and we did. We had that one drink and left.

When Friday came I was excited to see Vivian again but not knowing what was in store for me at the party. We were brought into the kitchen of Glenn's country home and there were trays of fruit and sandwiches and all kinds of food. There was a bartender there just making drinks.

We heard laughter and yelling from the main room. Vivian told me to peek out the door. I did and to my surprise there were dozen's of men laughing and cheering at a big screen. On the big screen there I was on my knees giving Glenn a blow job.

That fuck I thought he was recording us in his office. And then there was another scene and showed Vivian and I in the 69 position.

I looked at Vivian and she said "he has a library of movies."

All his employees wives who were sucked into this to keep their husbands jobs were recorded.

By the end of the night you will be in deeper than you care to be.

Glenn came into the kitchen to retrieve us and as we walked into the room all the men recognized us. Glenn wispered in my ear to have fun they are going to love you.

I knew I heard that before and this is what he meant.

The first man that came over to me was a short man around my height with a big belly and short legs. He reached out to grab my nipple that was protruding through the sheer blouse. I was shocked how forward he was and he said Glenn told him he can do whatever he wanted. Then he looked at me and said he wanted me to suck his cock. I thought I would have thrown up.

I went to the table for a drink but this pervert followed me. As I turned I ran into big black man. He held me tight and said "are you OK?" I said "yes that this man was bothering me. He smiled and said "you have to loosen up a bit he's harmless."

He handed me a glass of wine and said to relax. I felt comfortable with this man who said his name was Roy. We walked over to sit on a big couch and we were talking for a few miutes when he reached around me and held my tit in his big hand.I looked at his hand and noticed how white my skin looked next to him.

Slowly he removed my blouse and took my tit into his mouth. I felt an urge to fuck him right there. I reached down and put my hand in his lap. I felt the largest bulge in his pants. He must have been 12 inches long and as round as a wine bottle. He had my blouse off and his hand under my skirt. I had no panties or bra on so I was ready for his action.

He put his finger into my pussy and it slid in so easy because I was so wet. His finger was rounder than my husbands cock. He drove his finger deep inside of me. I pulled his large cock out of his pants and looked at that monster. The head was the size of a tennis ball and precum was oozing from the slit. I leaned over and licked the head of his dick and tasted his sweet pre cum.

Slowly I eased that large cock into my mouth. Barely fitting the head in my mouth I jerked his cock with my hands. He was groaning and I was waiting for that huge cock to blow his load into my throat.

Rubbing both my tits now he rolled my nipples in his fingers and I sucked harder. Jerking his cock and finally he started to jerk his cock deeper into my throat.

I started to feel his cum running up his shaft to the head then blew load after load into my throat.

When he finished his final load I removed my mouth from him a licked him clean. He asked if I could see him again without Glenn knowing and I said "yes I want that cock inside of me."

We both laughed then we got up and I had to circulate the room. Glenn told me to leave my clothes off and I did. I was getting used to walking around naked and being handled by every man in the room.

By the end of the night Vivian and I fucked and sucked every man in the room between the both of us.

Before every one left Glenn had Vivian and I put on a show with each other. That was more fun, and IM looking forward to having her again.

I guess I was one of his whores now and as long as IM a good little whore my husband continues to get promoted in the computer firm. See you again at the next party.

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