Strange Temptations
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2004 by Arrow Poison

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A horny mother seduces her nephew, unaware that she was watched by her own son

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   Aunt   Nephew   Oral Sex   Voyeurism  


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. If you feel offended by the subject, please skip to another story.

Karen McAllister was furious. She had just received a phone call from the detective agency that she hired to spy upon her husband. An agent from Paris just informed her that for the last two nights a girl had been visiting her husband in his hotel's room. This night as well she was there... for more than two hours.

"Sonofabitch... !" She fumed with anger as she cut the phone. "The bastard is busy screwing a bitch on his wedding anniversary."

She lay on her bed trying to control her rage. She looked around... her expensively decorated bedroom... her master size bed. Tears swelled in her eyes. She was alone on her wedding anniversary night... alone in her bedroom while her husband was probably pumping his load into that whore.

She tossed in the bed, trying to think what went wrong between her and Phil, her husband. Theirs was a love marriage, against the wishes of their families. Almost twenty years back, Phil proposed her in the college, and she had immediately accepted it. Phil was one year senior to her, a handsome and bright student, and she knew that he would have a bright future.

They indeed had a great life... but only on the material front. Phil was obsessed with success and nothing mattered him more than soaring the ladders of success one after another, earning more and more money. He wasn't a great lover, and he never tried to be one in actual sense. He gave her everything, which money could buy; but whenever she needed him, he was busy with his targets... deadlines... board meetings and what not.

Until the birth of their only son, Jeff, their sex life was just okay... after that it became a forced routine, and then slowly almost ceased to exist.

She recalled Phil hadn't fucked her for almost for six months. She sighed, and got down from the bed... sat before her dressing table looking at her reflection in the mirror.

She knew that she was attractive... even at the age of thirty-nine. God had been kind enough to her, and she was still in a much better shape than many of her friends, even though she never tried working out. Jeff was born when she was only twenty and after that, she never got pregnant again. She often had taken pride when people remarked that she looked like an elder sister to her son.

Karen had been hearing the rumors about her husband's infidelity for the last six months, but she never believed it. She never expected that Phil could be interested in sex... the man who rarely felt aroused in presence of his gorgeous wife could fall for any other girl. However, his frequent visits to Paris raised her suspicion, and she took help of a detective agency.

Her fears turned out right.

"Fucking bastard..." She swore.

She got up from the stool, and went out of her bedroom. Her bedroom was on the first floor. Phil and Karen had purchased this two-storeyed house few years back. She redesigned the entire first floor, converting the pre-constructed small rooms into a one big bedroom that opened into a large verandah, which she converted into an open terrace garden. There was one more room on the floor, a small room attached to the bedroom, which her husband used as his study. The living room and Jeff's room were on the ground floor. There were a small number of other rooms, which were mostly locked, as her small family didn't have any use for them.

For the last six moths, one more room at the ground floor had been occupied... by her nephew Thomas or Tom; Phil's elder brother's son; who had shifted to Bergen to peruse his graduation. Tom was one year younger to her son.

Karen stood in the open terrace... feeing the fresh breeze of midnight air... trying to calm her distressed mind. Very soon, she realized that the cool breeze wouldn't be able to palliate her condition. She was still infuriated with her husband... and the thought of his husband fucking some young tart while she was languishing alone in the darkened terrace enraged her... and surprisingly it made her horny too. It was simply not correct for him to be with a whore when she desperately needed his hardness between her thighs.

Karen always enjoyed sex. Yet, because of her inhibitions and a very strict upbringing she could never tell her true feelings to Phil.

She thought about her son and sighed again. Jeff, her son, had grown into a fine young man of nineteen; however, he also seemed to have inherited his father's traits... always busy with his own activities. He too didn't have any time to share with his mother. She felt terribly alone. Jeff was also out of town, visiting some nearby place with his friends.

She returned to her room... settled on the edge of her bed... trying to figure out what to do. There was no question of trying to sleep; she knew it wouldn't come.

She deliberated for some minutes, and then she got up and tiptoed across the room opening the door of adjacent room... her husband's study. It was personal room of Phil, which he used to keep his papers, his computer and other belongings, and it was here where he spent most of his time at home.

Karen had always hated this room. However, she knew what she wanted was kept in the drawers of Phil's computer table. Occasionally, when Phil felt like fulfilling his husband's duty, he would watch a porn movie with his wife, and then they would copulate to complete their rituals of being a married couple. Those CD's were kept in the drawer, and she needed one.

She unlocked and opened the drawer. She flipped through her husband's collection of porn CD's... undecided which one to choose. She had seen all of them, a fact which her husband didn't know. He might have never expected his dutiful wife watching a porn movie alone in her bedroom.

After some deliberation, she picked a CD and returned to her room... inserted the CD into the player, switched on the television and settled on the bed with remote in her hand. She adjusted the channel.

As the naked pictures began appearing on the screen, she once more thought about her husband and the whore who he might be fucking in his hotel's room at Paris. She swore again trying to overcome her frustration, and looked at the picture of a beautiful woman, simultaneously playing with two cocks. Deep inside her, she felt jealous of her.

She watched silently as the film progressed. The beautiful female protagonist was sucking one of the guys while the second guy was licking her shaved pussy. Karen grunted incoherently. She never had the pleasure to enjoy the bliss of oral sex. Phil was too prude to indulge in such activity. She tried to imagine how it would feel to suck a hard cock... or how a wet tongue would feel over her cunt lips.

She felt hornier... squeezing her thighs to stop the wetness seeping out of her pussy. She moaned lightly.

Her fingers fumbled with her nightgown... slowly puling it along her thighs. She inserted her fingers inside her panties, and dragged her panties down to her thighs, exposing her nicely trimmed hairy pussy. Her fingers touched her tender cuntlips, feeling the wetness dripping out of her horny hole. She gently played with her clit.

The actress in the film was now getting banged from both ends. One guy was pumping his rigid cock in and out of her pussy while the other one was sawing it into her sucking mouth.

Karen heart ached to feel a cock between the tender lips of her pussy. She again cursed her husband. Her frustration and horniness was overwhelming her. The movie had aggravated the itching in her cunt, and she desperately longed for a throbbing male organ sloshing through her wet hot furrow.

She closed her eyes... trying to imagine the characters of the movie present in her bedroom... doing the same thing to her instead the girl in the movie. She tried to masturbate but it didn't help... she needed a real thing. She was alone at the house... all alone in this big house... with no one to satisfy her burning desire.

Suddenly, she sat upright. She was wrong. She was not alone. Her nephew Tom was downstairs... probably studying or sleeping in his room... or probably diddling his cock.

The last thought let the blood rush though her cheeks. Truly speaking she wasn't very fond of her husband's nephew... initially. It was Phil's idea to let him stay with them. She didn't like the idea and she opposed vehemently; however, Phil persisted and she later reluctantly agreed.

It tuned out to be blessing in disguise.

Her husband and son were mostly away from home. To them home was a place where they could rest and sleep during nights, and get ready for their next days activities.

In contrast to his uncle and cousin, Tom was a homely type. After attending his college, he mostly spent his time at home... studying and helping his aunt in household chores. He was a shy; introvert type... didn't have many friends and certainly not a girlfriend.

During the initial period, she was rather harsh to Tom, never missing any opportunity to shout at him. However, Tom never took any offence, and behaved with her in a most polite manner.

She slowly began liking him... though there was noting sexual about it. He was a good company, and at least looked after her whenever she was down... a gesture her husband never cared for.

She considered Tom more like a growing teenager who was not much aware of ways of youth. However, she was wrong as she found two months ago when accidentally one day she barged into his room.

Poor lad was caught unaware... his lower half completely naked... his fingers gripping his rigid cock... working furiously over its length. He had no time to recover as at the very moment, his cock erupted spewing thick gobs of cum flying in the air and landing on the floor. In a vain attempt to hide his ejaculation, he tired to capture the flying jets... but it seeped out of the gaps between his fingers.

Red-faced, he looked at his short-tempered aunt... expecting a firework.

Although, Karen was shocked and little embarrassed; she didn't say anything to him and immediately retired to her room. She couldn't understand why did she let him go. She tried to think many times but couldn't get the answer. Past few years, on many occasions, she had stumbled upon her son's porn magazines hidden in his closet... every time she kept it back without opening it. She never wanted to poke into her sons personal life, though she doubted that her son wasn't an innocent teenager any more, and was probably already into sexual relations.

Karen and Tom never talked about the episode. He was afraid to face her initially, and tried to avoid her by staying mostly in his room. However, when he realized that his aunt was not mad with him; he slowly became normal. They returned to their normal terms.

Karen had lost interest in the movie. She sat on her bed, gently playing with her cuntlips... she thought abut Tom. What he would be doing... whacking... no probably sleeping. It was already past midnight.

She tried to recall the scene that she had witnessed that day. It went like a film in front of her eyes. She watched Tom whacking his thick rigid cock... his fingers working furiously along the length... the cry of rapture as his orgasm hit and the flying jets of his thick creamy cum.

She felt fresh wetness oozing out of her pussy. Her heart began beating violently in anticipation. She clasped her thighs gripping her fingers between her cuntlips.

She closed her eyes and tried to make a decision. It was not easy; her moralist upbringing tried to stop her... to prevent her from the path she was inevitably going to choose. Then she recalled the phone call form Paris.

If her husband could cheat on her, she too had the right to return him the same. She could also find a lover.

"The bastard deserves it." She whispered, trying to convince herself.

In truth, she was horny like hell... she was simply dying for a cock... a hard piece of thick meat slicing through her scorching cunt... driving her to the verge of ecstasy.

She made her decision.

She stood from the bed and stripped... removing her nightgown, her panties and her bra. She stood naked in her bedroom. She opened her wardrobe... searched through her clothes and pulled a sexy gown... a almost see through dress, which her husband had gifted her long back but never gave her many opportunities to wear that.

She slipped the gown over her body, and then stood in front of her dressing table.

The dress was almost transparent... she could see the darkness of her teats and trimmed bush through the material of the cloth. It also gave the vague contours of her curvaceous body. If Tom were not a dumb, he would surely notice it.

She switched off the television and the CD player; and came out her room.

Tom looked at the wall clock. It was already half past midnight. He had completed his assignments, and for the last fifteen minutes or so, he had been going through a porn magazine, which his elder cousin Jeff had gifted him in return of writing his assignments. Tom was aware about the real reason behind Nick's absence. His girlfriend's parents were out of station for few days, and Nick was utilizing this opportunity to the fullest by staying at her place and screwing her.

Jeff cared about his young cousin... he liked Tom... because he was his cousin, and more because he helped him in writing his assignments and homework while he could have fun with his friends. In return, he allowed Tom access to his collection of porn magazines and CD's.

Tom squeezed his cock as he flipped through the pages of magazine, scores of beautiful men and women in various positions doing every imaginable and unimaginable thing in those pictures.

"Oh god" He sighed. "When would I get my pussy?"

He closed his eyes and lay on his bed. His fingers gently massaged his cock. A beautiful face suddenly became alive in is thoughts... the beautiful face of his aunt Karen.

Tom always liked his aunt... even though she was very rude to him initially. He could never figure out why... but he always liked talking with her, helping her and doing whatever she asked him to do. He never realized why he wanted to please her... not until he was caught with his pants down, and his squirting cock in his hands.

He was horrified when he was caught red-handed, and still felt surprised about why she let him without saying any word. When he found that Karen wasn't mad with him, he slowly regained his confidence. Nevertheless, the things had changed a bit... the small incident became his most cherished fantasy.

After the incident, whenever Tom played with himself, his thoughts were always diverted to getting caught by a gorgeous woman. He always ended up with a shattering orgasm. Very soon, he realized that his fantasy woman had a face... the face of his beautiful aunt; he had never seen her naked but guessed that she must be gorgeous without clothes. Gradually, he began dreaming about fucking her. However, he knew that it would never happen, and therefore, he kept his fantasies as a closely guarded secret.

Tom was lost in his dream... his fingers feverishly massaging his cock... his beautiful fantasy aunt ready to catch him while he was ready to shoot. He was completely unaware that Karen was observing him again, this time through the keyhole of the locked doors of his room.

Karen straightened herself from the crouching position. She had an eyeful of her nephew's cock through the keyhole. He had a good cock... suddenly the itching in her cunt increased. She couldn't wait anymore, and lightly tapped the door.

Tom was lost into his fantasy... he didn't hear the knock.

Karen knocked again, this time little forcefully.

Tom was suddenly awake from his reverie. He immediately tucked his cock inside his underwear and pulled his shorts up, properly hiding his hardness.

Then he jumped from the bed and unlocked the door. Karen didn't enter in is room and remained standing in the darkness outside the door. She was suddenly feeling ashamed to be standing almost naked in front of her nephew.

"Yes... aunt." Tom asked nervously. He could not figure out the purpose of her visit at this time of night; neither did he notice the apparent nakedness of his horny aunt.

"I... I..." she mumbled, trying to cook an appropriate excuse. "There's a some insect in my bed."

She drew her courage and slowly slipped into his room, right under the lights.

He looked at her, little puzzled, not able to comprehend what she wanted from him.

"Please remove it from my bed. I'm very afraid of these creatures... I... cant do it myself."

"Oh... !" He realized the gravity of situation. He knew that even the strongest of women were afraid of these tiny creatures... nothing very unusual. "Lets see."

He immediately went towards the staircase.

Karen followed her silently... little anxious that Tom didn't notice her nakedness. Her heart began to sink. Probably she was not young enough to hold the eye of an eighteen-year-old lad.

Tom had his own problems. His entire body was shivering with excitement. Being near to his aunt always excited him; and at this wee hour when he was just fantasizing about her, she knocked at his door. He hurried to her bedroom on the first floor.

Karen followed him into her bedroom.

"Where's it?"

She pointed towards the pillows. "It was there... crawling beside my pillows."

Tom climbed on her master bed; one by one lifted both the pillows searching for the lizard, which was never there.

"It's not here."

"Search properly... it must be there." Her voice was quivering... her heart was beating fast in her chest... the itch in her pussy getting stronger and stronger.

Tom searched more thoroughly but didn't get anything.

"I think it's gone." He turned towards her.

"Yeah... may be." She mumbled and moved near the bed.

Tom looked at his beautiful aunt, and suddenly his mouth went agape... his eyes glued to her.

"God." He thought... holding his breath... his heart began pounding heavily in his chest. "She's naked underneath..."

He just couldn't believe what he was witnessing. His fantasy woman was standing in front of him in a transparent gown. He could see her delicate curves; her spongy boobs... the darks erect teats and the thick dark patch of pubic hair between her thighs.

Karen realized that her efforts had paid; her prey had taken the bait. She tried to remain indifferent, but her face slowly turned crimson. She was breathing hard; she could feel her legs shivering violently... she had never tried to seduce anyone other than her husband, and it wasn't an easy task to feign ignorance while standing almost nude in front of the teenager.

"Please wait for some time." She spoke in a husky shivering voice. "It might come back again."

She slowly sat on the side of her bed. Tom tried to get down from the bed.

"No..." She stopped him. "You can sit here."

Tom settled on the same side of bed, near her feet.

A nervous silence engulfed the room. Both aunt and nephew were lost in their own licentious thoughts. Tom was trying to look other way, but every now and then, he was stealing a good look at her. His cock was raging with lust, and he was afraid that his aunt would notice the massive bulge in front of his shorts.

Slowly, Karen got back to her composure. She knew that she couldn't go back now, and she had to make her next move.

"How're your studies going?" Nothing else came to her mind to start the conversation.

"Fine." He had an eyeful of his aunt's naked charms.

"I never saw you going out with your friends... don't you have any." She felt like stupid asking those questions.

"Not many..." The boy turned his gaze... stealing a quick glance at the dark patch visible through her gauzy gown. He caught her eyes and he immediately turned his gaze. "I prefer to stay at home."

"Any girlfriend?"

Surprised, he looked at her. She was directly looking at him... with a delirious saucy look. He could not stare into those beautiful eyes, and lowered his eyes. His eyes caught his aunt's exposed leg. Her gown was extended up to her knees, and as she was sitting on the bed with her legs folded, her gown had risen to almost her thighs. He looked at her smooth hairless delicate calves and her beautiful feet. His cock, tucked inside his shorts, began to get restless.

"I must leave immediately." He thought.

"No..." He nodded his head nervously.

"At your home... ?"

He shook his head in denial, though it was a complete lie. Tom had a girlfriend at his home but his relationship could never go to the level of screwing.

"Ohhh..." She looked at him, seriously. "That's why you're playing with your cock that day."

As if hit by a rock... Tom looked at his aunt... completely stunned.

Karen was smiling seductively.

Seeing the way he was looking at her, Karen realized that she had made her point, and her nephew was certainly not dumb.

"Have you ever seen a naked woman?" she asked him, enjoying his predicament.

"No..." His voice appeared choked. He was breathing hard. He was beginning to understand his aunt motives. Blood rushed to his head... his heart began beating violently in his chest as if it would come out.

Smiling, as she looked him straight in his eyes, Karen quickly uncrossed her legs, making sure that he gets a clear view of her inner thighs and her trimmed pussy.

Tom looked in total disbelief. He had never expected that his first view of a real naked cunt would be of his own aunt's. For a moment, he held his breath relishing the wicked flaunt.

"Like it?" She asked, saucily.

"What?" He mumbled... feeling embarrassed by his aunt's strange behavior.

She laughed licentiously, and pulled the hem of her gown up exposing her hairy pussy. She realized that she too had turned scarlet. Never before, she had exposed herself to anyone in this manner... not even to her husband. Nevertheless, she liked what she was doing and wanted this young man at every cost; she was ready to go to any extent.

Tom looked nervously at his aunt, and then to her beautiful cunt... so wantonly exposed before him. His throat was suddenly dry.

"Do you like me naked?" She giggled.

Tom was lost in the beauty of the view of first cunt of his life. He tried to mumble something... but nothing came out of his mouth.

Karen was feeling heat running to her loins. She stood from the bed, gripped the hem of her dress and pulled it above her head. She stood completely naked in front of her nephew.

Tom, though feeling little embarrassed, couldn't resist the temptation to savor the naked assets of his aunt. He looked at her petite figure... she was about five three... had an hourglass figure same as he imagined in his fantasies. Except a flashy bulge below her belly button and some extra flesh around her delicate thighs, she appeared in perfect shape. Her tits were not very large... but appeared perfectly matched with her figure with natural sag enhancing its beauty. Her luxuriant growth of hair covering her delicate fluffy cunt was nicely trimmed. Tom felt he would cum in his shorts.

Karen was pleased with the spells her naked charms had cast over her young nephew. Her fears were suddenly quelled. She moved near him.

She sat beside him on the bed, and put her arms around his neck. Tom felt her hot breath over her lips. She kissed him on his lips while he remained motionless.

"Did you like me?" She whispered in his ear, gently nibbling at his earlobes.

"Yeah..." His voice came like a hollow whisper.

Karen reached down, took his hand and placed it over her steamy cunt. His fingers touched her labia and she felt a wild fire running through her cunt.

Tom, though still little embarrassed, had begun to enjoy the immoral game. He felt his aunt's delicate cunt with his finger running it along her slit.

Karen moaned as she felt his finger touching her engorge clit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... ! Tom... ! Do it."

Suddenly, she reached over and grasped his hard on through the material of his shorts. A wild tremor raced through the young man's body at the feel of her soft hand pressing against his throbbing cock.

Tom's poking finger found her inner slit... he first felt the wetness seeping out of her pussy and then excitedly began fucking his finger in and out of her slippery cunt, she wantonly screwed her pussy up tighter around his embedded finger.

Karen moaned again... pressing her lips against the young man's, she kissed him hard. She forced her tongue in his mouth and French kissed him as her nephew fucked her burning cunt with his finger.

"Put your two fingers inside me." She whispered hoarsely.

He obediently pressed his middle and index finger inside her cunt and began fucking her. He could now feel the tightness of her aunt's cunt and the sticky wetness, oozing out with every stroke of his fingers.

Karen had already been excited for very long, she could not bear the rapturous feeling emanating into her cunt. Her orgasm hit like an exploding volcano... her cunt muscles spasm around his fingers inundating them with her passion fluid.

Tom had never felt a cumming cunt, but he liked the involuntary shaking of his aunt's cuntlips around his fingers. He was surprised at the guttural noise she was emanating while sucking his tongue, and the sudden rise in her cunt fluids.

Once the storm subsided, she broke the kiss and moved back, causing his fingers to move out of her slippery fuck hole leaving Tom disappointed.

She reached down and took his hand soaked with her own cunt juice. She raised it near her face and inhaled her own cunt's fragrance emanating from it. She had seen in porn movies... characters licking those juices off the fingers. She had never done it but felt like doing it. She stuck her tongue out and gently ran the tip over his juice soaked fingers and then swallowed it. She liked the salty acrid taste... she didn't feel any aversion. She then took his fingers between her lips and sucked them.

Tom looked at his aunt... mesmerized. Her wanton antics aroused him feverishly; he stared excitedly as she sucked his fingers.

Karen looked into her nephew's eyes... released his fingers and offered him to suck the remaining cunt juices off his fingers. The teenager didn't hesitate a minute and immediately sucked his fingers... enjoying the taste of her cunt on his fingers.

While he was busy sucking his fingers, Karen fumbled with his shorts, pulling it forcibly along with his underwear to his thighs. Regaining its freedom, the mammoth tool stood proudly like a thick flagpole. She ran her fingers through the rough coarse hairy nest at the base his cock and gripped his hardness between her delicate fingers.

She began massaging his massive hard on. She could feel his cock throbbing and twitching under her grip. She enjoyed its rigid warm flesh.

"God... your cock feels good." She whispered, lovingly sliding the foreskin up and down over his rock-hard cock.

Tom stopped sucking his fingers and looked into the eyes of his sexy aunt. They kissed again... a long lingering passionate kiss. His hand cupped her firm tits, crowned with big dark nipples... gently pricking her hard nipples. Then he bent his head and took her delicious looking nipples between his eager lips... sucking and biting them.

Karen moaned loudly.

While Tom sucked frantically on her tits, Karen massaged his cock crazily. Tom could feel the churning inside his balls; he knew that he could begin shooting anytime. However, he continued sucking his aunt's tits waiting his own orgasm to peak.

Karen rubbed his cock feverishly; she could feel it growing thicker in her hands.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... !" He cried suddenly, withdrawing his lips off her erect nipples. Before she could understand, his cock shook in her hand and released the first shot of cum.

It felt like a jet of molten metal flowing into her palm and fingers. She enjoyed the feel of male cum inundating her hand. His cock erupted repeatedly, releasing the hot thick gluey liquid in her hand and over his thighs... soiling his underwear and shorts.

Once his cock stopped spurting, he looked at the mess he had created... little ashamed. Karen released his cock and looked at her hand thickly coated with his hot cum. Her eyes gleamed with lust. Never before, she had felt cum on her hand, and in those moments of extreme horniness, it felt heavenly.

She looked at her nephew and laughed. Relieved, Tom also laughed with her. Then his eyes became wide with excitement as she flicked her tongue out, and took a scoop of cum from her fingers, swallowing it hungrily. He watched spell bounded as Karen slowly licked the every drop of cum off her hand, savoring every drop of the heavenly fluid. So many things were happening for the first time for her, and she was enjoying every instant of it.

She licked her fingers clean and then wiped her hand with his shorts, which was already covered with cum. Then she pulled his shorts and underwear off his legs. Next, she removed his t-shirt. Tom was now completely naked sitting in front of his naked horny aunt.

She looked at his now limp cock.

"Make it ready... Tom." She said huskily. "I sure need a fuck."

Tom felt aroused again with her lewd language. He too wanted to fuck his aunt's delicious cunt badly. He took his limp cock between his fingers and began stroking it tenderly.

"Hurry... !" Her voice was choked with lust. She lay on the bed and spread her legs exposing delicious pussy.

Tom was idly stroking his thick hard-on while he stared at Karen's hot moist cunt. The sight of her welcoming cunt had the right effect as he felt his cock slowly began to swell.

Karen McAllister was aware of how much her handsome nephew was enjoying the sight; she spread her thighs even farther apart, giving him a clear view of her open pussy... her wide open lips... her slick cunt hair... her engorged clit poking out teasingly at him. She unashamedly exposed herself before his prying eyes.

"You like my cunt... aren't you?"

"Yes aunt... yes." He hissed, rubbing his cock feverishly which was growing in proportions. "It's so beautiful... so cute.

She said nothing, only looked at him triumphantly. She was happy that even at her age she was able to seduce such a young boy. It satisfied her quest to be liked. She realized that he was now ready again

"Come on, Tom." She whispered, holding her arms out to him. "Fuck me!"

Tom lowered himself over her lovely naked body. Their mouths melted softly together, their slippery tongues gliding hotly in and out between their parted lips, while Karen passionately ground her steaming pussy against his hardness. Her soft creamy thighs were clamped enticingly around his legs.

Tom clung to his aunt's incredibly hot body... feeling her firm tits pressing against his chest... her erect teats poking against his skin. He could feel the joyful shivering of her body as his hard cock throbbed against her moist bushy triangle.

Karen squirmed around beneath him until the tip of his swollen cock was pressed against her soft bush covered pussy lips. She reached down and gripped his hardness running it along the crack of her dripping slit. Her whole body was on fire.

Tom's swollen cock seethed with an aching lust. His hand reached down and he felt her fat pussy lips... he played with her clit and then reaching beneath her, her cupped her deliciously tout ass cheeks... pressing and releasing her magnificent globes.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh... ! Goddddddd..." Karen whimpered with lust as her nephew marauded her buns. She shivered with excitement, grinding her hot pussy up against his raging hard on.

"Hurry Tom... please... hurry." She whispered. "I can't stand it any longer. Please fuck me now."

Tom positioned his hips between her wide-open thighs, the bulbous head of his cock probing majestically against her welcoming open cuntlips. Karen arched her body, rubbing her horny dripping cunt against the swollen head of his mammoth cock.

"Oh, honey," She moaned, feeling his cock head rubbing against aroused pussy. "Fuck me, Tom! Please fuck me!"

Tom readied himself to impale his cock into the begging pussy. However, before he could move, Karen reached down between their bellies and impatiently took hold of his raging hardness, guiding the swollen head over the entrance of her hot sucking lips of her scorching pussy and pushed her hips forward.

His cock head slowly entered her warm moist abode. Karen squealed with delight as the mushroomed head of his cock penetrated her cunt.

Tom got the first feel of a hot pussy engulfing his cock head. She was hot... incredibly hot. He thrust his hips forward, impaling his raging cock into the delicious hotness of his aunt's slick cunt.

"Yeahhhhh... !"

She cried with joy when her tight cunt felt his rigid inner walls closing warmly around the length of his throbbing cock. A warm feeling of wanton pleasure overwhelmed her body.

Tom continued fucking his cock into her pussy until his bloated tool was fully embedded inside her feverish burrow. Karen shuddered with ecstasy as his swollen balls thudded against the soft flesh of her bare ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh... ! Tom" She moaned, her mind reeling with ecstasy. "Your cock feels soooooo... big!"

Pleased with himself, Tom began fucking his aunt with a gentle rhythm; it was his first fuck and he wanted to savor every moment of this blissful occasion. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and then pumped it back into her steaming cunt causing her to writhe with pleasure. He never imagined that he would ever be able to fuck her fantasy woman; but it was happening, and he lost his virginity inside his dream woman.

Karen, his beautiful aunt, was squealing and writhing beneath him, gyrating her hips erotically to match his rhythm. She loved the way her nephew was pounding her cunt, but she wanted more.

"Harder... !" She hissed, gyrating her cunt to meet his thrust. She lifted her legs high and scissored across his rump. "Harder... show me what you've got."

Tom looked at his beautiful aunt, who was bucking so wildly beneath him, he swiveled his hips, fucking his hard cock into her cunt from every angle. He continued fucking his cock deeper and harder into her sweltering pussy, she wildly arched her hips up to meet his hard thrusts.

"Ohhh... yes... like that... yes... yes... ahhhhhhhhhh... !"

Karen was screaming uncontrollably, her eyes closed with ecstasy, her face contorted with lust, her head rolling crazily from side to side as she wildly swivel her juicy cunt up and down his fucking hard-on. His relentless poundings were almost blowing her mind, bringing moans and screams of delight from deep in her throat.

Tom was a quick learner, once inside her pussy it came naturally to him that what would please his horny aunt. He fucked his massive cock into her pussy with deeper and harder strokes, driving her crazy with every hard thrust of his prick.

He reached behind and forcibly unlocked her clutching legs from his waist. He then lifted the back of her legs up over his shoulders, and pushed Karen's thighs back until they were resting against her tits... a position which has had observed in his cousin's porn magazines. Now he was so positioned on her top that he was fucking almost straight down into her delicious cunt. This wild position gave him the fullest access, allowing him to fuck even deeper into her tight cunt.

Karen had not expected the boy to be so dexterous. She felt the furious pounding of his mammoth cock and left herself at his mercy, squealing from the unbelievable joy of getting fucked in a position, which she had never experienced. Phil was never fond of experimentation and he never tried variations.

She felt the merciless thumping of his balls against her anus, which was now so wide open to his onslaught. She ground her cunt in wild undulations as he bored into her dripping hot pussy again and again.

Room was filled a wild sloshy sound, like a perfectly fitting piston moving inside a watery hole. She had never been so aroused and never felt so wet before. Her free flowing pussy fluid was flowing down her crack towards the bed sheet beneath her ass.

Tom also felt her extreme wetness as her juices flooded his thick curly thatches. Little did he realize that it was due to his own furious fucking that his aunt was producing so much of pussy juices.

"You liked it... Tom?" She asked as he plundered her pussy. "Did you like fucking your aunt?"

"Yes aunt... yes... ahhhhhhhhh... !" He moaned pumping his cock and out of her delicious pussy. "You've got such a delicious pussy."

He released her legs; she again crossed his waist between her thighs. He bent his head and his lips were welded passionately to hers. Karen stuck her tongue out and he took it between his lips sucking it frantically, while his cock plundered her delicate pussy mercilessly.

"Ohhh... aunt it's so good!" he panted as he wildly fucked into her delicious hot pussy.

"Oh... goddddddd... ahhhhhhh... Tom!" she helplessly moaned. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... you're making me so happy."

Karen again began humping wildly beneath him, slamming her juicy cunt up and down over his pistoning hard on. The soft delicate folds of her cunt sucked his cock deeper and deeper into her ravenously hungry burrow.

Tom could now feel the impending orgasm. He realized he wouldn't be able to hold back the release of his hot cum much longer. His jism was aching to be discharged from his balls as he violently fucked into her.

"Aunt..." He grunted hoarsely in her ears.

"Call me Karen." She moaned.

"I'm ready to shoot. Can I cum inside your cunt?"

"I'm all yours, honey. Do whatever you want... fill my pussy with your juice... I wanna feel it inside me.

She locked her delicate thighs around him like a vise. She could also feel the rise of the tidal waves of extreme pleasure. She was nearing her orgasm. She couldn't believe that she could cum twice in a single fuck session. Never before, it had happened to her.

"Oh... Tom... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... !" She shrieked, writhing her hot cunt up around his throbbing manhood. "Oh, Yes! I'm cummmmmmmmming."

Arching her hips up, she almost lifted them bodily from the bed in her wild passion.

"I'm cummmmming Tom... I'm cumming... !" She squealed with passion. "Fill my pussy."

Tom had arrived to his pinnacle... he plunged his cock deep inside his aunt's pussy and his balls suddenly erupted. His entire body stiffened in ecstasy as the flood of burning cum boiled up through his cock, spurting a wild stream of cum into his aunt's hot cunt.

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... !" Karen shrieked with joy, tightening her grip around his cock. Feeling the hot jism splashing against her cunt walls.

Tom stopped humping her and kept his cock buried inside her scorching burrow. His cock erupted again and again emptying his hot load into her cum-drenched cunt.

Finally, fully spent, he collapsed over her, trying to control his erratic breathing; his deflated cock nestled softly in the juicy warmth of her overflowing pussy.

Karen was in a state of perpetual bliss. She closed her eyes and reveled in the tremendous after effect of a mind-blowing fuck. She had never felt so satiated, so fulfilled in her life.

After a while, she pushed him. Tom slumped on her side. Karen bent forward and kissed her handsome nephew. He opened his eyes and looked into her eyes.

"Was it really your first time?" She ran her wet tongue over his lips and giggled. "You fucked like an expert."

"I wanted to make you happy." He said shyly.

"I've been so happy." She playfully stoked her deflated cock with her finger. "And with your tool you can always make me feel happy."

He smiled back, pleased with her appreciation.

"But you got to promise me that you'll never talk about it with anyone."

"Do you think I'm stupid?" He moved closer taking her naked body in his arms and kissed her passionately.

"Certainly not..." She whispered and melted into his arms.

Jeff looked across the dining table where his mother and his younger cousin Tom were sitting... discussing something in very low voice while eating their dinner.

He felt jealous of his cousin. He was aware that Karen was not happy when Phil told her about Tom's staying with them. She even had a big fight with Phil opposing his decision. Even after she failed to persuade Phil to give up his idea, and Tom joined them, she always resented his presence.

Jeff was surprised at the changed behavior of his mother. She seemed to be getting along so nicely with Tom. He had noticed a drastic change them over the last few days. Karen had stopped yelling at everyone... she appeared so happy now... she even stopped nagging him. Tom too seemed to behave differently.

Jeff as such was very fond of his young cousins, especially Tom's younger sister Lisa. Together they had shared many precious moments during their childhood when Tom's father, his uncle, was alive and he used to spend he entire summer holidays with Tom's family. However, it happened almost four years ago. He hadn't visited his cousin's family after death of his Tom's father... mainly due to Karen's opposition.

Therefore, it was surprising to him that the same Karen was now so fond of her nephew.

Jeff had grown up to be a fine handsome young man, with a good lean athletic physique with a great passion for music and girls. He had his first sexual experience when he was just sixteen and since then, it became a hobby too.

At college, he joined a music band, which in fact was a perfect excuse for him to be absent from home very frequently. The presence of Tom at home helped him in many ways... firstly his mother Karen stopped nagging him about his studies as she had found a new target to vent her ire, and secondly Tom was there to help him with his assignments and other things related with his studies. In return, he provided access to his cousin to his collection of porn magazines and CD's. He had partly shared his secrets with Tom though not everything he told him was true.

For that reason, the night when he fucked his aunt for the first time, Tom was aware that Jeff was in the city enjoying the night with his girlfriend whose parents were out of the town.

Suddenly, Karen laughed loudly. Jeff came out of his trance. He looked at his mother and smiled.

"What's so special?"

"Nothing son," She was stilling laughing. "Tom was telling me a nice joke."

Then she turned to Tom.

"Tom... why don't you tell him also?"

"No... it's all right." Jeff was in no mood to listen jokes. He stopped him. "I'm feeling tired... haven't slept for last two days."

Tom smiled at his cousin. He knew the real reason for his tiredness.

"What Jeff... ?" She protested. "You never have time for us. Look Tom has brought a new movie. Finish your dinner... then we'll watch it in my room... I'll prepare a nice coffee for all of us."

"Sorry... I'm dead tired." He shrugged his shoulder in refusal. "All I want is a good sleep."

"That's not fair." Karen feigned unhappiness; but she felt relieved inside. Ever since she began fucking her nephew, she had become a cock hungry whore. Initially, they observed restraint by screwing only when her son and husband were not at home... but later she became somewhat daring... and they occasionally began enjoying their carnal relationship even when someone was at home... though such occasions were very rare.

Far the last two weeks Jeff and Phil both were at home, and she couldn't get a chance to fuck Tom for almost one week; that made her very horny. Tonight, when Phil was again out of station, she wanted to utilize every single moment available to her.

Immediately after the dinner, Jeff retired to his room. He desperately wanted to sleep. He had spent his last two nights with his friend's sister-in-law Melissa, his latest affair. He met her one month ago during his friend's birthday party, and after that he met Melissa twice. Last two days, her husband was out of town on some business trip and she invited him. They celebrated their friendship with non-stop fuck marathon.

Jeff changed his clothes, turned off his room's lights and jumped into his bed. Lying in the bed he tried to think about his mother and Tom... how happy they were... together... they appeared so intimate... so close; His eyes began to close and within no time he was snoring loudly.

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